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This video provides a step-by-step guide on how to order from Pandabuy, including finding products, placing orders, and shipping them to your house. The tutorial covers everything from choosing the right size to selecting shipping options and payment methods. It also emphasizes the importance of removing unnecessary packaging to reduce shipping costs.
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This section explains the step-by-step process of ordering from Pandabuy.
Start by going to Fashion reps to find the product you want.
Copy and paste the link into Pandabuy, or click on the Panda by link.
Select the desired product options, such as size.
Agree to the terms and click "Buy Now."
Submit the order and choose to pay with PayPal or a credit card.
Confirm the payment to complete the order.
The video explains how to order from Pandabuy step by step.
Removing the box reduces the shipping cost.
Fill out the shipping address and other required information.
Choose the cheapest shipping option.
Enter the total declared value and add a little extra.
Calculate the shipping cost and consider adding more just in case.
Apply any available coupons if applicable.
00:00all right guys this is gonna be a short
00:02video I'm gonna teach you step by step
00:04every single possible step that you need
00:06to know how to get your package to your
00:10um yeah so the first thing you do is
00:12probably go to Fashion reps you don't
00:13have to if you already know the product
00:14that you're gonna get but this is a
00:16really good start so if you say you want
00:18to find some dark mocha
00:22um basically you can go to like this one
00:24right here
00:26um this one has a panda by link but
00:28normally it's a taobao or median link so
00:30basically all you have to do is paste
00:32that and put the link into here but
00:34since this is Panda by I can just click
00:38um see you want these so say I want some
00:4442 and a half I don't I think that's a
00:47size nine
00:48um you agree to this and then you click
00:50buy now
00:52basically what you have to do right here
00:54is you click submit order
00:58oh wait yeah click agree submit order
01:01and then what you can do
01:04is pay with PayPal or your credit card
01:07but PayPal is probably the best thing
01:11um there's also this thing called top up
01:12right here basically you put money into
01:15Panda by
01:16and then Panda by Pacer kind of it just
01:19sees PayPal it's the easiest thing so
01:21you click PayPal
01:23and you confirm payment make sure you
01:25have this country set as us because
01:28or at whatever country you live at just
01:30make sure it says the country then you
01:32click confirm payment
01:35um and then it'll ship to the warehouse
01:37I'll see you guys back when it's at the
01:39warehouse and I'll show you guys how to
01:41ship it out to your house all right so
01:44it's like a week later and the stuff
01:45we're in the warehouse
01:47um basically what you want to do is look
01:48at the Quality check pictures
01:51that's pretty good
01:55so yeah that's good and then I also got
01:57these these look pretty good too so I'm
02:00ready to ship them out to my house
02:03so what I'm gonna do the first step is
02:06to click this and click submit parcel
02:11um then you want to click this
02:13and click submit down here you want to
02:15make sure you fill out everything but
02:16say if I don't want to ship these shoes
02:18these slides right here I can uncheck
02:20that but I do so I'm going to ship this
02:22all together in one package so I'm gonna
02:24click submit right here and just ignore
02:26this because we'll figure that later
02:28so right now I have the option to remove
02:31all packing off which means that this
02:33shoe right here won't come with the Box
02:35it'll come with just the shoes that's
02:37fine with me so these ones already don't
02:40come with a box but these ones normally
02:42do come with a box but if when I remove
02:44all the packing that makes it a lot
02:47cheaper to ship out so like that's
02:49probably what I'm going to pick but safe
02:50I did want to keep the Box
02:53you can see it's a lot more expensive to
02:55ship out
02:56um yeah you can tell it's a lot more
02:59expensive to ship out normally so I'm
03:01just going to remove the Box
03:04and that applies to this one right here
03:06so that makes it a lot less heavy so
03:10easier to ship out so what you want to
03:11do is you click this you have your
03:14address set in here of course you're not
03:16going to be able to see this but fill
03:17out all this information in this area
03:19right here
03:22and you want to do is you want to I just
03:25go for the cheapest option so I'm just
03:26gonna go
03:27right here and click select and then
03:30right here what you're going to do
03:32is you're going to pick
03:34right here so
03:36parso total declared so basically this
03:38total is going to be like
03:4045 I believe is what it said so just put
03:43down okay yes you see the 43 so I'm
03:46gonna put down 45 dollars
03:49just put a little bit more you don't
03:51have to put too much more
03:53um this might be a little confusing but
03:54that's fine
03:55so once you click enter on that it's
03:57calculating this is how much it's going
03:59to charge but I still suggest putting a
04:02little bit more just in case so put a
04:04little bit more
04:06um if you have any coupons put it in I
04:09don't have any coupons so
04:14let's see
04:15I'm gonna come back here and see if I
04:17can find the disc all right I did not
04:19find a code but that's fine with me
04:22because it's only 43 dollars just make
04:24sure you have everything right up here
04:27um yeah and you're ready to go so
04:29basically you clean it
04:31submit here submit parcel
04:36and then it's gonna give you a reminder
04:37that I'm removing all these tags and
04:40that I'm moving the box from there so
04:42that's fine so I click correct submit
04:46now it's time to pay so I can pay with
04:49PayPal which is what I'm gonna do
04:51and it comes down to 42.61
04:55it's bringing me to my PayPal
05:02then what you're gonna do
05:05continue to review order
05:11and there that's it
05:13now your stuff is going to come to you
05:17um your package is going to come to you
05:18you're going to be chilling chilling
05:21chilling chilling
05:22that's it that's all you need to know
05:24that's step by step you see you'll get
05:28um leave some comments down below make
05:29sure to like And subscribe please this
05:31this was hard work
05:33but because I know it's hard to find a
05:35good one online so
05:37what you want to do just like And
05:39subscribe it'll give you some updates
05:40when it comes
05:42um yeah if you have any questions go in
05:44the comments thank you see you in the
05:46next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the step-by-step guide for ordering from Pandabuy?

The step-by-step guide for ordering from Pandabuy includes finding products, placing orders, and shipping them to your house. It covers everything from choosing the right size to selecting shipping options and payment methods. It also emphasizes the importance of removing unnecessary packaging to reduce shipping costs.

2. How does the tutorial help in selecting the right size for orders from Pandabuy?

The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to select the right size for orders from Pandabuy. It covers the process of finding products, placing orders, and shipping them to your house, ensuring that you choose the perfect size for your order. This helps in avoiding the hassle of returns and exchanges.

3. What are the various shipping options and payment methods discussed in the tutorial for ordering from Pandabuy?

The tutorial discusses various shipping options and payment methods for ordering from Pandabuy. It provides a detailed guide on selecting the most suitable shipping option and payment method according to your preferences. This ensures a smooth ordering process with convenience.

4. What is the emphasis of the tutorial on removing unnecessary packaging for orders from Pandabuy?

The tutorial emphasizes the importance of removing unnecessary packaging for orders from Pandabuy to reduce shipping costs. It guides viewers on the significance of reducing packaging size to minimize shipping expenses, making the ordering process more economical and environmentally friendly.

5. How does the tutorial cover the process of placing orders from Pandabuy?

The tutorial provides a detailed overview of the process of placing orders from Pandabuy, including finding products, selecting the right size, choosing shipping options, and payment methods. It ensures that viewers have a comprehensive understanding of the ordering process for a seamless experience.

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