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This video explores the observance of Yom Kippur in Israel, the search for the missing Ark of the Covenant, and the growing movement to rebuild the Third Temple in Jerusalem. It also showcases new technology that is able to reconstruct the faces of biblical characters.
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Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year for Jews, observed with fasting, prayer, and reflection.
Yom Kippur is the culmination of the ten days of awe, a period of repentance and seeking God's face.
On Yom Kippur, Israel comes to a standstill with empty streets, no public transportation, and television broadcasting stops.
Jews observe a 25-hour fast and engage in solemn prayer and liturgical songs, seeking forgiveness and repentance.
The search for the Ark of the Covenant throughout history and the belief that it may be hidden in a chamber below the original holy of holies in the first temple.
Over the centuries, various groups, including the Crusaders and the Knights Templar, have searched for the Ark of the Covenant.
The original holy of holies in the first temple had a chamber directly below it, designed to house the ark.
The belief is that the ark will be revealed at the right time, and it will be a significant event that brings the Messiah and causes great rejoicing.
The renewed interest in the Ark of the Covenant can be attributed to movies like Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark.
Rabbi Heim Richmond of the Temple Institute believes that the events since the Six-Day War have been a prophetic shift towards the rebuilding of the Jewish temple.
The Six-Day War was seen as a miracle and the beginning of a new era for Israel.
Rabbi Heim Richmond sees the past 50 years as a tremendous jumpstart towards the rebuilding of the temple.
The Temple Institute has a key connection to the battle for Jerusalem, as its founder Rabbi Israel Ariel served with the 55th paratrooper Brigade that captured the Temple Mount.
After the victory, a Jordanian guide offered to take the soldiers on a tour of the Temple Mount and shared information about the location of the sanctuary, altar, and menorah.
The rebuilding of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem is no longer considered fringe or peculiar, but mainstream, with 20 members of the Knesset now interested in praying on the Temple Mount and bringing it back into focus.
20 years ago, these ideas would have been laughed at on Prime Time television in Israel.
Yehuda Glick is one of the members of the Knesset who supports the rebuilding of the Temple.
The next step in the Redemption process is to see the temple through the eyes of the prophet Isaiah.
This is considered an important time in history for those who believe in the God of Israel and see His hand on His people.
The excavation site at Kirbet Kayafa in Israel is believed to be from the time of King David.
Archaeologists have found a one thousand square meter Palace at the center of the site.
The site also had a building used to store taxes, as people in antiquity donated agricultural products as taxes.
The absence of pig bones suggests that people followed the biblical commandment against eating pork.
Filmmaker Simca Jacobovici and anthropologist Israel Hershkovitz reconstructed ancient faces using criminal investigation techniques to tell the story of the Jewish people in the Galilee.
CAT scans of real skulls were loaded into a computer and a 3D copier printed layers of the digital image.
Forensic artist Victoria Lywood gave the skull cast a face, creating an approximation of the person.
The reconstructions included a man who knew Jesus and a man from Galilee, with the hope of helping young people understand the value of history.
00:01this week on a special edition of
00:04Jerusalem Dateline Israel comes through
00:05a standstill on the holiest day of the
00:07year and a quest to find the missing Ark
00:10of the Covenant is it closer than we
00:12think plus we take you inside a growing
00:14movement to rebuild the Third Temple in
00:17Jerusalem and show you how new
00:18technology is revealing the Lost faces
00:21of the Bible all this and more this week
00:24on Jerusalem Dateline
00:29hello and welcome to this edition of
00:31Jerusalem Dateline I'm Chris Mitchell
00:33for Jews the holiest day of the year is
00:35Yom Kippur the day of atonement and
00:38repentance and the way Israel observes
00:40that day is unique in all the world
00:45Yom Kippur the day of atonement is the
00:48culmination of the ten days of awe which
00:50are the 10 days that separate Rosh
00:52Hashanah to Yom Kippur these are heavy
00:55heavy days of repentance and reflection
00:58and and seeking God's face as we prepare
01:00to go stand before him in a state of
01:03fasting and a state of humility on the
01:05day of Yom Kippur here in Israel on Yom
01:08Kippur the nation comes through a
01:10standstill the streets are empty public
01:12transportation ends television
01:14broadcasting stops and for one day of
01:17the year in all the earth a country
01:19stops to seek the god of the Bible
01:21during the ten days of awe Jews greet
01:23one another with the Hebrew expression
01:27which means may you have a good
01:29inscription in The Book of Life on Yom
01:31Kippur they believe the book is closed
01:33for the year so they pray and fast it's
01:36a 25 hour fast so the fast starts the
01:40evening prior to the day and then we
01:43fast all throughout the day and it it's
01:45observed through solemn prayer beautiful
01:48liturgical songs that go up to before
01:50God we speak words of Prayer of
01:53repentance during the day the Book of
01:55Jonah is read in the synagogue Jonah is
01:58a symbol of repentance Jonas symbolizes
02:00oftentimes our own actions you know
02:03doubting God disobeying God going the
02:05opposite way of what God has called us
02:07to do when he's called us to call others
02:09to repentance and to build his kingdom
02:11on Yom Kippur Jews also recite a special
02:14prayer called the vadui the vadui is the
02:18central prayer of confession and for
02:20forgiveness of the Jewish people on Yom
02:23Kippur and it's a prayer that they pray
02:25not only behalf on behalf of themselves
02:28but on behalf of all the Jewish people
02:30around the world the vadui contains a
02:33loud section said corporately in a quiet
02:35section Prayed by the individual one
02:37thing that we learned from the Jewish
02:39people something quite important
02:40especially about Yom Kippur that it's
02:42not enough to say you're sorry you have
02:44to confess
02:46say you're sorry and then at the same
02:49time take practical steps
02:51to change your behavior it says in the
02:54Book of Leviticus and the Lord spoke to
02:57Moses saying also the tenth day of the
03:00seventh month shall be the day of
03:02atonement it shall be a holy convocation
03:04for you you shall afflict your souls and
03:07offer an offering made by fire to the
03:09Lord and you shall do no work on that
03:12same day for it is the day of atonement
03:15to make atonement for you before the
03:18Lord your God well the Bible speaks
03:20about Yom Kippur in terms of it being a
03:23great day of Judgment of us standing
03:25before God so it's considered like the
03:27day of judgment the gates of judgment
03:29are open and Hashem is judging our souls
03:32in terms of our right actions and our
03:33wrong actions we ask Hashem for
03:35forgiveness and he gives us his
03:37forgiveness we seek his face and he is
03:39there his Mercy is every day and it's
03:42true particularly on that day
03:45during bible times Yom Kippur was the
03:47only day of the year when the high
03:49priest could enter the holy of holies
03:51the most sacred room in the temple
03:53hidden inside was the Ark of the
03:55Covenant which contained The Ten
03:57Commandments God gave to Moses today no
04:00one knows where the ark is some claim it
04:02is far away as Ethiopia or Ireland but
04:05one Explorer believes it Lies Beneath a
04:07giant rock at judaism's holiest sight
04:10take a look
04:13researcher and author Harry moskoff took
04:16CBN News through the Western Wall
04:18tunnels up to the rare parts of the
04:20Temple Mount and into the chambers
04:22surrounding judaism's holiest sight his
04:25book The Ark report Chronicles his
04:28two-decade quest to find the legendary
04:31icon so here we are approaching three
04:34artists he says one theory is that it
04:36was taken out of the temple and carried
04:39to Jericho 18 miles away this is in
04:42Jeremiah that some of the vessels of the
04:44temple were exited sort of escaped as it
04:47were through this area the destruction
04:49of the first temple but Moscow took us
04:52to the spot where he believes the ark
04:55lies this particular section of the
04:57Western Wall is really fascinating
04:59actually because
05:01this Stone
05:03is 570 tons Moscow believes a key clue
05:08lies behind this giant rock and says
05:11high-tech search tools give Credence to
05:14his theory two years ago there were
05:16tests done by the University of Nebraska
05:18sonar tests Etc uh using electromagnetic
05:21uh waves they actually found what's
05:23called a storage space across from here
05:26so actually there was a purpose for
05:29putting this giant Stone this massive
05:31slab here one of the reasons in my
05:34opinion is to protect whatever it is on
05:36the other side and according to my
05:38theory of the Ark actually was buried by
05:41Kings rosea I think it was uh
05:44568 BC in back of these uh Boulder these
05:49massive stones in fact underneath the
05:52Temple Mount like dozens of underground
05:54tunnels and Chambers back then 150 years
05:57ago Charles Warren went in actually did
06:00a survey nothing's really been done for
06:02political purpose is obviously
06:04unfortunately since then since then no
06:06it's been allowed to even put a shovel
06:08nothing yeah but uh basically they were
06:11the ones that surveyed the whole area
06:13and they were the ones who picked out
06:14the titles Etc they couldn't find the
06:17ark but maybe it wasn't Time Warren a
06:21British Explorer documented those
06:23tunnels at the request of Queen Victoria
06:25just one of many throughout history
06:28looking for the ark when people like the
06:31Crusaders and the Knights Templar even
06:33the Palestine exploration fund which was
06:35originally commissioned by Queen
06:37Victoria came over the centuries to look
06:39for the ark what they were looking for
06:40was a golden box with the staves but
06:43what they really should be looking for
06:44is a room
06:46they could have been right up against
06:48the wall on the other side of the wall
06:49is the ark Moscow says the original holy
06:51of holies had another chamber directly
06:54below it actually the blueprint itself
06:57of the first temple a chamber should be
07:00built exactly the same holy of holy is
07:03exactly the same level of Holiness as
07:05the one right above it it was set up
07:07right from the beginning to house the
07:09ark with a golden floor and everything
07:10that's how Solomon built it instructed
07:13so the ark itself could go down right it
07:15could go down do you feel like there's a
07:17time when the ark itself when the time
07:19is right will be revealed I do timing is
07:22incredibly important incredibly
07:24significant obviously it's a it's a
07:27groundbreaking game-changing biblical
07:30type of Discovery my personal opinion is
07:33that when it does happen it won't be in
07:35a clandestine way where we're sneaking
07:37through these tunnels you know what I
07:39mean and we're bringing it out under
07:41cover of Darkness it'll be a great
07:43occasion it'll bring the Messiah it'll
07:46be something that's all bases will
07:48really rejoice it
07:51Moscow credits Indiana Jones and the
07:54Lost Ark for the renewed interest there
07:57are some things that got right about the
07:58you know the power of the Ark Etc
07:59there's destructive forces should get in
08:02the wrong hands and it knows where it is
08:04so to speak it suddenly became a thing
08:05you know oh what is the Ark of the
08:07Covenant you know what is that oh yeah
08:09it sort of put it into the face of the
08:10public and maybe that was its best
08:12success I loved it personally you know
08:15it's Hollywood what do you think is the
08:17main takeaway people need to know about
08:19the Ark of the Covenant it's a real
08:21thing just like it did 2700 years ago it
08:23still exists today it's got the broken
08:25tablets the Moses uh crashed down there
08:27at Mount Sinai and the second tablets it
08:30really does exist we're really going to
08:31see it hopefully In Our Lifetime again
08:33it is a catalyst for the Messiah to come
08:36until it is revealed the Ark of the
08:39Covenant built by Moses in the
08:40wilderness will continue to Fascinate
08:43the world
08:46coming up the destruction of the second
08:48temple in 70 A.D sent shock waves
08:51throughout the Jewish world
08:56the key element of biblical prophecy
08:58involving the return of Jesus Christ to
09:00the Earth building a third Temple in
09:02Jerusalem now there's a movement in
09:04Israel to make it happen and it was made
09:06possible when Israel captured the Temple
09:08Mount during The Six Day War in 1967.
09:15on June 7 1967 Israeli Brigade Commander
09:19motigor made an announcement the Jews
09:22had waited to hear for some 2 000 years
09:29retaking this ground was important for a
09:31number of reasons for one it's where
09:33King Solomon built the first Jewish
09:35temple after the Babylonians destroyed
09:38it zerubbabel laid the foundation stone
09:40for a second temple that was later
09:42expanded by King Herod it fell at the
09:45hands of the Romans in 70 A.D when
09:47Commander Gore declared that the Temple
09:49Mount was back in Jewish hands it
09:52rekindled hope for a long-awaited third
09:54Temple the Six-Day War was a miracle of
09:57biblical proportions and was a
10:01cataclysmic opening of a of a new era
10:06for for Israel and for the whole world
10:08Rabbi Heim Richmond of the temple
10:10Institute is dedicated to rebuilding the
10:13Jewish temple he sees the time since the
10:16Six Day War as a prophetic shift it
10:19would be hard I think not to see what's
10:22happened in the past 50 years as a
10:24tremendous jump start a tremendous fast
10:26forward it's it's
10:29um it's more than prophetic it's like a
10:32kiss from Heaven you know it's like a
10:34Divine kiss it's an intimate brush with
10:37the reality of God's compassion and love
10:40uh and he keeps his promises The
10:43Institute shares a key connection to the
10:45battle for Jerusalem its founder Rabbi
10:48Israel Ariel served with the 55th
10:51paratrooper Brigade that captured the
10:53Temple Mount after the victory a
10:56Jordanian guide gave them a remarkable
10:58tour his job was to carry the company
11:01machine gun it's a very beautiful
11:03photograph of that he actually the first
11:05night of the liberation of Jerusalem he
11:07was given the task of guarding over the
11:10spot of the Dome of the Rock which of
11:13course we believe is the holy of holies
11:15the story though that he told us is that
11:17the soldiers were on the temple mounts
11:18and it was just like the first hour or
11:21and they were approached by a Jordanian
11:24fellow in western dress who explained
11:27that he was the official tour guide for
11:30the Jordanian Parliament and he offered
11:32to take the soldiers and show them the
11:34sights on the Temple Mount and uh
11:36he takes the soldiers you know the rabbi
11:38there and he says well this is exactly
11:42where the sanctuary stood
11:44this is where the the altar stood and
11:47then this is where the menorah stood it
11:49tells him all these things about the
11:50history of the Holy Temple finally the
11:52rabbi asked him why are you telling us
11:53all this
11:54and he said well we have tradition from
11:56our fathers
11:58they from their fathers that one day the
12:00Jews would wage a war and Conquer this
12:02mountain and rebuild the Holy Temple and
12:05I assume that you're starting tomorrow I
12:07want this to be my part my partner
12:09helping you what was their reaction to
12:10that story
12:11well gosh I guess I guess they were
12:14pretty surprised but the bottom line is
12:16in hindsight it doesn't look like we
12:18were ready 50 years later that's changed
12:21with the temple Institute preparing
12:23Blueprints and Gathering official Temple
12:25elements such as the Priestly garments
12:28Richmond is also dispelling myths above
12:31the temple on today's digital
12:33loudspeaker YouTube let's start at the
12:36beginning what was the Holy Temple
12:38really all about all of this means talk
12:40of rebuilding the temple is no longer
12:43considered a fringe idea today there is
12:46a Lobby in the knesset of how many
12:48members of knesset that are constantly
12:50speaking about Jewish rights to pray on
12:52the Temple Mount they were members of
12:54knesset that actually talk about the
12:55rebuilding of the Holy Temple do you
12:57understand that 20 years ago these
12:58people wouldn't have been given a moment
12:59on Prime Time television in Israel to
13:01say these things they would have been
13:02laughed out so a few years ago this was
13:05considered Fringe
13:07zealots lunatics peculiar today it's
13:12mainstream one of those members is
13:13Yehuda Glick ten years ago there was not
13:16a single member of knesset who was sent
13:17the Temple Mount today we have 20 of the
13:20things that McLaughlin members who are
13:22interested in sending Temple Mount
13:24preying on the Temple Mount and are part
13:26in the battle for the Redemption of the
13:28Temple Mount and for bringing the Temple
13:31mount back into the center of
13:33the next next step in the Redemption
13:36process Richmond sees the temple Through
13:38The Eyes of the prophet Isaiah who wrote
13:40three thousand years ago that God's
13:43house would be a house of prayer for all
13:45nations it means basically that there's
13:49a God in the world and that The Best Is
13:51Yet To Come and that we are so connected
13:55to him and to each other and to that
13:56purpose and to all humanity and it's
13:59just a wonderful privilege to be here
14:01with you today to be looking out over
14:03Jerusalem and to realize that we're
14:05living in probably the most important
14:08time in history if you believe in the
14:10god of Israel and you see his hand on
14:12his people and you understand the
14:15tremendous uh
14:17changes that have gone on over the years
14:18you see that the one who brought us this
14:21far isn't finished and will keep his
14:23promises Chris Mitchell CBN News the
14:26Temple Mount Jerusalem
14:30up next could this be the remains of
14:32King David's Palace archaeologists give
14:35us an up close look when we come back
14:40was the Bible's King David man or myth
14:42that's the question excavators are
14:44trying to answer through biblical
14:46archeology here's a look back at a story
14:49about what could be the remains of King
14:51David's Palace CBN News correspondent
14:53Julie Stahl takes us to where the
14:55digging took place
14:59about 20 miles outside of Jerusalem
15:02archaeologists found the best example
15:04yet of a fortified City in Judah from
15:07the time of King David
15:09identified with Biblical Shah a rhyme
15:12the city overlooked the valley of Ilah
15:15where David killed Goliath before we
15:18excavated here there was many debate
15:20about King David if his historical
15:22figure or not and if he indeed has a
15:24kingdom in 45 cities Hebrew University
15:27archaeologist Professor yossi garfinkel
15:30told us even though David is famous in
15:32the Bible no evidence from his time as
15:35king had been found in Hebron or
15:37Jerusalem so people start asking well
15:39maybe it's on mythology maybe it's only
15:41his stories maybe he never existed or if
15:45he existed it was just a Bedouin Sheikh
15:46living in a tent but no real Kingdom no
15:49real fortified cities that changed seven
15:51years ago when the excavations here
15:54began and after one and two or three
15:56seasons it turned out that we have a big
15:58city here which was heavily fortified
16:00some of the stone here are up to eight
16:03tone this is not a small village this is
16:05a real important stronghold not everyone
16:08shares this excitement it some
16:10archaeologists caution that the site
16:13might have belonged to other kingdoms
16:14many believe there is no actual proof
16:17that King David existed but garfinkel is
16:20convinced they found a one thousand
16:23square meter Palace at the center of the
16:25site it had an excellent view from the
16:27Mediterranean Sea to the Hebron
16:29mountains in Jerusalem another building
16:31would have been used to store taxes how
16:34do you collect taxes in Antiquity people
16:36did not have salaries so you don't have
16:38income tax like today but people were
16:41agriculturalists so everybody had to
16:43donate some of their product wheat
16:45barley legumes and so on and so forth
16:47and these were stored in big storage
16:49room in storage house and in a central
16:52building there were no pig bones found
16:55at the site showing that people followed
16:57the biblical commandment against eating
17:00pork garfinkel said all the discoveries
17:02add up and it's different from the
17:05Philistine from the Canaanite or from
17:06the Kingdom of Israel so our conclusion
17:09that this city is from the time of King
17:10David the Dig here at kirbet kayafa will
17:14soon be finished as archaeologists move
17:16on to look for more answers at another
17:18excavation site this area is going to be
17:21developed into a national park to
17:23develop the place to be a tourist area
17:25and people from Israel and abroad
17:27tourists can come and see the landscape
17:29can see the only place in the world
17:30where you can see a city from the time
17:32of King David Julie Stahl CBN News
17:35curbet caiapha Israel
17:40up next incredible technology is
17:43revealing the Lost faces of the Bible's
17:45biggest characters
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18:33look like or a man who might have known
18:35Jesus take a look at how Science and
18:38Technology have teamed up to create a
18:40glimpse of people from the time of the
18:45this is the skull of a man who lived in
18:47Galilee during the time of Jesus and
18:50might actually have heard his Sermon on
18:52the Mount this was a Philistine woman
18:54who may have known Delilah from the time
18:56of Samson and this is how they could
18:58have looked they appeared in the
19:00National Geographic documentaries lost
19:03faces of the Bible you do see facial
19:06reconstructions of ancient people Iceman
19:09from Europe or Egyptian mummies but you
19:12never see biblical faces you never see
19:15people from the holy land from Israel
19:18when human bones are found in Israel
19:20Jewish religious activists usually
19:22insist they be reburied immediately so
19:26to work with skulls is rare we realize
19:28that modern technology has given us a
19:31opportunity to do in Israel what has
19:34been done elsewhere namely to bring
19:36ancient faces back to life using
19:40criminal investigation techniques
19:41filmmaker Simca jacobovici
19:44Anthropologist Israel hershkovitz and
19:47their team reconstructed four ancient
19:49faces to flesh out stories from the
19:52Bible they want to tell the story of the
19:55Jewish people in the Galilee so and I
19:58use it and I use the facial
20:01to look at the story and from from a
20:05different angle the other players a
20:07Canaanite baby placed in a jar and
20:10buried under a house might have been a
20:12child sacrifice and a six thousand year
20:15old Hunter shows life from the world of
20:17Jacob and Esau or Cain and Abel experts
20:20began by loading a CAT scan of the real
20:22skulls into a computer an artist fills
20:25in any postmortem damage like this
20:27missing eye socket a 3D copier prints
20:31layers of the digital image as glue on
20:34successive layers of fine powder
20:36forensic artist Victoria lywood gives
20:39the skull cast a face what comes out is
20:42amazing so essentially what you're doing
20:45is you're going feature by feature and
20:47developing each one of those according
20:49to the studies and then what you get at
20:51the end of it is an approximation of the
20:53person you're after lywood says she
20:55doesn't anticipate the way the face will
20:57look you just work it and you see what
21:00you get at the end of it and I was
21:02surprised when I saw the man who knew
21:05Jesus I thought you know let me check my
21:07measurements because this kind of looks
21:11like something that you would see maybe
21:12from the Bible or something like this at
21:16the same time another forensic artist
21:18worked on a digital reconstruction much
21:20the same as animation is done today his
21:22Man From Galilee was similar but
21:25different herskovitz says he hopes these
21:27reconstructions will help young people
21:29understand the value of History if you
21:33want to have a future a better future we
21:35have to learn know about the past I'm
21:37hoping that through the vehicle of this
21:40modern CSI type forensic reconstruction
21:43people will actually get excited again
21:46about turning to the Bible and reading
21:48these these stories that are really the
21:50lifeblood of Western Civilization
21:54that really brings the Bible to life
21:56well that's all for this edition of
21:58Jerusalem Dateline thanks for joining us
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22:14our exciting CBN content I'm Chris
22:17Mitchell we'll see you next time on
22:19Jerusalem Dateline
22:21thank you
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1. What is the significance of Yom Kippur in Israel?

Yom Kippur holds great significance in Israel as it is the holiest day of the year in Jewish tradition. It is a day of atonement and repentance, observed with fasting, prayer, and reflection.

2. What is the search for the missing Ark of the Covenant?

The search for the missing Ark of the Covenant is a topic of interest for many, as it is believed to be a sacred relic holding the tablets of the Ten Commandments. The search has captivated the imagination of historians, archaeologists, and religious scholars for centuries.

3. What is the growing movement to rebuild the Third Temple in Jerusalem?

The growing movement to rebuild the Third Temple in Jerusalem is a topic of great significance, as it involves religious, historical, and geopolitical implications. It is a highly debated and controversial topic with a deep connection to the history and future of Jerusalem.

4. How does new technology reconstruct the faces of biblical characters?

New technology is able to reconstruct the faces of biblical characters using advanced imaging and forensic techniques. This technology brings to life the characters from ancient texts and artifacts, offering a fascinating look into the past.

5. What are the implications of the observance of Yom Kippur, the search for the missing Ark of the Covenant, and the movement to rebuild the Third Temple in Jerusalem?

The observance of Yom Kippur, the search for the missing Ark of the Covenant, and the movement to rebuild the Third Temple in Jerusalem hold significant implications for religious beliefs, historical narratives, and cultural heritage. These topics spark important conversations about faith, history, and the future of Jerusalem.

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The video exposes the food pyramid as a scam manipulated by the USDA and agribusiness. It reveals how the original guidelines created by nutrition expert Louise Light, which included healthy fats and limited sugar, were rejected and replaced with a distorted version that promoted excessive grain consumption. The video traces the origins of this deception and its impact on American health.

This video provides a complete guide on how to trade the volatility 75 index, including calculating stop losses and a simple strategy for making consistent profits. The strategy involves using the RSI indicator and the 21 EMA to identify trends and enter trades.

The video discusses whether day trading is considered halal or haram in Islam, explaining the concept of buying and selling within the same day and the use of margin bridge accounts. It concludes that while there are no restrictions on buying and selling in Islam, there are certain considerations to ensure compliance with Islamic principles.

The 124th episode of "Kuruluş Osman" features an upcoming attack on Yenişehir and a determination to eliminate enemies; a power that cannot be resisted.

This video is a leveling build guide for the Revenant class in Guild Wars 2, covering weapons, armor, skills, and traits. The guide emphasizes the importance of power stats for efficient leveling, offers tips on energy management, and highlights the best weapon choices for damage dealing. With a focus on maximizing power and mobility, this comprehensive guide helps players make the most of their Revenant character from levels 1 to 80.

The video explores the possibility of backing XRP with physical assets such as gold, as well as its potential role as a world reserve currency. It discusses the distinction between backing and pegging, and highlights the increasing interest from central banks and institutions in cryptocurrencies like XRP. The narrator emphasizes the need to position oneself in assets that will be used in the future financial system.