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The video compares the JBL Flip 6 and the Bose Soundlink Flex portable speakers, discussing their design, sound quality, durability, and features, ultimately concluding that the Bose Soundlink Flex is the better option due to its bass performance and overall sound quality.
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The JBL Flip 6 and Bose Soundlink Flex are compared in terms of price, color options, battery life, charging time, weatherproof rating, and Bluetooth versions.
JBL Flip 6 retails for £129.99 and is available in a wide range of colors.
Bose Soundlink Flex retails for £149.95 and is available in three colors.
Both speakers have a battery life of 12 hours on a full charge.
JBL Flip 6 has a shorter charging time of 2.5 hours compared to 4 hours for Bose Soundlink Flex.
The JBL Flip 6 has a utility loop for easy attachment, while the Bose Soundlink Flex has a fabric strap.
The JBL Flip 6 has a racetrack shape subwoofer, dome tweeter, and dual passive radiators for enhanced bass.
The Bose Soundlink Flex has a 60mm transducer and dual passive radiators.
The JBL Flip 6 offers better mid and high range, while the Bose Soundlink Flex offers deeper bass.
The JBL Flip 6 allows adjustments to bass, mids, and treble, while the Bose Soundlink Flex has no EQ adjustments.
The video compares the JBL Flip 6 and Bose Soundlink Flex speakers, highlighting the difference in bass and sound signature, as well as the presence of a microphone in the Bose speaker.
The bass on the Bose Soundlink Flex is more prominent and packs a punch, especially considering its slimmer profile.
The JBL Flip 6 offers slightly better clarity in vocals.
The Bose Soundlink Flex is considered a more well-rounded speaker, while the JBL Flip 6 may be preferred for vocal-led tracks.
The Bose Soundlink Flex has a microphone for call quality, while the JBL Flip 6 does not.
The JBL Flip 6 has Bluetooth 5.1 while the Bose Soundlink Flex only has Bluetooth 4.2, with a range of 10 meters and 400 meters respectively.
The range of the JBL Flip 6 is about 40 to 50 meters in practical use.
The Bose Soundlink Flex has an IP67 weatherproof rating, making it submersible in water up to one meter for 30 minutes and dustproof.
Both speakers passed the dunk test and were durable, with the silicone material on the exterior of the Bose helping it withstand drops.
Both the JBL Flip 6 and Bose Soundlink Flex offer a high level of durability, but the Bose edges it due to its silicone exterior.
The JBL Flip 6 has the party boost feature, allowing up to 100 supporting party boost speakers to be linked together.
The Bose Soundlink Flex can create a stereo pair with a second Soundlink or be linked up in mono to another Bose speaker.
The Flip 6 may appeal to a wider audience with its variety of color options, while the Bose is a more classic option for long-standing Bose fans.
00:00so then guys what makes a better portable speaker?  The JBL Flip 6 or the bose Soundlink Flex?  
00:05Arguably one of the closest comparisons I've ever  made so let's find out which one gets my vote.  
00:11Now both of these speakers have only very recently  been released and we've had lots of you guys asked  
00:15for a comparison and for very good reason so let's  kick things off with some key facts then about  
00:20both of these speakers. Now the JBL Flip 6 retails  for a price of £129.99 and is available in a color  
00:26choice of dusty pink, greystone, river teal,  fiesta red, ocean blue, midnight black, steel  
00:32white, forest green, or squad. So a huge range  of colors so there's something for everyone. Now,  
00:38on the other hand, we've got the Bose Soundlink  Flex now this retails at a slightly higher price  
00:42of £149.95 so about £20 difference there, and is  available in a more conservative choice of three  
00:49colors being white smoke, black, and stone blue.  Now in terms of battery life they're both exactly  
00:55the same at 12 hours on full charge, but charging  time is a little bit better on the JBL as it takes  
01:00two and a half hours to recharge compared with  four hours on the Bose now they both have the same  
01:05weatherproof rating of ip67 meaning that they're  both submersible in water up to one meter of depth  
01:11for up to 30 minutes now they also both support  slightly different versions of bluetooth with the  
01:16jbl coming with 5.1 whereas interestingly the bose  soundlink comes in at bluetooth 4.2 and i'll talk  
01:24more about that a little bit later on but both  speakers can also be stereo paired as well so  
01:29pretty similar speakers as you can tell already  so let's take a closer look at the design of  
01:34these two speakers and so as you can see the jbl  flip six here takes on the classical cylindrical  
01:40portable speaker design whereas the bose is  more of a flatter tablet shape so in terms of  
01:44materials on the jbl you get this tough fabric  around pretty much the entire speaker and then  
01:50these rubber end caps for minimizing damage from  being dropped and on the bose it's a powder coated  
01:56steel grille with silicon exterior now on first  impressions you think the jbl is going to be  
02:00more durable but in our durability test which is  coming up a little bit later on we were actually  
02:05surprised about how well the bose held up now the  weight of these actually feels exactly the same  
02:11and i think they're actually the same on spec 0.6  kilograms now they're both light enough to fit in  
02:17a rucksack and carry around with you or take with  you on holiday you've also got your classic touch  
02:22controls on both speakers including play pools  volume controls power on and off and bluetooth  
02:27pairing and both speakers come with usbc charging  now something that differentiates the bose is the  
02:33addition of this fabric hook on the bows which  they call a utility loop and it's really handy  
02:38especially for someone like myself who likes  to get out and about a lot and i can just clip  
02:42this on to a rucksack using a carabiner now the  jbl on the other hand has a lightweight option  
02:48with this fabric strap which you can use to tie  it to a bag but it isn't quite as sturdy as the  
02:53carabiner option right then guys on to the juicy  stuff the sound quality under the hood in the jbl  
02:59you get the famous racetrack shape subwoofer  coming in at 45 mil by 80mm separate 16mm dome  
03:05tweeter and dual passive radiators to enhance  the base it's a very similar story in the bose  
03:10as well with a 60mm transducer and dual passive  radiators now in terms of frequency response the  
03:16jbl flip 6 is 63 hertz by 20 hertz and while those  don't state their frequency response on their site  
03:22a third party has noted a frequency response  of 60.8 hertz by 15.6 kilohertz so on paper we  
03:28presume the flip 6 will offer better mid and high  range and the bose should offer deeper bass than  
03:33the flip six so that's what we're working with  but how well do they actually sound well we're  
03:37going to be giving you a proper sound test in just  a moment using our binaural microphone but before  
03:41i do that there are a few things i need to mention  regarding sound quality on both of these speakers  
03:47so first of all these are both mono speakers but  there are no eq adjustments with the bose so you  
03:52can't adjust the bass or the treble which you  can do on the jbl you can actually adjust the  
03:58bass mids and treble on the flip six and the  significance of this cannot be understated  
04:03now everyone is different and likes to listen to  their music in different ways so to be able to  
04:08make these adjustments is a really big advantage  now to be fair to bozo it does come with something  
04:13called position iq which will automatically  adjust the eq based on the orientation it's  
04:18in whether it's hanging up laying down flat or  standing upright now something that jbl definitely  
04:24does not do however i'm always skeptical about  products that say they automatically optimize  
04:28themselves without being able to turn it on  and off to actually hear the difference right  
04:33let's get this binaural microphone on for you  guys then so i'm going to play some different  
04:36tracks different genres to really give you a good  idea of how these speakers actually sound now the  
04:41same disclaimer as always here take this with a  pinch of salt because it's not going to translate  
04:47across as well as actually being here in the room  all right then guys so now we're going to do the  
04:52sound test obviously as you can see right here  we've got the binaural mic set up we've got the  
04:55jbl flip 6 as well as the bose sounding so we're  going to start with the flip 6 and then we'll do  
05:00the same songs same setup on the soundlink  so first up first song the flipsicks [Music]  
05:23100 times a day [Music] you'll get  tired of my voice that's how much
05:45do [Music] so
06:08so then guys i hope that helped i'm not  sure if you'll agree but immediately  
06:12the most striking difference is in the bass  with the bose soundlink flex which correlates  
06:17with what we would expect it certainly packs a  punch especially considering it's slimmer profile  
06:22than the jbr flipstick so i think if you're going  to be listening a lot in larger outdoor spaces  
06:27then the sound will go further from the bose  soundlink now i think the vocals were pretty  
06:32impressive on both to be fair but i think the  flip six does offer slightly better clarity  
06:37of course you have those eq settings on  the flip six to tweak it if you want to  
06:41but despite the bose not having the eq controls i  was pretty happy with how this sounded so i'm not  
06:45sure i'd even need to make any adjustments given  the choice but i'm sure that there will be people  
06:50who really want to adjust the bass and the treble  now on the whole i do feel like the soundlink flex  
06:55is a more well-rounded speaker and as someone  who tends to listen to bass heavy tracks such  
07:00as electronic music this performed best for me now  if you listen to more vocal led tracks alternative  
07:06music and things like that then you might prefer  the sound signature out of the flip six so some of  
07:11you might also be wondering what the call quality  is like and unfortunately it's a no-go for the jpl  
07:17as there's no microphone but fortunately there is  on the bose and yes i get that not all of you are  
07:23going to be using a portable speaker for its cool  quality but there are some of you who do so we  
07:28tested this in our full review of the sounding  flex so make sure you check that video out  
07:32if that's important to you now i really do want to  touch on the differences in the bluetooth standard  
07:38between these speakers as well because the jbl  flip 6 comes with the 5.1 whereas the bose is  
07:44only equipped with bluetooth 4.2 which is pretty  surprising to be fair now as i mentioned earlier  
07:49i am happy with how the bose sounded so maybe they  don't think it's needed but in a practical sense  
07:54the range is 10 meters on bluetooth 4.2 where this  is extended to 400 meters on bluetooth 5.1 now  
08:01realistically you're not going to get that range  and we tested it out and got about 40 to 50 meters  
08:07before it started dropping out now i don't know  about you guys but i would expect a new product  
08:11to come with the latest form of bluetooth and  even though i can't instantly tell the difference  
08:16it just gives me that peace of mind moving on to  the durability test then so as with all portable  
08:21speaker comparisons and in true louis fashion we  had to put them through their paces and see what  
08:27they could withstand so both speakers come with an  ip67 weatherproof rating so they're submersible in  
08:32water up to one meter for up to 30 minutes and  also dustproof so they shouldn't have any issues  
08:38being on the beach and soaking up some sand either  now in the shs dunk test we dunked these in our  
08:44box of water and now both speakers were absolutely  fine in our dunk test and water didn't phase  
08:50either of them whatsoever now onto the drop test  then and this is where i would say overall i was  
08:55really surprised with the durability of the bows  considering the material of the grille now the  
09:02silicone material around the exterior of the bows  helped it to withstand drops from higher heights  
09:06and any marks that showed up on the silicone  exterior you could simply just rub off now i would  
09:11say that when we dropped it face down on the grill  side it definitely sounded worse than it actually  
09:16was i thought i'd actually broke the speaker but  it just showed some scuffs and nicks on the front  
09:21grille which i guess is to be expected now on the  flip side the flip 6 is fabric material and still  
09:28has taken a lot of beating and there are no signs  of damage on the main section of the speaker but  
09:33it's the rubber end caps that have taken the most  damage even more so than the previous generation  
09:38the flip five now the jbl logo also showed some  signs of wear and tear when we were dropping it  
09:44from heights however i think it's really important  to stress here that when i do put these portable  
09:49speakers to the test i really do put them to the  test i've been dropping them from around six or  
09:54seven foot straight onto concrete onto gravel  onto grass so this is extreme testing and don't  
09:59worry guys we've thrown these around and none of  the internals were impacted as they still played  
10:04beautifully so which one is more durable look guys  i think both of these speakers offer a really high  
10:10level of durability and the look and feel of  both of these speakers i'm really happy with  
10:15the bar has been set really high so i'm having  to split hairs here if i had to make a decision  
10:20purely on durability alone i think the bose edges  it because of the silicone exterior and it was  
10:26able to hide marks more easily but i'd be happy  with both of these portable speakers so is there  
10:31anything i've not got around to mentioning yet  then well something to bear in mind with the jbl  
10:36is the party boost feature which means that you  can link up to 100 supporting party boost speakers  
10:42which are the more recent jbr speakers so if  your friends have jbl speakers that support this  
10:46feature then they can bring those speakers around  and they can all be playing in sync which is very  
10:51nice to have now on the other hand on the bose  you can create a stereo pair with a second sound  
10:56link or you can link it up in mono to another bose  speaker that's on the bose connect app including  
11:01sound bars so if you don't want to miss the game  you can take it with you wherever you want to be  
11:07now this is a real tough one as both are fantastic  portable speakers and genuinely i'd be really  
11:12happy with either now personally i feel that the  flip 6 and the bose sound flex appeal to slightly  
11:18different consumer bases so with the huge variety  of color options it's possible that the flip 6  
11:23will appeal to a wider audience from myself opt  in for the all black version to my younger brother  
11:29wanting the camo option to then party boost with  his friends now the bose is a more classic option  
11:35and i think anyone who has been a long-standing  bose fan will definitely think that this is a  
11:39lovely addition to their collection now if you  were to simply ask me which one sounds better  
11:45without taking anything else into account i think  the bose just edges it for me and is worth the  
11:51extra 20 pounds in price difference so ultimately  there's my choice for you however the jbl still  
11:57sounds impressive for a portable speaker and if  you've been loyal to jbl over a number of years  
12:02i would honestly stick with jbl so two great  products from jbl and bose here what are you  
12:08guys going to choose i'd be really interested  to hear your thoughts down below in the comment  
12:13section i hope you found this video really helpful  and i'll catch you all in the next one take care
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Which portable speakers are compared in the video?

The video compares the JBL Flip 6 and the Bose Soundlink Flex portable speakers.

2. What aspects are discussed in the comparison?

The comparison discusses the design, sound quality, durability, and features of the JBL Flip 6 and the Bose Soundlink Flex speakers.

3. Which speaker is concluded to be the better option in the video?

The video concludes that the Bose Soundlink Flex is the better option due to its bass performance and overall sound quality.

4. What are the key factors for choosing the Bose Soundlink Flex according to the video?

The key factors for choosing the Bose Soundlink Flex according to the video are its bass performance and overall sound quality.

5. Why is the Bose Soundlink Flex considered a better option in the video?

The Bose Soundlink Flex is considered a better option in the video due to its bass performance and overall sound quality, making it stand out compared to the JBL Flip 6.

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