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Replika is an AI-driven chatbot platform that provides support and companionship, but there are concerns about its ability to offer appropriate advice and the potential for inappropriate content, making it potentially unsafe for kids.
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Replika is an AI chat bot that uses machine learning to replicate human interaction and provide support to users struggling with loneliness or isolation.
Replika is available as a website or app.
It learns from conversations with users to become a dedicated digital friend.
It offers reassurance and support to users, but there are concerns about the potential dangers of virtual reality technology.
Replika may not provide meaningful or appropriate advice, and its use could worsen the problems of young users.
Replika cannot help with real-life steps to overcome issues.
Replika encourages more interaction to keep users engaged, potentially isolating them from real-life relationships.
Inappropriate content, including sexual undertones and suggestive comments, has been found in Replika messages.
It is important to regularly talk to young users about their experiences, feelings, and who they can turn to for support in real life.
00:04After two years of lockdowns, many young people are struggling with feelings
00:08of loneliness and a sense of isolation.
00:11So it’s no real wonder that many are turning to the online world as a place to seek support
00:16and connection to others.
00:18Reflecting this, during what many are calling a loneliness epidemic, we’ve seen a huge
00:23rise in the popularity and the number of online Artificial Intelligence bots and digital ‘friends’
00:30available through websites, platforms, and apps.
00:32While these bots and AI friends might sound like really useful tools for providing much
00:37needed support during a difficult time, there are a number of safeguarding concerns surrounding
00:43One particular platform we’ve become aware of is Replika.
00:48Available as a website or an app, Replika uses Artificial Intelligence to talk to users
00:54via an interactive personalised chat bot.
00:58The chat bot learns how to ‘replicate’ genuine human interaction by studying the
01:03conversations it has with the user who creates them.
01:06It uses this learning to become a dedicated digital friend.
01:11It reminds its user that it is always there to “listen and talk” and that it will
01:16always be on their side.
01:18While this might seem like a welcomed reassurance for anyone who is struggling with loneliness
01:23or isolation, it represents a potentially dangerous side to virtual reality technology
01:29that is becoming increasingly popular.
01:31For example, although a young person might share their worries and concerns with the
01:36bot, there’s no guarantee that the bot will provide meaningful or appropriate advice in
01:43It won’t be able to help with real life steps to overcoming any issues presented.
01:48This could make the young person feel unheard, and could worsen their problems.
01:53Platforms like Replika are designed to keep the user using them – that means encouraging
01:58more interaction in return for XP, coins, or unlocking new content.
02:04This could further isolate the user by increasing the time they’re spending on the app, rather
02:09than growing or maintaining real life relationships.
02:13Worryingly, our online safety experts also uncovered inappropriate content, with Replika
02:19bots sending messages that contained sexual undertones and suggestive comments.
02:25If you’re worried about the young person in your care using these apps or feeling lonely,
02:31make sure you’re regularly talking to them.
02:33Not just about online safety and inappropriate messages, but also about how they’re feeling
02:39and who they can turn to for support – in real life!
02:42Read our article on Replika to find out more.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is Replika suitable for children?

Replika is an AI-driven chatbot platform that provides support and companionship, but there are concerns about its ability to offer appropriate advice and the potential for inappropriate content, making it potentially unsafe for kids.

2. What are the potential risks of using Replika for kids?

The potential risks of using Replika for kids include the chatbot's ability to provide inappropriate advice or content, as well as the lack of supervision or filtering for child-appropriate discussions.

3. How can parents ensure safe usage of Replika for their children?

Parents can ensure safe usage of Replika for their children by closely monitoring the conversations, setting up filters for inappropriate content, and educating their kids about online safety and responsible chatbot usage.

4. What are the concerns related to Replika's advice for kids?

The concerns related to Replika's advice for kids include the chatbot's potential to offer inappropriate guidance or suggestions, which may not be suitable for a younger audience.

5. Are there any alternatives to Replika for kids' companionship?

There are alternative platforms specifically designed for kids' companionship, offering safer and more suitable content compared to Replika, which may be a better choice for children.

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