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This video provides tips and tricks for rushing properly in PUBG Mobile, including strategies such as reacting quickly when exiting a vehicle, using grenades for blind spots, giving cover fire to teammates, avoiding blind rushes, and flanking opponents in open areas.
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Tips for rushing properly in PUBG Mobile:
When rushing with a vehicle, be ready to jump out as soon as it stops to avoid getting shot while still in the vehicle.
Use blind grenades to reveal the position of campers in apartment buildings before rushing directly at them.
Tips for rushing properly in PUBG Mobile:
Tip 3: Provide cover fire for your squad while rushing.
Tip 4: Avoid blind rushing to prevent getting knocked and finished.
Tip 5: Instead of directly rushing players in open areas, flank them from the right or left.
The video provides five tips for rushing in PUBG Mobile.
The tips are not mentioned in the subtitles.
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00:08is one of the most tricky thing which
00:11depends on luck but apart from being
00:13lucky an unlucky player can also turn
00:15the table if he uses the right strategy
00:17so if you are that unlucky player then
00:20don't worry because here in this video
00:22I'm going to cast some spell which will
00:24immediately make you lucky
00:26but before that make sure to drop a like
00:29because that is the first and foremost
00:32step to stay lucky forever yes so smash
00:35the like button really hard anyways tip
00:381 slow reaction while rushing with the
00:40vehicle players usually shoot from their
00:43vehicle even though they have already
00:44arrived at enemies location in rushing
00:47situations we should stay ready to jump
00:49out from the vehicle as soon as it stops
00:51taking a player down is way too easy if
00:54he is shooting from a standing vehicle
00:55for example as you can see here after
00:58spotting the enemy I immediately stopped
01:00my vehicle and jumped out quickly to
01:02take that fight but if you look closely
01:04at this clip then you will see that my
01:06teammate did a stupid mistake by not
01:08exiting from the vehicle so watch what
01:10happened next
01:29grenades when rushing to a camper Squad
01:32in apartment buildings do not rush
01:34directly to them because they can be
01:36anywhere and you probably have no idea
01:38where they actually are so at this
01:40situation try throwing some blind
01:42grenades to know their position a blind
01:45grenade can either be a pre-cooked
01:46grenade or a perfectly tossed grenade
01:48this can make them deaf for a few
01:50seconds too so try throwing some
01:52grenades blindly and you can also get
01:55some knocks with that watch this clip to
01:57understand my point of view
02:07I can't believe
02:42thank you
02:57tip 3 cover fire if you have a squad
03:01with you while rushing then the task
03:03will be much more easier if you give
03:04cover fire to each other rushing is all
03:07about pre-fire the more you pre-fire at
03:09a probable position the more chances you
03:11get to win so cover fire is all about
03:14pre-fire for example if you are rushing
03:16in a building or any house you need to
03:19fire five to ten bullets blindly before
03:21climbing the stairs watch this clip for
03:23a practical example
03:26oh my God
03:36tip 4 blind Rush avoid making stupid
03:39mistakes while rushing especially blind
03:41Rush these are the type of mistake which
03:44directly get you knocked and finished
03:45right away no mercy will be shown and
03:48only greedy ones does this blind rushing
03:51mistake like the one who is too greedy
03:53for kills for loots you need to plan a
03:56strategy before you rush just think and
03:58use your brain and make some plans watch
04:00this video where my teammate died
04:02because of his greediness
04:34tip 5 open area Rush many players don't
04:37want to rush if a player is in the open
04:39area well that is a smart move but there
04:42are other plans too like when you got a
04:45knock of a squad who is in the open area
04:47then you do not need to rush them
04:48directly just flank them from the right
04:51or left whichever way suits you well but
04:53getting a knock and sitting at your
04:55position is a boring way to play watch
04:57this clip to understand better
04:59till the darkness calling like
05:37follow these five tips before you rush
05:39and you will surely come out with lots
05:41of kills alright guys so that's gonna
05:43wrap it up for the tips thank you so
05:45much for watching do leave a like and
05:47most importantly subscribe the channel
05:49if you are new here and now enjoy my
05:52potato gameplay peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I rush properly in PUBG Mobile?

To rush properly in PUBG Mobile, you can use strategies such as reacting quickly when exiting a vehicle, using grenades for blind spots, giving cover fire to teammates, avoiding blind rushes, and flanking opponents in open areas.

2. What are the tips for reacting quickly when exiting a vehicle in PUBG Mobile?

To react quickly when exiting a vehicle in PUBG Mobile, make sure to have your weapon ready, be aware of your surroundings, and be prepared for potential opponents nearby.

3. How can I use grenades for blind spots in PUBG Mobile?

Using grenades for blind spots in PUBG Mobile can be effective in flushing out opponents from hidden positions. You can use frag grenades or stun grenades to disorient and suppress enemies.

4. What are the best ways to give cover fire to teammates in PUBG Mobile?

When giving cover fire to teammates in PUBG Mobile, maintain communication, choose the right position for cover, and provide suppressing fire to keep opponents at bay while your teammates advance or reposition.

5. How can I effectively flank opponents in open areas in PUBG Mobile?

To effectively flank opponents in open areas in PUBG Mobile, utilize natural cover, move silently to avoid detection, and coordinate with your team to create a distraction and catch opponents off guard.

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