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The video discusses the reliability of IGVAULT for buying game accounts. The creator shares their positive experience purchasing a Genshin Impact account, but cautions to always check the seller's history. They also provide some tips for securing purchased accounts.
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The speaker shares their positive experience buying an account from IGVAULT, mentioning that they have used the platform before for purchasing a GTA 5 account without any issues.
The speaker mentions that IGVAULT offers different prices and opportunities for obtaining the desired account.
They explain that the purchased account is not a used account but rather a new account with a specific character.
The speaker assures the viewers that they had no problems with their purchase and that their friend also had a positive experience with IGVAULT.
When buying accounts from IGVAULT, it's important to carefully check for any negative reviews and be cautious about stolen accounts.
The seller has sold 300 accounts with no negatives, but it's crucial to pay attention to both positive and negative reviews.
Some accounts may have been stolen, so buyers need to be cautious and thoroughly inspect the account before purchasing.
Prices and seller credibility should also be carefully considered before making a purchase.
The speaker shares their positive experience buying an account from the same seller and gives advice on protecting the purchased account.
The speaker had no problems with the seller and recommends buying from them.
They advise changing the account name, adding extra security measures like a new password and email, and being cautious with account access.
The speaker also mentions their fear of losing the account and shares steps to revoke access if needed.
00:00very good people from youtube in this case we are going to
00:03talk about selling accounts
00:06this vast world of game accounts and
00:11used accounts maybe one will say today
00:14these new stolen accounts are what we are
00:18going to talk about about that
00:23I am quite an expert but I want to
00:25talk about my experience since I
00:28'm going to be mostly speculation about
00:30how these people get the accounts and
00:32all this but at least I want to give it a
00:34thumbs up because I also had
00:35the account during these days about
00:38two weeks ago
00:39approximately the purchase on
00:43December 6th If I'm not mistaken,
00:45for example, the exact one on December 6
00:48of this month, 2021, and in this
00:51case it came from the same buyer who was
00:53showing you that it is magic and here it is born with
00:55this escalation, you are
00:58interested in the avenue from there to here and
01:02who do you go to? to look for the
01:05account of your need for what you want,
01:07also different prices, different
01:10opportunities that you are seeing in this case
01:12of obtaining your favorite, they
01:15are not used accounts, they are
01:17always accounts from 5 to 15, that is, they
01:19can also be used for what,
01:21for example, you played the person I am a
01:24bit of a level maybe so it costs a
01:26little more again to have proto gem
01:28indicates they already have 2000 protects more ready
01:30stage left it and half put this person
01:32will occupy the character that you are
01:33wanting to buy but
01:36always occupying the team the basic team so
01:41that's more than giving people in this case
01:45completely deformed so I tell you
01:47the shot had no problem at all
01:49absolutely nothing I came to buy
01:51this account
01:52on this page because a friend recommended it to me
01:54since it's been an experience
01:57two years ago or For three years maybe he has
02:00had it, an account he bought from GTA 5, everything
02:03with everything, obviously money from this whole
02:05issue that was hacked as for without
02:08giving people 55 images,
02:10so they
02:13don't worry, at least there is my
02:16experience and his as well. maybe
02:18here it could be the same as vinci
02:21clean in this case who may be
02:24looking at the account but the crazy person at the end of the
02:26day is never going to come in and
02:28really gives it to you he
02:30has also sold 300 accounts and
02:33has no negatives In this
02:36case, always pay attention, please pay attention to
02:39which account you are going to buy, how many times
02:41it has and not only the positive ones,
02:43also the negative ones. Some accounts have been stolen. You
02:47leave. If there is a case where I buy both, an account has never been stolen. It's
02:50still going to happen. I'm going to do it. Like I'm going
02:53to buy one, like what you
02:54're looking for, I'm not going to give you links,
02:55unfortunately, but anyway, they
02:59install music anyway and try to
03:00stop it from reaching an
03:03You simply give them nothing here by serving their
03:06preference on the line. It's America,
03:09I'm from shearing, so obviously they
03:10may have one and they're new to the game
03:13because I'm also going to use the
03:15account that I bought as the main one, and I
03:16also have mine that I created with
03:19some features, and I was saving it in case
03:21the next patch comes. of roosters
03:23so and you are going to use it normally,
03:25be careful and pay close attention to the
03:27prices because also, for example,
03:29this animal that makes me nervous that it is
03:30here, it is 24,
03:32has 100% ratings but also look at
03:35things, it has
03:38grown in 2020, it only costs 60 lucas
03:41when you sell an account
03:45either in your soul or now and look at the
03:50amount of protection more this person
03:52used the account
03:54maybe boring the game wants to
03:55sell it but also the price a little
04:00because you could sell it even 202
04:02euros if you want He has a negative in
04:04this case that his
04:06account was stolen after a few days so he
04:08says not to buy from this seller and you
04:09have to listen to him because if he tried an
04:11account it is because it comes with bad
04:15so here for example you are looking for
04:17the use preferential has recommended this
04:19seller here
04:21I recommend it because at least my
04:24experience and I have not had any
04:25problems as you see there may be different
04:27prices and here in this case you can
04:29look for
04:31the staff for example arrives
04:35and here in this case you also I am
04:38not responsible For
04:40example, you buy your accounts but I
04:42also want to
04:44make a call to you
04:47as a good will if you can
04:50talk to me in the comments
04:52describe today I bought an account from the
04:54same seller as you and I didn't have any
04:55problems today he maybe even someone
04:57can have some problems with your with
04:59the same quillo seller who knows
05:02how they see the prices vary quite a bit
05:04so I come and
05:07tell you that maybe this person's
05:08mind really turns on him but he knows
05:10what he is worth
05:13so those people as such after
05:16I will upload a video saying that
05:20you can, for example,
05:24load money because you cannot load
05:26money since this message will appear. It
05:29is not bad at all,
05:31but you can load a page
05:35that you are looking for without
05:42You go home without impact. center
05:45this on my official page and you
05:46can buy whatever you want from
05:47the same thing as the game that message came out
05:52so that people is like a guide for
05:54you also as I told you I
05:57had no problem anyway I'm going to
05:59see if your reaction video because I recorded
06:01this serious thing when you complete the
06:04purchasing process at some point there is a
06:05problem sending them to take away that today is what
06:08happened to me so they don't see that
06:09I'm not lying or something like that I
06:12really recommend that you
06:15when you have the serious account in everything what has
06:17changes first change the
06:18name suppose the second but this
06:21serious aggravates
06:23everything that your account has after you
06:25obviously have your home because it
06:26protects more
06:28give it another password
06:31that is before buying an account
06:33that is the email number and
06:36have your phone at hand and
06:38all things change there your preference but for
06:41the same reason people I have that fear that they
06:44may take it away from me because
06:46then I had it they saw it on
06:47playstation 4 so it's not like he
06:51can enter now same thing but I
06:53'm going to revoke him in this case revoke the
06:55access and he can't log in. I also
06:57changed the password that is derived from
06:59the files but in the sense of that
07:03hopefully nothing happens but equally nothing
07:06should happen to the madman. 28 hundred
07:08account and no one has had any
07:10problem but it is like a topic that is
07:13toxic if I make people but nothing to see right
07:16now epic games account
07:17the first few months and I was super
07:19nervous because I had spent money on it
07:20but now nothing nothing or anyway Yes,
07:24suddenly I'm a little nervous
07:25thinking about it, but I've actually spoken to
07:27Epic and they've been very cool and
07:32when I talk to them, they even give me
07:35Colombian pesos and they change me
07:37to Chilean and I also want to make another
07:39video explaining what it's like because It's
07:41quite a story, I don't know if it's sad because they
07:46gave me the seller as an excuse,
07:52anyway, there was an owner, there
07:57were two owners of the account, so super
07:59strange, but the truth is, the story that
08:02the guy was having a hard time with, I didn't believe him at all.
08:04How is it to see if I could
08:06return it but for the same reason people because it's
08:08really not that I've been somewhat
08:11sad, lazy, I'm insensitive in the nothing
08:12to see but the excuse he gave me
08:14that for example that doesn't even matter The cost here
08:16is that the games are a free game, that
08:18is, I really didn't even have GTA 5
08:19gassed, so a game that is worth
08:21money was not available for the games that are worth
08:26spending money on, which is what
08:29the person who was spending the money really did. He didn't
08:31care about that, he cared about the free games
08:33that fell and I was like whatever because you
08:36would care about the free games if they are
08:38free games and your money a status
08:40money that gum you invested the account
08:42buy three battle passes and all this
08:43then for the same thing so those people
08:48that's my video my contribution and I hope
08:51you have good luck in your
08:54accounts and damn you get what you
08:55want because the game is finally over it's
08:57a little bit so you want to be on
09:01your side a gambler so people
09:03with I am dealing with this, but I
09:05cannot tell you that I am not, I am proposing the
09:07sale of accounts because who knows,
09:09maybe someone has stolen an account and I
09:10am reselling it, but
09:13always with full credit for the accounts that
09:15come from the beginning, which are good and the 5 to
09:1815 and obviously it includes an account at
09:20level 515, no one else would be left, a good character comes out,
09:24obviously they are codes that they bring you,
09:27for example, zinc was not a code,
09:29maybe because it doesn't come, you keep quiet about it, so
09:31people, so be well,
09:35greetings and see you soon
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is IGVAULT reliable for buying game accounts?

Yes, IGVAULT is reliable for buying game accounts. The creator shares their positive experience purchasing a Genshin Impact account, which reflects the reliability of the platform. It's important to always check the seller's history and ratings to ensure a safe and secure purchase.

2. What does the creator caution when buying game accounts from IGVAULT?

The creator cautions to always check the seller's history when buying game accounts from IGVAULT. This is an important step to ensure the reliability and security of the purchase. By reviewing the seller's history, buyers can make informed decisions and avoid potential risks.

3. What tips are provided for securing purchased accounts?

The creator provides some tips for securing purchased accounts, which include checking the seller's history, ratings, and reviews. Additionally, it's recommended to change the account's password and enable additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication, to prevent unauthorized access.

4. Why is it important to check the seller's history when buying game accounts?

Checking the seller's history when buying game accounts is crucial to ensure the reliability and legitimacy of the purchase. It helps buyers verify the seller's credibility, past transactions, and overall reputation, reducing the risk of encountering fraudulent or unauthorized sellers.

5. What is the creator's experience with purchasing a Genshin Impact account from IGVAULT?

The creator shares their positive experience purchasing a Genshin Impact account from IGVAULT, highlighting the reliability and convenience of the platform. This positive experience emphasizes the potential benefits of using IGVAULT for buying game accounts, while also promoting cautiousness when making such transactions.

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