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The reviewer provides an honest opinion of Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator Course, finding it helpful but overpriced and potentially outdated, while also offering a free summary alternative; he suggests that the course is well-structured and comprehensive, but highlights its focus on Facebook ads and outdated tactics, ultimately acknowledging its value in his own SMMA journey.
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The reviewer highlights the flaws of the Agency Navigator course, including the high price and limited focus on Facebook ads.
The course is priced at $3000, which may be unaffordable for many.
The reviewer suggests watching their own video that covers the important points of the course for free.
The course mainly focuses on Facebook ads, which may not be beneficial for those interested in other advertising platforms like YouTube or Google ads.
The course may not have the most up-to-date strategies, but it still contains important concepts for beginners.
Some reviewers mention that the course is outdated and some tactics don't work in today's age.
The course helped the speaker start their agency, which now earns around $3,000 per month.
The speaker appreciates Iman for creating the course and finds it supportive on their SMMA journey.
00:00so many of you might know me because of
00:03the Iman gaji agency Navigator course
00:05videos and if I'm being honest if I'm
00:09someone that started out in smma I will
00:12watch those video as well
00:14and if you haven't watched this video
00:16right here I highly suggest you do
00:18because you never know when it will be
00:20taken down because I literally
00:22summarized Iman gaji's three thousand
00:24dollar agency Navigator course for
00:27completely free but in all of my course
00:30summary videos I try to be as objective
00:32as possible because it is a course
00:35summary video and I pretty much just
00:37shortened iman's word and kept his main
00:40ideas however that's not the point of
00:43this video today as I know many of you
00:45are busting to know what I think of the
00:49course as an smma owner myself so today
00:52I will give you my honest opinions of
00:55Iman gachi's agency Navigator course
00:58program and whether it's worth the money
01:00so if you're here for a quick answer I
01:03will tell you right now that I
01:05absolutely enjoyed Iman gaji's agency
01:08Navigator course and it has helped me a
01:11lot however if you ask me is that course
01:14worth three thousand dollars then I
01:17might as well use the famous words from
01:19Wolf of Wall Street absolutely
01:22not and that's just not because you
01:24already have someone doing a three hour
01:27review of the entire course but also
01:30from an agency owner's perspective when
01:32you're just starting out smma you don't
01:34have a spare three thousand dollars to
01:36slap onto a course like this and yes
01:39some might call it an investment or
01:41whatnot but from how I see it it's that
01:44you're putting yourself at a loss before
01:46you even started your agency but one
01:49thing I will say is that I actually
01:50enjoyed going through the course because
01:52it was very well structured and he does
01:55explain everything in ridiculous detail
01:58and after watching the entire course you
02:01will have a very solid understanding of
02:03smma and its business structure
02:06this is something none of the smma gurus
02:09on YouTube will tell you and it's
02:11something that you can't just learn from
02:13watching a 30 minute video on YouTube
02:15titled how to start smma in 2023 you
02:19actually have to sit down and learn
02:21about this complex business model
02:23because there are just so many elements
02:25from Niche selection pricing sales calls
02:29website contract Outreach there is just
02:32so many things and that's why the course
02:34might be beneficial for those that want
02:36to learn about the business and the
02:40structure in detail however the course
02:42is definitely not without flaws and one
02:45of the most obvious one is its pricing
02:48honestly three thousand dollars is not a
02:51small amount of money and I know for a
02:54fact that a lot of teenagers just like
02:55me probably don't even have three
02:58thousand dollars in their bank account
02:59to pay for a course like this and here I
03:02have a very simple solution to this
03:04problem which is to watch my three hour
03:06long agency Navigator course video where
03:09I pretty much go through all of the
03:11important points Iman talks about in the
03:14agency Navigator course so you don't
03:15have to pay him three thousand dollars
03:17and watch his videos for like more than
03:2040 hours another issue with his course
03:23is that if you're not using a contractor
03:25like me email only tells you how to run
03:28Facebook ads and if you're not using
03:31Facebook ads it could be detrimental if
03:33you want to run other services like
03:35YouTube ads or Google ads so if you're
03:37thinking of doing something other than
03:39Facebook ads which I highly recommend
03:41you do because from what I found
03:43Facebook ads is getting very saturated
03:45and is very hard to get effective at
03:49so I suggest going somewhere else and
03:52learn about some of the more effective
03:54Service delivery methods for your chosen
03:56niche and lastly I know this has been
03:59brought up by multiple people that have
04:02reviewed his course and that is some of
04:04the cause has been outdated and the
04:07tactics or strategies don't work in
04:09today's day and age and to that I agree
04:11to a certain extent because the course
04:14does not contain the most up-to-date
04:16strategies for running an smma in
04:19today's age because Iman is no longer an
04:21agency owner but I will say that it does
04:25still contain some very important
04:27Concepts that will be very beneficial
04:29for people just starting out like me
04:31personally the cause has helped a
04:34tremendous amount when I first started
04:36my agency and my agency now is earning
04:39me around three thousand dollars per
04:40month and unlike all the other smma
04:43YouTube gurus who absolutely shits on
04:46this course for the sake of views I just
04:49want to say thank you Iman for making
04:51this course and it has definitely
04:53provided me with a lot of support on my
04:55own smma Journey and there you have it
04:58that's my honest opinion on emon's
05:00agency Navigator course and if you have
05:02any questions feel free to comment below
05:05I reply to every single comment and
05:08remember the choices in your hands and I
05:11believe in you so don't let me down
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator Course worth the investment?

Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator Course is comprehensive and well-structured, offering valuable insights for anyone looking to start their own SMMA. However, the course may be considered overpriced and potentially outdated, especially with its heavy focus on Facebook ads and some outdated tactics.

2. What are the main highlights of Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator Course?

The course is well-structured and provides a comprehensive guide for starting your own Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA). It offers valuable insights, strategies, and tips for handling clients, building an agency, and gaining success in the SMMA industry.

3. Is there any alternative to Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator Course?

Yes, an alternative to Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator Course could be a free summary that offers a condensed version of the course content. This could be a more cost-effective option for those who are looking for valuable information without the high price tag.

4. What should one consider before investing in Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator Course?

Before investing in Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator Course, it's important to consider the heavy focus on Facebook ads and potentially outdated tactics. Additionally, one should evaluate the cost and determine if the value aligns with their specific needs and goals in the SMMA industry.

5. How can Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator Course contribute to my SMMA journey?

Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator Course can contribute to your SMMA journey by providing comprehensive insights and strategies for building and growing your agency. It offers valuable knowledge and guidance, but it's important to consider its potential limitations and weigh the cost against the perceived value.

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