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Mr Beast, the YouTuber with over 160 million subscribers, has earned over $100 million and is on track to become the first billionaire YouTuber thanks to his entrepreneurial empire and philanthropic content. His videos, which include giving away money and helping those in need, have made him a positive figure in the YouTube community. Despite his success, he reinvests a significant portion of his earnings back into his videos and charitable initiatives.
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Mr. Beast, a popular YouTuber with over 160 million subscribers, has the potential to become the first billionaire YouTuber in history.
Mr. Beast's YouTube channel receives over a billion views daily.
He has earned over $100 million this year alone.
Mr. Beast's success is not just luck, but a result of his methodical and obsessive study of content creation.
Despite facing challenges such as Crohn's disease and shyness, Mr Beast perseveres and dedicates himself to his YouTube channel, gradually improving the quality of his videos and displaying an entrepreneurial spirit.
Initially, Mr Beast's YouTube channel had a small audience and low view counts.
He was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the age of 15, which caused weight loss and energy loss.
Despite his illness, he focused on his YouTube channel and left baseball.
Mr Beast struggled with shyness and socializing, but his unique approach and relatability resonated with viewers.
He invested his money in buying equipment to improve the quality of his videos.
Jimmy enrolls in college to appease his mother, but secretly leaves to shoot videos, allowing him to continue focusing on his YouTube channel.
Jimmy adopts a trick of enrolling in college but leaves to shoot videos instead.
His YouTube channel starts to grow rapidly, with one video going viral where he cuts a table in half using plastic knives.
He earns around $1,000 a month at the age of 18.
Jimmy decides to move out and live with his friend Chris in an apartment.
This section discusses the turning point in MrBeast's career as a YouTuber and his focus on philanthropy.
In November 2017, MrBeast's channel surpasses one million subscribers.
MrBeast's content becomes more focused on giving money to charity and helping less fortunate people.
Some criticize MrBeast for exploiting people in need for viral content, while others appreciate his philanthropic efforts.
Mr Beast's journey from a content creator to a millionaire philanthropist, with a focus on making a positive impact on people's lives.
Mr Beast reinvested most of his earnings from videos into producing more content.
In 2018, his channel exploded, gaining 12 million subscribers in a year.
Mr Beast's bank account grew significantly, attracting sponsorships and collaborations with other YouTubers.
He shifted his focus from material possessions to using his platform to do good deeds and inspire others.
MrBeast has been able to increase his content production during the pandemic, resulting in a significant growth in subscribers and donations.
MrBeast and his team produced more content during the lockdown.
The rush to supermarkets in the US during COVID-19 led MrBeast to collaborate with a meat production company and donate 2 million steps in North Carolina.
MrBeast purchased $1 million worth of food from a supermarket to donate to charity.
MrBeast opened a second channel dedicated to philanthropy, with all income from views and sponsorships being donated to a food bank.
00:12his YouTube channel has more than 160
00:15million subscribers more than the entire
00:18Russian population every day his
00:20videos receive over a billion
00:21views this year alone he has
00:23earned more than 100 million dollars
00:25thanks to the platform and he is only 25
00:28years old According to those follows his story
00:30all this It seems to be just the beginning
00:32day after day video after video Mr
00:36Beast is creating a real
00:37entrepreneurial empire starting from his
00:40Channel an empire that could make him
00:42the first billionaire YouTuber in the world
00:44but it's not just luck behind the success
00:47of its contents there is a method and an
00:49almost scientific obsessive study
00:56Hi everyone, I'm Edoardo this is
00:58Starting Finance and today we're talking about Mr
01:00Beast, the man who could potentially
01:02become the first billionaire YouTuber
01:04in history Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr
01:07Beast was born in 1998 in wichita
01:10Kansas Yes in 98 damn he is his
01:14older brother who manages in
01:16greenville with his mother a
01:17single military man as a child he is quite a
01:19loner he doesn't really like the
01:21company of other children and spends
01:23whole days playing with Legos
01:25like he himself said in
01:26an interview when he becomes passionate about
01:28something it becomes an obsession for him
01:30Nothing else exists it has always been
01:33like this together with Lego One of
01:35Jimmy's first passions is Baseball he starts
01:37playing at 10 years old as well as playing
01:39baseball and watching sports channels on
01:41TV Jimmy spends a lot of time
01:43in front of YouTube who at the time had
01:46only been born for three years in 2005 in middle school he
01:48finally met someone who
01:50shares the same passion with him
01:52called Chris Tyson Chris is two years
01:54older and just like Jimmy spends his
01:57afternoons in front of YouTube.
01:58A very close relationship is immediately born between the two. They
02:00spend hours watching videos and
02:03commenting on them together. What attracts them is
02:05finding videos of all kinds uploaded by
02:07people from all over the world. One day
02:09Jimmy confesses to Christ a what's been going on for
02:13but he's finally come to this
02:15conclusion he wants to open his own
02:17YouTube channel he also wants to make videos it
02:19all started from seeing a video of his
02:20favorite youtuber of the time wod is
02:22Gamer tag at the time it was a video channel
02:24gameplay of games like Call of Duty which
02:26didn't have a large number of subscribers
02:28today it has many more but let's
02:30move on this elusive video the
02:32YouTuber said he would leave a
02:34full time job to dedicate himself
02:35exclusively to his Channel a
02:37simple statement which however would have
02:39changed Jimmy's life when he listens to
02:41these words in fact his eyes light up he
02:43realizes that YouTube might
02:45not just be a moment of leisure a
02:47way to pass the time he realizes
02:49that on that platform he could
02:50build his future YouTube But
02:52at the time it was still At the beginning there were
02:55few people who took the
02:56platform seriously. The idea of ​​being a
02:58YouTuber as a job would have seemed
03:00crazy to most people
03:01but things will change and it was as if
03:04Jimmy deep down already knew it and was able
03:06to see beyond it. before the others so on
03:08February 20th 2012 at just 13 years old he
03:11created his own Channel so misterbista was born
03:13that at the beginning he was called
03:15Mr Beast sixth thousand that is his
03:17nickname on Call of Duty later
03:19he will simplify the name the misterbista the
03:21first subscriber is obviously Chris who
03:24follows her step by step in the project the first
03:26videos uploaded to the channel are gameplay
03:28of Minecraft Pokémon Call of Duty and
03:31other games you can still go and
03:32see them specifically at the time the
03:34so-called commens
03:36that is the Gameplay with a
03:38background commentary were in fashion of the best plays with the
03:40first videos uploaded a small
03:41audience niche was created the numbers were low
03:43but at the time even 500 views
03:46were quite good at the end of 2012 the
03:48channel only had 30 subscribers unfortunately
03:51for him However at the age of 15 he was
03:54diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease Crohn's
03:56major effects of Crohn's disease are
03:57a serious loss of weight and energy so much
04:00so that in this period he can't
04:01even get out of bed for a
04:03boy of his age it is devastating The
04:06disease even forces him to
04:07leave baseball but he doesn't give up to
04:09beat In fact from this illness he
04:10will gain the strength to concentrate on
04:13his new passion without being able to
04:14go out anymore In fact he begins to dedicate himself almost
04:16full time to the YouTube channel during
04:18the first years on YouTube Mr Beast has a lot
04:20of difficulty his shyness and
04:23sociability made it very difficult
04:24The approach with the public, 729 registered
04:27at the end of 2013, but he loves making videos too much
04:30and doesn't want to stop trying, he has
04:33his own way of doing things that is a bit clumsy
04:35but it turns out to be a winner because it makes
04:37many of his viewers identify
04:38with him, he appears like a simple person
04:40like all of us. Even if the numbers
04:43were still growing he hadn't said anything
04:45to his mother he hadn't told his mother that he had
04:47opened his own YouTube channel and it's okay if
04:49we also think about those years YouTube It was
04:50considered something for nerds or
04:52children today 10 years old Afterwards we'll talk about
04:55something completely different. I recommend
04:57YouTubers are now real stars
04:58who sometimes surpass the numbers of
05:00television channels even though they don't earn much. Mr
05:02Bean still decides to invest the
05:04little money he had aside so he
05:06buys a decent microphone and other
05:08basic equipment to try to
05:10improve the quality of his videos which
05:11however are obviously still quite
05:12amateur after all he continues his
05:15mantra of wanting to make better and better videos
05:18in any case you can immediately glimpse
05:19an entrepreneurial spirit that
05:22will characterize him for his entire career
05:23The first turning point comes when for
05:26his sixteenth birthday he receives an
05:27iPhone as a gift from his family. From
05:29that day on, if I needed it, he starts making a
05:31new video format called Airel in
05:34Real Life, that is, clips of his
05:36daily life. I go too. From here it also comes into
05:38play. Chris who will not
05:40just limit himself to filming and editing videos but
05:41will begin to be more and more present
05:42in the channel also as a face the two
05:45will begin to interact more and more in the
05:47videos almost like a comedy duo they
05:49prank each other and things of that kind
05:53In short they are two normal guys who
05:56do stupid things together but it's precisely
05:58their spontaneity Their being
05:59ordinary people attracts attention
06:01so the Mr Beast community starts to
06:03grow and at the end of 2014 it has almost 2000
06:06members in the middle of the year is his best
06:16youtubers In short he got us at the end
06:20of 2015 we go up to 16,000 subscribers
06:23a little longer and then
06:25suddenly the subscribers will explode in 2016 he
06:27doesn't believe it either the year starts
06:30with 18,000 subscribers to the channel and
06:32ends at 568,000
06:35[Music ]
06:37Let's take a step back and go back to
06:39the last year of high school in 2015 for
06:42Jimmy. There comes a crucial moment in the
06:44life of every American student to decide
06:46whether to go to college or not. Jimmy, it must be
06:49said, has never been that
06:50interested in school and studying in
06:53general he spent his time at school
06:54talking about metrics to improve
06:56his videos
06:57After all he only wanted to make that
07:00video the best video ever and
07:02this obsession would continue to persist
07:04along his path so his
07:06intent was to put aside some
07:08money before he finished high school so he would
07:11n't go to college for the whole of high school he
07:12proved to his mother that YouTube
07:14could become a job only he
07:16hadn't succeeded yet he had to do
07:18more if he wanted to bring results home to his
07:19mother So gives him an ultimatum If
07:21you continue your studies then continue to
07:23live under my roof otherwise you
07:25will have to find another place
07:27like this Jimmy Adopts a trick he
07:30enrolls in college his mother says
07:31he is going but in reality he leaves the house to
07:33go and shoot videos this way
07:35we still have a roof over our heads and
07:37can continue to focus on the videos
07:38the goal of the Challenge is to be able to
07:41get something concrete before they
07:43discover it perhaps for this very
07:45reason during the fake college the
07:46misterbist channel starts to grow at a rapid
07:49pace very important one video in
07:51particular goes viral in this
07:52video Jimmy cuts a table in half using
07:55only plastic knives I'm not
07:57joking Watch it thanks to the video
07:59this guy starts earning figures
08:01that make sense he even
08:02brings back around 1,000 dollars a month
08:04even if we are not really convinced of
08:06these numbers it's not much but it's already
08:08something especially because we are in
08:092016 so he is around 18 years old Jimmy
08:12decides that the time has come to
08:14go and live alone but not completely
08:16because he also brings Chris with him so a
08:19day of out of the blue Jimmy confesses
08:21to his mother that in reality he had never
08:23attended college and that the
08:25following week he would
08:26move with Chris the mother
08:28is a bit surprised at first but in reality
08:30deep down she felt it the two go to
08:33live together in the same city where they
08:35grew up Greenville in an
08:37apartment for about 700 dollars a
08:38month in rent with the money I
08:40earned I could barely make
08:42ends meet but in the end it didn't
08:43matter what mattered was following
08:46his passion according to the words of
08:48misterbista is from this moment that
08:50his career really begins to
08:52take off he spends entire days making
08:54videos from the morning until he is
08:56exhausted in the evening shot after shot he
08:58also begins to be more and more
09:00confident in front of the camera and
09:01begins to have increasingly crazy ideas
09:03for new content do you think that his
09:05first video that went truly viral
09:07was this
09:11a very long video sped up where
09:14misterbista and Count up to 100,000 that is
09:16from 1 to 100,000 and who has ever
09:19seen a video like that you will say Well
09:21actually a lot of people yes because
09:23it was a crazy thing to do for the time
09:25in reality even for today everyone was
09:27intrigued by this boy who
09:28spent 48 hours of his life
09:30simply to count to 100,000
09:32But have you ever tried to count
09:34to 100,000 Jim means that this video
09:36triggered something in his
09:37brain to attract the attention of the
09:39YouTube audience you have to do things that are
09:41out of the ordinary and a little crazy
09:44so he starts doing a series of Challenges, each
09:45crazier than the other. But the growth is
09:47also due to a another factor that
09:48will become increasingly important in the
09:50production of his videos and that is
09:52the analysis of data misterbist In fact he
09:54leaves nothing to chance he studies in depth
09:56the analytics provided by YouTube I study
09:58YouTube's data analysis tool
10:00what he aims at is making covers and
10:02titles that attract the attention of as many
10:04people as possible, from children to
10:06older people, I try to challenge the
10:08YouTube algorithm as we also try to do.
10:10After all, if you have any
10:12advice, leave it in the comments,
10:13plus misterbista tries to build the
10:15narrative of the video In in such a way as to
10:17keep users glued to the screen
10:18thanks to these precautions the
10:20misterbist channel is starting to be very famous
10:22and also attracts the attention of
10:24advertisers who finally want to
10:26place advertisements in his videos just
10:28before the summer of 2017 the
10:30representative of a company that
10:32offers him 5,000 dollars for a
10:33sponsorship is not bad Jimmy goes into
10:36fibrillation 5,000 dollars for a video
10:38doesn't seem real to him but in the end 5,000
10:40dollars sounds bad much better 10,000
10:43makes it better in the title if they
10:45had given him he would have given them all away
10:46but he wants more 10,000 to donate in full
10:49to a homeless person and he also manages to
10:51get it. The whole thing will obviously be
10:53filmed by Chris Jimmy delivers an
10:55envelope with 10,000 dollars to a person
10:57who was begging at a traffic light
10:59at the end of the video. The two
11:01even go to dinner with him this video
11:03may seem unimportant but in
11:04reality it will change everything it will be the
11:07turning point it represents for Mr list at the
11:09same time a business model and a
11:11new format and so in November 2017 the
11:14channel exceeds one million subscribers a
11:16crazy bus from that moment on then the
11:18road is all downhill. I'll stop for a
11:21moment because I want to talk to you about
11:22our Academy. We've never done it
11:24until now but for us it's a source of
11:26pride. We've always asked ourselves why
11:28in university we often don't study
11:31enough tools which are
11:33fundamental when we usually enters the
11:34world of work. In fact,
11:36study courses focus more on
11:38theory than practice and many
11:40tools such as Excel or Python are
11:42treated very little. Knowing Excel well
11:45is important because it is one of the
11:46most used analysis tools in all
11:48companies. of the world and knowing a
11:50programming language like Python
11:52is increasingly in demand even if you want to
11:53work in the economic and financial field,
11:55learning to use these tools can
11:57help you stand out from
11:58other candidates during a
12:00job interview, the Excel and Python academy courses they
12:02are taught by managers and
12:04professionals in the sector who
12:06will teach you how these tools
12:07are used within
12:09companies. So for those interested
12:11we leave a link in the description with
12:13further information but now let's go back
12:15to our story
12:20here begins a new life for Mister
12:22Pista Una life as a YouTuber philanthropist
12:26his contents In fact they are becoming
12:28more and more focused on giving money
12:30to charity or in any case making
12:31less fortunate people happy by giving away money,
12:33cars, telephones and much more,
12:36many actually criticize his
12:38way of making videos. There are those who say that he
12:40exploits people in difficulty to
12:41create viral content and what they
12:43will continue to say about him over time
12:45even today when YouTubers or VIPs do
12:47good deeds and film them they are
12:48accused of wanting to gain a
12:51personal advantage from it what counts However, it is
12:53the facts and I needed them he
12:55has done some good deeds even not in front of the
12:57cameras however misterbist begins to
12:59collaborate with some of the most
13:01important brands in the world starting from dominos
13:03through shopify Netflix and many
13:06other brands the ultimate goal of these
13:07videos always remains the same to bring
13:09a smile to the people from both
13:12sides of the screen as well as obviously
13:13making more and more beautiful videos compared
13:15to the previous ones, his production strategy is
13:18very simple but I needed it, he was
13:19among the first to move in this sector
13:21At least on YouTube thinking of a certain
13:23model of business closes a contract
13:25with a brand for a certain number of thousands of dollars.
13:27He invests almost all of that money in the
13:29video and the video goes well and generates more
13:31money which he takes and invests to
13:33produce another video. That video goes
13:35well. He thanks the money in another video
13:36again and so on until infinity a
13:39virtuous circle is very reminiscent of an
13:41effect that we know very well about
13:42compound interest, every euro
13:44we receive from our investments
13:46we reinvest in other activities. The effect
13:48is that returns grow more and more
13:50exponentially, certainly in the In his
13:52interviews he will return to the fact that he
13:54does all this only with one goal in
13:56mind: making videos that are always better than the
13:58previous ones. We repeated it. Not so much
14:00for the money because creating videos of
14:02this type is starting to expand the team.
14:04It's no longer just him, Chris and a few
14:06friends. in 2018 I am twenty years old Jimmy comes
14:09into contact with his current manager
14:10Reed Duster, a former
14:13American football sports agent who however decided
14:15to dedicate himself to YouTube. In fact, before
14:17meeting an accountant he was part
14:19of the Dude Perfect team, an important
14:21entertainment channel sportsman for
14:23them Reed deals with sponsorships
14:25and monetization of the channel and after
14:27the experience with Dude Perfect he will decide
14:29to open his own agency and so he will begin
14:31the collaboration with misterbista Reed
14:33gives him a hand above all in
14:34diversifying his activity
14:36outside of YouTube But we will return to this point
14:38shortly since when I need it
14:40start working with Reed the channel is
14:42despite already having two million subscribers
14:44I will begin a second and even
14:46faster growth misterbist From this
14:48moment it begins to transform into
14:50something more than a simple creator
14:51of contents begins a journey that
14:54will lead him to be a millionaire despite
14:55the lot of money spent on producing videos.
14:57In fact, up to this point Mr Beast didn't
14:59have who knows how much money in the
15:01bank and this was because the money he
15:02earned from the videos was almost
15:04all reinvested in other videos And
15:06while I needed it he knew Read the
15:07channel only started to explode in 2018
15:10it went from one and a half million subscribers
15:12to 13 and a half million in a year for the
15:15first time in his life misterbist
15:17saw his bank account soar
15:18all the Brands want to be
15:20sponsored by him all the other
15:22most famous YouTubers still want to
15:24collaborate with him Jimmy then begins
15:26to enjoy the money by buying
15:28luxury cars, designer clothes and much more,
15:30philanthropy is fine but up to a certain
15:32point he discovers that these things don't
15:34interest him in misterbist he is
15:36more interested in doing something that has a
15:38positive impact on people's lives
15:40than profit itself, he wants to produce
15:42videos to do good for others, his
15:43friends will say that
15:45people like Bill Gates and
15:48Steve Jobs inspire him, this choice has allowed him
15:50to create a Strong brand The general
15:52public perceives him as a
15:53positive character, the strength was
15:55that of having found a way to
15:56entertain and at the same time do
15:58good deeds by transmitting a
15:59positive message to those who watch them,
16:01let's take for example one of his
16:02most ingenious but also useful for
16:04humanity planting 20 million trees
16:07all over the world that is, do you have any idea
16:09how many there are 20 million one tree for
16:11each member a special way to
16:13celebrate the 20 million members we
16:15will do it too if we get there so
16:16sign up whatever it was
16:18crazy is difficult to do he found
16:20someone equally crazy to
16:22support him in this undertaking Mark Rober
16:25American YouTuber and aerospace engineer who worked at Apple and
16:27NASA the two get together to
16:29work on this project and see
16:31a lot of interest around
16:33internet a lot of hype The only problem is how
16:35do we plant 20 million trees
16:38Jimmy and Mark come into contact with the
16:41hardware of the Foundation, one of the
16:43largest non-profit organizations in the
16:44world, the two ask them if it was
16:46possible to plant these 20 million
16:48trees at the cost of a dollar per tree they
16:50answer him that the foundation can be made through
16:52contacts on every continent he
16:54knows well which tree to plant and at what
16:57time of the year to plant it if you plant
16:58a species that is not suitable for the type of
17:00soil and other nearby trees
17:01they could ruin the ecosystem of the
17:03area and therefore it would be counterproductive at
17:06this point Jimmy and Mark create Team
17:08Trees, a website to raise 20
17:10million dollars. The initiative is
17:12launched on 25 October 2019. The goal
17:15is to plant 20 million
17:18trees by 2020 so they only have
17:20two months to organize everything but it doesn't
17:22end there in addition to the 20 million
17:24dollars for the trees there are other
17:25costs such as transport, staff to
17:28pay and so on so to solve
17:29all these problems we need someone who
17:31takes the initiative to Team Tris to as many
17:33people as possible so they start
17:35contacting other YouTubers to promote
17:37the project Mr Service is amazed
17:39by the responses of the other YouTubers
17:41practically everyone he contacts
17:42responds with enthusiasm they have a
17:45great desire to participate in this
17:46initiative hundreds of YouTubers
17:48start making videos where they sponsor
17:50Team Trees for free In reality, however,
17:52they are still far from the goal
17:54When elon musk enters the field yes elon
17:58musk here too elon musk donates a million
18:00dollars to plant a million
18:02trees and tweets it this makes
18:05the campaign explode in this way anyway It
18:07took Team Tris only a month to
18:09reach the target of 20 million
18:11dollars Donated to plant 20 million
18:13trees But the beauty of the initiatives is
18:15that the donations were decidedly low
18:17the Italian donation was 4
18:19dollars This means that they
18:21participated in the project hundreds of
18:22thousands of ordinary people But what does it
18:24mean, it means that if you were to put
18:25all the donations like stacks of
18:27coins one after the other in a
18:29very long line the middle donation
18:31would still be worth four dollars in
18:342020 but the pandemic is coming as
18:36we know very well misterbist and his
18:38team are starting to make a lot more content
18:40than usual, the lockdown certainly helped
18:42from this point of view, the whole
18:44social sector saw an increase in
18:46published content and in general
18:47we were all at home connected by
18:49smartphone on the computer, if I needed it, I could
18:51grasp the occasion by producing content
18:53in which he tries to help people left
18:54without work or in difficulty due to the
18:56lockdowns, also in this case, apart from the
18:58positive underlying message, misterbis has
19:00exploited this moment a bit which
19:02has allowed him to make another leap
19:04forward in written only between February
19:052020 and May the channel went from 29
19:09million 300 thousand subscribers to almost 37
19:12million subscribers again during
19:14covid due to the rush to
19:15supermarkets in the
19:16United States misterbista decided to make a
19:18video in collaboration with smithfield
19:20a meat production company to
19:22donate 2 million Steps in
19:24North Carolina in the same period misterbist
19:27went to buy a million
19:29dollars worth of food from a supermarket to
19:31donate it to charity
19:35this again due to the fact that he uses
19:37money from previous videos for
19:39subsequent videos seeing how successful
19:41these initiatives have been misterbist
19:43decides to open a second channel
19:44entirely dedicated to philanthropy
19:46PST philanthropists any income from
19:49this channel due to views to
19:51sponsorships is finally donated
19:54to a food bank misterbista's goal
19:56is to support
19:58tens of thousands of families throughout
20:00the United States. In fact, year after year it
20:02is opening a series of
20:03food banks scattered throughout the country
20:05according to Reed's words the manager
20:07wants to reach the whole world the
20:10foundation has already made a series of
20:11charitable works Like building
20:13wells in Cameroon or restoring an
20:15orphanage in South Africa In short, m R
20:17Beast is getting noticed for his
20:19charitable works and on Twitter he
20:21declared that he would like to donate all
20:22his money before he dies But therefore Mr
20:24beast gives in charity everything he
20:26earns obviously not let's
20:29discover the entrepreneurial side of
20:34with the help of RID Jimmy has tried to
20:37diversify his
20:39activities outside of YouTube as much as possible In 2020
20:40At the age of 22 he launches a hamburger brand
20:43called mister bizburger and as
20:45usual to promote the
20:47misterbista brand he released a video of
20:49his in this video misterbista his
20:51Team They gave me not only food from the
20:53misterbis Burger but also money iPads
20:55phones headphones and anything else The
20:58video even attracted attention of the
21:00New York Times Why the
21:02reason was that Mr bisburger was one of the
21:04first French Ghost Kitchens
21:05advertised on YouTube and as
21:07usual in his Channel he announced
21:09the opening of 300 stores across
21:11America of Mister bizburger his
21:14new fast food chain the agreement
21:16works like this The Brand Mister Bisburger
21:18provides the name, the logo, the menu, the
21:21recipes and the advertising images but
21:23the franchise restaurant continues
21:24its normal activity and at the same time
21:27also supplies the Mister
21:28Pistachio burgers and orders them from two Brands that
21:30operate in parallel Maybe you can
21:32take an example
21:34but they can only be done via its
21:37app so if the restaurant receives an order
21:39via the app it prepares the sandwiches and serves them either to
21:41take away or at home which would more or less
21:43be the Ghost Kitchen model
21:45the restaurant in change What does
21:47Mister Bisburger do with part of his earnings,
21:49which for its part has the
21:51advantage of not having to invest in
21:52opening new restaurants? This way of
21:54franchising is becoming very popular,
21:56especially in America and is always
21:57linked to some famous person,
22:00whether internet and TV but what is
22:02behind the Brand Mister bisburger
22:04there is Virtual diving concepts a
22:07company that deals with virtual kitchens
22:09and Delivery this is just one of the
22:11many partnerships of the company which has
22:13also invested in other projects similar to
22:14that of the Ghost Kitchen, a type of
22:16business that exploded during Covid
22:18but which continues to do very well,
22:19in fact if we look back from the start
22:22of the project In 2020 to 2023 There are
22:25around a thousand restaurants around the world
22:27that serve misterbist sandwiches but he didn't
22:29stop there in the food sector.
22:32In 2022, Mr Beast also launched his
22:34line of chocolate bars,
22:36fisseballs, and in just 5 months he sold
22:38around 10 million dollars worth of bars. It
22:40's not worth promoting them. Mr Beans
22:43obviously made a dedicated video the
22:45video is called I built
22:47Willy Wonka's chocolate factory
22:49for the video Jimmy hid a
22:51golden ticket in the first wave of
22:52bars he sold this way
22:54first of all the sales of the bars
22:56went great because everyone
22:58wanted participate in the video Also
23:00because you usually receive
23:01money in these videos anyway and then with the
23:03video that went viral he
23:04secured other sales of the product
23:06to produce this project misterbista
23:08spent a million dollars But if
23:10we talk about record expenses for the of his
23:12productions this record is held by the
23:14squit game video which I'm sure you
23:16've already seen, it's one of the most
23:18viewed videos of recent times on YouTube, it was
23:20obviously released when the
23:21Korean series was viral all over the world
23:23Well for that video Jimmy Ha dampened a
23:25good 3 and a half million dollars on the
23:27other hand it went super viral to date it is
23:30close to half a billion
23:31views crazy numbers And
23:34speaking of crazy numbers we must
23:36also think about misterbista's merchandise
23:38which is sold and shipped all over the
23:39world according to its manager he could
23:41really be one of the first content
23:44creators to become a billionaire, that is, you understand, a
23:46billionaire, a boy wakes up
23:48one morning and decides that he wants to dedicate
23:49his entire life to creating content for
23:52a social media. Spending his days
23:53between his room and the places where he
23:55records doesn't do in time to publish a
23:57video that is already thinking about the
23:58next one thanks to this passion Indeed
24:01obsession at this point could
24:03become a millionaire something that neither the
24:05young Jimmy nor others could have ever
24:07remotely imagined or
24:09foreseen But then what
24:11can we learn from what we distinguishes
24:13Jimmy from other entrepreneurs and that he has
24:15managed to build a trust factor,
24:16whatever he tells his
24:18audience to do they follow him Almost like
24:21disciples Or at least a good part of
24:22them if he tells them to download an app they
24:25do it if he tells them to taking part in a
24:27contest or something for charity they
24:29do it if he tells them to buy his
24:30match they do it anyway the apotheosis of
24:33network marketing influence having
24:34followers around the world who
24:36would do anything for you almost
24:38no entrepreneur with this power one
24:40of the advantages of mr.viste is that if we become
24:41part of his Community we
24:43feel like we are part of a large group
24:44of friends in fact Jimmy in his videos is
24:46always very informal he makes us feel at
24:49ease but in addition to being a good
24:50content creator Mr Beans is
24:52also making its way into the
24:54entrepreneurial world and today it seems that the
24:56work of a content creator is
24:57merging more and more with that of
24:59the entrepreneur. Yes, okay, but all
25:01this Empire, how much is it worth according to the
25:03words of Mister B himself, in 2022 he
25:06refused a he refused a billion
25:07dollar offer for his Channel and his
25:09companies. But he says
25:11he would only accept a 10
25:13billion dollar offer and so today we arrive
25:15misterbist at 162 million
25:18subscribers on his Channel, tens of
25:20billions of views a
25:22net worth of 500 million
25:24dollars Without calculating the value of the
25:26channel which in any case was valued at one
25:27billion according to that offer at this
25:29point the question is misterbist will he
25:31really be the first content Creator to
25:33become a billionaire I leave this to
25:36you who for today I'll stop here as
25:38usual, I'm Edoardo, this was in
25:40Finance and we'll see you in the next
25:41video. Hi
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How did Mr Beast become a billionaire YouTuber?

Mr Beast became a billionaire YouTuber through his entrepreneurial empire, philanthropic content, and reinvestment of earnings into his videos and charitable initiatives.

2. What kind of content does Mr Beast create on his YouTube channel?

Mr Beast creates videos that include giving away money and helping those in need, making him a positive figure in the YouTube community.

3. What is the key to Mr Beast's success on YouTube?

The key to Mr Beast's success on YouTube is his combination of entrepreneurial spirit, philanthropic content, and positive impact on the YouTube community.

4. How much has Mr Beast earned from his YouTube channel?

Mr Beast has earned over $100 million from his YouTube channel and is on track to become the first billionaire YouTuber.

5. What sets Mr Beast apart from other YouTubers?

Mr Beast sets himself apart from other YouTubers through his generous giveaways, philanthropic content, and commitment to reinvesting a significant portion of his earnings back into his videos and charitable initiatives.

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