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Celebrity Marjorie Harvey's past involving multiple marriages and alleged involvement in a drug ring is revealed, raising questions about her reputation and her current husband Steve Harvey's knowledge of her past.
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Marjorie Harvey's past is being exposed, including involvement in drug dealing and multiple marriages.
Marjorie's reputation as a stylish and nice lady is at risk due to dirty secrets from her past.
Steve Harvey expressed his love for Marjorie and finally married her in 2005 after 18 years.
Marjorie was married to another man when Steve first showed interest in her, and their communication stopped shortly after.
Marjorie Harvey was involved in her ex-husband's drug business and later married another kingpin, but cut ties with her past after Steve Harvey's financial stability.
Marjorie was not just a housewife and was heavily involved in her ex-husband's drug business.
She divorced her first husband after he was sentenced to life in prison and later married another kingpin, Darnell Woods.
Marjorie remained in touch with her first ex-husband, Jim Townsend, while he was in prison.
After meeting Steve Harvey, Marjorie cut ties with her past and married him for his financial stability.
Jim Townsend reveals disturbing details about Steve Harvey's ex-wife Marjorie
Marjorie has been accused of being a con artist and engaging in transactions with men for financial gain
Steve Harvey betrayed his ex-wife by leaving her with nothing and imposing a gag order on her
Steve's bodyguard had a past of offering lonely people time with luxurious ladies, which raises questions about Marjorie's connection with him
Marjorie's dark past includes two marriages to drug kingpins and alleged drug dealing and usage.
Jim Townsend's upcoming tell-all book reveals shocking truths about his ex-wife Marjorie Harvey.
The book is titled "Snakes in the Garden" and is set to release in July.
An excerpt from the book mentions Jim's daughter, Morgan, and hints at a horrifying beginning.
The book is expected to become a bestseller despite its high price.
Marjorie Harvey may face the consequences of her past actions as more truths are revealed in the book.
00:00it seems like Marjorie Harvey's
00:01cloudless life is coming to an end with
00:03new exposure about her dark path chasing
00:06her even in Hollywood apparently even
00:08after securing the position of Steve
00:09Harvey's wife she cannot escape the
00:11ghosts of her past and her reputation as
00:13stylish and nice lady is about to be
00:15stained with dirty secrets involving
00:17several marriages and even drug dealing
00:19hi everyone and welcome back to celeb
00:21live Channel I keep my eyes on the most
00:23scandalous events in Show Business and
00:25always bring you the hottest updates as
00:27they say a day without another drama in
00:29Hollywood is a wasted day so Marjorie
00:32Harvey doesn't give us a chance to waste
00:33this moment because she is under the
00:35destroying fire of her past Deeds how
00:37come this sophisticated lady was in the
00:39center of a drug ring just a few decades
00:40ago jumping from one bed to another
00:43stay with me until the end of this video
00:45so you won't miss any detail when Steve
00:48Harvey tied the knot for the third time
00:49he repeatedly stated that he had finally
00:51ended up with the woman of his dreams it
00:53seems like Steve is in love with
00:54Marjorie since the first day he had met
00:56many years ago and it took him painful
00:5818 years to finally hear her I do in
01:002005. according to Steve's side of
01:03things he first saw Marjorie in 1987
01:05when she showed up late to one of his
01:07stand-up shows ever since he landed his
01:09eyes on her he realized that she was the
01:12one as Steve recalls himself the very
01:14first words I ever said to Marjorie and
01:16I kid you not I don't know who you are
01:18but I'll marry you one day I told her
01:20that in 1987 but as Steve confessed back
01:23then Marjorie was married to another man
01:25and Steve wasn't that famous and Wealthy
01:28so he couldn't offer anything to this
01:30woman to win her heart except for his
01:32never-ending love and although it was
01:34stated that Steve and Marjorie were
01:35shortly dating at around that time it
01:37seems like all communication between
01:38them suddenly came to a stop and anyway
01:41Marjorie was living like a queen back
01:42then with her first husband Jim Townsend
01:45the famous drug dealer from Memphis
01:46Tennessee and he was the king of the
01:48street there so Marjorie knew where
01:50money was at that time and didn't
01:52hesitate to stay by Jim's side and as
01:54people are saying she was actively
01:56participating in her then husband's
01:58business activities and it seems like
02:00pass is catching up with her because
02:01both she and her husband Steve may face
02:04several problems because of her close
02:05ties with these kinds of things as
02:07sources reveal Marjorie didn't play a
02:09role of a housewife looking after two
02:11kids it was a full ride for her sharing
02:13not only bed with her man but every
02:15nuances of his business as well well
02:17unlike Jim Marjorie was never caught and
02:20sentenced and it seems like Townsend cut
02:22a deal with the authorities because he
02:24couldn't let the mother of his kids end
02:25up in prison with him well yeah Jim was
02:28caught red-handed trying to buy a stash
02:30of product of a size of a teenager and
02:32you don't get away with such things the
02:34man was sentenced to spend the rest of
02:36his life in prison and I guess Marjorie
02:38didn't expect him to be back to her as
02:39she was on the way to Mentor happiness
02:41she rolled out and divorced him after
02:43five years into his sentence very soon
02:45Marjorie found herself in bed with
02:47another Kingpin Darnell woods and even
02:49married him apparently something about
02:51that drug hustle was so important to
02:53Marjorie that she decided to stick to
02:55another dealer for a while probable
02:57expecting the same level of wealth and
02:59riches there's been a talk on social
03:00media if Marjorie has a thing for this
03:02business and whether she probably wasn't
03:04only good at dealing but at using as
03:06well but her newly found happiness
03:08didn't last long because Darnell met the
03:10same fate as marjorie's first husband
03:12and the couple got divorced after a few
03:14years throughout all these years
03:15Marjorie was still in touch with her
03:17first ex-gym Townsend and as it was
03:19reported she even received his phone
03:21calls from the prison and even visited
03:23him there but apparently this woman
03:24decided to cut all ties to such a
03:26dangerous life and as soon as Steve
03:28Harvey found the way to her heart
03:29obviously with a pile of money she
03:31severed all ties with her past unlike
03:34his miserable life in the 90s Steve was
03:36in a completely another place when he
03:37and Marjorie finally started dating
03:38Harvey was ready to take financial
03:39responsibility for a woman like Marjorie
03:41and he didn't think twice before making
03:43sure she belonged to him and no one else
03:45only a couple of years after he proposed
03:48to her and it didn't even look strange
03:49to him that he just decided to chase the
03:51woman from his dream still being married
03:53to another person I mean what a great
03:55example to follow Steve divorced his
03:57then wife Mary Lee and asked to
03:59confessed left her with nothing because
04:01he was only thinking of how to sustain
04:03marjorie's appetites you know being
04:06married to two kingpins certainly raises
04:08your standards of living many people
04:09find it interesting how Marjorie was
04:11hopping from one man to another in
04:13search of a better and more secure
04:15financial position as one person said
04:17sounds like she's been passed around
04:18more than a collection plate she's not a
04:20gold digger she's one of the best cons
04:22I've ever seen and another added this
04:25relationship is just one big transaction
04:27that both of them signed up for that's
04:28their business and it'll work until he
04:30gets tired of paying but it looks like
04:32Steve is still head over heels in love
04:34with this lady and he didn't hesitate to
04:35lead his ex-wife with nothing only to
04:37provide for Marjorie as Mary Lee stated
04:40Steve not only betrayed her by handing
04:42her the divorce papers but he also tried
04:43to silent her with a gag order
04:45prohibiting Mary to speak her truth
04:46according to Mary Lee she knew about
04:49Steve's affair with lady heroine as
04:51certain people still call Marjorie on
04:52the internet and she even read their
04:54intimate emails and what makes this
04:56story even more creepy is the fact that
04:58it was Steve's own bodyguard who
04:59reminded him about marjorie's
05:00availability as Steve recalls it
05:02happened that one of my bodyguards
05:03Boomerang kept in touch with one of my
05:06bodyguards Boomerang kept in touch with
05:07one of marjorie's girlfriends but what
05:09you never expected to learn about this
05:11bodyguard that before offering his
05:13Services as a celebrity security he was
05:15having certain type of business with
05:17offering Lonely People time with
05:19luxurious ladies if you know what I mean
05:20and it's not some kind of hidden secret
05:22because the man kept bragging about his
05:24past which only makes me question the
05:26type of connection Marjorie had with
05:28this guy well I guess that was a topic
05:31for the next investigation and back to
05:32marjorie's dark past well Steve's
05:34ex-wife Mary Lee is confident that
05:36Marjorie apart from her two marriages to
05:38drug kingpins and alleged dealing and
05:40using also had connections with this
05:42Boomerang bodyguard and probably at the
05:45time of his dark past and it feels like
05:46the future Mrs Harvey convinced her old
05:49friend to put a good word for her well
05:51in his love letter to Marjorie which
05:53Steve wrote on the 15th anniversary of
05:54their marriage here were called when my
05:56bodyguard Boomerang handed me his phone
05:58day in 2005. I had no idea who was on
06:00the other side of it but I recognized
06:02your voice right away and it was the
06:04best day of my life life and while Steve
06:07is ready to cover his wife from Head to
06:08Toes with compliments words of love and
06:10of course luxury one of marjorie's
06:12ex-husbands also has a word or two about
06:14the true nature of this woman finally
06:17being released from the prison after 26
06:19years behind the bars Jim Townsend
06:21doesn't hide his contempt toward
06:22Marjorie who managed to secure a status
06:24of celebrity while his was doing a bid
06:26for both of them Jim is adamant to tell
06:28his side of things on that story in his
06:29upcoming tell all book entitled snakes
06:31in the garden which release is scheduled
06:33at July this year and this book is
06:35apparently a nail biter judging by an
06:37excerpt already a nail biter dodging by
06:38an excerpt already available to the
06:40public in this extract Jim talks about
06:42his daughter Morgan and guys this seems
06:45to be horrifying beginning because it
06:46says the sight of Morgan always brought
06:48joy to my heart she was truly the apple
06:50of my eye and the only reason I hadn't
06:52killed her mother as Morgan couldn't
06:54understand what was happening she turned
06:56her attention back to me and locked eyes
06:58with me giving me a look that said come
07:00and get me Daddy by why it looks the
07:02book will become a bestseller instantly
07:04after the release even with a quite
07:06Hefty price tag of almost 30 bucks for a
07:08Kindle version on Amazon and this is
07:10only the beginning and I guess Jim was
07:12not exaggerating when he said that this
07:14would a tell all story which only means
07:17one thing there were more truths filled
07:19and core Marjorie has to brace herself
07:20for what's coming for her so far she
07:23feels pretty pleased being Steve's wife
07:25and staying away from all drug scandals
07:27and as many people note this is a match
07:29of beauty and a bag well let's see if
07:31her Celebrity Status will protect her
07:32from the storm and will she able to
07:34enjoy her luxury after this release as
07:36one person wrote Marjorie used her looks
07:39to get herself Financial gains she's
07:41fortunate she didn't get any jail time
07:42you can't knock the hustle and another
07:44added sounds like the real Kingpin is
07:46Marjorie that woman got game for real
07:48and when you have game like that you
07:50play it well well it seems like Marjorie
07:53knows exactly what she wants in life and
07:54doesn't have hesitate to move from one
07:56wealthy and influential man to another
07:58but it seems like she secured her
08:00position with Steve now and not planning
08:03to leave anytime soon well I wonder what
08:05Steve would say when he learns more ugly
08:07details of his woman's past from that
08:09book and what do you reckon will Steve
08:11try to get rid of Marjorie after
08:12learning about her past or is he ready
08:15to leave past in the past share your
08:17thoughts in the comments below I'm eager
08:19to know what you're thinking and in the
08:20meantime check my other video about
08:22Marjorie Harvey's ties to dealing Elites
08:24apparently she knows about the products
08:26more than we can imagine well that's all
08:29for today thank you for watching stay
08:30tuned and I promise to be back very soon
08:32with a new portion of gossip about your
08:34favorite celebrities
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Celebrity Marjorie Harvey?

Celebrity Marjorie Harvey is known for being the wife of comedian and television host Steve Harvey.

2. What is the revelation about Marjorie Harvey's past?

Marjorie Harvey's past involving multiple marriages and alleged involvement in a drug ring has been revealed.

3. How does Marjorie Harvey's past raise questions about her reputation?

Marjorie Harvey's past involving multiple marriages and alleged involvement in a drug ring raises questions about her reputation and character.

4. What is the implication of Marjorie Harvey's past on her current husband Steve Harvey?

The revelation of Marjorie Harvey's past raises questions about her current husband Steve Harvey's knowledge of her past and its implications on their relationship.

5. What are the implications of Marjorie Harvey's past on her public image?

The revelation of Marjorie Harvey's past may have implications on her public image and how she is perceived in the media and by the public.

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