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This video showcases an incredibly powerful dagger bleed build for Patch 1.09 in Elden Ring. The build utilizes the bloodstain dagger and blood tax Ash of war for high blood loss buildup and damage. The build also focuses on stealth critical strikes and close combat for maximum damage output.
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This section introduces a dagger build in Elden Ring, focusing on the Bloodstain Dagger as a powerful weapon that can be obtained early in the game.
The Bloodstain Dagger can be farmed from a specific enemy in Weeping Peninsula.
The build relies on stealth, critical strikes, and close proximity to enemies for maximum damage.
The drop rate for the Bloodstain Dagger is decent, taking around 50 tries to obtain two daggers.
This section discusses the stats and scaling of two daggers, the armor set used for aesthetics and a specific piece for increased attack power, and the Talisman lineup for the build.
The first dagger has Arcane scaling of B, strength scaling of D, and deck scaling of E, with a blood loss buildup of 85.
The second dagger, equipped with the blood tax Ash of War, has strength scaling of B, deck scaling of D, and Arcane scaling of D, with a blood loss buildup of 113.
The white mask armor piece provides +10 attack power for 20 seconds when blood loss occurs nearby.
The rest of the armor (Bloodhound Knight armor, Exile gauntlets, and nox Greaves) is purely aesthetic.
The Talisman lineup, starting with the green turtle, is discussed as a key component of the build.
The video explains a dagger bleed build in Elden Ring, where the Talisman is used to restore HP with successive attacks.
Daggers restore a flat amount of health and a percentage based on Vigor level after seven attacks.
The Talisman is chosen because it allows for quick health restoration during continuous attacking.
The Dagger Talisman increases critical damage by 17, making it a significant boost.
The stamina Talisman is chosen for this build, but the taker's Cameo can be used for more health restoration.
This section discusses the benefits of using the dagger in the Elden Ring game.
Attacking with the dagger grants an immediate 13% attack power boost due to its fast attack speed.
The thorny cracked flask temporarily boosts successive attack power, providing a damage increase of 9%, 13%, and 20%.
The green spill Crystal flask increases max stamina by 15% for three minutes, which is useful for the high stamina consumption of daggers.
This section discusses the effectiveness of a bleed build in Elden Ring and suggests using summons that can proc bleed for a damage boost.
The build is incredibly fun and allows you to run through the game easily as many bosses and NPCs are susceptible to bleed.
Using summons that can proc bleed will give you a damage boost and make it easier to defeat bosses and NPCs.
Various summons like the pumpkin head ashes, vulgar militia ashes, mimic tier, and Bloodhound Knight flow can be used for bleed damage.
00:00so I've been able to put together a
00:01daggers build that I think you guys are
00:03going to like and it is really really
00:05good so let's get right into it welcome
00:08back to the channel everybody thank you
00:09so much for clicking on the video I do
00:10appreciate it we're going to go over
00:11everything you possibly need to know for
00:13this build from weapons armor Talisman
00:15stats everything there will be a full
00:17breakdown at the end of the video for
00:18every single tier of stats between 50
00:20100 and 150 so make sure to stay tuned
00:23for that but we are going to go ahead
00:24and get started with the weapons because
00:26I think this is really really important
00:27you can get these weapons
00:28extraordinarily early in the game and
00:30you can start playing and building this
00:32build up really as you get into weeping
00:34Peninsula it's a really fun build to
00:35play with you do a lot of damage very
00:37very quickly there is one drawback which
00:40we're going to talk about in the middle
00:41of this video but besides that
00:43everything else in this build is super
00:45super fun to play it relies heavily on
00:47stealth critical strikes and being very
00:51very very close to enemies and bosses so
00:53you can get as much damage as humanly
00:55possible out onto these enemies so we're
00:57going to be using the bloodstain dagger
00:59I didn't even know this dagger existed
01:01until I tried to do a build based on
01:03daggers and I found that this could
01:05actually be dropped from one of the
01:07enemies in Weeping Peninsula and it's
01:08very farmable and the grace is very
01:10close to the enemy you're going to be
01:11farming you're going to start off at the
01:13south of the lookout tower side of Grace
01:14and you're just gonna run West right to
01:16the bridge where there's going to be one
01:18of these big beefy Demi humans and
01:20you're going to kill him over and over
01:21and over again until this dagger drops
01:23it only took me about 50 tries to get
01:26two daggers so it's not a horrible drop
01:28rate but it is a very very good weapon
01:30so let's go over why it's so good
01:31especially in the early game it has
01:33innate blood loss build up already on it
01:35the only other dagger that I know of
01:37that has blood loss on it this early in
01:39the game is the reduvia and you can only
01:40get one of those in your first
01:42playthrough and you have to either have
01:43someone drop it for you or go through
01:45the second playthrough and get a second
01:46reduvia with this you can get two
01:48daggers that have blood loss build up on
01:50them already right at the beginning of
01:51the game so I changed this dagger a
01:53little bit because I put assassin's
01:54Gambit on it this is going to allow you
01:56to be almost invisible to the enemy and
01:58have no footsteps sound so you can get
01:59in for those really good critical hits
02:01it has an Arcane scaling of b a strength
02:03scaling of d and a deck scaling of e and
02:06it's also going to have blood loss build
02:07up as 85. now moving on to the second
02:09dagger I have it equipped with the blood
02:10tax Ash of war and you're going to have
02:12a strength scaling of b a deck scaling
02:14of D and an Arcane scaling of D but the
02:17reason that I put a blood Affinity on
02:19this weapon is because its blood loss
02:21buildup is gonna go from 85 all the way
02:23up to 113 giving us blood procs a lot
02:26faster especially when we're hitting in
02:28Rapid succession with this dagger now
02:30moving on to the armor the drip of this
02:32set is absolutely phenomenal I think I
02:35look amazing in this set if I don't say
02:37so myself so we do have one piece of
02:39armor here that actually does serve a
02:41purpose the rest is just for Aesthetics
02:43and I think overall looks great so the
02:45white mask is actually the piece of
02:47armor that we have a reason to be
02:48wearing once blood loss occurs in the
02:50vicinity we get a plus 10 attack power
02:53for 20 seconds which is going to allow
02:55us to pump out a ton more damage now if
02:57you are using this build for PVP just
02:59note that it does go down to six percent
03:01in PvP because of the most recent patch
03:041.09 so just keep that at the Forefront
03:06of your mind if you're trying to take
03:06this build into PVP the next pieces of
03:08armor that we're going to be using is
03:09the Bloodhound Knight armor the Exile
03:11gauntlets and the nox Greaves all these
03:14are purely aesthetic but I do think they
03:16pulled together the idea of an assassin
03:18very very well in Eldon ring so if you
03:20guys have some different armor sets that
03:22you think should be an assassin leave it
03:23down in the comments below I'd love to
03:24hear about it love to try them out
03:25myself moving on to what makes this
03:27build work so well and that's the
03:29Talisman lineup that we're currently
03:31using the first housing we're going to
03:32talk about here is the green turtle
03:33Talisman using daggers is going to eat
03:36up so much stamina that if you don't
03:38have an exorbitant amount of endurance
03:40you're gonna need to use some form of
03:42stamina Talisman I'm using the green
03:44turtle Talisman because it's going to
03:46raise my stamina recovery speed by 8 per
03:48second which is a 17.7 percent increase
03:51which is going to help me out a ton
03:52because typically while I'm playing this
03:54build I go into a ton of attacking and
03:56then I back off to get my stamina back
03:58this just allows me to get that stamina
03:59back that much quicker so I can get back
04:01in The Fray and start doing more damage
04:03our second Talisman is going to be the
04:04gauzekin swaddling cloth this is going
04:06to restore HP with successive attacks so
04:09we need to break this down a little bit
04:11because it works differently with
04:13different weapons different Vigor levels
04:15there's just a ton that goes into this
04:16and I'm just going to give you a very
04:18very easy crash course long story short
04:20how this Talisman works when you start
04:22getting your health back and for daggers
04:25that's after seven attacks you are going
04:27to get a flat amount of Health back and
04:29a percentage based off where your Vigor
04:31is currently at so for our Vigor level
04:34we are going to be getting a flat 30
04:35Health back and three percent on top of
04:38that if you have a higher Vigor level
04:40then you will get more Health back and a
04:42larger percent based off your Vigor
04:44level but overall the reason that we're
04:46using this Talisman is because we are in
04:48The Fray a ton we are attacking a ton
04:50and we're going to be taking a lot of
04:52damage so because we're not using
04:53something to negate that damage like a
04:55Dragon shield Talisman we are going to
04:57be getting Health back very very quickly
04:59when we are continually attacking so I
05:01love this Talisman I think it's really
05:03really nice if you did want to get more
05:05Health back you could replace the
05:07stamina Talisman with the taker's Cameo
05:09which restores health when you defeat
05:11enemies so you'll just be getting a lot
05:13of Health back instead of just a smaller
05:15percentage but overall I did choose the
05:17stamina towels and because we really
05:18needed it for this build our third
05:20talism is going to be the dagger
05:21Talisman now this one is a really
05:22interesting one because I hadn't really
05:24focused on backstabs or critical hits a
05:26lot in any of my past playthroughs or
05:27bills but this Talisman is going to
05:29increase our critical damage by 17 so
05:32that's any Parry any backstab anytime
05:35you get a Critical Strike this is going
05:37to be a 17 damage increase which is
05:40absolutely massive I don't know if you
05:41remember the very beginning of the video
05:42where I stabbed that Knight's Cavalry in
05:45the chest on the ground but it took half
05:46of his health off which was absolutely
05:48incredible so this is definitely a
05:50really cool Talisman to use a very
05:51unique Talisman and kind of a niche
05:53Talisman but it works very well with our
05:54dagger build moving on to our fourth and
05:56final Talisman this last Talisman is an
05:58absolute must for any bill that's in
05:59attacking in Rapid succession we are
06:01going to be using the rotten Wings sword
06:03Insignia which is going to greatly
06:04increase our attack power with
06:06successive attacks now there are three
06:07different tiers to the attack power
06:09boost that you get depending on how many
06:10hits you get on the target the first is
06:13six percent the second tier is eight
06:15percent and the third tier is 13 when
06:18you are attacking as fast as we are with
06:19dagger you will immediately get a 13
06:21attack power boost the second you start
06:25attacking because you're hitting so fast
06:27you don't even have time to get the six
06:28or eight percent so it just goes right
06:30to the final percentage with the attack
06:32power boost which is really awesome and
06:34it is definitely worth it with this
06:36build if you don't have the rotten Wing
06:37sword Insignia you can use Milton's
06:39prosthesis as a replacement but this is
06:41what I have because I feel it's the
06:42better of the two let's move into our
06:44flask of Wonders physics so we're gonna
06:45be using the thorny cracked here which
06:47is going to temporarily boost successive
06:48attack power this is going to give you a
06:50really really good attack power boost
06:52because we are attacking so often it's
06:54going to stack very very fast and you're
06:55going to get a damage increase by nine
06:57percent 13 and 20 and this also is going
07:01to stack with the winged sword Insignia
07:03and Millicent's prosthesis if you decide
07:04to use that as well so this is
07:06definitely a solid option for us it's
07:07going to help us pump out way more
07:09damage than we typically would without
07:10it now the second tier we're using is
07:12going to be the green spill Crystal tier
07:13now this is going to actually increase
07:15our stamina and like we talked about
07:16before we are going to need an increase
07:18of stamina because daggers really chew
07:20up your stamina the green spill Crystal
07:22tier is going to give you a 15 increase
07:24to your max stamina for three minutes so
07:27this is definitely a really good buff
07:28for us and it's going to last a while
07:29typically you are not going to be
07:31fighting a boss for three minutes unless
07:33it's something like the Eldon beast but
07:34that being said this is definitely a
07:36solid choice for us when it comes to our
07:38flask wonders physic it's just going to
07:39allow us to get more damage out so
07:41before we get into the summons I do want
07:42to just mention a few things about this
07:44build that make it a little bit more
07:45difficult to play than let's say other
07:47builds that I've done before first off
07:49with daggers you have to be extremely
07:51close to your enemies which means your
07:53Dodges have to be absolutely perfect and
07:55you have to be able to anticipate when
07:57the attacks are coming as well as when
07:59when you can actually attack with these
08:01daggers because you're gonna have to
08:02close some distance to actually attack
08:03the bosses and the NPCs in this game the
08:06other thing that I've noticed is when
08:07you go up against really beefy enemies
08:09like the Stone Giant you just saw in
08:10this video your daggers are going to
08:12bounce right off so unless you're doing
08:13heavy attacks you're not going to be
08:15able to do as much flurry damage as you
08:17normally would on a boss that actually
08:19allows you to hit them in Rapid
08:21succession but besides those only two
08:22critiques this build is incredibly fun
08:24and I think you should definitely try it
08:26out because you're going to be able to
08:27just run through the game as a lot of
08:29bosses and NPCs are susceptible to bleed
08:31and lastly let's go ahead and get into
08:32our summons so I'm not going to spend a
08:34ton of time on this because overall all
08:36you want is a summon that's going to be
08:37able to proc bleed for you because
08:39that's going to allow your mask to also
08:41proc to give you a damage boost so
08:43whether you're procking the bleed or
08:45your summon is procking a bleed either
08:46way you're going to be getting that
08:47damage boost and the more bleed procs
08:49that are going around the better you're
08:51going to do against bosses and NPCs
08:52within Elden ring so for example you can
08:54use something like the pumpkin head
08:56ashes the vulgar militia ashes obviously
08:58since you are blood build you could use
09:00your mimic tier and then also I believe
09:02the Bloodhound Knight flow is also going
09:05to do bleed damage as well so any of
09:07those would work for you and I think you
09:08should definitely be checking those out
09:09because they're going to make things
09:10easier on you overall if you don't want
09:12to use summons guess what this build
09:13doesn't require to use them because you
09:14typically kill everything so fast that
09:16you don't really need them in general so
09:18that's gonna be it for the Dual dagger
09:19bleed build guys I hope you enjoyed it I
09:21am going to leave stats on the screen
09:23right now first I'll leave the stats for
09:2550 100 and 150 just so you guys can see
09:27exactly how to allocate your stats on
09:29your leveling journey and then I'll also
09:31show my stats currently on the screen
09:33right now I am currently level 140 and I
09:36have put most of my stats into Arcane
09:39Vigor and endurance so hope this helps
09:41you out guys I really enjoyed making
09:42this build I actually love playing as
09:44this build so I'm probably going to
09:45stick with this build on this character
09:46for a while and I'm going to be working
09:48on some other builds here really really
09:49soon so make sure to stay tuned for that
09:51I have long form videos coming out with
09:53builds and Elden ring content every
09:54Monday and Friday and then I have
09:56YouTube shorts coming out every single
09:57day multiple times a day with different
09:59armor set that's content for Elden ring
10:01and we are moving into some breath of
10:02the wild tears of the Kingdom content
10:04next month so I hope you guys are
10:05excited for that if you have not
10:06subscribed please hit that subscribe
10:08button hit the Bell notification so you
10:09know when I make more content I do
10:10appreciate each and every one of you so
10:12until next time guys stay safe enjoy the
10:14game and I'll see you in the next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does the bloodstain dagger bleed build work in Patch 1.09 of Elden Ring?

The bloodstain dagger bleed build in Patch 1.09 of Elden Ring focuses on utilizing the bloodstain dagger and blood tax Ash of war for high blood loss buildup and damage. The build also emphasizes stealth critical strikes and close combat for maximum damage output.

2. What are the key components of the powerful dagger bleed build for Patch 1.09 in Elden Ring?

The key components of the powerful dagger bleed build for Patch 1.09 in Elden Ring are the bloodstain dagger, blood tax Ash of war, and the strategy of focusing on stealth critical strikes and close combat for maximum damage output.

3. How does the bloodstain dagger and blood tax Ash of war contribute to the high blood loss buildup and damage in the build?

The bloodstain dagger and blood tax Ash of war contribute to the high blood loss buildup and damage in the build by providing the necessary tools and effects to maximize blood loss and damage over time, leading to a powerful bleeding effect on the enemies.

4. What are the advantages of using the bloodstain dagger bleed build in Patch 1.09 of Elden Ring?

The advantages of using the bloodstain dagger bleed build in Patch 1.09 of Elden Ring include high blood loss buildup and damage, the ability to deal with enemies using stealth critical strikes, and the effectiveness in close combat scenarios.

5. How can players optimize the use of the bloodstain dagger bleed build for Patch 1.09 in Elden Ring?

Players can optimize the use of the bloodstain dagger bleed build for Patch 1.09 in Elden Ring by mastering the strategy of stealth critical strikes, maximizing the effects of bloodstain dagger and blood tax Ash of war, and focusing on close combat for maximum damage output.

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