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The video discusses the increasing popularity of paid sexual services for women in Japan, with various categories of women utilizing these services. The sessions typically involve non-penetrative activities and can include therapeutic elements. The market size for these services is estimated to be around 40 to 400 million dollars, reflecting a growing acceptance of women embracing their sexual desires.
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Sexual services for women, known as Jose, are becoming increasingly popular in Japan, with therapists offering these services.
Jose means women for specific purposes and fuzuku means sexual services.
Services can be found by Googling or through social media, particularly Twitter.
Therapists often have Twitter accounts to promote themselves, and women have anonymous accounts to follow them and share their experiences.
Sessions typically involve taking a bath, receiving a massage, and physical touch.
Sexual services in Japan, whether for men or women, typically do not involve penetration, but offer various other experiences.
Services may include hugging, kissing, holding hands, and providing a boyfriend experience.
Young and curious women who want to explore their sexuality may seek out therapists with specialized skills.
Another category includes older women who are virgins and want to lose their virginity in a safe manner.
Some women in sexless marriages or relationships use sexual services to fulfill their desires due to various reasons.
One woman in a sexless marriage hires a therapist and discovers the idea of "johu".
Women may choose to pay for sexual services because they have standards and want specific experiences.
Gender differences exist in sexual services, with women typically seeking more boyfriend experiences.
Some therapists in Japan offer sexual services, with estimates of 20,000 to 100,000 women using these services monthly, contributing to a market size of around $40 to $400 million.
Therapists may also act as sexual counselors for women.
The market size for these services is estimated to be around $40 to $400 million.
The increasing popularity of these services is attributed to women embracing their sexual desires and society becoming less judgmental.
Becoming a popular therapist often requires pre-existing popularity with women or strong social media skills.
00:00so sexual services for women are
00:03increasingly popular in Japan I wanted
00:05to talk about this not just because it's
00:07an interesting topic but it's also
00:09because I personally know women who buy
00:11sexual services and also men who offer
00:14them such services are called Jose
00:17in Japanese Jose means women yo means
00:21for as in for someone or for specific
00:24purposes and fuzuku means sexual
00:28Services we also say johu which is an
00:31abbreviation of Jose
00:33in general it's man who offers such
00:36services and they are called therapists
00:38this is different from sexual services
00:41for men because I don't think they
00:43typically use the word therapist now let
00:46me talk about how this works the easiest
00:49way of using these Services is just
00:52Googling them go to their website check
00:54out what they offer and the prices and
00:57pick a therapist it typically costs
00:59about a couple of hundred dollars per
01:01hour call the agency and book a
01:04therapist on the day of the session you
01:07can meet the therapist outside and go to
01:09a love Hotel together or they can come
01:11to your hotel or your place but there's
01:14another common way of finding a
01:16therapist on social media and you know
01:18what social media they use they use
01:20Twitter therapists often have Twitter
01:23accounts to promote themselves and women
01:26often have Anonymous accounts to follow
01:28them and share their experiences so
01:31there's kind of a Twitter ecosystem in
01:33this community in fact underground
01:35communities in Japan often use Twitter
01:37to interact with each other so if you
01:40want to join some of those fun
01:42underground communities I will teach you
01:44the kind of Japanese the real life
01:46Japanese people today actually speak
01:48because textbooks and apps don't really
01:50teach you how we actually speak Japanese
01:53so click the link in the description and
01:55subscribe to my email group so far I
01:58just said sexual services but what do
02:01they involve exactly well typically
02:04let's say you book a session when you
02:06arrive at the hotel room they will ask
02:08you to take a bath after that they will
02:11massage you and they will start touching
02:14you in a more sexual way they might go
02:16down on you or finger you based on your
02:19preferences many of them also do things
02:21like hugging kissing or holding hands to
02:24give you a boyfriend experience these
02:26things are pretty important now did you
02:28notice I didn't say anything about
02:30penetration it's because sexual services
02:33in Japan it doesn't matter if it's for
02:35men or women don't typically involve
02:38penetration which is illegal but as long
02:41as you don't penetrate everything else
02:43is fine so that's why agencies typically
02:46don't allow penetration but I've heard
02:49both from men and women that it can
02:51happen but it's not guaranteed so what
02:54kinds of women use these Services well
02:57all kinds of women you can't really say
02:59this is the type of woman who use these
03:02services but I think there's some common
03:04categories the first category is Young
03:07and curious and these are the types of
03:09women I tend to know personally they can
03:11be in their 20s or 30s and they're
03:14really curious about sex and they want
03:16to explore they tend to look for
03:18therapists that have special skills that
03:20average men don't have for example they
03:23can be experienced BDSM tops or they
03:25have extensive knowledge of orgasms
03:28average men don't really go far to learn
03:31sexual skills so there's demand for
03:33professionals but I have the impression
03:35that only a small percentage of women
03:37fit this category my personal samples
03:40are biased because I'm a very sexually
03:42open-minded person so I tend to know
03:45other very open-minded people so I've
03:47read a couple of books about it and I
03:50found more common categories the first
03:52one is old and version there's a 35 year
03:55old woman who is a virgin she had been
03:58bullied as a kid and she had very low
04:01self-esteem and she's not comfortable
04:03with her own body because of that even
04:06though there were some guys she was
04:07interested in she didn't think she
04:09deserves of them she was still a virgin
04:11and she was ashamed of it so she wanted
04:14to lose her virginity in a safe way
04:16remember she wasn't comfortable with me
04:19interacting with men sexually so she
04:21felt safer with professionals she came
04:24across the idea of Joseph on Twitter and
04:28eventually she found her therapist this
04:31story kind of has a happy ending because
04:33after having some sessions with
04:35professionals she became more confident
04:37and she started hanging out with men so
04:40that was good now the next common
04:42category is married and sexless there's
04:46a 53 year old woman who is married her
04:49son moved out recently and she has more
04:51time and wants to enjoy her life however
04:54her husband doesn't want to have sex
04:56because he can't get it up and he's not
04:59interested in anymore she has very high
05:01libido all of a sudden so she Googles
05:04about what to do with it and eventually
05:06she comes across the idea of johu she
05:09calls an engine C and hires a therapist
05:11being in a sexless marriage or
05:14relationship seems to be a pretty common
05:16situation where they would use tofu in
05:19fact I think this also applies to men
05:21now you may be wondering why wouldn't
05:23they have sex for free because it's easy
05:26for many women to find somebody who is
05:28willing to have sex with them well
05:30there's a host of reasons first of all
05:33they have standards they can't
05:35necessarily have the type of sex they
05:37have with the type of person they like
05:39it's not easy to find somebody who has
05:42good skills and a mindset you can try
05:45many people with very disappointing
05:46results and sometimes you simply want to
05:49have sex with a really handsome guy and
05:52you have access to them regardless of
05:54your age or your looks so if you think
05:57about it there's nothing strange about
05:59it I also noticed some gender
06:02differences between sexual services for
06:04women and men the obvious one is with
06:07sexual services with women women are
06:09typical Laban always bottoms and men are
06:12tops with sexual services for men men
06:15are typically but not always tops and
06:17women are bottoms women also tend to
06:20look for more boyfriend experiences
06:22rather than just sexual experiences some
06:25therapists have told me that some women
06:27want to text them every day treating
06:30them like their boyfriends that requires
06:33a lot of times so therapists sometimes
06:35try to avoid these situations but there
06:38are other therapists who actually
06:40exploit that kind of situation so it
06:42really depends there's also a lot of
06:45therapeutic elements in this I know a
06:48few therapists who offer counseling as
06:50their main services so they're like
06:52sexual counselors you can have sex with
06:54but these things can also apply to men
06:57who use textual services and I want to
07:00acknowledge that there are also women
07:02who simply want to use therapists for
07:04sexual purposes now there's no official
07:08data on how many women have used these
07:10Services some people estimate about 20
07:13to 100
07:15000 women use these Services every month
07:17and the market size is about 400 million
07:20dollars which is about one percent of
07:23the market size of sexual services for
07:25men but other people estimate that the
07:27market size is only about 40 million
07:30dollars so we don't really know because
07:32we don't know everything we only know
07:35what we know but what we do know is it's
07:38becoming more popular you might want to
07:40say it's because of the lack of
07:42communication between Japanese people
07:44especially with sexual matters women
07:46start using these services and that's
07:49certainly one way of looking at it but
07:51I'd like to emphasize that a lot of it
07:53has to do with the fact that more women
07:56start embracing their sexual desires and
07:59the society is becoming less judgmental
08:01about them if men can pay for sex why
08:04can't women now I know some of you guys
08:07are thinking oh maybe I can become a
08:09therapist so I will tell you this most
08:12therapists don't have clients and they
08:15quit and the popular ones were already
08:18very popular with women before becoming
08:20a therapist so if you are so popular
08:23with women to the point where they would
08:25pay to hang out with you and have sex
08:27with you maybe you can become a popular
08:29therapist otherwise good luck or if you
08:33have good social media skills you can
08:35become popular on Twitter which will
08:37help you find clients so if you want to
08:40be popular on Twitter in Japan I will
08:42teach you the kind of Japanese the real
08:44life Japanese people today actually
08:46speak because textbooks and apps are
08:49unnatural and outdated so click the link
08:52and subscribe to my email group Japanese
08:54with Utah
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the different categories of women utilizing paid sexual services in Japan?

The video discusses the increasing popularity of paid sexual services for women in Japan, with various categories of women utilizing these services. The sessions typically involve non-penetrative activities and can include therapeutic elements.

2. What types of activities are typically involved in the paid sexual services for women in Japan?

The paid sexual services for women in Japan typically involve non-penetrative activities and can include therapeutic elements.

3. What is the estimated market size for paid sexual services for women in Japan?

The market size for these services is estimated to be around 40 to 400 million dollars, reflecting a growing acceptance of women embracing their sexual desires.

4. How popular are paid sexual services for women in Japan?

The video discusses the increasing popularity of paid sexual services for women in Japan, reflecting a growing acceptance of women embracing their sexual desires.

5. What is the trend in the acceptance of women embracing their sexual desires in Japan?

The market size for these services is estimated to be around 40 to 400 million dollars, reflecting a growing acceptance of women embracing their sexual desires.

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