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Insulin resistance can be spotted without lab tests by observing physical signs such as excess fat around the belly, darkened skin in body creases, swollen ankles, and hair growth on toes, as well as changes in speech and a simple at-home test called the Dr. Boz Ratio.
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Insulin resistance can be spotted without lab tests and can cause deadly diseases.
Insulin resistance means the body is resistant to insulin's message, causing inappropriate growth.
Excess insulin causes strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure, arthritis, and cancer.
Insulin resistance can be diagnosed by looking at a person's body mass index and weight distribution.
Checking skin creases for darkened skin can indicate insulin resistance
Darkened skin on back of knees or elbows is a sign of insulin resistance
Extra skin cells due to insulin can cause skin tags or thickened skin
Yeast infections in skin folds are a sign of insulin resistance
Swollen ankles can be a sign of poor health and fluid retention due to insulin resistance
Signs of insulin resistance can be observed through hairy toes, a thumb shin print, and changes in speech after consuming carbohydrates.
Hairy toes indicate that insulin is working effectively.
A thumb shin print is a sign of early insulin resistance.
Changes in speech, such as difficulty enunciating words, can be observed after consuming carbohydrates.
The Dr. Boz Ratio is a test that can be done at home to determine if you have insulin resistance.
The Dr. Boz Ratio is calculated by dividing your morning fasting blood sugar by your blood ketones.
A ratio of less than 40 indicates no insulin resistance, while a ratio between 40 and 80 suggests some insulin resistance.
A ratio greater than 100 indicates the presence of insulin resistance.
00:00One in three Americans have this deadly disease.
00:03I don't need a lab or a tissue biopsy to diagnose you.
00:06I can spot insulin resistance from across the room.
00:14Insulin resistance, what does that mean?
00:16It means your body has grown resistant to the message that insulin is sending to your body.
00:21When insulin is high for too long, it stimulates growth.
00:25It makes things grow that shouldn't.
00:27That inappropriate growth causes strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure.
00:32It ages our body at hyperspeed causing brain or memory problems like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or other causes of dementia.
00:39Years of excess insulin causes arthritis and cancer to grow, and most patients are totally unaware.
00:46Lists of criteria help doctors to diagnose insulin resistance, but after 20 years of seeing these patients, I can spot them from across the room.
00:53Let's start with the easiest one.
00:56Take a look at these pictures. Thanks to her insulin, this woman is filling her storage cells with fat.
01:02Notice how the weight around her belly button is where she's putting on the weight.
01:06As she does this, her body mass index changes.
01:08As soon as she has filled enough fat cells for her body mass index to be above 25,
01:14she's probably got insulin resistance.
01:16Next, I focus on skin for signs of health problems.
01:19Specifically, I look at the skin in the creases of the body.
01:22It is a dead giveaway if they've got darkened skin on the back of their knees or the creases of their elbows.
01:29If there's a darkness to their skin on the back of their neck, it's not dirt or ring around the collar.
01:34It's extra skin cells piled too high for too long.
01:38These skin cells overgrew because of insulin.
01:40And if it goes on for too long, the skin grows enough cells to make appendages or skin tags.
01:47Biopsies of that thickened skin or even the skin tags show that there's sugar in between the skin cells.
01:54Insulin will put that sugar anywhere it can find it.
01:56With sugar in good supply, the yeast grows in these dark, moist skin folds. That's a yeast infection.
02:03From armpits to vaginas, when yeast infections happen, it's a dead giveaway of insulin resistance.
02:09Well, obviously you can't see into those folds from across the room.
02:12So let's look at something you can see, ankles.
02:15Healthy ankles show off with beautiful bony prominences of a slimming or tapering leg.
02:22Swollen ankles are a sign of poor health.
02:24When health problems leave fluids stuck in your ankle, the shape is different.
02:28You can't see the bones that normally define the ankle because it's surrounded by fluid.
02:33Sometimes there's enough fluid to give you a clue of a sock line or a crease in the front of their ankle.
02:38All signs of trouble.
02:40Hairy toes means healthy toes.
02:42If their shoes have open toes, I'll steal a glimpse to see if they grow hair on their toes.
02:48That's a sign that insulin is working for you, not against you.
02:51Did you push pause and check your toes for hair?
02:54I will admit this is not the best clue for insulin resistance.
02:57But the thumb shin print is. Check to see if you have this.
03:02Start by finding your shin bone and then locate the spot about three inches north of your ankle.
03:07Now push down on your shin really hard with your thumb.
03:11Hold your thumb there for 30 seconds.
03:13When you take your thumb off, healthy people don't have an impression.
03:17People with early signs of insulin resistance have a thumb print on their shin.
03:22Insulin resistance causes blood pressure to rise, but you can't see that from across the room.
03:26It also causes people to feel tired after eating carbohydrates, but you can't really see that from across the room either.
03:32What you can observe is a change in their speech about 30 to 40 minutes after they swallow those carbs.
03:38Listen carefully to their speech.
03:41Specifically, how well do they enunciate their words?
03:43In patients with insulin resistance, they have a slight swelling of their brain after eating too many carbs.
03:49A slower cadence, along with almost a slurring of their words, gives me a solid clue about the health of their insulin.
03:56Okay, if you're still not sure if you have insulin resistance,
03:59there is one surefire way to know if you have insulin resistance.
04:03It's a test you do at home and it's relatively cheap.
04:07Test your Dr. Boz Ratio.
04:09This ratio is calculated from two data points and is best done if you check it first thing in the morning before any activity, food or drinks.
04:17Prick your finger and check your morning fasting blood sugar and then immediately afterwards check your blood ketones.
04:23Take the big number, the glucose and divide by the ketones, the little number.
04:28In scientific articles, the Dr. Boz Ratio is the same data found in a glucose ketone index or GKI.
04:34The difference, they properly match up the units.
04:37I skipped the algebra that cancels out the units.
04:40That's the Dr. Boz Ratio.
04:42If your morning Dr. Boz Ratio is less than 40 and it's been at least 12 hours since the last bite of food,
04:50you don't have insulin resistance.
04:52If your Dr. Boz Ratio is between 40 and 80,
04:55I'm a little bit worried about insulin resistance.
04:57And if it's greater than 100, you have insulin resistance.
05:01Are you one in three?
05:03Check out this video on how to fix it.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can insulin resistance be identified without lab tests?

Insulin resistance can be identified without lab tests by observing physical signs such as excess fat around the belly, darkened skin in body creases, swollen ankles, and hair growth on toes. Changes in speech and a simple at-home test called the Dr. Boz Ratio can also indicate insulin resistance.

2. What are the physical signs of insulin resistance?

The physical signs of insulin resistance include excess fat around the belly, darkened skin in body creases, swollen ankles, hair growth on toes, and changes in speech. These signs can help identify insulin resistance without the need for lab tests.

3. What is the Dr. Boz Ratio test for insulin resistance?

The Dr. Boz Ratio is a simple at-home test that can indicate insulin resistance. It involves measuring the waist circumference in inches and dividing it by the height in inches. This test provides a convenient way to assess insulin resistance without the need for lab tests.

4. How can changes in speech indicate insulin resistance?

Changes in speech, such as slurred speech or difficulty articulating words, can be indicative of insulin resistance. This is an important physical sign that can help identify the condition without relying solely on lab tests.

5. What are the implications of identifying insulin resistance without lab tests?

Identifying insulin resistance without lab tests can lead to early intervention and management of the condition. This can help prevent complications related to insulin resistance and improve overall health outcomes.

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