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The video reviews the performance improvements in the latest patch for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, with increased resolution and frame rates, removal of ray tracing, and overall better image quality. There is a significant improvement in performance, with a locked 60 FPS on PS5 and similar performance between the consoles, making it the recommended mode to play. The update also brings visual updates and DLSS2 improvements, making it the best version of the game so far.
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The latest patch for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor improves the performance mode visuals and resolution, but introduces some pros and cons.
The patch removes the rtgi and AO pass and uses a mix of dynamic lights and ssao, creating light leakage.
The old performance mode had low resolution and tearing issues, but the patch improves the resolution and adds VRR support for PS5.
Both PS5 and Xbox Series X still experienced performance issues, particularly in the opening mission.
The 1.09 patch of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor improves resolution and frame times, resulting in a sharper image quality and better performance.
The 1.09 patch runs at a higher resolution compared to the 1.08 patch.
The average pixel count has increased by approximately 60%.
The menu option to change cutscene frame rate has been removed in the latest patch.
The performance mode with Ray tracing adds more workload on the CPU and GPU.
The new patch for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S brings improvements in resolution and performance, but also introduces some issues with reduced RT reflections and blocky, noisy visuals in areas with water and foliage.
Ray tracing is completely disabled in the new mode, resulting in reductions in FX.
Screen space reflections are used instead of RT reflections, causing low-resolution masking of objects and ghosting.
Large pools of water and alpha channel issues from grass and foliage result in blocky, noisy visuals.
The patch includes increased level of detail on grass and objects, better LOD, and improved shading.
The Series S has seen improvements in resolution and performance, with a consistent 30 FPS and no dips, but there is a possibility of scaling lower than 900p.
The Series S now upscales to 1080p using FSR2.
The update has resulted in improved image quality and performance, with DLSS2 added to the main menu for Nvidia card users.
The performance mode on the bigger consoles still offers a larger margin of improvement compared to the Series S.
The team could have held back the release of the performance version, as the game was already superb with its quality 30fps mode on consoles.
00:03dropped about a month or so back the
00:05Jedi Survivor was indeed getting a last
00:07generation release it pointed towards a
00:10big and much needed patch incoming for
00:12current generation and PC to fix many of
00:15the issues we covered in our launch
00:17review well and or no more as the
00:19results are in is this A New Hope or the
00:23last of the Jedi
00:28a Jedi now at launch the current gen had
00:32dual modes by aside the series s and a
00:34solid and impressive visual quality
00:36specifically in that quality mode the
00:39performance mode although welcome had
00:41far too many problems not least of which
00:43was the image quality and indeed its
00:45performance the mode was not ready for
00:47prime time it still ran pretty much the
00:50same as quality with Ray Trace
00:52Reflections and Global illumination
00:54which although it varied from scene in
00:55coverage it did improve areas with
00:58better self shading some light bounce
01:00and more physically accurate Reflections
01:02you can see here in comparisons with the
01:04new patch performance mode on the right
01:06versus launch date code on the left with
01:09the irradiance Bounce from the Neons
01:11hitting the pots and metal with the
01:13latest patch the rtgi and AO pass is
01:16removed and is now using a mix of
01:18dynamic lights and ssao removing this
01:21bounce lighting and creating some light
01:24leakage as you can see from the metal
01:25pipes behind the sign this still runs
01:28inequality mode as before though but the
01:30improved AO and resolution in the later
01:33patch means the change is a mix of pros
01:36and cons the biggest with the old code
01:38seen here in side by sides with the
01:40previous versions 108 the old
01:42performance mode had to drop resolution
01:45very low with a counted low of 1152 by
01:48648 in our review at launch targeting a
01:521440p like reconstruction output in
01:55addition it would also tear when running
01:57below that required 16.67 millisecond
02:00frame time and vrr did not work on
02:03either console although this has been
02:05added finally for the PS5 in this patch
02:07and I think it was added prior in the
02:09series X patches now even with all this
02:11the PlayStation 5 and series X still ran
02:14into the 40s often and in the opening
02:16Mission it was CPU bound and data
02:18streaming and many of these issues were
02:20still present on the PC which was the
02:23most affected by these throughout play
02:24Roll on four months later and we now
02:27have what was clear clearly a mode they
02:29should have held back until now
02:30achieving its name far more confidently
02:33this big update in version 1.9 on PS5
02:36and 1.11 on siriusx and S improved both
02:40modes but let's start with the biggest
02:42resolution and performance
02:49using these side by sides we can see the
02:52same shot in the 1.09 patch version runs
02:55it two times higher resolution and
02:58better frame times in this section the
03:011.08 patch hits a counted low of 648p
03:05with the 109 patch topping out at 1706
03:08by 960 base back to 1440p Via fsr2
03:13effectively fsr2 quality mode at 1440p
03:17output this is exactly what was
03:18happening as we covered in our previous
03:20review scaling between these modes FSR
03:23quality balanced performance and
03:25potentially Ultra performance this means
03:27that in gameplay at least we now see
03:29significantly sharper image quality
03:31overall and better performance with the
03:34old average across this run being close
03:37to 762p and now often 960p approximately
03:4260 increase in pixel counts and as we'll
03:44see next a similar increase in
03:47performance now the launch version
03:49locked all cut scenes to 30 FPS quality
03:51but you could jump into the menu and
03:53turn that back on showing how incomplete
03:56that mode was at the time now this
03:58bypass did demonstrate that these can
04:00run okay due to that reduced resolution
04:03largely 648 and 720p respectively on
04:06PlayStation 5 and siriusx and due to the
04:09bars the counts are actually slightly
04:11lower but also the team's artistic aim
04:14was for that movie look and 30 FPS hits
04:17that better with motion blur and in this
04:19patch the menu has changed and you can
04:22no longer change this during those
04:23real-time cutscenes but this option was
04:26actually removed in a prior patch anyway
04:27I believe around 1.05 all thereabouts
04:30Now using this series X as a test in
04:33this opening segment we can see that it
04:35tears and dips into the low 30s here
04:37still at 720p most often as a base the
04:42latest patch in the quality mode seems
04:44to top out at the same 14
04:46OTP high as before on both consoles
04:48meaning this mode is not significantly
04:50different in IQ and performance although
04:52changes have been made across the game
04:55Beyond these which I'll get to shortly
05:09the biggest cost of performance mode was
05:11the use of Ray tracing which adds a
05:13great deal of work on the CPU and GPU
05:16with its increase in data throughput due
05:19to the extra geometry and Samples used
05:21for the BBH objects this includes
05:23Reflections light and ambient occlusion
05:25samples which affected PC and consoles
05:28alike with this new mode disabling the
05:30ray tracing completely it means we now
05:33see some reductions in FX as covered and
05:35some improvements but the biggest
05:37lacking area is the reduction of RT
05:40Reflections and now relying on screen
05:42space Reflections on the opening
05:44Coruscant Mission the soft brush metals
05:46and diffuse Reflections are not so bad
05:48yes they are obvious with very low
05:51resolution masking of objects causing
05:53ghosting and Silhouettes around
05:54characters along with wiping of objects
05:57away from off-screen samples but this
05:59was already the only mode on Series S
06:02and although far from the best use of
06:04SSR it works well enough here the big
06:07issues come on planets with large pools
06:09of water and the alpha Channel issues
06:11from grass and foliage mean these now
06:13look very blocky noisy and really do not
06:15work I covered this in the review
06:17version also as the ghosting and
06:19artifacts from FX looked borderline
06:22Boogie and I hope the team would have
06:24improved these for the patch which is
06:26not the case as such it is an obvious
06:28cost and one that you will have to bear
06:30for the huge boost in resolution and
06:32performance in addition to this though
06:34the team have increased level of detail
06:36on grass and objects with even the new
06:39performance mode offering better LOD
06:41than the old quality mode ssao is now
06:44used in performance mode and even looks
06:46to be used in quality mode which may be
06:48a screen space Ray traced ambient
06:50occlusion pass which can draw off screen
06:52when included but moving from
06:54performance to Quality pre and post
06:56patch you can see the increased AO off
06:59into the distance and largely darker
07:01more grounded shading used in this
07:03latest patch PlayStation 5 and series X
07:06are identical and Series S is closest to
07:09Performance mode with no Ray tracing
07:11present still we can see that when
07:13moving from performance to quality
07:15though the bvh is built and this means
07:18that the GI bounce is drawn in over
07:20multiple frames and Fades in over a few
07:23seconds this can cause bugs on lighting
07:25passes on both consoles and sometimes
07:28it's best just to quit the mission
07:29change and then reload which resolves
07:32this so some bugs here do remain and
07:35even if incorrect shadows and 2D
07:37Billboards can show up overall the
07:40latest patch looks better than the older
07:42one and the shading and lighting quality
07:44is better in both modes with a generally
07:47more pleasing image than the old version
07:48which can look over saturated and washed
07:51out due to the excessive light bounce
07:53calculation and the matte painting look
07:56here that was synonymous throughout the
07:57Star Wars movies works better in this
07:59newer patch I I myself prefer this new
08:02modes visual look and increased IQ but
08:05you may choose differently I also noted
08:07that the series X has a slight advantage
08:09on resolution counts with some shots
08:11being around 847p on PS5 and 960p on
08:15series X now these only came up in light
08:18for light pixel counts but generally the
08:21series X has a 15 to 20 Advantage at
08:24best and in others they were the same
08:25now this can cause some tearing and dips
08:28in those real-time cutscenes on PS5 over
08:31the series X but as these tend to keep
08:33pixel counts higher and similar between
08:35them it's largely the reason why which
08:38I'll do around these parts
08:39hooking up an old friend
08:42grease dryness
08:43oh craze oh shoot I know him I'll run
08:47the Staples so with all the sacrifices
08:49and changes detailed We Now understand
08:51why we're seeing such a difference in
08:54some of the visual aspects and certainly
08:56the resolution and performance as noted
08:59both series X and PlayStation 5 could
09:01dip down to the low 40s and even 30s at
09:04certain points in later sections of the
09:06game itself and this opening section is
09:09certainly one of the most demanding on
09:10CPU and data streaming due to the amount
09:13of materials and ambient occlusion and
09:15dense objects within this level moving
09:17over to the latest version though we now
09:19see a locked 60 FPS on the PlayStation 5
09:23versus its previously version 1.08 which
09:27was only slightly better than the
09:29release and review code we covered back
09:30then there has been some changes and
09:32some reductions in certain aspects up to
09:35this point but this is the biggest and
09:37most significant change the team have
09:38delivered we're seeing at worst case 51
09:42Improvement on the lows and an average
09:44of 24 on this PlayStation 5 version
09:47compared like for like as you see here
09:49this makes the game feel more consistent
09:51and solid across the board and this
09:53carries over perfectly to the series X
09:56which is actually improved slightly more
09:58because it ran slightly worse than the
10:00PlayStation 5 at launch which is no
10:01longer the case as they are practically
10:04identical in performance a side margin
10:06of error I cannot split anything between
10:08the two therefore it's certainly the
10:10mode that I would recommend and it
10:12certainly works much better now than the
10:15one we had at launch and it was the one
10:17that was in the most need of improvement
10:19quality is not significantly different
10:20at all and performance was already Rock
10:22Solid in that aspect and here we can see
10:25the PlayStation 5 and series X perform
10:27absolutely identical in gameplay
10:30sections the series X does carry a
10:33slight advantage in those cutscenes
10:34again down to the fact that they hold
10:36that resolution higher it means it tears
10:39and dips ever so slightly more on the
10:40PlayStation 5 on occasion so you could
10:43see in the region of around five to ten
10:45percent differences at certain points
10:47but again they're cut scenes it's not
10:49always consistent and it is within
10:50margin of error but there definitely is
10:52that slight advantage to the series X in
10:54this case and that's carried over to
10:55those resolution doubters I mentioned
10:57earlier the series s is also now
11:00improved and it only appears to scale
11:02down to 900p upscale bat using fsr2 to
11:061080P and it was a lock solid 30 FPS
11:09even before this it was pretty
11:11consistent but it certainly could have
11:12some dips but testing those same
11:14sections I'm now getting no dips a lot
11:1630 FPS and it doesn't appear to
11:19dynamically scale lower than 900p but
11:21again with all DRS Solutions there's
11:23always a caveat it could go lower
11:24overall this was the version that was
11:27the most solid of the lot due to the
11:28cutbacks and sacrifices and the lack of
11:30any rate racing but here this is the
11:32Belton braces update that means if you
11:34haven't played on the series s it's
11:36still a very consistent and cracking
11:38looking title it's certainly gained from
11:40the updates here in image quality and
11:42performance but it's a much smaller
11:44margin than that performance mode on the
11:46bigger consoles
11:55improvements with dlss2 now added into
11:58the main menu which means if you have an
12:00Nvidia card you can get improved image
12:03quality and performance without having
12:04to rely on fsr2 so overall they've made
12:07big strides in this update which are
12:09likely connected to that last generation
12:12version that is on its way some of these
12:14improvements will help that version ship
12:16on that console but obviously there's a
12:18lot more here to be cut back to fit onto
12:20the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one that said
12:23it's nice to see these improvements on
12:25the performance mode and certainly some
12:27tweaks in that quality mode and there
12:29are some nice visual updates and
12:31improvements that make the game look and
12:33perform much better than the launch
12:34version but I wish the team had held
12:37back and not release the performance
12:39version as I said at the time I think it
12:42created more noise and slight on a game
12:44that was superb with its quality 30fps
12:46mode on the consoles the PC version as I
12:49mentioned had serious issues at launch
12:51and this version now seems to perform
12:53much better due to limited time on this
12:56video I haven't had time to cover a PC
12:57version in depth but it might be
12:59something we look at a later date as it
13:02stands the game was always great in its
13:03quality mode but if you haven't played
13:05it as yet or want to replay then you now
13:07have the very best version and choice to
13:10enjoy this cracking Jedi Survivor
13:17to another pixel's performance and more
13:20Ray Trace lighting then you can shake a
13:22lightsaber at if you enjoy what we do
13:24here on IGN performance reviews then
13:26keep it IGN and we'll catch you on the
13:29next one
13:34but you're hurting bad inside casters I
13:37can sense it
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the performance improvements in the latest patch for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S?

The latest patch for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor brings increased resolution and frame rates, removal of ray tracing, and overall better image quality. There is a significant improvement in performance, with a locked 60 FPS on PS5 and similar performance between the consoles.

2. What are the visual updates and DLSS2 improvements in the latest patch for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor?

The latest patch for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor also brings visual updates and DLSS2 improvements, making it the best version of the game so far. These updates enhance the overall image quality and provide a better gaming experience.

3. Is the performance improvement significant enough to make it the recommended mode to play Star Wars: Jedi Survivor?

Yes, the performance improvement in the latest patch for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is significant, with a locked 60 FPS on PS5 and similar performance on Xbox Series X|S, making it the recommended mode to play for an enhanced gaming experience.

4. What are the key changes in performance and image quality after the latest patch for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor?

After the latest patch, the key changes in performance and image quality for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor include increased resolution, better image quality, removal of ray tracing, and a significant improvement in frame rates, providing a smoother and more immersive gaming experience.

5. How does the latest patch for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor impact the gameplay experience on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S?

The latest patch for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor significantly enhances the gameplay experience on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S by providing better performance, improved image quality, and visual updates, resulting in a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.

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