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The video discusses the features and cost of Chat GPT Plus, which offers availability during busy times, faster response speed, and priority access to new features, including Chat GPT 4's ability to handle larger context, input images, and enhanced creativity. Whether Chat GPT Plus is worth it depends on individual needs and budget.
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Chat GPT Plus is a subscription service that offers availability, faster response speed, and priority access to new features.
Chat GPT Plus costs $20 per month.
It provides availability even during high demand.
It claims to have faster response times, although the difference may not be significant.
Subscribers get priority access to new features, such as the recently launched version four.
Chat GPT Plus offers access to Chat GPT 4, which has the ability to input images, handle larger context, and exhibit creativity.
Chat GPT 4 is slower but has better reasoning and is more concise compared to Chat GPT 3.5.
Chat GPT 4 allows users to input images and answer questions about them.
Chat GPT 4 can handle over 25,000 words of text, enabling long form context creation, extended conversations, document search, and analysis.
Chat GPT 4 also exhibits creativity in generating responses.
Chat GPT Plus may be worth it for users who need access during busy times or require image processing, but for most people, it may not be worth the cost.
Chat GPT 4 is more creative and collaborative, able to generate and edit content with users.
Chat GPT 4 scored substantially higher than Chat GPT 3.5 on AP exams in categories like physics, art, and literature.
The main benefit of Chat GPT Plus is access to Chat GPT during busy times or for image processing.
For most people, Chat GPT Plus may not be worth it due to limited user demand and the availability of the free version.
00:00so the most powerful and the most
00:02life-changing tool on the internet chat
00:04GPT has a feature called chat GPT plus
00:07but if you've googled this or looked
00:10into it at all you might realize that
00:11their own website openai's website
00:13doesn't really say much about what chat
00:16GPT plus is what it does or really even
00:19how much it costs and this might lead
00:21you to wonder what is this new feature
00:23what does it offer and is it worth
00:25upgrading from the regular chat GPT well
00:28I actually tried it out and in this
00:29video I'll be showing you just that
00:31exactly what is chat GPT plus is it
00:34worth it how much does it cost and any
00:36other questions you might have about
00:38this incredible new features so starting
00:40off chat GPT pretty much broke the
00:43internet this free open AI tool that
00:45gives anybody access to artificial
00:47intelligence in the form of a chat bot
00:49just really blew everybody's mind the
00:51ability to ask it all types of questions
00:53and have a two tasks that really seemed
00:56like a Quantum Leap in human development
00:58and after it's really been catching on
01:00eventually you might have noticed that
01:02when you try to log on and use it you're
01:04faced with an error like this sometimes
01:06chat GPT says they are at capacity and
01:09the only way for you to use it is if you
01:11sign up for a waitlist and then upgrade
01:13to chatgpt Plus or of course you could
01:15wait longer and maybe check in an hour
01:17or two hours and and maybe you'll be
01:19able to get on then but as you can
01:20imagine as more and more people start
01:23using chat GPT it's only inevitable that
01:26it's going to be harder and harder to
01:27access it during busy times which again
01:30leads you to wonder what is this chat
01:32GPT plus they're plugging well if you
01:34click on it they add you to a wait list
01:36now that's an unfortunate way to do
01:37things because if you're actually in the
01:39chat GPT interface if you're able to
01:42chat you don't have to wait for a wait
01:43list at all in fact you can just sign up
01:45right on the spot so if we go to on my
01:48laptop right here if we go to chat dot it'll take you to chatgpt we
01:54can log in so if you're lucky and it's
01:56not too busy you'll end up on this
01:57screen right here the chat GPT internet
01:59face but on the top as you notice when I
02:01first logged on there it actually said
02:03demand was high right now and response
02:05times are slower but on the bottom left
02:07you can't miss something that they're
02:08trying to push right here is chat GPT
02:11plus and if you click on it you get the
02:13answer to your first question of how
02:14much does this actually cost chat GPD
02:16plus is selling for twenty dollars per
02:19month as a subscription and with that
02:21you're getting three main things the
02:24first thing as you can see right here is
02:25availability even when demand is high
02:27that's kind of the assumed one that we
02:29talked about before that when you log on
02:31even if there's a lot of people also
02:33using chat GPT you will be able to use
02:35it so that's a big positive the second
02:37thing is faster response speed now from
02:39my experience I didn't really notice
02:41especially faster responses every now
02:44and then when you're using chat GPT
02:45there is the op like sometimes it takes
02:48a little bit like an extra beat to
02:49answer your question so maybe there's
02:51less of those instances but again from
02:54my experience the regular free plan
02:55didn't really have too much of that
02:57anyway but the third thing is priority
02:59already access to new features which
03:01again may seem kind of vague but we have
03:04that as of very recently I believe just
03:06yesterday chat GPT launched their new
03:08version which is version four this right
03:10here is version three and a half so I
03:12actually have that on a different
03:13account if we switch over to that you'll
03:15see this is chat GPT plus now the chat
03:19GPT plus interface looks very similar
03:21except in the background it doesn't have
03:23the same thing we saw before whereas
03:25like introduction to chat GPT instead it
03:28just says chat GPT Plus in addition to
03:31that on the top you'll see we have a
03:32drop down menu the drop down menu allows
03:34you to choose which version of chat GPT
03:37you're actually using so right now like
03:39I said chat GPT 3.5 is the basic one
03:43everybody has been using but now they
03:45have chat gpt4 and you can tell it tells
03:48you a little bit more about the
03:49differences between them so 3.5 is
03:51faster but it's a little bit less
03:54concise and it's a little bit less in
03:56strong in the reasoning aspect whereas
03:58four is much slower but much better
04:01reasoning and much more concise so if we
04:03go over to four you'll see there is a
04:05limitation here we have 100 messages
04:07every four hours which is unfortunate so
04:10there's really three main differences
04:11with chat gpt4 and I will make a full
04:14video outlining how to use it and what
04:16the differences really are but kind of
04:18summarizing right here if you have chat
04:20GPT plus you'll have access to chat GPT
04:23for fourth generation and with that the
04:26three things you get are the ability to
04:27input images you can have visual input
04:30now and you can you can use a photo and
04:32say like what is in here or what happens
04:33if if like that happens like I think one
04:36example was like the house from up with
04:38a bunch of balloons above it and
04:39somebody said what happens if you cut
04:41the strings and it knows and it can say
04:43the balloons will float away and the
04:45house will stay put in addition you can
04:47have larger context as well so Chachi
04:49pt4 according to their website is
04:51capable of handling over 25 000 words of
04:54text which allows for use cases like
04:56long form context creation extended
04:58conversations document search and
05:01Analysis among other things like that
05:02and then the third thing is creativity
05:05according to open AI chat gpt4 is more
05:08creative and more collaborative it can
05:10generate an edit and illustrate with
05:12users on creative and technical writing
05:14tasks such as composing songs writing
05:16screenplays or learning a user's writing
05:19style and with that they actually showed
05:21and I thought this was really
05:22interesting they showed the scores of
05:24chat GPT 3.5 and chat ept4 on some AP
05:29exams which is in in the United States
05:31as a common uh like end of High School
05:33exam people might take to get college
05:35credits that stands for advanced
05:37placement so they'll have like physics
05:38and art and and literature and different
05:40things and China tpt4 scored
05:43substantially higher in many of those
05:45categories so that's a summary of what
05:47chat GPT plus is isn't actually worth it
05:49well I think really the big benefit is
05:51the access to chat GPT during busy times
05:54or if you really need to process images
05:56so right now I think for a lot of people
05:58it's probably not not worth it because
06:00there aren't quite too many users most
06:02of the time but if you use it a lot at
06:05work or if you otherwise just find
06:07yourself really needing the new features
06:09on chat gpt4 which I recommend watching
06:11my next video before making that
06:13decision then maybe chatgpt plus is
06:16worth it for you 20 per month
06:18considering the power of this tool set
06:20really makes a lot of sense but
06:22considering you can get it for free for
06:24you know just waiting an extra hour I
06:26don't know it depends on your budget but
06:28leave a comment below and let me know
06:29what you think about chat GPT plus and
06:31gpt4 so if you want to learn more about
06:33chat gpt4 click right here and if you
06:36want a full tutorial on how to become a
06:38power user with chat GPT even the free
06:41version click right here I'm Michael
06:43Bryan with sand Trail media thanks for
06:44watching and I'll see you over there
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key features of Chat GPT Plus?

Chat GPT Plus offers availability during busy times, faster response speed, and priority access to new features, including Chat GPT 4's ability to handle larger context, input images, and enhanced creativity.

2. Is Chat GPT Plus worth it for individuals with busy schedules?

Yes, Chat GPT Plus is worth it for individuals with busy schedules as it offers availability during busy times and faster response speed, enabling efficient communication even during hectic periods.

3. How does Chat GPT Plus benefit users in terms of new feature access?

Chat GPT Plus provides priority access to new features, including Chat GPT 4's ability to handle larger context, input images, and enhanced creativity, giving users the advantage of utilizing the latest capabilities.

4. What factors determine whether Chat GPT Plus is worth it for users?

The worth of Chat GPT Plus depends on individual needs and budget, as users with a high demand for availability, faster response speed, and priority access to new features will find it valuable, while others may prioritize differently.

5. How does Chat GPT Plus enhance the user experience compared to the standard version?

Chat GPT Plus enhances the user experience by providing availability during busy times, faster response speed, and priority access to new features, offering a more efficient and advanced communication platform compared to the standard version.

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