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The video explains the key differences between Independent Baptist and Church of Christ, focusing on their beliefs regarding salvation and baptism. Independent Baptists believe that faith in Christ alone is necessary for salvation, while Churches of Christ teach that baptism is necessary. They also differ in their approach to worship and church practices.
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The major difference between Independent Baptist and Church of Christ is the belief in baptism for salvation.
Church of Christ teaches that baptism is necessary for salvation.
Independent Baptists believe that faith in Christ alone is enough for salvation.
Baptism is seen as the rebirth and new beginning in the Church of Christ.
The main difference between Independent Baptists and Churches of Christ is their beliefs on salvation and the interpretation of Scripture.
Independent Baptists believe that baptism is not part of salvation, while Churches of Christ believe it is.
Churches of Christ believe in the doctrine of falling from grace, while most Independent Baptist churches believe in eternal security.
Churches of Christ follow a hermeneutic called "sin e c e ni" which relies on command, example, and necessary inference for interpreting Scripture.
Churches of Christ also adhere to the regulative principle of worship, which states that worship must strictly follow specific instructions given in the New Testament.
Church of Christ prohibits the use of instruments in church services, while independent Baptists do not.
Largest Church of Christ in the United States added instrumental music in 2007, leading to condemnation from other Churches of Christ.
Churches of Christ have formed doctrines based on sin, including the belief that the Lord's Supper should only be done on a Sunday.
Churches of Christ have various beliefs and practices, such as one cup and one piece of bread in the Lord's Supper, women wearing head coverings, and restrictions on eating and wine in the church building.
Churches of Christ are mostly amillennial, while most independent Baptists are premillennial.
Churches of Christ reject doctrinal statements and believe in a plurality of elders, while many Independent Baptists are not creedal and are led by a singular pastor.
Many Independent Baptists are not creedal.
Churches of Christ reject doctrinal statements.
Churches of Christ believe in a plurality of elders.
Many Independent Baptist churches are led by a singular pastor.
00:00independent baptist versus Church of
00:02Christ what's the difference
00:04first this video is about the churches
00:07that are grouped together as the Church
00:08of Christ which is a different set of
00:10churches than the United Church of
00:12Christ which is extremely different and
00:13also from the Christian churches
00:15disciples of Christ which is at one
00:17point the same group as the Churches of
00:19Christ before a split like Independent
00:22Baptist churches Church of Christ
00:23congregations are independent and not
00:26subject to any denominational hierarchy
00:28however they hold to several major
00:30differences Churches of Christ like
00:32Baptists teach that a person must be
00:35born again
00:35they must have a salvation experience to
00:37go to heaven Baptists however teach that
00:40the only thing necessary to be born
00:41again is faith in Christ but Churches of
00:44Christ teach that a person must be
00:45baptized to go to heaven
00:47David Hirsi of the granby Church of
00:49Christ in Granby Missouri says the
00:51following in order to understand how
00:53this new beginning takes place we need
00:56to take notice of the reference to
00:58washing of regeneration washing is done
01:01with water the connection between
01:03washing and the rebirth of water and of
01:06the spirit cannot be ignored water and
01:09washing are a part of the rebirth
01:11regeneration new beginning process and
01:14jesus said that unless one is reborn he
01:17or she cannot enter the kingdom of God
01:19those who have been baptized are buried
01:22with Jesus into death and when they are
01:24taken up out of the water of baptism
01:26they are raised to walk in newness of
01:28life this newness of life is the new
01:31beginning the rebirth this resurrection
01:34from the watery grave of baptism is the
01:36point at which one is born again this
01:40doctrinal difference is likely the
01:42biggest difference between independent
01:43Baptists and Churches of Christ
01:46independent Baptists say that including
01:48baptism as part of salvation is works
01:50salvation another major doctrine
01:52relating to salvation is the doctrine of
01:55falling from grace Churches of Christ
01:57believe that a person is not once saved
02:00always saved while most independent
02:03Baptist churches do hold to this
02:05doctrine of eternal security most
02:08Churches of Christ hold to a hermeneutic
02:10that is a method of interpretation of
02:12the scripture that if
02:13all their other doctrines this
02:15hermeneutic goes by the acronym sin e c
02:18e ni which stands for a command example
02:22and necessary inference this hermeneutic
02:25builds off another principle John
02:27Calvin's regulative principle of worship
02:30which contends that God has given
02:32specific instructions for the way public
02:34worship is to take place within New
02:36Testament churches and thus any other
02:38method of worship is unauthorized
02:41in other words silence on a matter is
02:43prohibitive some of the early leaders of
02:46the restoration movement of the 18th and
02:4819th century such as Thomas Campbell
02:50were previously Presbyterian ministers
02:53and brought many of the Calvinist
02:54teachings such as the regulative
02:56principle with them while rejecting
02:57others because of this early tension
03:00Churches of Christ are generally anti
03:02Calvinist today Churches of Christ hold
03:05to the regulative principle but have
03:07expanded it with seni first the
03:09expansion has moved from simply a
03:11discussion of public worship to all
03:13forms of church activity the church is
03:15not allowed to do anything unless there
03:17is within the Bible a command example or
03:20necessary inference that demonstrates
03:23that such a practice is allowed because
03:25of this nearly all Churches of Christ
03:28unlike independent Baptists prohibit the
03:31use of instruments in church services
03:33finding no New Testament use of
03:35instruments in a church service the
03:37practice is prohibited in 2007 the
03:40largest Church of Christ in the United
03:42States Richland Hills Church in Texas
03:44which had 6,400 members at the time
03:47added instrumental music this prompted
03:50widespread condemnation from other
03:52Churches of Christ including a 160 page
03:55book that was written entitled Richland
03:58Hills and instrumental music a plea to
04:00reconsider Churches of Christ have
04:03formed many other doctrines based on sin
04:05II because they only find reference to
04:08the Lord's Supper being done on a Sunday
04:10most say then it can only be done on a
04:12Sunday and many say it must be every
04:15Sunday independent Baptists don't hold
04:17this belief although you won't find many
04:20of the following things written down you
04:22will find that every Church of Christ
04:23believes at least some of these things
04:25and teaches them for exam
04:27some teach that in the Lord's Supper
04:29there should only be one cup shared by
04:31all because that's the way Christ did it
04:33others also say one piece of bread too
04:35then for the same reason some churches
04:38have women wear a head covering some say
04:41that it is sinful to eat within the
04:43church building some say it is sinful to
04:45use non fermented wine in communion some
04:48Churches of Christ believe that it is
04:50not permitted to hold separate
04:51sunday-school services but that all the
04:54people must meet together Churches of
04:57Christ are mostly amillennial believing
04:59there is no literal 1000 year millennium
05:02while most independent Baptists are
05:04premillennial some independent Baptist
05:06churches hold to Baptist succession but
05:09Baptist churches have always existed
05:10under different names and that modern
05:12Baptist churches were founded out of
05:14these other groups such as wold NZ's
05:16pollutions and other Anabaptists
05:18similarly some Churches of Christ don't
05:21view the restoration movement as being
05:23their beginning but that their churches
05:25come from an unbroken line often putting
05:27the same groups that Baptists claim into
05:29their lineage many independent Baptists
05:32are not creedal meaning that although
05:34they don't necessarily disagree with
05:36historic Christian Creed's they don't
05:38hold to them because of the view of a
05:40scripture alone Authority however among
05:44these most still have statements of
05:46faith for their particular church
05:48Churches of Christ won't even do this
05:50rejecting doctrinal statements and
05:52statements of faith is unscriptural
05:54Churches of Christ believe that the
05:56minimum number of elders in a church is
05:58- based on the mention of a plurality of
06:01elders in the New Testament the elders
06:03are not necessarily synonymous with the
06:05minister or preacher instead the board
06:07of elders has the oversight in the
06:09church not the minister most independent
06:12baptist churches are led by a singular
06:14pastor though many have multiple pastors
06:17virtually all independent baptist
06:20churches and Churches of Christ agree on
06:22the inerrancy of Scripture a literal
06:25hell literal devil and the necessity of
06:27evangelism one final note is the
06:30question of what categories these two
06:31groups of churches fall into independent
06:34Baptists are generally evangelical or
06:36fundamentalist and Churches of Christ
06:38are restorationist
06:40they look similar to fundamentalists and
06:42evangelicals but the main difference is
06:44their belief in the necessity of baptism
06:46for salvation which is against the
06:48evangelical view for more information on
06:51churches and denominations please view
06:53the Christian denominations playlist
06:55here on the ready to harvest youtube
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key differences between Independent Baptist and Church of Christ?

The key differences between Independent Baptist and Church of Christ lie in their beliefs regarding salvation and baptism. Independent Baptists believe that faith in Christ alone is necessary for salvation, while Churches of Christ teach that baptism is necessary. They also differ in their approach to worship and church practices.

2. What is the belief of Independent Baptists regarding salvation?

Independent Baptists believe that faith in Christ alone is necessary for salvation. This belief is central to their doctrine and distinguishes them from other Christian denominations.

3. What is the teaching of Churches of Christ about baptism?

Churches of Christ teach that baptism is necessary for salvation. They emphasize the role of baptism as a crucial step in the process of becoming a follower of Christ.

4. How do Independent Baptists and Churches of Christ differ in their approach to worship?

Independent Baptists and Churches of Christ differ in their approach to worship, with variations in their rituals, music, and order of service. These differences reflect their distinct traditions and theological perspectives.

5. What are the differences in church practices between Independent Baptists and Churches of Christ?

The differences in church practices between Independent Baptists and Churches of Christ encompass areas such as leadership structure, communion, and outreach initiatives. These differences stem from their respective interpretations of the Bible and theological convictions.

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