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The video discusses the upcoming Indiana Jones movie, claiming that it will be a flop due to woke elements and the overshadowing of Indy by Phoebe Waller Bridge's character. The reviewer criticizes the changes made to the franchise and highlights negative reviews and reactions from critics and fans. The video also mentions the writer's involvement in the upcoming Tomb Raider series.
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The upcoming Indiana Jones movie is expected to be overshadowed by Phoebe Waller Bridge's character, who is portrayed as a better female successor.
Test screenings indicate that the movie might be a flop.
There are talks of changing the ending due to negative feedback.
Sneak peeks and reviews suggest that the concerns raised during test screenings were true.
A clip from the movie showcases a high-speed chase and Phoebe Waller Bridge's character displaying independence and self-sufficiency.
The video criticizes the portrayal of Indiana Jones in the upcoming movie and questions why Harrison Ford would participate in it.
The video suggests that Lara Croft's character has been changed from a grave robber to a protector of artifacts.
The video criticizes Harrison Ford for destroying his own legacy by participating in a movie that mocks his iconic character.
Screenshots from the movie are shown, with one line of dialogue suggesting a focus on capitalism.
The video mentions the high budget of the movie, comparing it to other expensive films.
The reviewer criticizes the fifth installment of Indiana Jones, stating that it lacks the spark of the original films and laments the transformation of the character.
The reviewer rates the film two out of five, considering it a shabby counterfeit of a priceless treasure.
Tom Cruise is cited as an example of an actor who continues to excel in his older age, while Harrison Ford's role as Indiana Jones is seen as desecrated.
The reviewer attributes the decline in quality to woke writers who struggle to navigate certain stories and often exhibit a dislike for the characters they write for.
The video criticizes the transformation of Lara Croft's character from a rebellious, thrill-seeking adventurer to a "Goody Two-Shoes" with a desire to help people and protect artifacts.
Classic Lara Croft was a rebel who lived for adventure and thrill.
She had questionable intentions and flaws like overconfidence and arrogance.
The new version of Lara Croft is portrayed as a wannabe savior with daddy issues.
She is now focused on helping people and returning artifacts, which is not in line with her established character.
The speaker expresses disappointment with the woke approach taken in the Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider series.
The speaker believes that the rights to the series should have been sold to someone who appreciates the source material.
The speaker mentions the negative reception from critics towards woke content.
Phoebe Waller Bridge is mentioned as the writer for the next Tomb Raider series, which the speaker believes will be trash.
The speaker expresses sadness and describes the situation as tragic for Indiana Jones.
Mainstream audiences are becoming tired of the woke approach, which the speaker finds embarrassing.
00:00the test screenings already told us this
00:02that the Indiana Jones upcoming movie is
00:06going to be an absolute flop Phoebe
00:09Waller Bridge's character is going to
00:12overshadow Indy himself be the better
00:15female successor if you will as we keep
00:19seeing over and over and over again in
00:22these established properties with male
00:25leads we see it all the time with the
00:27MCU we're now seeing it with Indiana
00:30Jones this was called I made a video
00:32about this even if people were like hey
00:35the test screenings people hated it and
00:37then the response was oh wait we didn't
00:39do any test screenings that wasn't real
00:42what are you talking about talks of
00:44changing the ending all kinds of stuff
00:46has been a giant mess but sure enough
00:48now that we have more stuff that has
00:50dropped like little sneak peeks and
00:52clips and now we're starting to see some
00:57safe to say this stuff was true so let's
01:00go ahead and dive into this uh first I
01:03wanted to show this clip I'm I'm not
01:06gonna play it because I don't want to
01:08get copyright
01:11all that kind of stuff which happens
01:13every time but as you guys know I do dub
01:16these sometimes so I will do that so
01:19anyway here is CH imagine the cheesiest
01:22Disney Channel original background music
01:24in this
01:27oh hey what are you doing how can you do
01:32this what
01:34to support your father oh really really
01:38now how is she doing that you know you
01:40don't need this boom guns shoot high
01:44speed chase how do you even live with
01:47yourself huh what do you mean me being
01:50beautiful and perfect and amazing and
01:52Rich and successful and independent
01:54woman who don't need no man what are you
01:56talking about room vroom vroom okay and
02:01then the chase continues
02:03stuff happens
02:06then she makes a comment about hey you
02:09stole from indigenous people
02:14to Monroe roll roll it roll in the the
02:18coffin for Indiana Jones he can join
02:22Lara Croft to now according to Canon you
02:26know where she used to be a grave robber
02:28and proud of it and you know lived life
02:31on the edge and now she is a protector
02:34of artifacts who
02:36you know restores artifacts and gives
02:39them back to the people that they belong
02:42to mm-hmm
02:43that's what happens when you woke wash
02:45everything so one thing I want to
02:49understand too with Indiana Jones
02:50specifically or in this case with
02:53Indiana Jones well with Harrison Ford
02:55what is up with Harrison Ford absolutely
02:59destroying his own legacy absolutely
03:02making a mockery of his legacy he should
03:06have looked at this script and said no
03:08thank you Bob
03:10I mean did he really need the money that
03:12bad like why are you going to
03:15participate in that with this with Star
03:17Wars all that kind of stuff your
03:19legendary iconic characters dude
03:23why why you gonna let this happen it's
03:27it he's being cooked in his own
03:29properties this is just what it feels
03:31like it's hard to watch so here's some
03:33screenshots and uh this guy here says
03:36this movie is going to be
03:38catastrophically bad
03:40okay here you have Anita Jones saying
03:43you stole it
03:45then you stole it
03:47and then I stole it it's called
03:57the cringe is real
03:59uh okay according to Forbes the Indiana
04:02Jones and the dial of Destiny budget is
04:05294.7 million dollars
04:09the eighth
04:11movie of all time right behind Justice
04:13League and the Pirates of the Caribbean
04:15outworlds and about 300 million for
04:19comparison the most expensive movie of
04:21all oh my gosh
04:26that's funny
04:29I want to know what the replies are to
04:31this so it's like
04:34that's true but that's that's funny
04:39that's still hilarious and then we have
04:41a critical Drinker here who shared this
04:43this is a review
04:45uh it says Indiana Jones and the dial of
04:48Destiny cans review a Shabby counterfeit
04:52of Priceless treasure two out of five I
04:57think at two seems pretty generous based
05:00on just what we've seen so far Ford
05:02gives it his all but while the three
05:04original films moved like page Turners
05:07this fifth installment is painfully
05:10short of spark that's the thing is why
05:14you see people like Tom Cruise
05:16continuing his legacy continuing
05:18franchises in his older age and killing
05:22it doing an amazing job what this is
05:25just sad that this is what has happened
05:28to Harrison Ford's roles and Indiana
05:31Jones just so legendary dude
05:36ah just desecrated it
05:39I think that's one reason you know
05:41speaking of like Tomb Raider and stuff
05:42earlier too is that woke people and
05:45that's who's responsible for a lot of
05:47current writing and stuff like that
05:49going on uh with movies TV shows and
05:52video games even all of it is that uh
05:56the people writing for these are very
05:58woke and
06:00they have a hard time navigating certain
06:03stories and you'll see that they
06:05actually hate the characters that
06:08they're writing for you see this with
06:10Batman like they hate him and so they
06:13will just poke fun at him
06:16humiliate him at any opportunity that
06:19they get or to try to paint him to be
06:21the bad guy that's exactly what's going
06:23on here with Indiana Jones and with Tomb
06:25Raider instead of going that route uh
06:28they just changed her completely changed
06:30her motivations completely changed
06:32everything about her character from the
06:34way that she looks the way that she acts
06:36the way that she talks everything about
06:38her they make her unrecognizable and
06:41they completely transform her
06:44motivations even you look at actual
06:46classic Lara Croft okay she was a rebel
06:50she wanted to live a life of adventure
06:54for the fun of it it was for the thrill
06:57she was just kind of like psychotic in
06:59that way to where she needed to be
07:01putting her life in danger and get the
07:03thrill out of it and adrenaline junkie
07:05to the max that was what she lived for
07:07and so much to the point to where her
07:10parents disowned her and she just
07:12continued that lifestyle just a
07:13rambunctious chaotic lifestyle she was a
07:18grave robber Unapologetic about it did
07:20whatever she did for the fun of it
07:22whether that be do good things or do bad
07:24things it was just whatever uh was in
07:28her best interest at the time she was
07:30like a sociopath in a way and that's
07:32part of what made her so fun she also
07:35was the like leap before you look type I
07:38just mentioned this on my Instagram
07:39Stories the other day when I showed a
07:41scene from Lara Croft on the quad bike
07:43in Nevada that when she just drives over
07:46the fence Falls and knocks herself out
07:49so that's how she was and that was her
07:51weakness she wasn't a Mary Sue in the
07:53fact that first of all her intentions
07:55were questionable a lot of times and
07:59her overconfidence and her arrogance is
08:03what were flaws for her and got her in
08:06trouble so you've seen a complete
08:08transformation from that into oh wait
08:11let's make her want to help people now
08:13let's make her just be a wannabe savior
08:16Goody Two-Shoes with daddy issues
08:18obsessed with her parents which is a
08:21totally not in line with how her
08:23character was established to be and then
08:27uh let's make her a protector of
08:30artifacts now she needs to recover them
08:33and and and give them back to the people
08:35that they belong okay
08:38ah it's just awful this is what woke
08:42stuff does does to some of our favorite
08:44franchises transforms them beyond
08:46recognition it's like well if you're
08:48woke and you don't want to make this
08:50kind of story then why don't you let a
08:52writer who appreciates it do it why do
08:55you gotta just change everything I know
08:57it's not the writer it's honestly the
08:58people who have the rights to it but
09:00it's like then sell the rights sell the
09:03rights to somebody who appreciates The
09:06Source material and who isn't afraid to
09:08write a fun and exciting story based
09:11around it without making the character
09:13have to fit all your all your commie
09:16ideals I don't know what the crap and so
09:19anyway we have yellow flash here who
09:21shared this uh he says this time I
09:24actually believe the critics and those
09:26shows are 50 dude that's sad if the
09:29critics are hating on it
09:31on something woke like this that is not
09:35good okay and then he made his uh video
09:38and Link here which I encourage you
09:40check it out yellow flash is amazing
09:42here's something else and I know I keep
09:44bringing things back to Tomb Raider but
09:46it's like Phoebe Waller Bridge right
09:49here right
09:50the uh oh yes it's called capitalism uh
09:56the uh you stole you steal from the
10:00indigenous people her
10:03she has a special reminder because I
10:06made a video about this but let me
10:07remind you guys she is writing the next
10:09Tomb Raider series because there is a
10:11series in development with Amazon right
10:15it's gonna be trash
10:17oh it's all gonna be trash you hate to
10:19see it I'd rather see Tomb Raider just
10:21buried and gone than that honestly I'm
10:24still convinced that Tomb Raider died
10:26with Tomb Raider last revelation
10:29that's just how it is but anyway I need
10:31to you staying on topic here this is sad
10:35to see happen to Indiana Jones it's
10:37tragic and yeah until they stop making
10:40money which is starting to happen
10:41because we've been tired of it for a
10:44long time but now when mainstream Peeps
10:45are getting tired of it hmm
10:48that's embarrassing but anyway there you
10:52have it for today's video thank you all
10:54so much for hanging out with me today I
10:55will catch you next time in the meantime
10:57go boom
11:06I'm here
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is there a negative response to the upcoming Indiana Jones movie?

The negative response to the upcoming Indiana Jones movie is due to the introduction of a new female character overshadowing the original character, and the perceived destruction of Harrison Ford's legacy.

2. What is the focus of the criticism towards the upcoming Indiana Jones movie?

The criticism is focused on the introduction of a new female character overshadowing the original character and the perceived destruction of Harrison Ford's legacy, as well as the transformation of beloved franchises through woke storytelling.

3. How does the cost of the movie contribute to the belief that it may be a flop?

The cost of the movie and early reviews further contribute to the belief that the film may be a flop, adding to the negative response and criticism surrounding the upcoming Indiana Jones movie.

4. What are the key factors contributing to the negative response to the upcoming Indiana Jones movie?

The introduction of a new female character overshadowing the original character, the perceived destruction of Harrison Ford's legacy, the transformation of beloved franchises through woke storytelling, the cost of the movie, and early reviews are the key factors contributing to the negative response.

5. Why do some perceive the upcoming Indiana Jones movie as a potential flop?

The potential for the film to be a flop is based on the negative response to the introduction of a new female character overshadowing the original character, the perceived destruction of Harrison Ford's legacy, the transformation of beloved franchises through woke storytelling, the cost of the movie, and early reviews.

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