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SlidesGo is a free online service that uses artificial intelligence to create complete presentations from scratch, allowing users to select templates, customize elements, and generate slides based on a chosen topic. Users can edit and enhance their presentations by adding images, text, and graphics, as well as remove backgrounds and upload their own elements. Once finished, presentations can be shared through direct links, email, social media, or downloaded in different formats.
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Slides Go is a free online service that uses Artificial Intelligence to create complete presentations from scratch.
Slides Go offers templates and models for various types of presentations, including business presentations.
Users can download the templates as Google Slides or PowerPoint files and customize them with their own images and text.
Slides Go also has a feature that allows users to quickly generate presentations by selecting a model and entering the topic.
The video demonstrates how an AI-powered presentation platform can generate slides and content based on a given topic.
The platform can add text and images related to the topic of the presentation.
It allows customization of the slides, including removing elements and changing the background.
Users can edit the text and add new text effects to the slides.
The platform provides a wide range of elements that can be added to the slides.
The video demonstrates how to use an AI-powered tool called Slidesgo to create presentations from scratch.
Users can upload images, graphics, and videos to their presentations.
The tool uses artificial intelligence to generate slides based on the chosen theme and topic.
It automatically searches for relevant text, elements, and images to include in the presentation.
Users can modify the layout, delete or add images, and customize the presentation as needed.
The Slides Go platform allows users to create presentations using artificial intelligence, with the option to save in different formats.
Users can save their presentations in JPG and PDF formats.
The AI system of Slides Go allows users to generate presentations within the platform, but they cannot be used on Google Slides or PowerPoint.
All projects created using Slides Go are saved in the "My Projects" folder.
Slides Go offers a free version with templates and an AI system, while premium plans provide more templates and models.
00:00Hey guys, how about
00:02having a free online service capable of
00:05creating a complete presentation for you
00:07from scratch using
00:10Artificial Intelligence Well, this platform already
00:13exists and I'm going to show you everything
00:15it can do, but first, of course,
00:18sign up on the channel and activate
00:20the notification bell so you don't miss any
00:22news and leave your
00:24like because this helps a lot in
00:26promoting the channel here, guys,
00:28so today I want to show you
00:29a service that a lot of people already know about,
00:32which is slides go and what it does
00:35it basically has some templates
00:37some models that you can get inspired by
00:40that you can use when
00:42putting together your presentation so the
00:45basic program is exactly that let's
00:47assume you are looking for a
00:49business presentation You will click
00:52Here in the business tab
00:54it has several free templates
00:56that you can use. Obviously, if
00:58you want more templates, they also
01:01have a Premium plan, but if you
01:03're already happy with these you can
01:05use them for free. Look, I'll
01:07click on this one.
01:09business plan it brings here all that are
01:11available that I can use, I
01:13want this one and then here on this page
01:16I have the option to download as Google
01:18slides and download as PowerPoint any of
01:21these options that I choose here
01:22I will be able to edit this template
01:25put my images my
01:27elements modify the text the way
01:29I want, that is, you will be able to
01:31use this platform to create
01:34your presentation for both Google
01:36slides and PowerPoint, right
01:38now what's new in relation
01:41to artificial intelligence That's it,
01:43look, new, make presentations
01:46quickly with Try it now.
01:49Look, I'm just going to click here and it will
01:51open this page here for me. And then I
01:54click on Generate start. Look,
01:56below, I can choose one of these
01:57models here to start. So I'm going to
02:00select this
02:01geometric one and here in this field I'm going to
02:04write the topic of my presentation,
02:06it can be in Portuguese and about whatever you
02:09want, I'll want him to give a
02:11presentation about
02:12artificial intelligence. Look, just write here
02:14Artificial Intelligence And then here you
02:16go Selecting the tone of your presentation
02:19can be happy, creative, casual,
02:22professional or formal, I'll put it
02:24Happy, done, what you
02:27need to do, just click here on this
02:29blue button for it to generate your
02:31presentation, the process is very quick, it
02:33takes a maximum of one minute to he
02:35creates his presentation Look, he's already
02:37finished creating it, I'm going to click here on
02:39let's go. He created nine slides for me here
02:42in my presentation, but what's
02:44coolest about all this is that you don't
02:46just have images and photographs, you
02:49also have a text search Look, I
02:52'm here on my slide number 5 and look
02:54what he wrote Iai applications
02:57are used in a variety of areas such as
02:59health Finance transport and retail and
03:02so on, in other words, in addition to adapting
03:04my presentation by placing here
03:06elements and photographs that have everything to
03:09do with that topic that I gave at the
03:11beginning he also does research and
03:13adds texts to my presentation
03:16Look at the level of this you
03:19just need to give a topic and it will generate
03:21not only the slides but also all the
03:25content of your presentation and one of the
03:27most interesting things is that you
03:29can type your topic in Portuguese
03:31and it will build your presentation
03:34in the language you selected Look how
03:36cool so here I have a
03:38photograph that has everything to do with
03:40artificial intelligence and that was
03:42putting all the topics related
03:44to this topic maybe not just
03:47EA applications the benefits then the future then and
03:50a conclusion for me presentation
03:52so you can do this with any
03:54topic you want and in detail here you
03:57have a totally presentation
03:59customizable So let's assume you
04:01don't want to use this element Here
04:03you click on it Here you can
04:05remove it You can remove the background Look,
04:09you have an option here where you can
04:10remove the background from the image and that without leaving
04:13slides go, right? there is this option
04:15to remove the background from the image using
04:17the platform's own Artificial Intelligence
04:19Look how cool here is an
04:21image with a background that I just
04:23removed without having to resort to apps
04:25and third parties, right? It was all done here
04:27within slides go, something else, you
04:29too you can edit the texts look
04:31here you can select effects Look
04:34how interesting you can add
04:36new texts right you come here in this menu
04:39and then here you have other texts that
04:41you can add here to your slides
04:43you also have hundreds of elements
04:45similar to those that we can
04:47find it there in the field so you can
04:48add your slides, look how
04:50cool it is, you can do a search here,
04:52for example, I typed search field And
04:55then here I can select, click and
04:57automatically the element comes here
04:59Then I can resize, reposition and
05:02place wherever I want you can also
05:04add photos here you have photos
05:07from freepik and pixels which are
05:09free photos, right free from copyright
05:11that you can also use when
05:14creating your presentation Additionally you
05:16can click here and upload yours
05:19image or its elements, right, if
05:21you have an image saved on your
05:23computer or a graphic element, you
05:25can upload it here and even
05:27a video, right, if you have a video
05:29recorded there and want to use it in your
05:31presentation, just click here click on the
05:33blue button and upload it here into
05:35your presentation if you click here
05:37mor Look, you can link with Dropbox
05:40drive photos generate a QR code to
05:43share and so on I'll
05:45show you now another example
05:47with a totally different theme look
05:50again I'm here on the
05:51main page I'm going to click on try
05:53now and look now I want
05:55slides go to create a presentation for me
05:57about the financial market in 2023 here
06:01I'm going to choose Tom and this time I'm going to
06:04select creative I'm going to choose Here's an
06:06example, this is the abstract and I'm going to
06:08ask it to generate my
06:09presentation, once again the
06:11artificial intelligence will do a search here
06:12to find the text, elements and
06:15images so I can create my
06:17presentation from scratch, right? I just
06:19put the theme there the topic that I
06:21want to use when putting together my
06:23presentation the rest slides go does
06:26everything by itself look he's already finished
06:28putting together my presentation and
06:29now I have eight slides and look how
06:32interesting I have here besides the
06:35images of elements related to the
06:37topic I have here the text that he
06:40researched and automatically put together the
06:43presentation for me I have here an
06:44introduction the financial market in 2023
06:47promises to be a year of challenges and
06:49opportunities follow the trends and
06:51prepare for the future and that brings
06:53global trends disruptive innovations
06:57financial sustainability risks and
07:00challenges and so on and so on and look, it
07:02's all linked, I have the
07:05layout of my presentation here But he
07:07also included some images that of
07:10course I can modify by clicking here
07:12look, I can delete this image there
07:14I come here in the photos I can
07:16add the new element Look how
07:18cool I added my element here
07:20then I can cut
07:23that one that fits right here in the space
07:25I selected and then if you want
07:27by clicking here on uploads you can
07:29download your own image your
07:31own element here into your
07:33presentation Remembering that you have this
07:35tool here to remove the background from the
07:37image, if you want to use an
07:39image that you found on the internet
07:40that has a background that has nothing to do with it,
07:42you can remove this background here,
07:44detail if you Click on this button
07:46you have some options here to
07:49improve your photo so you can
07:50adjust contrast brightness saturation sepia
07:54gray scales invert make a blur
07:58and so on Check it out also
08:00you have some filters here that you
08:02can select to improve the
08:04quality of this your image here so
08:05this is really cool because you do everything
08:08without having to leave the slides go right
08:10so after you put together your
08:13presentation here you edited the text
08:15added the figures added the
08:17images finished here your
08:19presentation with all your slides
08:21if If you don't like any of them you
08:23can also click here in the trash to delete this
08:25slide or you can duplicate your slide
08:28so look if you want to duplicate
08:30this slide here just click here
08:31I duplicated the fish and it adds a
08:34new page here by clicking here on this
08:36button you can change the background Finally,
08:39do what you want with this new
08:41slide here that you just created,
08:44from then on, the creativity is yours, right? You
08:46can modify and transform it however
08:48you want, once your
08:50presentation is finished, how do you do to
08:52share this content There are
08:54some ways if you click here on this
08:56button you can
08:59present your content directly
09:01here two slides go Look, you can
09:03click here and make the
09:05presentation if you want to
09:07share the screen with your audience,
09:08right? for your students for your
09:10colleagues you can make this
09:12presentation directly from slidesgow
09:14you can also click here on this
09:16blue button you can share a
09:19link so that people can enter
09:21directly here in your presentation
09:22so you can send the link to that
09:25person check it out By selecting here you
09:27can send this link via Facebook
09:29Twitter Pinterest or even
09:31WhatsApp, if you want, you can
09:33copy this link here and send it to the
09:35person or you can also send it by
09:38email, right, clicking here on the email you
09:40will select the recipient's email
09:42and automatically Slides Go will send
09:44the link to the person you
09:46chose. You can also embed
09:49your presentation on a website, for example,
09:51if you have a page, clicking it
09:54will generate this code here, you copy it and
09:56then paste it There on your page, another option is to
09:59click on the download button here, you will
10:01be able to save it in png png
10:03transparent jpg or PDF format, right? So look
10:07how cool you have these four options
10:09here to save your presentation and
10:11then present it the way you
10:13want here you select the number of
10:16pages, right, depending on the number
10:18of pages your presentation has,
10:20done this you select the format, I
10:23'll put it here PDF, I'll click on
10:25download, it will download it here
10:27for me and it will save directly here
10:29on my computer, ready now finished,
10:30look here, I have my
10:33presentation with all my slides
10:35here that I can use to
10:37present to share. Finally, do
10:39what I want using this
10:41slides go platform here, which also saves
10:43my entire presentation in those
10:45formats that I have already finished show jpg
10:47jpg and PDF so you can choose
10:49any of these and share your
10:51presentation a detail here
10:54Unlike the normal slides go, right the
10:56one I showed there where you have
10:58all the templates there you will save
11:00in the formats for both Google slides
11:02and PowerPoint now, using
11:04this Artificial Intelligence system here,
11:05you will not generate a
11:08presentation for these two platforms,
11:10be it Google slides or PowerPoint, you
11:12will assemble your presentation here if
11:15you want, you will be able to show
11:17your presentation
11:18directly here from slides GO or save it
11:21in these formats that I showed it here, in other
11:23words, you won't be able to use this
11:25presentation that you just put together
11:27here on Google slides or PowerPoint,
11:29so everything you do using the
11:32artificial intelligence of slides go
11:34you can only use here within
11:36slides go So this is really cool
11:38because you don't need to do
11:40any work, you will just select the
11:42model, select the tone and the theme
11:45you want the application to use to
11:47generate your presentation automatically, which
11:50means saving a lot of time and re-
11:53enough your work in detail, all
11:56your projects are saved in this
11:59online folder here my projects so everything
12:01I have done so far using the
12:03platform here will be saved here
12:05in my my projects folder if I
12:07want to return to edit to
12:09present again just click here and
12:12that's it I return here to this editor
12:13and then here I have my entire
12:15presentation that I can adapt and I
12:17can edit the way I want.
12:19So this is a very useful tool,
12:21it has this free version that has
12:24several templates, it has the
12:25Artificial Intelligence system that you will be
12:27able to use without having to pay nothing
12:29for this if you want more templates
12:32more models Then yes, there is the Premium plan
12:35and you can choose if that is
12:37your need, otherwise you can
12:40easily use slides go to assemble
12:42your presentation automatically
12:44using only
12:46Artificial Intelligence And then you already knew the slatgol
12:49did you like this new function that uses
12:51artificial intelligence to create a
12:53complete presentation from scratch tell
12:56me what you think below in the
12:58comments, okay I hope you
12:59liked it, if you liked it, don't forget
13:01to Share this video with your
13:03colleagues if you have any questions Just
13:05leave it below in the comments
13:06because if I know I'll respond
13:08quickly Agreed, so take this
13:10time now to choose and watch
13:12one of the videos that are appearing here
13:14on the screen and I'll definitely see you in the next
13:16video bye bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does SlidesGo use artificial intelligence to create presentations?

SlidesGo uses artificial intelligence to create complete presentations from scratch, allowing users to select templates, customize elements, and generate slides based on a chosen topic. The AI technology assists in streamlining the process, making it easier and more efficient for users.

2. What customization options does SlidesGo offer for presentations?

SlidesGo offers customization options such as adding images, text, and graphics, as well as the ability to remove backgrounds and upload personalized elements. Users can tailor their presentations to align with their branding and messaging, enhancing the visual appeal and impact.

3. How can presentations created on SlidesGo be shared?

Presentations created on SlidesGo can be shared through direct links, email, social media platforms, and can also be downloaded in different formats. This flexibility allows users to seamlessly distribute their content and reach their target audience through various channels.

4. What are the key features of SlidesGo's presentation creation process?

SlidesGo's presentation creation process includes the use of AI for template selection and slide generation, customization options for adding personalized elements, the ability to edit and enhance slides, and versatile sharing and download formats. These features contribute to an efficient and comprehensive presentation creation experience.

5. How does SlidesGo empower users in creating impactful presentations?

SlidesGo empowers users by providing a free, AI-powered platform for creating professional and impactful presentations. The service's user-friendly interface, customization capabilities, and sharing options enable users to craft visually compelling and engaging content tailored to their unique needs and objectives.

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