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The video discusses the scam surrounding Alpilean, a supposed weight loss supplement with no connection to ice hacks. Affiliate marketers and scammers are pushing false claims, including fake before and after photos and endorsements from doctors that do not exist. The video encourages viewers to stay skeptical and rely on established methods such as diet and exercise for weight loss.
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This section addresses the various terms and scams surrounding the ice hack for weight loss, and the efforts of the video creator to combat misleading information.
There are different variations of the ice hack, such as ice twist, Alpine ax hack, Himalayan ice hack, and NASA ice hack.
Affiliate marketers are promoting the product called Alpilean and flooding search results with misleading videos.
The video creator is not an affiliate marketer and aims to provide accurate information to combat the scams.
The video discusses a misleading article that uses false before and after photos to promote a weight loss product.
The article is not affiliated with USA Today, despite resembling it.
The before and after photo used in the article is at least five years old, predating the product's existence.
The woman in the photo did not lose weight with the promoted product but through diet and exercise.
The article also mentions fake endorsements from supposed doctors, including a mention of a Stanford researcher.
The speaker discusses the issue of affiliate marketers promoting products for commission and the lack of credibility in their reviews.
Affiliate marketers create videos promoting products to earn commission based on sales.
Some marketers promote numerous products, making it unlikely that they are actually using them all.
The speaker expresses skepticism about the credibility of these marketers and their claims.
They aim to create additional videos to counteract the influence of dishonest marketers.
The speaker expresses frustration about the lack of neutral and trustworthy information on weight loss products due to the abundance of videos from affiliate marketers.
Affiliate marketers flood YouTube search results with videos, making it difficult to distinguish legitimate information.
The speaker aims to provide helpful and truthful content to counter the misleading information spread by some affiliate marketers.
Some affiliate marketers promote multiple products without actually using them, solely for monetary gain.
The speaker hopes that their video can rise above the misinformation and encourages viewers to support their content by liking the video.
00:00have you seen the ads online on YouTube
00:01that talk about an ice hack or an ice
00:03twist or an odd ice hack or an Alpine ax
00:06hack or maybe it was a Himalayan ice
00:09hack something like that there also have
00:11been other terms that I've seen out
00:12there I think one of the new ones is
00:14like uh a NASA ice hack or a NASA ice
00:17twist they're all these variations of
00:19something apparently having to do with
00:21ice and someone in these videos might be
00:23holding a bowl of ice or a cup of ice or
00:26just showing that you know on a table or
00:28something and you might think to
00:29yourself oh is there something that I
00:30can do with ice that will help me lose
00:32weight is it for weight loss some sort
00:34of ice hack for weight loss and let me
00:37give you the enhancer because there are
00:38a lot of scams surrounding this product
00:40I'm not an affiliate marketer you might
00:42have seen all the other videos on
00:43YouTube that are clogging up all the
00:44search results for this alpalene product
00:46that's what it's called
00:48a-l-p-i-l-e-a-n people are claiming to
00:50post alpalene reviews I'm going to
00:52pronounce it so that it goes into the
00:54closed captions of the video maybe my
00:55video will rank higher alpalene reviews
00:58and then it's also people are searching
00:59for ice hack for weight loss and so
01:02right off the bat if you want to click
01:03like down below I can compete with these
01:05these annoying videos these affiliate
01:07marketers or scammers or whatever they
01:08are that are pushing this product in a
01:10way that is kind of misleading hopefully
01:12my video can rise because I've done
01:13reporting about this before and four
01:16different times in fact from my
01:17full-time job where I write articles and
01:19those stories have been pushed down in
01:21Google search results because there are
01:22so many scammers out there so many
01:23different people uh you know affiliate
01:25marketers whatever they may be trying to
01:27fill Google search results with all
01:29these different you know things that
01:30they're very scammy and misleading and
01:32I'm trying to combat that so please
01:33click like down below that'd be great so
01:35this ice hack thing from what I can tell
01:37this alpalene for weight loss product or
01:39whatever it is has nothing to do with
01:41any sort of you know it's a diet product
01:43apparently a diet supplement has nothing
01:45to do with ice so I think this whole ice
01:47hack thing where they keep talking about
01:49how there's an ice hack five second ice
01:51hack 10 second 11 seconds 7 Seconds 60
01:53seconds a day whatever that has nothing
01:55to do with ice it's just a bottle of
01:57pills from what I can tell and the ice
01:58hack thing where they where they talk
02:00about an ice hack it's just designed to
02:01be the hook to get you to check out
02:03what's happening so it's kind of Click
02:05bait is what it is in a way and I have
02:08seen different ads on YouTube for this
02:10product that claim that you know like
02:12there's one with this guy and you can
02:14see his hands I don't know if the guy
02:15talking is the guy with the hands or
02:17it's uh he hired a voiceover guy to dub
02:20over it or whatever I don't know if it's
02:21an affiliate marketer or scammer either
02:22but it shows a guy walking over with a
02:25bowl of ice or a cup of ice and he
02:26points at his laptop screen and there's
02:28an article there that looks like USA
02:30Today but it's not it's something called
02:31USA Health today and has no affiliation
02:33with USA Today they they copied the USA
02:36Today they're the round blue logo the
02:38exact same shade of blue and they made
02:40it look like it's USA Today to I guess
02:42fool people into thinking that that he's
02:44pointing at a USA Today article but he's
02:46not and in this article which I wouldn't
02:48trust at all it seems to be you know
02:50completely made up he points at a before
02:52and after photo of a woman who
02:54apparently lost weight and he says that
02:56that's his mom and that she lost weight
02:58with this alpalene product and you know
03:00appleene reviews appleene ice hack for
03:03weight loss I'm going to keep sprinkling
03:04in these keywords to try to compete with
03:05the scammers he claims it it shows his
03:07mom before and after photos like she's
03:09got more pounds on her here and then
03:11over here she lost all the weight thanks
03:12to alpalene here's the problem with that
03:14I did a reverse image search in my
03:16reporting and I found that that photo
03:17was like five years old at least five
03:19years old before this alpalene product
03:21ever even existed online and so it's
03:23completely false it's misleading and it
03:26is really scammy and that's probably not
03:27his mom obviously either and what that
03:30woman did in the photo she didn't lose
03:31weight with some sort of diet
03:32supplements or pills her photos appeared
03:34on a page about I think diet and
03:36exercise big surprise someone lost
03:38weight with diet and exercise they
03:40didn't just take some pills and hope for
03:41the best they did it the the way that we
03:43know Works diet and exercise and I I saw
03:46that and I've seen that over and over
03:48there's also the stuff about a Stanford
03:50researcher and they can create these
03:51fake names of these these doctors who
03:54supposedly supposedly endorse the
03:55products I think one of the doctors I
03:57tried to look for it here the uh I don't
03:59know about the doctor's name but I saw
04:00someone's name was apparently Deborah
04:02Barrett a 44 year old mom of two from
04:04Texas who suddenly melted 34 pounds of
04:07thick wobbly fat from her butt hips
04:09belly and face stories like that where
04:11people lost all this weight and it said
04:12that this one's an unusual fat
04:14dissolving hack all these different
04:16terms for this product and if it seems
04:19too good to be true it probably is there
04:20are a lot of supposed weight loss diet
04:24pills out there and I know everyone
04:26wants the easy way but unfortunately one
04:29thing that I think we all know deep down
04:31even though some of us might not want to
04:32admit it some of us might want to be
04:33like hey I saw an article the other day
04:35it said actually you can lose weight
04:36with a pill but this that whatever diet
04:38and exercise is the way to go and you
04:40know there might be advancements in the
04:41future if you know diet pills that might
04:43actually do something but this thing
04:45right here in this ice hack I don't see
04:46this as being competitive at all to diet
04:48and exercise and some people might say
04:50well did you take the pill did you say
04:51I'm here to talk about the scams
04:53surrounding the product I'm not here to
04:54review the product what I'm I'm here to
04:56do to tell you everything that I've seen
04:58over the last few months I didn't just
04:59start looking at this today a few
05:01minutes ago a few hours ago I've been
05:02looking at this alpalene product since
05:04late 2022 and seeing all the different
05:06affiliate marketers who are out there
05:08and all the different scams surrounding
05:10this or whatever these affiliate
05:11marketers if you don't know what an
05:12affiliate marketer is they try to get
05:14some commission based upon sales that
05:16they were able to create so what you
05:18know people will do is they'll create a
05:20video on YouTube and say hey I took this
05:22apple lean product and you know here's
05:24my review the problem with that is is
05:26this that same person you can find a
05:28hundred other videos from just the last
05:30month of them also saying they took a
05:31hundred other products and there's no
05:33way they're taking all those supplements
05:35more than 100 supplements every single
05:38day you know you know what would that be
05:39that'd be 3 000 pills a month or
05:41something like that for a 30-day month
05:43and you know some of these affiliate
05:44marketers just aren't to be trusted
05:45because you can't be taking 100 or 200
05:47different pills a day what they're doing
05:49is they they know they can get some sort
05:51of commission based upon the sales of
05:53this product if they are able to create
05:55those and so they say hey I I took this
05:58product follow the link Link in the
06:00description below and you too can and
06:02again they can't be taking 100 or 200
06:04different pills a day every day you know
06:07for the course of a few months in a row
06:08they're just trying to make sales I
06:10don't believe they're taking the pills
06:11some of you might say well it's possible
06:13I don't I don't I don't believe in that
06:14sorry and so I'm making this video again
06:16because I've done reporting about this
06:18in the past and I'm trying to make
06:20additional videos in order to compete
06:22with some of the scammers that are out
06:23there some of the affiliate marketers
06:24who are claiming to take the product but
06:26they're also claiming to take 200 other
06:27pills every day and I want to try to
06:30help people because some people get
06:31sucked into these sort of things whether
06:32it's this or keto gummies or CBD gummies
06:34or whatever it may be they lose a lot of
06:37money and they don't have any recourse
06:38because they made maybe waited too long
06:40to tell the credit card company that
06:41they wanted to challenge the charge or
06:43whatever it may be I hope that my video
06:45is helping a little bit I hope you'll
06:47click like down below because that will
06:48tell Google and YouTube my video has
06:50some value then I might rank higher than
06:52some of the people out there who are
06:54just blindly pushing the product with an
06:56affiliate marketer link down below
06:57telling people you just gotta take this
06:59pill and you're going to lose all this
07:01weight here's the other thing and some
07:02of my reporting I noted that YouTube
07:04removed some of the videos that were
07:05pushing this and ads on YouTube some of
07:07them had thousands or maybe even
07:08millions of views and YouTube said they
07:11removed the videos for a policy and they
07:13cited spam deceptive practices and scams
07:16and if that doesn't tell you all you
07:18need to know well then I don't know how
07:19to help you because when I see something
07:20like that you know I'm like okay this is
07:22not something of course I'm gonna order
07:23instead I'm gonna go the other direction
07:25I'm gonna try to help people by pointing
07:27out what exactly is happening here
07:28because it is so hard to find
07:29information from a neutral trusted
07:31standpoint you know Viewpoint whatever
07:33you want to call it like I'm coming from
07:34if you looked at YouTube search results
07:36there are so many videos from affiliate
07:37marketers you can't make heads or tails
07:39from what is legitimate what is not and
07:42so I'm you know putting my video here
07:44into YouTube trying to help people out
07:46and it would be great if I was able to
07:48help people and again click like down
07:50below that will go a long way to my
07:51video being able to rise above all the
07:53other nonsense out there and trying to
07:55push the truth towards people because
07:57some people are apparently trying to get
07:58affiliate marketing commission based
08:00upon misleading information that they're
08:02like well if I can get a little bit of
08:04money you know it's going to be okay if
08:05I make people lose a bunch of their
08:07money because that's their
08:08responsibility it's not on me that's
08:09what they're telling themselves whenever
08:11they push these products after
08:12apparently not taking them I'm not
08:14saying all the affiliate marketers are
08:15not taking them but let's say someone's
08:17name is Maria and I see this same person
08:19named Maria it's a fake name in all
08:21these videos 100 or 200 different videos
08:23that if you put them all together she
08:25apparently is claiming to be taking 100
08:27to 200 different pills a day you know
08:29for all these different products not
08:31just alpalene but ketogummies CBD
08:33gummies like some sort of skin drops or
08:35or all these different things medicinal
08:37products and things that make you look
08:38more beautiful and all this there's no
08:40way again that someone could be taking
08:42that many different products every day
08:43over and over and over and provide a
08:45proper review they're just going for
08:47money so I'm I'm ranting a little bit
08:49but I hope this was helpful to some of
08:50you because again this odd ice hack
08:53alpalene reviews ice hack for weight
08:55loss all these different Search terms
08:57out there there's a lot of stuff that
08:58it's hard to to make heads or tails of
09:01what's you know legitimate and true and
09:02I hope that you finding my video you're
09:04like oh my God it's someone who's
09:05actually real and that's what I'm trying
09:07to be and so for the last time I'll say
09:09it one more time click like down below
09:10the thumbs up button that will tell
09:11Google and YouTube my video has value
09:12also down below there's a like dislike
09:14share button to the right of that it's
09:15like save and download that row buttons
09:17like dislike and share to the right of
09:19those is a thanks button if you want tap
09:21things that'd be great you might have to
09:22tap three dots on desktop on this side
09:24of like dislike and share to to expand
09:26it or if you're on mobile and you don't
09:28see it use your fingers slide the roll
09:30buttons just below this video like
09:31dislike and share slide that left to
09:33right it actually moves with your finger
09:35and Banks is off to the right you want
09:37to tap it I would appreciate it let me
09:38know what else you see about this online
09:39this odd ice hack this ice twist
09:41whatever it is alpalene reviews ice hack
09:44for weight loss I would love to continue
09:46trying to help people show them the
09:48truth about this affiliate marketing
09:49these scammers all this sort of stuff
09:51going around and yeah so thanks so much
09:53for watching
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the scam surrounding Alpilean?

The scam surrounding Alpilean involves false claims and fake before and after photos to promote a supposed weight loss supplement with no connection to ice hacks.

2. What are affiliate marketers and scammers pushing regarding Alpilean?

Affiliate marketers and scammers are pushing false claims and endorsements from non-existent doctors to promote Alpilean, a weight loss supplement with no proven connection to ice hacks.

3. How does the video encourage viewers in dealing with weight loss scams like Alpilean?

The video encourages viewers to stay skeptical and rely on established methods such as diet and exercise for weight loss, rather than falling for scams like Alpilean.

4. What are the established methods that viewers are encouraged to rely on for weight loss?

Viewers are encouraged to rely on established methods such as diet and exercise for weight loss, instead of falling for false claims and scams related to products like Alpilean.

5. What should viewers do in response to the false claims about Alpilean?

Viewers should stay skeptical and avoid falling for fake before and after photos, as well as endorsements from non-existent doctors, related to the false claims about Alpilean, a weight loss supplement with no proven connection to ice hacks.

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