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Andrew Tate shares his mindset for success, emphasizing the importance of self-belief and accountability in achieving one's goals, as well as the value of surrounding oneself with high-quality individuals. He discusses the significance of leveraging time and information to generate wealth, and highlights the benefits of maintaining a fast-paced, forward-looking lifestyle for personal fulfillment.
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Believe that you are the best and have the mindset of a winner.
Walk through the world believing you are the best.
Don't worry about others calling you arrogant.
Gain like-minded people on the same path.
Be specific with your goals and hold yourself accountable by speaking them into existence.
Set specific goals and stick to the words you say.
Hold yourself accountable by telling others about your goals.
You have a choice to either succeed or quit when faced with challenges.
Andrew Tate emphasizes the importance of being competitive in all aspects of life, regardless of one's emotional state or circumstances.
Being competitive means being able to perform well in both good and bad times.
One must not rely on motivation or external factors to be competent.
Andrew Tate constructs a mental model that allows him to be brutally competitive and dismisses the idea of depression.
He believes that he can never become clinically depressed because he does not believe in it and focuses on his work to overcome sadness.
Laziness is often masked by excuses or external factors.
Andrew Tate prioritizes his mental model over his emotions to remain competent and successful.
Andrew Tate has constructed a mental model that allows him to be competent and always succeed.
He does not prioritize his emotions and they do not affect his actions.
His mental model enables him to be competitive and successful.
Andrew Tate emphasizes the importance of having a small network of valuable friends.
Andrew values friends who provide value and utility in his life.
He believes that true friendships require an exchange of value.
Andrew already has a circle of extremely useful people around him and doesn't need anyone else.
Andrew Tate emphasizes the importance of having a network of high net worth individuals, developing physicality and body language, attracting beautiful women, and having a strong mentality for success.
Building a network of high net worth individuals is crucial for success.
Developing physicality and body language is important to display confidence and power.
Attracting beautiful women is a sign of success and status.
Having a strong mentality is linked to having a strong life, body, social circle, network, bank account, and relationship.
Giving up your time for money is a problem because time is limited, but making money through information is valuable and not linked to time.
Giving up time for money is difficult because time is limited.
Making money through information is valuable and not linked to time.
Information and attention are the two most important things in today's world.
If you have information and can attract attention, you can be successful and rich.
Speed is important to defy gravity and be happy; always look forward and reframe your language to appreciate what you have.
Speed is important to defy gravity and avoid unhappiness.
Always look forward to something to stay excited about life.
Reframe your language to appreciate what you have instead of focusing on what you lack.
00:00thank you
00:07people will constantly tell you to not
00:10talk in a way which is full of
00:12conviction people do not like you to
00:13have the arrogant and have an ego this
00:15is the worst thing ever let me tell you
00:17a fact number one facet of the G mindset
00:19your life is never going to be worse if
00:22you walk through the world believing you
00:24are the [ __ ] man
00:29you wake up look in the mirror and go
00:31I'm the I'm the [ __ ] man I am the man
00:33there's no one on this planet who can do
00:35[ __ ] I couldn't do if I put my mind to
00:38it I don't give a [ __ ] how good you are
00:39at piano if I decide to play piano I
00:41would be better than you at piano and I
00:43believe that I don't just say these
00:45things I [ __ ] believe them and when
00:47you go through life believing you really
00:48really are the man there are very few
00:51downsides the downsides are everyone's
00:53gonna call you in arrogant everyone call
00:54you arrogant I was gonna call you a
00:55[ __ ] I was gonna say he has a big
00:56ego you're going to lose a few loser
00:58friends who cares what you are going to
01:00gain there's other people on the same
01:01path you mean other people think yeah
01:03well I'm the [ __ ] man too this guy's
01:04the man who's making some money that's
01:06what's gonna happen
01:18even if you're not the man yet even
01:21before I was a world champion I knew I
01:22was going to be the man
01:23so I don't give a [ __ ] and I was happy
01:25to say that to anybody and people call
01:27me arrogant and stupid and deluded I
01:28just sit there and look at them and say
01:29yeah [ __ ] you I'm going to be first
01:32thing you have to believe for the
01:33[ __ ] man you can achieve anything and
01:34when I say that I don't want I'm gonna
01:35say that again
01:37have to believe you're the [ __ ] man
01:39and you have to believe you can achieve
01:41anything I'm not saying you can achieve
01:42anything easily I'm not saying it's not
01:44going to take a whole bunch of work I'm
01:45not saying it's going to happen quickly
01:47but you have to believe you can achieve
01:49anything tell you something now I don't
01:51give a [ __ ] them to be an astronaut I
01:53don't care about climbing Mount Everest
01:54you give me enough time to train I will
01:57get it done I know that for a fact
01:59because I know who I am as a man that's
02:00the first thing the second thing is you
02:02need to be perspicacious you need to
02:04understand that in this world there's a
02:06whole bunch of people doing amazing [ __ ]
02:08that you are not doing and that needs to
02:10piss you off because it pisses you off
02:12you become motivated all of a sudden I
02:14was the only one who's pissed off when
02:16that Aston Martin was next to him had my
02:18sales job I was the only one who's
02:20pissed off when I saw that Ferrari
02:21broadcast other people were not annoyed
02:23by it and they were not annoyed by it
02:24they're not driven to beat it you
02:26understand they're not driven to be
02:27where that person was you need to be
02:29annoyed and I'm telling you I'm telling
02:31you to be angry
02:32anger is a fantastic Force like I said
02:35the world tells you not to be arrogant
02:37tells you not to be angry it's two
02:38things it tells you to do don't be
02:39arrogant don't have an ego and you know
02:41you don't have anger you're a [ __ ]
02:43man you're a full-grown man just is
02:45perfectly fine for you to be pissed off
02:46it's perfectly fine if you look around
02:48in your life look at the girl you're
02:50[ __ ] look at the house you live in
02:51look at the car you drive and get pissed
02:53off and go you know what I want a heart
02:54[ __ ] I want a [ __ ] nicer house I
02:56want faster car there's nothing wrong if
02:58you take that anger and you direct it in
03:00the correct direction this is the reason
03:02I stop fighting now people go why do you
03:03stop fighting us because I fall and I
03:05went through hell to get everything I
03:07now have I had nothing left I had
03:11nothing and I wanted the life I now have
03:13now I wake up in one of my three
03:14mansions with one of my seven
03:16supervisors run my 15 women what do I
03:18need to fight for like people have
03:19different motivations with different
03:21things some Fighters out there and you
03:22fight for other reasons my motivation
03:24was I was pissed off at the world and
03:27now I'm not as angry as I used to be so
03:28I don't believe I was going to fight her
03:30as I used to do also works Mass I'm not
03:32as good as I'm used to it so that's how
03:34I decided to retire early
03:36but this is the second thing first thing
03:39with a man second thing you need to get
03:41angry about your situation you don't own
03:43the home you're in get pissed off is
03:45there a Ferrari on your drive get pissed
03:47off if you don't have 10 Playboy Bunny
03:49level Beauties get pissed off what the
03:52[ __ ] well you need to sit there and
03:53realize whoa whoa whoa I have a few
03:55years of Consciousness and even less
03:57than that I have a few short years as a
03:59young man because age will damage you I
04:02mean if you're a millionaire and you're
04:0260 it's not nearly as good as being a
04:04millionaire at my age I became a million
04:06at 28.
04:09so you need to realize you've got a few
04:11short years as a young man you're
04:13[ __ ] wasting it we need to sit there
04:15and go [ __ ] [ __ ] get angry he's getting
04:18angry forced directed anger is an
04:20extremely powerful for us these are the
04:22first two attentions to do for
04:27only person who gives a [ __ ] about your
04:30life truly is you and if you don't give
04:32a [ __ ] then you're [ __ ] but point two
04:34get angry you're gonna start giving a
04:36[ __ ] very soon and after you get angry
04:38you need to realize that nobody is going
04:40to give you the things you want it
04:41doesn't matter if Donald Trump is
04:43president or not infused Trump's man but
04:45it doesn't make a difference no
04:46politician is going to make you rich no
04:49one else is going to come along and say
04:50I'm going to concentrate my effort on
04:53fixing your life no way you have to
04:56understand you're out here alone
04:58absolutely your means when you
05:00understand these three things you start
05:01to see how a mindset comes together
05:03nobody's going to save you you're [ __ ]
05:05it's totally down with you pissed off
05:07with your current situation and you want
05:09to change it plus you believe you can do
05:11absolutely relief this is how I thought
05:14at 18 years old because at a very young
05:16age when I had my Prime resource of
05:19energy and power 18 19 years old I
05:21understood those three tenets I believe
05:23I can do anything I'm pissed off I don't
05:25have the life I want and nobody else is
05:27going to give it to me these are three
05:29things you need to understand if any one
05:32of these elements is missing you'll
05:33never have the right mindset the G
05:35mindset will never formulate in any one
05:37of these elements is missing all three
05:39are absolutely essential and the sooner
05:41you get your act together the sooner you
05:43start to panic and worry and be
05:46concerned that you're 24 25 you're not
05:49[ __ ] Rich yet because 24 and 25 year
05:51olds out there who got a contract for
05:53[ __ ] NBA
05:55the parents so they won the lottery who
05:57knows what there's 24 and 25 year olds
05:59out there who are multi-millionaires
06:00[ __ ] the hot models these Instagram
06:02girls with 3 million followers they're
06:04getting [ __ ] by someone and it ain't
06:05you and that needs to piss you off you
06:08need to get concerned you get worried
06:09you [ __ ] I'm running out of time you
06:11need to get some urgency in your life
06:12put these three things together it's
06:14absolutely essential it's the beginning
06:15of the Gmod exam when you have these
06:17things three things total and done I'll
06:18tell you what happens
06:20say what happened for me
06:22so I became a Sayer so my brothers you
06:24see become a Sayer and what that means
06:26is I made a pact to him that my word was
06:29unbreakable strength and honor and that
06:31if I said something I meant it
06:39so when I woke up to my brothers I'm
06:41doing a thousand questions so I'm
06:42running 20 miles
06:43I would do it because if I didn't do it
06:45I feel like a [ __ ] because when you
06:48instill these mindsets when you're when
06:50your mindset changes you start to be
06:51extremely accountable for yourself no
06:52one's coming to the same thing you've
06:54been extremely accountable so when you
06:55realize that your words one of the few
06:57things you have on this planet if you
06:58say things you're going to start
06:59sticking here
07:00so then it becomes very easy to train
07:02you say I'm going to train every day
07:04this week I'm gonna train for two hours
07:05a day
07:06set it it's basically done if I say
07:08something it is basically done it's it's
07:11set in stone if I say something I'm
07:13going to do it there's no way I'm going
07:15to say it I'm going to make say some
07:16words and speak them into existence in
07:18this on this planet and then I'm going
07:20to be the kind of [ __ ] who quits
07:21because it's too hard and when I say I'm
07:23gonna do 10 000 push-ups I'm gonna do it
07:25because I'm the kind of person who
07:26sticks to the words he says and this is
07:28another thing you don't understand it'd
07:30be very very specific with what you say
07:31because if you can still your mindset
07:33correctly and you start to just say
07:34things just start saying things then you
07:37hold yourself accountable say things you
07:39don't even think you want to do wake up
07:40and go up to your friend or your mom or
07:41whoever and say you know what I'm gonna
07:43do a thousand push-ups today say it to
07:46people I'm gonna say no you're not so
07:47watch me and then you have a choice and
07:50you're either gonna succeed like a gene
07:51you're gonna be a little [ __ ] you're
07:52gonna quit at 310 because it's hard
07:55what kind of man are you that's the
07:57decision you need to do and you're the
07:59kind of man I was I'd say [ __ ] and I'd
08:01[ __ ] stick to it my brother said you
08:02become a Sayer I used to train with my
08:05he'd say let's do 500 so let's do 2 000.
08:08they'd say well you've said it now so we
08:10have to do it exactly
08:11set it now so now we have to do it there
08:14is no surrendering we have to do it
08:17there's another facet who G mind says
08:19number four you gotta start saying [ __ ]
08:21and your word has to be Iron Unbreakable
08:37I can never be depressed if I never slow
08:40speed is extremely important speed
08:42defies gravity how do how does a plane
08:44fly through the air and defy gravity
08:47speed it's moving too fast to fall if
08:50you're always attacking life if you're
08:52always doing things if you're always
08:54making more money if you're always
08:55traveling the world doing this doing
08:56that new car here there new podcast me
08:59and James English boom boom boom you
09:01know if you're always doing things all
09:02the time unhappiness can't catch shoots
09:04but I also know that speed is a is a
09:08fantastic way to be happy all the time
09:09I'm always looking forward to something
09:12I wake up every day excited I'll go do
09:14this today I'll go do this today go do
09:16this today and I very much live my life
09:18in a frame of
09:20not I have to do this it's very much I
09:23get to do this we don't live in a real
09:26we are living in a reality where we're
09:28told stories and narratives that aren't
09:30where they try very hard to distract us
09:32with garbage
09:34Rihanna I have nothing against Rihanna
09:36like I don't know her but when I see a
09:39concert and I see hundreds of thousands
09:42of peons standing amongst what are they
09:45peons it's the people who go to these
09:47concerts means peasant standing because
09:51that is an education in language no but
09:53but they are peasants because they're
09:54acting in a peasant peasant way they're
09:56acting like peasants hundreds of
09:59thousands of people in a crowd looking
10:01up at somebody like their God
10:03jumping up and down for hours on end
10:06you're a peasant you're a peasant and
10:09your life [ __ ] and you have no
10:11achievements no money you're depressed
10:13but you're distracted I am a feared
10:17competitor in anything I do anyone who's
10:19up against me at anything is gonna feel
10:21a degree of nervousness just because
10:23it's me it doesn't matter what it is if
10:25you say look you're gonna go learn how
10:27to play piano and you're gonna play
10:28against someone else who's never played
10:29piano and you're gonna learn and that
10:31guy's Andrew Tate
10:33I can't even play piano but part room's
10:36gonna be like ah not tape because even
10:38though even though I have no piano
10:39experience because they just know me
10:41they know my mindset they know my
10:43determination they know I'm stubborn
10:44they know I don't quit they know I'm
10:46they know I'm gonna win that's just who
10:48I am so I've constructed a mental model
10:50that allows me to be competent and to
10:51always succeed and that's how I've come
10:53to the conclusions I've come to and I
10:55truly once again don't understand how
10:57people go through the world without with
10:58any other mental model I get asked all
11:00the time but what do you feel or what
11:02about happiness or depression
11:04that doesn't even how I feel doesn't
11:07cross my mind I don't know how else
11:09explain it there are days where I'm
11:10pissed off or sad or happy it doesn't
11:14cross my mind and it's just like I woke
11:16up whatever mood I happen to be in I
11:19have things I need to do it's a busy day
11:21zuby's here soon I need to go training
11:24before he gets here I had a meeting with
11:25the bank at 7 15 a.m I have [ __ ] to do
11:28like I didn't cross my mind if I was
11:29happy sad excited I just had to work
11:32there's very few things in this life we
11:34actually have any control over let me
11:36tell you the fact the number one facet
11:38with G mindset your life is never going
11:41to be worse if you walk through the
11:43world believing you are the man you wake
11:45up and look in the mirror and go on the
11:47I'm the man I am the man there's no one
11:50on this planet who can do
11:52I couldn't do if I put my mind to it
11:55there's another thing that a lot of
11:56people make a mistake with when I talk
11:57to them like ah I have to go to work
11:59today change your language I get to go
12:02to work today
12:03imagine you had no job
12:04be worse right because otherwise you
12:06wouldn't be working so you get to go to
12:08work I have to fix the car at least you
12:10have a car you get to fix your car most
12:12people don't bought one I have to go get
12:14the kids you get to go get the kids
12:15because you have these beautiful
12:16children who love you
12:18you understand people's even their own
12:20language is wrong the world is can be
12:23framed maybe I'm completely crazy maybe
12:25I'm full of [ __ ] like you
12:26like you see I am but the frames I've
12:28installed in my mind are all beneficial
12:30to me
12:31so that makes me crazy and full of [ __ ]
12:32good because I can't become depressed so
12:35you can sit there and tell me I'm full
12:36of [ __ ] while you're depressed and I'm
12:39happy and I would never want to adopt
12:41the thinking of a depressed person
12:43they've distracted you with this Idol
12:45whoever it happens to be put them there
12:48and The Peasants like yeah
12:50it's and then they go home and they're
12:53told something by the news once again
12:55let's make up a completely false
12:56scenario be afraid of common cold
12:58okay and then anyone who comes back and
13:00says why are we afraid of the common
13:02they delete their point of view they
13:04shut them up
13:05to create a false reality so people are
13:08living a life where they're working a
13:10job they're being enslaved by the
13:12machines for their tasks
13:14but their mind is distracted by garbage
13:17and only fed a fake story and they're
13:21living inside of a computer generated
13:22simulation they're living inside of a
13:24world that is not real they don't live
13:26in a real world a lot of people live
13:28inside of the Matrix completely
13:30especially the people who dislike me
13:33so I I I think my mental model to a
13:36degree I'm certainly not a person who
13:38doesn't feel emotions because we're all
13:40human I certainly do but I've never
13:42prioritized them in any regard I haven't
13:44built a mental model that it affects I
13:47haven't put them in in the middle of my
13:48mental model and that affected my
13:50actions based on how I feel for each one
13:52it's absolutely and completely the
13:53opposite I would love to do a podcast on
13:55a day where i'm particularly sad in a
13:57podcast on a day where i'm particularly
13:58happy and I guarantee you new remote
13:59tell the difference so that's what
14:02allows me to be competitive right
14:03because if you're competitive if you
14:05want to be the most competitive predator
14:06on the planet you have to be able to
14:07hunt in the day in the night you'd be
14:09able to do both you're gonna be able to
14:10perform when you're happy and sad you
14:12can't you can't only be able to perform
14:14when you're happy you can't only go to
14:15the gym when you're motivated you can't
14:17only be a competent person when your
14:19life's going well because when your
14:20lifestyle going well you're no longer
14:22competent then you're going to lose to
14:23people like me and it's player versus
14:24player if you're the kind of person who
14:26can only do well when you're happy and
14:27you're competing against someone like me
14:28you can do well all the time guess what
14:30you lose
14:31so my mental model the answer is most of
14:34my opinions are just based around
14:36constructing a mental model that allows
14:38me to be brutally competitive it's why I
14:40say depression isn't real
14:42I've argued this point endlessly and I
14:44try and explain to people but they're
14:45not smart enough to understand that I I
14:48care if I'm wrong and I don't care I get
14:50it I am more competitive as an
14:52individual if I don't believe I can
14:53become depressed so I don't give a [ __ ]
14:56if I'm right or wrong because no matter
14:57what bad happens to me in my life even
14:59if the heaven forbid the worst things on
15:01earth that could happen happen to me I
15:03could never become clinically depressed
15:04because I would never self-diagnose
15:06myself as clinically depressed because I
15:07don't believe in it I believe I am
15:08currently sad but I have work to do and
15:10eventually I will feel better people
15:12will people will shield laziness with
15:14anything no one wants to admit they're
15:16lazy the so they'll Shield it with
15:18disbelief Ah that's a scam or I don't
15:21work hard I work smart bollocks more
15:23more cover for just anything it takes to
15:25say I don't want to work do you believe
15:28in that works more or not harder I
15:30believe in both yeah but there's a time
15:33when it comes to work smart and most
15:35people are trying to do the SMART work
15:36before they do the hard work it's kind
15:39of like Talent right you don't notice if
15:41you're talented at something till all
15:42the hard work's done yeah I could be the
15:44most talented tennis player in the world
15:45but I don't play tennis so why go down
15:48the tennis court Joe Schmo is going to
15:50smoke me I don't get to see my talent
15:52until I've worked so hard that I'm in
15:54the top one percent and now I'm beating
15:56them because I have some god-given gift
15:58yeah you understand you have to do the
15:59hard work first if there's no hard work
16:01there's no smart work so someone's gonna
16:04sit there and go I work smart I don't
16:05work hard so I only have to work an hour
16:06a day if working smart gets you a lot
16:09done in an hour a day then you should
16:11work smart for 12 hours a day and get 12
16:14times the work done I will never get to
16:16a point of absolute desperation and kill
16:17myself because I don't I'll never even
16:19hopelessness because I don't believe in
16:21the idea of hopelessness you cannot try
16:23and make me adult thinking that will
16:25reduce my competitiveness as an
16:27individual so I don't know if I'm wrong
16:28I don't believe in it that's it end of
16:31the story so I don't believe in things
16:33that take power away from me I don't
16:35believe in things that make me less
16:36competitive and I don't adult mental
16:38models that may be less competitive
16:39every single Bento model I have are the
16:41most efficient ones I could find they're
16:43the mental model I found that if I adopt
16:44I become a more fearsome Predator that's
16:47it so this is how I've come to all of my
16:49conclusions as an individual
16:56if you take a man and give him a life
16:59shielded from problems that he never has
17:00any to face I guarantee you he's
17:02terrible at being a man the best men in
17:04the world have gone through [ __ ] that's
17:05why women love scars because it didn't
17:07kill you that's the whole point of it
17:08right so the best thing you can do as a
17:10man is look and go okay this is hard
17:12this is hard this is hard this is hard I
17:14feel negative because these are all so
17:15difficult I'm struggling with XYZ let me
17:18internalize all of that and turn it into
17:19a superpower let me become genuinely
17:22uncomfortable with my situation in life
17:24and go and fix things because like I
17:26said the universe is absolutely and
17:27utterly very giving and if you truly
17:29hated being in a position you were in
17:30you wouldn't be there very long every
17:32time I feel stressed or under pressure I
17:34get excited I I hate to not be stressed
17:36I wake up and I'm like everything's good
17:38yes like that's just how I am right it's
17:41how you look at the problems and how you
17:43use them to fuel you so the question was
17:44what's the problem for the average man
17:46today what's the biggest problem I think
17:47there's a whole host of problems but
17:49what you have to do is frame it inside
17:50of your mind and understand that all of
17:52those problems are going to allow you
17:53give you the fuel the unlimited
17:54motivation that you need become a
17:56successful and and beautiful individual
17:58if you frame it in the right way biggest
18:00problem that men face isn't the problems
18:02themselves it's just a way they've been
18:04taught to mentally frame issues people
18:06think when bad things happen to them
18:07that somehow they're a victim to the
18:09universe and bad things only happen to
18:11me and this is so terrible they don't
18:13understand that bad things happen to
18:14everybody and the most successful person
18:15you know had all those maybe even worse
18:17at least the same bad things happen to
18:19them they just framed it differently and
18:21used it that's that's the difference so
18:22I I don't pray for an easy life I pray
18:25for a life of difficulty that allows me
18:27to become a better and better person I I
18:29pray to become more competent to handle
18:30problems I pray to put myself in a
18:31position where if the mass media machine
18:33attempts its very best to destroy my
18:35life I can laugh and smile from my
18:37villain Dubai this is who I pray to
18:39become I don't pray that nobody hurts me
18:41I pray to be able to fight so it's a
18:43different mentality I think a lot of
18:45people build their mindsets around
18:47trying to feel good people who want to
18:50ignore the idea of personal
18:51responsibility or self-accountability
18:53because they feel better if they pretend
18:54it's not a real thing they feel that
18:55better if they pretend everything's
18:57someone else's fault a lot of people's
18:59mental model and how they view the world
19:00is based around them feeling as good as
19:02possible so people are basing their
19:04mindsets around trying to feel good I
19:06have always tried to base my mindset
19:08around absolute competence regardless of
19:09how I feel and there are there are
19:11certainly disadvantages to that there
19:13are times you're going to be a lot more
19:14pessimistic or you're going to be a lot
19:16more stressed or a lot more you know
19:18pissed off about certain things than
19:20others yeah that can be seen as a
19:21downside but like I said I use all of
19:23those things for unlimited motivation to
19:24propel My Endless upward trajectory but
19:27if you construct a mindset that allows
19:30you to be as competent as possible as
19:32opposed to feel any different or feel
19:34better then you're going to naturally
19:36come to the conclusions I've come to
19:37you're as competent as possible if you
19:39believe you can affect absolutely
19:41everything about your life you're as
19:42competent as possible if you believe
19:43absolutely everything that's happened to
19:45you whether good or bad is completely
19:46your fault you're as competent as
19:48possible if you believe the bad things
19:49that happen to you are going to allow
19:51you to work harder and become even
19:52better when bad things happen to me the
19:54first thing on my mouth is good
19:55good Andrew this they took 10 million
19:57dollars at the bank because they
19:58canceled you good good that's just my
20:01response good Andrew this happened good
20:04good good now now I'm really pissed
20:08that this mindset I've constructed
20:10allows me to be as fearsome a competitor
20:13as possible it allows me to be a feared
20:14opponent in any realm of human endeavor
20:16and that's that's the point of a mindset
20:17why would you have a mental model or a
20:19mentality that made you anything less in
20:21the ultra competitive world that we've
20:23just discussed discussing that everybody
20:24wants the things you have why would you
20:26absorb information or construct a mental
20:28model that doesn't allow you to be as
20:30competitive as possible I am a
20:32competitor in anything I do anyone who's
20:35up against me at anything is going to
20:36feel a degree of nervousness just
20:39it's hot it doesn't matter what it is if
20:40you say look you're gonna go learn how
20:43to play piano and you're gonna play
20:44against someone else who's never played
20:45piano and you're gonna learn and that
20:46guy's Andrew Tate you're anybody
20:49I can't even play piano but part room's
20:52gonna be like ah an update even though
20:54even though I have no piano experience
20:56because they just know me they know my
20:58mindset they know my determination they
20:59know I'm stubborn they know I don't quit
21:01they know I'm they know I'm gonna win
21:03that's just who I am so I've constructed
21:05a mental model that allows me to be
21:06competent and to always succeed and
21:09that's how I've come to the conclusions
21:10I've come to and I truly once again
21:12don't understand how people go through
21:13the world without with any other mental
21:15I get asked all the time but what do you
21:17feel or what about happiness or
21:19depression that
21:20that doesn't even how I feel doesn't
21:23cross my mind I don't know how else to
21:25explain it there are days where I'm
21:26pissed off or sad or happy it doesn't
21:29cross my mind it's just like I woke up
21:32whatever mood I happen to be in I have
21:35things I need to do it's a busy day
21:37zuby's here soon I need to go training
21:40before he gets here I had a meeting with
21:41the bank at 7 15 a.m I have [ __ ] to do
21:44like I didn't cross my mind if I was
21:45happy sad excited I just had to work so
21:48I I I think my mental model to a degree
21:51I'm certainly not a person who doesn't
21:54feel emotions because we're all human I
21:55certainly do but I've never prayer
21:58prioritize them in any regard I haven't
21:59built a mental model that it affects I
22:02haven't put them in in the middle of my
22:03mental model and that affected my
22:05actions based on how I feel for each one
22:07is absolutely and completely the
22:08opposite I would love to do a podcast on
22:10a day where i'm particularly sad in a
22:12podcast on a day when I'm particularly
22:13happy and I guarantee you new emails
22:14tell the difference so that's what
22:17allows me to be competitive right
22:18because if you're competitive if you
22:20want to be the most competitive predator
22:21on the planet you have to be able to
22:22hunt in the day in the night you need to
22:24be able to do both you have to be able
22:25to perform when you're happy and sad you
22:27can't you can't only be able to perform
22:29when you're happy you can't only go to
22:30the gym when you're motivated you can't
22:32only be a competent person when your
22:34life's going well because when your
22:35lifestyle going well you're no longer
22:37competent then you're going to lose to
22:38people like me and it's player versus
22:39player if you're the kind of person who
22:41can only do well when you're happy and
22:42you're competing against someone like me
22:43who can do well all the time guess what
22:45you lose so my mental model the answer
22:48is most of my opinions are just based
22:51around constructing a mental model that
22:52allows me to be brutally competitive
22:54it's why I say depression isn't real
22:57I've argued this point endlessly and I
22:59try and explain to people but they're
23:00not smart enough to understand that I
23:02don't care if I'm wrong
23:05I'm more competitive
23:07Joel if I
23:09so I don't give a [ __ ] if I'm right or
23:11wrong because no matter what bad happens
23:13to me in my life even the heaven forbid
23:15the worst things on earth that could
23:17happen happen to me I could never become
23:19clinically depressed because I would
23:20never self-diagnose myself as clinically
23:21depressed because I don't believe in it
23:22I believe I am currently sad but I have
23:25work to do and eventually I will feel
23:26better I will never get to a point of
23:28absolute desperation and kill myself
23:29because I don't I'll never get to a
23:30point of helplessness because I don't
23:31believe in the idea of the ideas you
23:34cannot try and make me adopt thinking
23:36that will reduce my competitiveness as
23:38an individual if I'm wrong I don't
23:41believe in it that's it end of story so
23:44I don't believe in things that take
23:45power away from me I don't believe in
23:47things that may be less competitive and
23:48I don't adopt mental models that may be
23:50less competitive every single mental
23:51model I have are the most efficient ones
23:53I could find they're the mental model I
23:55found that if I adopt I become a more
23:57fearsome Predator that's it so this is
23:59how I've come to all of my conclusions
24:01as an individual
24:16if the ocean doesn't reach a point of
24:19equal and opposite force it will just
24:20engulf the entire planet right there has
24:22to be an equal and opposite Force at
24:24some point I'm not talking about freeing
24:25every single person from The Matrix I'm
24:27talking about freeing enough people who
24:28are ready to understand how the world
24:30really works so that there is an equal
24:31and opposite Force to the terrain of
24:33[ __ ] the absolute clown world
24:35[ __ ] they're trying to push on all
24:37of us if nobody stands up to it we're
24:39gonna end up just swallowing it all yeah
24:40it's garbage so you need to have an
24:42equal uh Army on the other side money is
24:45certainly related to power but the true
24:47power of the world is influence I am
24:49currently one of the most powerful
24:50people on the planet I can influence
24:52millions and millions and millions of
24:53young people with my mouth Alone by
24:55speaking that's why they fear me and
24:58every single thing that's happening in
24:59the world today whether it's a pitched
25:01battle all of it is done with the goal
25:03of exerting influence on your mind
25:05they're trying to control what you think
25:07they're trying to control why you think
25:09it why you believe it they're trying to
25:11convince you that they haven't even put
25:12propaganda into your mind and is all a
25:15battle for influence that's all this has
25:16ever been most people are not smart
25:18enough most people are not intelligent
25:20enough to self-analyze and defrag their
25:22own brains and understand their being
25:23programmed you didn't like me for
25:25example I don't like Andrew Tate why
25:27well they told me not to like him who
25:29told me well these people do they care
25:31about me no most people don't get an
25:34opinion and break down where it even
25:36comes from they just get an opinion and
25:38they they just they defend it and you'll
25:40see people arguing and fighting in the
25:41street over opinions they don't even
25:42know where they've come from in the
25:43first place most people are not
25:45intelligent enough for that so everybody
25:47and everything you consume is going to
25:48influence you to a degree the mass media
25:51machines trying to influence everyone
25:52I'm trying to influence everyone I'm
25:54right here trying to influence people
25:55I'll sit here and say I'm trying to
25:56influence people at home I did not say
25:58that girls above a certain age are
26:00horrible people I did not say girls love
26:02in a certain age are useless I said
26:04girls above a certain age are less
26:05attractive than girls who are younger
26:06because of Innocence I'm talking about
26:08the Western World and in the western
26:10world there's no girl at age I don't
26:12know 32 in Las Vegas who is pure not a
26:15single one on the planet so we can't sit
26:18here and apply what I'm talking about
26:19for the Western World to the Middle
26:21Eastern world I'm under attack every
26:22single day they're attacking my
26:23character they're attacking my Integrity
26:25they're attacking my finances they're
26:27attacking my freedom they're attacking
26:28my companies every single day I wake up
26:30and there are people on the planet whose
26:31goal is to attempt to destroy me so I am
26:33under attacks I was kind of up and down
26:35I was working in the fish market but I
26:36was still fighting at the same time I
26:37was training themselves pretty young
26:39started to make a little bit of money
26:40fighting but not much and then I I had
26:42different jobs I sold television
26:44advertising and worked for an
26:45advertising company Etc and I had my own
26:48business for a while trying to sell TV
26:49advertising and I had a bunch of sales
26:51jobs back and forth worked for car sales
26:53I I'd always been doing this and that
26:55going from place to place
26:57um unless it was a sales job I never
26:58really took it that seriously because it
27:00was the unlimited commission that I
27:01found attractive but outside of sales
27:03jobs I just did my very best to I did a
27:06whole bunch of things it's been an
27:07Eclectic long interesting Journey so I
27:09grew up with a bunch of uh very close
27:10Muslim friends and I've always been not
27:12envious but certainly I've had a large
27:16amount of adoration for their respect
27:17for their families respect for their
27:19culture their Brotherhood the way they
27:20operate I've always thought it's a
27:22fantastic way to be God knows the truth
27:23of our heart so I know that my my
27:26reversion is sincere I understand that
27:28because I'm in the public eye there's
27:29going to be some degree of people who
27:31question it but I know that mine's
27:32completely sincere and the people who do
27:34it in a non-sincere way God knows the
27:37truth and uh they're not going to be
27:38able to fool him so good luck and
27:39someone else said to me they said that
27:41it's important that someone like you
27:43that has all of the worldly Treasures or
27:45everything that you could possibly ever
27:46wish for in this world still understands
27:48the importance of believing in God I
27:50have a very small circle but every
27:52single one of my friends has a utility
27:54like we're all very capable individuals
27:56we're all doing very important things we
27:57all help each other and Aid each other
27:59in different ways I don't have any
28:00friends just to sit around and talk [ __ ]
28:02and do nothing I guess in many ways
28:03people would say oh well Andrew you have
28:05family and business partners but I
28:07consider them my my friends we have a
28:10very small network of five maybe six
28:12people and yeah they're my friends I'm
28:13not the kind of person who can fall
28:16victim to some random stroking by eagle
28:19ego and I'm not a dummy like me I know a
28:23lot of people get rich in their dummies
28:24that's not me I don't have any new
28:26friends I have the same Circle I've
28:27always had in fact it's getting smaller
28:29by the way it gets smaller not bigger I
28:31don't have these random friends I party
28:34with none of this kind of crap I provide
28:35value by default by being me that's who
28:37I am you're going to be my friend you
28:39need to provide some value to my life
28:40now a lot of people may have friends the
28:42value that's provided by their friend is
28:43that their friend makes them laugh or
28:45that their friend is funny well I don't
28:47need that crap I'm busy right so I need
28:49someone who's actually useful to me a
28:50real thing it's not a shallow way to
28:52look at it because people say that
28:53shallow not at all I think that in true
28:56friendship and true relationships
28:58whether it's man woman or man man or
29:00woman woman there needs to be an
29:02exchange of value people need to both
29:03gain and receive value and that's how
29:05you build true friendships so you need
29:07to become useful to me and the problem
29:08with doing that is I already have
29:10extremely useful people around me we can
29:12already do everything I don't need
29:13anybody so when someone comes and goes
29:15hey I'd love to know you that why what
29:17what what do you want to do sit around
29:19talk [ __ ] like what do you want to do
29:20like I'm trying to do XYZ I'm fighting
29:23The Matrix can you fight the Matrix can
29:24you fight they can't do anything I don't
29:26want to I don't want to hang around
29:27there's a time when it comes to work
29:29smart and most people are trying to do
29:31the SMART work before they do the hard
29:33it's kind of like Talent you don't
29:34notice if you're talented at something
29:36until all the hard work's done I could
29:37be the most talented tennis player in
29:39the world but I don't play tennis so if
29:41I go down the tennis court Joe schmoe is
29:43going to smoke me I don't get to see my
29:45talent until I've worked so hard that
29:47I'm in the top one percent and now I'm
29:49beating them because I have some
29:50god-given gift we have to do the hard
29:52work first if there's no hard work
29:54there's no smart work so someone's gonna
29:56sit there and go I work smart I don't
29:57work hard so I only have to work an hour
29:59a day if working smart gets you a lot
30:01done in an hour a day then you should
30:03work smart for 12 hours a day and get 12
30:06times the work done I I am absolutely
30:08not really a believer in hard work I'm a
30:10proponent of hard work I have all this
30:12money and all I do is work my entire
30:14life is work this podcast is work I'm
30:16getting the car and go to another
30:17meeting work it's all work my entire
30:19life is work and people don't want to
30:20look at life that way they want to talk
30:22about work life balance and being lazy
30:23and all this crap I don't believe in any
30:24of that I believe in if you want to win
30:26you have to out compete the man who's
30:28prepared to do nothing but work is
30:29player versus player if you're gonna sit
30:31there and go I don't want to work more
30:32than hour a day well the guy who does
30:35want to work more an hour a day is going
30:36to beat you and no matter how smart you
30:38are there's always a smart dude who's
30:39doing the same smart work you are for
30:41more hours than you're doing it that's
30:42just the nature of the game and this is
30:44why we talk about things like passive
30:45income passive incomes a scam I'm tired
30:47of people coming to me saying I want to
30:48make passive income and I sit there and
30:50say it's not about it being a scam it's
30:52about the mentality towards this game
30:54look everyone loves passive money right
30:56I make money as I sleep I get it you
30:59need to delink your time to your money
31:01because if you're only working for money
31:03you run out of time you can't make
31:04enough money I understand all those
31:05principles my point is if you have no
31:08money and you're coming to me saying I
31:10want to make passive income why are you
31:12not making active income get up off your
31:14ass and work first
31:16because there's no such thing as
31:17completely truly a hundred percent
31:18passive you're gonna have to check on it
31:20you have to maintain it but the idea
31:22that people with no money are already so
31:24concerned with making money without work
31:26is amazing to me you should be worried
31:28about active income if you show me if
31:31I'm broken and you show me how to make a
31:33thousand dollars an hour I don't sit
31:34there and go okay but how can I make
31:36that passive I go cool I'm making
31:38eighteen thousand dollars a day because
31:40I'm gonna work you don't need to worry
31:41about passive income until you have no
31:44more time I look at passive income
31:46because I have 18 hours a day I work
31:48when all 18 of those hours are done and
31:50my workload still isn't finished I have
31:52to find a way to make some of those
31:53income streams passive either via staff
31:55or whatever else and that's how I work
31:57smart I use all of my time and when all
32:00my time is done now I have to become
32:02more efficient so that I can get more
32:03done within the same time frame to sit
32:05there and say I don't want to use my
32:06time so I want passive income he's dumb
32:08ass it's dumb [ __ ] the 16 year old
32:10making 45 Grand a month if he was to sit
32:12to me and go I don't want to make the
32:13tick tock so I want someone else to do
32:14it make it passive that he wouldn't make
32:15any money he's just working you have to
32:18just work some point you have to bite
32:19the bullet and just work so when someone
32:21comes to me talk about passive income
32:22and they're broken I'm like you are just
32:23lazy lazy people never get anywhere in
32:25life doesn't matter what it is no matter
32:26the tennis or money if you're lazy
32:28you're never gonna get a lot of people
32:30with no money are are really really
32:31arrogant I know a lot of broke people
32:33who are very arrogant people will shield
32:35laziness with anything no one wants to
32:37admit they're lazy so they'll Shield it
32:39with disbelief Ah that's a scam or I
32:42don't work hard I work smart bollocks
32:44more more cover
32:51how to be successful as a man we'll talk
32:53about it first thing you need freedom
32:55because you ain't a man if you're not
32:57and you may sit there I'm not a slave I
32:59get paid really well listen the slaves
33:02got free food and Free Shelter in
33:06exchange for work
33:08now all they've done is got rid of the
33:10food and sheltered
33:11give you dollars which you spend on food
33:14and shelter
33:15and you basically have nothing left
33:16you're still fall asleep
33:18the first thing you need is freedom
33:20if you're not free you're not a man
33:22first we're not a successful man so you
33:24should always be working towards freedom
33:27and I mean Freedom with your time do
33:29what you want
33:31Freedom with your location go where you
33:33want there's a riot cool go in Tokyo see
33:37you later bye going to Australia see you
33:39later bye
33:41Freedom one thing the next thing that
33:45constitutes success is a man is your
33:47network who are you talking to
33:50who are these people who will answer
33:52your phone calls listen how about two
33:56identical almost twins
34:00I got two phones right here
34:02and I can call one of many
34:05multi-millionaires and when they see my
34:07name they're gonna pick up the phone
34:10they're like oh [ __ ] tape oh wait guys
34:12wait wait they're gonna stop their
34:13conversation and be like whoa [ __ ]
34:15tables what's up Tate because they know
34:17I don't call for no [ __ ] they'll be
34:19like [ __ ] money money money phone free
34:22so I can call multi-millionaires right
34:24now I can have the best idea in the
34:25world I can call a bunch of
34:26multi-millionaires right now say look I
34:28need 100 million
34:29here's my idea we can make something
34:32happen you can't do that I can do that
34:35Freedom Network
34:37and then you get into the Aesthetics of
34:39life for people to view you as
34:41successfully you need good body language
34:43you need physical presence a man who's
34:46not dangerous a man who has no
34:48physicality it will never be seen as
34:51oh I'm successful I'm rich and although
34:53the yeah I'll I'll break your neck look
34:56how big my hand is I'm gonna grab you by
34:58your neck and choke you till you die
35:00you're successful now I'm breathing and
35:02you're not so I'm more successful than
35:04you can't be a little bit
35:06and I understood this from a young age
35:08as well so I'm sitting there at a young
35:09age thinking I need to get a network of
35:12high net worth individuals who are not
35:15even rich men but men who are driven men
35:17who are making money and I need to find
35:19a way to talk to them work for them
35:21learn what they know so I can become one
35:24of them
35:25I need to get body language and
35:26physicality I need to become big and
35:28dangerous I need to be able to display
35:29that without saying I need women in love
35:32with me I need beautiful women who adore
35:36me I need these things because this is
35:38what shows the world I'm the [ __ ] dog
35:41so I'm sitting there and I understand
35:43what I need and I knew this at 21 22. a
35:47lot of you people are older than this
35:49older you're older than I was and I'm
35:51telling you something you said you're
35:52going yeah didn't even cross your
35:53[ __ ] mind you've been too busy
35:55jerking off the porno and all thinking
35:57about what you actually need to do to be
35:58successful in this life so these are the
36:00things you need to be a high value man
36:02if you have all those things and then
36:03you get some money and you have
36:04geographical and time Freedom you're now
36:07genuinely successful
36:09your mentality is heavily linked to your
36:13and the fact that most people have such
36:15weak mindsets comes from the fact that
36:17they have a weak life a weak body a weak
36:20Social Circle a weak Network a weak bank
36:22account a weak relationship and then
36:24their mind is weak well of course
36:25whereas if you had a group of soldiers
36:27around you men who were dedicated who
36:29would ride or die with you if you were
36:31strong if your woman would never leave
36:33you no matter what because she idolizes
36:35you then your mentality would be strong
36:36your mind would be strong by extension
36:38so if someone comes to me and goes I
36:39doubt myself I usually look at them and
36:41go yeah I understand why you're a little
36:43fat piece you're stupid of course you do
36:45hey Andrew
36:47um so how do I get like a six-pack quick
36:50what's the best fastest way to get a
36:51six-pack why does it have to be quick
36:53why does it have to be easy why do you
36:54think life is all quick and easy why
36:56can't it be hard and difficult why can't
36:57you suffer because suffering is what
36:59gives it value if everyone had a
37:01six-pack and it was quick and easy then
37:02it wouldn't be valuable would it if
37:03everyone walked around with a quick
37:04six-pack and they got it easily the no
37:06one would give a [ __ ] the whole point is
37:07that's difficult value is linked to
37:10difficulty if you want something that is
37:12valuable you need something which is
37:13difficult to obtain the fact that you
37:15just said you wanted it quick and easily
37:16shows that your whole mental model is
37:19you shouldn't be thinking about quick
37:20and easy you should be thinking about
37:21hard suffering pain going through it
37:23that's what you should be thinking about
37:25this is going to be hard but I'm going
37:26to do it anyway because when it is done
37:28then everyone's going to know that I
37:29went through something difficult why do
37:30you want it to be quick and easy success
37:33is the most overused word
37:37because we talk about success well this
37:40guy is he's really successful
37:43so let's say I'm working that company
37:44yeah I'm the big boss let's say I'm a
37:46guy I go College I go University I go to
37:50this company I work I work I work I
37:52become a manager I'm on 150 000 a year I
37:56got a company BMW
37:58and I wear a suit and everyone at my job
38:01does as I say
38:03by all measures I'm a successor
38:06but here's the truth
38:08when I leave that company no one gives a
38:11[ __ ] about me I'm a nobody outside of
38:14that one building where I'm a little bit
38:16important my wife doesn't want to suck
38:18my dick because I'm fat because I didn't
38:19have time to train so all I did was work
38:22I got a BMW BMW
38:25I know hoes with BMWs BMW I didn't even
38:30consider that car BMW that's not a
38:32luxury car that's [ __ ] basic I'm
38:34pushing super cars you're a nobody
38:36you're not successful for [ __ ]
38:39success for a man actually comes in many
38:42Realms it's not it's actually nothing to
38:45do with being good at your job
38:47having money yeah you don't have to be
38:49good at your job
38:51depression is the ultimate motivation oh
38:54so you're depressed okay that so you
38:56come along to me and you tell me you're
38:57depressed I expect to see a huge list of
38:59what you're achieving per day if you're
39:00unhappy with your life and you're
39:01depressed I don't expect you to be
39:03popping pills and sitting laying in bed
39:04I expect you to give me a huge list of
39:06everything you're achieving per day
39:07depression is a fantastic motivation you
39:10know but people are told the opposite no
39:11you feel the process wrong you should be
39:13happy anyway take the pills stay home
39:14take some time off complete garbage
39:16you're depressed okay get up go for a
39:18run lift more weights make more money
39:20just get a second job get more girls
39:22like you you can outrun depression I'm a
39:24man who's always believed and I think
39:26every man understands this action over
39:28in action and and I think it was General
39:30Patton who said a good plan today is
39:32better than a perfect plan tomorrow you
39:33go do something and you gotta do
39:35something fast yeah you're just sitting
39:36around talking about it and hoping for
39:38things to get better has never I don't
39:39know I don't know about you gentlemen
39:40but every time I run out of money in my
39:42bank and I thought I'm gonna sit around
39:43and hope for something to come it never
39:44really worked out it never worked out
39:46you know it's like you can't be sitting
39:48around waiting for things to happen to
39:49you also I think especially in the west
39:51a lot of people's problems are all in
39:53their mind and I'm not saying that
39:54mental conditions aren't real because
39:55absolutely some are but I try and
39:57explain to people look if you the only
40:00thing on the planet you have genuine
40:02control over is your state of mind like
40:04you can't even control your health you
40:06might get hit by lightning you can't
40:07control other people you can't control
40:09the weather you can't control anything
40:10the only thing you can affect in genuine
40:12real time is how you feel in your head
40:14if someone comes to me and goes ah I get
40:16really shy and anxious I'll say so right
40:18not not oh okay that must be horrible
40:20not so do anyway yeah but I'm shot I
40:22don't care I don't no one cares the
40:24whole world doesn't care nobody cares
40:26drop dead tomorrow the world wouldn't
40:27care the sun's still going to rise
40:28people's still gonna go to work so
40:30you're gonna sit here and worry about
40:31speaking when people come to me and say
40:32I'm not happy I say why should you be
40:34happy and and we're all adults here the
40:37this infantile mindset that we're all
40:40supposed to be like we were when we were
40:41three years old and oh something shiny
40:43laugh all the time run around in circles
40:45we're grown-ups and we have
40:46responsibilities and we have problems
40:48and we have pressure and you don't
40:49necessarily have to be happy to perform
40:50especially if you're a man like like
40:53women have this uh I I will I guess to a
40:56degree they're born lucky women have
40:57this mindset where they can people
40:59expect women to be happy women need to
41:01be happy but as a man you have a burden
41:02of performance you as a man you
41:04shouldn't be waking up going how do I
41:06get happy there are four main ways
41:08paying money
41:10you either trade your time for money
41:13you trade information for money
41:16you give a product or service for money
41:19or you put something to work for money
41:22I'll say that again we're gonna go
41:24through them one by one
41:25these are the main ways that money will
41:28arise in your bank account remember what
41:30I just told you guys the four main
41:31things about cash how it works How You
41:34Gonna attack it identify Works movies
41:36Etc these are the four main ways money
41:39is made
41:44time for money now this is what most
41:46jobs are and there's nothing wrong with
41:48the job a lot of people are going to
41:50come and say quit your job no there's
41:52nothing wrong with having a job and it's
41:54better than doing nothing but this is
41:56the first level
41:57this is the first level on how to make
41:59money so what you do when you have a job
42:01is you give up your time
42:03to get some cash so a guy will say if
42:06you stand here all day I'll give you x
42:08amount of money and you agree you give
42:11up your time to make money the problem
42:15with giving up your time to make money
42:17is what who knows the problem of giving
42:19up your time to make money
42:22I'll tell you the problem the problem is
42:24you only have a certain amount of time
42:28it's very difficult to get rich if you
42:31give up your time for money because you
42:34have a certain amount of time you need
42:36to sleep you need to eat you got other
42:39stuff to do you haven't got the time to
42:42sit there and get rich that way
42:43so time for money is great and obviously
42:47the more valuable your time is
42:50the better that's fine you can make more
42:52but you still have a finite amount of
42:55time and this is the problem with
42:57trading your time for money
42:58next is information for money
43:01now the good thing about getting
43:02information from us
43:03is that your time is not explicitly
43:07so if you do something like a video
43:10giving information that one video you
43:12can film at one time but it can be given
43:15out or sold a million times and you get
43:18paid every single time
43:20but your time is no longer linked to the
43:23so a lot of people make money purely on
43:27and this it could be done lots of ways
43:29it can be done with what I'm doing right
43:30now I'm making money based on what I
43:33know right now I am selling information
43:35excuse me I know information and I'm
43:39provided there are also high level
43:41Consultants do the same thing
43:42information is valuable we live in the
43:45age of information
43:47another thing I want you to write down
43:49your notes some of the two most
43:50important things in the world today are
43:52information and attention if you can get
43:55if you have information
43:57and you can get attention you will be
44:01because if you can get attention people
44:03are going to pay attention to you and if
44:04you have information to give them you're
44:06going to be rich
44:07this webinar is an example of how me a
44:11person who can attract attention who has
44:13information can make money so
44:15information for money is better than
44:17time for money now every single person
44:19sitting here there must be something you
44:23you know something you know something
44:26others don't know it doesn't matter if
44:27it's how to play guitar doesn't matter
44:29is how to play piano it doesn't matter
44:31if it's how to fix a car doesn't matter
44:33what it is you must have some
44:35information that other people find
44:38that information can be weaponized and
44:41it can be turned into money we're going
44:43to get into how to do that later but
44:44it's not actually very complicated you
44:46need to Garner attention
44:48you need to produce uh the videos or the
44:51subject material or the the PDFs or
44:54whatever you want to do explain to
44:55people what you know you need to
44:57establish credibility
45:00so they understand that they can trust
45:02you and they will pay for your
45:05this is another way to get money
45:06information so keep that in mind write
45:08that down because when you write down
45:10your piece of paper information you also
45:12need to sit and think what do I know
45:14that other people don't know
45:17so there must be something you know and
45:20that information is valuable you have to
45:22convince people it's valuable and to
45:23come and buy it from you
45:27this is what most businesses do they
45:31provide a product or a service for money
45:34now this is different from information
45:35because even though if you provide a
45:39service you have information let's say
45:40you fix car you know how to fix cars you
45:43have that information but you're not
45:45selling the information you're selling
45:47the service which is different the
45:49information would be selling me a book
45:51on how to fix my own car the service is
45:53coming here in deficient form
45:55so a product or service selling for
45:57money this is very very simple that's
45:58what most businesses do they buy they
46:01get a product store service and they
46:02sell it for a markup now this is
46:04actually this is the way that most Mega
46:07businesses make money but in the modern
46:09world it's quite difficult to do and
46:12it's difficult to do because most
46:13products and services are monopolized
46:15they're monopolized because everyone's
46:18already selling everything
46:19and we live in a global economy now and
46:22there's no product you can think of that
46:24I can't go to and find
46:27cheaper from China and they'll sell it
46:29at a one penny maybe two Penny markup
46:32so the product
46:34route is getting harder unless you're
46:36very very unique and you build a brand
46:38which is I'm going to get into
46:40the service is fine but you know what
46:42the problem with service is service is
46:45once again linked to your time if you're
46:48providing a service you're still giving
46:50up your time for money
46:52do you understand so the product angle
46:54is difficult the service angle is
46:55difficult the time angle is difficult so
46:57far the only angle we have will allow
46:59you to make money scalable out and
47:02Beyond is information for money
47:07putting something else to do the work
47:10for you now this is what corporations
47:13and the mega rich people do they either
47:16get people to work for them or they get
47:18their money to work for them so to keep
47:21their time free they make other people
47:24or other things give up their time so a
47:27company will come along let's look at
47:29the slides a company will come along
47:32with a service it will advertise its
47:35service it will then hire people number
47:37one so we'll get people to work for them
47:39and then those people will give up
47:43their time
47:45in exchange for a wage give up their
47:47time for a wage and the company will
47:50keep money
47:51so the owner of that company although he
47:53has to manage things his time is not
47:56explicitly linked to income
47:57now the super wealthy with the super
47:59wealthy people do is they get their
48:02money to work for them and if your money
48:04works for you it's even better than
48:06people because people need to be managed
48:08a lot more than money your money doesn't
48:10need to be managed money just works so
48:14if you have millions of dollars and you
48:16put them in a ten percent you can get a
48:1810 return or even a three percent return
48:22you're going to be rich on the interest
48:24without doing anything
48:26so making your money making money is
48:29great but you could only live off this
48:31money if you already have a lot of money
48:35so let's go back through and analyze
48:37getting people to work for you is
48:39complicated setup because you actually
48:41need to sell a product or service to get
48:43most people to work
48:44also you need to people manage so for a
48:47long mere period of time you're not
48:48going to have your time free this is the
48:50first thing second thing getting your
48:52money to work for you you need a lot of
48:54money to live off the work your money
48:56does you need a lot of money to get this
48:59to happen most people don't have enough
49:00money to put their money to work to live
49:02on it now you still should put your
49:04money to work I want to talk about that
49:06so you can't live off your money work
49:10I can never be depressed if I never slow
49:13speed is extremely important speed
49:15defies gravity how do how does a plane
49:18fly through the air and defide gravity
49:20speed it's moving too fast to fall if
49:23you're always attacking life if you're
49:25always doing things if you're always
49:27making more money if you're always
49:28traveling the world doing this doing
49:29that new car here there new podcast me
49:32and James English boom boom boom you
49:34know if you're always doing things all
49:35the time unhappiness can't catch you but
49:38I also know that speed is a is a
49:41fantastic way to be happy all the time
49:43I'm always looking forward I'm always
49:44looking forward to something I wake up
49:46every day excited I'll go do this today
49:48I'll go do this today I'm gonna do this
49:49today and I very much live my life in a
49:51frame of
49:53not I have to do this it's very much I
49:56get to do this there's another thing
49:58that a lot of people make a mistake with
49:59when I talk to them like ah I have to go
50:01to work today change your language I get
50:04to go to work today
50:05imagine you had no job be worse right
50:08because otherwise you wouldn't be
50:09working so you get to go to work oh I
50:11have to fix the car at least you have a
50:13car you get to fix your car most people
50:15don't bought one I have to go get the
50:17kids you get to go get the kids because
50:19you have these beautiful children who
50:20love you
50:21you understand people's even their own
50:23language is wrong
50:24the world is can be framed maybe I'm
50:27completely crazy maybe I'm full of [ __ ]
50:28like you like you said maybe I am but
50:30the frames I've installed in my mind are
50:32all beneficial to me
50:33so that makes me crazy and full of [ __ ]
50:35good because I can't become depressed so
50:38you can sit there and tell me I'm full
50:39of [ __ ] while you're depressed and I'm
50:41happy and I would never want to adopt
50:44the thinking of a depressed person
50:45people will people will shield laziness
50:47with anything no one wants to admit
50:49they're lazy so they'll Shield it with
50:51disbelief Ah that's a scam
50:53or I don't work hard I work smart ball
50:56looks more more cover for just anything
50:59it takes to say I don't want to work do
51:01you believe in that works more or not
51:02harder I believe in both yeah but
51:06there's a time when it comes to work
51:08smart and most people are trying to do
51:10the SMART work before they do the hard
51:12it's kind of like Talent right you don't
51:14notice if you're talented at something
51:15until all the hard work's done yeah I
51:17could be the most talented tennis player
51:19in the world but I don't play tennis so
51:21if I go down the tennis court Joe Schmo
51:23is going to smoke me I don't get to see
51:25my talent until I've worked so hard that
51:27I'm in the top one percent and now I'm
51:29beating them because I have some
51:30god-given gift yeah you understand you
51:33have to do the hard work first if
51:35there's no hard work there's no smart
51:36work so someone's gonna sit there and go
51:38I work smart I don't work hard so I only
51:39have to work an hour a day if working
51:41smart gets you a lot done in an hour a
51:44day then you should work smart for 12
51:46hours a day and get 12 times the work
51:48done I I am absolutely not really a
51:51believer in hard work I'm a proponent of
51:53hard work I have all this money and all
51:55I do is work my entire life is work this
51:57podcast is work I'm getting the car I'm
51:58going to another meeting work I want to
52:00go to the gym so I'm in good shape work
52:01it's all work my entire life is work and
52:04people don't want to look at life that
52:05way they want to talk about work life
52:06balance and being lazy and all this crap
52:08I don't believe in any of that I believe
52:09in if you want to win you have to
52:11out-compete the man who's prepared to do
52:13nothing but work is player versus player
52:14if you're gonna sit there and go I don't
52:16want to work more than an hour a day
52:17well the guy who does want to work more
52:19an hour a day is going to beat you and
52:21no matter how smart you are there's
52:22always a smart dude who's doing the same
52:24smart work you are for more hours than
52:26you're doing it that's just the nature
52:27of the games the way that humans work
52:29and the way that we are we've evolved as
52:31a species is that we don't really learn
52:34lessons unless they're learned the hard
52:35way yeah I believe that unless a lesson
52:38has taught the hard way you're not going
52:39to learn it you can have so many
52:40near-misses and people won't learn their
52:42lesson bro you must know a guy who goes
52:44out there nearly crashes his car nearly
52:46crashes his car nearly crashes this car
52:48doesn't slow his ass down to wrecks it
52:50yeah but this is how people are right so
52:52you need that pain for the lesson to
52:54sting enough to really genuinely go
52:56inside of your mind and it's the same
52:58with everything it's the same with
52:59driving a car or business
53:01truthfully if you want to learn a lesson
53:03about business you're gonna have to
53:05suffer at some point right so we always
53:07say that most people are not successful
53:08with their first companies XYZ blah blah
53:10blah I get that the truth is there's a
53:12lot of people who make a lot of money
53:13with their first company but they just
53:14spunk it act an idiot and it all blows
53:17up in their face and that's all and
53:19that's how you get the discipline on
53:20your fourth company that when you have
53:21three million in the bank you just leave
53:23it there you know it's and don't and
53:25don't be done with it so you need to you
53:27need to go through some pain you need to
53:29experience some negative things you need
53:30to have to uh to a degree some trauma to
53:33really even learn any lessons so yeah
53:35business studies you're right the book
53:36that's that's not going to teach you
53:38anything about business you need to get
53:39out there on the streets you need to you
53:40need to make mistakes you need to suffer
53:42you need to have the tax man knocking at
53:44your door you're gonna deal with all
53:45that stuff so that you make sure it
53:46doesn't happen again I really think that
53:48humans are stupid enough to only learn
53:49the hard way and and life really doesn't
53:51have to be that complicated when you see
53:53somebody that has something you want you
53:55just got to try and work out how they
53:56got it yeah and that's the missing part
53:58most people see people with things they
54:00want and they don't do the second half
54:01they don't try and work out how they got
54:03that thing oh my man is a Ferrari okay I
54:06wish I had a Ferrari okay they don't sit
54:08there and go for an hour how did you get
54:09Ferrari it doesn't cross that that part
54:12is the part they don't want to do right
54:13they just go oh he's a Ferrari wish I
54:14had a Ferrari and then go back to TV
54:15yeah and that's why they lose it's
54:17player versus player out here man it's
54:18on the street it's not easy for every
54:20dollar you make for every pound you take
54:22you took it from someone else you don't
54:23make money you take money people don't
54:25understand the way that money Works
54:26you're not the Federal Reserve you can't
54:27create money from thin air every single
54:29pound in your bank is money you took
54:31from someone else when I say take I
54:33don't mean it in a negative way you
54:35might have convinced them to give it to
54:36you you might have a coffee shop I'll
54:38give you a nice coffee you'll give me
54:39some money cool but you still took his
54:41money yeah right so if you're out here
54:43trying to take stuff from other people
54:44don't you want to have a team you'll do
54:46it by yourself you'll be Rambo
54:48if you get two of you doing it you got
54:50two of you that's right so
54:52the whole idea of this lone soldier this
54:54Rambo I'll do all by myself that's all
54:57dead bro you need to have a team it's
54:58player versus player and for the same
54:59reason if you're out here on the street
55:01and you want to defend yourself you want
55:02your boys around you it's the same thing
55:03with trying to get rich like you're
55:04laughing with your boys the broken
55:06things are great and I'm not complaining
55:07about being rich all this how I worked
55:08hard for this and it's a fantastic life
55:10I live now but I think without those
55:12Brokey days without those original days
55:14to compare it to without that
55:15juxtaposition that I don't think being
55:17rich would be fun at all I think it's
55:19only fun because you can compare it to
55:21the days when you weren't Rich that's
55:22the only thing that makes it fun the
55:24only thing that makes about ten thousand
55:26dollar steak fun is that you can laugh
55:28saying how you never had 10 grand in
55:29your bank until you were 27 years old
55:31yeah like that's otherwise it's boring
55:33otherwise okay steak
55:35and I think if you're born with too much
55:37money that you'll never truly be happy I
55:39think you need the broken days or the
55:40best days
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does Andrew Tate define success?

Andrew Tate defines success as achieving one's goals through self-belief and accountability. He emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions and surrounding oneself with high-quality individuals.

2. What does Andrew Tate emphasize in achieving success?

Andrew Tate emphasizes the importance of self-belief, accountability, and the value of surrounding oneself with high-quality individuals in achieving success. He also highlights the significance of leveraging time and information to generate wealth.

3. How does Andrew Tate leverage time and information to generate wealth?

Andrew Tate leverages time and information to generate wealth by emphasizing the significance of taking advantage of opportunities, staying informed, and making strategic decisions. He believes in the power of knowledge and action to create wealth.

4. What lifestyle does Andrew Tate highlight for personal fulfillment?

Andrew Tate highlights the benefits of maintaining a fast-paced, forward-looking lifestyle for personal fulfillment. He believes in living life to the fullest, embracing challenges, and continuously striving for progress.

5. What is the significance of self-belief and accountability according to Andrew Tate?

According to Andrew Tate, self-belief and accountability are significant in achieving success. He stresses the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions, believing in oneself, and maintaining a positive mindset.

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