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This video provides three methods to check if an iPhone is original or refurbished, including checking the service and support coverage with the serial number, using iCareFone to generate a test report, and examining the model number.
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There are two methods to check if an iPhone is original or refurbished:
Check the service and support coverage with the serial number on the Apple website.
Download iCareFone and view the test report of your device.
The video explains how to check if an iPhone is original or refurbished by checking the model number.
The report can show if any part of the iPhone has been replaced with third-party hardware.
The model number starting with M indicates a new device purchased from Apple Store or Apple Retail Store.
The model number starting with F indicates a refurbished device.
The model number starting with N indicates a replacement device serviced by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Center.
The model number starting with P indicates a personalized device with engraving.
00:04What’s up guys, welcome back to the channel.
00:07When you bought a cheaper  iPhone online or from others,  
00:10you might think about whether the  phone was original or refurbished.
00:14From the outside, it’s hard to tell  if hardware has been replaced or not,  
00:18like speakers, cameras, buttons, battery, and etc.
00:23Since people are suggested to  hanging out less due to the epidemic,  
00:27there are still ways to check if your  iPhone is original or refurbished.
00:31Now let’s dive in.
00:32The first common method is to check the service  and support coverage with serial number.
00:37It’s easy to find the number in settings.
00:40Go to general, and about page.
00:42And here is the information about your  iPhone, and the serial number as well.
00:47Once you got the number.
00:48You can just go to  
00:49[](  to check out the status.
00:53Enter the serial number you just  got, and enter the code below.
00:57If the seller claimed the device  is new and under warranty.
01:00By this way, you will find  out that if it’s true or not.
01:05And the second method is also very  easy and it’s free by the way.
01:09You can now download iCareFone to check out  whether your iPhone is refurbished or not.
01:14Just connect it to the computer.
01:16And tap trust this computer when it’s asking.
01:19Launch iCareFone.
01:20On the homepage we’re gonna choose test report.
01:23Click view, and later you can see the  test report of your device from iCareFone.
01:28From the report you can see result intuitively,  
01:30if any part of your iPhone was  replaced like battery or display.
01:34The report will tell you which is  exactly a third-party hardware.
01:39And the last method the third method,  is also recommended by many YouTubers,  
01:43is to check out the model number.
01:45Seldom people know that there are actually  four start letters for iPhone model number,  
01:49which stand for different types of iPhone.
01:52If your model number starts with M, then  congratulations that your iPhone stays good, cause  
01:56M stands for device purchased from Apple Store  Online or Apple Retail Store, is a new device.
02:02And if it starts with F, that means  your iPhone is a refurbished device.  
02:06If it’s not expected, I  suggest you return it back.
02:09If it starts with N, then it means your iPhone  is a replacement device, a replacement device  
02:14means it was replaced by Apple or Apple  Authorized Service Center due to a problem.
02:20And the last type usually starts with P,  it stands for personalized device, which  
02:24means the device has a personalize engraving. But  it’s a rare situation, just in case someone met.
02:31OK so that’s all for today’s video.
02:33If it helps, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up.
02:36I would be very grateful if you subscribe.
02:39And stay tuned for our next video.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I check if an iPhone is original or refurbished?

You can check if an iPhone is original or refurbished by using the serial number to check the service and support coverage, using iCareFone to generate a test report, and examining the model number. These methods can help you verify the authenticity of the iPhone.

2. What is the importance of checking the service and support coverage with the serial number of an iPhone?

Checking the service and support coverage with the serial number of an iPhone is important as it helps verify the warranty status, repair coverage, and eligibility for additional support. This can indicate whether the iPhone is original or refurbished.

3. How does using iCareFone to generate a test report help in verifying the authenticity of an iPhone?

Using iCareFone to generate a test report can help in verifying the authenticity of an iPhone by providing detailed information about the device's performance, hardware, and software. This can reveal any discrepancies that may indicate the iPhone is refurbished.

4. What role does examining the model number play in determining if an iPhone is original or refurbished?

Examining the model number of an iPhone is crucial in determining if it is original or refurbished. By understanding the specific model details, you can compare it with the official Apple specifications to detect any inconsistencies or alterations that may indicate a refurbished device.

5. Are there any other methods to check the authenticity of an iPhone apart from the mentioned ones?

Apart from the mentioned methods, potential buyers can also consider performing a physical inspection, checking for the presence of any third-party modifications, and verifying the iCloud and Apple ID credentials to ensure the iPhone's authenticity.

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