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The video discusses the differences between Twitch and Kick, two live streaming platforms, and explores the question of whether streamers should switch from Twitch to Kick. It compares factors such as viewer and streamer numbers, income options, platform features, technical capabilities, and the security of each platform. Ultimately, the decision to switch depends on individual circumstances and preferences.
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The video discusses the differences between Twitch and Kik as live streaming platforms and whether streamers should consider switching from Twitch to Kik.
Kik is a new live streaming platform that is putting pressure on Twitch.
The discontent of streamers on Twitch is increasing, leading to scandals.
The video aims to provide objective and factual information about Twitch and Kik.
The creator mentions the importance of addressing the topic in a factual manner due to toxic viewers.
The video discusses the differences between Twitch and Kik, highlighting the average number of viewers and streamers on each platform, as well as the income options available.
Twitch has an average of 2.5 million viewers with 91,000 streamers, while Kik has significantly fewer viewers and streamers.
On Twitch, there are various income options including revenue share and affiliate programs.
To earn money on Twitch, one needs to meet certain requirements such as streaming for eight hours on seven different days with at least three viewers on average.
There are two options for streamers to earn money: Twitch requires an average number of viewers, while Kik pays a fixed amount per hour regardless of viewership.
Twitch requires an average number of viewers, while Kik only requires 75 followers and 5 hours of streaming.
Kik's Creator Program pays streamers a fixed amount per hour, regardless of viewership.
Kik's program has criteria such as age restrictions, being visible at all times, and integrating various apps.
The video discusses the lack of integrations and technical limitations on the Kick streaming platform compared to Twitch.
Kick does not have built-in providers like Stream Elements or Tippe, making it difficult to build alerts.
Kick lacks features like overlays, chat, and streamer bots.
Kick only supports a maximum of 1080p60 streaming, while Twitch allows higher resolutions and frame rates.
Kick is buying big streamers like xqc, but it's uncertain how long they can sustain it and if the platform will eventually close.
Kick is spending a lot of money on big streamers like xqc.
It's unclear how long they can continue this spending.
There is a possibility that the platform could be closed in the future.
Switching from Twitch to Kick may result in losing your community on Twitch.
00:00If you're a streamer on Twitch, you've
00:01probably heard about Kik in the last few weeks,
00:03a new live streaming
00:05platform that's putting a lot of
00:07pressure on Twitch, especially because
00:09the discontent of streamers on Twitch
00:10is getting bigger and bigger and there's one scandal after the
00:12next Questions that you are
00:14now certainly asking yourself are, on the one hand,
00:16what is there, on the other hand, what are the
00:19differences between Twitch and Kik and
00:21the third question should then be:
00:23Should I consider switching from Twitch to
00:25Kik? We will now go
00:27through the topic objectively and precisely
00:30Go through it so that you
00:32get the best information for yourself.
00:38In general, I find the whole topic
00:40surrounding Kick a bit difficult because in the
00:43last few weeks or months I've had
00:45viewers coming to me and they
00:46were very toxic when it comes to the topic,
00:49so it's in my opinion In this video, it is very, very
00:51important that I
00:53address the topic in a very factual manner and I will
00:55therefore not take sides,
00:57neither on Twitch nor on Kick, but rather
01:01point out the facts in a really factual way, which is also important regardless of Twitch or Kick:
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01:55so that we can really get through the
01:56topic in an orderly manner I would like to
01:59take up the questions from the intro and answer them one after the other. Let's
02:02start with the first question:
02:04what exactly is Kik?
02:07In the end, Kik is actually a
02:08live streaming platform just like
02:10Twitch. You can stream your content live
02:12and with share with an adult
02:13community and
02:16earn money through advertising and subscriptions,
02:18the platform went live on
02:19December 1st, 2022, so it's not that old yet
02:22and since then he's really been happy with an
02:25adult community. The company
02:27behind it is Kick Streaming
02:29Ltd from Australia In turn,
02:32100% belongs to the company easy go
02:34Entertainment and this company
02:36earns most of its money through
02:38the development of casino and
02:40gambling software. One of easygo's customers
02:41is, among others,,
02:43which is also known for casino and gambling
02:45and this one The connection is
02:47exactly the reason why the topic of Kik
02:51has been discussed so heatedly in the past, but when we
02:54start talking about Twitch, which is
02:57100% owned by Amazon,
03:00I don't think we'll ever find each other again, so
03:02as promised, we'll leave the
03:05topic alone You can
03:07think about it yourself and
03:09really look at the
03:10differences objectively and what exactly you
03:12get there and what you don't get, so what exactly
03:14are the differences between Twitch
03:16and Kik and here I took a
03:18close look at both platforms and
03:20certain criteria Yes, just
03:22compare, for example, starting with
03:24the size Twitch has an average of
03:272.5 million viewers with 91,000
03:31streamers. If you
03:34calculate that, you can calculate that to an average of 27
03:38but Kik has
03:40significantly fewer viewers and
03:42streamers are also clear The platform
03:44is very new, we have 110,000
03:46viewers on 1,428 streamers and
03:50we get an average of
03:5177 viewers per streamer, so purely from
03:56this comparison Kick would perhaps
04:01be a little more interesting for the average viewers per streamer, but
04:03let's see another one
04:05An important password when comparing
04:07such platforms is of course the
04:09income options and
04:11on the one hand we have Twitch Twitch has
04:13many different modes that you
04:15can use there, first of all when you start
04:18then you generally can't earn anything there
04:19if you then make a lot of money
04:22then you get a revenue
04:24share, i.e. a part of the income
04:26and as a partner you also get a
04:28part of the income. Probably the
04:30easiest thing you can do there to
04:32make money on Twitch is the
04:34filiate because it only needs 50
04:38before you have to do it in total streamed for eight hours
04:40on seven different
04:42days with at least three viewers on
04:45average and then you can enter into the contract,
04:48which of course accommodates a lot more,
04:50I do
04:51n't want to do that now and then you get
04:53a revenue share of 50 50, that is
04:56from the income For example,
04:58you get 50% off the subscriptions that your viewers buy
05:00and that is exactly a
05:04criterion that many people are now annoyed with
05:06on Twitch because before that it was 70 30 yes,
05:10there may be older
05:11contracts here and yes there may also be
05:13special contracts but 50 50 is
05:16the general public for us normal people on
05:20Kik, but it looks completely different because
05:22Kick is also trying
05:23to lure people with it. Among other things,
05:25a revenue share of 95 to
05:28five is offered here, which means that as a streamer
05:30I get 95% of the income paid out The
05:33whole thing here also only starts from
05:37who is much easier to
05:39reach because you don't have to
05:40have an average number of viewers,
05:42you just need 75
05:44followers and that's about it for
05:46five hours of streaming. I
05:49think everyone should be able to do that because
05:50if you have more money to stream If you
05:51want to earn money and you ca
05:52n't even manage to stream for a total of five hours,
05:54and by that I don't even mean in one
05:55go, then you might as well leave it alone.
05:58Now, of course, there's a completely
05:59different big thing that's
06:01making headlines and that's the Creator Program, which
06:04isn't the whole thing yet
06:05But a lot has already been
06:07written about it in stone and Kik wants to
06:09introduce a creator program that
06:11pays streamers money every hour, which
06:14means you just stream and
06:16then get paid a fixed amount of money per hour, regardless of whether you
06:18have one viewer or 1000 viewers
06:23this hour e.g. $16. The whole thing
06:26only works if you're old enough, there
06:28's no guidelines yet,
06:30but I think it will
06:32vary from country to country because
06:34in some countries you're allowed to
06:35earn money earlier than in others,
06:38so there would definitely have to be
06:39something kicking around then you have to be awake,
06:41which means you are not allowed to
06:43do sleep streams, it would be cool to
06:44earn money in your sleep or and you have to
06:47be visible at all times, so you have to
06:48see yourself via a facecam as they
06:50then do the whole thing with videubing, which they
06:52also offer on the platform
06:54I don't know yet but it's not set in stone
06:56that's supposed to happen and that
06:58of course makes it very exciting from a purely financial perspective. But
07:01then we come to the
07:02next criterion and that would be the
07:04integration of various apps.
07:06Twitch has of course
07:08built up a lot of them over time Not only
07:09whether Studio or streamlabs whether
07:12you can stream and where you can
07:13immediately link to your Twitch account,
07:15you also have countless other
07:17services, for example Stream
07:19Elements where you can build widgets and overlays,
07:22you can
07:24use bots like mix it up bot or the
07:27streamerbot or nightbot and mobot and
07:30there are so many different services
07:32that you can use. Twitch
07:34really has everything. If you
07:36want to stream on Twitch, you do
07:37n't just choose what you
07:39like best, set it up and go
07:41On the other hand, Kick
07:44and Kick is of course still very new, which
07:47means that all the services like Stream
07:49Elements and Co haven't
07:50built any integrations here yet because something like that is
07:52of course a
07:54decision somewhere that has to be weighed up financially.
07:57I'm building such an integration If
07:59the platform remains, the platform has
08:01an API, so from a technical point of view,
08:04as a programmer, I can communicate with the platform
08:06and then there is
08:09n't really anything on Kik. Of course,
08:11you can use Studio, you can also
08:12use stres and you can't stream to the platform
08:15But you don't have a problem
08:17on the platform itself -
08:20Twitcher has its own alerts that you
08:22can build, nor are providers like Stream
08:24Elements or tippe etc. integrated,
08:26which means you ca
08:28n't build any alerts on top of it, which is of course
08:31stupid. You can create the overlay yourself
08:34but all these
08:36shenanigans with chat, the
08:38streamer bot, they just don't exist yet, but
08:39what I found out
08:42is, for example, one thing that would be Bo
08:45Tricks, I don't know that at all, I just
08:47googled it for a moment and Bo Tricks
08:49probably already offers one A few
08:50integrations, just to throw it out
08:53there, something is already being
08:54done, but the well-known players
08:56are not integrated yet, but what about
08:58the technical possibilities
09:00and that is also a thing that
09:04people with technology savvy are concerned about Twitch is always
09:06blowing my mind on Twitch, I can stream with 10 80 P60
09:09and unofficially have an
09:128000 frame rate that I can use,
09:14it doesn't work over 8000
09:16unofficially officially 6000 and it's
09:19only worth it 1080p 60 because over that would be
09:22easy at h264 which is currently only possible
09:24The whole thing looks vague
09:26on Kik, it is defined a little more precisely.
09:29On Kik, a maximum of 10 80 P
09:3260 is supported at all, which means
09:34you can't stream higher there.
09:37no entries of up to 8000 are specified,
09:39which means I can actually do that there
09:41do the same as with Twitch
09:43and yes h264 also no AV1 or VIP no
09:47or anything else h264 but if we then
09:52look at the features of the platforms then you will quickly
09:53notice that Twitch and Kick
09:56look very similar, especially from
09:58the home page when you're on kik it
10:00looks like Twitch when you go through the
10:01categories this is available on both
10:03platforms it also looks very
10:05similar when you're in a
10:07category and scroll through it it
10:09looks incredibly the same on both platforms
10:11you then go to on
10:14a streaming site, so on the
10:16stream of a streamer of a streamer
10:19then you see the stream has the
10:21same controls under the
10:23stream info panels that you
10:25can maintain yourself there you have the chat on the right you
10:28have moderators for the chat so
10:30kik is pretty much the same
10:33Of course, Twitch
10:35took songs from this niche somewhere as an update and
10:38copied the whole thing or
10:42got inspiration, of course, which you
10:45can also do on Kik, of course, you can
10:47subscribe there, which means you can
10:49take out a subscription for real money
10:51as a viewer and the streamer
10:54then gets it Income from this subscription is
10:56also possible with Twitch. I have
10:58already mentioned the revenue split.
10:59Twitch still has the option for you to
11:03receive donations, for example, donations
11:05via Bits, which is Twitch's own
11:08currency. Kik does not have the
11:10feature that both platforms have again
11:12There are clips, which means that viewers
11:14can create clips of certain moments during the stream,
11:16which are then
11:18saved by the streamer and the
11:20streamer can do whatever they want with them
11:22and which of course works on both
11:24platforms and what
11:25is always a killer criterion are their own
11:27emotes On Twitch you only have
11:30the opportunity to use emotes as an affiliate.
11:32On Kik you can
11:35upload emotes directly after you have
11:36registered for the first time,
11:39so I don't know whether that should be a knockout criterion,
11:41but some people are
11:42incredibly crazy about it But
11:44what is most important to me
11:46with a platform like this if I were to
11:48personally think about whether
11:51I should switch to a platform like this is
11:52the security of the platform and
11:55let's first look at Twitch. Twitch
11:57is a company that has been established for years and was
11:59created through Amazon So
12:02100% belongs to Amazon, which means we
12:05have a global giant who
12:08operates this platform, which means the
12:10entire infrastructure also runs through
12:13Amazon. Amazon not only has the
12:15website where you can buy something quickly,
12:17but Amazon also has the largest
12:20data centers in the world
12:22That means Amazon Web Service is AWS
12:26and anyone can theoretically
12:28rent servers and run services on them.
12:30Twitch runs on them, which means that
12:32Twitch not only has a large
12:33financial backer but also a really
12:35very good, fixed, structured
12:38infrastructure and
12:41Twitch is still
12:43not worth operating So Twitch does bad things every year
12:46and Amazon makes up for it,
12:48but I don't think Amazon will
12:52push Twitch aside so quickly.
12:54They are of course trying to make the company profitable through this
12:55change, which upsets a lot of people,
13:00and I also believe that Twitch
13:02will get to that point it is profitable
13:04and this is being continued. In my
13:06opinion, the security of the
13:08platform is already very high.
13:10Kick, however, of course also has a
13:13backer who brings in a lot of capital.
13:15The platform is very new. You have
13:18to look first. It is of course
13:19clear that you don't have one here
13:21The platform makes money, it's not profitable, it's
13:23also lousy. The only question
13:26you should ask yourself here
13:27is how long a company
13:30or a financier wants to give money, when will
13:33the capital be used up and here
13:36you have to consider the mixer with
13:38the mixer in mind It was
13:40a streaming platform sponsored by Microsoft that
13:43was closed at some point from now on, which means everything
13:45you worked there as a creator
13:46was gone from one day to the next
13:49and that was only because the
13:51platform wasn't worth it
13:56Bought streamers for billions of dollars that were signed there
13:58but somewhere it doesn't pay off and that's
14:00exactly what Kick is currently doing because
14:02Kick buys a lot of big streamers like
14:05xqc for example that's probably
14:07one of the best examples
14:10very very very much money the question is
14:13But how long can you keep it up
14:15and at some point the capital will simply be
14:18used up? You don't want to
14:19continue it and the platform will
14:21simply be closed, which means it's
14:23more of a kick, you have to say so, not
14:25so sure at first, but now to the
14:27most important point
14:30After all this knowledge, should I
14:32consider switching from Twitch to Kik
14:34and I have to
14:36answer that clearly: Kick is an incredibly
14:39interesting platform and in
14:41the last few weeks and months you have noticed
14:42how much attention
14:45is being drawn to this platform because...
14:47There's also the dissatisfaction with Twitch. If
14:50I now have a community on Twitch,
14:51then I personally wouldn't switch
14:54to Kik because you're actually throwing your
14:56community away. Yes, a few
14:58will follow, but you're actually gone.
15:00The viewers there will join other
15:02streams Search Twitch and you start
15:04from the beginning,
15:06but now I'm a completely new
15:08streamer and I start from scratch,
15:09why not just
15:11give Kick a chance and try it out? That's how
15:14I would see the whole thing if you
15:17take the big streamers as a model, for example Then you have to
15:19say very clearly, as has already been
15:20mentioned here, that's where big deals are
15:22concluded. At the end of the day,
15:23most of the big streamers who
15:25switch to the kick platform do
15:27n't do that because the platform is much hotter
15:30and because it's much better
15:31but because of the money, even if they
15:33may claim otherwise, but that's how
15:34it is and at the end of the day
15:36there is no right or wrong.
15:38I would have to have a crystal ball to be
15:41able to tell you now go to Kik
15:43because the platform works through the ceiling
15:44or stay on Twitch because kick is
15:46far away anyway, these are just
15:48guesses, you can only compare, you have to
15:50stay objective and if I
15:52said otherwise I would be lying to you
15:53and I just don't do that. But what you
15:55can say is that it is Of
15:57course, the whole thing will only show in the next few
15:59years if you hold out for a long time
16:01whether it will become an alternative to Twitch
16:03and whether Twitch might
16:05really have problems as a result, but what you
16:08can say with 100% certainty is that early adopters are
16:10people who are involved right from the start Jumping
16:12on the bandwagon and trying something new
16:14is usually easier
16:16to grow in the future and
16:19really exploit the potential of the platform.
16:20On the other hand, you can
16:23also say 100% that the risk of
16:25early adopters falling on their faces is of course much greater
16:28you have to
16:30decide for yourself what
16:32risk you want to take,
16:34but now I would like to know from you what do
16:36you say about Kik, what do you say about the
16:38current situation? Feel free to share your thoughts
16:41under the video and see you
16:43in the next video. ciao ciao
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the differences between Twitch and Kick as live streaming platforms?

Twitch is a popular live streaming platform known for its focus on gaming content, while Kick is a newer platform that caters to a wider range of content, including gaming, music, and more. Kick also offers interactive features like live polls and Q&A sessions that differentiate it from Twitch.

2. How do the viewer and streamer numbers compare between Twitch and Kick?

Twitch has a larger user base and established viewer community, especially within the gaming niche, while Kick is rapidly growing and attracting diverse audiences. Streamers may find it easier to stand out and gain visibility on Kick due to the competition being less intense compared to Twitch.

3. What are the income options available on Twitch and Kick for streamers?

Twitch offers revenue options like subscriptions, ad revenue, and donations, whereas Kick provides monetization through digital gifts, live challenges, and virtual events. Both platforms have their unique ways for streamers to earn income, and the choice depends on the streamer's content and audience.

4. What technical capabilities and features distinguish Twitch and Kick?

Twitch is known for its robust technical capabilities, allowing for high-quality streaming and interactive features like extensions and chatbots. Kick, on the other hand, focuses on creating an engaging and interactive experience through features like challenges, interactive ads, and virtual gifting.

5. How do the security measures on Twitch and Kick compare for streamers?

Twitch has established security measures and moderation tools to protect streamers and their content, while Kick emphasizes content safety and community guidelines to maintain a positive environment. Both platforms prioritize security, and streamers should consider their specific needs when choosing a platform.

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