💫 Summary
The video is a compilation of episodes from Season 1 of "El secreto de Jae-kyung" where the protagonist, Kiri, discovers the secret of her best friend, Yae. The story revolves around their interactions and conflicts, including a misunderstanding where Kiri rejects a confession from a guy. However, they eventually reconcile and confront Yae's brother together.
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This section introduces the main characters, Kiri and Yae, and their friendship with some humorous moments.
Kiri is introduced as the protagonist who is greeted by Yae, her partner.
Yae is described as someone who always follows Kiri and is a little clumsy.
There is a scene where Kiri removes a leaf from Yae's head, and Kiri finds Yae cute.
Minsik asks if Kiri is dating Jay, but Kiri clarifies that they are just friends.
The protagonist invites his friend to the cafeteria and asks about something embarrassing he saw yesterday.
The protagonist suggests they leave together, but others think she's crazy.
The friend asks if the protagonist is a rich drinker, which angers him.
The protagonist's other co-star is disturbed by the music and tells them to stop making noise.
The protagonist is confused about his best friend's behavior and seeks advice from someone else.
The protagonist assumes his best friend hates him.
He decides to ask someone for advice on what to do.
The person he asks tells him to figure it out on his own.
The protagonist pleads with his best friend to help him.
The protagonist observes their friend after an incident and wonders why they are behaving that way.
The friend is carrying two bags and falls, hurting their backside.
The protagonist asks if their friend is okay.
There is a flashback showing people talking about the friend's attractiveness and how they reject people who aren't handsome or talented.
The protagonist is intrigued by their friend's behavior and wonders why they are acting that way.
The protagonist is interrupted during a conversation and is left confused about the situation.
The protagonist is talking to someone named Kirim before being interrupted.
The interruption causes the protagonist to become frustrated.
There is mention of carrying someone like a princess and a discussion about love.
The protagonist discovers the secret of her best friend, leading to a misunderstanding with the president who accuses her of playing with men's feelings.
The president confronts the protagonist for rejecting a confession from a guy.
The protagonist explains that she rejected him because she likes someone else.
The president criticizes the protagonist for rejecting people who have been kind to her.
The protagonist confronts his brother who has turned into a monster with sexual desires and decides to leave.
The protagonist is shocked when he learns that his brother has turned into a monster with sexual desires.
He confronts his brother and decides to leave.
The protagonist hits his brother multiple times and says goodbye.
The protagonist reassures his sister and tells her that everything is okay.
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00:53introducing us to the protagonists
00:55our dearest protagonist kyrion to whom
00:58we will call kiri for not very
01:00long his name and our protagonist
01:02yaek which we will call yae which
01:05our protagonist kiri greets us
01:07introduces herself saying that she is her partner
01:10kind that she always approaches him
01:12with a smile and who is a little clumsy
01:14which we pass a scene where this
01:16makes fun of her because she had a leaf in her
01:18the head and the flame plant being
01:21honest, it's a bit of an idiotic joke
01:23but our protagonist is special
01:25moment and he asks her to remove the
01:27head blade and kiri remove it
01:29while in his mind he tells us that it is very
01:30cute and that she always follows her
01:32everywhere at lunch in classes
01:35and when they go home followed by that
01:37presents us with another scene where it appears
01:40Krillin [ __ ] is actually called
01:42minsik who asks if our protagonist
01:44She's dating Jay and he says no.
01:46that they are just friends even though they
01:49they generate misunderstandings by being close
01:52that is always the answer and our
01:54protagonist in his thinking believes that it is very
01:57cute but to date he has never
01:59never saved you since our
02:01dearest protagonist carries the philosophy of
02:04that if your heart beats fast if someone
02:06you like it, so it doesn't happen with her
02:08no matter how close they are
02:10After that we change the scene to
02:13They walking to their houses where he already
02:15He asks Kiri if she's going home yet.
02:17where he answers no, he's going to
02:19dating krilly [ __ ] and this question
02:21where are they going in our prota
02:23answers that they are going to an internet cafe
02:24together but he insists on going but ours
02:27Kitty stops her saying it's going to be
02:30departure of only boys which is not
02:32he is not concerned and proceeds to say goodbye
02:34but our protagonist tells him that another day
02:36They will go out to do the same and then
02:39remove each one
02:41but our protagonist wonders if
02:43There will be someone who is just as
02:45innocent and kind that she we return to
02:47change scene where our protagonist
02:49leaves the internet cafe where they ask
02:51How long did it take them to get out of there?
02:53which they proceed to leave and pass by
02:56Yae's neighborhood where he thinks
02:58They are going to meet on the street although
03:00He believes that it cannot be possible when
03:03seconds later he comes across the same
03:05but in a somewhat strange scene where
03:08he sees her with a tattoo and smoking where
03:10our protagonist wonders if it is a
03:12thug in his mind while he already
03:14insists that I not tell anyone anything
03:16while crushing a lit cigarette
03:18which surprises with our protagonist does not
03:21he pays attention because he is lost in his
03:22thoughts keeping secret or very
03:24kind the neck and has thoughts
03:29and leaves saying that they will meet in the
03:32school but our protagonist remains a little
03:46The next day the scene presents itself to us
03:49where our protagonist is in the
03:50school thinking about what happened
03:52day before but already greets him and our
03:55Kiris gets scared but greets her a little.
03:57shy but in his head he keeps thinking
04:00who doesn't believe what happened yesterday
04:02find out his secret and he wears a
04:04thought that he thinks that she
04:06is doing The Innocent but she gives
04:08afraid because he smokes and has tattoos
04:10a bit old thinking, the truth is, but
04:13he wonders if he should distance himself
04:16of her seconds after that already
04:18slips and falls and he thinks it's just
04:21a character everything that already exists and proceeds to
04:23help him up but he realizes
04:25who gets nervous when touching it and feels
04:27something new he drops it again
04:29After that we change the scene where
04:31we are presented with two cents in
04:33class where our protagonist apologizes
04:35with yae for what happened before
04:37when he wanted to help her but he let her fall
04:40and asks him if he is okay but he already
04:42He says there is no problem and everything is fine
04:44fine but seconds later he says that
04:45whenever you feel like your head is going to
04:48break up and because his teacher is talking
04:51tells them to be silent and our
04:53protagonist continues in his thoughts saying
04:54that she may already be angry in the
04:56bottom because he dropped it and thinks that
04:59will drag you to a place without air
05:00around after the after the
05:05and he will hit him because he hurt him and
05:07our protagonist is very afraid after
05:10That's what he tells him to wake up and
05:12our protagonist wonders what is happening
05:14and he says that if he is going to keep the promise
05:16What did he do yesterday and our protagonist tells him
05:19Well a promise is a promise and now
05:22He says he asked him to keep the secret.
05:23and if no one of us has told you
05:25protagonist directly thinks that it is a
05:27threatens so he thinks that if he comes to
05:30Tell her she's going to hit him and says that's it
05:32he is a horrible person followed by that
05:34our protagonist answers that
05:35Of course no one has told him and that
05:37Who does he think he is to say that he
05:39breaks a promise and he tells her that it is
05:41a good boy while touching his head
05:43and he yells not to touch him because
05:45It obviously makes him nervous and his
05:48things to say that you have greasy hair
05:49and she tells him to wash it and he
05:52teacher tells them that if they don't shut up,
05:54Their patience is going to run out and these two
05:56They proceed to apologize to him and our
05:58prota of that followed by that returns to its
06:00thoughts of when he held her hand
06:02and he touched her hair, her heart beats
06:05He asks if it's time for the strip now
06:07strong heart but says he didn't feel
06:10nothing until yesterday and he keeps saying in his
06:12head that why your heart is
06:14beating hard for them and simply
06:16was found outside of school or
06:18Maybe he liked the other hidden side of
06:21she and says why is he so bad?
06:23will pretend to be someone Modest often
06:25He already says that this is over and calls
06:28our protagonist saying that he finished it
06:30draw and show him a drawing he made
06:32of him and our protagonist shits and says that
06:35yes that's him who looks very scary and
06:38already tells you that they are the same in our
06:40protagonist tells her that she is good at drawing
06:43while we see the teacher in the background
06:45get on the block because you already know
06:47He is warming up and takes him out of class and
06:49outside our protagonist in his thoughts
06:51He says they got into trouble and
06:53because of him they talked there often
06:56That's what he says about going to the bathroom and our
06:58prota tells him that if the teacher talks to him and
07:00He even tells him that it is urgent followed by
07:02that our protagonist slips and
07:05because the floor is so slippery and already
07:07He runs to help him and tells him to give him the
07:11hand to help you and our protagonist
07:12He thinks he can't touch her because she's leaving.
07:14to get nervous like before and tells him
07:16Don't worry that he himself
07:18It will rise and after that it will set
07:20ricoline and personality change
07:23He tells our protagonist to shake his hand and
07:25our submissive well bearer says well
07:27and he gives it to him and thanks him and Jay goes back to
07:30change the personality and he says yes
07:32It's okay and our protagonist says yes
07:34and he proceeds to go to the bathroom and after
07:36That's why our protagonist's hands sweat and
07:38he has other feelings again
07:43After the above, we are presented with a
07:46scene where we see our protagonist in
07:47a store buying food and candy
07:50and he in his thoughts says that for
07:52the end is the weekend and so you can see
07:54your favorite anime seconds later
07:56Hear a voice calling you for your
07:58name and asks him where he is going and
08:00He realizes that he is already there, greets him and
08:02our protagonist tells him what are they doing that?
08:04neighborhood and already tells him that he is going to the
08:06gym who is around and asks
08:08What if he goes to his house and our protagonist
08:11tells him that he is too close and that
08:13he walks away but he already says why and
08:15our protagonist says another cheap excuse
08:17that he has bad breath and he tells him
08:19let him brush his teeth and our protagonist
08:22in his thoughts he says that he is
08:23going crazy and since
08:25found the other day can't see it
08:27in the same way
08:29and after that he thinks that he sees
08:31too beautiful And remember that since
08:33that he saw her smoking and he corralled her
08:36starting to see it in a different way and
08:38You wonder why you feel
08:40little nervous seconds after our
08:42protagonist tells him that he has to go and
08:44Have a good weekend and already
08:46He says that our protagonist who wants to go to
08:49his house and our protagonist tells him what and now
08:52He tells him that if you can, followed by those
08:54presents us with another scene where the
08:56sister of our protagonist called
08:57seuji where is he yells at him that he hit him
09:00some sandwiches and second later and he
09:02She greets him and says she is his sister.
09:04our protagonist so these stay
09:06silently saying scared that
09:08our product brought a girl home
09:09and he leaves shouting that it is a sign of the
09:11end of the world and our protagonist shouts and
09:14Two seconds later he turns around and
09:16He greets Yae and runs away again.
09:18but then he tells our protagonist
09:20that his little sister is very cute and
09:22our protagonist tells him to come in and tells him
09:24What do you want to do if you want to see one?
09:26movie and already says yes followed by
09:28our protagonist loses his thoughts
09:30while looking yaee wondering what
09:32She is at home and why suddenly?
09:35wanted to go to it and then our
09:37protagonist asks him what he wants to see
09:39yes you have a favorite genre and that's it
09:42He tells him that a war movie
09:43bloody and our protagonist apologizes
09:45He tells him that he is not good for those
09:47movies and after that he tells her
09:49Why don't you watch an anime that you like?
09:51in our paw he says no and that better
09:54watch a romantic movie with
09:56insistence and already tells him that it is fine And
09:58how nervous he is
10:01children do in 4k by accident and now
10:03says what a couple so passionate and
10:06our protagonists are left thinking that
10:09Why doesn't it bother you and just the
10:11sister of our protagonist saying that
10:13He forgot his snacks and our protagonist
10:15He says he can't go out now and
10:17our protagonist's sister says that he
10:19He is sitting next to a girl watching
10:20nopor and he runs away saying that
10:22he will tell his dad
10:24and I repeat again that your sister
10:26He thinks she's very pretty and seconds later
10:28our protagonist tells him to look
10:30movies without risque scenes and
10:32then they change the scene of a movie
10:34where our protagonist in his thoughts
10:36He says it's boring and I ask him is it already?
10:39If you enjoy the movie, but
10:41come back and see how it looks
10:43asleep on his shoulder and our protagonist
10:45He gets nervous again and says that
10:48the heart beats so fast and he thinks
10:50It's not the first time that she
10:52lie down like this but it feels different and
10:54thinks if he should wake her up and our
10:56protagonist answers by saying no and
10:58wants to stay like this a little longer
11:00We change the scene where we see that already
11:02the movie is over and he's getting up
11:04saying that he rested very well and tells him
11:06to our protagonist who has to do something
11:08with his dad later he has to
11:10go now in this door tells you who is
11:12well and he apologizes to yae and she tells him
11:15He says why and our protagonist tells him
11:16They should have seen the movie
11:18war because they saw it hard
11:20enough and she was bored and
11:22she even fell asleep and then she started
11:24ricolina mode again and tells you that in
11:27she never really slept well, mischievous and
11:30our protagonist turns red and tells him that
11:32what he said and after that he tells him
11:34that his dad is calling him and that
11:37He has to go and says goodbye Que Fue
11:39fun and our protagonist stays stays
11:41thinking that if he didn't fall asleep then
11:44Ah then we see our father-in-law
11:46protagonist and already tells him that he saw a movie
11:49and that the plot of this was forgotten
11:57We are presented with a scene where our
11:59protagonist thanks for the food and says that
12:02he's going to go to school after that
12:04the characters are introduced to us
12:07which we already know that the sister of
12:08protagonist whose name is seoly and the father of
12:10protagonist called King Kong and our
12:14protagonist asks her dad if he is going
12:15to work
12:17So he wonders in his mind if
12:20They are having fun with something and it comes back
12:22to see what they were seeing
12:24television and sees that it is a scene
12:25romantic which reminds you of what
12:28Yesterday passed and he turned red
12:31What happened to Yae? Obviously that's what happened
12:35He turns very red and his father asks him what
12:37why is his whole face red and if he is
12:41followed by that sister one of the torah
12:44completely dance says no that the
12:47Yesterday he brought a girl and she
12:49They started to see not because and what
12:51they are probably remembering it
12:52obviously our protagonist gets angry and
12:55He tells him not to tell that and his father tells him
12:57brat says like he brought a girl to
13:00the house and they saw not together
13:02evidently our protagonist also
13:05He denies that it was not for But the father of
13:08our high capo protagonist tells him to
13:11he looks like him and is very capable of seducing
13:13women and then the sister laughs
13:16our protagonist starts yelling at him
13:18dad who has to talk to him or scold him
13:20right now and the dad of the proton
13:23He asks why and his sister tells him
13:26that if he brings a boy to his house that and
13:29play with him, he's not going to say anything and
13:31again the father of the high capo protagonist
13:34He says in fact that his mother seduced him like that
13:37I was also like what and what?
13:39followed by that they go to the
13:42followed by in the school scene yeah
13:45He sees our protagonist and there in a
13:47totally uncomfortable silence where already
13:50is drawing but our protagonist continues
13:52thinking and presents it to us again
13:54new since she is a very pretty girl and
13:57simple but he keeps a secret and
14:01our protagonist says he doesn't know why
14:03hid the secret and it's nothing
14:05important but what matters is
14:08the fact that your heart races
14:10every time you see her these days
14:13especially since that thing happened
14:16from the movie scene with her
14:18where she leaned on his shoulder and
14:21in your mind you start to think that
14:23would have happened if he had said that
14:27knows that she is not asleep and obviously
14:31a story is made and there it seems that already
14:33He tells him that it was not the intention but that
14:37I couldn't help it when I saw the shoulder of
14:39our protagonist obviously our Pro
14:42a boss face evidently in his
14:44Imagination tells him that it is not that he does not
14:45I like it but I always take advantage of it
14:48do it and now the same and the imagination of the
14:50tall woman tells him that if our
14:56protagonist would like they can do more things
14:58daring and our
15:00proceed to get out of your entire imagination
15:02breaks and tells him to stop and what
15:06kind of hallucinations he has about him
15:09and after that it begins to be done
15:12another scenario in your head of what
15:14What if he already found out and told him?
15:17how disgusting and maybe
15:19despise but then you start to think
15:21on the word contempt and proceeds to
15:24see another scene where he thinks he already
15:25going to say how dirty it stinks what
15:28disgusting and good is something that does not
15:32he likes the protagonist and slaps himself
15:34all over his head and says he is
15:37side followed by that and he asks
15:41What's wrong because his face is red and
15:44tells him that it seems as if there were
15:46obviously imagined something daring
15:48our protagonist in his head says that
15:49It seems that they discovered him and he tells him
15:51No, he is not capable of doing that and
15:53who does he think he is and already tells him
15:57that a strong denial is a truth
15:59strong and our protagonist says that he is
16:03going crazy and says to forget and that
16:05I was focused on the class for seconds
16:07After that she tells him that she does
16:11I was thinking of something daring and
16:13our own obviously nervous
16:15He asks if it's true and he already tells him
16:19as a high layer that when you are
16:20distracted you think about those things then
16:23and he begins to tell him practically
16:26what he was thinking and says he thought
16:28in the couple that you saw yesterday
16:30movie at the beginning
16:33and that in that he is distracting himself and
16:35our protagonist was going to tell him something, he was going to
16:37to say that scene but change the
16:40completely new personality and
16:43He says again, were you thinking about something?
16:45true, what kind of hallucination did you have?
16:48and our protagonist puts himself back
16:50very red and there is the collaborator
16:53trembling and tells him what he means
16:55that he was not thinking about anything and now
16:58It's heeding heard and told
17:03This protagonist is God, that is, and
17:06It says like this and our protagonist obviously
17:08he gets nervous and walks away and followed by
17:12That's when he starts laughing and tells him that
17:14It's a joke that's a joke and that's not
17:17nothing happens and he starts to tell him
17:19pervert who is a pervert and who is not
17:22is responding to nothing then it is
17:24a pervert
17:25and our protagonist obviously gets angry and
17:29says yes it is true followed by that
17:31The bald professor appears and tells him that
17:35These brats are bothering you again
17:40we are presented with another scene a day
17:43next where it seems they are playing
17:44on a court and starts saying
17:46lock it lock it and start
17:48basically a fight and a guy shows up
17:50Very very gray eyed blonde
17:54handsome the truth and he says that they all happened
17:57the defenses and who is the
18:00goalkeeper and the protagonist is our goalkeeper
18:02this team which we realize
18:04It's not very athletic and they shoot at the goal
18:08and he says that he will try to stop them and
18:11he gives a definitive kick to Los
18:13Super champions, our protagonist launches himself and
18:16He went the wrong way but
18:18hits a tremendous blow all over the head
18:22and he stays stiff and the ball goes in very
18:25softly and obviously it is a goal and there
18:28everyone starts saying that
18:30They were waiting if he is the protagonist. I mean
18:32that he is the protagonist and that there was no
18:35enough people to complete the
18:37basically for this game and that
18:39They put our protagonist in and they always
18:41They are bad and there he tells him that since
18:44lost your team buy some drinks
18:46after and our plate on your mind
18:48He obviously feels bad and says that
18:50I'm sorry and here comes our
18:52dearest protagonist yae which
18:54Ask if it's okay and if it's not
18:56He opened his head and asked him what he was doing.
18:58He has a bruise on his head and
19:01and he tells her to hold his hand and
19:03our protagonist goes and shakes his hand
19:07and he says that if he saw the worst side of him and
19:10who feels very ashamed and there
19:12Physical Education class begins
19:15where he tells them that he is going to make them a
19:17physical fitness test obviously and
19:21everyone starts to complain that I leave them
19:23play more because obviously everyone
19:25We play in Education classes
19:27Physics this is from all countries that
19:29Nobody changes it. So the teacher
19:33he insults and tells him not to fight with him if
19:36They have a problem and well
19:38evidently they begin to reproach him
19:40let the violent teacher get out of there
19:43and well the teacher with a capo says well
19:46he is failed see you next year
19:48and obviously it was a joke and it says
19:51that our protagonist begins to return to
19:52think it's an aptitude test
19:55physics and that he wouldn't care before but
19:57who wants it basically already
20:01watching and wants to demonstrate all his
20:02talent and there he says that he wants to have a
20:06more manly appearance And there appears min
20:09six The boss of boss the krilling
20:11very sucky the one who doesn't explode and tells him
20:14What are you talking about because our
20:16project was speaking out loud and
20:20The Physical Education teacher tells him that
20:22The physical test will be on push-ups and
20:25well, Mr. Lee will buy them chicken
20:29first place among men and women and
20:31the last place will have fun in
20:33physical training each class
20:35physical education and obviously everything
20:38They complain and say it's terrible and the
20:41first to call is our protagonist now and
20:44music the bald man sucked and they began to
20:48make the Scissors and our protagonist
20:50He says how many scissors are there going to be and
20:53That's where Jay's story begins and well
20:56They say she is already the most athletic and
21:00He starts saying it's amazing and he did
21:0272 terrible boss and that's our turn
21:06to our music field while
21:09our protagonist says that she is she is
21:12incredible because of so much physique he has and
21:15well he is left thinking that if he could
21:17be in the average of men and there
21:19minsik starts in the background and they say it's
21:21a monster and goes 302 303 304 high capo and
21:27They begin to tell him that he is not human and
21:29the music field says he made 415 and
21:34It says Easy ZZ and well everything where
21:38They start washing and our protagonist
21:39makes him super nervous and they start to
21:41Tell Missy to strike a pose and
21:44our protagonist in his mind says that it is not
21:46a human who, how did he do that and well
21:49They begin to make our protagonist think of Which
21:52It's Yae's reaction and he already tells her that
21:56It's incredible and then
21:58our protagonist says that if he does that he can
22:02be a huge difference compared
22:04to him if he had known that was happening
22:07I would have exercised more and well there
22:11is when they call our protagonist to
22:13Let them do the exercises and call another
22:15to another girl who says she is very
22:17Annoyed and good they start making fun of
22:20our protagonist saying that he is going
22:23to be in last place and bet
22:2510,000 won two randoms who were about
22:28back there and well they start there in the background
22:30say what are they talking about that is so
22:33and well our protagonist evidently in
22:35Your mind says that they are burning and there you
22:38They start to say what about her?
22:41and he tells him that and they tell him why
22:44side bet and says if he wants a
22:47our planet will last or not and well the
22:50Physical Education teacher tells him
22:51our protagonist who basically
22:54Get ready while you continue listening
22:57in the background and he is in his mind
23:00stop obviously with the pressure
23:03and everyone keeps bothering saying that
23:05even if it is close to the average it has to
23:07admit that he is one of the most
23:09weak and good what turns him on the most
23:12nervous more than being told weak everything is
23:14that they asked Jay and it's another
23:17layer totally out of everything no dance
23:20tells them all to shut their mouths
23:22with his look Everything and their snout falls
23:26everyone and our protagonist turns super red
23:29and well he's going to look like Jesus Christ
23:32do and he starts doing them 4 12 and now he
23:36he begins to observe him observe and
23:39says make an effort a scene
23:40totally go key 10 out of 10 and
23:44our protagonist obviously does everything
23:47exercise and intends to exercise
23:49since that day and well the super tired and
23:53He is going to help him and he introduces himself to us
23:56a new person which they do not reveal to us
23:59his name but it is there in the background which
24:01we will know in the future followed by that
24:03We are given a Blue sorry from the blond with
24:06gray eyes tells our friend
24:08protagonist super God Well it's not
24:11our protagonist but for me he is my
24:12protagonist God asks him why
24:15why don't you play soccer and he says yes
24:18kick the ball explodes and obviously the
24:21roll of and I know that and there it ends
24:24In this chapter we are presented with a
24:26scene at school where we see
24:28our protagonist running and
24:30thinking that he forgot his backpack in the
24:32school while he is already waiting in
24:34the exit So he be there he goes
24:36running in the background a movie is shown
24:39blue who was looking at his phone and
24:41our protagonist accidentally collides with
24:43she and the phone goes to jail now
24:46Obviously the worried person asks him and
24:49He apologizes that he is sorry and
24:51stand up for her and well our protagonist
24:54He is a bit nervous and realizes
24:57something while the girl tells him wait and
24:59we see a very succulent scene
25:01rich in fact where we see that there is a
25:03tied girl because this hair girl
25:06blue was watching bondage in case
25:08you know it's something more 18 then our
25:12product gets super nervous and
25:14He says let that stay and the blue-haired girl tells him
25:17He asks if he saw it and our proto
25:19He evidently denies it and says that
25:21I feel like he didn't want to look and
25:24He is asking what you are going to answer.
25:25while the girls say they are perverted and
25:28begins to say that it is a is a
25:30running and our portal ignores and
25:32He starts to think what he's talking about and
25:35then he thinks about it and realizes that
25:38girl is in her class
25:40The next day Kiri is already bothering him and
25:45dio tells a somewhat stupid joke
25:48He says what's wrong Kirin tells him you know what
25:50What does the king say when he doesn't want to enter?
25:52to the palace our protagonist answers what And
25:54She says she complains like a baby and laughs
25:58then our protagonist says Aha and that's it
26:01gets upset and tells him that he is no longer going to
26:03joke with him Then suddenly
26:05our protagonist wonders why and
26:08They start arguing and tells him that if he is
26:11angry now and tells him that she hates him and there
26:13the blue movie appears on the phone and
26:16He approaches and says, Hey Kirim, our protagonist.
26:19and he introduces himself to us as saeon on but
26:23we will read to be shorter Ok
26:26She greets him and tells him that she has him.
26:29something to say and our protagonist tells him
26:32what is yesterday's then I know
26:35ask how is this
26:38In other words, he stays white because he doesn't know
26:41this situation and our protagonist both
26:43insensitive tells him I'm sorry what's your
26:45name and then he tells him, he scolds him and
26:49says that she is still and that she has to
26:51memorize the names of classmates
26:52of the class and well our protagonist
26:55sorry because you don't know and I don't know
26:58remember the name of the ones
27:00classmates who were going to invite him
27:02to a drink at the cafeteria and our
27:05dear, he comes out and tells him that I saw something
27:08ashamed of her yesterday and she doesn't want
27:10who remembers and who does not remember his name
27:12Then it seems bad to him and he says
27:16that and then our protagonist worries
27:19Obviously he is thinking about that
27:21situation and I ask him what
27:23does that mean what they are talking about and
27:26well our protagonist says he is a
27:28misunderstanding and well the movie Azul
27:31grabs him by the neck and tells him that there is
27:32a lot of noise and he says and takes it away
27:34basically and he's going to tell you something
27:35while she is left alone thinking that
27:38He passed and well they took him to the roof where
27:41our protagonist is complaining about everything
27:43the way to release it and if they have
27:45to tell him something so that he would listen to it and
27:48the blue girl lets him off
27:51release our door says very good
27:52and he says thank you SAE Wow but his name is
27:57saeo then becomes a [ __ ] and gets angry and
28:00come back to see with a face of I'm going to tell you
28:02leave your mother and tell her my name is
28:05Good and good our prosthesis sorry
28:07for obvious reasons and well our protagonist
28:10and asks him what he was going to say and
28:12She tells him, "Well, I look a little like you."
28:18cute and well our protagonist gets angry and
28:22He tells her what does it have to do with it and she
28:24He says that too much that's why he says that
28:26because of his image of someone he is not
28:29a pervert in reality you don't know anything
28:32nothing until you meet him and obviously
28:34he likes that image but in reality
28:36I had a secret that I couldn't tell
28:38to nobody
28:39and our protagonist says he cuts her
28:42conversation and tells him that if what happened yesterday
28:44It was a secret and she says yes and
28:46our protagonist says but it was that too
28:48What's wrong with seeing something high
28:50tone our protagonist and our product
28:53super cool tells him that
28:55will keep it a secret but she says that
28:59She is a pervert again and she tells us
29:00presents some images somewhat
29:04crucial and she starts to get more
29:06red while our protagonist does not understand
29:08and she comes up with a foolish plan and
29:12He says that it was discovered by her yesterday and
29:14our protagonist obviously says no
29:16that I don't think it is and he says that only
29:19has to keep it a secret and
29:21He says that's what it is but the blue movie comes out
29:24He tells him that he doesn't believe him and that he could
29:26come out of your mouth at any time
29:27Then he says that according to whoever believed that
29:31She was pure, she is actually a pervert
29:33than the one who likes sadistic games
29:35and our point is evidently put to
29:38say who you take him for. By obvious
29:40reasons that man tells him that
29:42she simply also wants to know her
29:45most shameful secret in exchange for that
29:47She saves him Then he begins to
29:49removing your cell phone tells you to read the
29:50cell phone and our own obviously
29:52He refuses because there are his secrets
29:54deeper and there we see someone
29:56climbing the stairs while they
29:58They keep arguing about giving him the phone.
30:00Don't give her the phone and she
30:02arguing that he is not going to hit it there
30:04when we see our dearest
30:07But now, a rigor returns to them
30:11see how they are in a scene somewhat
30:12embarrassing while our protagonist is
30:14walking away and has his hand on her face
30:16the blue-haired Sao and says she is the only one
30:19that taught him something, you're a bad boy and
30:22our protagonist tells her to leave him and she
30:25He tells her but I want to see your shame.
30:27son of such while she tells him
30:30What are you talking about and that's it?
30:32this part where we see our
30:37dearest already amazed and we go to the
30:42next where we left off previous
30:43well it appears to us again
30:46amazed seeing the situation
30:47discussing our protagonist with saeon and
30:50well she's basically arguing
30:52and now he reacts and shouts and that
30:55release and gives him a push which he does
30:57that our protagonist reacts like what
30:59It happened because she pushed him and obviously
31:01another medium rich scene is presented to us
31:04because the drawing, let's say, is not 100%
31:06It's more of a comedy, no, and they make it happen.
31:10fall into a somewhat peculiar position
31:12no and well our protagonist after that
31:16He is asked what he is doing there and
31:18thank you for saving her because she saved him and
31:21well now that's left thinking what
31:24hit and well sie-on is complaining
31:26why he pushed him and well our
31:29our protagonist is already thinking and
31:32He says that he pushed him out of pure reaction and
31:33I'm sorry and he comes over and tells him that
31:36and well ceon says yes but he feels bad
31:39It doesn't feel so bad to be treated like that.
31:42after all it hurts but in a way
31:44well then we realize that
31:46It is also a masochistic roast
31:47completely and good
31:50now that shadow of that and it begins to
31:53laugh and says that what comes out is for you
31:57saying something strange Ok then
32:01our well-placed protagonist Kiri tells him
32:05let them leave and they are heading to leave because
32:08They say she's crazy and she says she doesn't know
32:10wants to get involved with her then now
32:12He tells her that seriously and well
32:14the protagonist invites him to the cafeteria together
32:17and she says yes as she continues
32:19asking many things from the head of
32:22that he saw something embarrassing about her yesterday and
32:24well he stays on the roof thinking a
32:27while he sighs and this scene
32:29it is very good because it is a good
32:31scene and well it appears moments later
32:36it continues to bother our
32:39dearest hero where he says it's time
32:40that you show me your side, that is
32:42wanting with the same thing that is a
32:44obsession I had with our protector
32:46and it continues to scare him it continues to bother him
32:48and begins to ask him if he is a
32:50rich drinker and obviously our protagonist
32:53he gets angry and tells him to stop
32:56She stays thinking and tells him that
32:59because he yells at him and calls him a bad boy and
33:03Our protagonist says what he did and well
33:06She says she has to teach him what
33:08It is assumed that they agreed, it already appears
33:10our other
33:15blown by the protagonist and which according to you feel
33:19presence and well and says that they are
33:22disturbing music nap and not
33:27make noise in the hallway and well
33:28our dearest music panel that
33:31surprises the green and according to two
33:34well-laid eggs tells him that What is
33:36suppose with this pig and stop
33:38whine and go to sleep and missile him
33:40He comes back to see himself and the claw of the
33:45of the one by the hand and takes it in the
33:47shoulders tells her how small she is
33:50intrepid and takes it and good be a
33:53obviously complains and tells him to
33:54let go and well and missile tells you that there is
33:58something very good for her, an education
34:00especially for someone problematic like
34:03one look all disturbing it seems that
34:05They are not going to purify it and well
34:08CEO says she doesn't want to be tainted
34:10still that won't be a bit peculiar
34:13But well, that's when they get along and
34:16well he says he's going to put him through a
34:17our bad time for me we never see
34:20those scenes so we can never
34:21know but zeon says he never can
34:24return to your old body that is a
34:26scene 10 out of 10 and good
34:28that's when our protagonist says that
34:31minsi is a good agent and good there
34:34is when he says that it is still somewhat strange and
34:36that finally left and that was something very
34:39crazy and good John tells him that of course and
34:43that's when I tell him that I didn't think
34:46that I was so obsessed followed by
34:49that and he didn't think you would do that either and
34:51well from there our protagonist begins to
34:53tell him it will be keep it will be better
34:56keep your distance for a while and
34:59Well, he stays in the hallway and
35:01she asked and became restless and well
35:03our protagonist asks him what
35:04happens if something is wrong and asks if
35:07He wants to go to the cafeteria And well, now
35:09wants to ask something and the
35:12scenes or a flashback of things
35:14What happened to her and well and there it is
35:17when she asks him outright
35:19coincidence something happened yesterday between
35:21you two
35:23and our protagonist says with Zion and says that
35:25if something happened and they are already so upset
35:28nervous and starts to say haha
35:30I see Haha let's start laughing
35:32I was completely jealous and well
35:34our protagonist tells him because he is very
35:36sincere and very good vibes simply
35:38discovered Zion well an uploaded image
35:39of tone and laughs while already
35:44He surprises and says that and well, an image
35:45bawdy So ​​when it's a
35:48She mentioned embarrassing herself and
35:49well our protagonist tells him yes
35:52I couldn't be the only one who felt
35:54ashamed and well our protagonist
35:56He says that he usually thinks about giving him his
35:58secrets basically gives you chills and
36:01well and he is not a normal person
36:03Anyway that happened and well now ask him
36:06That she sees and laughs relieved and good
36:10our also intelligent protagonist
36:12He asks why the question and
36:13He says it just happened to bother you and that's it
36:17He turns around and runs away and
36:21He says he doesn't say anything and he says it's like that and
36:24this super pretty silk appears cute
36:26our protagonist and she is Gold and good
36:29our protagonist stays there and well there
36:32It appears where you are going and tells him
36:34Don't let our poet follow him because I hate him
36:36She says why her and ends this
36:38chapter and well we are given a Plus of
36:41how he escapes from music and tells him
36:44spicy pork on rice is too much
36:45slow and you can't catch me right and
36:48Well minsic tells him that he can't stand it and
36:50It ends there Hello everything begins in this
36:54episode where our protagonist is
36:56sitting in the gym resting and
36:59saying that he feels like he is going to die
37:01Well, as expected, he himself says
37:04who is not good at exercising and
37:06basically everyone says it has a
37:08bad technique and you are going to get hurt and
37:10well He says he can't be there I don't think so
37:12basically you are tired after
37:15only half an hour for obvious reasons
37:17but you have to do it constantly yes
37:19he wants to change and well he's going to go home
37:22and out of nowhere they realize that it began to
37:25rain and he doesn't he doesn't carry an umbrella
37:27then he proceeds to call his sister
37:29Then he called Seoul G and she was
37:32playing on your computer or I don't know what
37:34devil was doing but well he says
37:36which is busy and evidently ours
37:38protagonist tells him that if he could bring him a
37:40umbrella to the gym and says no and
37:43our protagonist offers him a pizza and that
37:46wow and well you hear it says that in 10
37:49minutes it will take for me to buy the
37:51pizza and Bueno yells at him and they stay there
37:54thinking but out of nowhere deep down
37:57shows us our dearest yae and
38:00well our protagonist is saying what's going on
38:02to wait but out of nowhere he greets you
38:04our protagonist and our protagonist are scared
38:05and shouts and well they say hello And then our
38:10dearest, tell him what is
38:12doing there and well our protagonist
38:14He says he went to the gym and she tells him
38:16Oh Exercise is great and good
38:20our protagonist also says that he
38:23I had said before but well our
38:25protagonist also says he is ashamed
38:26and he tells her that it is raining
38:29too much and
38:32evidently the other also tells him
38:34it's raining too much our
38:35[ __ ] tells him that I don't have paradoxes and that's it
38:39He says if I don't bring an umbrella and
38:41our portal says no again and
38:43who didn't see the weather forecast
38:45then He offers if He wants
38:48share the umbrella with her and our
38:49protagonist gets embarrassed by obvious
38:51reasons why she is there beautiful and good
38:54our protagonist says that this is typical
38:56that appears in the animes the scene where
38:59the protagonist perhaps Under the same
39:01umbrella being this close together
39:03protagonists begin to feel something for
39:05the other and it is a good opportunity to
39:08make some movement and well our
39:10protagonist is evidently imagining
39:12if something is going to happen but he says that only
39:14It's a friendship they have but
39:16still he wants to share it and in these
39:19moments he knows he has to accept it
39:20with pleasure and Bueno says yes and
39:24He proceeds first to take her because he said
39:27What did he say for her and well you begin
39:31starts to say and waits
39:33He despairs of forgiveness and says now that
39:35I think Sol was already too busy
39:37true hahaha he starts laughing
39:38ironically and says that he will call him to
39:40tell him not to come and obviously
39:42He says that and is surprised and well
39:45our protagonist tells him that
39:47that he no longer has to come and that yes
39:49He obviously wants to return, it is said
39:52It's almost here and well our protagonist
39:54He tells him that he is going to hang up and he already tells him that
39:58How is it? No, he doesn't tell her to bring him the
40:01pizza and well he basically got angry and a
40:05car throws water on it then that's it
40:07bad on that day and good
40:09our protagonist and they are going to leave in the
40:12umbrella and he already has the umbrella and
40:14our protagonist evidently stays
40:16thinking that walking like this together is
40:18as if they looked like a couple and that
40:21your heart is beating a little and
40:23us and that his men are playing and
40:25well and there it also says that it's done
40:28being considered so that it does not get wet
40:31shoulders and starts thinking about
40:33wet shoulders and now it happens there it happens
40:35He realizes that his shoulders are already wet
40:38and well he says it's supposed to be
40:40men are the ones who get wet and well
40:43that what he learned is a way of showing
40:45manners and that's when it stays
40:47thinking I was so happy to get out
40:49with Jake who didn't even think about it and
40:51evidently his mistake and says that
40:53Maybe you should hold the umbrella and
40:56He basically says that if he tells Yay
40:58who wants to hold the umbrella that she
41:00He's going to refuse and never give it to you and well
41:03our protagonist tells her yakun
41:07umbrella and then ours tells him to
41:10It's getting wet so I let it grab
41:13so they can come in and he comes back and says no.
41:15and that it is not and that it is his and good and that it is not
41:18you care then our protagonist
41:21He takes away the umbrella and says that now I will
41:22I will hold it and how it touches his hand, well
41:26she turns red and slips and falls
41:29and he says oh my god and he falls and our
41:32protagonist evidently tells him that if he is
41:34well and why did he suddenly fall and
41:37there our protagonist says that this happened because
41:40him and apologizes obviously and there it is
41:44when we see that it changes again
41:46and for a while he is looking at a place where
41:49obviously I have been looking at all and
41:52well our protagonist turns super red and
41:54he stares and there is silence
41:56super uncomfortable and he already says go kirium
42:00you are seeing them directly and our
42:03protagonist evidently says it denies it
42:06He says no, it's not true, what are you doing?
42:07speaking By the way hurry up and
42:10get up, tempt my hand and well there
42:13our dearest yaile says kirion is
42:16a good proverb our protagonist
42:18denies and well he also tells her that
42:20He looked at her for 30 seconds and well, our
42:22protagonist says he didn't see them but
42:24basically already And he also says no
42:26He is denying that he saw it and well later
42:28From that we see a scene where we see the
42:31sister of the protagonist and our protagonist
42:33where he told him to bring him the pizza and
42:35Well there our protagonist says that he is going to
42:37order one by phone and that's it
42:40this episode in this episode we
42:42Presents a scene where someone is
42:44saying Hey I heard you turned back
42:46to confess and the other girl answers
42:49Yes it was someone from the third grade and well
42:51there they begin to talk about what
42:53he said and what if it was someone ugly and what
42:56rejected at the moment and well they begin to
42:59keep saying that but it wasn't someone
43:01great not even close probably anymore
43:03before this drugged she tells him and well
43:05says that cute boys never exist
43:08in this world but evidently they have not
43:11seen our protagonist and well the girl
43:13This one says that Look over there and Well
43:16She says that her boyfriend is running and she
43:18He answers no and there we see when
43:20our protagonist is running and jogging
43:22so doing exercise because only
43:24he proposed and well this girl tells him why
43:26I think they would look pretty cute
43:28together and well this girl says she wanted
43:30one is from our class and is a complete
43:32loser And even if I was the only one in the
43:34the world would love him and well the girl there
43:36He says he thinks he could seduce him now.
43:39He even says that he is being serious
43:40and let's make a bet and what if it does
43:44that our protagonist confesses to her
43:45will give you 100,000 won and well it's a
43:49good reward and there it is presented to us
43:50completely out of this girl and
43:53This is how this episode begins and well
43:56next day we see there talking with
43:58our dearest kirion and asks him
44:00If you don't see something different in her and well
44:02our protagonist says she doesn't see
44:04practically nothing different and he laughs
44:06He says I haven't seen anything And well, that's it
44:08depresses for obvious reasons, says stay
44:10sad and our protagonist tells him what
44:12It happens to him and he already responds with I don't know and
44:14if you want to go to the bathroom and well out of nowhere
44:17a girl appears and says hello and
44:20our protagonist and he is already the one who surprises and
44:22She says good morning and leaves us.
44:24introduces yanjin wong to whom
44:26We will go Ha Although it sounds stupid but it
44:28We will say And he introduces us to her Ja And well
44:31Now that's left thinking who is she?
44:34and well our protagonist also says that
44:37is in our class and tells him that you are
44:39Jean Jean yin and does not remember and Well he
44:44It says I am Jingle where we will say yin
44:47and well our protagonist tells him what it is
44:50It's true that her name is jine gone and she
44:51He says to call him Just Ginger then.
44:54our protagonist tells him that he is fine and
44:56She starts telling him that I like him.
44:57So it's okay and if you start laughing
44:59thinking inside herself and she says
45:02that our protagonist likes
45:04then our protagonist has the face
45:07red and says because it is very hot
45:10today and well she starts making fun
45:12that his face is blushing and that is
45:15a little cute and good she says that
45:17so far all the boys that have been
45:19they have confessed they have done to them when
45:20I spoke and smiled at him and what is going to be very
45:23easy to earn those 100,000 won and that
45:26wants to finish this once and for all
45:27our protagonist and she tells him she calls him
45:30our protagonist and our protagonist says that
45:32yes and good
45:34She tells him that she doesn't have her cell phone and
45:36What if I could give it to him and our protagonist is
45:40a boss But before that it already begins to
45:43say a cell phone and well our protagonist
45:46He tells him that if his cell phone is and that's it
45:50background is there like this is what I want
45:51comment and says Oh no kirio and so our
45:54protagonist, a boss tells him why and
45:57starts laughing hahaha And she too
45:59She is super surprised that and Bueno
46:02He says that if he didn't listen to him, what did he ask him?
46:05to give him his cell phone if his cell phone and
46:07our protagonist tells him again that for
46:08what and she tells him that I'm just
46:11asking for your cell phone, what do you mean?
46:13with What does a girl mean?
46:16Linda asks for your cell phone and you
46:17You simply respond with why?
46:19Aha and our duck says yes and our
46:23protector also like a boss tells him
46:25It looks like you have a very good one.
46:27self-esteem and tells him that that is great
46:28and well she also gets angry and tells him
46:31What are you talking about and just give him that
46:33He only gave him his damn cell phone and well
46:36our asks him why he is
46:37angry and keeps thinking And we are going to
46:40see there in the background laughing and she
46:42He says I'm sorry Jin tells him I'm sorry
46:45I feel like I didn't want to yell at him but I just
46:46I was curious about his cell phone and
46:49our [ __ ] tells him that he is fine and that
46:51will give it to you in case you need it and
46:53well there it tells him that he already saved his
46:55phone and that's all and good
46:57our protagonist tells him there and that's it
47:00go to the cafeteria and well she leaves
47:02happy for obvious reason and good
47:05our protagonist asks him if he knows
47:08I was feeling bad while Jin in the background was
47:10She sees him surprised and Jean stays
47:11thinking this doesn't make sense
47:14usually when someone asks the
47:16cell phone they are the ones who say Thank you
47:17but it seems that I clung to him for his
47:21cell phone and well she says yes
47:23like boys or even there is a
47:26possibility and well they are going to follow it
47:28He says he's going to try one more time and
47:30there they greet our protagonist again
47:33in gym class and Bueno tells him that
47:35looks great with gym clothes and
47:37He asks if I have been doing
47:39exercise on our portal tells you that
47:41Yes, really, and he appreciates it.
47:44basically and good
47:46there they begin to say what they are going to do
47:49abs and good
47:51He asked our protagonist if he loves him
47:54help support his legs and well he
47:56presents a very go scene of her but
47:59well our portal asks you yes
48:02his legs and well jin turns to him
48:04say that he has no friends of whom
48:05ask them and in the background they say that what
48:08seems like that idiot to try
48:09conquer him and says that it is a
48:11opportunity for me to touch your legs
48:14and get too close and fall in love
48:17about her and well our protagonist tells her
48:20that he promised my music
48:22exercise with him basically with
48:24our climamado and our suckling know
48:27or always realizes the
48:29people's intentions and returns to
48:31see with a face of hate and she stays
48:33shocked and basically denies it AND
48:36well there's already a background and it gets super
48:39happy and our protagonist and music leave
48:42doing exercises and well Jean
48:45She is surprised that she is going to come back
48:47fail like this and there we see how our
48:49dearest former protagonist
48:53He comes to say if he wants to help you, yes.
48:55wants to help to support him and
48:56well our dearest Jean tells you
48:59that who are you
49:01and basically tells him stay away from me
49:04weirdo although he also tells him that
49:05Her thighs look delicious and Jake
49:08answer that they are not delicious and that's it
49:10she looks angry and says next time
49:12it will work and there is no way it won't
49:14you can fall in love with him next time
49:15really and well all these are
49:18They present scenes where he always tells him
49:20let them go for an ice cream and our protagonist
49:22He always refuses and says no, yes.
49:24there may be a bottle and shoe too
49:26He answers that he is busy, there is another one.
49:29moment where she says that she tells him
49:31our protagonist who feels cold and who
49:33It seems like he's going to catch a cold and our
49:34Pat tells him why doesn't he leave?
49:36early and he is already upset because he is not
49:38making our protagonist fall in love with her
49:40obviously and she leaves angry and well
49:42Seconds of those later we see how
49:45They are talking in the bathroom and how
49:47They are laughing at her and she says she is very
49:49upset because she doesn't fall in love because
49:51I actually made the bet to give you the
49:54100,000 whatever since you lost, give it to me
49:57He says and says yes, it hasn't happened yet
50:00day and good and the other girl answers
50:03you can already see the results but it is
50:05fascinating usually all the others
50:07boys are the ones who fall in love with you
50:09Even when you open them and say yes
50:11our protagonist will have a girlfriend and good jin
50:13She says there aren't any, she's upset and
50:15Well, out of nowhere, he appears and greets you.
50:17and well she hit him she shows up and
50:20when someone says I know you
50:22bastard like that well well well emphatically
50:25Chin says so he asks him what is he
50:27doing like this and already tells him that he has to
50:29ask him a question and tells him that today
50:32today he has been talking a lot
50:33with our protagonist and who usually does not
50:36He speaks directly and they when he
50:39ask if you are interested in
50:41our protagonist and she is left thinking
50:43that what and that in no way and Well
50:46They also respond to him that
50:50What interests you so much? Maybe it's you?
50:52boyfriend and he gets nervous and tells him
50:54No, he's just curious.
50:56and the other girl answers that
50:58he simply made a bet with her
51:00100,000 W that if you could example no and
51:03failed and they start laughing and that's it
51:05evidently tells him that this is wrong
51:07Yin also tells him that he doesn't have to
51:09say that and the other girl answers
51:11What's wrong with it that it's not even
51:14her boyfriend and well that's when she already
51:16My friend says that that is not right and
51:18that they are playing with him and that they really
51:20it feels good to do that and good
51:22he arrives at least has a little sympathy
51:25and says sorry and one the other girl
51:27He tells her friend, it bothered you, you scared me.
51:29Look how cold the atmosphere is
51:32being very serious to be someone very
51:34happy and asks him what
51:37It bothers you, maybe you really like it?
51:40something for him I guess because of your
51:42reaction and that you have to admit what
51:44At least she's pretty or well she says that
51:46already and well there we see a scene where
51:49we see there how he is smiling and laughing
51:52in the background and that's when he tells him that
51:54what are you talking about and it ends here when
51:57the two girls feel the presence of
51:59our very powerful now and in the bathroom
52:02and well starting the next episode
52:06we see our dearest yeco
52:10laughing and staying silent at what
52:13it happened and he starts laughing at the girl
52:16and starts telling him what are you doing
52:19speaking with a smile all malevolent and
52:21everyone is super panicked
52:23then they all stare and well
52:26The girl tells him Oh, you just raised your head.
52:29voice It's incredible good This is what he wanted
52:32tells him that
52:34If anything he said something bad and she
52:37Obviously he tells him what happens first
52:39He raises his voice and now he looks so
52:42confident and Bueno says yes
52:44truth there can be someone like that and
52:47another girl behind goes blank and
52:49He tells him he took the fights for
52:52count then she also says Yes that
52:56It was all and well the other girl stays
52:59He looks at you and well, now that he tells you
53:02It doesn't seem like they are going to apologize
53:04anyway and turns around and says
53:06he's going to come back and well this girl
53:09He stays, he gets angry and well, he gets angry too.
53:12He says it's a waste of time to talk
53:14like with them or with people like her and
53:16well she gets angry and tells him that you
53:19truth is making him angry and it seems
53:21he's going to slap you all over
53:23mouth in our dearest and Eva the
53:26shoulder war and tells him that
53:28surprised and throws him away just grabbing him
53:30of the shoulder and kicking him well
53:32No, I mean, I put my foot on him and he lost his foot.
53:35balance and broke his face
53:36idiot and well she screams and says oh
53:40Well, he starts laughing and tells him
53:43that he is sorry and that it hurts a lot
53:45sarcastic way and this image is
53:47perfect That is, it is already pure perfection and
53:51well the girl who on the ground says that
53:53How can I hit him suddenly and well?
53:56He already tells him that if you started and well
53:59Well, the friend is there, like what?
54:02What's wrong with him and what the hell is going on here?
54:04and well the girl is already crying
54:07He is on the floor saying it hurts and now he
54:09He tells him that Hey
54:11take care of your friends and
54:15saying like what and well and he says and no
54:19make a bet like that next
54:23It doesn't feel good when it's you with the
54:25who are playing tells him it's true
54:29He stays thinking and he says yes
54:32It's fine and well there he answers that
54:36Of course, everything is shy, and well, that's it.
54:40and the other girl tells her what a damn
54:43Hey hey you stop where are you going next
54:45If you leave me like this I will remember this now that
54:49you regret it [ __ ] you tell our
54:51dearest and says that if we were
54:53playing, you didn't notice the tone of all this
54:55it was a joke anyway you will be very
54:57sorry for that and now returns it to
55:00see and he says And he doesn't say anything else And if he
55:03I was ignoring it and it goes away like a whole o
55:06be like Jesus Christ leaves and well the
55:08girl who was alone tells him that
55:10She is crazy and he will kill her and I don't know
55:12what and that maybe she approaches him and she
55:15also keeps yelling for him to stop and
55:17no and maybe he tells me that
55:19and well he doesn't say anything else and that in his
55:23mind Keep thinking that usually
55:25He spends his time smiling and he didn't have to
55:27I mean I had no idea what was going on
55:29to do something like that and what the hell was it
55:32that from before and well you keep thinking
55:35why he would have done that and well that's it
55:39He leaves there and stays thinking and says
55:42who thinks he exaggerated a little about it
55:45what happened and he says yes really everything
55:46that was a joke and well she says that
55:49she is stupid and well there appears our
55:52dearest protagonist and says yes
55:55He was there and he got scared and well
55:57our protagonist was scared because
55:59Obviously they want to make him fall in love and well
56:01He already shouts oh God and there he says you are
56:04you kirion and our protagonist says yes
56:08He tells her that he was wondering what
56:11where was he because he was looking for him
56:12for a long time and now she gets nervous
56:15because the protagonist was looking for him and not
56:17knows why but well our paw
56:19He says why And well, our protagonist
56:21He says why weren't you by my side and
56:23obviously with those words from the countryside
56:26She says she turns super red and tells him that in
56:28Seriously, our dad says yes and
56:30ours wonders about Hero And now and
56:34He asks what's with her and well
56:35our protagonist tells him that he asked him to
56:38I would accompany her to the cafeteria but she wouldn't
56:40They asked, they didn't give him permission and well,
56:43who apologized because he was going to
56:45gymnastics who didn't go to gymnastics with her
56:47and well basically that's it and I know
56:53basically angry
56:54and leaves shouting at him that he is a bastard
56:57idiot and ours is left thinking
56:59what And now and it also bites him that is
57:01bites in a way
57:04and well there our paw also tells him
57:07the bite hurts and then she leaves
57:11He says he hates it and our protagonist tells him
57:14What if you did something wrong and it starts to hurt you?
57:16chase basically and well the day
57:19He begins to walk calmly and
57:24Well, our main dance says hello and
57:26He says that if he came to school early and
57:28he says hello and well here well he says
57:30Hey you pretend why you act like you
57:33we were close obviously you don't tell him
57:34like that with that voice but I tell him why
57:37Okay you understand me but aha that happens and
57:40well our dad tells him it's just like
57:42You asked me for my cell phone. Yesterday I thought that we
57:44we had become close says our
57:46prota and well he says did you think that we
57:50we were going to come back close just for that
57:52thing, I'm so pretty and you're so normal and
57:56well our paw says that's what it is
57:58too rough but
57:59He tells him not to feel so proud.
58:02because I spoke to him yesterday and well
58:05in the background it already appears and asks what
58:09It happens and well our protagonist says yes
58:13she is really sick because obviously
58:16He is with another character and good and tells him
58:19no and good
58:22He tells our protagonist not to talk to him
58:24right now and basically
58:28there our protagonist remains like an idiot
58:30thinking what happens to women
58:31because everyone is acting weird and
58:35because it's making hated and good he says
58:37who doesn't understand it now and this ends
58:39episode when
58:41yae and Hugo turn back to look and that's it
58:45our protagonist approaches and greets them
58:47telling him and there he appears to us
58:50to our dearest
58:53blue haired It's a fight saying that
58:56it hurts and why is the girl crying or
59:00basically it's a scene where
59:02That girl already threw us away, remember?
59:04that scene where the blue movie appears
59:06saying that he envies because she is
59:08an imbecile masochist and well that's it and
59:12well this is the end the ending
59:15of this chapter and Well we are in the
59:18episode where we are shown a scene
59:20where our dearest shouts daddy and
59:23Well, he asks if it looks very good.
59:26She obviously sees her dad pretty and
59:29He says that she is very pretty and good and
59:31says the father tells her that she is his daughter and
59:34which is obviously going to be pretty and
59:36Well, the dad asks him if he knows
59:38he goes to school and if he already had breakfast and
59:41well our key says there was a
59:43little milk in the refrigerator
59:46he lived a little but he had become strange and
59:48that he kept it again and well the dad
59:51He tells him that it didn't taste good and he says that
59:54believe that he has been is to the fact
59:56a long time and tells him that he did live that
59:58to my daughter and well our dad
01:00:02It basically tells him that there is that
01:00:03expired and was worth riata And well, now
01:00:07He knows what is going to happen to him and he says no.
01:00:09It could be evidently because I already know what
01:00:11What happens and well another one is presented to us
01:00:14scene where we see here script or
01:00:16our dearest hood walking
01:00:18to school and go there and say that
01:00:21the one with Shakira's back and
01:00:23Well, he approaches and says that he is going to
01:00:25zoom in and it's going to scare you because of the
01:00:27back evidently and approaches
01:00:29slowly and says hello and shouts and
01:00:32Well, he doesn't say anything anymore and our
01:00:34protagonist is left thinking that he doesn't know
01:00:36It was scary today and you are left thinking and well now
01:00:39He greets them and says good morning with
01:00:41super low spirits and I ignore him, I mean
01:00:44literally turns around the daughter
01:00:45[ __ ], I mean, she's very beautiful but she
01:00:48ignored and our protagonist is left thinking
01:00:50like what
01:00:51what happened to him or that today he arrived a little
01:00:54not late and he laughs and well
01:00:59our protagonist tells him that if he is fine and
01:01:02It basically says that the protagonist Le was
01:01:06telling that and well he tells him that
01:01:09He's sorry but he has something urgent to do.
01:01:11do and what is going to go is going to happen a lot
01:01:14hurry up and it's going to go and well our
01:01:15He stays there thinking that it's okay
01:01:17We see him and he tells him what's wrong here, I
01:01:20no forgiveness and well there music appears
01:01:25our dearest
01:01:27Krillin sucked and tells him what are you doing
01:01:29standing there like stupid And well our
01:01:32protagonist tells him that he was greeting
01:01:34jackeon like any other day but its
01:01:36reaction was a little different and that
01:01:39It seems very strange because it seems
01:01:42someone who is smiling but is not
01:01:43smiling and you don't know that you just
01:01:46What's wrong with him and it seems like he wasn't
01:01:48good humor and good minsicle says that
01:01:51I guess he just wanted to go to the bathroom and
01:01:53well the protagonist tells him that it seems that
01:01:56stop joking and missile tells him whatever
01:01:58Come on it's late so super sucked and good
01:02:00our door leaves and leaves thinking
01:02:03obviously with what happened and appears
01:02:04mother's bald teacher has a
01:02:07the teacher's ass but well
01:02:09let's continue and well it feels very uncomfortable
01:02:12the air between Jane stroprota then
01:02:15our protagonist evidently says that
01:02:18He feels very uncomfortable and says to look at that
01:02:20face that is completely different
01:02:21obviously referring already and well that
01:02:25It is very different even though it is already
01:02:28He always passes by smiling and well he
01:02:30is left thinking about what happened that day
01:02:32from yesterday when Jake told him that
01:02:34I hated it and it's not about it, it keeps me thinking
01:02:37that if he really hates him but also
01:02:39He says why if he did something wrong without
01:02:42realize and says he doesn't believe it and
01:02:44well the teacher says that the class
01:02:46finished and immediately gets up already
01:02:49and it seems that he is going to leave and our protagonist
01:02:51evidently tells him that today is the day
01:02:53in which he prepares the best food in
01:02:54the week and if you want to go to the
01:02:56cafeteria with him he says Ya and Well ya
01:02:59He says he's sorry that not today
01:03:02and well, our protagonist I tell you again
01:03:04who will buy him the bread that he loves so much
01:03:07like it and if sure you don't want to go and well
01:03:09She already tells him that today she wants to be alone and
01:03:12He is very sorry and leaves and well
01:03:14our protagonist is left thinking that
01:03:16He assumes that he really hates him and that what
01:03:18should do what should do and which
01:03:20It's the reason why hell and he says that
01:03:23You can't figure it out on your own.
01:03:24account and obviously he is going to
01:03:27ask someone and you know who
01:03:29She was asked
01:03:31I mean Bye Obviously you are super hot
01:03:35cool I ask him what do you want
01:03:36idiot and good and our pótale says that
01:03:39He's not an idiot and well she tells him that
01:03:41he shut up and told him that he told him not to
01:03:45talk as if you know each other
01:03:48and well our dad says what he's talking about
01:03:51If we went to the cafeteria together and
01:03:53well she acts stupid like that
01:03:55if that had never happened and he tells her
01:03:57that I was not going to accompany him because
01:03:59He had money and well, our protagonist
01:04:01He says it's true and that he did get upset and
01:04:04Well, he tells her that he will accompany her.
01:04:06next time and well she too
01:04:08angry because our duck is also a
01:04:09a little foolish
01:04:11tells him that you are too annoying
01:04:13idiot and well our protagonist Obviously
01:04:15asks him why he is
01:04:17bothering and I wanted to ask you something now
01:04:21he doesn't know where minsic is and he didn't know
01:04:23who to ask if they don't know
01:04:26basically and well she tells him no
01:04:29he cares and our protagonist basically
01:04:31He tells her that he is begging her and that it is a
01:04:33girl who has been his friend for a long time
01:04:35time and
01:04:37obviously our portal steals from you
01:04:40He says please, you are good people and I don't know.
01:04:42what and she also goes through [ __ ] and
01:04:45He tells her please, pretty, why tell her?
01:04:47please linda princes to kiwa And that and
01:04:50Well, I'm also surprised, he tells her why.
01:04:52please my queen that is and it begins to
01:04:54laugh and good
01:04:58He gives him an idiotic reason and says
01:05:01suddenly your friend avoids you and tells her that
01:05:04he just doesn't like him and there is no
01:05:06another reason and well our protagonist Seer
01:05:09mind is denying that and saying no
01:05:11There's a way he doesn't like me and
01:05:13Well, maybe he tells you that you are a
01:05:15Frustrating little insensitive aren't you?
01:05:18social and you don't know why and you don't even
01:05:19You have a good figure, you also tell him
01:05:21you want an otaku who has dandruff on him
01:05:24hair you don't read the environment and I don't
01:05:25I like the way you talk you idiot
01:05:28Our protagonist says this, obviously
01:05:30He says he's not being a little likely.
01:05:31and well he says that of all
01:05:33ways There are many reasons to hate you
01:05:37That's what you tell him that there was our protagonist and
01:05:40just open the door now
01:05:42and gibbon nervously greets them well
01:05:47Our protagonist greets him nervously. Oh well.
01:05:50jibon runs away
01:05:52situations that have happened and well
01:05:53our [ __ ] asks him what's going on and
01:05:56He doesn't know and well in our question now
01:05:59that where was it and evidently our
01:06:02protagonist says that he is going to go to the cafeteria
01:06:04if you want something and if you want to accompany him
01:06:06And well, he already tells him that he can and that he
01:06:10My stomach hurts, it seems like it says that
01:06:12It hurts and our protagonist obviously
01:06:14He says what's up and well our duck
01:06:17He says if he needs help he would
01:06:20help and well there we see ya saying
01:06:22that you don't have to know anything about
01:06:24It's happening and well and obviously
01:06:27As I said before, he treated him
01:06:29my stomach hurt and well our protagonist
01:06:32he keeps thinking about suddenly he avoids you
01:06:34your friend just doesn't like you no
01:06:36There is another reason that our protagonist thinks
01:06:38after he told her that and our
01:06:40He also says he can't believe it
01:06:42all the stages that passed and the
01:06:44nothing is going to hate him and if he really hates him
01:06:47hates and evidently stays in a
01:06:49super sad situation and he doesn't like me and
01:06:52well this episode ends here
01:06:55Tony is telling us about how he met
01:06:58our favorite waifu Jaime what does he say?
01:07:00which he recognized in second year and in that
01:07:03then no one sat next to
01:07:05our protagonist and he believed he was going to be
01:07:07alone and that I would never have any
01:07:09friend but our dear has already entered and
01:07:13He greeted and said What is your name and
01:07:16I can sit next to you and basically
01:07:18Our protagonist tells us that he has already returned
01:07:21friend and that after she showed up
01:07:23so in front of him he basically
01:07:27They came back They became very close They ate
01:07:30together every day and there they begin
01:07:32talk and the other says she wants you
01:07:34I bought some bread and said the rice doesn't taste good
01:07:35Well, I mean, they start joking like
01:07:37friends like friends and well he tells us that
01:07:40jokes were told and that's when
01:07:43we see there bothering our protagonist
01:07:45while I grab the cheeks and say that
01:07:48sometimes they even went to the bathroom together and things
01:07:50which is kind of strange with a woman came into
01:07:52men's bathroom but it is like that and good
01:07:54our protagonist also tells us that no
01:07:55You know why you already approached him with
01:07:58a smile from the beginning that
01:08:01approached without hesitation without hesitation
01:08:03practically and that at the beginning he
01:08:05He asked why he did it and thought that
01:08:08She did it because it was probably
01:08:12like that and I didn't hate him basically but
01:08:15He says that later he discovered the secret
01:08:18that we all saw at the beginning or is it the
01:08:20secret and well there it says that whatever
01:08:22she has always been with him but there
01:08:25we see again the scene where she
01:08:27He ran when he told him that
01:08:29hated and our protagonist says why
01:08:31will be avoiding it suddenly and well
01:08:33Here it begins and we see a scene from now
01:08:36He is super handsome or ours is beautiful
01:08:38waifu and there we see our protagonist everything
01:08:40depressed with
01:08:44and they start talking basically and
01:08:48minsik tells our protagonist friend
01:08:51why do you make that face because we see
01:08:53our protagonist all discouraged and well it's
01:08:55well and good the min six of the [ __ ]
01:08:59He says yes, it's for now and our protagonist
01:09:01He says yes and Minsi tells him that he had
01:09:04have to go to the bathroom and well our portal
01:09:06He says to stop joking, which
01:09:07evidently our darling was already
01:09:10just for going to the bathroom because of what happened in
01:09:12the previous chapter and well our
01:09:14music says he is serious about what he
01:09:16He says and that he is not going to help him because of that and
01:09:19that women's hearts are fat or
01:09:22be this field or be it how I love it or
01:09:24be a completely and good field
01:09:28music or the sucked krill says it should
01:09:29wonder the other woman and our
01:09:32prota and says that it's been a while
01:09:34asked Hugo and well our dear
01:09:37min follow grab saeon war
01:09:40blue haired guy comes out a good war and
01:09:43He says that we discover what is ours and
01:09:45Well, according to what they know, well, why?
01:09:48grab it so ours and our minisicle
01:09:51He says I know about crazy help from the pigtails and
01:09:53obviously the blue haired girl says no
01:09:55wants what doesn't want and what is going to be
01:09:57raped and who knows that she is Irresistible
01:09:59for the pigs and they are going to be groped
01:10:03again for this idiot or talking
01:10:05from our clinician
01:10:07You can't escape from it and grab it
01:10:11and tells him that now you won't be able to say goodbye
01:10:12help and I don't know what basically
01:10:14a very couple were arguing
01:10:17beautiful, that is, I ship them well to
01:10:19Even though it breaks it but Aha and
01:10:21well and our protein intervenes and
01:10:24He tells Saeon that if he can hear his words
01:10:26problems and she tells him what problems and
01:10:28well our protagonist tells you what
01:10:30It happened that he already got angry and is
01:10:32acting strange and good according to what he tells him
01:10:36if he did something there and well our protagonist
01:10:39He says he doesn't know if he did anything that
01:10:40hurt or otherwise But according to what he tells him
01:10:44same thing that tells me maybe I just wanted to go
01:10:46to the bathroom or I may have eaten something
01:10:48bad and our protagonist gets angry and says that
01:10:51if they are screwing it up and there we see The
01:10:54our suckling smile tells him that
01:10:56He said it and that he is an idiot and good
01:10:58our protagonist says to answer him
01:11:00seriously that I had never put before
01:11:03I had seen someone make such a face
01:11:05It would be then And well as it begins to
01:11:09think and says you are very worried or
01:11:13He asks if he is very worried and
01:11:15he asks him by pure chance if he
01:11:17I like our great character and it's super red
01:11:18because he obviously likes it and obviously
01:11:20know and says that it is not like that and well yes
01:11:23It still bothers him and he says that apparently
01:11:25He was right and evidently says that he always
01:11:27He's going to laugh and tells her to look at his face.
01:11:29and you were surprised and start laughing without
01:11:31Our puto and boss kept silent. I mean
01:11:32imagine our own skinny me
01:11:34keep quiet a sucker Well that happened
01:11:37and well there we see the same
01:11:41Saying you'll find a way
01:11:44to find out what's going on
01:11:47and then they stay thinking and that's when
01:11:49says according to our protagonist if
01:11:53he wants to [ __ ] her
01:11:56kill sexually speaking he wants it
01:11:59break it wants to tear it to pieces like
01:12:02who would say and obviously ours
01:12:05protagonist gets all paranoid and gets
01:12:06our portal is obviously very red
01:12:08He loves her Well you already know what But anyway
01:12:12our protagonist says no and gets
01:12:13super nervous and says she is not
01:12:16what is working, that is, not
01:12:18It's working having asked
01:12:20them and what is your fault for asking them
01:12:22really And he says that they are people who
01:12:24They never help at all and obviously
01:12:26our protagonist leaves angry and
01:12:28well she stayed there thinking and
01:12:30well our product stays say or
01:12:33basically he thinks and says
01:12:35that the two of them are always saying
01:12:37strange things And again he starts to think
01:12:39our protagonist in his mind that there is no
01:12:41way to like it and that's it and there we see
01:12:43a flashback of she is already super beautiful and he
01:12:46It is questioned whether or not it is like that and
01:12:48turns red again and says no
01:12:51all this is from life that is already
01:12:54acting different from those
01:12:56basically what he got used to and there
01:12:58You keep thinking if you like it or
01:13:02That's when we see there almost
01:13:05new to our protagonist and he
01:13:07basically scares our
01:13:08protacepaniquea and tells him we were going
01:13:11new there it is totally normal or is it already
01:13:13nothing, that is, nothing affects him anymore because
01:13:15the pain has probably already passed
01:13:16stomach of the previous and good ours
01:13:19protagonist says he was taking a walk and
01:13:21There he approaches him and tells him seriously and
01:13:24well our protagonist begins in his mind
01:13:26to say that your heart is beating very
01:13:28strong and I was surprised to see it
01:13:30right now and we see again The smile
01:13:32of her and says however her expression
01:13:35went back to normal and well there it is
01:13:37when you ask our
01:13:38protagonist if he was looking for and
01:13:43He says yes Or well he doesn't say that
01:13:46yes but no he doesn't answer because he says that
01:13:49He met him and tells him that
01:13:51He met Misiquisa in the hallway and
01:13:53They said they were asking about her.
01:13:54and our protagonist evidently says in his
01:13:57mind that those boys betrayed him and
01:13:59That's when he tells her that if he has
01:14:01something to tell him and our protagonist
01:14:05in his mind basically he was
01:14:08I was thinking about him all day
01:14:11avoiding What if he did something bad and good
01:14:15our portal in his mind is tell him
01:14:17tell him and well our protagonist everything changes
01:14:19totally the question and says I fall for you
01:14:21well and obviously it stops here and
01:14:25He says why do you think that why
01:14:27question out of nowhere on our portal in
01:14:29your mind saying it's like that I don't mean
01:14:32and begins to tell him that when he spoke
01:14:34with you that is when I was talking to yae that
01:14:37I avoided her that she avoided our
01:14:39prota and basically assumed it was that and
01:14:43well obviously he doesn't love him anymore
01:14:44say what happened and say that it is that it was
01:14:47that day they already know the day they have
01:14:50women where they unite us all and well
01:14:52Basically that day he tells him that like
01:14:56excuse tells him that maybe that's why
01:14:58He was a little sensitive and apologizes to
01:15:00our protagonist and well our
01:15:03protagonist is evidently left thinking
01:15:05He tells Ya that he was worried that
01:15:08I suddenly hated him but it wasn't like that and
01:15:11we see a smile from our protagonist
01:15:12caposa is beautiful our protagonist too
01:15:14and that is a relief and basically that's it
01:15:17she turns red and goes and caresses him and
01:15:20transform the new now and caress it
01:15:21head and tells him seriously, you are very cute.
01:15:25and that's when we see a super scene
01:15:27beautiful and that's when he says come on
01:15:31kirio and planta and them when our
01:15:33protagonist grabs her heart and says my
01:15:35heart is beating very fast and
01:15:37He also remembered what CEO De told him
01:15:41he really likes it eh
01:15:44and here concludes this chapter
01:15:46well in the next chapter we see
01:15:49how our protagonist reaches his
01:15:51home and his dad says welcome and
01:15:53says hello. You arrived late and our protagonist
01:15:55evidently says that he left Gear quote
01:15:57with our dearest called Green
01:16:00sucked well and basically the father
01:16:03He says what happened to the boy who didn't
01:16:05I went out at home during these days and
01:16:07our protagonist says that some things happened
01:16:09things and there we see the sister of
01:16:10our protagonist saying he has arrived
01:16:12my damn brother and we see a scene
01:16:14super cute of her and good ours
01:16:16[ __ ] is surprised because he goes and hits her
01:16:18a blockade of the son of his [ __ ] mother
01:16:21and Well basically she tells him that
01:16:24don't you fall and well our protagonist
01:16:25Seuji says that it should happen to you suddenly and he
01:16:27father of the protagonist and he would also have a good time
01:16:29this situation did not behave and there
01:16:31They start a flashback to the dad's
01:16:34protagonist tells him that they are very united and
01:16:37well my sister and he basically
01:16:41they followed everywhere, that is, they were going to
01:16:43play in our protagonist's fights
01:16:47he defended, that is, they were basically brothers
01:16:49of inseparable That says it and well
01:16:51our protagonist suddenly starts to smell
01:16:55And sister smells not in evil
01:16:56perverted sense but basically it says
01:16:59By the way you smell alcohol and
01:17:03ask the sister if she is
01:17:04drinking and well, the dad answers that
01:17:07got drunk after drinking spray
01:17:09which is a lie but our protagonist
01:17:12He tells him that he smells alcohol and his father tells him
01:17:13He says silence and they when the
01:17:15our protagonist's sister tells him that
01:17:16you should also drink on our portal
01:17:18He tells him to go to sleep but oh well.
01:17:20the protagonist's father tells him to sit down
01:17:22and tell him about yahirle But he thinks
01:17:26that his girlfriend and they sit down to drink
01:17:29together because our protagonist evidently
01:17:31He says no, they are basically not
01:17:33boyfriends and them when the sister
01:17:36protagonist tells him that how come he wasn't there
01:17:38She's not even your girlfriend, you already saw, not for
01:17:41together and obviously I already know everyone knows
01:17:43IKEA and our protagonist also says Hey
01:17:45Go to sleep you idiot basically
01:17:47because obvious reasons and well and there the
01:17:51the protagonist's father tells him that he believes that
01:17:53is already interested in her or is he
01:17:56interested in her basically like that and there
01:17:59is when our protagonist of the flashback
01:18:01when he caressed her head and she got
01:18:03super red and he says well no
01:18:05knows and begins to sit down and the father
01:18:07He tells him my son and to have a drink and
01:18:09tell your problems to dad and
01:18:12dad knows how women feel
01:18:14In other words, he is a real boss and our protagonist says
01:18:16Yes, I just swallow and that's how this begins
01:18:18stage and there they present us with an image of
01:18:20the protagonist's sister is also doing a
01:18:21heart and good brutal dad does
01:18:24you ask and he asks the heart beats
01:18:26when you think of the girl in our
01:18:28protagonist answers yes or that's what he thinks too
01:18:31The dad asks the next question
01:18:32of the protagonist anything that does to you
01:18:34girl It bothers you and our protagonist says
01:18:36that's how it is recently he did it again and
01:18:39another question tells you ever
01:18:41Did you imagine kissing that girl in
01:18:43our planet says it is not so
01:18:45It's not like that, he keeps thinking and his dad tells him
01:18:48prota tells him that so you did it
01:18:50imagined and our protase and the dad
01:18:52the protagonist evidently tells him I'm a
01:18:55100% sure that you like it and well
01:18:58and that's when he tells him that since when
01:19:00He started to like it and our protagonist says
01:19:03It's good that the truth doesn't know and that it does.
01:19:06There is something you can tell him. He just doesn't know.
01:19:08why and them when you change the subject
01:19:10completely says a literally
01:19:13It seems that they are already cheering, I told him
01:19:15once once he was stabbed in
01:19:17the back since then and well
01:19:19our father's father says that
01:19:21What changed the subject and our protagonist says
01:19:23which is not possible and well basically
01:19:26Dad says he's drunk and he got it
01:19:28a call from mom and she says she will leave
01:19:30in things up to that point and our protagonist
01:19:33start listening to the conversation
01:19:35his parents where he says hello honey when
01:19:37you're going to come back and I don't know what and our
01:19:38in his mind he keeps thinking and says that
01:19:42So he's drunk and if he really likes him
01:19:44like it now And if that's how you feel
01:19:47when you like someone and well our
01:19:49protagonist stays thinking, leaves, feels
01:19:51in the living room and says I miss you I miss you
01:19:54now and that's when the
01:19:56feelings and we know that 100%
01:19:58he likes it he loves it and well and the dad
01:20:02of the protagonist while talking on the phone
01:20:03He says he only had one drink and that's when
01:20:06asks our protagonist that A
01:20:09where is he going Because our Porta stops and
01:20:11He is going to leave and our protagonist tells him I have
01:20:14I have to go father, I must go see her and
01:20:16obviously the protagonist's father has left
01:20:18cool and says he is sick and well
01:20:20our protagonist goes to the street and says
01:20:22If I'm not mistaken, the house is now
01:20:25will be here and last time he came
01:20:28to leave her and start
01:20:29walk and says he doesn't know how
01:20:32react if he visits her is
01:20:35Now what if he isn't going to hate him?
01:20:37probably and it is imagined that he will
01:20:40say welcome kirio and are you sure
01:20:43that will receive you like this and well our
01:20:46protagonist says that you are just imagining it
01:20:49She looks so pretty, that's when
01:20:50our protagonist collides with a girl and
01:20:53our protagonist ignores him and tells him that he is
01:20:56a person and she decided Hey that
01:20:59It hurt but our protagonist says I'm sorry
01:21:01but you have to look ahead and don't
01:21:04You have time for that and obviously you already know
01:21:06just wave on the floor
01:21:08knows what happened but our protagonist says
01:21:09who doesn't know how to wait to see Jay
01:21:12and that's when we see
01:21:15that says Wait Now And well it's already in your
01:21:18phone lying in the living room and they
01:21:20when he received a message from our
01:21:22prota saying if she is busy or if
01:21:25She is asleep and she answers no, no.
01:21:27She is not asleep and the question is what
01:21:29is doing and that's when he takes out the
01:21:31our way of speaking about music
01:21:33dear Krillin sucked and tells him I'm
01:21:35In front of your house comes out now queen or
01:21:38your bitch's son is bilingual
01:21:39mother but well they when they already know
01:21:41that there it says it's in my house and it says
01:21:43which cannot be and
01:21:44corrected door says why it is
01:21:46here and opens the door and wants
01:21:49blushing and them when we see our
01:21:51protagonist saying Oh yes you opened
01:21:55I'm here to see you and we see a picture
01:21:58completely different from a boss or
01:22:00When you drink it, our protagonist rejoices
01:22:03and he tells him I've already done it, that is, I'll call him
01:22:06by your full name above and
01:22:09Everything about cool says who you are and
01:22:13This concludes this episode and Well here
01:22:16we are introduced to our dear Ya
01:22:20opening the door we went to our
01:22:23protagonist telling him if you open you open
01:22:27I'm here to see you and well
01:22:30our key keeps everything
01:22:32misunderstood and them when it begins
01:22:34this chapter and well they when they already know
01:22:36She is confused and tells him who you are.
01:22:38what are you doing here and well our protagonist with
01:22:41two eggs tells him I'm the sexy Boy
01:22:44yankeeon And well he tells him that he doesn't
01:22:48he recognized and well it surprises me he says
01:22:50This is the entrance or very stupid
01:22:53but not quite a boss. And well, he already
01:22:56He says be careful on the stairs.
01:22:58and our protagonist tells him don't worry
01:23:00pretty and already a little nervous, she tells him that
01:23:02What do you want to do and what do you say?
01:23:05your house If you want to watch television a
01:23:06a while and well our protagonist asks for water
01:23:09and well she loves him super nervous
01:23:12to put a glass of water and then everything goes
01:23:15running and tells him that he is going to give him the
01:23:16glass of water and tells him to drink that's what I did
01:23:18stumbles now and is going to fall and our
01:23:21protagonist a boss grabs him and tells him
01:23:23be careful and ask him if he is okay and
01:23:28prota to put it then
01:23:32Well, that makes him super nervous.
01:23:35obviously thanks and good our
01:23:37clue tells her Well she says that
01:23:39He spilled all the water and our protagonist Lee
01:23:41he stays thinking and calls him and then
01:23:44He says to come and he tells him what
01:23:46passes and our protagonist with his hands on
01:23:48the pockets that is, he returns to see
01:23:51fixedly and she tells him that our already
01:23:55He tells him that it smells like our cola.
01:23:56protagonist and well our protagonist in his mind
01:23:58He says that she is beautiful and that she always was
01:24:00Already so beautiful And why didn't he know it?
01:24:03until now and you can't believe that
01:24:05be a dream and seriously
01:24:07he can't stand it and he approaches and shakes her
01:24:10hands and it already turns super red and our
01:24:13prota says it should be and that's when
01:24:16Already obviously super nervous, she tells him that
01:24:18what happens to you suddenly and our protagonist
01:24:21He says I want to hug her in his mind and that's it.
01:24:24He tells him that if he is drunk and then
01:24:27our protagonist also says in his mind
01:24:29but if you do that suddenly you won't
01:24:31You'll like it, right? And well, he tells her that
01:24:35first you have to drink some water
01:24:37to make him sober a little
01:24:39but our protagonist still thinks that his
01:24:42body wants to do what it wants and
01:24:43well already in his mind it is good
01:24:47It's practically saying relax.
01:24:49his hands because he is grabbing him
01:24:50strong our proto Keep thinking that
01:24:54what should I do right now and well
01:24:55That's when he yells at her and tells her
01:24:58that is hurting him and we see a
01:25:00super pretty scene of yae in her other
01:25:03facet that is, it is beautiful, it is precious
01:25:06guata and good fruit apologizes and says
01:25:08They don't know what I was thinking and
01:25:11our proto is already beginning to fall into
01:25:13He realizes that he is a little drunk and
01:25:14He laughs and says what was that and that he was going to
01:25:17be fair now and well already ask
01:25:19I know he's drunk but why
01:25:23He came to his house and I asked him again and
01:25:25well why did he come to your house and our
01:25:28protagonist with two eggs tells him that he lived
01:25:31It was because I was thinking about her and that
01:25:34He doesn't know why but when he's drinking
01:25:37He remembered her and that she came to see him and
01:25:40There our protagonist apologizes and says that
01:25:43Sorry for coming suddenly but no
01:25:44I could take it longer and our protagonist
01:25:46He says that he is getting dizzy and that
01:25:49you feel somewhat tired and stressed
01:25:51and there we see how he is closing his eyes
01:25:52and he's going to fall and he's going to tell you just
01:25:56he was going to say something to ya and he told him that and
01:25:58well it's maya or it falls asleep it stays
01:26:00asleep I don't know let's put king but in the
01:26:03Yae's shoulders and she is super nervous
01:26:05her and starts to think
01:26:08and well that's when the sister of
01:26:11our protagonist is shouting dad and
01:26:14He says to his parents if it's over
01:26:17to talk to the protagonist's mother and well
01:26:20He says that our protagonist has not yet
01:26:22arrived and well the protagonist's father says
01:26:24to go out and look for him, that the sister
01:26:28I went to look for him but he says he doesn't know.
01:26:29where is he and if he can go to
01:26:31look for it and well our dad
01:26:35protagonist says that he is going to go out to look for her
01:26:38seek forgiveness and then it goes and there it is
01:26:40when he just leaves the door and
01:26:42find with ya uh loading our
01:26:45prota and saying
01:26:47that is, taking the protagonist to his house
01:26:49and well the protagonist's father asks him
01:26:51who is he and well
01:26:53and she tells him that she is Kyrion's friend and
01:26:56that kyrion went to the house and stayed
01:26:58asleep That is, our protagonist and well there
01:26:59He says that he is running away to help him and he
01:27:02grabs and tells him and tells him with two
01:27:04eggs you are heavy fat brother and
01:27:07well our dear father of the protagonist
01:27:10He says sorry because it wasn't the
01:27:12their intention to cause problems
01:27:14with our protagonist and well she tells him
01:27:16I mean, she apologizes, super nervous.
01:27:18she and says she's leaving and well there it is
01:27:22when the protagonist's father says so
01:27:25girl who likes and good
01:27:30there the silver dad also wonders
01:27:32because he is apologizing now and well now
01:27:35She runs away super nervous and tells him
01:27:38that those or that is there we see a flashback of
01:27:40what happened that is a little sudden and
01:27:42there he sees when he falls asleep and she
01:27:47and our protagonist practically tells him now
01:27:50and she gets super nervous and red and
01:27:53Well that's when they stay in each other's arms.
01:27:56a while and she remembers and gets more
01:27:59nervous and she says how is she going to
01:28:01remind our how to fly tomorrow and
01:28:04see our protagonist in the face
01:28:05basically and well there it is presented to us
01:28:07a scene where we see Seol G carrying
01:28:10our protagonist and our money wants
01:28:13vomit and then you hear it, you get nervous and
01:28:16He says don't you dare and well
01:28:20In this place we are now presented with a
01:28:23scene the day after what happened
01:28:24in the previous episode at school
01:28:28our protagonists see the teacher
01:28:29bald and then we see our protagonist
01:28:33sitting and our protagonist tells him he is going to
01:28:36say hello and she gets super nervous and he
01:28:39tells her about what happened yesterday and she
01:28:40He also continues to get nervous
01:28:43our protagonist asks him if he went to
01:28:44his house and well
01:28:46our protagonist tells him that he doesn't remember
01:28:49nothing of what happened yesterday and that
01:28:52If by chance he did something and says that
01:28:55he was drunk and yes for some reason
01:28:57chance causes some problems and well
01:29:00He already asks if I don't remember what
01:29:03He passed by and says that our protagonist tells him
01:29:05that his memories are blurred and he
01:29:07He tells him not even a little bit and he tells him no.
01:29:10remembers nothing after having done it
01:29:12that's what we know he did to her
01:29:14and well ours is super nervous
01:29:16and he says what are you talking about and now
01:29:18He shouts that you are an idiot, tells him that
01:29:21hates and pulls him or grabs him
01:29:23slaps our protagonist and obviously the
01:29:25Professor, son of a [ __ ], get angry and tell him
01:29:27Shut up brats and then everyone stays
01:29:29there and well our protagonist is
01:29:31apologizing and well they when that is
01:29:35He was apologizing and now he tells him
01:29:36that I was not going to go out with her and well
01:29:38This episode is presented here and we are
01:29:41It presents a very very low image
01:29:44hands are not dirty and well there it appears
01:29:48our dear and then it appears to her
01:29:52A Random Blonde appears to us and
01:29:53asks what are you going to do after
01:29:55classes and well he still rejects them he tells him
01:29:57that you are not joking and that who are you and
01:29:59Well, this Rubio tells him that if he wants
01:30:01go to karaoke and well
01:30:03He says no. Why, why is he ugly?
01:30:07He practically tells him that and says that
01:30:10blond tells him that it's good to be close to
01:30:11the others and Bueno tells him to go away
01:30:14the m why is it ugly or is one or is or
01:30:18be [ __ ] egocentric but with and
01:30:21well there are half idiots too
01:30:23But well and good she tells us in
01:30:25your mind that is fed up because everything is
01:30:27They approach him and ask him to leave and it's already
01:30:29fifth time this day and she crashed
01:30:31Your whole ego tells you how dare you
01:30:34talk to me and leave him alone and let's go
01:30:36also to our blue fight in this
01:30:38scene where he says he wants me to
01:30:39mistreat Well we already know why but
01:30:41well that's when he says that his face does
01:30:45his face is more or less could accept
01:30:47a quote for example and there we see the
01:30:50scene of the girl who threw our
01:30:52prota that we already know who he is when he
01:30:54crashed and there he basically says that I hope
01:30:58there was someone like him and who was he?
01:31:00he or she is with that doubt of who
01:31:02It's him when when We know that
01:31:04our high boss and well that's when
01:31:07our protagonist looks back at him and
01:31:09He says well you have to look ahead.
01:31:10and well she says she wanted to insult him
01:31:13at that moment but after seeing the
01:31:15cara couldn't do it
01:31:17and well
01:31:18He says that it is still in his mind
01:31:21thinking how can she be so disgraceful
01:31:24shameless if he voted for him and pushed him and well
01:31:27well them when it gets super
01:31:29nervous and says how a man should be
01:31:32be that manly and say yes so
01:31:35I would have only had his number already
01:31:37they would have left but well and now he says
01:31:40Should I ask a boy?
01:31:41that knows everyone It's rare to meet
01:31:44with handsome Hero boys and there are good ones
01:31:46acquaintances presents our protagonist and Les
01:31:47greets him and tells him that if he is going to the
01:31:49cafeteria and gets defensive and tells him
01:31:51He says who are you and our protagonist Well
01:31:53because he has two eggs and he doesn't give a damn
01:31:54[ __ ] what he says she tells him what it is
01:31:57kirio and well she tells him that
01:31:59He said he doesn't talk to him and well our
01:32:01protagonist doesn't care and tells him where you're going
01:32:03and she tells him that she is going to go smoke and
01:32:05our protagonist asks him if he smokes
01:32:07and well that's when I write he says
01:32:10that looks pretty but it seems that I am not
01:32:11of those who smoke and well our portal
01:32:14has a flashback of our darling
01:32:16smoking So he says that's something
01:32:18normal and that's when you think you're
01:32:21acting great and well our
01:32:23protagonist tells him
01:32:24anyway why don't you go smoke afterwards
01:32:28to go to the cafeteria with him And well
01:32:32pages gets defensive and says that
01:32:35why should i go with him and should i go
01:32:38with Jay and well our protagonist says that
01:32:40She doesn't know why but she is angry with
01:32:41her and says that our protagonist
01:32:44wants to buy his favorite bread so that
01:32:47and well and this dear interrupts him
01:32:51friend interrupts him and then our protagonist
01:32:54He tells her that he interrupted him and she tells him
01:32:56He says that if he really wants me to
01:32:58follow what you have to buy from
01:33:00she too, that is, a bread and good
01:33:02our protagonist also says how
01:33:03what the hell no and tells him that it is a
01:33:05bad and good girl she tells him that
01:33:08come later and well our protagonist
01:33:10He basically just stands there talking to himself and
01:33:13that's when we see a flashback outside
01:33:15in the patio where we see the friend of
01:33:17Huang telling him that if that loser
01:33:19keep talking to him referring to our
01:33:21protagonist and well that's when she says
01:33:23who asked him if he could accompany him to the
01:33:25cafeteria and Well that's when she told him
01:33:27He says that if he doesn't it means he likes it
01:33:29like the rest
01:33:30there it is presented to us. Finally, it is presented to us
01:33:32presents the name is called seum seum
01:33:34seum Let me agree I have to write down
01:33:36But well that's when
01:33:38we see that she tells him that he still can
01:33:42get the bet and well
01:33:44He says he doesn't want to because he really doesn't.
01:33:47she wants me to talk to her and that she is close
01:33:48there and that makes him very nervous without
01:33:52some reason and there we see the Facebook
01:33:53where did they vote for this girl
01:33:55with obvious reasons as well as a whole
01:33:57cape and she says that it is still very
01:33:59angry and well she says how good she says
01:34:02forget about that and well there it is
01:34:04When you consider that you encountered a
01:34:06chipo a boy a handsome boy
01:34:08referring to our protagonist who is
01:34:10The boss is beautiful and the friend is good.
01:34:13He asks what it is like and Bueno tells him that
01:34:15he had slightly brown hair
01:34:17disheveled man who was thin and tall
01:34:19about 75 and that's when she tells him that
01:34:21the only thing that comes to mind is you
01:34:23our silver boyfriend
01:34:26and well, and she says that it looks a lot alike
01:34:29and it is something like a small
01:34:31similarity and well she says that
01:34:34have an idea about dating him
01:34:37imagining that she is pretty, pretty, that is
01:34:40telling you to go out with him because
01:34:41pretending that she is handsome and good
01:34:44He says he doesn't like it and practically
01:34:45He says that the bell has already rung and that
01:34:47they should go and that's when they already want to go
01:34:50to the house he basically says that he wants
01:34:52go to the hunter and bump into our
01:34:54protagonist who carries two bags And there
01:34:57we see a scene watching Hero fall
01:35:00and then he says that his ass hurts
01:35:02behind the poto however they want to say it and
01:35:05well she stays looking and there we see
01:35:07our [ __ ] saying hero you okay
01:35:10We live as in your mind you see the other
01:35:13field that is also our protagonist but
01:35:15drunk and well she stays thinking
01:35:18blank and tells her that she turns red or
01:35:21be it because it was inaugurated Because our
01:35:22protagonist is a boss and says it's you
01:35:26well continuing we are presented with a
01:35:29flashback of where we see a lot of people
01:35:32saying who is she is cute how
01:35:34is called and if they should talk and we
01:35:37presents that of the past where all
01:35:39guys love her because she obviously game
01:35:41She is very pretty and I don't know what but she says that
01:35:44no one talks to her a guy says that
01:35:46she doesn't talk to anyone who isn't handsome
01:35:49and talented and says he has rejected 50
01:35:51types and that is not going to work and that is why
01:35:53no they don't talk to him and they when
01:35:55Obviously they criticize his back and
01:35:57They say she is very rude and if you come close
01:36:00and you talk to him, he's going to insult you and you're just
01:36:02He speaks to you according to his appearance and that
01:36:03you want disgusting Obviously they criticize him
01:36:05Because that's how the world is and we
01:36:07introduces again there she is super pretty
01:36:10another scene and well, there we are
01:36:12presents our protagonist in the part where
01:36:15was hit with kiwing and well our
01:36:18protagonist stays there looking at him and asks
01:36:19If he is well and played in come back to see him
01:36:22with like this with the appearance that
01:36:24He met our Drunken Pro and tells him
01:36:27that our protagonist should lend
01:36:30attention obviously turns red and
01:36:33They both remain silent and well
01:36:35there she asks him if he is a handsome boy and
01:36:38our protagonist says that what is
01:36:39talking and well the friend tells her what it is
01:36:42Yankee and stop talking
01:36:43stupidity and well she already knows well she
01:36:47it says it gets normal basically it says
01:36:50that he is the same idiot as always and
01:36:52obviously our protagonist
01:36:53offends and says that and obviously our
01:36:56drinking is worth laughing at what people think of it and
01:36:58He says whatever and Bueno asks him what.
01:37:01what is that and our protagonist tells him that
01:37:02obviously if he asked for some bread before
01:37:05in the hallway to buy one and
01:37:06our protagonist bought him and our protagonist
01:37:08He leaves in a hurry and tells him that he is delicious.
01:37:10so try it and by the way it is
01:37:12Later he tells him and they show off and come in
01:37:15to class since the bell already rang
01:37:16we saw before and Hugo gets super
01:37:19nervous and says Oh wow and the friend
01:37:21she thinks and says that she tells him that
01:37:24It happens because she blushed and well
01:37:29someone says that he doesn't know what's happening to him
01:37:32friend starts bothering him and says that
01:37:34no no don't tell him that basically
01:37:37our protagonist is the handsome boy with the
01:37:39which was found yesterday and well obviously
01:37:41Since they are friends, he is bothering, he says that
01:37:43don't bother him and Bueno tells him that he is
01:37:45joking and they meet and introduce us
01:37:46a won eating the bread that looks like another
01:37:49thing but she is eating bread and she
01:37:51He says it must be his imagination. Then
01:37:53From that we are presented with another scene where
01:37:55they are in education class
01:37:57physics and the teacher tells them that they are going to
01:38:00play dodgeball in pairs and they are going to
01:38:01be paired equally or be a man
01:38:04and a woman basically and they have to
01:38:06grab a piece of paper from this to this
01:38:09place to see who he plays with and why
01:38:11work to go towards destiny obviously
01:38:13no script is up to our protagonist anymore
01:38:16Hugo evidently says in his mind the
01:38:18idiot why does the couple have to do it
01:38:20from kirio of all possible people
01:38:22and well
01:38:24to our darling
01:38:27waifu of this manga basically already
01:38:31He's like the blonde boy from the previous one
01:38:33from the beginning of the handle that with which
01:38:36He exercised missile and was invited to the game
01:38:38football and well now is when
01:38:40also keeps telling us
01:38:41He keeps telling us how is this?
01:38:45that has the purpose of what or wants
01:38:49what to do to hit our protagonist
01:38:50playing and our protagonist obviously
01:38:53He says give your best and stay there
01:38:55thinking everything God And obviously
01:38:58remember and gine says what he says he puts
01:38:59blushing again and that's when I know
01:39:03he watches them in the background and gets
01:39:05nervous and well and well that's when
01:39:08starts to say that that handsome boy and
01:39:10I don't know what and the teacher yells at them
01:39:12Let them shut up and let the game begin and
01:39:15them when she keeps bothering him
01:39:17What happened to the handsome boy and why?
01:39:19what suddenly you become remains
01:39:21the same idiot and that's when our
01:39:23What is happening to him and suddenly
01:39:25They shout for me to let go and we see there and
01:39:29throwing a ball at him because they are
01:39:30playing dodgeball and hitting him all over his mouth
01:39:32and falls to the ground just like that
01:39:35He falls to the ground and well that's when he says
01:39:37kyrion are outside and our protagonist
01:39:40gibon asks if he's okay and that's it
01:39:43too much they are already starting to flatter her
01:39:45which is too strong basically and
01:39:47What about that couple and well there it is
01:39:50when basically
01:39:52They ask aquirion to verify that here
01:39:55Well that's fine and well our protagonist
01:39:56He says he begins to tell him that if he can
01:39:58see the fingers and obviously
01:40:00keeps imagining that because our
01:40:03protagonist looks like that boy and well there
01:40:05is when we continue seeing that scene
01:40:07where gibbon says you should control yourself and
01:40:09After that we play another scene where
01:40:11we see here wong walking already after
01:40:13classes coming back for that and well kiwan
01:40:16she keeps saying that she seems crazy
01:40:18and he can't be comparing kirion
01:40:20with the Oppa or our proto the same or
01:40:22be it is comparing our prota
01:40:23drunk with the normal and good act
01:40:26and well there you start to wonder what
01:40:29What if kirion that pretty boy
01:40:30with whom he played and well they when
01:40:33She doesn't know what will happen and says that
01:40:34wake up it's not so how can it
01:40:36think if they want to go out with him and them
01:40:38when there is outside they also come across
01:40:40our protagonist tells him if he also lives
01:40:42through that neighborhood and then our protagonist
01:40:44He tells him that if he lives around there that
01:40:47glad to see you and all that and obviously
01:40:49Hugo turns red because he continues
01:40:52imagining the other boy who is
01:40:54our door that is, let's not say our
01:40:56another boy but he imagines the other
01:40:58personality among many foods
01:40:59our protagonist and Bueno tells him what
01:41:02tries to do and what is not intended to be
01:41:05close as from the beginning
01:41:06They met our protagonist, he ignores him and
01:41:08He says that if you want to go to the
01:41:10store and she tells him no and our
01:41:11protagonist says why and tells him that let's go
01:41:12together and she says not to talk to her
01:41:14really and why should it come out
01:41:16with him and that he has a very personality
01:41:19dirty and our protagonist with two eggs
01:41:21He says yes, that's right, I agree with you and
01:41:23We said get upset and say it's
01:41:24too upset and they say it's
01:41:26too busy finding her clothes
01:41:30to his handsome Opa basically our protagonist
01:41:33and our protagonist, as curious as you want the
01:41:36He asks, he says no, it's not his.
01:41:38inconvenience and good our protagonist
01:41:40He says he's supposed to really
01:41:42They like handsome boys and they when
01:41:44He takes it very personally and says
01:41:48Maybe other people bother you?
01:41:50They approach her only because of how she looks and is
01:41:52truth and tells him that that's why I want a
01:41:54handsome boy and our protagonist with two
01:41:56eggs also says that they don't have to
01:41:59No, no, what's wrong with that?
01:42:01basically he says that he has nothing
01:42:03It's bad that she likes pretty boys and that
01:42:05He also likes pretty girls and
01:42:06obviously it's crazy and our protagonist
01:42:09He says that every time that's why I've been
01:42:11exercising to improve your
01:42:13appearance Although nothing has changed but
01:42:14and that's when he interrupts him and says
01:42:17that what kind of reaction is that is not
01:42:19the one they usually always told him
01:42:21as we saw in the flashback to the past and
01:42:23our basically says that
01:42:26I was waiting and that's when it says gibbon
01:42:28tells him a little about his past
01:42:29They always talk stupid things
01:42:32gibbon on his back because he was approaching
01:42:33pretty boys and I don't know what and they hated them
01:42:36No And there we see Hugo crying Oh what
01:42:38tender but Aha And they when he says
01:42:40Whatever the case, it seemed very strange to him
01:42:43reaction and not pretend to be kind and
01:42:45He calls him an idiot by his face and our
01:42:46prota says that she also likes
01:42:48pretty girls too
01:42:50beautiful and sexy and that's when
01:42:51He interrupts and tells him that he doesn't care and
01:42:54that our protagonist tells him whatever
01:42:56look for that handsome boy and I'll be there
01:42:59basically supporting and since
01:43:02find your ideal type and our protagonist
01:43:04He tells him that I hope it works and
01:43:06presents us with a scenario in our
01:43:07super beautiful protagonist or our protagonist
01:43:09He's also a papucho, so nothing to do with it.
01:43:10son stays there thinking and our
01:43:13protagonist tells him yes, really, don't cry
01:43:15They have it and then it's going to go away
01:43:16first and Well here Well no longer
01:43:18They say well it goes and that's where it ends
01:43:21part with which remains silent
01:43:23thinking and well the next day we see
01:43:27how he doesn't want to go to school and well
01:43:30that's when we see the friend of
01:43:33saying that I didn't find the handsome boy
01:43:35and he says no and well she tells him that
01:43:38He doesn't think he's going to find it and well
01:43:40or maybe he is the handsome boy who
01:43:43you dress says and obviously referring to
01:43:45our to our protagonist and obviously
01:43:47She tells him no, no and no.
01:43:51no matter how much you like dogs or
01:43:53basically they brought a dog to
01:43:54our protagonist by the face and them
01:43:56you know presents us with a Plus where we see
01:43:58a blue music holding hands What
01:44:01nice couple and this is when it ends
01:44:03This chapter below will be
01:44:05It presents a scene where we see the
01:44:07school of our protagonist and we go
01:44:09there calling our protagonist and our
01:44:11protagonist says yes, well it begins
01:44:13with the typical of any woman
01:44:14asking them if there was anything different
01:44:16in her and our [ __ ] tells her if something
01:44:18different and she says yes but
01:44:20well our protagonist tells him that he smells a
01:44:23little different from a little different and
01:44:27Ask if I change laundry detergent
01:44:28and now that is possible, that is, it is also possible
01:44:31our protagonist is kind of an idiot but
01:44:33well now and tells him that ours hate him
01:44:35Pro says that and our prota asks him
01:44:37What is it in any case and now and it gets
01:44:39average if you are told that you do not know and
01:44:41our protagonist evidently says that
01:44:44It happens and well, often, that's what we
01:44:46presents the scene where we see toilet or
01:44:48our masochistic blue haired girl saying
01:44:50that the two of them are very close, she is
01:44:53listening in the background and those girls are
01:44:54saying if our protagonist is dating
01:44:57And well according to
01:44:59that basically if they are actually
01:45:02going out and they would have had what everyone
01:45:05we know and they would have caught him
01:45:07wet They would have done things in bed
01:45:10that he basically likes and well
01:45:13That's when a message pops up in your mind.
01:45:15He asks if he bought it, he likes it and
01:45:19What a life That reaction seems to be there
01:45:21something between the two of them and they ask
01:45:23if there really is something between us
01:45:25two protagonists well and well she says
01:45:28that he is going to find out and that it is something very
01:45:29interesting and what is going to get into it Well
01:45:33when we see a drawing I wish good that is
01:45:36God And this is not presented to us
01:45:38scenario where our proto is in
01:45:39He is sitting on his bench and
01:45:42a person approaches and greets him and well our
01:45:45protagonist tells him what's up and then Simon
01:45:48Dance says he has to do one
01:45:50He asks and asks how he is very
01:45:54that must be well known within
01:45:57both of them don't and he asks him directly
01:45:59with two eggs and they are coming out and
01:46:00our portal tells you that this is not the case and
01:46:02Well ceo tells him that so they continue without
01:46:04declare himself and tell them I am with that
01:46:06intention and well our protagonist tells him
01:46:08that because he wants to know and that he doesn't
01:46:10she knows and well she says good there
01:46:13came out in his mind he says that basically
01:46:14always reject and that is being
01:46:16shy and that is something curious and good and
01:46:20she asks our protagonist if she doesn't
01:46:22likes or is dating someone else
01:46:24and tells him to see how she reacts
01:46:27He asks and that's when he throws it away.
01:46:29bomb and tells him Then don't you
01:46:31Would it matter if Jake did that what everyone
01:46:34In other words, they do catch, so to speak like another
01:46:37man And then our protagonist stays in
01:46:39white and imagined the scene where
01:46:41we see a rupee what does it say to our
01:46:43protagonist who is the boy who always passed by
01:46:45with Jay and why didn't he declare himself?
01:46:47quickly there and how good they are now
01:46:50women, this blonde with two, that is,
01:46:52He imagined the worst possible situation and
01:46:55looks good and an image where it is only
01:46:58is laughing
01:47:01He tells him that they will do it later and well
01:47:04well there our protagonist stays like
01:47:06he panicked and says damn it and
01:47:08that is not possible and well there are
01:47:10He says yes, yes, actually.
01:47:13would show that it bothers you that it is a
01:47:15proof that you like it
01:47:17and so
01:47:19does not tell him that TV seduce yae and
01:47:24basically and our protagonist tells him that
01:47:27What does he mean and what does he say?
01:47:30inner man and interprets me says his
01:47:32inner man and says yes it must be
01:47:34more masculine and good in his mind he says
01:47:37that will motivate him in our protagonist
01:47:39left thinking that he was exercising his
01:47:41muscles And that is due to beauty
01:47:43masculine well and they know it says that
01:47:46apparently he likes our Jacky
01:47:48protagonist likes it since although everyone
01:47:50we know and that's when we ask
01:47:52the typical one also that if there he feels what
01:47:54same for our protagonist and them when
01:47:56we see another scene where
01:47:57psy go closer there and see that it gets in
01:48:01to the women's bathroom and saeo greets him
01:48:03to our dear yae and food to say hello
01:48:07like everything and directly asked
01:48:09What if he is very close with Kirin and what if
01:48:12By chance they are dating and well she
01:48:14He says that ours is already super
01:48:16shy obviously says she doesn't know and
01:48:19He starts laughing and calls her stupid now.
01:48:22It's when one day you keep thinking
01:48:25What should I actually do?
01:48:27It's tempting and should you get rid of it?
01:48:30of our protagonist to seduce yae
01:48:32obviously I would do it, the truth is
01:48:34I would do it and well and that's when he tells him
01:48:38that they are not really dating and that
01:48:39Yes, they are simply friends, right? And well,
01:48:41and he says yes and well there it is
01:48:43when our dear sáila does the
01:48:45same question as if you wouldn't mind
01:48:47If another girl is this and that with
01:48:50kyrion and well he also imagines
01:48:54Well, imagine our protag with our
01:48:58the eyelashes and everything and he tells her
01:49:01literally already tells him while you
01:49:03you thought what to do he was already my man
01:49:05true darling and our protagonist tells him o
01:49:08she gets nervous and well there it is
01:49:10when she tells him that he is now mine
01:49:11so darling kiss me and them when
01:49:14We see this super scene and well, I know
01:49:17he gets angry and calls her that [ __ ] and well
01:49:20just fart says he's talking and
01:49:22Well, he tells him that this shows that you
01:49:24Kirio matters and if he wants to know if
01:49:27he wants to win Kirio's heart no
01:49:29You have no choice but to seduce him and
01:49:31so I mean our protagonist will see him
01:49:35like a woman and they when our
01:49:38dear, now he interrupts and tells her
01:49:40Thank you, says scene of our fan.
01:49:44transformed like this super goth she looks
01:49:45super bichota the dear and well still
01:49:49Everything stays What the [ __ ] And that's it
01:49:51He says he'll see and that's when Zion
01:49:53He says yes and it has always been like this and he says
01:49:55What do you want me to say like everyone else?
01:49:57us or the majority or the hundred or the
01:49:59100% who would say no and well there
01:50:03is when sihon says that a man will help him
01:50:05little and you must and very soon they will begin to
01:50:08go out and they will look very cute together and
01:50:10She says it was to be expected of a
01:50:12love life that is very fun and that
01:50:15she would like to have a romance so sweet
01:50:16and that's when we see a scene of our
01:50:19dear yae running to and on your mind
01:50:22saying that he will seduce our
01:50:24protagonist so that he sees him as a woman and
01:50:26we see a scene where we see our
01:50:27prota where he says he is going to show the
01:50:29inner man and that is when the
01:50:31two our protagonist And now and well now he tells him
01:50:34To our protagonist, what did he want to say?
01:50:37something but our protagonist interrupts him and
01:50:38tells you if you have time after
01:50:40classes and tells him that well, well now
01:50:43He also tells him they ask him the same thing
01:50:45I didn't understand why they asked
01:50:47same but they asked themselves the same thing already
01:50:48when he says that if they want to go to the movies and
01:50:50There are things this chapter ends but
01:50:53shows us a Plus of our darling
01:50:56peli the movie tin that says that
01:50:59she is also close to our plate
01:51:01that is León and that there are always many
01:51:03girls around the idiot that is
01:51:06our protagonist and what bothers him a little
01:51:08Now we are presented with a scene where
01:51:10we see our protagonist's house and
01:51:12we see our protagonist's sister
01:51:14trying to change and we get this
01:51:16put your hands down dogs put your hands down
01:51:18dirty is a girl and well our
01:51:21dear sister of the protagonist begins to
01:51:23say what the lock is and what it should be
01:51:25his damn brother and he evidently likes it
01:51:27running to say that he wants to play with
01:51:28his brother and tells him you've arrived damn
01:51:30and greets you and our busy protagonist
01:51:32He says that that is, he tells you that he is busy.
01:51:34and he runs away and he pushes him and
01:51:36our dear sister throws him
01:51:39and then it remains, it remains and everything is thrown away.
01:51:41He says he's a bad boy and it's with
01:51:43our protagonist comes out all dressed and
01:51:46He says how does it look and well, his sister
01:51:48protagonist tells him that he looks like an eel
01:51:50healthy freshwater, that is, it looks
01:51:52from the msb of the [ __ ] and tells him what it is
01:51:55a fashion terrorist and therefore our
01:51:57protagonist becomes discouraged and tells him how bad
01:52:00It looks and well, our dear
01:52:02onion and he goes and tells him that he is going to
01:52:04help him choose his clothes and then the
01:52:06I chose the clothes for our dearest
01:52:08Prota, well, that's where everything looks and well
01:52:12He tells her that she looks very good and there it is
01:52:14He reads lodges Well to the sister and tells her
01:52:17to buy him a pizza later and
01:52:19Well that's when the sister
01:52:20Ask our Porta where he is going
01:52:22and tells him that he will pass it on to us that he is going to
01:52:24see a friend and there she introduces herself to us
01:52:25a scene of already wearing the uniform
01:52:28So everything and well, there we are
01:52:30presents where we left off in previous
01:52:32the appointment and we see how our protagonist is doing
01:52:34thinking that a date with Jae that
01:52:37He has always dated her but she is the
01:52:39first time they are going to meet like this
01:52:41who is a little nervous and who still knows
01:52:43He asked him before what was happening
01:52:46if it was okay to see one of ours
01:52:48dear there and with another boy and well and
01:52:50He says that just thinking about that makes him
01:52:52feel sick and angry and well
01:52:54our protagonist begins to think that
01:52:56That's how it will be because he likes the key and it's
01:52:58when they call the phone and our
01:53:00He gets scared by that and then he asks about
01:53:02who is talking to him because he was a
01:53:04unknown number and say hello and that's when
01:53:06Let me greet you and let's see a scene.
01:53:09Dog brothers, you are some
01:53:10dirty and good
01:53:12Zion tells him that is, he greets him and
01:53:15our protagonist asks And although how
01:53:17He found her number and ignores her
01:53:20he asks but he comes out still asking if he already
01:53:22He met with Yay and then our protagonist
01:53:25tells him that
01:53:26How did you find out that there is already our
01:53:29They were going to leave and it says there
01:53:30I say goodbye because I was back there in
01:53:32the gossip the dirty the blue hair It's a
01:53:34dirty spying and basically tells him and
01:53:37our protagonist tells him that he is going to have a
01:53:38little scary and them when the movie
01:53:40blue tells him with two eggs that I hope
01:53:42that can reach far enough
01:53:43far to have so that they catch no and
01:53:47Well our protagonist says not to say that
01:53:49and it's going to hang up and that's when
01:53:52our protagonist asks him something about
01:53:54hang up and tell him that he likes her
01:53:56girls and well that's when he says
01:53:58obviously to his tastes that he likes a
01:54:00muscular man that is, but he says that in
01:54:03his son criticizes him and throws his hearing aid at
01:54:05our own and tells you that your body
01:54:07the works of a man are too fragile
01:54:09seafood that is the jokes that are loaded
01:54:11The translators of Los mangos are from the
01:54:13m but Aha and well they when they left
01:54:16He says he's basically joking and
01:54:18that each person has their own tastes
01:54:20that we all agree here and basically
01:54:22He says that women fall in love with
01:54:25sweet gestures and that for example if you are
01:54:27carrying something heavy to carry it
01:54:28she is walking down the street and
01:54:31A car is coming to take her to her
01:54:33side to protect her and that's when
01:54:35interrupts because ours is just arriving
01:54:37dear, she is already super dressed like this super
01:54:39pretty super beautiful our dear yae
01:54:42And so Zion says the last advice
01:54:46He says he can praise her for looking good.
01:54:48nice and well our protagonist stays
01:54:50thinking and he says I see and then he says
01:54:52who then talk and hang up and they
01:54:55when our protagonist tells him that now
01:54:57and well now and he asks the typical Yes
01:55:00I wait a lot and he says no and it's
01:55:02when our portal wants to tell you
01:55:03something is meant to be said that is seen today
01:55:06pretty and
01:55:07today TT sees you and tells him I loved you
01:55:11to say that although there is time to go to the
01:55:13movie got super nervous and that
01:55:15he wants to go he wants to do this then
01:55:17And well, he tells her to go to the
01:55:20karaoke our protagonist says we are going to the
01:55:22karaoke should they when there is already
01:55:25with great confidence he says that he wants
01:55:27show you your skills and then our
01:55:29protagonist in his mind says that she is very pretty
01:55:30and that he doesn't have the confidence to
01:55:33sing But he wants to hear someone sing
01:55:35as we all wanted and well they
01:55:38when they leave and the scene is presented
01:55:39where he is already singing in karaoke and
01:55:42Well, as we can see, he doesn't sing well.
01:55:45not bad but yes he sings very badly he doesn't say it
01:55:48our planet that is not good at singing
01:55:49He doesn't say it abruptly but well
01:55:51but ours says that she is very pretty
01:55:54way and the score came out 14 or
01:55:56let it be the little game he said sing of the [ __ ]
01:55:58Well, they literally say, You are what
01:56:00worst of the worst And then our dear
01:56:02That is already discouraging and well our protagonist
01:56:04anime tells him that he sang very well and well
01:56:07He jokes that he probably
01:56:10machine is broken and well that's when
01:56:11He already gives the microphone to our protagonist and
01:56:13It's his turn and our protagonist stops and
01:56:15He tells him that then and they when
01:56:18He literally interrupts and tells her that
01:56:20sits and sings and tells him that our
01:56:23protagonist asks why she and tells him
01:56:25just because and well that's when
01:56:27our protagonist feels and sees this
01:56:28scene and tells him that well, here he goes and
01:56:30that's when our protagonist begins to
01:56:32choose songs and see there it's super
01:56:34nervous and our protagonist says that he is going to
01:56:37sing an old song but i should
01:56:39sing that and then they when it is
01:56:42imagine the situation he had with Zion
01:56:45that he has to seduce our protagonist
01:56:47so that he sees her as a woman and it is
01:56:49when our darling already to our
01:56:52protagonist and our protagonist turns around and
01:56:54He tells him what's going on and well, he
01:56:57He says it's getting a little hot.
01:56:58in our he says yes a little and there it is
01:57:00when the diver begins to be removed and
01:57:03He says then and begins to seduce him and
01:57:06We are presented with this scene of our
01:57:07dear she is super beautiful and our
01:57:09planet goes blank like here
01:57:12finish this chapter
01:57:14our protagonist well our protagonist
01:57:18I was saying I should sing a
01:57:19song Not remembering but ours
01:57:21dear Ya Well, also remember the
01:57:23words I wish or the blue hair he has
01:57:26I see her as a woman and she stayed in the
01:57:28part where we see our dearest
01:57:31that if they want to take him, they want to leave him
01:57:34invalid our protagonist and our protagonist
01:57:37he stands there as if passing by and asks or
01:57:40basically it stays blank no
01:57:41He knows what to say but that's where his mind takes him.
01:57:45shame And obviously yes because
01:57:47our protagonist looks great
01:57:49nervous and turns red and no longer knows what
01:57:52say but it's also in red and
01:57:53our silver also says that how
01:57:55Wait, you don't know what to do and then
01:57:58I also did practically the same thing
01:58:00In our protagonist he tells him what
01:58:02He speaks and then he runs away and
01:58:04our protagonist goes blank
01:58:06keep thinking And that reason dear
01:58:08little heart while changing scenes
01:58:12directly and they go to see a movie
01:58:15of terror and well they are left watching a
01:58:18movie called the curse of
01:58:20table here and well if there are any left
01:58:23saying why don't they go see that one
01:58:25that movie and if you have no problem with
01:58:27those of that type and well it already says that it is
01:58:30very good at seeing things and it bothers him
01:58:33our dear protagonist not to cry
01:58:36although I am afraid and our protagonist
01:58:38obviously nervous, he says he's not going to
01:58:39shout no time and there will be and
01:58:41our in your mind is your chance
01:58:43to demonstrate the inner man there and
01:58:46well our money is also already in
01:58:48her plan that if she is already scared that
01:58:50he's going to calm her down like a man
01:58:53example is going to tell him Don't be afraid and
01:58:55look this one was not lost from our
01:58:57protagonist way that says that Obviously
01:59:00He's holding hands and everything but
01:59:01well and there our protagonist also sees the
01:59:04opposite side of What happens if I catch him
01:59:06the hand and she removes it Well
01:59:07Obviously everyone has that fear of
01:59:10[ __ ] the street and well our protagonist
01:59:13remains undecided about what happens if the
01:59:17He grabs the hand but they are not boyfriend and girlfriend and yes
01:59:19He sees him as a simple pervert of ours.
01:59:21point says yes he should stay
01:59:23still And no and what
01:59:26And what's going to happen then and well there it is
01:59:28when the screamer appears a scream in
01:59:30the horror movie and our protagonist
01:59:32It impresses but he is left laughing and
01:59:35Well, our protagonist says that he was scared
01:59:36because it came out of nowhere but it doesn't give
01:59:39so scared but that's why I don't
01:59:41They like jumpscares that jump out of the
01:59:42nothing for those who don't understand But
01:59:44well our protagonist says that
01:59:46He honestly doesn't think he's scared.
01:59:47those scenes and that there will never be
01:59:51grab the hand right now then
01:59:53is when he returns to see our
01:59:55protagonist because there is our protagonist
01:59:58is concentrated and that is when
01:59:59evidently he wants to pretend so that
02:00:01something happens and he approaches our protagonist
02:00:05But obviously he approaches lying to her
02:00:07with fear telling him that the ghosts
02:00:09They scare you on our planet too
02:00:11He gets nervous and asks him
02:00:13If you are afraid and tell him that it was
02:00:16lie down and hug him or be this
02:00:19tender so pretty but well they
02:00:22when you already say thank you and our
02:00:24He tells her not to worry.
02:00:26which is nothing and good
02:00:28finishing that they finished leaving, that is,
02:00:31They are going to eat and they are practically
02:00:34On an ordinary date they went to
02:00:36eat then I already gave him a joke that
02:00:39have a poop ice cream it was chocolate
02:00:41or with the shape of a fall and I don't know and they begin
02:00:44like that with his jokes and well there it is
02:00:47when they tell us a very important piece of information
02:00:49of Miss and who weighs 115 kilos we are
02:00:52very bad and good when they say that
02:00:54That whole date was very fun and well
02:00:56Well, our protagonist thanked him, that's it
02:00:58thank you for going out with him and
02:01:01It happened very well And well, he also tells you
02:01:02that he had a great time and that another one comes out
02:01:04day and our protagonist says yes and
02:01:06our protagonist in his mind is saying
02:01:08that thanks to that fun a lot
02:01:10and although I can't I can't show you
02:01:13inner man and then he stays in
02:01:16white and says that it already looks too much
02:01:18beautiful And now think about what
02:01:21ceo said that girls like that
02:01:24they praise them and then ours tells them
02:01:29there and first of all he interrupts
02:01:33He tells her that they want to go somewhere together.
02:01:34and our protagonist says that where and then now
02:01:38says yes to a secret place and our
02:01:40They stay as if in a secret place and
02:01:42is when our darling is already going up
02:01:45a building and says it is normal
02:01:48come in like that suddenly and say he doesn't know
02:01:50worry and they go up to the terrace and our
02:01:53protagonist, all tired, stares and
02:01:55them when we see a super scene
02:01:57pretty yae on a night in a
02:02:00nightfall where he says what do you think?
02:02:01its secret place in our protagonist says
02:02:03which is not bad at all
02:02:05and our protagonist is left thinking that
02:02:08That place seems very familiar and yes
02:02:11He's been there before and well he already says that
02:02:13In the past I used to go there when
02:02:16He had a lot of things on his mind and
02:02:18He also met a good person in
02:02:20that place and our protagonist asks him
02:02:22that who are two we deduce that
02:02:25she met our protagonist but well she
02:02:27He tells him that he doesn't know and then
02:02:28that maybe you don't remember him and you don't know
02:02:31goes blank and that's when
02:02:34worries when he says that who cares
02:02:36one person may have said that who else
02:02:38that our protagonist gets jealous of him
02:02:40same thing or it's quite a goal and well he says
02:02:43who is coming these last days to
02:02:45cool off in your secret place and then
02:02:48our protagonist, how do I have a boss, tells him
02:02:50What if he comes to smoke No and well it seems
02:02:53that they discovered and laughs and our
02:02:55protagonist brings him a calm conversation
02:02:57how many cigarettes do you smoke a day
02:02:59and well he tells you that he doesn't smoke much anymore
02:03:02in those days and our protade says that
02:03:04I should leave it
02:03:05She tells him that it is complicated but
02:03:07our protagonist says that's what everyone says and
02:03:10that's when our protagonist is already him
02:03:12He tells our protagonist that if he wanted
02:03:14that she stop smoking and our protagonist
02:03:16He says yes, it's not good for you.
02:03:18health and he already says yes and well
02:03:21She finally tells him that she will try that.
02:03:24and our protagonist tells him that he just doesn't know
02:03:26go overboard with all that and that's when
02:03:28He asks what you think about his
02:03:31secret place and our protagonist tells him
02:03:33who thinks he's too good for
02:03:35make a secret place and that's when
02:03:37She tells him that she didn't mean that and
02:03:38our [ __ ] then asks him and
02:03:41she says about the landscape and he tells her that
02:03:43It's nice, he says, he presents us with another scene.
02:03:45super goal is already real or what do you know?
02:03:49presents very precious things already and no one
02:03:51our protagonist can deny it to me
02:03:53very red and there it is with our protagonist in
02:03:57his mind begins to process the like
02:03:59100% everything they told you
02:04:02basically he likes it now and then there
02:04:04mix appears and that sister appears
02:04:07We all the memories of how you
02:04:10They said that you like it now and our protagonist
02:04:13If in your mind you are left wondering if
02:04:15like it now and they with our protagonist
02:04:18He says there Hey
02:04:22you look very beautiful and we have to finish this
02:04:25super chapter
02:04:28In this chapter we are now introduced to
02:04:32our protagonist to our beloved
02:04:35kyrion introduces himself to us at school
02:04:37laughing and it feels too much
02:04:40great since yesterday he went to
02:04:42date with since it was a lot of fun there
02:04:44scenes appear where he remembers everything
02:04:45what happened to how beautiful she looked
02:04:47beautiful where he gave her a poop ice cream
02:04:49where we saw this scene that for me is
02:04:52the best scene I hope someone does
02:04:53knows how to make posters to a poster of this
02:04:55scene please and that he also asked
02:04:59that they go out together again, not in the
02:05:01boyfriend plan but they do go out together and it is
02:05:03when everyone around you tells him that
02:05:05If Kirio is not crazy, why is he?
02:05:07laughing alone and our protagonist wants in his
02:05:09mind knows that if this is happiness
02:05:11of them when he greets them
02:05:13saeon that if yesterday he had a date with
02:05:16key and if they had a good date
02:05:18practically and that's when our
02:05:20protagonist stays in his mind thinking that
02:05:22the whole date that happened with Jaime was
02:05:24thanks to eón and who wants to thank him
02:05:26somehow and our portal already
02:05:29They had a great time and thank you and them
02:05:31They know him and ask him if they did it and
02:05:32our protagonist is left thinking what and
02:05:35what he talks about and everything stays What the
02:05:38[ __ ] because he asks if they did it and
02:05:40who really tried to make it
02:05:42They went out together right and Seoul tells him
02:05:45Don't tell me that you don't even
02:05:48you confessed because we all hope that or
02:05:49Let's be honest and then our protagonist
02:05:52He says to confess and then Aeon says yes.
02:05:55He didn't do it because he will regret it later and
02:05:57He looks blank and that's when we
02:05:59interrupts our dearest krilling
02:06:01minsic sucked and asks our
02:06:03prota because it wasn't exercising yesterday and
02:06:06your willpower is already weak that is
02:06:07a complete jimrologist, that is, I have a boss
02:06:10this and them when our protagonist
02:06:11I apologize to Misi, I had something urgent.
02:06:13what to do obviously go out with
02:06:15jackets 10 times more important Although
02:06:17I trust our Jean Bros then and there
02:06:21is when music tells him that next
02:06:23time I warned him with television and well
02:06:26our protagonist says good and well there
02:06:28tells him to keep in mind that
02:06:30muscles are not easily obtained and
02:06:32Well, I have everything
02:06:35He interrupts her and says, Hey, pig, I was
02:06:38talking to kirim first Or be ours
02:06:40prota and don't get involved and because always
02:06:43he spends his time interrupting
02:06:44conversations of others and that is when
02:06:46music six in [ __ ] [ __ ] and tells you
02:06:49education is still lacking and that's when
02:06:52these scenes begin that are super
02:06:53When he comes back here he tells him that
02:06:56Carrying me like a princess is not my
02:06:58first time and he wants to give her
02:07:00first time to someone who likes and
02:07:02our music tells him not to resist
02:07:04who is the crazy one with the pigtails and well
02:07:07It's basically a super fat scene or
02:07:09I'm basically some kind of elf and I
02:07:13I think you love each other and you don't love each other
02:07:15basically and well they with
02:07:17our protagonist is left thinking what
02:07:19hell it's happening and well always
02:07:21stays there saying that it seems that
02:07:23They get along well and they say Ya
02:07:24and our greetings practically
02:07:28and well our protagonist asks him if
02:07:30He arrived home safely yesterday and basically
02:07:33they ask things if they arrived
02:07:34Well, it was all fun and
02:07:37they want to repeat it, that's when we
02:07:39presents our dearest Jim bro
02:07:41a real boss, that is, crazy, crazy, bring them up
02:07:45hands up I know that here I know
02:07:48several sons of [ __ ] so turn up the
02:07:50hands I know he is very handsome crazy he is already
02:07:54when we are presented when they are in
02:07:56the classroom and we see the blue-haired girl next to
02:08:00masochist and that's when we see
02:08:02people x friends of Sao who are
02:08:05asking if he's dating someone
02:08:07and if anyone is interested or if
02:08:10has some ideal type well and well there
02:08:12It's when you keep thinking what you want
02:08:15actually someone or fall in love
02:08:18sometimes like in our prota but
02:08:21that there is no one in particular who
02:08:22interest and that if I had to choose
02:08:24Someone then and watch our coffee movie and
02:08:26that's when she gets super
02:08:27nervous because it is who I don't know
02:08:29fall in love with her, she's super got but she says
02:08:33she doesn't like it when he gets close to her
02:08:34and well that's when it's a stop
02:08:37get out of the way of your friends says that
02:08:40wants someone muscular to avoid
02:08:42stay out of trouble basically and
02:08:45Well, her friends are left thinking that
02:08:46If in your class you are looking for someone with good
02:08:49body is then music since it has
02:08:52some muscles and everything is sucked, that's it
02:08:54acquaintance and says no because and then
02:08:57everyone tells them to look at those muscles or
02:08:59be dad pure Jim bro pure protein and
02:09:03they when it's in their mind they say yes
02:09:05They went crazy and they are left thinking
02:09:08What if I went out with that pig? Hey, right?
02:09:10It is the metaphor that I used before because that of
02:09:12An elf being captured by an ogre or
02:09:15be practically says that and that's when
02:09:18you are friends they love each other they stay
02:09:20thinking that about them not wanting
02:09:22that in reality or he doesn't know well and they
02:09:25when they already tell him that they do have time
02:09:28after class and seo asks him what
02:09:30why Or what is the reason for this and
02:09:33He says they want to make a three-way date.
02:09:35three people to see if they know
02:09:37someone but well they when she
02:09:40I was thinking that if they are going to
02:09:41meet three guys and it will be a
02:09:43meeting and that they are inviting you to that
02:09:45meeting whatever it may be and they know or
02:09:47He says he does want to go and well there it is
02:09:49when a good opportunity arose
02:09:51to make it 11
02:09:53that love comes that everyone
02:09:56they want and that is when we see scenes of
02:09:58saeon saying that these clothes are
02:09:59enough and we see where super scene
02:10:01beautiful thing about Zion is that she is also very
02:10:03beautiful, that is, and good, he says he wants
02:10:06have an adventure if you do it right and
02:10:09well and she stays there all happy
02:10:11What kind of boys will say that
02:10:13looks forward to and has never been to
02:10:15a meeting like that and well there it is
02:10:18when the butler desire tells him to go
02:10:21to learn the car because yes he says yes
02:10:23thank you and good luck it's still like that
02:10:25nervous and how should he act if
02:10:28want to change your image like
02:10:30habit and who will want to have the
02:10:33image of innocent and cute well and says
02:10:36that then a boy seduced them
02:10:40practically and someone handsome
02:10:43who is interested in her or is the typical
02:10:45of women then all equal, that is
02:10:47well everyone actually not just women
02:10:49but yes everything to throw hate just and
02:10:52well they with the well they are saying
02:10:54Where they will be Where they will be begins
02:10:56look for them when here and then it says
02:10:59welcome and that is when we see in surprise
02:11:02our dearest minect or be all a
02:11:04capo and he comes back to see him and that's when he
02:11:07says Oh the pig that pig is and there it is
02:11:12when Oh, Sao's friend tells her that
02:11:15They like guys with good bodies like that
02:11:17who asked him to come to our
02:11:18dear music and they know he says
02:11:21Are you the crazy one with the pigtails, I'm King
02:11:25music all a crazy boss even elegant
02:11:27knight the
02:11:28that one wants him crazy and tells him that
02:11:31I hope they get along well that's when
02:11:33our dear crazy girl with pigtails
02:11:35bluefighter tells him that
02:11:38I'm going to become an elf and that's it
02:11:41when everyone is left thinking about what
02:11:42What are you talking about and here it ends
02:11:44good episode people this episode
02:11:47You see how it starts with an image
02:11:52from our dear yae Very beautiful very
02:11:54beautiful And then we return to where we
02:11:57we stay with our boss the minsic
02:11:59our dearest Jim bro all a
02:12:02chapter and well, that is, they stay in
02:12:05a moment in silence with our
02:12:07dear blue haired girl who basically
02:12:10He says because he is here at our side.
02:12:11dear music and our music says that
02:12:14How do I have a boss because they invited him?
02:12:15no and that he also has his side
02:12:18cute side because he's skin you blue
02:12:22He asked if you want to have one
02:12:23relationship and well that beyond that
02:12:27our beloved blue haired girl Well always
02:12:29he is afraid of our dearest
02:12:32He says he just wants to play with an elf
02:12:34And what are our disgusting works
02:12:37dear minsi tells him like it's not no
02:12:40I know what you're talking about because I don't know and
02:12:42well and our music tells you that if you
02:12:45is talking to him and he is a good
02:12:48nickname the one I gave him because it stays
02:12:50basically silent and well there it is
02:12:53when our beloved missile opens the
02:12:55eyes and tells him By the way you are not a
02:12:58elf you are just a crazy girl and you are
02:13:01unfortunate thing there he hit the [ __ ] out of
02:13:03our dear mingsic what does he say
02:13:05elf hit and our boss tells me
02:13:08well that's terrible Jumbo and he grabs it
02:13:10with her hand and well that's when she
02:13:13He yells at him that where are you playing Quit me
02:13:15hands on top etcetera etcetera or
02:13:17be basically tells you that luck
02:13:19Well, our dear says yes, I eat
02:13:21she was the first to put her hands
02:13:24on top of that and that he no longer has the strength
02:13:28the blue haired girl then and our Miss and him
02:13:32So he says kings of women and now it is
02:13:34when saeon's friends, well,
02:13:36He says hey they basically increased
02:13:39attention and them when they tell
02:13:42saeon that they are going to go separately
02:13:44because they have a connection or
02:13:46They get along too well so he tells her
02:13:49Have a good time with me and good for them
02:13:52when she in her mind begins to
02:13:54say we should leave this pig yo
02:13:56together wasn't supposed to be a date 33
02:13:59and that's when she says they're just going to
02:14:01fool around with each other right and
02:14:03that first of all this pig is very
02:14:05crazy is already very rude when he sees him
02:14:07Besides that the first time you have
02:14:09a date 11 with a boy and well he says that
02:14:14If they continue like this, they will take away his
02:14:18first time was going to be taken by a
02:14:19pig and them with our beloved music
02:14:21like a boss says come on girl
02:14:24crazy about the pigtails and already asks him what
02:14:26Where and what are you going to do with me and
02:14:28while we talk and our music look
02:14:30this scene the whole chapter says come on
02:14:32to walk then and she stays like that
02:14:35guata seriously Ya them when she
02:14:39He also says are you serious because they
02:14:41when they begin we see a scene of
02:14:43saeon laughing and this son are playing
02:14:47video games no and she bragging that
02:14:49It's a [ __ ], I'm a crack with my hands and
02:14:52Well, he tells him what does our opinion
02:14:54dear music and our music says that
02:14:56They are good and that is when we see another scene
02:14:58when they are playing
02:14:59by hitting with a hammer and knowing your
02:15:02strength and
02:15:03breaks the machine and the son comes out infinite
02:15:06As a [ __ ], he is an Ultra powerful boss and there
02:15:10It's when our beloved music says
02:15:11Easy and them when he starts to tell
02:15:14that he is a monster and that he is very strong and
02:15:17that is not human basically and that is when
02:15:19we see another scene with our darling
02:15:20music at karaoke dancing I mean you
02:15:23imagine our copo music as sucked
02:15:25Or Our killing mom
02:15:32when they ask him a curious fact
02:15:35Ask if there is any What kind of
02:15:38he likes a drink and there he tells him that
02:15:40strawberry despondent and has nothing left
02:15:42with him and them when you start
02:15:46ask if the pig is ours
02:15:48Dear Missy you are enjoying the
02:15:50quote they have since I have never seen it
02:15:51smile and you don't know what it is that
02:15:54worries and that is of course playing with
02:15:58a funny elf or what she looks like
02:16:00called he was herself and Well there
02:16:03is when she becomes another one
02:16:04image in your head of what you thought it was
02:16:07a violent ogre But it is not like that and that Ha
02:16:10heard that achievements are very sweet that
02:16:12seems to be true and they when
02:16:13a couple starts laughing in the background and
02:16:16Those sons of [ __ ], I mean, look at the face.
02:16:18of ass they have, that is, they are not happy
02:16:21together these unfortunates and begin to
02:16:23say yes that is a couple and back
02:16:25the glass tells him well I don't believe why
02:16:27It's a big one because our very secret
02:16:30a boss is very sucky and tells him that
02:16:32He will be your bodyguard or basically
02:16:34They criticize these sons of [ __ ] and
02:16:37Well, it still brings us to say that what are they about?
02:16:39talking if they are two idiots and it is that
02:16:41there are always two one or two people like that
02:16:43May they always judge and that's when
02:16:45She in her mind says that she simply
02:16:48ignores the days when he tells you that Hey
02:16:50pig let's get a coffee escape and our
02:16:53music says we better leave the date
02:16:55here and it's time to go meet Still
02:16:57He stays like, Hey, you're going home and o
02:17:00yes be surprised because it is still very
02:17:01early no and our mini says no
02:17:04you have to make an effort to do it if not
02:17:06she wants to do it and she stays like that
02:17:09what the [ __ ] and them when our
02:17:11dear music says I know he doesn't want to
02:17:13follow me above all well like this and
02:17:15she stays like that because and she is
02:17:18when our missis tells us that
02:17:19Due to its large size it has always given
02:17:21very bad impressions even the
02:17:23women levitate because they are afraid of him and
02:17:25I don't think it's that different with her.
02:17:27because she is a woman so she returns to him
02:17:30he says and well
02:17:31let him hear about it again if he is
02:17:34You probably hear the same thing as
02:17:36let these unfortunates say that
02:17:37they criticized our panasic if it continues
02:17:40dating her and for them when
02:17:42she tells him that
02:17:45I don't know, you are left wondering if it's blank
02:17:47seeing him nothing and music says a phrase that
02:17:50although it was my first time spending time
02:17:52alone with a girl and that was very
02:17:54funny and tells him how I have a cape
02:17:56God and everything goes calmly and it's
02:17:58when the sayon ​​I also have a cape
02:18:00He tells him where is the pig going and if he doesn't go
02:18:02to come What is with omic would be and him
02:18:07Ask what you are talking about and not stress and
02:18:10it comes back to him like What the [ __ ]
02:18:12He said you were scary, I bothered you Listen
02:18:14words from those idiots no and well she
02:18:18our dear boss also tells you
02:18:21which is also his first time having
02:18:23a date alone with a boy and you might not
02:18:26ruin it by saying that and what
02:18:30girl avoids someone because of
02:18:32impression that is when our music
02:18:34He says it's true and that's when
02:18:36says it should be about looking good and
02:18:38our music says as if there is
02:18:41somehow and then where do you go?
02:18:44approaches and tells him that he has to be a
02:18:46little more and look this one looked pretty and
02:18:50go back to see that but never
02:18:54everyone sounds pretty beautiful beautiful to me
02:18:57no and that's how he tells her that he understands and
02:18:59She is when she already realizes our
02:19:02who approached and touched him without realizing it
02:19:04that is, it was my own intuition, that's when
02:19:07our beloved music tells him not to
02:19:08He likes me to call him a pig and that he should
02:19:11continue educating her and that's when they stay
02:19:13like boot [ __ ] and now is whenever
02:19:15someone says what are you really doing?
02:19:17I don't want to do it now, so no.
02:19:20wants and what does he mean by
02:19:22educate her and them when our dear
02:19:25music says that instead of going to an escape
02:19:27room let's go to a cafe is that room and well
02:19:30That's when the typical thing begins
02:19:32He is a shitty ogre, a demon and there
02:19:34It's when our beloved music laughs and
02:19:36He tells her that you are a crazy girl and there it is
02:19:38when he comes out or yells at him like I'm going away
02:19:40get dirty now and finish this episode watching
02:19:44the hammer of everything for us
02:19:47dearest good music in another scene
02:19:50the school of ours is presented to us
02:19:52protagonists so let's take a boy x
02:19:56one of the cavities of our beloved
02:20:00Hentai because you already know hair long hair
02:20:04covered Well yes this vato here well
02:20:07falls and screams oh god says part of his
02:20:09[ __ ] that is, he breaks his head and
02:20:11He says it hurts and when we see them
02:20:13our dear he wong telling him that
02:20:15What's wrong with you idiot? And why are you like this?
02:20:17lying on the floor and well she tells him
02:20:18that doesn't block the way and that's when
02:20:21He's not the guy, he apologizes, he doesn't tell you what.
02:20:24I'm sorry and that's when he tells him that
02:20:26grab and if you want to be there all day
02:20:28on the floor because he gives his hand to
02:20:29get up and then they when the manna
02:20:32It looks like water and our dear
02:20:34He says he's an idiot and he stays
02:20:37like he just grabbed me
02:20:39hand and becomes obsessed with our darling
02:20:41Here look at this perverted face it is
02:20:46if you see the sims sons of your [ __ ]
02:20:48mother, that's how they all look and well there it is
02:20:50when we see an image of Huang well and
02:20:52This episode begins here Gold is not
02:20:56When we see there, it's decayed and
02:20:58we don't know why we see our dear
02:20:59kirin to our official protagonist
02:21:02protagonist, well, he already tells him that
02:21:05that is, he says, Hey, Hey, sorry, Hey now.
02:21:09in that what happens then and then she
02:21:12He was like what's going on and
02:21:15our protagonist asks
02:21:16If she is sick or something and it is with her
02:21:19He says that he is in his days and well that
02:21:22is bad and is going to go to
02:21:24nursing well and well basically that
02:21:28who is in his days says like this you know
02:21:30It's not when our protagonist stays
02:21:31thinking that it must be difficult to be a woman
02:21:33and he has to go eat but he can't
02:21:36invite the yae and who with whom should
02:21:38go and how music is going to go eat alone
02:21:41He says it can't be him and who with
02:21:43could and they when you see our
02:21:46and our protagonist goes and tells him that
02:21:48We are going to eat together and she tells him that
02:21:51what are you talking about idiot and well our
02:21:53protagonist tells him that it is boring to eat alone
02:21:55and if I can basically accompany you and
02:21:59He tells him what are you talking about or is it here?
02:22:02where it says that well, what a fart, it's not anymore
02:22:04when our protagonist tells him that
02:22:06It seems like he has no one to hang out with.
02:22:09who is always alone in class and they
02:22:10when they love him he gets stubborn because
02:22:12obviously no one is going to like it
02:22:14You say, Hey, be friends, no, and then she
02:22:17know not even staying and says that she is
02:22:18He has friends and what is he saying now?
02:22:21is when our protagonist tells him that
02:22:24and well that's when they tell us that
02:22:26He has a friend whose name is Jeep.
02:22:29but our portal tells you where
02:22:31is now And how do you want them to know it and
02:22:33He tells her to go with him and them when
02:22:35our dear says that now
02:22:38that is, she stays super red and remembers
02:22:42our protagonist telling him and here you are
02:22:44found your ideal type that I'm going to
02:22:45support and we see this scene of our
02:22:47capo protagonist and well Jiji says that the
02:22:52today's food is not good and
02:22:53wants to go and our says seriously and
02:22:55which is a shame but still there is
02:22:58Jehovah interrupts and tells him but still
02:23:00she's going to go to the cafeteria with him and
02:23:03well our money gets happy and well
02:23:05she is when they are already heading and
02:23:07comes this Random literally the Random
02:23:10the one who helped while they are
02:23:13talking about if they want they want to try
02:23:15the infernal mango sausage bread and
02:23:18is when he approaches us and tells him
02:23:22Hello and there we are introduced, it's called
02:23:24jungko and we call him
02:23:28He approaches and tells him that it is
02:23:32ask who you are and well them when
02:23:36Jung tells him that it is a and what is it?
02:23:39refers because they even grabbed the
02:23:42hands says like this all obsessed the son
02:23:44[ __ ] and well that's when our
02:23:46prota tells him nice to meet you and
02:23:48What class are you in friend and that's when the
02:23:50man gets all defensive, you can see him
02:23:53Hills trumpet face stays
02:23:55like what the [ __ ] and
02:23:57our protagonist ignores him, that is, take me
02:24:00polite, the dirty one says this and says, well, this is
02:24:03tells him that the yung tells our
02:24:06darling take this and give it a
02:24:08opened juice and says it is not going to be drunk
02:24:10that's because he already took it, that is, because he is
02:24:12open and Well basically for that and that
02:24:16That's ridiculous and when they leave and
02:24:18our protagonist calls for them to go eat
02:24:21and when our protagonist tells him
02:24:23like now he calls him kyrion instead
02:24:25like before and no and obviously she
02:24:27It looks like it's super fun or
02:24:29for calling him by his name and that I don't know
02:24:30what but then the chum stays like that
02:24:32In other words, everything in the background looks like
02:24:35obsessed and says they are not yet
02:24:37live times allowed, that is, the
02:24:39man is super obsessed and gets
02:24:41upside down type L mode and says who
02:24:45is this
02:24:47side of him and I don't know what fart And if they are
02:24:50maybe boyfriends and they can't be
02:24:52truth and when they just come in and
02:24:56He says that his situation has improved and that's it.
02:24:58when I am there he says but And yes they are
02:25:01boyfriends and well he no longer knows who he is with
02:25:04talking Well and then you stay listening
02:25:06and says that
02:25:08he even grabbed or basically the man
02:25:11is obsessed with our darling and
02:25:14there he is talking about whether they are dating
02:25:16and that maybe kirio is nothing of her
02:25:20and well you've basically heard that and
02:25:24it's like what the [ __ ] and them
02:25:25when the scene where we see
02:25:27our to our two darlings
02:25:28protagonists of this episode Well
02:25:31where are these sausages eating
02:25:33hell then and ours says no
02:25:35It is easy to eat garlic and well, there was
02:25:37He says to give him something to drink and our
02:25:39prota gives him a juice but he has already
02:25:41been drinking still says no
02:25:42matters and that she gives him and that's when she
02:25:44it takes off and then it starts to take
02:25:46That's when our portal
02:25:48He starts asking things about her.
02:25:49Like if you don't like food
02:25:51spicy and she says
02:25:53that is, he tells him to shut up Well, because
02:25:56This was going to say no or yes. I mean.
02:25:58You already know how you are an unashambera daughter
02:26:02from his [ __ ] mother, no. So what begins?
02:26:05like what
02:26:08begins to drink the juice and then our
02:26:10protagonist asks him what kind of things
02:26:13you like them and well she tells him that it's not
02:26:15of your convenience and therefore our protagonist
02:26:17He tells her to tell him and well she says that
02:26:19He likes animals and our protagonist
02:26:20I asked her what kind and she told him
02:26:22that anyone simply and says that
02:26:24just unexpected that you like them
02:26:26animals and then says he's done
02:26:28eat and he's going to go smoke and well
02:26:30basically our protagonist doesn't say goodbye
02:26:33and tells him that thank you for accompanying him and
02:26:35You see this scene again from our
02:26:37she gets super nervous and in her mind
02:26:40He is saying that it is very strange and that
02:26:42She feels very strange when she is with
02:26:44our protagonist and what he could be
02:26:46that he has an easy character but he does
02:26:49long time no go to the cafeteria
02:26:50with someone and them when we see chung
02:26:53go up like our dear to the
02:26:57terrace and well this son of a [ __ ]
02:27:01Hugo says you smoke, you shouldn't smoke cigarettes.
02:27:04I don't I don't like them and you have to stop
02:27:07smoking and how good obviously like that
02:27:09wata Food what are you talking about and this
02:27:11Son of a [ __ ] says he takes this game
02:27:13of apple because it is already closed and
02:27:16Well, he says no, thank you, he doesn't have one.
02:27:18you win and he asks why
02:27:19but he doesn't want to drink what he gives him but
02:27:23yes, what gives him quirio cannot be and
02:27:26in no way, that is, it is said that
02:27:29it goes into guatafugos mode it goes
02:27:31super hysterical And then he tells him that in his
02:27:34mind is like who is this guy
02:27:36and then he says that he is going to avoid it, no, and
02:27:38them when this unfortunate guy grabs him
02:27:40our dear hand and tells him that A
02:27:43Where are you going, no, and what are you going to drink this juice?
02:27:46Before you go I bought it from
02:27:49It's been a while since everyone was disappointed and
02:27:51positive it stays like what the [ __ ]
02:27:52and tells him to let him go obviously and
02:27:55this jung tells him that he's sorry
02:27:58I'm sorry if I see it's juice I'll let you go and
02:28:00Well, how good it is to tell him to stop
02:28:02joke and loose and she's when we see
02:28:04who hold our darling's hand
02:28:08He is holding him tighter and tells him
02:28:10let him go and this son of a [ __ ] is
02:28:12like he stops doubting and I don't know what and
02:28:14them when we hear a voice in the background
02:28:16We see someone in the background arrive who says
02:28:18Hey, what's going on with you and our
02:28:20soon he takes his hand off because
02:28:22He's basically saying let him go.
02:28:24And why don't you pay attention to him? Well, and
02:28:27everything is panicked and then maybe
02:28:29it's like what the [ __ ] a boss
02:28:32our protagonist because he saved him and
02:28:34basically that and here it ends
02:28:36episode in this chapter where we see
02:28:39our protagonist or basically we see
02:28:41to our dearest gideon like everything
02:28:43a well-dressed capo and we return from
02:28:46the scene where we are now
02:28:48shocked where this idiot wanted him
02:28:50punch our darling
02:28:52then our protagonist stopped him
02:28:54and this is when it begins to
02:28:57ask this random who is he if he is
02:28:59yang kirium and let him release and our
02:29:01Kirio tells him no because basically
02:29:04our protagonist says that he asked him to
02:29:07let go and she did and well our
02:29:10protagonist tells him that if he apologizes
02:29:12with you because he will release him immediately and
02:29:14everything will end and the other tells him not to
02:29:17make people laugh and whoever believes
02:29:19interpose interpose between hewen and him
02:29:22and he's just playing
02:29:24or trying to give him a cube and that's a
02:29:27annoyance and Well basically our
02:29:30protagonist stays like, well, sorry for
02:29:33the confusion not because our door
02:29:35senseless So to speak well and there it is
02:29:38when our protagonist grabs his hand
02:29:39agigüe and takes her away, that is, by both of her
02:29:42eggs we said obviously everything is put
02:29:44everything seems like oh I'm going to fall in love and well
02:29:47She tells him not to let her go and that
02:29:49I don't know what. Basically it says that
02:29:51release no
02:29:52and Well, basically the other thing that
02:29:55I tried to give the juice, it looks like that
02:29:56what the [ __ ] how it changes and they
02:29:58when we see the scene of these two
02:30:00when she helped him when he broke his
02:30:01mother well and he starts laughing
02:30:03like sick and hehehe is stupid
02:30:06He grabbed my hand first. I mean,
02:30:08competing with our protagonist and says that
02:30:10You don't have to act great to stay
02:30:12well with basically and that's when we see
02:30:15that basically
02:30:17our protagonist goes down and then our protagonist
02:30:20He asks Gibbon if he is okay so
02:30:22what just happened and well he tells him
02:30:25What's wrong with that guy who is a
02:30:27little strange and well and our protagonist
02:30:30basically changes the subject and says why
02:30:31It's true that he left his cell phone and went up to
02:30:35give it to the terrace that's why there was the
02:30:37coincidence that he saved their lives
02:30:38for something else and well she begins as
02:30:40Hey, let me go you idiot because I had him
02:30:43the hand and he is not surprised and tells him that
02:30:45I'm sorry because Aha and Well there it is
02:30:49when our protagonist tells him that he is
02:30:51I'm sure he's okay because he caught him.
02:30:53the doll very strong and good she
02:30:55He says don't worry and he won't.
02:30:57that won't do it a second time
02:30:59basically and well she tells him he won
02:31:02that he is going to leave and calls him that he is going to
02:31:04say no, that is, basically never
02:31:07That's going to happen to him and he leaves and they
02:31:09when our protagonist realizes that
02:31:11he is completely scared because
02:31:12is shaking because now
02:31:14Obviously a Random approaches you with
02:31:16face of
02:31:17mental retrograde and well anyone
02:31:20surprising No because that's when our
02:31:23proto in his mind he wonders that just like that
02:31:24truth will be fine and they when we see
02:31:26this [ __ ] saying that wong baby
02:31:29I'm bothering our again
02:31:31dearest Hero and well this tells you
02:31:34It's hot and that's why it takes a while
02:31:36juice and well our that no that does not want
02:31:39and when it's the bell they grab the
02:31:41hand and tells him not to reject it and
02:31:44and then there was obviously everything
02:31:46panicked by what happened, he says that
02:31:48let go And then he basically lets go and
02:31:50He tells her that she doesn't feel advanced.
02:31:53so he gives the juice because it was very
02:31:55suddenly no and then maybe he tells her
02:31:57What's wrong with him and why is he leaving?
02:32:01basically and this Random tells him that
02:32:04He just wants to be closer to her because
02:32:06And it also tells him that basically
02:32:09should have a special relationship or
02:32:11something like that. So basically it comes out and
02:32:13Well obviously
02:32:16is that basically he is very panicked
02:32:18for this reason and he tells him no and that he
02:32:20zoom out and you can't even see who
02:32:22is and you just met him for the first
02:32:24time today and when you held his hand or
02:32:27Maybe when he grabbed her hand
02:32:29She felt very uncomfortable about what he did to her and
02:32:31he's a creep so get out
02:32:33there and leave before I
02:32:36report and when they say no
02:32:38Hero You were the one who came my first
02:32:41He says it's not like that so what does it mean?
02:32:43I can't believe this, you came closer
02:32:48me first I you are doing this to him O
02:32:50basically you are using the syndrome
02:32:52manipulation of any relationship if
02:32:54you passed this place Hello good
02:32:57afternoons and well that's when basically
02:32:59He tells him that if he knew that
02:33:01Phishing is a bad thing, not for those who do not
02:33:04They know what impersonation is
02:33:06someone else or pretend to be a person
02:33:08basically that to gain confidence
02:33:11with someone basically or like
02:33:12pretend something you're not in a few moments Well
02:33:16that's when he tells him how
02:33:18you can talk like this if first he
02:33:21He approached her no and they with us see her a
02:33:23flashback of when
02:33:27that is, a flashback in adolescence
02:33:29when everything starts to say girl
02:33:31bad and that's when
02:33:33It gets screwed Well it says Damn it for
02:33:36What do you imagine things and come with me
02:33:39scare me and tells him that he has to
02:33:42get away from her and get her out of there and
02:33:45He basically ends up saying no.
02:33:47should be helped by no one less than a
02:33:50idiot like him who looks very
02:33:51criminal and that he hates him so much and that he is a
02:33:54bastard, how disgusting, rot
02:33:57get lost get out of here and them when
02:34:00Steve tells him
02:34:02guachazo in the whole mouth then and the corduroy
02:34:06Well he says he didn't do anything wrong and yes
02:34:09It's disgusting you know I felt bad
02:34:11when you said that and they with this
02:34:14He's going to hit him again and I made him
02:34:16well damn and do you really think that
02:34:18I'm that easy and they when our
02:34:22protagonist you save him again and he says stop
02:34:24Damn crazy or our protagonist Well
02:34:27He says what the hell do you think he is?
02:34:29doing in the hallway and that's when
02:34:32He says that if not he is going to let him go and
02:34:34because he gets involved again and our protagonist
02:34:36evidently tells him that you want him
02:34:38let go if you had just hit him and he
02:34:41He tells him that what do you know about us?
02:34:43protagonist who is a bad girl and that is when
02:34:46He headbutted our protagonist
02:34:48and the error leaves him breaking his nose or
02:34:51blood comes out of our protagonist and
02:34:53they with the Team basil know and that there
02:34:56he runs away and our protagonist
02:34:57evidently he says where is he going but
02:34:59can't chase him because his nose
02:35:01He's bleeding and he says everything everything What
02:35:04the [ __ ] and them when we see someone
02:35:06in the shadows seeing that already basically
02:35:08we know who it is eh we see there seeing
02:35:11our protagonist with blood well and she
02:35:14question who is the person who
02:35:15blood is coming out and that's when
02:35:17we see steam that went out of the
02:35:19school and starts saying it's not bad
02:35:21It's not that it's bad or it's just starting to happen
02:35:24blames everyone except him and that
02:35:26It was kind of our protagonist's fault and that
02:35:29he just wanted to get closer to Hero and that
02:35:32but she was the first to approach and
02:35:35that she is a bad girl to reject her and
02:35:37because you can ignore your kindness
02:35:40a person like that and well that's when he
02:35:43It gets even worse when it starts to
02:35:44say and yanquirón because you meddle
02:35:46when when Nadia has none of this
02:35:49what to do with you and that it is not his fault
02:35:53that your nose is bleeding and that it is and
02:35:55that's when we basically see that and it's
02:35:57when we see our beloved in the background
02:36:00yaee saying bad boy bad boy my
02:36:05what are you saying about him and let's see
02:36:10steam is saying you You are the girl
02:36:13At that moment I was whispering about
02:36:16kiriam so I was wondering what
02:36:19what were you doing start saying
02:36:21our dear Ya to this and says yes
02:36:24It was you who broke the nose
02:36:27kirio truth and he starts to say that
02:36:29No, it wasn't his fault and I listened to him.
02:36:31and that's when our dear Ya tells him
02:36:34Why am I not here to talk?
02:36:36with you and we see what it takes from
02:36:39the whole head because it is a layer
02:36:43well well in this next part well
02:36:46we see a flashback of when they are
02:36:50declaring someone and they tell him in
02:36:51Actually I like you because we already see Hero
02:36:54and how someone is
02:36:57declaring our dear jiwan
02:36:59saying to go out with her and then
02:37:01well here well he starts to tell us
02:37:03who receives a confession from a boy
02:37:05the class next door and I want a boy
02:37:07that I did not know well and that I only knew
02:37:09like Lucía but he liked her very much and
02:37:12He was very glad that I was honest and
02:37:14who even got excited because he thought that
02:37:17There is a boy who really liked him but
02:37:19she rejects him because she liked him
02:37:22to someone else and because of this
02:37:25many more began to declare
02:37:27people But she says it was very
02:37:29grateful to everyone because she had to
02:37:32reject them all but I couldn't because
02:37:34someone liked him and he was the president
02:37:36of the class of his moment and says that his
02:37:38appearance was normal but since
02:37:40They started going home together and talking.
02:37:42he always just started to like it and
02:37:45that one day she confessed to the president
02:37:47of the class just as the
02:37:49other boys and well it's like him
02:37:51president a total idiot but I mean
02:37:54you call or there are people so
02:37:56idiot but the president goes too far and
02:37:58This president begins to say that Hey
02:38:01I heard that you rejected the confession of
02:38:03alian Random with a guy Random and Bueno
02:38:07He asks why he did that and well
02:38:09He tells him that he has been very kind to you.
02:38:11this x person and well our dear
02:38:17and this president tells him that I understand
02:38:19that you don't like that kind of guys
02:38:21But why did you do that and our
02:38:23region continues like what the [ __ ] what
02:38:25It happens and then this president tells him that
02:38:27I hate that they do that it seems like you play with
02:38:29the feelings of men and
02:38:31He says I didn't know you were a girl and
02:38:34that he leaves and well, ivon stays like
02:38:36that it is a misunderstanding president and that
02:38:38He has his reasons and he asks him what
02:38:40what is it and well she is when our
02:38:42dear gibbon says she likes him and
02:38:45well then that's why I read he rejected it
02:38:48basically because that is the reason
02:38:50there's more if that son of a [ __ ] says
02:38:51Now you're coming for me, it gave me chills and
02:38:55He says he heard rumors about her that
02:38:58they say the fisherwoman and that's why
02:39:00do you want to get closer to him or the manga
02:39:03egocentric that is, I bought it but
02:39:05He's a complete idiot. I mean, no.
02:39:07He has his own opinion and well, this one
02:39:09He starts to say that he can't do it
02:39:10that to the people who have been kind
02:39:12with you, that is, be careful with the information. This mangaka
02:39:15son of his mother [ __ ] we can't
02:39:17be rejected or we cannot reject
02:39:20people just because they are kind and good
02:39:22Well, this president tells him whatever
02:39:23goodbye and then she all panics and says
02:39:26like what happened no and well there it is
02:39:29when we hear rumors of girls from
02:39:30background that begins to mock Huang
02:39:33saying that if you trusted yourself
02:39:34appearance and actors like a [ __ ] No
02:39:36you would end up like this you always make fun of them
02:39:38guys you asked for it bad girl
02:39:41He starts to tell her and well, that's good.
02:39:42begins to receive bullying in his
02:39:45school and says and begins to wonder
02:39:46if he did something wrong and that they were the ones
02:39:48that they understood it because basically
02:39:50that's what happened and then she starts
02:39:52to wonder if why she is the
02:39:54bad girl if you just rejected because
02:39:56He didn't like them when
02:39:58people begin to want to approach each other and
02:40:01It is with a boy we see another flashback of
02:40:03days Or maybe years later where it says
02:40:06Hello, you really know me, a guy Random Y
02:40:08Huan then begins to tell him that who
02:40:10you are and let him leave here or be
02:40:13personality that we knew from the beginning
02:40:15and that's when again where we
02:40:18We stay well that's when we see this
02:40:21watching and discussing with our
02:40:24dearest yae and well this begins
02:40:27like biting your finger because
02:40:30He is already asking if he broke her
02:40:33nose to kirion and then our yaeto a
02:40:35layer I like how it draws how they separate
02:40:37the characters remain regot no and well
02:40:40He starts to say that he says that
02:40:42basically no it was the smoke's fault
02:40:45just look at me he would never do
02:40:47something like that and I just wanted to be
02:40:49kind and they insulted him and he left
02:40:52[ __ ] him and they treated him like a
02:40:54bad person and they when our
02:40:56dear Ya and with two eggs he says only
02:40:59Answer what they ask you idiot no
02:41:02I'm interested in your life, what a posada
02:41:04saying close your mouth and tell me if you
02:41:06you broke the mother of my dear boyfriend
02:41:09He's not my boyfriend but he's her boyfriend Ok and
02:41:12Well, this one knows and because he told him in one
02:41:13threatening way you know how it is
02:41:15our dear now because of something they do to her
02:41:17to our kiriam well And it is with this
02:41:19idiot starts laughing starts
02:41:25you mean now you are also me
02:41:27insulting and I wished I hadn't
02:41:29He's even repeating to me how it is if
02:41:32I was the one who broke his nose
02:41:34Kiriam begins to say and well our
02:41:35dear, he is already clenching his fists
02:41:37because he is getting screwed
02:41:39because he doesn't apologize and well this
02:41:42He starts to say that But that happened
02:41:43because he didn't let me move it was a
02:41:45accident that could not be avoided
02:41:47I swear he says even though you are like that you insult me
02:41:51It's not like that you want me to hit you like
02:41:52above the son of a [ __ ] The threat
02:41:55our dear and with two eggs and
02:41:57starts to say no matter how loud
02:41:58you are a girl so don't worry
02:42:01goals and the same goes for yang kiriam
02:42:04because they get involved in other people's affairs
02:42:06People start saying this and that
02:42:08this matter is between him
02:42:10and then he tells him that so why
02:42:13please stop meddling and leave me
02:42:15you listened and it says how it is probably
02:42:18you strip just like kibo and they when
02:42:21our darling is already a [ __ ] and says
02:42:24Muérte hits him with a terrible kick
02:42:27karate here and this one ate like
02:42:30thus begins to basically lean back
02:42:35pain on the floor and how to say that
02:42:37It hurts and that's when our yae with her
02:42:39two eggs starts to say I can't
02:42:40breathe truth is because you
02:42:42hit him in the stomach and hit him now
02:42:46knee and tells him you should try the
02:42:49You have a broken nose and you send it
02:42:51the air and leaves everything stiff and
02:42:53He starts to say you know, my friend, I don't
02:42:56no matter what happened between you and
02:42:58Hugo is a long idiotic story and the
02:43:01The truth is that I am not interested in this, it is because
02:43:03what you did to kirion you had it
02:43:05merocido had to explain to you about this
02:43:07way if you had excused from the
02:43:10It would have happened anyway, don't you dare
02:43:13hurt kirin again or else
02:43:15I will kill and we see this scene of some
02:43:18I understood everything emperrada or a yandere
02:43:20who is going to kill for her man and
02:43:22not get bounced and that's when you
02:43:24Everything is basically lying on the floor.
02:43:26and after this we see another scene
02:43:28where we see Hugo and our
02:43:31protagonist sitting and that's when
02:43:33our protagonist begins to ask about
02:43:35and asks him if he is okay and if he
02:43:38My face hurts from the slap and they
02:43:40when you start laughing and well then
02:43:42He tells him, worry about yourself, idiot, and he's
02:43:45He tells him why he approached him and left
02:43:48that they beat him up and how
02:43:50dare to say something so hurtful to
02:43:53someone who saved you then
02:43:54basically our [ __ ] says that I
02:43:56And why are you attacking my daughter?
02:43:58[ __ ] and then maybe he tells her who
02:44:00He told you that the typical one will save me.
02:44:02the typical one that everyone always says and
02:44:05all who asked you that is Nobody
02:44:07can be kind in this universe because
02:44:08They are always proud of everyone
02:44:12all of them and well that's when
02:44:15now continuing with the handle he says that
02:44:17why are you doing this to me and then our
02:44:19prota says it stays like wata Fuga
02:44:22What does it refer to, well, how good it says that
02:44:23Don't get involved with her and what is it?
02:44:25the reason for him to get involved with her
02:44:27and she really has no idea and she
02:44:30He says I told you not to talk to me, no.
02:44:32It's like that so she wonders why
02:44:35What keeps insisting and our protagonist
02:44:36basically he says how strange that yes
02:44:38you were the one who asked for my number
02:44:40He asked if we could go to the cafeteria and
02:44:42He asked me to get a drink right for
02:44:44mention something, she said that and well, she
02:44:47It's like what the [ __ ] I didn't do
02:44:48that when he did it and they with a
02:44:50surprise says I don't remember and it's
02:44:52when we see flashback of when
02:44:53they made the bet and that's why he came closer
02:44:55and she is when she says that that is not
02:44:57It was me and what are you talking about and well
02:44:59our protagonist says that it is that
02:45:02basically he spoke to her because he felt
02:45:04sorry for rejecting you and that
02:45:06I was always alone in the living room
02:45:08basically and what it means is that
02:45:11become close and our laughs
02:45:13prota well we said it stays like that
02:45:14what the [ __ ] and tells him that whatever
02:45:17Now from now on don't worry if you
02:45:19and then our protagonist tells him that if he
02:45:21feels uncomfortable not speaking to him again and
02:45:24Well, maybe he says, It's okay, I'll go and he leaves.
02:45:27with two eggs and doesn't say Okay and
02:45:30well it's like what the [ __ ] is
02:45:34he stays there watching or that is he is leaving
02:45:36basically our protagonist says that I am a
02:45:38game that I was the idiot I was
02:45:40costing you to no longer worry about him
02:45:42that he will not approach you again and well
02:45:43Gine says don't worry, that's it.
02:45:46used to that and that's when
02:45:49our protagonist tells him and if he comes back to you
02:45:50pass something just scream again and be
02:45:52there and then he tells him to take care of his
02:45:55idiotic nose and them when they also
02:45:57He says what are you talking about and says that
02:45:59our protagonist who is sleepy and
02:46:01He's going to go to sleep and we'll see you later and
02:46:03is when you start scrubbing the
02:46:05eyes and says what do you mean
02:46:08see you later you said not to talk anymore
02:46:11is when we see Hero approach
02:46:13our protagonist while I look at him
02:46:15eyes obviously bleeding because
02:46:17they gave a [ __ ] and we see a flashback of
02:46:19as our preto is a crack a Crick
02:46:22a croc and well let's go as is and
02:46:25all like a boss saving her and well it's
02:46:28basically from the perspective and there
02:46:30is when the flashback returns from a
02:46:33second where our protagonist tells him and yes
02:46:35something happens to you again just scream and another
02:46:37time and I will be there and then it will settle
02:46:40hair behind his ear and goes and gives him
02:46:43a nice little kiss and he says kiss and
02:46:46He says Thank you and that's where this chapter ends.
02:48:46let's start with this chapter where we see
02:48:50the school of our protagonists and
02:48:52We see the guy, I'm not going to remember his
02:48:55name if you think I'm going to say your
02:48:56I don't remember the name So let's give it
02:48:58the one with [ __ ] hair that is not because it is
02:49:01idiot and now well this begins
02:49:04talk to himself and say well [ __ ]
02:49:05that our dearest hit him since
02:49:08Juan went to do justice
02:49:11no intern jokes but oh well
02:49:14something basically says that it won't stop
02:49:17Let him have his way, our dear.
02:49:18yae because obviously he already broke her
02:49:21ass and he stayed there half a hullabaloo and
02:49:24that's when he follows in his mind
02:49:26saying that I will have to pay everything
02:49:29that she did one day and by the time she
02:49:32Sorry, it's going to be too late and
02:49:34He starts to laugh like he's [ __ ] but
02:49:36she is when you start to see in the background
02:49:39our dear you know they start
02:49:42he starts to see it and it goes away
02:49:45zoom in and say the only thing he told me
02:49:47that was not
02:49:49The only thing he told him was not to touch
02:49:52our beloved Yankee protagonist and well
02:49:55The man starts to laugh but says that
02:49:56is going to approach our dear he
02:49:59wong to apologize for what he did yesterday
02:50:00and it's not that I've done anything wrong
02:50:02but I should do it anyway
02:50:03asalpa in an idiot that is, never be there
02:50:06wrong But they with no background
02:50:10listen to a voice a beautiful voice that
02:50:13we all know and she is when
02:50:15they say our dear grillium sucked
02:50:17mingsic it's you the color hits the
02:50:19women and
02:50:22no grips but well that's when
02:50:25Mincy says that our protagonist told him
02:50:28all about him hitting our
02:50:31darling and our darling very bad then
02:50:35and says that he is going to punish him
02:50:38body and they when he grabs it from a
02:50:40bad, imagine well if he lifted it with
02:50:42a hand and the man obviously panicked
02:50:44He says who are you who didn't do anything
02:50:46money and our music as a whole
02:50:49field tells him Shut up Who said that
02:50:51you could talk and obviously our
02:50:54mix and tells him that he is going to dedicate himself to obtaining
02:50:56the body that is not even and welcome
02:50:59to the summer of hell that is, never and
02:51:02obviously our beloved antagonist
02:51:05from this of these chapters it says Help me
02:51:07and this is when the chapter begins
02:51:10again and that's when we see well
02:51:13our dear Yay, a super drawing
02:51:15beautiful they when we hear of
02:51:17background Hear all the final exams
02:51:20They come close, they have surely studied many
02:51:22for their exams, truth is what they
02:51:24the teachers say and that's when
02:51:27obviously people say no because
02:51:30Aha And in itself and our protagonist
02:51:33bottom up he starts saying that he has to
02:51:34study for exams and now
02:51:37who thinks he has to study and
02:51:39the truth is that he wants to study with
02:51:41our dear now because it is already very
02:51:43pretty and he tells us that basically in
02:51:47the sleeves of love that when a
02:51:49couple studies together because their love and
02:51:51trust grows between them so much but
02:51:54He says if that's true then
02:51:55wants to do and that's when we see a
02:51:58obviously imaginative scene
02:52:00our protagonist
02:52:02He tells him we can study together there.
02:52:04This is in Las Vegas How to tame it but
02:52:07I mean it's stupid to say it but yes
02:52:09Well that's when our protagonist continues
02:52:11saying in his mind that now and he will be
02:52:15closer but says I should do
02:52:17to ask him that is if he should
02:52:19ask him right now
02:52:21and where would be the place Should
02:52:24be my house that is, you begin to become
02:52:27many questions of should I if is
02:52:29something very sudden to ask or if it is
02:52:31better to go to a bookstore like any other
02:52:33another student and that's when he
02:52:35interrupts his own thinking and
02:52:37So he calls and tells him that they are leaving together and
02:52:40He laughs and our protagonist is left thinking
02:52:42like what and says yes that
02:52:46They go together and I asked him what. Then
02:52:48let's go study at my house or something and
02:52:50them when he tells him what he's talking about
02:52:52because she said she wanted to go with him
02:52:55her and that refers to going to the
02:52:58gym to exercise and they
02:53:00when he says exercise yes and our already
02:53:03It says that it is the Day to exercise the part
02:53:05lower body and our protagonist in
02:53:09what is leaving is already leaving because
02:53:10he finished classes he says he should
02:53:13exercise the upper part And now and says
02:53:15who is going to support him then and what is when
02:53:17our protagonist returns to see
02:53:20our dear jiwán playing with a
02:53:22dog and our protagonist yells at him that he is
02:53:25doing there and she is when she tells him
02:53:27Who are you and then our protagonist says
02:53:30What is kirium No and our protagonist
02:53:32upset saying that he is playing with him
02:53:34dog alone and obviously wearing a
02:53:36[ __ ] proud because she says no
02:53:37that it is not like that and that who would play with a
02:53:39dog so ugly and that's when it leaves
02:53:41running and she gets angry and decided
02:53:44the little dog ran out and well there
02:53:48is when our protagonist Well says
02:53:51She told him that she liked
02:53:53animals and she starts so
02:53:54when I did it and things like that and our
02:53:57It starts to bother her that she is
02:53:58ashamed but deep inside
02:54:00bottom if you see our dear Ya
02:54:02obviously all gangster saying that
02:54:04what happens right now is when
02:54:07our protagonist also still follows him
02:54:09not bothering and tells him that his face is
02:54:11red and she says that she kind of has the
02:54:14red face and well that one was already out of
02:54:16the conversation obviously very awkward
02:54:18that and well, I'm done bothering
02:54:21our main character is going to go to
02:54:23his house not in our protagonist tells him that
02:54:25see you later and them when
02:54:27we hear the voice in the background saying
02:54:29If you want to go exercise with them
02:54:31basically and she knows because she already saw the
02:54:35real facet of our dear Ya and
02:54:37He took the piss out of his friend and they when
02:54:39we make a complete change in the
02:54:42gym where we see scenes a bit
02:54:44succulents so our hands for
02:54:48Please do not have your hands under the
02:54:50desk and well let's go and that's when
02:54:53we see that they are exercising and that
02:54:55basically he's running and he's
02:54:57asking for help because obviously I don't know
02:55:00dedicate the exercise and that's when we see
02:55:01How do you keep doing exercise?
02:55:04basically 60 days ago it runs
02:55:07things and they start with these tens that
02:55:09As I say, raise your hands, please, no.
02:55:12I'm going to do the voices because they don't pay me
02:55:13enough they don't even pay me so that I
02:55:15do the dubbing voices for these
02:55:16voices so well basically it says
02:55:18God I'm not going to do that okay That's when
02:55:21our dear already says nothing moans
02:55:24When I only made three of six of 600 and
02:55:26obviously not panicking and our
02:55:29phone because he is doing weights like
02:55:30a real boss and then they with them
02:55:34They are still there and they start to say
02:55:37exercising like idiots no and
02:55:39our protagonist in his mind says that they are
02:55:41very close, really, no, and that's it
02:55:43when it's
02:55:45and our dear proto say goodbye
02:55:48she saying that they did that she did a
02:55:51great job and all that and they when
02:55:53our protagonist tells him that let's do it differently
02:55:56awan well obviously and they when
02:55:59They say goodbye but ours begins to
02:56:03complain like that and that's when he says my
02:56:06legs but he says he is thinking that because
02:56:09Why did she suddenly invite him? I mean,
02:56:11because of the problem they had and that's when
02:56:14see how our protagonists now and
02:56:18kirim they leave talking about what they want
02:56:21who want to eat and see that it is a
02:56:23smile like that of a couple, not and well
02:56:25Gigo's heart is broken with that scene
02:56:28no I mean basically remember what
02:56:30It happened from the kiss he gave our protagonist
02:56:33and goes blank without knowing what to do
02:56:36with a broken heart as those who would say
02:56:40they fold the sleeve that comes down to the
02:56:42left says that was something
02:56:43breaking down and well here it ends
02:56:48this whole chapter begins
02:56:52showing us our dear
02:56:53protagonist kirion with another illustration
02:56:56no layer but before continuing don't forget
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02:57:17Now let's continue with this little story
02:57:19Well, this is when we
02:57:23to the protagonist's house then with
02:57:27our protagonist tells him there and that he can
02:57:29pass no and our protagonist there between that
02:57:32He says that if they want, they can eat first, no, and
02:57:35they when out of nowhere our
02:57:37dear seoul g the sister of proto si
02:57:39They are not aware. And so it does to the
02:57:42tantrum Well about what Why does it come so
02:57:44so late and if he brought the pizza
02:57:46God when we see this very beautiful image
02:57:49so put your hands up again
02:57:50bold because I know that all of you
02:57:52They are daring, so well, well,
02:57:55as you are surprised by who arrives and well
02:57:59There you go there and now Eliseo greets you,
02:58:02long time without seeing each other no and well according to
02:58:05Well, you already know that because it is not there
02:58:07used to acting like this with people
02:58:09unknown well and she is nervous
02:58:12basically that last one tells the
02:58:15brother or our protagonist who brought his
02:58:17girlfriend and our protagonist says that it is not
02:58:20his girlfriend and she tells him that if it is in
02:58:22serious and our protagonist asks about his
02:58:25Dad because he doesn't know where he is and our
02:58:27prota says that they are going to study for the
02:58:29exams and to keep quiet and
02:58:31Hey, tell him what about his pizza because
02:58:33He promised him a pizza but he didn't.
02:58:37He took Well he says I'm going to order him
02:58:38now and when you hear him tell you that
02:58:41You always have to leave three slices
02:58:43May you never forget that and well
02:58:45our protagonist evidently for the
02:58:48shame says okay now get in
02:58:50Hurry up and we will also see our
02:58:51dear yaeto nervous laughing because
02:58:53She told him that she is not the girlfriend and that is when
02:58:56our protagonist asks him our since
02:58:58If it's okay for you to have pizza Pizza how
02:59:01They call it Pizza pizza Pizza like many
02:59:04They say there are different ways but hey
02:59:06them when he tells him that he is
02:59:10well okay with them eating pizza and
02:59:12Well, from there, he is already in his room.
02:59:15eating their slices while our
02:59:17dear our protagonists
02:59:19They are practically studying and our
02:59:22protagonist tells him if he is studying and now he
02:59:26He tells her of course and that's when
02:59:28He says he is not studying our
02:59:30prota for nothing and says he drew seoul
02:59:32g and Well basically we see that it looks like a
02:59:36ghost that doesn't seem to be that seems like a
02:59:38Creepypastas and all good Japanese everything
02:59:41very cloudy that is, but good ours
02:59:44prota thinks the same as it seems a
02:59:46ghost and well that's when everything
02:59:49We remember that it is already the time for jokes
02:59:50very good and start telling you know
02:59:53What is your favorite grilled food?
02:59:55and our protagonist tells him that he doesn't know and
02:59:58says the pizza laugh like I'm an idiot
03:00:00I'm like that too but
03:00:02yes the joke is funny but oh well
03:00:04our protagonist says like I see it and
03:00:07They say that you should study now because you don't
03:00:09It was funny and obviously he got angry
03:00:11and they call him a damn idiot and they hate him
03:00:13and starts grabbing him by the cheeks
03:00:14no and our protagonist complains and tells him
03:00:16Don't let him pinch you and ask
03:00:18our protagonist did something wrong and it is
03:00:21when that one pulls on us
03:00:23prota and to begin
03:00:25No punching Well yes it starts to
03:00:28basically bother him and that's when
03:00:30our protagonist in his perverted mind
03:00:32Well no because Aha over here and it says This
03:00:36It's the cowgirl position and it's not
03:00:39We see this scene that they give us
03:00:40Obviously they both put everything together
03:00:42nervous and they when it is
03:00:45He basically says sorry and he's leaving
03:00:47remove but just arrives from the protagonist you can hear
03:00:50and begins to say that she is thirsty and
03:00:52he's going to take coke and that's when he sees
03:00:55this scene is all murky and well our
03:00:58prota does not know what to explain and is to know
03:01:00A joke there says that if you are going to
03:01:03become an aunt and that she is going to tell
03:01:05Dad the news And then obviously they are leaving
03:01:09running and Well basically our
03:01:11protagonist tells him "Okay" and to get off and they
03:01:13when the hours continue to pass us by
03:01:15after that because they are studying and
03:01:18them when we see already lying
03:01:19looking like he's asleep, tired and
03:01:22our protagonist thinks the same because
03:01:24He says that she must be very tired and that
03:01:26is sleeping and that is normal because
03:01:28that they exercised and well basically
03:01:31our protagonist in his mind says that
03:01:33he wants to caress his head but no
03:01:36He knows if he is going to like it there Or he can
03:01:39that he is not sleeping like the last time
03:01:41and how good it says that it should be like this and that
03:01:45must control himself but his hand starts and
03:01:48base is approaching, that is basically what
03:01:49caresses and then begins to caress no
03:01:52and he feels like what the [ __ ] is
03:01:55her hair very soft Because all
03:01:57hair is soft but good and says
03:01:59that the hair is already in good condition
03:02:01condition and it also smells very good and
03:02:04He says he should stop and removes the
03:02:07hands and Well that's when our
03:02:09protagonist also says that it is already
03:02:11everyone will think he's a pervert but
03:02:13she was already awake because she is a troll
03:02:15and obviously our prosthesis surprises
03:02:17and that's when it stops and our protagonist
03:02:20He stands back and says it's a
03:02:22misunderstanding so everything murky and that's it
03:02:25nearby he literally stopped he shook his head
03:02:28return to the side of our protagonist and
03:02:29He tells her that he touched her hair while
03:02:31I was sleeping
03:02:33I wanted a pervert to tell him this
03:02:36starts laughing and obviously our
03:02:37prota starts to say she's sorry and
03:02:39well yes and that's when he asks
03:02:42our protagonist protagonist that I
03:02:44It worked because you did it and our protagonist
03:02:47He begins to say that he simply wanted
03:02:49touch it and that's it and asks if it's in
03:02:52serious and well that's when
03:02:55that is, the side that we all want comes out
03:02:58she and then she says you wanted to touch me and it's
03:03:01when he tells him if he just wanted to touch him
03:03:04just the head and we go third like this
03:03:07Bring up the perverted hands of
03:03:09[ __ ] Up the criminal hands
03:03:11errands and well it's like that no and there it is
03:03:14when our protagonist turns all red
03:03:16Well because the situation is doubtful
03:03:18Crazy Amazing as they would say and our
03:03:21Prota says what do you mean by this?
03:03:23and then our protagonist is all panicked
03:03:26He says he is very close and that is when
03:03:28we see our red and nervous prototype
03:03:30and then he says he's joking and
03:03:33because he is so nervous and he begins to
03:03:36say kirim pervert and our protagonist
03:03:38He says that in other words everything is put there
03:03:41nervous no and them when he returns to
03:03:44look at the clock and it says it's too late
03:03:45and that has to go and well our
03:03:47protagonist tells him to be careful
03:03:49on the way home and then they study together
03:03:52the next time and they when he already
03:03:55He says fine, she starts walking and
03:03:57start to remember what i just did
03:03:59happen and what he did then obviously and
03:04:02He says it was good if he really did
03:04:05What did he do? Everything is going to be fine. And then there
03:04:08this chapter ends but they are going to give us
03:04:10a plot twist of who is the one who took the
03:04:13first score in class
03:04:15final exams was or this
03:04:19obviously she's a jerk with people
03:04:20because we all already knew a past but
03:04:22He is intelligent and he says that idiots
03:04:25of these exams were a piece of cake and
03:04:27Well this episode ends here and let's go
03:04:30with this little summary this chapter
03:04:33starts again in our house
03:04:35protagonists where our protagonist is
03:04:37talking on the phone with our
03:04:38dearest now and well basically now he
03:04:42He's asking if you're awake and
03:04:44that they go together basically but
03:04:47our protagonist in his mind is like no
03:04:49can you believe that you are talking to
03:04:50her by chat and that's too much
03:04:51fun to go to school together and that
03:04:54well he will answer you but out of nowhere
03:04:57his sister named seolgy comes in just in case
03:04:59He doesn't remember his name, he was going to enter
03:05:00in the room and that's when
03:05:03begins to bother our dear
03:05:05Prote tells him, start playing a song.
03:05:06Like the older brother that you are and well
03:05:09prota says what she wants and it is reputed then
03:05:11That way he yells at her and you can hear him
03:05:14He begins to tell her that he knows if he knows what
03:05:17The day is today and our [ __ ] says
03:05:19who doesn't know because he doesn't know what day it is
03:05:20today and then georgie in the background on your mind
03:05:24He's telling me to stop joking and
03:05:26that's when he sent another message
03:05:29He tells her like you don't want to go with me.
03:05:31he hasn't responded to me and it's like
03:05:33obviously our protagonist is leaving in a hurry
03:05:35because he says he has to respond
03:05:37quickly and tells him to leave seushi and
03:05:40Well, our dear ceuggy begins to
03:05:43stop our protagonist but tells him that
03:05:46let's have one that has a basic party
03:05:48basically and well our protagonist
03:05:50he emputas and tells him zeuji I told you what to do
03:05:52I had already told you that I was
03:05:54busy and you still haven't put on your
03:05:56uniform even though you have to go to
03:05:58school and it starts to work
03:06:01basically he says that he even took a bath
03:06:03and well suchi stays like what the
03:06:05[ __ ] and as a last insult he calls her stupid and
03:06:08that it is very lazy and that it prepares and that
03:06:11prepare for school and don't
03:06:12bother the protagonist and then our nails are
03:06:15are left but today Today is my birthday and
03:06:18Well, we already know the context of why
03:06:19He went to his room and that's when he told us
03:06:22therefore presents
03:06:24good shape so put your hands up
03:06:26pigs and well that's when
03:06:29It begins Well in the perspective of now
03:06:32our protagonist in this chapter
03:06:34seuji who begins to insult Well
03:06:37his brother who is just bothering him AND
03:06:39who can't believe he forgot
03:06:41birthday and what I thought I could eat
03:06:43pizza but it's enough and that's not it
03:06:45I need a brother who looks like a
03:06:47idiot and starts telling us a little
03:06:50from our protagonist's past where he says
03:06:51I used to be nice but not anymore and it's
03:06:54When we see that he is taking you to Seoul
03:06:56and on the shoulders and well, that's it
03:06:58He tells them that his brother is condemned and
03:07:00that someone else is going to congratulate you instead
03:07:02of that damn brother and what is he going to have
03:07:04a party with his friends today but they
03:07:06when he comes back to look around and it turns out
03:07:07who doesn't have friends three way
03:07:10have to say it and says that this plan is going to
03:07:13be on hold for now and that
03:07:14will find some friend to make a
03:07:17party later but first the one who has
03:07:19to go see our protagonist in case
03:07:21perhaps he is probably preparing a
03:07:23gift secretly and them when we see
03:07:25our protagonist and now, laughing and well
03:07:28It's already starting to bother him like that
03:07:30kiriam kyrion and our protagonist
03:07:33In other words, he basically answers and already
03:07:37He says if he wants to go to the internet cafe
03:07:39after school and our protagonist
03:07:41He says yes he should and well they when
03:07:43we see seúlgi's thoughts
03:07:45He says he's playing like a girl and
03:07:47who is also going to go to an internet cafe
03:07:49and that he doesn't care about his birthday and
03:07:52know reputation and tells him Go to the
03:07:54hell and he hit him and tackles him and says
03:07:57who is getting angry and throws it against him
03:07:59floor and that he hit his nose he says
03:08:03our protagonist Well yes obviously already
03:08:05It's like who the hell was that?
03:08:07He did that and that's when he comes back to see
03:08:10Well, now the sister of our protagonist and
03:08:12he's going to run away because he says
03:08:14strategic withdrawal and that is when or
03:08:18It's literally going to be a retreat.
03:08:20strategic while in the protagonist
03:08:22complain that why he did that and why
03:08:25hit and well that's when we see that
03:08:28I know what you hear basically says that it is
03:08:31so angry that I don't control that I don't
03:08:33I control his body and he pushed it by
03:08:35intention and I energetically left him
03:08:40He basically pushed and it wasn't his
03:08:41intention to do that and runs away and
03:08:43He says that first of all he will ask
03:08:45sorry to your brother for the next
03:08:47rest So when we see our
03:08:49[ __ ] now with you know who and well
03:08:53well that's when our protagonist
03:08:55annoying and good saying that still
03:08:56He's playing with stray dogs and
03:08:58Well, he says that nothing when he did
03:09:01that and I don't know what and well it starts
03:09:03to bother our protagonist with this
03:09:04situations and tells him to go play
03:09:07He tells our protagonist to go play
03:09:09with Jack Kung and well that's when
03:09:13it runs away from form and remains as if
03:09:15wata [ __ ] who is that case
03:09:18It's another other woman, not the one with whom
03:09:22is basically conquering him and it is
03:09:25when he says that his brother has gone
03:09:28turned into a monster that has the
03:09:29brain full of sexual desires and they
03:09:32when he runs with a kick
03:09:33flying like that out of nowhere and that's when
03:09:36Our protagonist begins to shout Well, what?
03:09:38who was it this time and that's when seoul
03:09:40G is going to run away later to hit him
03:09:42a kick and says he's done with this and
03:09:45It's time to go and that's when we see
03:09:46first time in our renowned protagonist and
03:09:48He says he won't leave and well, that's it.
03:09:52when our protagonist's is going to give him
03:09:54a good [ __ ] way
03:09:57brothers I think we all know
03:09:58those who have brothers and well
03:10:00well he tells him to let go of him damn
03:10:03sexist brother and that's when
03:10:06He starts to say what's wrong, well
03:10:08basically and that's when the bottom becomes
03:10:11asks if she is under
03:10:13that they basically look
03:10:16totally equal and they when
03:10:17our protagonist hits him on the head and
03:10:20Well, according to what he claims, why
03:10:23Damn if all this was his fault then
03:10:25our protagonist doesn't know what he's about
03:10:27speaking and says that you were the one
03:10:28He said flying kick and well there it is
03:10:32when you say you don't even know
03:10:34why did he do that in the first place and well
03:10:37Well, our protagonist is also a boss.
03:10:38He says whatever the reason, don't
03:10:40I'll forgive him and he hits him two more times and
03:10:43He commands and that's when he says goodbye, little one.
03:10:45and that's when he says how can he hit
03:10:48to his sister if he was going to cry and they
03:10:49when our protagonist says it's okay
03:10:51and she's going to calm down and well she is
03:10:55tells you something else that you are not doing
03:10:57so because he has something to tell you and well
03:10:59well our protagonist says that she
03:11:00It has always been like this because it looks like
03:11:02that seriously it will be like that and then leave that
03:11:05anecdote and when we see seoul g
03:11:07basically outside at school
03:11:10saying thinking basically that
03:11:12hit and enough and it won't come back
03:11:14to play video games with him and since
03:11:17everything is doing so the party is
03:11:19ruined and that nothing matters anymore and that
03:11:21She's going to be alone and that's when she remembers
03:11:23that basically his brother celebrates him
03:11:26birthdays and makes him surprise and
03:11:28is when we see that which opposes
03:11:30crying is very sad but it is very pretty
03:11:32and that's when we see there seeing our
03:11:35dear in the background and then he calls you
03:11:38ceuji it's you and you're not hearing
03:11:41surprises and then when they already tell him
03:11:42which is the first time she sees him in the
03:11:44school and well we see those scenes and
03:11:47put dirty pigs in your hands and then
03:11:50It sounds like everyone knows it has one
03:11:52very shy personality starts like this
03:11:53Hello and start talking to yae and them
03:11:56when he starts to ask
03:11:58saúlgique because he is crying and why
03:12:00and what happened and well that's when that already
03:12:02tells him not to worry and that it is not
03:12:03nothing And then he already tells him that he feels for
03:12:06now and then he listens to him and tells him
03:12:09that is fine and they when he already
03:12:11He says that he can talk to her and there
03:12:14this episode ends
03:12:20in this episode what happens
03:12:22basically they start us with flashback
03:12:24What do you hear about? Look, it seems like a
03:12:26ghost how disgusting a ghost with
03:12:29big eyes wow wow wow and there it is
03:12:32when it's basically bothering him
03:12:34our dear Zeus is already crying
03:12:36saying I'm not a ghost no me no
03:12:39bother me
03:12:41and that's when they start we give
03:12:44He says that some children are bothering him
03:12:45randomy they start correcting him
03:12:48He says don't bother me, can you pronounce it?
03:12:49well, be cool, rich, the stupid ones
03:12:51these and that is when our beloved protagonist
03:12:54He throws a ball at them and yells at them
03:12:56Hey bad guys stop bothering
03:12:58my sister and we have seen since we were little
03:13:01that our protagonist is very bad-mouthed and
03:13:02He calls them damn bastards and well
03:13:04our proto is a real boss and well
03:13:06they know is surprised and says Opa and
03:13:08is when they say or these children
03:13:11there are three Well they say Apparently
03:13:12has lineage from a ghost and But according to
03:13:15my information he doesn't seem that strong
03:13:17Captain Hahaha starts laughing and is
03:13:20They say it certainly doesn't seem like it and
03:13:22Well, he beats up our beloved
03:13:23prota then
03:13:25Well basically that says that there is
03:13:28crying because it says Opa Opa but
03:13:30basically they start saying that
03:13:33He's an idiot because next time you'll see him
03:13:35What happens if you do that again and what?
03:13:37success of Education today captain
03:13:41basically and well there they go
03:13:44bullies and then our protagonist stays
03:13:46complaining and tells him that
03:13:49In other words, he was basically left in pain and
03:13:52so make her think that because of her
03:13:54They beat him Well yes our protagonist everything
03:13:56a boss says don't worry it's fine
03:13:59while you go out while you don't go out
03:14:02from injury everything will be fine but true
03:14:05He has something to give you, he interrupts him and
03:14:08Well, he's going to give a gift, but to whom?
03:14:11culminates and we see a scene where we see
03:14:14to our dear key dressed with
03:14:16glasses, that is, a whole layer, that is, you can see
03:14:19re beautiful and well this is when
03:14:21we return where we left off
03:14:22previous chapter where it was already and
03:14:25Hey and them when our dear Ya
03:14:28asks if you are worried that it is no longer
03:14:30as sweet as before and they when
03:14:33Hey, he says yes and that's when he tells him
03:14:35I asked why do you think that and there it is
03:14:38when it is used there and that in reality
03:14:40Hey on her birthday she says yes it is
03:14:44seriously and they when urgent
03:14:45starts to say but my brother Lo
03:14:47he forgot so I bunched up and did things to him
03:14:49ugly but this was because he hit me for
03:14:51that made me angry it was so bad and there it is
03:14:54when that one stays like that Hahaha
03:14:57I see so it was his birthday
03:14:59hey congratulations you hear it and that's when
03:15:00you hear it starts like thank you and them
03:15:03when he asks him hey seolgy have you
03:15:05talked to kirian about your birthday and
03:15:07that's when you hear say no that yet
03:15:09no and well our already asks him why
03:15:11what and he tells him that I think he hears
03:15:14should that they wanted her without a doubt it's your
03:15:16birthday So it's normal that you want
03:15:18that they pay attention to you and that I know that
03:15:21you may be a little disappointed because
03:15:22I have forgotten it but if you do things to it
03:15:24ugly out of nowhere he could too
03:15:26feel upset and they know if
03:15:28realize that if that is true and that
03:15:30one way or the other
03:15:32be as honest as you can with kirio le
03:15:35start saying our key then
03:15:36ours is left thinking about it and
03:15:39says honestly and Well, it's already starting to
03:15:42do and he doesn't believe that kirin has forgotten
03:15:43its birthday seuji and used as
03:15:46What did you say basically and well
03:15:49now and says that he must go home now and that
03:15:52and tells him that he hears, be careful
03:15:54also about leaving. Maybe that's when
03:15:56hey He says now that I think about it I heard
03:15:58this when I was going to look for it
03:16:01what a question and that's when Well
03:16:06you hear him tell him that he had not
03:16:08asked his brother if he wanted to go to
03:16:10an internet cafe with you and why it is
03:16:12just ask him now and that's when
03:16:15and he begins about that which she that
03:16:18a that basically there is a flashback that
03:16:22He says I'm really sorry but he has
03:16:23You have to go home quickly because you have
03:16:25to do something important today that
03:16:27said our protagonist and refused him to leave
03:16:30Internet cafe
03:16:32and that's when he tells her to hear
03:16:34who envies her and she was like that
03:16:36botafoke and that in the end they were not because
03:16:38He said he had something to do so
03:16:41It was first and that is when it has another
03:16:43he basically asks and it's like
03:16:47What happens and basically you hear and
03:16:49He says if he is dating his sister and
03:16:51Well, there it seems like it's not like that
03:16:52and that's when you hear him say but yes
03:16:55I'm on top of him and they watched porn Oh no
03:16:58don't censor that but well you saw not because
03:17:00together basically and then when
03:17:02It's like they're just friends and well,
03:17:06that I don't know and that however it refers
03:17:08They are not dating and owns each other
03:17:10agree with that basically and then
03:17:13Well, it already tells him that they are just friends of
03:17:15moment and we see our already
03:17:17transformed an entire layer for now
03:17:19I already have my eye on him, his mother already did
03:17:21I tip it over with my paws but oh well
03:17:24that's when the house starts again
03:17:27of Seol G our protagonist basically and
03:17:30we see that it arrives it stays like that
03:17:33thinking about what he already told her that
03:17:36I should definitely tell Kirinón that
03:17:38she has to be honest because her
03:17:40birthday and that's when the protagonist comes out
03:17:43because she was at the entrance and
03:17:45He says what is that doing, if not
03:17:47is going to enter and that's when you hear him say
03:17:49that is a strange thing that how did you know that
03:17:52you were there and it's with our protagonist
03:17:54He says he heard her steps girl
03:17:56basically and well that's when
03:17:59I came back it's like that
03:18:01Opa Today is my birthday and that's when
03:18:04our protagonist is like what happened
03:18:07and he stays thinking while he begins
03:18:10to say that so I thought it would be
03:18:12Great that you congratulated me, I'm sorry for having you
03:18:14probably done bad things a while ago
03:18:16you didn't know it was my birthday and
03:18:18I got angry because you started playing with one
03:18:20girl and them with our duck gets
03:18:21all nervous and they say and I ask him
03:18:24what is he talking about and well you hear him say
03:18:26But it's your birthday, so
03:18:28wait for us to celebrate together and
03:18:30They with our protagonist says that I know that
03:18:32It's your birthday and hurry up and let it happen
03:18:35He has prepared everything and that is when you hear
03:18:37he looks like guata did bring him his
03:18:40Pizza pancakes cookies Coca-Cola
03:18:44Chicken sushi and Pringles brought from
03:18:47everything and they know that everything is that and
03:18:50well that's when our protagonist
03:18:52He says it's not incredible that too
03:18:53He bought the pizza he likes and there it is
03:18:56when he tells me I don't like things
03:18:58tidy so what do you think if
03:19:01we put the candles on the pizza hahaha
03:19:03he starts laughing and well basically
03:19:07He asks what the elevator is and well
03:19:09Have a choco pie and that's when we'll see
03:19:14what we left at the beginning of What
03:19:16Is that what I ask Seoulci Oh and he tells her
03:19:19Hey your birthday wish and so
03:19:22this is your cake eat it and that's when
03:19:24Wow Oppa is used, we put the candle on it
03:19:27here we light the candle and we have the
03:19:29complete cake that is, we finished seeing
03:19:31the flashback where he basically
03:19:32They give our proton cake to this one
03:19:34little girl
03:19:35It's kind of stupid but we appreciate it
03:19:37a lot but still Happy birthday to you
03:19:40says our protagonist and there he tells him
03:19:43little sister basically and it must culminate
03:19:46basically this episode watching
03:19:48our dear seulli laughing everything
03:19:51happy and well that's seeing a building
03:19:55millionaire or rich people and we see
03:19:58there we know who our darling is
03:20:00blue masochist and good them when their
03:20:03servant or his employee says good
03:20:05days, lady, and then you present to us the
03:20:08name is called driver choy or he is
03:20:10They call choy good and good the basically
03:20:13choi tells him that he looks very good today and
03:20:15Well that's when he asks if
03:20:17something important is going to happen and well
03:20:19blue hair says of course
03:20:21summer vacation will start soon and
03:20:24That's when he tells him that he's serious.
03:20:25she must be happy about it and well she
03:20:27He says yes especially because
03:20:29I'm so excited to go to the beach
03:20:31with my friends and well that's when
03:20:33He tells him not to go to the beach
03:20:34I knew he liked to play in the water and
03:20:36Well that's when the movie tells you
03:20:38wow the truth is I like it a lot and that
03:20:41wants to go to the beach to play with my
03:20:42nice friends on vacation and there it is
03:20:45when he is left thinking with
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the main theme of Season 1 of 'El secreto de Jae-kyung'?

The main theme of Season 1 of 'El secreto de Jae-kyung' revolves around the discovery of a secret by the protagonist, Kiri, about her best friend, Yae. It involves their interactions, conflicts, and a misunderstanding leading to a rejection of a confession.

2. Who is the protagonist of 'El secreto de Jae-kyung' Season 1?

The protagonist of 'El secreto de Jae-kyung' Season 1 is Kiri, who discovers the secret of her best friend, Yae, and confronts various conflicts and misunderstandings throughout the story.

3. What are the main conflict and reconciliation in Season 1?

The main conflict in Season 1 of 'El secreto de Jae-kyung' is a misunderstanding that leads to a rejection of a confession by Kiri. However, they eventually reconcile and confront Yae's brother together, highlighting the theme of friendship and loyalty.

4. How does the story of 'El secreto de Jae-kyung' Season 1 unfold?

The story of 'El secreto de Jae-kyung' Season 1 unfolds with the discovery of a secret by Kiri about her best friend, Yae. It involves their interactions, conflicts, a rejection of a confession, and eventual reconciliation, leading to a confrontation with Yae's brother.

5. What are the key elements of the storyline in 'El secreto de Jae-kyung' Season 1?

The key elements of the storyline in 'El secreto de Jae-kyung' Season 1 include the discovery of a secret, conflicts, a rejection of a confession, reconciliation, and the confrontation with Yae's brother, showcasing the complexity of relationships and loyalty.

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