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Jolian Diaz, a 46-year-old Filipino-born woman, looks like she's 20 due to a balanced diet, regular exercise, skincare routine, staying calm, and having pets, according to her.
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Jolene Diaz, a 46-year-old Filipino-born woman living in California, looks as young as her 19-year-old daughter, and she reveals her beauty secrets on her blog.
Jolene has been living in California for a long time, not in the clean Filipino air.
She works as a primary school teacher and supports herself and her children.
Jolene's Instagram account gained popularity for showcasing her youthful appearance, leading to her earning money from her blog.
Jolene Diaz, despite being a school worker, advertises cosmetics and clothes on her Instagram page and has a close relationship with her daughter who is often mistaken for her sister.
Jolene has a youthful appearance and follows a balanced diet based on vegetables and dairy products.
She prefers to stay at home instead of going to clubs or parties with her daughter.
Jolene spends time with her daughter doing activities like shopping, traveling, and working out at the gym.
Jolene Diaz's main secrets to looking young at 46 include daily physical activity, careful skincare routine, and staying calm.
Jolene strictly adheres to daily physical activity, including outdoor activities, swimming, and workouts.
She follows a thorough skincare routine, using vitamin C serum, retinoids, glycolic acid, SPF creams, and hydroquinone for skin pigmentation.
Jolene emphasizes the importance of psychological health and a calm attitude to life for youth preservation.
Getting a pet can positively affect our psychological state, as they give us calmness and happiness.
Any pet requires care and attention.
Emotional support of pets can be incomparable with humans.
Beauty shines when you are confident in yourself.
Find something in yourself that you like to strengthen your self-confidence.
00:00No one believes that the Filipino-born  Jolian Diaz is actually 46 years old.  
00:07She was born on January 26, 1977. At 46, the woman  looks the same age as her 19-year-old daughter.  
00:17They are often mistaken for sisters. Is it  really all about the clean Filipino air that  
00:23allows girls to always look 19 years old?  Hardly, because Jolene has been living in  
00:29California for quite a long time, a sunny,  but certainly not perfectly clean city.  
00:35In her blog, Diaz reveals the secret of the  success of her eternal beauty, as well as  
00:41sharing funny stories from family life and talks  about habits that help her always be in shape.  
00:47Watch this video to the end and you will  learn about all her secrets and tips.  
00:53Friends, in order to stay healthy, beautiful and  active for a long time, it is important to take  
00:59a comprehensive approach to this issue. But how  to figure it all out and not get confused? Where  
01:06to look for answers to your questions? You can  learn all this useful information about health  
01:12and longevity from the videos on our channel,  so we recommend subscribing and turning on the  
01:18bell so as not to miss new useful releases. Let's  go further. Perhaps you have already thought that  
01:24a woman lives by the ocean, does nothing, has a  rich husband and therefore it is easy for her to  
01:30live and take care of herself, since she has no  worries and work. However, this is not the case.  
01:35Many years ago, Jolene broke up with her husband,  from whom she gave birth to a daughter and a son.  
01:42Since then, she has been fully supporting herself  and her children. She works as a primary school  
01:47teacher at an ordinary local school. However,  one day she created an Instagram account and  
01:53subscribers saw how young she looked. After a  while, popularity came and she began to earn  
01:58extra money on her blog in her free time. Now more  than 600 thousand people have subscribed to her  
02:04Instagram page. Despite this, the woman continues  to work at the school. On her Instagram page,  
02:10Jolene advertises cosmetics and clothes. According  to the numerous photos on her page, it is not  
02:17difficult to guess that Jolene is not indifferent  to open clothes and shows her figure everywhere,  
02:22while her photos with her daughter Melanie brought  popularity. Before Melanie left for college,  
02:28they spent time together all the time. Despite the  obvious age difference, mom and daughter really  
02:34look like sisters. Jolene says, "I don't think she  objects. We have a very close relationship. We do  
02:41a lot of things together: shopping, traveling,  working out at the gym. And sometimes we even  
02:46lie next to each other on the couch and chat. When  Melanie was growing up, she regularly heard many  
02:52people tell me that they thought she was my little  sister. I was very young when I gave birth to her,  
02:58so it's possible that we could be sisters."  Despite her youthful appearance, Jolene  
03:03doesn't think it's a good idea to go to clubs or  parties with her daughter. The woman confesses:  
03:08"Meilani and I have never visited clubs or gone  to parties together. And I don't think we'll be  
03:14doing that any time soon. I find other things  to do when my daughter spends time this way,  
03:19these days I prefer to stay at home, drink  a cup of hot tea and turn on a good movie."  
03:25Many people wonder how a woman manages to  look like a college student at the age of  
03:3046. Jolene has a few simple rules that she has  strictly adhered to for many years. Friends,  
03:36before we move on to these rules, we ask you  to like and leave a comment under the video,  
03:41this will help promote it, which will become  motivation for even more people. So, first of all,  
03:46she eats in a balanced way. The basis of her  diet is vegetable and dairy products. In general,  
03:52her menu is vegetarian. She has been eating like  this for more than 30 years. By the way, model  
03:59Christie Brinkley, who is now 69 years old, has  also been following a vegetarian menu since her  
04:05youth. Let's assume that this is a coincidence.  By the way, if you are wondering how this woman  
04:11manages to look 30 at 69, then you can watch a  separate video about her on our channel, where  
04:18we talk about the tips and secrets of Christie  Brinkley. You can find the video by clicking on  
04:24the hint that appears or by following the link in  the description. Jolene's second rule, which she  
04:31strictly adheres to, is daily physical activity.  She loves outdoor activities, swimming and never  
04:38misses workouts. A woman trains most often in the  fresh air, and in bad weather goes to the gym. If  
04:45the training time falls during working hours, then  Jolene does exercises right at work. Of course,  
04:52during the break. If any unforeseen circumstances  occur, then she does exercises at home.  
04:58In her opinion, it is impossible to skip training  in any case. The only exception is if you are  
05:05ill. The third rule. She carefully cares for the  skin. First of all, be sure to cleanse the skin  
05:11in the morning and evening. Since the age of  12, Jolene has been applying vitamin C serum  
05:16to her skin on a regular basis. And from the age  of 20, she also began to apply retinoids, glycolic  
05:23acid and SPF creams. Since she lives in sunny  California, she is forced to always use SPF cream,  
05:30even in cloudy weather. She also uses hydroquinone  periodically for several months a year, this is a  
05:36whitening cream that is used as a means to combat  skin pigmentation, freckles and roughness. Jolene  
05:42says: "Young and supple skin gives me a feeling of  self-confidence even when I don't really look very  
05:47good." The fourth rule. Stay calm. Jolene is sure  that not only physical activity and cosmetics are  
05:55important for the preservation of youth, but also  psychological health and a calm attitude to life.  
06:00The woman says: "I am very pragmatic and try not  to worry too much about the past and the future.  
06:06This helps to maintain a stable psychological  state and not succumb to stress." The fifth  
06:13rule. Get pets. Getting an animal is, of course,  a big responsibility. In this regard, it does not  
06:19matter what kind of pet we are talking about. A  small hamster or a large Dalmatian, aquarium fish  
06:25or a parrot — any pet requires care and attention.  However, these charming friends give us a lot of  
06:32positive emotions, calmness and happiness, which  positively affects our psychological state. I have  
06:38a golden retriever, I love him very much. He was  always there for me in the most difficult moments,  
06:44and even sometimes the emotional support of  our pets is incomparable with human. Friends,  
06:50before we continue, we would like to recommend  you to watch our other videos with amazing  
06:54people who defied old age. You will find a link  to this playlist by clicking on the hint in the  
07:00upper right corner or in the first pinned comment  under this video. Let's go further.  When Jolene  
07:06was asked what advice she would give to people  who suffer from low self-esteem, she replied: "I  
07:12believe that beauty shines when you are confident  in yourself. Everyone is beautiful in their own  
07:17way. Everyone has their own special zest. Find  something in yourself that you like. Because there  
07:24is something inside each of us that we can find,  love and thereby strengthen our self-confidence."  
07:31When asked what she likes most about herself  , she replied: "The best thing for me is the  
07:39ability to inspire people to start taking care  of themselves, becoming healthier and happier."  
07:46Friends, what do you think about this woman? Feel  free to leave your opinion in the comments. If  
07:52this video was useful, then like  it and share it with your friends.  
07:56We also recommend you to watch our  previous videos. Thanks for watching.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does Jolian Diaz manage to look 20 at the age of 46?

Jolian Diaz attributes her youthful appearance to a balanced diet, regular exercise, a skincare routine, staying calm, and having pets. These factors contribute to her overall well-being and youthful glow.

2. What is the secret behind Jolian Diaz's age-defying appearance?

Jolian Diaz's age-defying appearance is the result of her commitment to a balanced diet, regular exercise, a skincare routine, staying calm, and the companionship of pets. These lifestyle choices have helped her maintain a youthful and radiant look.

3. How does Jolian Diaz stay youthful and vibrant at 46?

Jolian Diaz stays youthful and vibrant at 46 by prioritizing a balanced diet, regular exercise, a skincare routine, maintaining a calm demeanor, and enjoying the company of pets. These habits contribute to her overall well-being and youthful appearance.

4. What are the factors that contribute to Jolian Diaz's youthful appearance at 46?

Several factors contribute to Jolian Diaz's youthful appearance at 46, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, a skincare routine, staying calm, and having pets. These elements play a significant role in maintaining her youthful and radiant look.

5. How does Jolian Diaz maintain her youthful appearance despite being 46 years old?

Jolian Diaz maintains her youthful appearance despite being 46 years old through a combination of a balanced diet, regular exercise, a skincare routine, staying calm, and the companionship of pets. These practices have helped her defy aging and maintain a youthful glow.

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