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In this video, the hosts discuss the idea of replacing Keanu Reeves with action star Steven Seagal in the John Wick franchise, showcasing Seagal's questionable acting and action skills. They create a humorous trailer imagining what a John Wick movie with Seagal would look like, highlighting his unique running style and love for sitting down. Ultimately, while the idea may be entertaining, the hosts acknowledge that Seagal's presence would not be a good fit for the beloved action series.
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The video discusses the idea of replacing Keanu Reeves with Steven Seagal in the John Wick franchise.
The John Wick movies are praised for their action and Keanu Reeves' performance.
The video suggests that Keanu Reeves will eventually move on from the franchise.
The video proposes replacing Keanu Reeves with Steven Seagal, who is known for his forgettable action movies and reputation as a terrible human being.
Steven Seagal's movies are said to lower expectations and fail to meet them.
Steven Seagal's gun handling, knife waving, and preference for sitting down make him an unlikely candidate to replace John Wick.
Sloppy gun handling and blindly firing into a crowd
Waving knife like a sword
Mostly sitting down during action scenes
Strange run when he does get out of his seat
The team replaces Steven Seagal with John Wick in a scene, using similar lighting and gestures, and pays homage to a poorly comped scene from a previous VFX episode.
They found a way to get Seagal in the shot by using similar lighting and gestures.
They pay homage to a poorly comped scene from a previous VFX episode.
They use reflections to sell the motorcycle scene and motion track Seagal into a still image.
They disrupt Seagal's life by taking away his chair, similar to John Wick's dog.
The video discusses the creation of a CG replica of Steven Seagal and the challenges faced in replicating his movements.
Steven Seagal has fled the country, so a CG replica of him has been created.
The replica is stronger and faster than the real Steven Seagal and has not committed any crimes.
The creators used motion capture and secondary motion techniques to capture the essence of Steven Seagal's movements.
They had to modify the replica's run because the average human body cannot replicate Steven Seagal's unique running style.
The video discusses the importance of secondary motion in animation and the debate about whether the John Wick franchise needs Keanu Reeves or can be successful without him.
Secondary motion can enhance animation and make it more realistic.
The video suggests that John Wick needs Steven Seagal more than Seagal needs John Wick.
The creator plans to incorporate Seagal's darker elements into the franchise and "poison" it from the inside out.
They discuss the need for a Seagal impersonator and the importance of capturing his iconic features, such as his deep voice and compressed diaphragm.
The speaker discusses their thoughts on a hypothetical movie featuring Steven Seagal in a John Wick role.
The speaker finds the trailer enticing but admits they would probably watch it overseas due to a crime they committed.
They mention that they would not watch Steven Seagal in a John Wick movie after watching the trailer.
The speaker acknowledges that Steven Seagal sucks but still respects his craft.
The butt crack scene in the trailer backfired.
The speaker mentions that Steven Seagal may not receive any payment for the movie.
They express excitement about the hip-hop beat in the trailer.
The speaker plans to wait for the movie to be available on a streaming service or buy it from the Walmart DVD bin.
They consider watching the movie because it's free money.
The speaker finds the movie trailer to be the best thing they've seen in a long time, despite its difficulty to understand.
The speaker mentions that people actually want to see the movie, even though they initially thought it would be killed by the butt crack scene.
They express their support for Keanu Reeves.
00:00we saw John Wick 4 last night and it was
00:02incredible Dynamite action Exquisite
00:04cinematography and Keanu Reeves is
00:06breathtaking no you're breathtaking I
00:10these movies are Head and Shoulders
00:12above the Dead on Arrival straight to
00:14DVD garbage action movies I usually
00:17watch I mean I'd watch John Wick five
00:19six seven I'd watch a hundred of these
00:23hey what do you mean eh I'm just saying
00:25eventually Keanu is going to move on
00:26with his life and when he does I'm gonna
00:27join him I disagree with my opinion yeah
00:29oh it's wrong tell me more every single
00:32John Wick movie raises my expectations
00:34and then exceeds those expectations the
00:36franchise is bulletproof it can survive
00:38anything John Wick would not survive
00:40Keanu leaving Keanu is Win let's put it
00:43to the test then okay let's swap out
00:45Keanu Reeves with another actor and see
00:47if the franchise can survive any actor
00:49oh no no not just any actor the
00:51Cinematic equivalent of poison a man so
00:54vile that he could single-handedly tank
00:56a lesser franchise we're going to
00:58replace John Wick with Steven Seagal
01:04there's no better way to explain Steven
01:06Seagal than to just show you Steven
01:09Seagal in the 90s he starred in a bunch
01:11of forgettable action movies and quickly
01:13gained a reputation not for being a good
01:15actor but for being a terrible human
01:17being you're that guy don't hate many
01:19people but that guy I hate that's
01:20actually that's a strong feeling good
01:22call so you want him in John Wick too
01:23since then every one of his movies has
01:26lowered our expectations and then failed
01:28to meet those expectations if he's
01:30gotten lazier and lazier I'm gonna pitch
01:32you some tropes yeah you can put them in
01:34the category of Love or hate as he gets
01:37fatter his clothing becomes longer and
01:39looser to hide the shame I love kind of
01:41cookies honestly I love that yeah it's
01:44kind of fun I will do the same thing
01:45yeah yeah so I'm gonna throw that in
01:47life yeah he basically just wears bags
01:49he weren't steeply hurt me he's creepy
01:51and inappropriate towards younger women
01:53strong distance
01:56that's in his real life and on camera he
01:59writes his own films so what you're
02:01saying is in anything that we see coming
02:03up it's from his mind and heart that's
02:05exactly right and he wanted him to say
02:07it okay all right I will snatch every
02:10[ __ ] birthday what does that
02:12mean over time he has developed an
02:14African-American accent I hate it how
02:16come you don't watch any Oscars tonight
02:17he got 15 [ __ ] and guns and you
02:20know it let me tack up let me tack up
02:22another Trope very incoherent I'm coming
02:26to the side door sharp I need you to
02:28look at the Target room on the eighth
02:33he uses body doubles for action scenes
02:36that are much fitter than him oh there's
02:38a oh yeah yeah he just gets everyone
02:40else to do the cool stuff for him and
02:41then he just kind of Pops in at the end
02:43he will use stunt doubles for scenes
02:45where he's walking he's not doing any
02:47kind of action but he's just like
02:48couldn't be bothered to do the shot does
02:50he take credit for doing his own stunts
02:53he's a huge narcissist and pathological
02:56liar he exaggerates his accomplishments
02:58and interviews and this kind of goes
02:59back to the stunt man thing right does
03:01he hit them
03:02um I feel like he hits them you can
03:04stack punches you can sell punches
03:06without actually making physical contact
03:07he does it he actually just hits them as
03:09hard as he can and uh something don't
03:12want to work with him that's a negative
03:13so here's an action scene Segal claims
03:15to be an Aikido Master but I would call
03:18that uh more of a silly slap
03:23okay so I'm gonna skip the Putin stuff
03:29so he lazily handles firearms on screen
03:32he will just hold things wrong look at
03:35this switch oh man yeah look at this
03:38lazy sloppy gun handling he's barely
03:41looking at where he's shooting ever just
03:44like blindly firing into a crowd
03:46sometimes so now he has a knife and he's
03:49waving it like it's a sword
03:51look at this I used to do that when I
03:54was eight another thing he doesn't like
03:55to stand up this is called sniper
03:57special ops no no colon Steven Seagal
04:00found a way to be seated for pretty much
04:03all of the movie I'm around where I'm
04:04supposed to be that's very strong in the
04:07love category in action how do you stand
04:09out sitting down you don't stand at all
04:11look at him just fighting sitting down
04:13what is this Crouching Tiger sitting
04:16now when he does sometimes get out of
04:20his seat
04:21um he has a run
04:23and it is a very very strange run
04:34the windmills like this the other one
04:36sort of goes out has to get out of there
04:46yeah it is you know what this reminds me
04:48of this reminds me of John Wick
04:52Steven Seagal has always survived
04:55through all of his terrible movies with
04:58somehow without being canceled it's a
05:00story of survival yeah I like that yeah
05:02it is uh and so that's why I kind of
05:03think that like a Steven Seagal would be
05:06a perfect star for the John Wick series
05:09I'm in are you in
05:21you've been watching so much the gall
05:23that now your motor skills are starting
05:24to fail I don't do my own stunts dude I
05:27have to retake that one take two okay so
05:29now that we know who Steven Seagal is
05:31what would a John Wick trailer look like
05:34with Steven Seagal how do we achieve
05:36that well I honestly I just have to sit
05:38down and watch way too many of his
05:42I looked at a lot of Clips actually
05:44sitting down and watching these movies
05:46it is a chore there's got to be a
05:48shortcut it's a man called space ice he
05:50has actually done the hard work for me
05:51the brutal brutal task of actually
05:53watching all of these movies so now what
05:56I have is 10 Steven Seagal movies and
05:58three of the John Wick movies now my
06:00goal is to scrub through those films and
06:02figure out a way to Frankenstein them
06:04together in a way that is uh coherent
06:06and funny and also just pays off the
06:09John Wick Universe this is not a Segal
06:11movie this is a John Wick film with
06:14Seagal in it so you might remember this
06:15shot of the late Mrs Wick from John Wick
06:18one Segal wouldn't have any part of that
06:19he doesn't care about women what he does
06:22care about is one man
06:25I like the shirtless one the most look
06:27at him lounging so every John Wick
06:29trailer needs a cool suit up scene
06:31an Italian classic I have to figure out
06:34a way to get Seagal in the shot the real
06:36trick with shots like this trying to
06:38find something that has a similar enough
06:39lighting and really just like a gesture
06:42something that like kind of feels like
06:43they're interacting I took Seagal waving
06:46doing this little point and then this is
06:48what it looks like together so that
06:49works you may remember in one of our VFX
06:51RS react episodes his face is very
06:53poorly comped on to a stunt actor as
06:56he's riding a motorcycle
07:00wait a second we're not I kind of wanted
07:03to just sort of pay homage to that but
07:05also spice it up a little bit there's a
07:07great one from John Wick 2 and it's a
07:09close-up of his face so this is perfect
07:11for us at that point all I needed was a
07:13still image of Steven Seagal got out and
07:17motion tracked
07:22ever a Steven Seagal sing-along this is
07:23what would be bouncing on the words yes
07:26why is he Wiggly it's because we put him
07:29in this scene dude you already have done
07:32such a better job at motorcycle helmet
07:35coughing than what I've seen honestly
07:37the big thing that sells it is the
07:38reflections like pulling the original
07:40Reflections from the other dude's face
07:42nice on a micro level it's a lot of
07:44comping but on a macro level it is all
07:46about the story you know the John Wick
07:48World exists with motivation the
07:50inciting incident of the John Wick
07:52series is that these Russians killed the
07:54man's dog what could you take away from
07:56Steven Seagal that would disrupt his
07:57life more than anything what does Steven
07:59Seagal really care about what comes to
08:01mind takeaway is Comfort that's right
08:03yep what does that look like what does
08:06that look like you take his chair
08:09the chair is sort of like John Wick's
08:11dog it gets busted up by a bunch of
08:13criminals we need a shot of this chair
08:15getting busted up by a bat and the best
08:17way to do that is just freaking beat a
08:19chair with a bat and that's what we're
08:20gonna do
08:28chair wants the break we've pre-cut this
08:31chair to be shatterable Derek is Batman
08:34today to me it makes the most sense if
08:36it's like right here the guy who made
08:37this chair is for sure dead so if you
08:39[ __ ] up there's no redos we got one
08:41opportunity to cease everything we ever
08:43wanted on this one will he capture it or
08:45let it slip three two one
09:20I'm not looking I'm not looking still
09:23he's been working on this behind my back
09:25like literally because I'm right here
09:28um for like a couple of days and he's
09:30told me not to look until this moment so
09:33all right Matt America it's gone through
09:35so many changes the good the bad the
09:38ugly is a film that was released here a
09:40while ago Steven Seagal fled the country
09:42I think so he's not here but what we
09:45have now on American soil is his CG
09:49replica hand crafted somewhat I also got
09:52a model on sketchfab that was pretty
09:54good but I built on it you know and now
09:55we can gather we can watch we can point
09:58hand in hand as a country and say don't
10:01like him I don't like that guy that
10:05guy's weird he has an ego problem
10:07and I'm hoping that that will heal this
10:09nation this Seagal is stronger faster it
10:12hasn't committed any atrocities or
10:14crimes we can do anything now once I'm
10:17done connecting my body to the Mainframe
10:19I'll be capable of great feats Feats
10:22even the real Steven Seagal could only
10:24hope to achieve
10:26like standing it's the same joke it's
10:28the same joke
10:33you're not threatened by anything yeah
10:34you don't need to get up the scary thing
10:36is the more I sit the more I want to and
10:37I'm kind of understanding how this
10:42storms too
10:43pull the dog over a pool his right hand
10:45and his left hand are on two different
10:47planets there's a lot of elements to
10:49this that I didn't really expect when I
10:50first watched these Matt and I worked
10:52very hard to capture the essence of
10:54Steven Seagal via mocap and the first
10:56thing I did was throw it all away
10:57because I realized very early on that
10:59the average human body cannot replicate
11:01Steven Seagal's run it's he's built
11:04different we're gonna do something else
11:05entirely and I used what's called
11:07secondary motion inside of Houdini
11:09there's this really cool tool called
11:10secondary motion which basically delays
11:13certain bones it's almost like it kills
11:14all the muscles in the arm and you're
11:16left with just the segoli and flip and
11:18it actually worked out really well so as
11:20he's running I kind of have a mixture of
11:22hand animation and just natural
11:23secondary motion flip so we've got our
11:25nude Seagal running in his big boy boots
11:27and that's a beautiful thing you know if
11:29you're if you're broken inside but what
11:30we need is the clothes we need that next
11:31level the way that we did that was in
11:33Marvelous Designer it's essentially like
11:35a tailoring software where you can
11:36generate clothes from scratch or you can
11:38buy certain outfits you can simulate
11:41animations wearing those outfits it's a
11:43really high level cloth simulating tool
11:45and now as you can see he is wrapped up
11:47in his clothes that are deforming really
11:50nicely and moving along with his motion
11:52the idea of secondary motion really
11:53comes back here because it's those
11:55little details that take away from the
11:57cginess of something in my opinion you
11:59know but of course then we've still got
12:00one issue and that's his ponytail very
12:02rich you're just not doing anything and
12:04I wanted to introduce a little bit of a
12:06flop well that's something I did inside
12:07of Houdini using Vellum Vellum is
12:10essentially Houdini's soft body
12:11simulation solution the final step in
12:14bringing this home it's the idea of
12:16generating hair if I'm looking at a
12:18silhouette of Steven Seagal with a
12:20strong Rim light and it's just a smooth
12:22greased hair actually that'd be pretty
12:24real too
12:26it's pretty smooth and greased now that
12:28I think about it I might have wasted my
12:29time on this one
12:31regardless I wanted to do it so that's
12:33why we did it I just isolated those
12:35areas and instant short hairs on top of
12:37it and a lot of them at that probably
12:38about a million or so and by the way if
12:40you're interested in character animation
12:42there is an hour-long episode of our
12:44crutorial series on Corridor
12:46it explains how you can Reagan anime
12:48characters of your own just like this
12:49sign up for an account if that tickles
12:51your sagali and pickle so at the end of
12:52this you have a run animation a cloth
12:54animation you have hair animation and
12:56hair simulation on top of throwing on
12:58some glasses throwing a gun in their
12:59hand and all those other fun little
13:01elements that kind of bring this thing
13:02home I mean it just goes to show you
13:04that secondary motion can help and
13:05sometimes even save animation the same
13:07way that Keanu saved these movies
13:11so once this thing's created we're gonna
13:14let the audience decide you know we're
13:15gonna let the people decide yeah does
13:17this need Keanu or
13:19is it a keanu-free franchise I'm gonna
13:22take this whole thing
13:24on purpose John Wick needs our boy far
13:27more than our boy needs John Wick and
13:28I'm going to illustrate that point by
13:30bringing the darkest elements of Seagal
13:32into this franchise and poisoning it
13:34from the inside out during the
13:35simulation of the cloth I made sure to
13:37loosen the belt so to speak and I let
13:39gravity do the rest oh
13:47do you try to sabotage this whole
13:50mission statement I'm just trying to
13:51bring realism Matt like at the end of
13:53the day if we are going to put Seagal in
13:55John Wick we are going to put all of
13:57Segal in John Wick Kraken all throw it
14:00in there I don't care I know you're
14:01trying to sabotage this whole operation
14:03the franchise will hold up the way
14:05Seagal's pants don't Matt's very
14:07confident right now but he's forgotten
14:09the most important thing of all
14:10crack kills
14:12crack kills oh you heard me I did yes it
14:15wasn't very quiet I felt like I was
14:16whispering no I'm right here
14:19there's a couple things that we need
14:20aside from the visual effects though we
14:22need a Seagal yes impersonator
14:30it's definitely a feigned deep voice one
14:35of the iconic features of his voice is
14:37the compressed diaphragm don't stand up
14:38when you when you do any of your your
14:40lines uh it's very important for the
14:42character got it brother
14:45all right please mayor you want the
14:47antithesis of Steven Seagal it's Brett
14:49yeah it's the sun nothing brings the
14:51warmth quite like the sun yeah that's
15:01there are people out there and we have
15:03to sell them a ticket to this movie only
15:04one thing left to do jack up all right
15:12sorry guys it's gonna take a second
15:14sorry in your hands you have a gold coin
15:17that gold coin is worth 18 real human US
15:20Dollars would you spend that money to
15:22see a two hour version of this thing or
15:25would you keep your money and go home
15:34friends extremely young women
15:45it's not what you did son it's who you
15:48did it too
15:49just assassin to ever leave I'm a
15:51professional killer handsome wise and
15:54articulate once I've been almost
15:56confirmed we were in there you can take
15:58him out away from my word he's also
16:00really good at guitar and he did it all
16:02sitting down
16:10what they done have you returned to the
16:13fold my brother if I get back in I need
16:16resources let me tack up wait
16:22it's ending no I'm running
16:27you run you die you gotta tell me
16:30straight so I can know who's coming for
16:32us our pleasure
16:33it's like a monkey trying to [ __ ] a
16:36football now really what have you done
16:38we've just succeeded inverting these
16:40[ __ ] to the ground
16:43you uh working again yeah
16:47thinking I'm black
16:55this thing is a would be a rare Jam if
16:58it was made I would gladly watch it it
17:00would be the worst greatest movie I've
17:01ever seen that's one it's a very
17:03enticing trailer but I'd probably be
17:05feeling some crime overseas so I'm gonna
17:08split the death of Nick
17:10if you wanted to see a matinee together
17:22I would not watch Steven Seagal in a
17:24John Wick movie now but after watching
17:26that I just know he sucks now do I agree
17:28with who this man is absolutely not but
17:30I gotta respect the craft that's a good
17:32trailer the butt crack part didn't put
17:33the butt crack was the reason I'm doing
17:36it I backfired does Steven Seagal get
17:40any of this coin let's just say he's uh
17:42pro bono money does funny things when
17:44Stephen touches it you don't know where
17:46it ends yeah I'm not taking that risk
17:47this is just mine
17:50when that hip-hop beat kicks in I was
17:53genuinely kind of hyped you know what
17:54else so I'm gonna wait for the streaming
17:56service oh wow I'm gonna spend about
18:00five of this on the Walmart DVD bin so
18:03I'm just gonna put that kind of like on
18:04the edge it's free money so yes I'm
18:07gonna go watch this movie
18:08that was the best thing I've seen in a
18:11long time and the hardest thing to
18:16so this was not close you created a
18:19monstrosity that people actually want to
18:20see Keanu Reeves yes I fought for you
18:23yeah I really tried
18:25I thought the crack would kill this
18:26whole thing but it made it stronger
18:29no no no
18:31I'm seriously so sorry
18:34this is devastating so I think what you
18:36guys showed here is that at the end of
18:37the day it's the craft that really
18:39a good movie with a good plot it almost
18:41doesn't really matter who is in it but I
18:44do personally think that the artist does
18:46matter behind the art you know and to
18:47support people who are good people and
18:49do good things if you can work with
18:50anyone you might as well work with good
18:51people who do a good job
19:00and remember ladies and gentlemen can't
19:03place a crumb let's give a round of
19:04applause for these gentlemen it's
19:06beautiful beautiful
19:10that was a small sample size and we want
19:12to know what you guys think
19:13comment down below would you
19:17John fake in theaters and like And
19:19subscribe it helps us out
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does the video summarize the idea of replacing Keanu Reeves with Steven Seagal in the John Wick franchise?

The video summarizes the idea of replacing Keanu Reeves with Steven Seagal in the John Wick franchise by discussing Seagal's questionable acting and action skills. It showcases a humorous trailer imagining what a John Wick movie with Seagal would look like, highlighting his unique running style and love for sitting down.

2. What are the unique characteristics of Steven Seagal's running style as highlighted in the video?

The video highlights Steven Seagal's unique running style, which could be described as unorthodox and distinct. This creates a humorous and entertaining scene in the imagined John Wick movie with Seagal.

3. How does the video portray Steven Seagal's love for sitting down?

The video humorously portrays Steven Seagal's love for sitting down, which adds a comical element to the concept of him replacing Keanu Reeves in the John Wick franchise. This unique characteristic is highlighted in the imagined John Wick movie with Seagal.

4. In what way does the video acknowledge the entertaining nature of the idea while considering Steven Seagal's presence in the John Wick franchise?

The video acknowledges that while the idea of Steven Seagal replacing Keanu Reeves in the John Wick franchise may be entertaining, it also recognizes the mismatch between Seagal's presence and the beloved action series. This demonstrates thoughtful consideration of the concept's entertainment value while acknowledging its limitations.

5. What are the implications of the video's discussion regarding the replacement of Keanu Reeves with Steven Seagal in the John Wick franchise?

The implications of the video's discussion regarding the replacement of Keanu Reeves with Steven Seagal in the John Wick franchise reflect the exploration of a humorous and entertaining idea. It prompts viewers to consider the contrasting styles and qualities of the two action stars and the impact on the beloved action series.

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