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The video provides a guide on achieving "Hunter eyes" naturally, explaining the genetic factors that contribute to this eye shape and suggesting techniques such as mewing, relaxed facial expressions, and eyelid stretching. It also mentions the possibility of plastic surgery for those interested in altering their eye appearance.
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Hunter eyes are popular because they give a serious and mysterious look, and are associated with trustworthiness and leadership skills.
Hunter eyes are considered more attractive and currently popular for men.
Examples of people with Hunter eyes are Sean O'Pry and Robert Pattinson.
Hunter eyes are characterized by deeper set and square orbital bones, as well as a thin layer of skin that folds over the eye.
Achieving Hunter eyes naturally does not involve bone smashing or changing your genetics.
Having a forward developed maxilla provides more support under and around the eyes, giving a Hunter eye look.
Hunter eyes typically have a positive candle tilt, with the eyes tilting down inwards.
It is not recommended to try bone smashing by causing micro damages to the eye bones with hard objects.
Genetics cannot be changed, so one's genetic blueprint will determine the potential for achieving Hunter eyes.
Mewing is a practice that involves keeping the tongue pressed against the roof of the mouth to improve facial structure.
Mewing helps in creating better facial structure by applying constant pressure on the maxilla.
Starting mewing at a young age is important for better results.
Chewing gum can also help in achieving a better jawline and building the masseter muscle.
There are natural methods to achieve hunter eyes, such as relaxing the facial expression, practicing squinting, and stretching the eyelid skin.
Relaxing the facial expression and squinting can help fold the excess eyelid skin over the eye.
Practicing eyelid pulling by gently tugging on the eyelids can increase the elasticity of the eyelids.
Plastic surgery options include almond eye surgery to decrease eyelid exposure and brow ridge filler to enhance the appearance of the eyebrow ridge.
The best options are to practice mewing, relax the facial expression, and do exercises to train the eyebrows to relax.
00:00are many different types of eye shapes
00:02and sizes each of them having their own
00:04different appeal I don't think anyone is
00:07way more attractive than the other but
00:08undoubtedly the most popular eye shape
00:10right now is Hunter eyes for men at
00:13least reason being because they kind of
00:15have a serious mysterious look and
00:18psychologically it's been proven that
00:19they give the illusion of more
00:21trustworthiness and better leadership
00:23skills so who wouldn't want Hunter eyes
00:26alright and a couple guys you can look
00:27at that have Hunter eyes are the number
00:29one highest paid male model Sean O'Pry
00:31and also the celebrity who has
00:34scientifically the most attractive face
00:36and that is Robert Pattinson they both
00:39have Hunter eyes so what makes Hunter
00:41eyes different from prey eyes well
00:44Hunter eyes you know just like the word
00:46says you look like more of a predator
00:48like you are the one making things
00:50happen in control of the situation
00:51whereas prey eyes you are in Retreat you
00:54are hiding from the aggressor the
00:56Predator right it's kind of the surprise
00:58scare look supposedly so what
01:00genetically creates Hunter eyes well
01:02Hunter eyes is decided by a couple
01:04factors one is more compact square I
01:07orbital bones this is this bone that is
01:10around your eye if it is more deeper set
01:12Square compact eye orbital bones creates
01:16Hunter eyes and of course the biggest
01:18indication of Hunter eyes is you have
01:20that thin layer of skin that folds over
01:22your eye giving it that Sleek wider more
01:25rectangular Fierce look whereas prey
01:28eyes don't have that skin fold over and
01:30they have more eyelid exposure because
01:32this skin is being pulled tight and this
01:34is created by bigger rounder more
01:36shallow eye orbitals the other second
01:39big factor that decides your eye shape
01:41is your maxilla that is the bone that is
01:43right here in your mid face so if you
01:46have flatter more underdeveloped maxilla
01:49then you have less support underneath
01:50and around your eyes this is how people
01:52get that consistent eye bag look and
01:55they look like they're always tired even
01:56when they wake up from a full night's
01:58sleep so somebody like P Davidson isn't
01:59example of that where if you have a more
02:01forward developed maxilla then you're
02:03going to have more support under and
02:05around your eyes giving you more of that
02:07Hunter eye look and also Hunter eyes
02:09usually have positive candle tilt that
02:11means your eyes tilting down inwards a
02:14little bit kind of like you know a
02:16predator would be now I I actually fall
02:18somewhere in between like if I relax my
02:20eyebrows then I can achieve that Hunter
02:22eye look but most of the time I'm I do
02:24have a full but it usually doesn't fold
02:26all the way down into my eye or
02:28sometimes I even have one folding into
02:30my eye and the other one I actually have
02:32a little bit of eyelid exposure so I'm
02:34like somewhere right in between but when
02:36I really squint and like relax my
02:37eyebrows I can achieve hooded eyes and
02:39also I am in the minority I kind of
02:41actually have a little bit of negative
02:43canful tilt eyes where it tilts a little
02:46bit down on the outsides so I think I'm
02:49a little bit of an outlier but here's
02:51some things you can and can't do if you
02:53want to achieve Hunter eyes first thing
02:55I've been seeing a lot of people talking
02:57about bone smashing and what the this is
03:00is people using some sort of hard object
03:02to try to make micro damages to their
03:06eye bones in the hopes that it calcifies
03:08and grows back bigger better bone
03:11structure this is something called
03:12Wolf's Law where if you make micro
03:14damages to the Bone they will callus and
03:17grow back thicker and stronger so I've
03:20seen videos out there people trying to
03:21achieve this taking rocks and hammers to
03:24their face I don't recommend this
03:25whatsoever is having Hunter eyes really
03:27worth possibly damaging your eye going
03:30blind or breaking bones in your face I
03:33don't recommend it next you can't change
03:35your genetics everybody has different
03:37genetics we all have ancestors that came
03:39from different places all over the world
03:41so if you can't change your genetic
03:43blueprint so just keep that in mind
03:44you're going to be somewhat limited to
03:46the changes you can make to your face so
03:48what can you do well one thing that you
03:50can do if you're under the age of 25 is
03:53you can start mewing remember how we
03:56talked about that maxilla and how it's
03:57important to have forward growth to
03:59support your under and side eye while
04:01mewing is this practice that was created
04:03by the British orthodontist Mike Mew and
04:06the theory is simple a lot of people
04:08starting from a young age have a relaxed
04:11facial posture they breathe through
04:13their nose and they don't have forward
04:15pressure of their tongue up against the
04:17roof of their mouth creating better
04:18facial structure they're kind of relaxed
04:20they're breathing through their nose and
04:21their tongue is not engaged so they get
04:22this kind of like sloped soft melted
04:24look to their face and in return you get
04:27this flattering sometimes negative
04:28growth maxilla so to illustrate it let
04:31me introduce you to my friend Chomper
04:32here hopefully that is in Focus but yeah
04:35it's very simple you want to have your
04:37tongue pressed up against the roof of
04:40your mouth at all times and this will
04:42apply constant pressure up against your
04:45maxilla forcing it to grow forward and
04:47upward giving you better facial
04:48structure and better orbital support now
04:50it seems kind of crazy at first I know I
04:52get it but myself and a lot of other
04:54people have redeemed incredible results
04:56by starting this from a young age now
04:58it's important to start it as young as
05:00you can because the older you get the
05:02more these fissures in your face
05:03solidify and it's not as likely that
05:05you'll be able to change your face
05:06structure and while we're on the topic
05:08of mewing it can also help you achieve a
05:10better jawline and jaw and one of the
05:13other elements of that is actually
05:14building this masseter muscle right here
05:16and one of the best ways of doing that
05:18is just chewing gum and chewing a lot of
05:20it and I actually just released this
05:22product it is my own gum that is 10 to
05:2515 times harder than normal chewing gum
05:27so click the link down below and check
05:29it out I'm super proud of this product
05:31it's like a workout but for your jawline
05:33so it'll get your jaw muscles pop in
05:35give you a better jawline better facial
05:37structure next thing that you can do to
05:38achieve Hunter eyes is very simple very
05:41easy and that's just to practice
05:42consistently relaxed facial expressions
05:45instead of walking around with your
05:47eyebrows raised like this just walk
05:48around have your eyebrows kind of pushed
05:50down a little bit maybe not be mean
05:52mugging everybody but kind of just let
05:54them chill what does it is going to do
05:55is simply relax your eyebrow muscle and
05:57let the skin compress and relax so that
06:00it can actually have the chance to fold
06:01over onto your eye if you actually have
06:03the skin available for that for people
06:05who have too much eyelid exposure you
06:07might not see much change but me I can
06:09do it pretty easily
06:10if I just relax squint just a little bit
06:13and try to practice as often as I can
06:15one other thing that I've seen people
06:16practice they call eyelid pulling the
06:19theory is simple if you take your
06:21fingers and just tug slightly on your
06:23eyelids it can help stretch out this
06:25eyelid skin right here basically
06:27increasing the elasticity of your
06:29eyelids so that there's excess eyelid
06:31available to fold over your eye giving
06:33you that hooded eye look now I'm gonna
06:35be honest I haven't tried this I haven't
06:37done really any research on it so if
06:39you're going to attempt this use caution
06:41and I'm not promoting this in any way
06:43shape or form but it does sort of make
06:45sense that it could be possible so pure
06:48discretion now the one last option that
06:50is available is plastic surgery now as
06:52far as I know I don't think there is a
06:55hooded eye surgery there are reverse
06:57hooded eye believe it or not a lot of
06:59people want to get rid of their hooded
07:00eye and just have that more almond eye
07:02shape so there is actually almond eye
07:04surgery which could definitely be useful
07:06if you have a lot of eyelid exposure to
07:08help decrease that and give you that
07:10single all fold eyelid look and the one
07:12other potential surgery is brow Ridge
07:15filler this is where if you have a very
07:17flat eyebrow Ridge they can actually put
07:19some filler in there to give give you
07:21the appearance of a more prominent
07:22eyebrow Ridge and this could potentially
07:24pull that skin a little bit forward
07:26giving you a better eyelid appearance
07:28but I really think the best options are
07:30just to practice mewing focus on
07:32relaxing your facial expression maybe
07:34just a couple times a day do a little
07:35exercise try pushing your eyebrows down
07:38you could probably train them to relax
07:40more often just like you can train to
07:42raise one eyebrow I used to not be able
07:44to do this this took a bit of training
07:45you could also train it to have a more
07:47relaxed expression usually so that's it
07:49guys I hope I had some more answers for
07:50you I'm not promising any incredible
07:52results but some of these are worth a
07:54try I hope you guys enjoyed the video if
07:55you haven't already subscribe and until
07:57next time peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are hunter eyes and how can they be achieved naturally?

Hunter eyes are characterized by a specific orbital bone structure, skin fold over the eyes, and maxilla support. Achieving hunter eyes naturally involves practices like mewing, maintaining relaxed facial expressions, and eyelid pulling. It also emphasizes the importance of factors such as genetics and overall facial structure.

2. What are the recommended practices for achieving hunter eyes naturally?

Recommended practices for achieving hunter eyes naturally include mewing to improve maxilla support, maintaining relaxed facial expressions to avoid unnecessary strain, and performing gentle eyelid pulling exercises. These practices are designed to work with the natural structure of the face and promote a gradual change over time.

3. Are there any extreme methods for achieving hunter eyes and are they discouraged?

Extreme methods such as bone smashing are discouraged for achieving hunter eyes, as they pose serious risks to the overall facial structure and can lead to irreversible damage. It's important to prioritize safe and natural approaches that are sustainable and respect the body's natural processes.

4. What are the plastic surgery options for achieving hunter eyes?

Plastic surgery options for achieving hunter eyes include procedures like almond eye surgery and brow ridge filler. These surgical interventions are designed to alter the orbital bone structure, skin fold over the eyes, and overall eye appearance to achieve the desired hunter eyes aesthetic.

5. How can I naturally enhance the appearance of my eyes without resorting to extreme measures?

To naturally enhance the appearance of your eyes without extreme measures, focus on practices like mewing to improve maxilla support, maintaining relaxed facial expressions to avoid unnecessary strain on the orbital bones, and incorporating gentle eyelid pulling exercises into your routine. Additionally, consider consulting with a reputable plastic surgeon to explore safe and effective options for enhancing your eye appearance.

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