💫 Summary
The video provides an inside look at the speaker's experience in Andrew Tate's $5,000 War Room for one year, discussing the types of individuals and businesses encountered, the controversial topic of making money through unethical means, and the reason for the speaker's subsequent expulsion from the War Room for failing to renew their membership.
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The video discusses the experience of being in Andrew Tate's War Room for one year, including the process of joining and getting kicked out.
The narrator joined the War Room by contacting support and paying.
It took a day for the narrator to be added to the chats and groups.
The narrator initially panicked and contacted the support person to confirm it was not a scam.
The narrator shares his first impressions of the people he met at the war room meeting.
The narrator witnessed a man struggling to pay for parking with multiple declined cards.
One person at the meeting was making money by selling pictures of women.
Another individual was making money through a software company as a salesman.
The fourth person was seeking a sales job and needed help attracting more clients.
The speaker joined the War Room expecting to learn from others, but ended up being asked for help instead.
Some members of the War Room were making money through OnlyFans.
The speaker complained about constantly being asked for help.
They wanted to be in a group where they were the least knowledgeable to facilitate personal growth.
The speaker discusses the comparison between drop shipping and OnlyFans, highlighting the ethical concerns of the latter.
Drop shipping and e-commerce involve selling useful products, while OnlyFans is seen as a Haram (forbidden) way of making money.
The speaker emphasizes that making money through Haram means goes against religious teachings.
The environment of the War Room was centered around drinking alcohol, which the speaker abstained from due to their religious beliefs.
The speaker discusses the need to not worship or hold high regards for individuals, including Andrew Tate, and mentions that the War Room is being joined by beginners and people in poverty hoping it will save them.
Emphasizes that individuals like Andrew Tate should not be worshipped or held in high regard.
Mentions that the War Room is being joined by beginners and people in poverty hoping it will save them.
The speaker explains that they got kicked out of the War Room because they didn't renew their membership by paying the required fee.
The speaker didn't want to attach themselves to a group with values they didn't agree with.
The War Room admin asked the speaker to pay the membership fee, but they chose not to renew.
The speaker emphasizes that they didn't do anything bad, it was just a matter of circumstances.
00:00the only reason why I'm making this
00:01video right now is because I already got
00:03kicked out of the entire war room after
00:05one full year so I'm gonna show you the
00:07exact experience I had inside the war
00:09room after literally one year bro and
00:11then also I'll reveal to you the reason
00:12like the exact reason why I got banned
00:14from the war room or just kicked out not
00:16bad but kicked out and no this is not
00:17gonna be a bias video I'm not gonna put
00:19like any freaking affiliate Link in the
00:21description even though if I do that
00:22like I'll be making good money from it I
00:23just don't want this video to be like me
00:25making it just because of like wanting
00:26to make money from the war room as an
00:28affiliate I'm literally keeping this
00:29entire thing fully honest and I'll be
00:31giving you my exact opinion that's
00:32unbiased okay okay so the first thing I
00:34actually joined the War Room back in
00:36March 2022 and listen like back then it
00:38was actually a bit easier to join like
00:39nowadays I'm hearing people when they go
00:41and talk to the chat person the chat
00:42person is like trying to like disqualify
00:44them or trying to tell them that you
00:45don't fit inside the wall room and stuff
00:47like that no like for me when I joined
00:48all I did was just basically this so I
00:50went to the telegram chat I went to the
00:52guy to support and I was just like hello
00:54mister may I please join the war room
00:56please Mr can I join the war room and he
00:58was like okay hey so I paid and that's
01:01it I was in like I didn't have to do
01:02anything else but what's funny is I
01:04remember back then I was actually kind
01:05of panicking because when I first joined
01:06I was like okay so what do I do now it
01:08took them a whole freaking day to
01:09finally like put me inside the chats and
01:11the groups so the whole time I'm like
01:12contacting the guy I was like sir this
01:14is no scam right obviously I wasn't
01:16talking like that but you know what I
01:17mean So eventually they actually added
01:19me into the group chat after a whole day
01:21and I'm like bro I was so excited in the
01:23beginning but when I first joined I was
01:27I was like okay guys where's that
01:29where's the action where's the videos
01:30where's the knowledge where's everything
01:32so that was me on day one I was actually
01:33kind of like freaking underwhelmed right
01:35but listen listen bro I'm actually like
01:37not an Android Hater at all like I'm
01:38actually a big fan of Android T like a
01:40freaking Android T came to like ask for
01:42my daughter's hand for marriage
01:43obviously I'd be like okay are you
01:45praying good do you follow the Sunnah of
01:47a prophet and all that stuff but
01:48eventually I'd be like okay if he says
01:50yes to that I'd actually give him my
01:51daughter like it's fine but bro like
01:52when I first joined the war room I was
01:54actually pretty underwhelmed I was like
01:55like what is this so obviously I can't
01:57show you everything in the war room
01:58because like you do have to sign like an
01:59NDA or an agreement form that basically
02:01says if you reveal anything in the war
02:03room like you are liable to be sued for
02:05like one million dollars or something
02:07like that but like as you know the war
02:08room is just basically just a bunch of
02:10telegram chats so there's like a chat
02:11for like business or like a chat for
02:13girls or like a chat for money a chat
02:15for a freelance a chat for fitness and
02:17all that stuff but the very first thing
02:18that made you do is that they told you
02:20you have to be watching this movie now I
02:22can't really reveal which movie it is
02:23but I freaking hate movies I don't like
02:25watching movies at all especially if I'm
02:26gonna wash them by myself like I hate
02:28freaking sitting through watching movies
02:30it's such a depressing thing to do but
02:31anyway like I forced myself to watch
02:32this whole movie and it's funny because
02:34the movie has like 33 on Rotten Tomatoes
02:36But like after watching it they're like
02:38okay now you need to be meeting with the
02:40other G's in the war room like having
02:41like a real life meeting with them
02:43because what they tell you is that the
02:44telegram chats they're basically like
02:46the tip of the iceberg like you won't
02:47really experience the most benefit of
02:49the War Room just through sitting
02:50through the chats like you want you want
02:51benefit only from that what you need to
02:53be doing is like meeting up with other
02:55G's as they say other G's and then that
02:57is where the real magic begins because
02:59through networking then you'll actually
03:00be benefiting from the people so here's
03:02what happened I went to my first meeting
03:03like my first dinner the one I went to
03:05was actually pretty small it was just me
03:06and three other people or actually four
03:08other people but what's so funny is that
03:10when I first went I parked the car right
03:11like I parked I paid for parking but
03:13this this guy comes out the first the
03:15first G I meet he comes out he was a bit
03:17of an older man like he wasn't like a
03:19guy my age but he was a bit older he
03:20went and he was paying for the parking
03:22and what's funny is that I paid and I
03:24finished right but then he goes and he
03:25pays and it's like I'm I'm right next to
03:27him okay what's up brother I'm right
03:29next to him he's paying and then his car
03:30declines and then he's like okay let me
03:32try another card he pays the next car
03:34declines again and then I'm like
03:36I'm like the Advil it probably hit in my
03:39head I'm like brother do you need any
03:40help with the with the payment he's like
03:42no I got this I'm like freaking after
03:43the fourth card finally he pays for the
03:45parking and that was my first first
03:47impression on the entire war room it was
03:50so funny so then eventually we sat with
03:52the people so I learned that one guy who
03:53was actually making money from selling
03:55pictures of women apparently was making
03:58pretty good money from that that's the
03:59first thing I saw the second guy who was
04:01making money from like a software
04:02company who was basically like their
04:03salesman and then the third guy he was
04:05looking for a sales job he was begging
04:07bro he was like I need the sales job I
04:08didn't have a sales job my rent is due
04:10it this month and then this month and
04:11all that stuff and then the fourth guy
04:12which is the older guy I was basically
04:13helping him out into like how to get
04:15more clients to his business and all
04:17that stuff like this little method of
04:18how to attract more clients and close
04:20more clients and everything so I was
04:21hoping that I was doing like proper
04:23stuff I was giving value to people right
04:24so my first impression of the war room
04:26is just like Okay so this guy's making
04:27money in the Haram way this guy is
04:29looking for a job this guy like he needs
04:31value I'm trying to give him value and
04:32this guy who's like my age who is like
04:34doing good for a sales company or not a
04:36sales company he was just doing good in
04:37terms of sales High ticket sales for a
04:39software company I'm like this is pretty
04:40interesting but then the second the
04:41second meeting I went to which was like
04:42the bigger meeting like it had actually
04:44a lot of people I went to it I met up
04:45with a lot of people right and that's
04:46when I was doing my Etsy like when I
04:48told them about about my Etsy like they
04:50were pretty shocked they were like bro
04:51like you need to talk to us more about
04:52Etsy like how are you making this much
04:53money on Etsy and all that stuff and
04:55then I told them like I basically almost
04:56like shared everything I know but I was
04:58sitting there and I was thinking of like
04:59to my left there is this guy who's like
05:01so jacked freaking on steroids even
05:03admitted to being on steroids but he was
05:04making his money from only fans right
05:06and then I looked to my right and this
05:07other guy who was like I'm like how do
05:09you make your money bro well he asked me
05:10first I was how do you make her money it
05:11was like I I make my money from Reddit
05:13where I get traffic for about it to my
05:15only fans and that's how I make my money
05:16and then look okay interesting only fans
05:18only fans I'm like how do you make your
05:19money he's like oh I have like a webcam
05:21I'm like interesting how do you make
05:22your money he's like oh I just basically
05:24sell digital products on Tick Tock I'm
05:26like finally it's a freaking guy who
05:27makes his money not from only fans and
05:29then I look at this guy I'm like how do
05:30you freaking make your money and then he
05:31was like well I don't that's why I was
05:32asking you on telegram can you please
05:33help me with this this and that he
05:35basically wanted some help on like the
05:36thing I talked about remember that video
05:38where I was like you can make money from
05:39eBay if you're completely fully broke
05:40you can just stuff there so that's what
05:42he wanted to know and I was broke like
05:43I'm sitting in the meetings and this
05:44guy's making money from only fans this
05:46guy's making money for only fans like as
05:47you know like I'm a Muslim right like I
05:49don't want to be around people who are
05:50like you could say pimps or people who
05:52are like in sin right I'm pretty sure if
05:55you're a Muslim you would know what I
05:56mean like you don't want to be
05:57surrounded in that type of environment
05:58that was kind of like my impression on
05:59the War Room like yeah people are making
06:01money and stuff some of them are making
06:02money and the way they're making money
06:03is just through only fans and some of
06:05them the way that they're making money
06:06is just they're not making money they're
06:07freaking broke and they want to ask you
06:08for help so that's what happened so when
06:10I finished that meeting when I finished
06:11it I went back home and the next day
06:13obviously they would message you and
06:14that they would be like oh we appreciate
06:15you coming thank you for the help and
06:17all that stuff but then it's like I
06:18noticed like a few days after they would
06:19keep asking you for help and it's like
06:21what I know this and I kind of I did
06:22complain about this inside the world so
06:24they kind of got upset at me at this
06:26right they keep asking me for help and I
06:27don't mind that like I freaking I helped
06:29a lot like as you know on YouTube like
06:30I'm literally sharing everything for
06:31free like I'm not asking for any money
06:33but it's like I I thought I joined
06:34something where I saw like I was gonna
06:36be the dumbest person in the room I
06:38didn't want to come and make it seem
06:39like I'm the smartest person in the room
06:41because I as you know like that's how
06:42you grow if you're in a in a group where
06:44you're the dumbest that means it's good
06:45you're going to be growing so when I
06:47went inside the War Room that was my
06:48expectation at least but here I am I'm
06:50like thinking I'm like this guy's asking
06:51me for help and this guy's asking for
06:52help and this guy's asking me for help I
06:54I liked it but then I didn't like it at
06:56the same time because I'm like I keep
06:57giving giving giving but it's like I'm
06:58not receiving anything you know what I
06:59mean so I kind of hated that
07:03so the war room now it's like when you
07:05join it you're going to be paying the
07:06five thousand dollars but you're not
07:08just gonna be paying for that they say
07:09that's only your admission ticket you're
07:10only paying to get access to these
07:12people you're not paying to be respected
07:14and all that stuff what you're supposed
07:15to be doing is pay for more stuff as
07:17soon as you join they're asking you it's
07:19like you got to pay now for the five
07:20fundamental courses which I think is
07:21like three thousand dollars with a
07:22discount or whatever so five thousand
07:23dollars USD plus three thousand dollar
07:25discounts now you have the five
07:26fundamental courses well now you have to
07:28be meeting up with other G's so I told
07:29them I'm like but I already met with
07:31other G's and I didn't find the the
07:33value from it like I didn't find the
07:34most benefit from it so then they would
07:35come and they would tell you yeah but
07:36you joined an official meeting even
07:38though it was a big meeting it was still
07:40an unofficial meeting it's not a war
07:41room meeting what you're supposed to be
07:42doing is join a world meeting like a war
07:45room official meeting and how much does
07:46that cost well minimum one thousand
07:48dollars two thousand dollars some of
07:50them are like ten thousand dollars so
07:51it's like bro like if I was interested I
07:54would be happy to be in the war room I
07:56mean bro are you making money five
07:57thousand dollars admission ticket then
07:58you're making money three thousand
07:59dollars courses then you're making money
08:01like one thousand dollars for like
08:02freaking some many events that are
08:04happening throughout the year which I'm
08:05like I'm sure are super beneficial
08:07because every person I talk to like it
08:08is beneficial but it's like how much do
08:10I have to pay until I finally get the
08:12results that's the idea how much do I
08:13have to pay until I finally get the
08:15value so that's what I struggled with
08:16like the people I met in the war room
08:18like they were like the the best of
08:19people that I could have had Advantage
08:21from but when they met me like when they
08:22met me and they met the value that I had
08:24I'm pretty sure they benefited so to
08:26them it's like the War Room experience
08:27was amazing but to me who didn't
08:28freaking get any value from it it's like
08:31what about me bro so this is how I felt
08:34about the world like I like Andrew I
08:36like the people that were in it but it's
08:37just I guess in Canada like the people
08:38that I met were not the best and it's
08:40really funny because they say Canada has
08:41the worst people so maybe it's because I
08:43was I'm looking at all the stuff so I
08:45was put in like this type of environment
08:46but listen you guys if you're a Muslim
08:48especially if you're a Muslim and my dad
08:49actually warned me about this you don't
08:50want to come and like put yourself in an
08:52environment where yes people are making
08:54money but they're making money bro like
08:57don't tell me drop Springs like if
08:58you're gonna tell me which was worse
08:59only fans are or Drop Shipping like bro
09:02there's it's daylight okay when you're
09:04doing Drop Shipping when you're doing
09:05when you're doing e-commerce you're
09:06selling things that people actually need
09:07and especially if you're doing like a
09:09third party fulfillment like you own the
09:11product it's okay you're shipping things
09:12from your own Factory like you can't
09:13tell me that's Haram because there are
09:15some people in the comments they tell me
09:16something like bro what do you mean
09:17that's like you compare that to only
09:18fans for example yes there is a lot of
09:20money from only fans like if I wanted to
09:22do only fans I would freaking do good on
09:23only fans just so you know but it's like
09:24how are you gonna freaking go and make
09:26money through the Haram way where Allah
09:28literally told you you can't be doing
09:29stuff like that like how are you gonna
09:30do that yeah like it's easy money but
09:32it's like how are you gonna do that bro
09:32like that's Haram so that's the
09:33environment that I saw myself in and
09:35also the next thing also when I was in
09:37that environment even if you weren't
09:38making money from only fans like I met a
09:39guy who's actually making money from
09:41like a like a food company which was
09:42pretty good but he wanted to know a lot
09:44about nc2 by the way for some reason but
09:45it's like you're in an environment where
09:47people are constantly drinking like when
09:48I was in that dinner I was the only one
09:50that was not drinking like people would
09:52be ordering drinks from here from here
09:53from here I'm just sitting on like I'm
09:55not drinking they're like why are you
09:56not drinking I'm a freaking wisdom how
09:57am I gonna how am I gonna drink I'm not
09:58gonna drink so that's the thing that's
09:59what I that's what I experienced in the
10:01war room now if you're thinking of
10:02joining the war room and you're gonna
10:03and you're thinking that it's gonna be
10:04beneficial for you bro by all means I'm
10:06gonna say it is going to be beneficial
10:07but if you're a Muslim and you have
10:09certain values that you cannot break you
10:11have to understand that so you can't go
10:12in the war room and then break those
10:13values so I was thinking in my head I'm
10:15like bro if there is a war room that is
10:17filled with Muslim people can you
10:19imagine the benefit that that would have
10:20on people look you have people who are
10:22actually successful and like at the same
10:23time they're networking with people of
10:25the same value like that's so that's so
10:27freaking valuable bro so I wanted to
10:28create something like that but I still
10:30haven't I still haven't done it I need
10:31to I need to learn how to do it first
10:33okay let me give you some time also
10:35another thing I didn't like about the
10:36war room is that I kind of felt that
10:38they were like talking to you as if
10:40you're a super beginner so there was
10:41this one group chat or this one group
10:43where it's like it's helping people who
10:44are 24 years old or under which is me
10:46they basically give you a certain set of
10:48things you're supposed to be doing every
10:49single day and it's like that's gonna
10:51help you like almost like upgrade so one
10:52of the things that they used to help you
10:54do is just like well you got to be doing
10:5550 push-ups a day you got to be drinking
10:56four liters of water a day you got to be
10:58reading this many books of pages of
11:00whatever book a day and it's like okay I
11:02understand that but bro like that's so
11:04freaking basic I go on Twitter and I
11:05would find those exact same threads and
11:07they're telling you to do the exact same
11:08things that you're telling us here like
11:09I paid five thousand dollars to freaking
11:11like learn this stuff that I could have
11:13learned from Twitter like come on man
11:14also listen if you're like a young
11:16person right now who's trying to learn
11:17bro my advice yes do push-ups yes drink
11:19some water and all that stuff the
11:21product read some Quran like read at
11:23least 10 pages of Quran a day do you
11:24know how like how much benefit that can
11:25have for you in your life and like
11:26actually go and learn the skill like
11:28learn as a freaking skill bro that's one
11:30thing also I liked about the war room
11:31because they have a copyrighting room so
11:32there was actually a room for
11:33copyrighting and in there like they
11:35actually really did help in terms of
11:36copyrighting so if you were trying to
11:37learn copywriting they truly made you
11:39like actually succeed at mastering the
11:41skill so for that like I truly love that
11:43about the war room but everything else
11:44in terms of like the culture and all
11:46that stuff I feel like I could have
11:47taken the the five thousand dollar USD I
11:49like put it into somewhere else that
11:50would have benefited me a lot more to be
11:52honest so this is what I'm trying to say
11:53in this video especially if you're a
11:54Muslim you can't go and like put all
11:56your trust into a human being that's
11:58what's that's what's happening basically
11:59bro like in the war room you cannot
12:01criticize Andrew Tate listen bro I love
12:03entertain especially now that he's a
12:04Muslim like I respect everything he does
12:06and like and I can't go and talk about
12:08his sins and all that stuff because he's
12:09the brother in Islam now and that's
12:10beautiful but at the same time bro like
12:12you have to realize like these are just
12:13human beings we could not go and like
12:15actually worship these people we can't
12:16go on everything they say like we
12:18actually go and implement it even if
12:19he's a millionaire and all that stuff
12:20like we can't hold these people at like
12:22such a high value they're still human
12:23beings they're still a slave and Allah's
12:25eyes just like you are a slave in the
12:27last eyes so you can't be holding them
12:28in like such high regards but that's
12:30what was happening in the war room and
12:31listen listen I know for a fact like now
12:33in the world they're going to be talking
12:34about like this exact video by the way
12:36because they watch every video they're
12:37gonna be like this guy talked about this
12:38I think this guy talked about that I've
12:39got nothing bad to say about thorum I
12:41just want to make it clear you can't be
12:42worshiping human beings like by
12:43worshiping I don't mean like you're
12:44going to like freaking putting your head
12:46down on the guy because of the guy you
12:47can't be holding these people in such
12:49high regards that's the first thing the
12:51second thing the world room right now
12:52it's almost like it's been polluted by
12:54people who are just beginners people who
12:56have no money people who are like
12:57spending their last dollars and they're
12:58joining the war room expecting that it's
13:00gonna be like the thing that saves them
13:01from poverty because that's what's
13:02happening right now and they actually
13:03did discuss that in the war room they
13:05did say they said that they're warm
13:06right now if you don't upgrade you're
13:08gonna feel like it's a very lonely place
13:09like they literally did say that so you
13:11have to be upgrading you have to like
13:12buy the five fundamental courses you
13:14have to go to the meetings you have to
13:15pay a lot of money and they have to pay
13:16even more money to get into like the
13:17other groups that's what they're telling
13:18you to do and that's what I don't like
13:19now like you can't be just freaking
13:21having anyone come and join the world
13:22that's the free that's the second thing
13:23but now the third thing it's like my
13:26values did not align with the values of
13:28the people in the war room the people in
13:29the war room they wanted to make money
13:31however weight was possible if it was
13:33only fans if it was putting a girl naked
13:35on on the camera they were they were
13:37okay with it but for me I'm not okay
13:38with that so he cannot be doing stuff
13:40like that we can't be accepting stuff
13:41like that and I can't be putting myself
13:43in a culture like that because our
13:44Prophet peace be upon him like he does
13:45say if you're hanging out with a certain
13:47type of people then that's it you're
13:49amongst them so if I'm hanging out with
13:50people who are just filled with like
13:52only fans businesses I don't care how
13:54much freaking money they're making bro
13:55I'm part of that and that's bad I don't
13:56want that on myself like what does that
13:58say about me like as a Muslim because I
13:59take that as like the first thing and
14:00then also like the first thing is like
14:02in the war room there is this guy who's
14:03like the leader who's not entertained
14:05but I can't really name him but he's
14:06basically like the leader right the guy
14:08with the beard that guy he has like a
14:09girl and then he basically preaches
14:11about having multiple girls and all that
14:13stuff okay like in Islam we we do say
14:15you're allowed to have four wives but
14:17there are rules around that you can't
14:18just go and have like a second wife just
14:20like that there's rules around it you
14:21have to be taken care of her you have to
14:23be providing her rights and the rights
14:24of the first one but that guy for him it
14:26was like he just wanted to have more
14:27girls for pleasure it's kind of like
14:28that type of thing just basically
14:29teaching people how to have more girls
14:31for pleasure and then bro it's like how
14:34are we how are we going to become
14:35degenerates not only just listen to a
14:37leader that teaches those things but
14:39then like also want these things for
14:40ourselves like this is why you could say
14:42Society is going to start declining
14:43because it's like everyone just wants
14:45freaking like pleasure from from each
14:46other it's like bro like we're not we're
14:48not freaking animals you know like we're
14:49not animals we're only thing we were
14:50going to be thinking about is just how
14:52am I going to get pleasure from this
14:53person like bro such a dumb mentality
14:55like like Brooke even though like I was
14:56meeting like good people like good
14:57actual millionaires people like not
14:59meeting them but even like at least
15:00through text at the same time like I
15:01don't want to be putting myself in a
15:02place where everyone else has these
15:04values that I don't want to attach to
15:06myself like do you know what I mean bro
15:07I know my whole freaking channel is
15:08supposed to be a drop should be making
15:10money and all that stuff but this is so
15:11important now let me tell you the reason
15:13why I actually got kicked out of the war
15:14room so what happened is that you have
15:16to actually pay every single year so you
15:18got to be paying 2000 I think two
15:19thousand two hundred whatever yeah like
15:21two thousand two hundred dollars every
15:22single year to renew your membership of
15:24the war room so what happened is that
15:26the War Room admin they came and asked
15:27me they were like hey you're supposed to
15:28be paying your money so you can be like
15:30so you can renew your membership in the
15:31war room so I didn't do that I'm like I
15:34don't want to renew my membership I
15:35think I'm pretty done with the war room
15:37I don't want to continue it so as a
15:38result they were just like okay now
15:39you're out now I'm out of the world now
15:41I'm making this video that's why so like
15:43I didn't really do anything bad don't
15:44worry like I'm not bad because I
15:45freaking did something bad I know you
15:47guys are like this guy always gets bad
15:49wherever he goes but no trust me bro
15:51like I don't do bad things it's just
15:52it's just circumstances man but yes this
15:54is the war room so like when I joined
15:56the war room once again if I had the
15:57chance well I could have renewed but I
15:59didn't renew so what I joined it me
16:01personally no but bro like the idea is
16:03beautiful like having a network of High
16:05Caliber men men who are like strong men
16:07who are like actually are good at making
16:09money who are good in their discipline
16:11and all that stuff it's beautiful like
16:12it's actually a very good idea and the
16:14War Room actually did kind of execute
16:16that it's just at the same time it had a
16:18lot of fills in it in the sense that
16:19some stuff did not align with my Muslim
16:21values and even though Andrew Tate is a
16:23Muslim right now he just recently
16:24converted so it's not like he's a Muslim
16:26doubt and then the entire culture of the
16:27war room is different because he's not
16:29like the only one who's at the top
16:30there's a bit more people at the top so
16:31that's the only thing that I didn't like
16:32and for me that's actually a major thing
16:34that that I didn't like so inshallah in
16:36the future I'll let you guys know if I'm
16:38going to be making like a network of
16:40High Caliber men who are a good
16:41financially good physically and honestly
16:43we were like that's what I think is
16:44going to make the entire world a lot
16:45better but it's not just that religion
16:47yes has to be there your financials have
16:48to be very good bro like you need to be
16:50working hard you need to be making money
16:51especially through the Halal sense like
16:53that's amazing that's beautiful and
16:54supporting your whole family like
16:55imagine if you're the guy that comes and
16:57supports the entire family like that's
16:58what I want to be and that's what I'm
17:00trying to become right now and then also
17:01physically good like you need to be
17:02physically strong like bro like if you
17:04can't bench press your body weight
17:05that's so sad or if you can't do like a
17:07few 50 push-ups all at this at the same
17:09time like in a row like bro like that's
17:11actually pretty sad so you need to be
17:13strong physically too and I'm not gonna
17:14lie like the War Room did execute that
17:15for me they just didn't execute the
17:17religious value and for me like for me
17:19personally I just holds that as a high
17:20regard and that's it but then anyway I
17:22hope this video was so helpful if you
17:23are thinking of joining the war room
17:25then by all means bro it's up to you
17:26like I don't know why I have to
17:27influence your decision it's up to you
17:29bro it's up to you but if you did enjoy
17:30this video video then let me know if you
17:32have any more questions by the way then
17:33you can also let me know but yo if you
17:35want to see a video of me explaining a
17:36business model that I truly think is
17:38like one of the best business models
17:39right now in 2023 because right now it's
17:412023 then just click on this video right
17:44here because I literally talked about an
17:46entire course about Etsy because Etsy I
17:48think right now is so good if you get
17:49into it without getting banned so if you
17:51watch that video I'm pretty sure it's
17:52going to be helpful because so far it's
17:54helped a lot of people so take care
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the $5,000 War Room experience in Andrew Tate's program about?

The $5,000 War Room experience in Andrew Tate's program provides an inside look at the speaker's experience, discussing the types of individuals and businesses encountered, the controversial topic of making money through unethical means, and the reason for the speaker's subsequent expulsion from the War Room for failing to renew their membership.

2. What are the types of individuals and businesses encountered in the $5,000 War Room experience in Andrew Tate's program?

The $5,000 War Room experience in Andrew Tate's program involves encountering various types of individuals and businesses, providing insights into different strategies and approaches to making money and the controversial topic of ethical and unethical means.

3. Why was the speaker expelled from the $5,000 War Room experience in Andrew Tate's program?

The speaker was expelled from the $5,000 War Room experience in Andrew Tate's program due to their failure to renew their membership, leading to their subsequent expulsion from the program. This sheds light on the importance of fulfilling membership obligations and the consequences of failing to do so.

4. What are the controversial topics discussed in the $5,000 War Room experience in Andrew Tate's program?

The controversial topics discussed in the $5,000 War Room experience in Andrew Tate's program include the ethics of making money through potentially unethical means, sparking discussions and debates on the moral and legal implications of certain business practices.

5. How does the $5,000 War Room experience in Andrew Tate's program provide insights into making money?

The $5,000 War Room experience in Andrew Tate's program provides insights into making money by sharing experiences, challenges, and approaches encountered by individuals and businesses, offering valuable lessons and perspectives on the dynamics of wealth generation.

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