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Jordan Peterson discusses the benefits of the lion diet, a carnivore diet consisting solely of ruminant meat, citing improvements in his psoriasis, gastric reflux, and gum disease. He also mentions anecdotes of others losing significant amounts of weight and improving their musculature. While he has experimented with adding carbohydrates and vegetables back into his diet, he found sticking to ruminant meat to be the most beneficial.
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The speaker discusses his experience with the lion diet and how it has positively impacted his life, as well as Jordan Peterson's influence on his decision to follow this diet.
The speaker pays close attention to what Jordan Peterson says about the lion diet.
He appreciates Jordan Peterson's mind and agrees with him on many things.
The lion diet has changed the lives of the speaker, Jordan Peterson, and others.
The speaker wants to address any misinformation or disinformation about the lion diet and provide clarity to viewers.
Jordan Peterson shares his personal experience with the carnivore diet, highlighting the improvement in his health conditions and his skepticism towards the medical system.
The carnivore diet has helped Jordan Peterson with his psoriasis, gastric reflux disorder, and gum disease.
He no longer experiences acid indigestion and has stopped taking Omeprazole.
Jordan Peterson criticizes the medical system for prescribing medications as a long-term solution without addressing the underlying issues.
Jordan Peterson discusses the physical changes he experienced on his diet, including maintaining his body morphology from when he was 23.
Peterson mentions that the weight loss on his diet is not difficult to explain due to the restrictive nature of the diet.
He discusses the effectiveness of ketogenic and zero fat diets for weight loss.
Peterson also shares his concerns about low-fat diets and their potential damage to the gallbladder.
Jordan Peterson discusses his recent realization about the weight of the steaks he has been consuming and his struggle with cravings and keto flu.
He recently started weighing his meat and was surprised to find out that some steaks weighed more than he thought.
He had been consuming around three and a half to four pounds of meat some days, which is more than he had realized.
Jordan Peterson aims to reduce his body fat ratio to 10% and has been experiencing cravings and keto flu when consuming carbohydrates.
He acknowledges the challenges of cutting back on calories and dealing with cravings for foods he shouldn't have.
Jordan Peterson discusses the hypothesis and effects of the lion diet, including rejuvenation and muscle tone improvement.
When multiple people have the same results, it becomes a hypothesis rather than an anecdote.
People have shown significant weight loss on the lion diet, with some losing up to 150 pounds in a year.
The lion diet has had a rejuvenating effect on Jordan Peterson and his wife, improving their muscle tone.
Jordan Peterson is curious about the effects of the diet and would like it to be studied further, especially in relation to type 2 diabetes.
Jordan Peterson discusses his journey on the lion diet and the importance of exercise in achieving his body fat goals.
Jordan Peterson mentions that he hasn't had the desire to eat anything other than beef when he is satiated.
He believes that intense exercise, such as rucking and walking, is necessary to achieve a 10% body fat ratio.
Peterson acknowledges that he is learning as he goes and advises viewers to take his thoughts with a grain of salt.
He talks about the challenge of resisting cravings and how consuming more steak helps him overcome them.
Jordan Peterson has been sticking with ruminant meat, water, and salt for five years, but has also experimented with some carbohydrates and vegetables.
He finds the information informative and up to date.
He rarely experiments anymore as he does better on ruminant meats.
He does a lot of exercise while working, walking three to four miles a day with extra resistance.
00:08hey guys it's me Dante with Ferrigno
00:10Freedom Channel I'm back again to do
00:12another video review with you where I am
00:14going to be taking a look at something
00:16that actually kind of refutes the first
00:18video I did like this where I'm actually
00:20taking a look at what is being said out
00:22there in the community about the
00:24carnivore diet and lion diet
00:26specifically because in my case that's
00:28what I've been doing now for almost two
00:30and a half years
00:32and when I saw that one video that
00:34showed Jordan Peterson in the thumbnail
00:36saying it almost killed me I thought
00:38I've never heard him say that and I pay
00:41a lot of attention to what Jordan
00:42Peterson's Jordan Peterson says that
00:45because the reason I found out about
00:46this diet is because I listened to what
00:48he says I really have a lot of
00:50appreciation for that man's mind we
00:53don't agree on everything but we are we
00:55agree on a lot and one of those things
00:58has been the benefits of lion diet and
01:01how it has changed my life how it has
01:03changed his life how it has changed his
01:05daughter's life and how it's changed
01:07many of your lives and I'm so thankful
01:08that you guys are here to come and share
01:11your journey with me and to be able to
01:13come and watch my journey and use it to
01:15motivate you
01:17um I thought it would be a good idea to
01:19do these videos strictly because
01:21it would give us a chance to make sure
01:24if there's any misinformation or
01:26disinformation out there that we can
01:28look at it together and make sure that
01:30when your friends come and say yeah I
01:32heard this or I heard that that you'll
01:34have an idea of where that came from so
01:36we're going to take a look at the video
01:38called my transformative Journey on the
01:40carnivore diet unbelievable results
01:42Jordan Peterson
01:45so I've only been eating meat for beef
01:48fundamentally for almost five years now
01:52and I've talked to hundreds of people
01:54and we've had messages from thousands of
01:57people showing that this is first of all
02:00radically effective as a weight loss
02:02strategy and also seems to produce
02:03remarkable effects on the
02:07General disease symptom front back in
02:10November of 2021 there was a study
02:13published by a Harvard Group which
02:15wasn't a perfect study because it was
02:17retrospective self-report but they
02:20followed 20 they assessed 24 2500 people
02:24who had been on a carnivore diet for six
02:26months and showed something
02:27approximating a 90 reduction in all
02:30disease symptoms and it's the only
02:32scientific paper I ever
02:3490 reduction in all disease symptoms
02:39and people ask me or try to tell me that
02:42this is not healthy
02:43to to have that bigger results I mean it
02:47is almost like a miracle the way the
02:49other video mentioned almost
02:52sarcastically that this is miraculous
02:55and it is it has been miraculous for me
02:58and many others
03:00read where the surprise of the
03:03researchers was palpable between the
03:06lines in the in the scientific writing
03:08because you know in a scientific article
03:10all that emotion negative or positive is
03:13pretty much ironed out but these people
03:14were so shocked by what they found that
03:16it couldn't help leaking into the
03:18document and so
03:21well this has been quite surprising to
03:23me because I never imagined in my
03:25wildest dreams number one that you could
03:27just live on me number and number two
03:29that it would have such a salutary
03:31effect so for me guy lost 52 pounds in
03:35seven months
03:36I went from 212 pounds to 165 which is
03:40exactly what I weighed when I was 23. I
03:43think that's where I got the idea in the
03:44other video that he had lost 65 pounds
03:46is that he is 165 pounds I knew I heard
03:4965 somewhere along the way
03:52and I've maintained that weight since I
03:55can put on muscle Mouse with no problem
03:57even though I'm 62. I had a host of
04:00inflammatory conditions some of which
04:02were quite serious including peripheral
04:03uveitis which sometimes blinds people in
04:06my right eye and it disappeared
04:08completely along with psoriasis and
04:10gastric reflux disorder and
04:13interestingly enough
04:15gum disease which is technically
04:17incurable which is linked to
04:19cardiovascular degeneration and which
04:21has gone away 100 percent in my case
04:24according to
04:25how amazing is that something that is
04:28usually considered to be incurable and
04:31is related to cardio cardiovascular
04:33disease goes away while eating in all
04:36carnivore or all ruminant meat diet and
04:39I can attest to the one with the gastric
04:42reflux because I used to get acid
04:43indigestion all the time I never
04:45actually had a gerd diagnosis but they
04:48had me on now
04:49Omeprazole 40 milligrams and that I
04:53believe is the higher dose that's like a
04:55prescription level dose of Omeprazole
04:57and I found out that that does horrible
04:59stuff stuff to your body overall in the
05:02long term like it's only a short-term
05:03solution but I see doctors prescribing
05:06it as a long-term solution when I was an
05:08administrator or a retirement home it
05:10was common and those are the kind of
05:13things that really scared me about what
05:15goes on in our medical system these days
05:17our Health Care system and I put Health
05:20Care in quotes because I don't think
05:22they're really caring for our health
05:23they're simply prescribing medicine
05:26it's more like a drug dealer care but
05:30I didn't see any evidence that they were
05:33looking to try to fix anything they were
05:36just putting Band-Aids on the problem
05:37but those Band-Aids would cause other
05:39problems and keep them further in
05:42business with patients with problems
05:45multiple measures that my dentists have
05:47taken and so what I've talked to many
05:50people who've lost like a hundred pounds
05:53in a year you know because they come to
05:54my talks and who are just beside
05:57themselves so to speak as a consequence
05:59of experimenting with this diet so well
06:02so that's the story it's very strange I
06:05don't talk about it that much because
06:07I'm not a nutritionist and because I'm
06:08still Shell Shocked by it but I'll tell
06:14I'm still pretty shell-shocked by it too
06:16myself and I've been doing it two and a
06:18half years he's been doing it twice as
06:20long as I have but he admits that it's
06:23it's shocking to see such a change in
06:26your life because
06:28just the just the idea that I could be
06:31below my high school wrestling weight
06:33the weight I had to get down to when I
06:37was 16 17 years old I don't remember
06:40when I exactly started wrestling I
06:42turned 17 while I was in my senior year
06:44but I started wrestling in my senior
06:47year also so I could have been 16 when I
06:49started but I was 2 10 2 15 when I
06:52started wrestling and I had to wrestle
06:54heavy weight if I was going to be in
06:56that weight class anything above 189
06:58back then was heavyweight well the the
07:00max out on heavyweight was 275 and
07:03everybody in heavyweight was 275. so if
07:07I'm in there at 2 15 these guys have got
07:09a 60 pound weight advantage on me that
07:11was bad enough not to mention I was new
07:13at wrestling so I worked hard to get
07:16that extra 20 25 26 pounds off so I
07:19could wrestle 189 weight class that was
07:22I I remember like jumping rope every day
07:25for almost an hour to get down to that
07:28level and eating salads and all kind of
07:32stuff trying to starve myself or not
07:34starving myself but I mean it wasn't fun
07:36let's just say that I did eat a lot of
07:38fruit at that time period And I didn't
07:40realize that that was counterproductive
07:42but I was cutting out all the the
07:44processed garbage and I was cutting out
07:46the donuts and the cookies and the
07:48Breads and things like that so that
07:50certainly had an effect on it but for me
07:53to be well I got up this morning and
07:55stood on the scale at 186 pounds I'm 50
07:57years old and I'm at the most healthy
08:00weight I've ever been at in my entire
08:02life with the exception of maybe the I
08:05was down to 176 a few months ago and
08:09I don't know when I was 176 before I
08:12must have been 12 years old so
08:15it is shell shocking it is mind-blowing
08:19what this diet has done for me
08:21physically mentally and spiritually for
08:23that matter and that's a matter for
08:25another video let's keep going on this
08:28it's something to be 60 and to have the
08:32same essential body morphology that I
08:34had when I was 23 and that had all
08:36disappeared for me in my early 50s
08:39yeah you're not the first person I've
08:41heard this story from Jordan and I have
08:44to be honest with you I just don't know
08:46how to explain it
08:48um the weight loss by the way is not the
08:50harder part to explain right so the more
08:52restrictive any diet is the more one
08:55loses weight on average right so I it
08:57wouldn't surprise me if we put a person
08:59on the all potato diet if they would
09:01lose weight whereas if you put somebody
09:03on the no lettuce diet nobody's going to
09:05lose an ounce so more restrictive diets
09:08ketogenic diets which are not as
09:09restrictive as what you're doing are
09:11also very effective for weight loss by
09:13the way so is a zero fat diet now it's a
09:17unpalatable diet and I don't think it's
09:19particularly healthy diet when you sort
09:21of start restricting fat that much
09:24the more interesting question to me
09:27not to mention I think low-fat diets are
09:29what do damage to our gallbladders I had
09:32to have my gallbladder taken out in 2002
09:34I was in my early 30s no I was either
09:37right at 29 or 30 right at 30 but I
09:40think I might have still been 29 I can't
09:42remember it might have been 29 I can't
09:44ever remember how the years work I was
09:46born in 72 it was 2002 it was the summer
09:49I was born in November so I was probably
09:5129 still and my son just had his
09:54gallbladder taken out my natural son he
09:57had his gallbladder taken out a few
09:59years ago he was only 18 years old and I
10:01know he was doing a low-fat type of
10:04thing because he was trying to watch his
10:05weight and trying to follow all the
10:08I truly think that by not letting the
10:11part of our body that's designed to deal
10:13with that function processing animal fat
10:16is what causes gallstones because the
10:20doctors had no answers as to what caused
10:22this for me and they still don't have
10:23answers for people about gallstones I
10:26personally think it's a low-fat dieting
10:28and then once that happens it makes it
10:31harder for you to even process fat at
10:33all it does your body can overcome those
10:36difficulties but
10:39and I've got other videos talking about
10:41the gallbladder we'll keep going with
10:42this one
10:44and you know and I can certainly
10:46understand if you would say I have no
10:48desire to experiment further by
10:50introducing other elements to see if I
10:52can preserve this phenotype but the most
10:54interesting question to me is
10:57what are the other Foods out there that
11:00you might be able to consume or in the
11:02case of your daughter right like is it
11:04I'm obviously interested in that too but
11:06I what I have found because I have now
11:09and then tried to eat carbohydrates what
11:12I have found is that if I eat any of
11:14them I start to Crave them intensely if
11:17I don't eat them at all
11:18I they don't bother me assuming and this
11:20goes to the calorie restriction issue
11:24one of the ways of maintaining yourself
11:27on a keto diet or a carnivore diet let's
11:29say is to make sure you're never hungry
11:30and I eat a lot of meat and a lot of
11:33high fat meat and so I'm never hungry
11:36and I don't think that I'm calorie
11:37restricted at all because you know I can
11:40eat all the Tomahawk Steak sometimes in
11:42one sitting which is about 35 ounces of
11:44meat I never get hungry and I eat high
11:47fat carnivore snacks too
11:49what I found is law as long as I'm never
11:52hungry then I I am not inclined to cheat
11:56but if I do try something like an
11:58introduction of carbohydrates first of
12:00all some of my symptoms come back right
12:01away like the gerds and I start craving
12:04like mad so well so that's it is
12:08I get the same thing I get to I get
12:11craving for foods that I'm not supposed
12:13to have when I've restricted myself and
12:15I only know that because recently I
12:17started restricting restricting myself
12:19because I think I was overeating I
12:21mentioned this from a previous video
12:23once I started using Redmond smoke salts
12:26they are so delicious they just cause me
12:29to want to eat more meat and I wasn't
12:32weighing my meat until recently I bought
12:34a scale just so I could make sure before
12:36I put them on
12:37and I was shocked at how much these
12:39Stakes weighed that I was thinking were
12:41maybe 16 ounce steaks sometimes they're
12:44you know 26 ounces and I'm thinking
12:46they're a pound and
12:49I was telling people I was eating two
12:51pounds a day but I think I had had an
12:54increase in my numbers because I started
12:55buying more rib eyes in larger
12:58quantities around Christmas time and
13:00then again at Easter because Publix has
13:03that wonderful sale three times a year
13:05Christmas Easter and Labor Day and I was
13:07getting them cut into inch and a half
13:09sometimes even two inch Stakes
13:12I don't even know how much those two
13:14inch Stakes I weighed uh how much they
13:17weighed because I never weighed them but
13:19I've weighed some of the stakes that are
13:21only an inch and a quarter and they're
13:23close to two pounds so I was probably
13:26eating three and a half to four pounds
13:28some days where I had been eating about
13:31two pounds a day now after I lost the
13:33weight I expect that my appetite would
13:35increase a little bit because I was
13:37running on a lot of my own fat
13:39and I did want to cut back on my
13:41calories some because I wanted to get
13:42the little pockets of fat that I had
13:44left you know I got a 20 body fat ratio
13:47on my last dexa scan so I thought I'd
13:49like to get that down to 10 I know some
13:52people say That's not healthy but that's
13:53my personal desire and I'd like to be
13:55able to do that so I've been trying but
13:58it does cause me to have cravings for
14:01things that I don't I shouldn't have and
14:03when I have eaten carbohydrates I've had
14:06like re-bouts with keto flu and it
14:10always turns out to be a loser because
14:12my body says this is not what we want to
14:15run on it's not that I can't eat them
14:17it's that I shouldn't eat them
14:21is it all carbohydrates or
14:25um like for example if you introduce
14:27vegetables uh non-starchy vegetables
14:30what happens both symptom wise and uh
14:33craving wise
14:35yeah well for a while I was eating
14:37nothing but meat and greens um but I
14:40still had some residual symptoms
14:43my wife has a host of immunological
14:45problems that are somewhat low level
14:47and I have a different host and Michaela
14:50seemed to get all of them
14:52and so you know maybe we're absurdly
14:55sensitive for reasons that wouldn't be
14:56true of other people but it's definitely
14:59the case that I do better and believe me
15:02this isn't something I particularly want
15:05it is the case that I do better if I
15:07just stick to beef now could I have pork
15:10and chicken
15:11um I had a very terrible bout of ill
15:13health and I'm disinclined to do a lot
15:15of experimentation although I'll
15:16probably try again in the future
15:18sometime but I do know that beef Works
15:21we've been hypothesizing internally in
15:24our family for what it's worth is that
15:26the reason that beef works and that
15:28other rumored animals bison and so forth
15:32um lamb goat is because
15:35they're they they process what they eat
15:38through so many stomachs that by the
15:40time it is actually turned into meat
15:41there's pretty much nothing else there
15:43so it's
15:44it's a very purified form of nutritional
15:48uh uh very well a very purified form of
15:52food now like I said that's anecdotal
15:54and this is partly why I don't talk
15:56about it but I
16:00I can understand him saying that it's
16:02anecdotal but it seems to be clear for
16:05me too because I have the same response
16:07when I go back to pork and chicken I
16:09tend I typically feel more bloated or I
16:12have some digestion issues I definitely
16:14don't like the way the foods taste as
16:16much I have to avoid bacon mostly
16:19because every time I've had bacon I can
16:22taste it's got sugar in it because
16:23they're often cured with sugar and I a
16:26lot of times eat the bacon that's at my
16:28work when I'm hungry and I haven't eaten
16:30anything that day
16:31so I just find it's better I do better
16:35on beef same same story there I also
16:38notice that the words in this video
16:40don't always match so I guess they just
16:42did it automatic the uh the closed
16:46but I can tell you after you've talked
16:48to a thousand people who tell you the
16:50same anecdote you don't have an anecdote
16:52anymore you have a hypothesis and it's
16:55really quite something seeing these
16:56people that's basically what I was
16:58saying is you don't have an anecdote
17:00anymore when you have a number of people
17:01that have the same results it's a
17:03hypothesis now so that's he just
17:07sometimes he finishes a thought for me I
17:09love it
17:11who show me pictures of what they looked
17:13like a year ago and you know they were
17:15carrying around an extra person with
17:17them and they're still Shell Shocked by
17:19the transformation you know because it's
17:21really something to lose say 150 pounds
17:23in a year
17:24and so well I don't know what to make of
17:28that I do know that it's been
17:30the diet has actually been rejuvenating
17:32for my wife and I like its effect on
17:34muscle tone has to be seen to be
17:36believed and that's true even though
17:38both of us are 60. like my wife is in
17:41better shape from a musculature
17:43perspective now at 63 than she was when
17:47she was 40 and she was a very physically
17:49fit person who was exercising constantly
17:51and who was in pretty damn good shape
17:53and to see that reverse rather than just
17:55you know stop deteriorating I don't
17:58really know what to make of it
18:01I would love it to be studied
18:03prospectively I'm I'm very curious as to
18:06what's going on in particular with with
18:07that I mean there are there are lots of
18:09data out there showing the efficacy of a
18:12ketogenic diet in the amelioration of
18:15type 2 diabetes
18:17um I I do think I mean look when it
18:20comes to type 2 diabetes any amount of
18:22weight loss is going to produce a
18:24benefit but it seems that a ketogenic
18:28diet has the easiest
18:32compliance and uh there might be
18:36something to the fact that it's kind of
18:38removing the thing of which there is an
18:40excess right by by at least taking away
18:43the thing that is in most excess uh it's
18:46easier to kick start that a fast of
18:48course is also a great way to kick start
18:50that right
18:51and I've heard people refer to carnivore
18:54diet and lion diet as basically fasting
18:57while still eating so
19:01I agree with what he's saying there
19:03something about taking away taking
19:05glycogen levels down in the liver and
19:07the muscle makes this easier
19:10well that the advantage too of the diet
19:13the carnivore diet particular is because
19:15you can eat as much as you want it's
19:18actually not a diet you know the problem
19:20with diets is that they require
19:22privation and they require almost
19:24continual privation and then they also
19:26tend to produce a yo-yo effect and
19:28that's partly because if you get in a
19:30fight with your hypothalamus which
19:32drives hunger You're Gonna Lose because
19:34it's there to make damn sure you don't
19:36starve and the probability that you can
19:38override it for any length of time
19:40well it's very very low and that
19:43probably varies from person to person
19:44for all sorts of reasons but you don't
19:46want to get into scrap with your
19:49you know he brings up a good point that
19:51makes me think about maybe I need to
19:53rethink my Approach
19:55to trying to get down to 10 body fat
19:59because if I am restricting my intake
20:02any it does tend to cause me to have
20:04more Cravings it is helping to get the
20:07weight down but I can do temporary fast
20:09and get over that too
20:10but by restricting constantly trying to
20:13keep my
20:15weight of meat that I've been eating
20:17around that two pound area I've noticed
20:20that I have times throughout the day
20:22where i'm more tempted to want to have
20:24something I shouldn't have and working
20:25in a kitchen that's not very helpful
20:27thankfully the worst things I've had are
20:30pork and even tried chicken once for the
20:33first time in two and a half years the
20:35other day
20:36because I was hungry and they had made
20:37some baked chicken available and I
20:39thought well I'll just give it a try I
20:41didn't really enjoy it all that much but
20:43I felt like I wasn't cheating so it
20:45wasn't that bad but
20:49I haven't had the desire to have
20:51anything but beef when I was eating till
20:53the satiated
20:54so I guess the key is going to have to
20:57be making sure I get up that exercise I
21:00know doing rucking and walking is great
21:01but I probably need to get to a little
21:04more intense level if I really want to
21:06be down to a 10 body fat ratio and
21:09that's just me sharing my thoughts on
21:11what I have talked about for my journey
21:15you know I'm learning as I go on this
21:18too so you guys have got to kind of take
21:20what I say with a grain of salt in a lot
21:21of ways as I try new things
21:24like trying to get down back down to 10
21:27body fat so I'm learning and I don't
21:30want to get in a fight with my
21:31hypothalamus because it's going to be
21:32trying to force me to eat things I don't
21:34want to eat there's no doubt about that
21:37lower level motivational systems now you
21:40know if I ever start to crave a banana
21:42split for example I can just eat another
21:44five or six ounces of steak and then I
21:46don't care it's not like it wouldn't
21:48taste good you know but it doesn't
21:50preoccupy me the way it would if I was
21:52hungry I've really noticed this when I
21:54go into grocery stores because if I go
21:57into a grocery store after having
21:59consumed enough meat then the provision
22:03of this infinite display of delicious
22:05foods really doesn't affect me much but
22:07boy if I ever go into a grocery store
22:08when I'm hungry that's quite the pain in
22:10the neck
22:12the only part that I can disagree with
22:14on that is I've gotten to the point
22:15where I look at this stuff as poison and
22:17it doesn't tempt me to want to buy it at
22:20and I hardly have ever gone shopping
22:22when I was hungry since I've been doing
22:24this diet because I've hardly ever been
22:26in a situation where I've been hungry up
22:28until recently where I've been trying to
22:30really restrict my intake some to get
22:32back down to where I was and
22:35like I say I'm learning as I go on that
22:37but it's something I'd like to point out
22:39is I don't have that problem at the
22:41grocery store like he mentioned at least
22:43not anymore I think earlier on it would
22:45have been a struggle because I remember
22:47at one point I tried to Pop Tart again
22:49and it's like of all things why in the
22:51world would I want to try a Pop-Tart but
22:54it was something that I used to like and
22:56I saw my son had a box of them and I
22:58said I'm gonna have one and it just
23:01it was like licking flour out of a bowl
23:03it was awful because everything's
23:05delightful and tempting you know so the
23:07fact that you can eat enough or even as
23:09much as you want on a keto or carnivore
23:12diet does seem to distinguish it in some
23:14ways from the diets that depend more
23:17particularly on mere calorie restriction
23:19so I noticed that as I got older my
23:22ability to concentrate when I was
23:24reading was deteriorating so when I was
23:2725 30
23:29when if I picked up a book and read it I
23:33shut everything else out and I would
23:35remember concentrate on focus on and
23:38tend to what I was reading read every
23:41word and understand it with no problem
23:44but that started to deteriorate as I got
23:46older and I noticed that it took an
23:48increasing amount of effort to shut
23:50everything off and that instead of
23:52reading as deeply as I was I was sort of
23:54glancing at the words
23:56and when I started this carnivore diet
23:59that reversed and I can now I think I
24:02actually think this is true I think I
24:03can read faster and more efficiently
24:05than I could when I was in my 20s I can
24:07attest to that as well
24:09um especially being an avid reader I I I
24:12did get to a point where I could almost
24:15just read a whole page
24:17and think back to myself I don't know
24:20what I just read I looked at all the
24:22words and saw them but then I didn't
24:24know what I just read and it's usually
24:26because my mind was focused on something
24:28else or they said something in the
24:30narrative that distracted me and I
24:31started thinking of something else and I
24:33just kept on reading
24:35but I I do find that it is easier to
24:37read and I I love to read I I try to
24:39read at least 23 24 books a year as a
24:43matter of fact this year it's uh it's
24:44only June and I'm at I'm reading my 24th
24:47book right now and I've done some
24:49doozies this year
24:51I'm actually reading two books because
24:53I've been reading uh
24:55Gibbons uh
24:58the the right the decline and fall of
25:00the Roman Empire
25:03has taken forever to get through the
25:05language is just not what I'm used to
25:07reading but
25:09it's informative it's just I had to put
25:12it down for a while and read something
25:15but anyway I noticed the same thing on
25:18the reading so
25:19this is just good information and I love
25:21that this video is is more up to date
25:24showing that he has still been sticking
25:26with ruminant meat water and salt you
25:29know basically five years now like he
25:31said he has done some experimentation
25:33and it makes me feel better because he
25:35always said I never cheat now he's I was
25:39defining cheat differently I think I was
25:41defining cheat as being even
25:43experimenting with certain things and
25:45now I know that he's experimented with
25:47some carbohydrates and vegetables and
25:49things like that I've done some
25:50experimenting as well and it's rare that
25:53I experiment anymore because I've just
25:55found that I do better on ruminant Meats
25:59and the only time that I have something
26:01that's not room in it is usually out of
26:03necessity or because I'm doing something
26:05like restricting my caloric intake and
26:09that that I may need to revisit that
26:12so I'm glad we watched this together I
26:14hope you found it useful and let me know
26:17if you enjoy this format of videos
26:19because I'm not going to do this all the
26:21time but I wanted to be able to do
26:23something that might take the place of
26:25some of my walking talks because I do so
26:27much of my exercise while I'm working
26:29now because I have to walk three to four
26:31miles a day and I do get extra
26:33resistance on those walks because I'm
26:35pushing a cart across carpet so the
26:37wheels are digging in a little more it's
26:39got some weight to it
26:41and a lot of times when I get home I
26:43just don't feel like doing another Rook
26:45or doing a walk that day especially in
26:47this hot Florida Sun but you know if
26:50this is something that you find useful
26:51and enjoyable please let me know in the
26:54comments and also let me know what other
26:56videos you'd like me to review if it is
26:58something you find useful and enjoyable
27:02that's all I got to say for this one
27:04stick around for a little message I have
27:06from vintage tradition it's a company
27:08that makes Tallow bombs and soaps and
27:11things like that but they make them all
27:12with natural ingredients mostly animal
27:14products I use their soap for the first
27:17time in the shower today and my skin
27:19feels really good it's only Tallow and
27:22cold pressed olive oil so
27:25I've never had a soap quite this pure
27:28and natural and it just it feels nice so
27:31check out this little bit of information
27:33I got from vintage tradition and I'll
27:36see you guys next time I wanted to try
27:38out this new skin care product that I
27:40bought on Amazon called vintage
27:42tradition says it's the whole food of
27:44skin care a little goes a long way
27:47ingredients Tallow from 100 grass-fed
27:50cows cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
27:53therapeutic grade essential oils
27:56Cedarwood ylang ylang lavender and basil
27:59as opposed to using chemical based cream
28:02like this that I usually use after I
28:04shave at least all the ingredients in
28:06here are natural this is only two ounce
28:07bottle it's not very inexpensive but I'm
28:10gonna see after I just did a shave how
28:12well this spreads out
28:14spread it around this stuff really does
28:16seem to go a long way
28:20I like it it's definitely soothing to my
28:23skin it doesn't it doesn't have the
28:25burning sensation that it had when I got
28:26out of the shower vintage tradition
28:28might want to give it a try
28:58thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the lion diet that Jordan Peterson discusses?

The lion diet that Jordan Peterson discusses is a carnivore diet consisting solely of ruminant meat. This means that the diet is focused on meat from animals like cows, sheep, and deer.

2. What benefits did Jordan Peterson mention about the lion diet?

Jordan Peterson mentioned improvements in his psoriasis, gastric reflux, and gum disease as benefits of the lion diet. He also shared anecdotes of others losing significant amounts of weight and improving their musculature by following this diet.

3. Why did Jordan Peterson find sticking to ruminant meat to be the most beneficial?

Jordan Peterson found sticking to ruminant meat to be the most beneficial because it resulted in the most noticeable improvements in his health conditions. He experimented with adding carbohydrates and vegetables back into his diet, but found that the lion diet consisting only of ruminant meat delivered the most benefits.

4. How does the lion diet impact health conditions like psoriasis and gastric reflux?

The lion diet, consisting solely of ruminant meat, has been mentioned by Jordan Peterson to have positive impacts on health conditions like psoriasis and gastric reflux. According to him, following this diet has led to improvements in these conditions.

5. Are there any testimonials related to weight loss and muscle improvement from the lion diet?

Yes, Jordan Peterson discussed anecdotes of others losing significant amounts of weight and improving their musculature by following the lion diet. These testimonials suggest potential benefits in terms of weight management and muscle improvement.

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