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The video discusses the possible existence of a secret US aircraft called the TR-3B, which uses anti-gravity technology and is practically invisible to radar. While its existence is officially denied by the government, multiple accounts suggest that it does exist and possesses advanced capabilities. The TR-3B's triangular shape, stealth design, and anti-gravity propulsion make it highly capable and ahead of its time.
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The video discusses the existence of an invisible aircraft called the TR-3B, which is said to be able to fly in air, water, and space.
The TR-3B is claimed to be practically invisible to human eyes, AI, and radars.
It can fly efficiently at both subsonic and supersonic speeds.
The aircraft is said to have the ability to control its own gravity.
The US has been researching anti-gravity technology for over 70 years, based on peer-reviewed research and patents, with potential for revolutionary impact.
The US military and federal government have been formally researching anti-gravity concepts since the 1950s.
Recent UFO design patents by the Navy are based on more than 60 years of peer-reviewed research from notable institutions.
Controlling gravity would bring god-like power and eliminate the need for grossly inefficient rocket fuel.
Scientists from Washington and Moscow worked on controlling gravity together, recognizing its revolutionary potential.
The US military possesses a highly advanced aircraft called the TR-3B Manta that uses gravity control to neutralize the influence of gravity by up to 89 percent.
The TR-3B Manta enables military forces to repel incoming artillery mid-flight.
The material covering the aircraft is a radar-absorbing polymer which can change its reflectivity radar absorption and color.
The MFD creates a magnetic field that neutralizes the influence of gravity by up to 89 percent, reducing the weight of the circular accelerator as well as the weight of the aircraft.
The TR-3B Manta is a highly capable aircraft with advanced stealth features and silent propulsion.
The TR-3B has a triangular shape that provides excellent stealth capabilities.
It is equipped with turbofan engines with thrust vectoring nozzles for high maneuverability.
The primary propulsion of the TR-3B is an anti-gravity drive, allowing for silent travel.
The plasma generated by the aircraft significantly reduces its radar signature, making it difficult to detect.
The TR-3B aircraft developed in the 1990s prioritized stealth and influenced the design of other successful aircraft like the F-117 Nighthawk, B2 Spirit, and F-22 Raptor.
The TR-3B influenced the F-117 Nighthawk, the first operational aircraft designed with stealth technology.
The B2 Spirit is the most expensive aircraft in history, combining long-range stealth and heavy payload capabilities.
The F-22 Raptor, the world's first fifth-generation fighter, remains the most lethal fighter ever built after almost two decades in service.
The TR-3B's greatest capability may be its influence on future technologies, despite the mystery and secrecy surrounding its existence.
00:00you can guarantee the non-existence of
00:03extraterrestrials and suspects the tower
00:05cam footage with a government aircraft
00:07of some sort or perhaps an on lens
00:18the invisible aircraft
00:27alien technology
00:37it exists but it doesn't
00:52secret black triangle UFO shop us
00:59this secret black aircraft could be a
01:02massive hoax or the biggest
01:04technological leap in history the first
01:06aircraft able to fly in the air in water
01:09and in space this is the tr-3b with the
01:14Soviet Union on its way to being
01:15dissolved the late 1900s was America's
01:18chance to finally cement itself as the
01:20most powerful nation and so it did one
01:23groundbreaking triangular aircraft after
01:25another the United States introduced the
01:28Hypersonic SR-71 Blackbird the stealthy
01:31F-117 Nighthawk the tailless B2 spirit
01:34and now maybe the super secret tr-3b
01:38that seems to be sole secret no one
01:40knows if it actually exists or not its
01:43existence is officially denied by the
01:45government but so were other secret
01:47aircraft until they finally were not by
01:50multiple accounts the tr-3b does exist
01:52and it is more unconventional than
01:55anything the world has ever seen it is
01:57practically invisible to both the human
01:59Ai and Radars flies efficiently at both
02:02subsonic and supersonic speeds and can
02:05control its own gravity thanks to an
02:07anti-gravitational Drive propulsion
02:09system while the latter does sound
02:10science fiction level impossible it
02:13isn't far-fetched at all because the U.S
02:15has in fact been working on anti-gravity
02:17technology for over 70 years so stick
02:20around the amazement is only just
02:25anti-gravity for over 70 years
02:29while the discussion continues over
02:30whether anti-gravity Technologies are
02:33feasible the truth is that the
02:34theoretical Concepts behind them are
02:36anything but new in fact the U.S
02:38military and the federal government has
02:40been formally researching these radical
02:42concepts since the 1950s and has never
02:45stopped for instance the types of
02:47anti-gravity propellant-less propulsion
02:49and mass reduction Technologies
02:51described in the Navy's recent UFO
02:53design patents have been established to
02:55be based on more than 60 years of
02:57peer-reviewed research conducted and
02:59published by the most notable
03:00institutions such as the American
03:02Institute of physics NASA the American
03:05Institute of Aeronautics and
03:07astronautics and the Air Force research
03:09laboratory so it's no question that the
03:12most advanced Laboratories under control
03:13of both the armed forces and the
03:15academic world have been trying their
03:17best to figure out anti-gravity for the
03:19better part of a century and keep in
03:21mind that all of this information comes
03:23from unclassified sources and there is
03:25definitely more of it than just what is
03:27represented here the world can only they
03:29wonder how much work has been done in
03:31the classified realm of what was once
03:32openly considered the next massive
03:34revolution in Aerospace technology in
03:37fact it's more than a revolution
03:38controlling gravity would come with
03:40god-like power unlimited power power
03:43that was so decisive scientists from
03:45Washington and Moscow worked on it
03:47together and not just as part of a
03:49secret race but also as part of the same
03:52team world powers knew that with the
03:54ability to control gravity they could
03:56finally bid farewell to the grossly
03:58inefficient rocket fuel for context on
04:00just how inefficient Rocket Fuel is the
04:03massive fuel required to get to the
04:05nearest neighboring star is the same as
04:07the mass of our sun simply put that's
04:10impossible for earth-based uses gravity
04:13control would apparently enable military
04:14forces to repel incoming artillery
04:17mid-flight and prevent them from
04:18striking their targets but perhaps most
04:21notably its most significant use so far
04:23is that gravity control was a crucial
04:25part of the tr-3b Mata development
04:29Monta development
04:32the tr-3b Manta has never been captured
04:35on camera sightings and documents of
04:37secret black projects are its only
04:39evidence of existence but they are
04:41detailed enough to be reliable while
04:43sightings have made some sources believe
04:45it's a UFO some others have discussed
04:48that the Manta was a study project or
04:50flying mock-up of the B2 Spirit bomber
04:52while other sources affirmed that it's a
04:54secret weapon of the US military many of
04:57these sources come from American experts
04:59working at a secret military base near
05:01the city of Groom Lake who claim the U.S
05:03already possessed an aeronautical
05:05technology Beyond imagination
05:06referencing the tr-3b during its
05:10development the tr-3b was reportedly
05:12codenamed Astra its first operational
05:15reconnaissance flight took place in the
05:17early 1990s and its nuclear battery that
05:20powers its anti-gravity propulsion
05:22system was built in the highest level of
05:23secrecy the Aurora program in the Aurora
05:26program billions of dollars were spent
05:28on the tr-3b coordinated by the NSA nro
05:32and CIA the result of this was the tr-3b
05:36wielding technology that would qualify
05:38as alien for one the material covering
05:41the aircraft is a radar-absorbing
05:43polymer which can change its
05:45reflectivity radar absorption and color
05:47this polymer when combined with several
05:50electronic systems makes the tr-3b as
05:52difficult to spot as a small flying
05:55vehicle or a cylindrical object on radar
05:57a circle filled with accelerating plasma
06:00inside the aircraft known as magnetic
06:02field Decay or MFD for short surrounds
06:05the crew compartment and is superior to
06:07any currently known technology for its
06:09use MFD creates a magnetic field that
06:12neutralizes the influence of Gravity by
06:14up to 89 percent that means the weight
06:16of a circular accelerator as well as the
06:18weight of the aircraft is reduced by up
06:21to 89 percent this makes this flying
06:23vehicle extremely easy to maneuver with
06:26this miracle weight loss the tr-3b would
06:28on paper be able to travel at Mach 9
06:30speeds both vertically and horizontally
06:33with its performance probably only
06:35limited by its Pilot's biological
06:37limitations the plasma in the MFD then
06:40enables all of these to happen is
06:42another Wonder on its own it is created
06:44by bringing Mercury to a pressure of 250
06:47000 ATM at a temperature of minus 123
06:50degrees Celsius right in the aircraft
06:52powered by its nuclear battery if
06:55accelerated to 50 000 RPM the ordinary
06:58plasma becomes a superconducting plasma
07:00the end result of this process being the
07:03activation of the MFD that removes the
07:05force of gravity to enable the plane to
07:07fly this technology and other
07:10top-of-the-shelf technologies that the
07:12tr-3v wheels all combine to make the
07:14aircraft one that was way ahead of its
07:16time one packed with a boatload of
07:21tr3b Manta capabilities
07:25the tr-3b Manta appears to be a highly
07:28capable aircraft if its actual designs
07:30and features are as reported for one it
07:33has a triangular shape that as can be
07:35inferred from the B2 Spirit and the
07:37F-117 Nighthawk is jaw-droppingly good
07:40for stealth at the three corners of this
07:42triangle on the bottom side are turbofan
07:45engines with thrust vectoring nozzles
07:46that allow for incredibly high G turns
07:49and a dazzling number of Rapid high
07:51speed Maneuvers these include perfect
07:53right angle turns and Hyper acceleration
07:55which would see the aircraft cut through
07:57the air better than Fighters
07:59specifically built for dogfights the
08:01tr-3b's primary propulsion its
08:03anti-gravity drive with minimal moving
08:05Parts enables the aircraft to travel
08:07extremely silent perhaps an explanation
08:10for why ciders only describe the
08:11aircraft by its light and hardly ever
08:13its sound such quietness combined with
08:16the fact that the plasma the tr-3b
08:18generates significantly reduces the
08:20aircraft's radar signature means the
08:22tr-3b could sneak into just about any
08:24airspace in any country and not be
08:27detected by its air traffic control or
08:28air defense systems this makes it
08:31perfect for missions in which stealth is
08:32Paramount which was almost every mission
08:34in the 1990s when there was a lot of
08:36spying going on between the U.S and the
08:39Soviet Union it's probably no
08:41coincidence that the aircraft developed
08:43around this time all prioritize stealth
08:45greatly the F-117 Nighthawk B2 spirit
08:48and F-22 Raptor for instance all
08:51probably taking notes from the tr-3b all
08:55three of these aircraft went on to have
08:56their respective Stellar careers the
08:58F-117 Nighthawk became the first
09:01operational aircraft to be designed with
09:03stealth technology it would display the
09:05dominance that came with this feature in
09:07the Gulf War and the conflict in
09:08Yugoslavia only one was ever shot down
09:11the B2 spirit is the only aircraft to
09:13combine long-range stealth and a heavy
09:16payload on a single platform it can
09:18carry a payload up to 20 tons and reach
09:21any point in the world within hours at
09:23two billion dollars a piece it is the
09:25most expensive aircraft in history the
09:27F-22 Raptor which is the primary reason
09:30the Nighthawk was retired was the
09:32world's first fifth generation fighter
09:34and despite being in service for almost
09:36two decades now it is still the most
09:38lethal fighter ever built thanks to its
09:40super maneuverability super Cruise space
09:43bordering altitude and so on at 350
09:46million dollars a piece it is also the
09:48most expensive fighter in history so
09:50despite wielding a revolutionary
09:52propulsion system incredibly stealthy
09:54design an impressive thrust vectoring
09:57engines the tr-3b's greatest capability
10:00so far might be its ability to birth the
10:02most indomitable Technologies of the
10:04future and maybe that's what it's for
10:07maybe that's why it's been in secret the
10:09longest or maybe it doesn't even exist
10:11at all that is the extent of the mystery
10:14that surrounds the spaceship looking
10:15tr-3b Manta but while the story of its
10:19existence remains unclear one thing is
10:21for sure not every UFO seen by humans is
10:24of alien origin and the only way to
10:26truly know where they come from is by
10:28subscribing to this Channel and giving
10:30this video a like so do that now and
10:33thanks for watching
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the TR-3B and what technology does it use?

The TR-3B is a secret US aircraft that is rumored to use anti-gravity technology and is practically invisible to radar. Its triangular shape, stealth design, and anti-gravity propulsion make it highly capable and ahead of its time.

2. Is the existence of the TR-3B officially denied by the government?

Yes, the existence of the TR-3B is officially denied by the government, but multiple accounts and accounts from whistleblowers suggest otherwise.

3. What are the advanced capabilities of the TR-3B?

The TR-3B is rumored to possess advanced capabilities due to its anti-gravity technology, stealth design, and triangular shape, which make it nearly invisible to radar.

4. Are there any accounts that suggest the existence of the TR-3B?

Multiple accounts and accounts from whistleblowers suggest that the TR-3B does exist and possesses advanced capabilities despite its official denial by the government.

5. How does the anti-gravity propulsion of the TR-3B work?

The anti-gravity propulsion of the TR-3B is a rumored technology that allows it to defy gravity, providing the aircraft with advanced capabilities and maneuverability.

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