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This video discusses a method in Vedic astrology to determine where you will meet your spouse by examining the placement of the seventh lord. The examples given include meeting at a party, a restaurant, a palace, or through symbolic representations like twins, red bull, or a scorpion. The method focuses on the sign placement rather than the specific house.
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This section explains a method to determine where you will meet your spouse in astrology.
The method involves looking at the lord of the seventh house.
Examples are given for Aries, Gemini, and Leo ascendants.
The sign falling in the seventh house and its lord are important factors in this method.
To determine where you will meet your spouse in Vedic astrology, count seven places from the seventh lord's placement and focus on the sign, not the houses.
The example given is that if the seventh lord is Venus and it is placed in the fourth house, then the sign opposite to it (Capricorn) is considered.
The sign Aries represents ram, so if the spouse is met in this case, there may be symbolism related to ram, such as a statue, temple, t-shirt, or mug with the image or name of Lord Ram.
The video explains that the meeting place of your future spouse can be determined by counting seven places from the placement of your seventh lord in your birth chart.
One example given is of a man who met his wife at a party due to the presence of twins.
Another example is given where the person with Gemini ascendant meets their spouse at a place with a statue or painting of twins, symbolizing the Gemini sign.
The video emphasizes the importance of looking at the placement of the seventh lord and counting seven places from there to determine the meeting place of your spouse.
Meeting your spouse can happen in unexpected places, such as a jewelry shop or a restaurant with symbolic connections.
Example of meeting in a foreign restaurant and starting a conversation while buying different items.
Symbolism of Red Bull as a possible connection when meeting for the first time.
Example of meeting at a luxurious restaurant named Taurus Sarovar Lake Restaurant in New Delhi, with symbolism related to Taurus.
Meeting your spouse can happen in various locations or situations, such as while traveling or on the beach, with symbolism related to their zodiac sign.
One example involves meeting a spouse while traveling and seeing a beautiful girl near a scorpion statue.
Another example is meeting a spouse in a taxi, which aligns with the symbolism of the cancer sign representing cars.
A third example involves meeting a spouse on the beach, which also aligns with the symbolism of the cancer sign representing crabs.
People have shared examples of meeting their spouses in places associated with royalty, such as Burger King, a royal palace, and a restaurant with "royal" in its name.
One person met their spouse at a Burger King.
Another person met their spouse at a restaurant called Royal Sunset Palace.
A girl met her spouse near a king's throne in a palace in India.
The video discusses how astrology can provide clues about where and how you may meet your future spouse.
One example is a person with Aquarius ascendant who met their spouse in an office where there was a fish tank.
Another example is a person with Pisces ascendant who met their spouse while fishing.
The symbolism of Aquarius includes a man with a jug of water, which could represent meeting someone near water or with a connection to water.
00:00hey my dear boys and girls welcome to
00:02your favorite
00:03slogi channel jupiter and astrology
00:06and today in this video we gonna tell
00:09the best method to see where you will
00:12meet your spouse
00:14yes today i guarantee you that after
00:16watching this video you can
00:18get at least some clue about
00:21where will you meet your spouse this is
00:23such an accurate method
00:25that when i see it on different chart
00:28i was like oh my god this is amazing
00:31you know this method was introduced by
00:35juneby and his team and they they were
00:38amazing right so basically uh right now
00:42i am just telling you
00:43this method and i have researched this
00:46method on lots of horoscopes so i will
00:48give you examples from aries
00:50to sagittarius all signs right so you
00:52have to wait this
00:54you have to wait because signs are not
00:55like sequential they are unsequential so
00:57you have to watch this complete video
00:59so if you are a male you can vote this
01:01video for your wife if you are female
01:03you can watch this video for your
01:05telling you again this method works
01:10now what you need to do in this method
01:12is basically
01:13you need to see simply your seventh
01:17okay this seventh house now you need to
01:20see basically
01:21which what is your seventh house load i
01:24don't care
01:25which ascendant you are i don't care
01:27which planets you are having in
01:29any others uh you know uh houses
01:32my concern is and and also i don't care
01:36uh which planet is having in the seventh
01:39my concern is simply that which
01:42uh what is the lord of your seventh
01:44house now for an example if you are an
01:47aries ascendant
01:48in that case seventh house lord
01:51uh in the seventh house libra sign is
01:54a liberal sign lord is venus
01:58okay now for an example let's say you
02:03a gemini ascendant in that case in
02:06seventh house the
02:07rashi or the sign fall is sagittarius
02:10and sagittarius lord is what
02:12jupiter right in the same way for
02:17uh you have over here uh let's say for
02:19example you have
02:21are leo ascendant in that case in the
02:23seventh house which sign fall
02:25six seven eight nine ten eleven here for
02:28aquarius sign okay and what is the lord
02:32of aquarius sign
02:33satin so you have to see your seventh
02:37right now i have given this list as you
02:39can see on the screen
02:41of the seventh lord so so you can see
02:44that for aries ascendant seventh lord is
02:46for taurus ascendant seventh lord is
02:48mars for gemini ascendant seventh lord
02:51jupiter for cancer ascendant seventh
02:53order saturn for leo ascendant seven
02:55lord is saturn
02:56but what goes in it's your seventh lord
02:57is jupiter for libra ascendant seventh
02:59lord is mars
03:00for scorpios and seven lord is venus for
03:04ascendant your seventh lord is mercury
03:06for capricorn ascendant your seventh
03:07lord is moon for aquarius and then your
03:09seventh lord is one and four pisces
03:10and then your seventh lord is mercury so
03:12you can just see simply let's say for an
03:15you are aries ascended so in that case
03:17your seventh lord is venus simply you
03:19can see
03:20your seventh lord by this chart you do
03:21not need to you know
03:23any panic or any kind of thing i made it
03:25i made this video so simple that
03:27even the person having the least uh
03:30information over the
03:31slogi they can even understand where
03:33will they meet their spouse
03:35so you can be any ascendant you simply
03:37need to see this chart that okay i am a
03:38virgo ascendant let's say
03:40so a virgo sentence seventh lord is
03:42jupiter right
03:43so simply see this chart and you can
03:46just understand your seventh load
03:48so now let's go ahead and start with the
03:53now here you can see the example of a
03:55person he
03:56is an aries ascendant okay this person
03:59is a aries ascendant
04:00so his seventh lord is venus now you
04:04need to see
04:05basically where your seventh lord is
04:08now seventh lord can be placed in first
04:10house second house third house fourth
04:12house fifth house sixth house seventh
04:14house up to twelfth house can be in any
04:16so for his case his seventh lord is
04:18sitting in the
04:20seventh house as you can see seventh
04:21lord is venus and is sitting in the
04:23seventh house
04:24now what you need to see where your
04:26seventh lord is place you have to start
04:28counting seven places from there
04:30so seventh lord is in seventh house
04:32venus so
04:34you have to start counting seven places
04:35from here so one
04:38two three four
04:41five six seven
04:44now what what do you need to see after
04:47counting seven places from here we fall
04:49in the
04:50this house first house now you do not
04:53need to pay attention to the houses i
04:55don't care which in which house your
04:57opposite signs of seventh house load
04:59placement placed
05:00you need to see this sign right this
05:02sign is
05:04aries right it's important
05:07now i hope that you are understanding
05:10i'm just explaining you again let's say
05:11for an example
05:12your seventh lord venus is placed in
05:15this sign right you you can your seventh
05:18lord can be anything maybe you are a
05:20uh let's say for example i'm just
05:22telling again that you are a leo
05:24ascendant in that case your seventh lord
05:25is saturn
05:26now if saturn is placed for an example
05:29in any house
05:30your seventh lord can be any anything
05:32for this ascendant your seventh lord is
05:34venus so that's why i'm taking venus for
05:36example your seventh lord is placed in
05:38over here in the fourth house in that
05:40case opposite to that
05:42is th this this rashi this sign
05:45so how can we calculate that one to you
05:48right i'm just just taking another clear
05:50so for example your seventh lord is
05:52place in fourth house so then we start
05:54counting one
05:55two three four five six
05:58seven okay so in that case we have to
06:00see the sign over here which is
06:02capricorn right so this is how we see
06:06now let's start with this example so you
06:09can see his seventh load is venus is
06:11placed in the seventh house
06:12and seven places away from the seventh
06:14load placement is
06:16the sign of aries we need to pay
06:19attention to this sign not the houses
06:21and so basically now you have to see
06:25what areas represent so basically areas
06:28represent a lot of things but it aries
06:31represent ram
06:33now what happened is that when this
06:37you know now basically the situation is
06:40that when this person meet
06:42his spouse then there may be some
06:44symbolism related to ram
06:46there may be statue of ram lord lord ram
06:50there may be some temple of lord ram
06:52there may be some t-shirt
06:54in which ram is written there may be
06:56some mug on which the ram is written or
06:58maybe something like that
06:59so now for this person when he meet his
07:03first time do you know where he meet his
07:04wife for the first time he made his wife
07:06for the first time at
07:08ram temple lord ram temple
07:11yeah this is amazing guys okay
07:14so another thing that i have is
07:17basically again
07:18there is a person whose seventh lord is
07:20in seventh house now uh you can be any
07:22i am again telling you i am taking the
07:24example of venus
07:26right now we can take another example
07:28after some time just
07:29right now swedish again seventh lord was
07:32in seventh house for a person
07:34right now opposite to that is aries sign
07:38now that that person meet his
07:41spouse in a cafe cafe name is
07:44aries cafe that's amazing aries cafe
07:48right so uh they were just go uh you
07:51this guy uh go to have some coffee right
07:55there and the girl also have there
07:57they meet eventually and then things get
07:59serious and then finally they get
08:02so you know these are the things that
08:03will you need to see basically
08:05so you need to see basically where your
08:08seventh load is placed and opposite to
08:10that or i can say the seven places
08:12start counting seven places from uh that
08:15place where the seventh lord is placed
08:17and the place that come out you have to
08:19see the rashi
08:20and the symbolism related to that rashi
08:22or we can say the sign
08:23okay now now this person is a taurus
08:27okay so for his case his seventh lord is
08:31mars okay seventh lord is mars and where
08:34mars is placed you can see that mars is
08:36placed in the eighth house
08:38now opposite to that is this gemini sign
08:41how can we see that we have to count
08:43seven places from here so one
08:45two three four five
08:48six seven so seven places away
08:51from seventh lord placement is sign of
08:55now what does the sign of gemini
08:58sign of gemini
09:01represent a lot of things but
09:08but if you see you know on a broader
09:12sign of gemini represent twins
09:16right so basically what happened
09:20this male this man when he meet his wife
09:23for the first time
09:24basically he and his wife meet at a
09:28party where this man was playing with a
09:32with a twin kids this is amazing he was
09:35playing with the twin kids and
09:37then just twin kids was run away as you
09:39know the kids you know run in loading
09:41parties on the all these kind of stuff
09:43that quit the twins run away from him
09:45and they eventually uh just uh moved
09:48towards his wife
09:50which was not his wife at that time you
09:52know they made
09:53due to these twins at a party then this
09:57this man and his wife you know start to
10:00uh talk to each other then they feel
10:02attracted then they start dating and
10:04then things get serious then finally
10:05they get married so they meet
10:07due to twins okay now there is another
10:11for this you know gemini sign
10:14another there is an example of a person
10:16whose seventh lord
10:18is sitting over here and opposite to
10:20that is semi uh
10:21gemini sign right so that person
10:24when meet his spouse for the first time
10:27they meet
10:27again at a place where there is a statue
10:30of couple
10:30because you know gemini sign is twins or
10:33couples statue may be couple
10:35right so there may be you know some
10:37painting of twins
10:39there may be statue of twins or there
10:42may be real twins or there may be some
10:44couple statue
10:45so basically what i'm just trying to say
10:47you you need to see where your seventh
10:48lord is placed
10:49start counting seven places from that
10:52start counting seven places from that
10:54place from where your seventh lord is
10:56and then from there from uh and and then
11:00seven places away then you reach then
11:02the sign over there
11:03the sign at that place you will meet
11:06your spouse
11:07when you will meet yourselves first time
11:10then there is some symbolism regarding
11:12that sign okay
11:13so now we move to another example so
11:15that you can understand things better
11:17uh now this person is a gemini ascendant
11:22gemini ascendant for germany ascendant
11:24seventh lord is jupiter
11:26as you can see right seventh lord is
11:29now for this person seventh lord is
11:31placed in this sixth house as you guys
11:33can see
11:34now what we need to do we need to start
11:36counting uh
11:38seven places from here so one two
11:41three four five six
11:44seven so seven places away from the
11:47seventh lord
11:48is venus okay guys
11:51i'm telling you again and again seven
11:54places away from seventh lord
11:56is taurus sign now i am telling you
11:58again and again their seventh lord can
12:00anything you know from sun moon venus
12:03jupiter anything
12:04right you need to simply see for this
12:07sign seventh lord is jupiter so i start
12:09counting seven places from here
12:11and we fall in this sign over here is
12:13taurus so our focus is not on the house
12:15our focus is on tourist
12:17our focus is on sign so basically here
12:20we have taurus
12:22so when this person meet his spouse for
12:25the first time there may be some
12:26symbolism related to taurus so what are
12:28the symbolism of taurus
12:30bull maybe something regal
12:35you know uh beautiful
12:38luxury because these are the symbolism
12:42uh venus also taurus sign represent
12:46a restaurant or food
12:50slow music jewelry a lot of things
12:53right so you can meet at any of these
12:55places now what happened basically
12:58when this uh let me just tell you this
13:01is a chart of a girl
13:03she meet her husband for the first time
13:06when they meet each other this girl
13:08traveled to a foreign country
13:10okay this girl traveled to a foreign
13:13country and also taurus also can be
13:16airport i would like to tell you
13:17airport because that is also a beautiful
13:20luxurious place
13:21so this girl traveled to a foreign
13:24and she uh then reached at the uh
13:28foreign country airport and over there
13:30on the restaurant
13:33she had food right and in the restaurant
13:36some slow music is also there you know
13:39in the background music slow musicals
13:41also played by the restaurant owner over
13:44and over there she meet the guy whom he
13:47fall in love later
13:48whom she fall in love later and they get
13:50things get serious and they get married
13:52so this she meet first time at
13:55where there's also slow music there's
13:57the restaurant is on airport and she
13:59will be
13:59she was in foreign land so basically
14:02taurus represent all these kind of
14:03things you know
14:04maybe you know you you need to see all
14:06these signs maybe there
14:08if you are if this theory fall in the
14:10torah sign for you guys
14:12like seventh lord opposite sign is
14:13stories for you seven places away so in
14:16that case
14:16there may be some bull like for example
14:19you meet your spouse at a place where
14:20there may be some
14:22bull racing or maybe bull is standing
14:24and you meet right there
14:25or maybe you meet at restaurant you meet
14:27a jewelry shop anything can happen
14:29so if this girl meet at a restaurant in
14:31foreign land so first example is there
14:34then there is another example for torah
14:35sign so
14:37basically another boy who's for for whom
14:40this theory fall in the torah sign that
14:42means seventh lord seven places away
14:44is storage sign falling for that man so
14:47that man
14:48you know uh go to a store to buy red
14:52right and the girl also come there and
14:55she bought something else and then they
14:58start talking and then it's after that
15:00start dating and then things get serious
15:02they get married so basically what are
15:03the symbolism
15:04red bull so it may also uh possible that
15:08when you meet your first time your
15:10spouse you may be drinking red bull or
15:11you may be purchasing red bull because
15:13that has happened for this particular
15:15now there's another example for taurus
15:18basically in india at indira gandhi
15:21international airport there is a
15:23the name of the restaurant is taurus
15:25sarovar lake restaurant
15:27right so basically one girl told me
15:31that when she meet her husband for the
15:33first time then
15:34they are having dinner over there they
15:37are having dinner
15:38at a restaurant known as torres
15:41torres server lake restaurant in
15:45new delhi this restaurant is indragan
15:48international airport
15:49new delhi near something like that and
15:50that is a beautiful
15:52uh roy this is a beautiful luxurious
15:55restaurant like venus energy is right
15:57and also this restaurant and also the
15:59name of the restaurant is taurus
16:01torres sarovar lake restaurant so you
16:03are getting this load of symbolism
16:06luxurious taurus in the name of the
16:09so all these things happen so these are
16:11the examples of the people who have you
16:14this theory falling in the sign of
16:15taurus for them and they meet at
16:17symbolism related to taurus
16:19so you have to see all these kind of
16:21thing you can be meeting if you
16:22if you're you know for this chariot
16:24taurus sign is falling
16:26for you then you maybe meet in these
16:28kind of places maybe some restaurant
16:30whose name is taurus maybe when you meet
16:32your spouse for the first time there is
16:34statue of bull or painting of bull maybe
16:38you you are drinking red bull for the
16:40time you meet maybe you are at some
16:42restaurant so anything symbol isn't
16:44related to that
16:45now let's move to another example
16:50now this person is a cancer ascendant
16:54so for him his seventh lord is you can
16:56see saturn
16:57and saturn is placed here in the ninth
16:59house so once once you start counting
17:01seven places away from here so one
17:03two three four five six
17:06seven so seven places away from here is
17:10okay so here is virgo
17:14now now when this person meet his spouse
17:17for the first time there may be some
17:18symbolism related to virgo
17:21sorry guys i do not have any observation
17:23related to virgo so i can't tell you
17:26so when you see the symbol of virgo and
17:28the things that virgo represent
17:30so when you meet your first time your
17:33there may be some symbolism related to
17:35virgo so i'm so sorry because right now
17:37i don't have data for virgo so i can't
17:39tell you anything for that
17:41so you can just google it okay and you
17:44or maybe you know something just tell me
17:46down in the comment section below
17:47because i do not have the data of a
17:49person who made research
17:50his or her spouse uh you know for
17:54the for their chart to be following this
17:56theory in the virgo sign so that's why
17:58now let's move to another example
18:03here we are just a second
18:09yeah so here we are now let's move to
18:11another example so for this person he
18:14is a leo ascendant for this person his
18:16seventh lord is against saturn
18:18and saturn is sitting in the as you can
18:20see tenth house now if you start
18:22counting seven places away from here
18:24one two three four five six
18:27seven so basically here we have
18:30as you can see scorpio sign right
18:33scorpio sign
18:38now scorpio represent a lot of thing but
18:41main thing that come in our mind by
18:43seeing the scorpio sign is
18:45is a scorpion right scorpion
18:48i have one example of this person in his
18:52chart this
18:53theory is following the scorpio sign so
18:55basically he told me that when he meet
18:57his wife for the first time
18:59then they were in some foreign country
19:01and they're
19:02there in the foreign country they have
19:05something like
19:06a scorpion you know scorpion uh
19:10statue like like for example you travel
19:13to india
19:13taj mahal then outside taj mahal there's
19:16a lot of statues of taj mahal are
19:18so in the same way they were traveling
19:20in some places maybe
19:21i i don't know the name of the country
19:23maybe in egypt or maybe i don't know
19:25so he told me that when he they come
19:28outside and they were traveling then
19:30there was some person who was selling a
19:32scorpion statue kind of thing
19:35right so basically uh they at that time
19:38he see his uh you see a beautiful girl
19:41and then
19:42they uh you know go for coffee or date
19:45something like that and then
19:46after down the line things get serious
19:48and they get they get married
19:49so i have one example only for this
19:51scorpion sign
19:53so you can see that maybe there may be
19:54some statue of scorpion for you there
19:57may be some
19:58you know real scorpion present you may
20:00be on beach or somewhere and maybe
20:01scorpio come and then
20:03you guys meets anything so anything
20:05symbolism related to scorpio
20:08is there when you meet your spouse for
20:09the first time now let's move on to
20:10another example
20:12now guys you can see that this person
20:16is a virgo ascendant okay for this
20:20his seventh lord is jupiter and is
20:22sitting in the
20:23fifth house if you start counting seven
20:25places from here one
20:27two three four five six seven seven
20:30places away from jupiter is the sign of
20:33right now you have to see what does
20:36cancer sign represent
20:42it represents a crab it represents a
20:47it represent home car
20:51mother or things like that all the
20:53symbolism of
20:54you know cancer sign so basically
20:57the first example that i have is that
21:02couple who meet in a taxi
21:05right so basically uh for them uh i i
21:09for the boy this theory falling in this
21:12answer sign
21:13and he told me that he meet his wife for
21:15the first time
21:16in taxi right so basically this is quite
21:19amazing because uh
21:21cancer sign also represent car now
21:23there's another
21:24example that i have basically uh this
21:27girl told me
21:28that she was on the beach right and
21:31for her this story fall in the cancer
21:33sign and she was on the beach
21:34then she was just relaxing on the beach
21:37and uh
21:38the the person that she married right
21:40now is also right there
21:42so basically what happened is that some
21:44crap come towards him
21:46right uh you know uh i guess maybe
21:50towards his leg or something like that
21:52story and then she just shouted and
21:54you know by she gets scared and moved
21:56towards and she just
21:58fall on the this man and she then
22:01down the line fall in love with that
22:03particular person and the the person the
22:05also love him and then down the line
22:07they get married so basically
22:09she told me that she meet her husband
22:13at a beach where there is some crap due
22:15to which
22:16she got scared and then they meet right
22:18so this is another story as you can see
22:20the cancer sign also
22:22like crab then there is another uh
22:26girl who told me that she also have this
22:28theory falling in the cancer sign
22:30and she made her husband for the first
22:33time in a
22:34car showroom okay guys
22:37showroom so you can also meet uh
22:41you know these are the example that i
22:42have that i have seen in the chat they
22:44told me
22:44so basically you can also meet your
22:46spouse in some home
22:48or maybe you have a crab for
22:51some people who are known vegetarian
22:53they eat i don't know maybe something
22:55some symbolism
22:56related to these things you may
22:59meet near lake crab or maybe at home or
23:03something like that now let's move on to
23:05another example
23:06now as you can see we have libra
23:09ascendant for libra ascendant seventh
23:11lord is
23:11mars and mars is placed again in the
23:14fifth house now we
23:15start counting seven places from here
23:17one two three
23:19four five six seven so basically there
23:23leo sign now basically what leosine
23:26illusion represents something which is
23:30which is king which is lion
23:39which is throne right something which is
23:43regal and royal in nature
23:45this is represented like the leo is just
23:48leo symbols are something which is regal
23:50royal king line all these kind of thing
23:52or maybe throne
23:53so basically here we have the first
23:54example for whom this theory fall in the
23:58sign of leo so that
24:02that girl told me that she met her
24:05husband for the first time in burger
24:07right burger king so this is amazing
24:11as you can see we have king and she told
24:14me that when
24:15she meet her husband for the first time
24:17the burger king i was like oh my god
24:19this this
24:19is working man this is working then we
24:22have another example
24:24uh so basically there is a boy who told
24:27me that
24:28she meet her uh that he meet her wife
24:31for the first time in a
24:32restaurant the name of the restaurant is
24:36sunset palace restaurant
24:40okay royal sunset palace restaurant
24:43so as you can see here we have the royal
24:46again the symbolism of
24:47leo now there is another example
24:54there is another example a girl told me
24:58that she was traveling to uh she was in
25:01and she was in some palace in india and
25:04there is king throne
25:05so she was just uh visiting the palace
25:08and over there she was near king throne
25:10and and near the king throne she find
25:14her love
25:15the guy and she uh you know go for the
25:18coffee or maybe down the line
25:20start dating and then they get things
25:22get serious and they get married so
25:23basically when they meet first time they
25:25at a royal palace in india where there
25:28is king
25:29throne so anything can be there there
25:32may be symbolism of a king who is
25:34or you know sitting on his throne there
25:37may be symbolisms of
25:38lion and you know you you can see simply
25:40when you meet yourself the first
25:42time there may be some symbolism related
25:43to that so basically these i have given
25:46these examples because i have found
25:48this example are amazing or you can also
25:50relate that maybe you can find in burger
25:52king if this theory fall in the
25:53leo sign for you maybe you can find in a
25:55restaurant where you have
25:57royal things like that or maybe you can
26:00find in kings like these kind of palaces
26:04so guys now let's move on to our another
26:07example for so guys now for scorpio
26:10ascendant seventh lord is
26:12venus and venus is placed here in the
26:14sixth house if you start counting one
26:16two three four five six
26:20seven so here we have libra sign so
26:23libra sign if this
26:24theory fall in the libra sign for you
26:27then what does libra represent
26:28is libra represent a lot of thing
26:30library represent as you can see
26:33uh weighing scale scale
26:37weight or maybe balance
26:43right or maybe art
26:47maybe law chord
26:52music fashion
26:55right guys also painting and a lot of
26:59these old things are represented by
27:00libra but if you pay attention to the
27:02symbolism there may be like
27:04wing scale kind of thing balance or
27:06maybe something related to low or cold
27:09right so
27:13so first example i have is a couple who
27:17you know in university
27:21university of law
27:25right they were there in the university
27:27of law
27:28and they meet there for the first time
27:30and things get seated they fall in love
27:32then they get married eventually down
27:34the line then i have another example of
27:36a client
27:37they meet in a court right
27:40because they they were right there the
27:42boy is there for his some important
27:44document also the girl is there for some
27:46important document
27:47and then they would just meet there
27:50start talking and maybe something
27:52happens and they finally meet right
27:54there and then
27:55down the line they get married right
27:57obviously i'm not gonna tell you every
27:58story every story because in that case
28:00this video can
28:01move for hours so i'm just trying to
28:03give you an example so that you can
28:09so these are the two these are the two
28:11examples that i have of
28:13real people the first one made in the
28:14university of law second one also meet
28:16in court
28:17so you can be meet at a place where
28:19there may be you maybe you are sitting
28:20in some restaurant there you can see the
28:23or statue of balance or maybe like a
28:26painting of balance or something like
28:29that you know
28:30anything related to these things uh
28:32symbolism there when you meet your swabs
28:34for the first time
28:36now let's move for sagittarius ascendant
28:39as you can see for the sagittarius
28:40ascendant seventh lord is
28:42mercury and mercury sitting over in the
28:44eighth house so let us start counting
28:46two three four five six
28:49seven so basically you can see that
28:51there is a sign of
28:52capricorn right capri
28:56cone so basically what capricorn
29:02capricorn represent a lot of thing but
29:04mainly for each sign i have as in some
29:06sign i've given you a lot of
29:08significance for some sign i have given
29:09you a very less
29:10think that this represent that the
29:12president this represents that
29:14but mainly you need to pay attention to
29:16the sign for
29:17example capricorn symbolism you need to
29:19pay attention basically
29:21you will start laughing after listening
29:22that this girl told me that when she
29:25meet her spouse for the first time or i
29:27can say her husband for the first time
29:30then she was traveling to somewhere and
29:32their husband was standing right there
29:34obviously they don't know each other at
29:36that time
29:36then husband was just trying to do funny
29:40things and
29:41try to you know mimic the god voice you
29:44know that
29:44how the goat produced their voice and
29:48her husband she told me that her husband
29:50was just trying to make
29:52goat noises from his mouth and she start
29:54laughing by listening to
29:56him and then he again start laughing
29:58then they start talking
30:00and then they start dating and then
30:01things get serious then they get married
30:03so this one is amazing maybe your
30:05husband or wife
30:06was making the noise of goat and you
30:08guys get married
30:10to that person this is really funny then
30:14there's another girl who told me that
30:16for her also this sign falling is
30:19so she told me that she meet
30:22her spouse at a restaurant the name of
30:24the restaurant is ub i q
30:26u e right ubique so basically when you
30:29search it on google
30:30it is a form of quote right so again
30:33it can be anything she told me that when
30:35she searched that on the google
30:37so yubik is a form of gold now
30:40when she meet this is ubiqui restaurant
30:43right when she searched the name uh you
30:45know when she searched is
30:47ubiquitous meaning so basically it's a
30:48form of god so
30:50this is right amazing or maybe it
30:52happens that when you meet your spouse
30:54for the first time there may be some
30:55painting or statue of the god or maybe
30:57some original goat is present physically
31:01so here you can see for capricorn
31:04seventh lord is moon a moon is placed
31:07over in sixth house so we start counting
31:10two three four five six
31:14seven so here we can see sagittarius
31:16sign is there
31:17now what sagittarius sign represent we
31:20need to
31:21see that
31:26so sagittarius size represents
31:28sagittarius so sagittarius sign
31:30represents a lot of thing but mainly it
31:33horse a bow or
31:37arrow so now i have couple of example
31:40for this the first example i have
31:42is a lady she told me that when she meet
31:45her husband for the first time uh you
31:48know when they start dating
31:50then the husband wear aerobrand
31:54shirt right arrow you know the brand
31:56arrow so arrow brand shirt
31:58the husband was wearing and uh the the
32:01amazing thing is that
32:02she remembered that and after that
32:04things get serious they get married so
32:06as you can see sagittarius
32:08the main thing is horse bow or arrow
32:11so there is the symbolism now the second
32:13example that i have
32:15and this couple made then they were in a
32:17restaurant where there is
32:19bow painting
32:22on wall there was a bow painting on the
32:26right then they start they were on a you
32:29date or something like that the the main
32:31thing is that when they meet for the
32:33first time there was some bow painting
32:35on the wall
32:36then after that again things get serious
32:38and down the line they get married then
32:39there is third example
32:41for this sagittarius sign
32:44this couple meet in archery field
32:47archery field where there is both bow
32:50and arrow
32:51you can see in the archery field so
32:53basically they meet in the archery field
32:55this can also happen you may be some at
32:57at some archery field you may
32:58find your dream husband or wife right
33:00there then there is another example for
33:02sagittarius i have
33:03now this girl told me that when he meet
33:07husband for the first time then his
33:09husband was
33:10wearing some uniform i don't remember
33:13exactly is this the uniform of some
33:15force or navy or something like that or
33:17maybe some normal uniform
33:19in that uniform she told me that the
33:21husband has
33:22arrows right arrows so again the symbol
33:26isn't right there
33:27so the main motive of mine is to explain
33:31that you can just understand more and
33:33more that how
33:35what kind of circumstances can be there
33:37so as you can see by this example
33:39you know many people don't remember that
33:42when they we
33:42the first time what are the
33:44circumstances their vote painting is
33:46their word statues there but these guys
33:48are amazing they remember that
33:50her husband wear arrow brand clothes
33:52they remember there is a painting of
33:54bow on the wall so you know you can see
33:56this person is
33:57aquarius ascendant for him the seventh
33:59lord is the sign of leo
34:01and sun the seventh lord is placed over
34:03here in the eighth house if you start
34:05counting one
34:06two three four five six seven
34:09so basically it's the sign of five c's
34:12right so basically what does fine sine
34:15of pisces represent
34:16now sine of pisces can be a lot of
34:18things but mainly his
34:20fishes cyano pisces we have fishes
34:23basically the first example that i have
34:27for this spicy sign
34:29is a girl who told me that she was
34:33she meet her husband for the first time
34:35when she was fishing
34:37right during fishing she meet now
34:40another girl who told me that when she
34:42meet her husband for the first time
34:44they had i think fish
34:48right in dinner or maybe lunch i don't
34:51remember it basically
34:53but she told me that they eat fish they
34:56are non-vegetarian person of course
34:58now there's another example
35:03she uh now there is another example the
35:05man uh
35:06told me that when he made his wife for
35:09the first time then
35:10uh they were both in office and there is
35:14fish tank that is aquarium as you can
35:18you know as you know fish tank there's
35:20big fixed
35:21fish tank right fish tank we called it
35:24aquarium so it was right there in the
35:28and this girl was there and this boy was
35:31there they start talking
35:32dating and then finally things get
35:34serious and they get married
35:36so these are the guys symbolism my main
35:40motive is to let you guys know that how
35:42you can just relate thing
35:44so as you can see this person is a
35:46pisces ascendant for him
35:48the seventh for him the seventh lord is
35:52mercury in sixth house
35:53so if you start counting one two three
35:56four five
35:57six seven so you can see for him uh
36:00the sign fall is aquarius
36:04right now what are the representation of
36:14so aquarius if you see the symbol of
36:18there is a man with
36:21water or some liquid jug
36:25and the jug and the water or the liquid
36:27were falling out
36:28right falling out from his jug right
36:31so the first example we have for the
36:34person who's
36:35uh you know this theory fall aquarius
36:38sign for that person he told me
36:40that when he made his spouse for the
36:41first time uh he was
36:44they are dating basically uh so
36:47when the waiter take the drinks towards
36:49them then this person who have this
36:52aquarius sign as the seventh lord
36:54deposits or seven places away
36:56so this person told me that by mistake
36:58this person
36:59is filled drink on his spouse
37:03right this person spilled that drink on
37:06his spouse then after that even that
37:10even then down the line things get
37:13serious and they get married so main
37:15thing is
37:16if you see the symbolism of aquarius
37:18there the drink is
37:19spilling out right and that exactly same
37:22situation happened with
37:24this particular person now i'm not
37:25saying that if this happened for this
37:28then this may happen for your then this
37:31will happen for every single person no
37:33there may be chances that when you meet
37:36your spouse maybe
37:37by mistake your hand was on your some
37:41and then some water just you know glass
37:44broke and water come out or something
37:45like that could happen because aquarius
37:48if you see that very simple symbolism
37:50you can understand everything
37:51or maybe other symbols related to
37:53aquarius is right there maybe some
37:55painting is right there which which is
37:56aquarius symbolism painting is right
37:58there maybe you meet your spouse in a
38:00restaurant or cafe whose name is
38:02aquarius restaurant
38:04or aquarius cafe who knows that as we
38:06have seen earlier in the the restaurant
38:08name is taurus
38:09torres sarovar lake restaurant and it's
38:12a big restaurant near new delhi airport
38:14so guys these are the symbolism and
38:17i explain more and more so that you can
38:21get symbolism almost about every single
38:24except the virgo because for virgo i
38:26don't have any uh
38:27person who had given me the data so
38:30basically guys i hope this video helped
38:33after watching this video you can at
38:34least understand that where you will
38:36meet your spouse
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the method discussed in this video about?

This video discusses a method in Vedic astrology to determine where you will meet your spouse by examining the placement of the seventh lord. The examples given include meeting at a party, a restaurant, a palace, or through symbolic representations like twins, red bull, or a scorpion.

2. How does the method determine where you will meet your spouse?

The method focuses on the sign placement rather than the specific house. It examines the placement of the seventh lord in Vedic astrology to make predictions about where you will meet your spouse.

3. What are some examples given in the video?

The examples given include meeting at a party, a restaurant, a palace, or through symbolic representations like twins, red bull, or a scorpion. These examples are used to illustrate the method of determining the meeting place with your spouse.

4. Why is the sign placement emphasized in this method?

The method emphasizes the sign placement because it offers insights into the characteristics and qualities of the meeting place, providing a deeper understanding of the potential circumstances and experiences related to meeting your spouse.

5. How can this method be helpful in understanding future relationships?

By examining the placement of the seventh lord in Vedic astrology, this method can provide valuable insights into future relationships and potential meeting places with a spouse. It offers a unique perspective on relationship predictions and experiences.

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