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Eminem and Christina Aguilera were initially friendly, but their feud began when Eminem insulted Aguilera in his song "The Real Slim Shady," causing her to call his lyrics disgusting and offensive. The rivalry simmered down over time, but was reignited sporadically with disses from both sides. Eventually, they seemed to reconcile and briefly embraced at an awards show.
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In 1999, Christina Aguilera and Eminem both rose to fame with successful albums, and they expressed mutual admiration for each other at an award show.
Christina Aguilera's debut album "Christina Aguilera" featured the hit single "Genie in a Bottle", which topped the Billboard Hot 100.
Eminem's album "The Slim Shady LP" was a financial and critical success, peaking at number two on the Billboard 200.
Christina expressed a crush on Eminem and wanted to meet him, and they met at the EMAs where they presented an award together.
Both artists expressed mutual admiration at the award show, with Eminem jokingly saying he might take Christina home.
Eminem's lyrics insult Christina Aguilera, referencing her dating history with other celebrities.
Eminem's song "Real Slim Shady" contained lyrics insulting several celebrities, including Christina Aguilera.
Aguilera called the lyrics "disgusting and offensive" and denied the accusations.
Aguilera had been rumored to have dated several celebrities mentioned in the song, including Fred Durst and Carson Daly.
Eminem and Christina Aguilera had a feud after Aguilera made a comment about Eminem being married.
Aguilera heard a rumor that Eminem was married and commented on it, which angered him.
Eminem decided to voice rumors he heard about Aguilera in response.
Aguilera clarified that her comment was not a diss and explained her issues with Eminem's song lyrics.
Eminem and Christina Aguilera's feud escalated during an award show, with Eminem making a controversial comment about Christina and Britney Spears, and later referencing her in a song.
Eminem made a controversial comment about putting an award between his Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera posters.
During his performance, he synced part of the song to him walking near Fred Durst and Carson Daly, while Christina performed with Fred Durst.
Eminem's issues were now with Fred Durst over Everlast, and he referenced Christina in a song in reference to Fred Durst.
Christina's album featured a song directly against Eminem, reflecting their ongoing feud.
Eminem and Christina Aguilera embraced after an intense conversation during the 2002 VMAs, but their feud reignited in 2018 after Eminem made derogatory remarks about her in a freestyle.
Eminem was upset backstage at the 2002 VMAs because he lost his temper.
Eminem and Christina Aguilera briefly embraced after an intense conversation during the 2002 VMAs.
Their feud reignited in 2018 after Eminem made derogatory remarks about Christina Aguilera in a freestyle.
00:00a feud as random as any how in the world
00:01did eminem have an issue with christina
00:04aguilera and vice versa now around 1999
00:06the entertainment world was introduced
00:07to two icons in the respective field
00:09christina aguilera and eminent cristiano
00:12rosa prominence the height of the team
00:13pop fandom a time period which was
00:15dominated by the likes of nsync the
00:17backstreet boys and britney spears at
00:19only 18 aguilera began working on her
00:21debut album entitled christina aguilera
00:23the album featured the hit single genie
00:25in a bottle which charted number one on
00:26the billboard hot 100 in july of 1999.
00:30she became a star essentially overnight
00:31and was one of the most popular breakout
00:33artists of the year on the other side in
00:35the rap world emerged slim shady
00:36eminem's world was turned upside down by
00:38dr drain he went from an underground
00:40rapper selling only a thousand copies of
00:42his album is one of the most prominent
00:44of this entire era the slim shady lp was
00:46a financial and critical success peaking
00:48at number two on the billboard 200.
00:50while eminem was writing high of the
00:51success of his new album it was also
00:52perceived as a bad voice for the youth
00:54and in particular a misogynist the
00:56homophobe all kinds of terms his lyrics
00:58his image was not accepted by everyone
01:00with eminem making his mark in the
01:01entertainment world christina developed
01:03a bit of a crush on at the 1999
01:05vietnamese she strove said that she
01:06wanted to meet eminem and call them cute
01:08i'm looking forward to meeting eminem
01:10actually you want to be never now yeah i
01:11want to meet eminem i think he's cute
01:14it wasn't long before they crossed pass
01:15at the emas in november christina
01:18presented the best hip-hop award with tq
01:20and the winner was eminem both were
01:22happy to see each other in eminem after
01:23claiming the award said i don't even
01:25know if i want this award i might just
01:26take christina home tonight both were
01:28playing it up and all was good
01:30christina's finding more success with
01:31what a girl wants charting at number one
01:33on the billboard 100 their next single
01:35eye turner you peaked at number three
01:37eminem meanwhile featured on dr dre's
01:392001 the chronic 2 album featuring
01:41several songs with the most notable
01:42being forgot about dre he was also
01:44working on his album entitled the
01:46marshall matters lp he wrote a multitude
01:47of songs that were not seen as singles
01:49by the record label so he brought out a
01:51song by the name of the real slim shady
01:52his image was already perceived as a
01:54bully misogynist and whatnot and this
01:56only seemed to increase that sentiment
01:58okay so at the time christina had an mtv
02:00special called what a girl wants it's of
02:02course named after a hit song she spoke
02:04about multiple topics on this special
02:06janet jackson and then eminem she spoke
02:09about the music video my name is and
02:10mentioned how the woman he wanted to
02:12kill in the video was his wife and his
02:13baby mother now this is something eminem
02:15didn't want to hear because she was
02:17exposing some personal information she
02:19revealed that they were married as well
02:20she didn't enjoy some of the content
02:21eminem was putting out in his music such
02:23as this christine is said to have
02:24experienced domestic violence as a kid
02:26so that's why she was so strong against
02:28eminem's lyrics she's laughing about how
02:29he's married talking about a bunch of
02:31music videos and little did she know
02:32with eminem working on his real slim
02:34shady song he opted to throw an insult
02:36towards her way now just to mention i
02:37gotta mention this before talking about
02:39it rumors at the time circulate of
02:40christina being with a bunch of guys
02:42enrique iglesias fred durst carson daly
02:44and eminem in the case of carson daly
02:46madonna at one point tried to get an
02:48answer out of him for having a crush on
02:49her fred durst in particular had asked
02:51christina to be his date at the 1999
02:53vmas according to christina herself in a
02:56rolling stone interview that's a whole
02:57different story but eminem's real slim
02:59shady single was leaked on nevster in
03:00april 2000 and contained several lines
03:02about celebrities he took a dig at
03:04pamela and tommy's relationship will
03:06smith's mention of how unlike others
03:07eminem he doesn't have to cut sign his
03:09records and then he said so you could
03:11sit me here next to britney spears
03:13christina aguilera better switch me
03:14chairs so i could sit next to carson
03:16daly and fred durst and hear him argue
03:18over who she gave to first little put me
03:20on blast on mtv asq but i think he's
03:23married to kim hee-hee i should download
03:24her audio on mp3 and show the whole
03:26world how you gave eminem he then
03:28followed up by insulting boy bands and
03:30upon hearing about these lyrics
03:31christine on april 2000 told mtv news
03:34it's disgusting and offensive and above
03:36all it's not true carson daly didn't
03:37mind it whereas fred durst featured in
03:39the music video he didn't really care
03:40much about the song just saying it's
03:42over the top and at the time denied
03:43having anything to do with her and
03:45denied on carson's behalf christina
03:48appreciated durst not going along with
03:49it but thought it was a double standard
03:51that he featured in the video here's
03:52what she had to say about eminem i just
03:54find what he has to say disgusting just
03:57completely untrue for whatever reason he
04:00has such animosity it seems towards me i
04:02don't know why maybe she put him on
04:05blast one time i don't know what i said
04:07to really disturb him but you know
04:09whatever i said i'd say for eminem it
04:11came down to simple timing of course he
04:13could have talked trash later on but
04:14because the way i am wasn't going to be
04:15a lead single he needed something here's
04:17what he had to say in his book i played
04:19them the way i am and they said it's a
04:21great song it's just not the first song
04:22originally they were talking about
04:24criminal being the single but i told
04:25them to let me make this the real slim
04:27shady instrumental over the weekend and
04:28i'd have the rhyme written by monday
04:30then we'd see if it worked if it didn't
04:33right around this time was when will
04:34smith was dissing gangsta rap and
04:36christina aguilera was talking about me
04:39on mtv putting me on blessed about being
04:41married during a time when i wasn't
04:42ready for the public to know what about
04:44me so i waited just long enough to get
04:45new subject matter to get into now i had
04:48something to talk about i came in on
04:49monday recorded it and was done
04:51interscope obviously was satisfied in
04:53that situation made me value the saying
04:55things happen for a reason a bit more
04:57eminem elaborated on the situation on
04:59mtv news and revealed why he was
05:00entirely angry i met her before and i
05:02had respect for her too she heard a
05:04rumor that i was married and then said
05:06yeah he's cute but isn't he married
05:08though i was like no you didn't just say
05:10that you little [ __ ] doesn't he have a
05:12song about killing his baby's mother she
05:14heard a rumor she didn't know if i was
05:15married or not she just heard a rumor
05:16and then put me on blast but i figured
05:19since she did that you know what i'm
05:20saying all right okay i'm married okay
05:22whatever that's cool but you know you
05:24said something about me so i'm gonna i'm
05:26gonna voice some rumors that i heard
05:28about you this song peaked at number
05:29four on the billboard 100 on the june 24
05:312000 issue of the magazine and christina
05:33went in depth with her issues with
05:35eminem in an interview with rolling
05:36stone in july of 2000. she graced the
05:38cover of the magazine and said eminem
05:41man that's crazy how like one comment
05:42can make somebody angry what happened
05:44was i was asked you still have a crush
05:46on eminem and i said he's cute and
05:48everything but he's got too many girls
05:49after him besides he's married so i'm
05:51gonna stay away from that it wasn't a
05:52dis at all if you're gonna be there to
05:54think that it was a diss then you know
05:56i'm not apologizing for anything and
05:57when asked about the mother of his kid
05:59reference you know the baby mama
06:00reference all right right i probably
06:02said that song 97 bonnie and clyde is
06:04disgusting you know what i mean geez
06:05slicing up your baby's mama stuffing her
06:07in a trunk and shoving her in the ocean
06:09with your daughter watching that's
06:10disgusting i'm sorry but i think the
06:12majority of the world thinks that's
06:13disgusting and i think it was really
06:15wrong of him to diss me like that
06:16because all this past year i've been so
06:18positive in recognizing his talent i was
06:20offended and really disgusted by and the
06:21fact that he's talking about diseases
06:23and all that but i see where he's coming
06:24from in the sense that you take this guy
06:26who wants to be respected as a serious
06:27rap artist and all of a sudden he's in
06:29the world of mtv and trl i could see
06:31where he would get a little mad and want
06:32to rebel against the britney spears in
06:34sync backstreet boys world of team music
06:36and if he has to do it that way and be
06:38that immature about it then fine be that
06:40way i'll just answer on my next record
06:43nah damn this thing was intense the
06:452000s vma was the venue for the next
06:47chapter in this rivalry for eminem and
06:49nsync it was a great night as they won
06:50three awards each and basically paints
06:51the picture of the biggest artist from
06:53the year and on one side he had eminem
06:55ruling in the world and on the other he
06:56had n-sync breaking records however
06:58there was a little interaction that was
07:00memorable from this night so britney
07:01spears and christine aguilera were there
07:03to introduce whitney houston eminem
07:05standing in a seat while christina says
07:06it was nice to meet janet jackson and
07:08brittany's like eminem
07:10anyway the celebrities in the crowd
07:12including eminem are laughing their
07:13asses off and then whitney houston with
07:15bobby brown presented the video of the
07:17year award eminem one and said that he
07:18was expecting something to happen with
07:20himself and christina they took it a
07:22step further and said i'm gonna take
07:23this home and put it right between my
07:25britney spears and christina aguilera
07:26poster thank you and one thing to
07:28mention is that earlier in the night
07:30eminem performed both real slim shady in
07:32the way i am during his performance he
07:34synced part of the song to him walking
07:35near fred durst and carson daly
07:37christina was nowhere to be found she
07:39performed later that night with fred
07:40durst which is still seen as one of the
07:42most random duos and on the performance
07:44eminem said it seems like people are
07:46getting along tonight though christina
07:48brought fred up on stage you know that
07:50seemed to to be all good right right
07:52good for them i don't have any
07:53differences right i just don't like him
07:56then fred durst comes out and tells mtv
07:58i did it for the new key to which
08:00christina said you wish you got some new
08:01key from him the rivalry between eminem
08:03and christina mellowed out throughout
08:042001 and if anything his issues were now
08:06with fred durst over everlast eminem had
08:09some issues with everlasting fred durst
08:11was talking about how he wants to jump
08:12into the beef he ran away he's like you
08:14know what i don't really want to come in
08:16i'm sick or something along the lines of
08:18it to make matters worse dj lethal of
08:20limp biscuits said that everlast would
08:21whoop eminem's s that was the nail in
08:23the coffin it's like oh whatever they
08:25don't want to be involved in a feud but
08:27now it was a different story hence the
08:29name of the song girls from his devil's
08:30night album with d12 eminem in the song
08:32said i say christina he says christina
08:36beminer this is obviously in reference
08:38to fred durst 2001 saw eminem keep a low
08:40profile christina meanwhile was busy
08:42with her script album which featured a
08:43song directly against eminem her album
08:45in general significantly different what
08:47everyone was used to and about this diss
08:50aguilera featured a song on the album by
08:51the name of can't hold us down the song
08:53is about fighting back towards others
08:55and is a feminist anthem these lyrics
08:57are reported to be about eminem and i
08:59believe aguilera confirmed it in 2018.
09:02so what am i not supposed to have an
09:03opinion should i keep quiet just because
09:05i'm a woman call me because i speak
09:06what's on my mind guess it's easier for
09:08you to swallow if i sat and smiled when
09:11a female falls back suddenly big talkers
09:12don't know how to act so he does what
09:14any little boy would do making up a few
09:17false rumors or two that for sure is not
09:19a man to me slandering names for
09:20popularity it's sad you only get your
09:22fame through controversy but now it's
09:24time for me to come and give you more to
09:26say and then she added you're just a
09:28little boy you think you're so cute so
09:29koi you must talk so big to make up for
09:31smaller things said you're just a little
09:33boy all you do is know you must talk so
09:34big to make up for smaller things the
09:36song was a success featuring lil kim and
09:38chartered number 12 on the billboard
09:39100. at the 2002 vmas christina aguilera
09:43presented the award for best male video
09:45eminem's without me won the award and
09:46they stood on stage eminem was already
09:48pissed at triumph the comic dog and he
09:50threw a fit backstage because he lost
09:52his temper however there was a more
09:54positive experience for eminem with
09:55christina walking out of sight of the
09:57audience and cameras eminem was engaging
09:59in a spirited conversation with award
10:01presenter christine aguilera that
10:02initial glance could have easily been
10:04construed as an argument however once
10:06the rapper said his piece and christina
10:08voiced on her opinions em who was
10:10nodding his head and looked to be
10:11agreeing with the singer opened his arms
10:13just as she was about to walk away and
10:14the two actually briefly embraced she
10:16had more than positive words for eminem
10:18at the eight mile premiere and i was
10:20until 2018 eminem at this point enjoyed
10:23a very successful career christina as
10:25well they didn't really mention each
10:26other for quite some time and rumor
10:28actually circulated that they were
10:29possibly going to work together in 2011
10:31but not much came out of it so eminem
10:34releases this 10 minute freestyle called
10:36kickoff and the song they said christino
10:38the plastic spoon while i bump some
10:40g-funk and bless some snoop because her
10:42double g-cups are massive huge okay this
10:45restarted again two months later she
10:47seemed to feel upset about his remarks
10:49saying it was really in the past and you
10:51know then it was thirsty now it's
10:53thirsty it's not cool to chase anyone
10:55especially women in this business and
10:56now what we're looking at and seeing
10:58coming to the forefront is just getting
11:00a new gig there's something else to talk
11:01about it's a very very random ass
11:03mention from him you know and again it's
11:05eminem he does these kinds of stuff
11:07every once in a while he got some
11:08backlash from him because some claimed
11:10it was misogynist or whatnot but nothing
11:12really came out of it so yeah this dude
11:14was kind of crazy she just randomly said
11:16oh he's married and he just blew up he
11:18got all angry now i'm sure if she
11:20actually knew what was to come then she
11:21probably wouldn't have mentioned it
11:23because everyone was listening to that
11:24song you know the real slam shading on
11:25the radio so they heard this rumor of
11:27her getting with carson daly fred durst
11:29for eminem he didn't want undisclosed
11:31information at the same time he saw this
11:32as a huge opportunity to capitalize he
11:34didn't like this team fandom and
11:36whatever and aguilera accidentally
11:37revealing a secret of his gave him an
11:39opening to last shot in aggressive
11:40fashion he calls her out in a song along
11:42with the boy bands and makes a hit would
11:44everyone else react like he did no but i
11:47gave people something else to talk about
11:48relating to eminem maybe if she revealed
11:50a secret that didn't relate to his
11:51marriage or family this whole thing
11:53would have happened or what if because
11:55as i said he was already making fun of
11:57the boy bands by the way it feels like
11:59an overreaction my personal opinion man
12:01was so pity he wore this shirt around so
12:02yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What caused the feud between Eminem and Christina Aguilera?

The feud between Eminem and Christina Aguilera began when Eminem insulted Aguilera in his song 'The Real Slim Shady.' This caused Aguilera to call his lyrics disgusting and offensive, sparking the rivalry.

2. How did the feud between Eminem and Christina Aguilera escalate?

The feud escalated as both Eminem and Christina Aguilera exchanged disses, reigniting the rivalry sporadically over time. The insults from both sides kept the feud simmering and in the public eye.

3. Did the feud between Eminem and Christina Aguilera ever resolve?

The feud between Eminem and Christina Aguilera seemed to reconcile over time. Eventually, they briefly embraced at an awards show, indicating a potential resolution to their rivalry.

4. What impact did the feud between Eminem and Christina Aguilera have on their careers?

The feud between Eminem and Christina Aguilera garnered significant attention and publicity, ultimately contributing to the notoriety of both artists. It may have also influenced their respective fan bases and sales.

5. How did the public react to the feud between Eminem and Christina Aguilera?

The public was captivated by the feud between Eminem and Christina Aguilera, expressing varied opinions and taking sides. The controversy surrounding the feud generated significant media coverage and discussion.

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