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The video discusses the case of Junko Furuta, a young woman who was brutally tortured and abused for 44 days in Japan. The perpetrators, mostly minors, subjected her to unimaginable cruelty and eventually killed her. Despite the heinous nature of the crime, the sentences given to the assailants were considered insufficient by many.
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The discovery of a body in a concrete drum leads to the revelation of a horrific 44-day torture and murder case in Tokyo.
The body of a 17-year-old girl, Junko Furuta, was found in a drum filled with concrete.
The girl had been subjected to extreme torture, with broken bones and severe damage to her uterus.
Despite her unrecognizable state, she was identified through her fingerprints.
Junko Furuta, an introverted and intelligent student, went missing after a night out with classmates who had sinister intentions.
Junko was a shy and studious student who excelled in all subjects.
She had never been in a relationship and had no vices.
Junko planned to work full-time after finishing her studies.
On November 25, 1988, Junko went missing after a night out with classmates who intended to rob businesses and abuse women.
A young woman is abducted and held captive by a group of individuals who threaten her and her family.
The abductors claim to be members of the yakuza and intimidate the girl.
They take her to a house where she is humiliated and abused by the group.
The girl is forced to call her family and pretend that everything is fine to stop the police investigation.
The girl's parents notice her distress but do not take action due to fear of their son's violent friends and mafia connections.
A girl named Junko Furuta was brutally abused and tortured by a group of young people for 44 days.
She tried to call for help, but her captors caught her and hung up the phone.
The police called back, but she lied and said it was a mistake, so they didn't investigate further.
Her captors burned her with a candle and set her legs on fire as punishment for trying to escape.
They continued to abuse her, even cutting her chest and piercing it with sewing needles.
Junko Furuta endured brutal physical abuse, including being whipped, submerged in water, and beaten with a stick, causing severe injuries and physical deterioration.
The attackers whipped her while she was unconscious and her eardrums burst.
They submerged her head in a bucket of water until she reacted.
After 30 days of punishment, her face was swollen, her hands were undone, and her body emitted a strong rotten smell.
Her eyelids were burned by wax, causing her to lose her sight temporarily.
The investigation into the case of Junko Furuta reveals missed opportunities to rescue her earlier.
A 55-gallon drum filled with concrete was disposed of in a vacant lot, containing evidence of the crime.
During the interrogation, one of the officers manipulated Furuta into believing they already knew what had happened.
Two police officers were sent to the house but declined to search, resulting in the prolongation of Furuta's ordeal.
The parents of a young man reported the incident, and their DNA was found on Furuta's body.
The section discusses the court sentences and appeals of the individuals involved in the case of Junko Furuta.
The alleged leader of the crime was initially sentenced to 17 years in prison but appealed and received a final sentence of 20 years.
Minato, another perpetrator, initially received a sentence of 4 to 6 years but was later sentenced to 8 years in prison.
Yasushi Watanabe, charged with complicity in the case, was sentenced to 8 years in juvenile detention before being released in August 1999.
People considered the sentences to be unfair and felt that a more severe punishment was warranted due to the brutality of the crime.
00:00good evening welcome to the
00:02nocturnal criminalist
00:25[Music] [
00:56the city of Tokyo in Japan is without a
00:59doubt the political, economic and
01:02cultural center of that country and one of the
01:04largest cities in the world which
01:07houses in its history, numerous
01:09disasters and success stories that have
01:11traveled the world, such is the case that
01:13occurred 32 years ago, which made it
01:17clear that human beings have no limits.
01:22On January 24,
01:241989, the discovery of a 208-
01:28liter drum full of concrete in An
01:31abandoned factory in the corner of a
01:33vacant lot in the city of Coto, east of the
01:36center of Torre de Japon, told a
01:38sinister, if not
01:41impressive, story that lasted
01:4344 days and was discovered after
01:47two police officers questioned
01:49two young people the day before for
01:52suspicion of the murder of a woman and her
01:55son, once while at the police station they
01:57were separated into different
02:00interrogation rooms, one of the officers
02:02made one of the young people believe that he
02:04was aware of what they had done
02:06The boy thought that his partner had
02:09confessed to the crime. He told the
02:11officers where to find the body.
02:14However, the officers were
02:16impressed since the person they were
02:19referring to was a different woman who
02:21had been murdered for nine days
02:24when the police arrived. place
02:26they found the drum full of when they
02:29handled it a stench of putrefaction
02:31came out from inside when they opened it
02:34they found remains of hair
02:36evidently from a body when
02:38they broke the drum they found a
02:41girl covered with a bag and a blanket
02:43with obvious signs of violence
02:46totally unrecognizable once When the
02:48body was recovered, they managed to find
02:51countless signs of torture,
02:53broken bones and severe damage to her
02:56uterus. It was also discovered that the young woman
02:58was pregnant. There was so much violence
03:01that the girl could only be
03:03identified by her fingerprints.
03:05The body matched
03:0917 year old fruit born in misato in
03:12saitama prefecture she lived with
03:15her parents and two of her siblings she was a
03:18third year high school student
03:20at the jazz school and ominami yunko
03:23was a very cheerful and respectful quiet young woman
03:25who She got along well with
03:28everyone at school, she was quite
03:30shy and only dedicated herself to her studies, she was
03:34very intelligent, so much so that she excelled
03:37in all the subjects at school
03:39due to her introverted nature. She
03:41had never had a boyfriend or any type of
03:44relationship with someone she didn't like. He liked to go out
03:46to parties and he didn't have any vices either.
03:49In the afternoons he worked for a few
03:52hours in a plastic molding factory
03:54twice a week because he had
03:57planned to save for his
03:59graduation trip but because he worked
04:01very little and didn't earn enough, he was looking for
04:04a job. new job in an
04:06electronics store where she planned to work
04:09full time once she finished her
04:12studies. Every night the girl came
04:14home as usual, however, on
04:17November 25,
04:191988, she did not do so
04:25once her parents noticed
04:27her absence. The young woman called the
04:29police and reported
04:32her daughter missing, but hours later Junco called
04:35and told them that she had run away from home
04:37that she was staying with a friend and
04:40hung up that November day with a
04:43classmate named Giros and Milla
04:45who He was obsessed with Yuc. He
04:48was in the company of his friend. They did not
04:50look for Minato wandering the
04:52streets of the city of Misato because they
04:55had agreed to meet at night to
04:57rob some businesses and see if they
04:59were lucky to find some
05:02women to abuse around them.
05:04at 8:30 at night those young people
05:07observed fruit on a bicycle
05:09while she was heading home,
05:12Quiros and saw the perfect opportunity and
05:15told my nato that he would knock the
05:17young woman off the bicycle and run and that is what
05:20happened once when he He was
05:22on the ground and approached and under the
05:25pretext that he had witnessed the
05:27attack, he seemed concerned and offered
05:30to take her home. She accepted this gesture
05:33without realizing the sinister plan
05:35that these individuals had planned
05:38during the trip. She threatened to The young woman wanted
05:40to hurt her if she didn't do what
05:43she said, so in the face of threats he took her
05:45to a nearby warehouse with the intention of
05:48abusing her as Yunko resisted and
05:51no longer told her that she had better do
05:53what she was asking him to do otherwise. way to
05:56murder him because he revealed that he
05:58belonged to a Japanese mafia called the
06:00yakuza, which had been operating since the
06:0417th century in Japan. This organization is
06:07extremely dangerous because its
06:10main activities are extortion,
06:12trafficking in narcotics, weapons and
06:16human beings, knowing this. The young woman
06:19did not put up much resistance and once there he
06:22abused her repeatedly.
06:24After that, it occurred to him to take her to
06:27a hotel to continue with his macabre
06:29plan when they were both
06:32inside the room.
06:34calling her
06:37ogura and yasushi wat nave as well as anna
06:40looking for a minute to show off to them what she
06:42had just done is then one
06:45of them I happened and told her to
06:48keep her in captivity so they
06:50could do with her whatever they wanted
06:52this group of friends had a long
06:54criminal history because they
06:56had previously done similar things and
06:59had recently deprived of the
07:01freedom of another young woman who was also
07:03abused and then released her under
07:07threats around three in the
07:09morning. I no longer take fruit to a
07:12nearby park where my nato ogura and wat
07:15nave were waiting for them when they
07:18met together they began to
07:20threaten the girl telling her that they were
07:23members of the yakuza and knew where she
07:26lived if she said anything or tried to escape
07:29they would kill her entire family that's
07:31when they agreed take the young woman
07:33to Minato's house in the district
07:36of Adachi where they would keep her in
07:38captivity. Upon arrival, they began to
07:40humiliate and abuse her in a group and
07:43once they finished satisfying their
07:45perversities, they hid her and
07:47took turns taking care of her. Two days later, on
07:50November 27, the group of young people
07:53forced Junco to call her family
07:56to tell them that she was fine and to
07:58stop the police investigation
08:00into her disappearance. After the call,
08:03the girl's parents contacted
08:05the police station again to tell them
08:08that It had all been a misunderstanding because
08:10his daughter was with a friend from
08:13school, so the police stopped
08:15looking for Juncos when Minato's parents
08:17saw the young woman. The attackers
08:20forced Yunko to pretend to be the
08:22girlfriend of one of them, but her face of
08:25anguish made his parents
08:27realize that something was not right,
08:30however they did nothing about it
08:32because they were afraid of their son since he was
08:35very violent and aggressive, and
08:37they also knew about the connections that
08:39their son's friends had. with the mafia and
08:42feared reprisals. Soon the
08:44boys' parents realized
08:46that they had her against her will.
08:49Even her brother was aware of what
08:52happened, but none of her relatives
08:54did anything to avoid the misfortune.
08:59This was the beginning of one of the
09:02most terrible cases ever committed against a
09:04person that have ever been seen. The place soon
09:07became a regular meeting place
09:09for gangs because these
09:11subjects invited groups of people
09:14including members of the yakuza to
09:16torment the young woman, beat her and so
09:20that they abused her for the seventh day
09:22yuko had been abused and raped on
09:24more than a hundred occasions they had her without
09:27food and without any clothing every day that
09:29passed they humiliated her in inhuman ways they
09:32often let her sleep on the balcony
09:34despite the very low temperatures
09:37below zero degrees, other times they
09:39forced her to sit for hours in a
09:42freezer, then they took her out and
09:44forced her to drink her own urine, they
09:46fed her cockroaches and
09:49later forced her to touch herself
09:51in front of them, dance and sing
09:54songs while they beat her among
09:56the many tortures. They included the
09:58introduction of foreign bodies into
10:01her intimate part, including an iron bar,
10:05reeds, fruit, which was
10:07completely destroyed, one night, she
10:11realized that her perpetrators were
10:12sleeping, seeing the opportunity, she tried to
10:15escape, as the young woman was completely
10:18beaten, she crawled as best she could and climbed down.
10:21the stairs slowly once she
10:24reached the phone she called the
10:26emergency number but to her misfortune he
10:28turned around if he saw her and managed to hang up just in
10:31time before she could say
10:34anything after that he hit her
10:36immediately the police returned the
10:38call and turned around. She informed them that it had
10:41been a mistake and that she had dialed by
10:44mistake. The police did not investigate further and
10:47ended the call after she hung
10:50up and called the other members of the
10:52group and they took her up to the room where they
10:55had her deprived of her liberty once
10:57there. They punished her brutally, they began
11:01to make fun of her, they lit a candle and
11:03with the flame of it they burned it, not
11:06happy with this, they sprayed the liquid
11:08from some lighters on the
11:10girl's legs, they set it on fire as
11:13punishment for trying to escape due to such a
11:16savage act, Junco entered into convulsions
11:19but her attackers thought she
11:21was just lying and they made fun of her
11:23because of this they set her feet on fire
11:26until the girl couldn't stand the
11:29pain and they put out the fire
11:31incredibly and despite all the abuse she
11:34suffered she managed to survive, you would
11:37think that By having such a punishment
11:39those young people would stop but that
11:42was far from happening because after having done
11:44the unimaginable they continued
11:46to beat him and even cut part of
11:49his chest and pierced it with
11:52sewing needles on one occasion one of them came
11:55up with the idea of lighting fireworks
11:57in the young woman's rectum
11:59despite the fact that she begged him to
12:01stop at this point and a co stopped
12:04being a victim of abuse because she was so
12:07hurt that she stopped being attractive to
12:09them but it was established that they
12:11abused her between 400 to 500 times
12:15by more than 100 men the situation
12:18reached the point where they threw
12:19sports dumbbells into her stomach and
12:22burned her to put out her cigarettes,
12:24tied her hands to the ceiling and used her
12:27body as a punching bag until
12:30her internal organs collapsed. They were crushed
12:32inside so much that blood was coming out
12:34of her mouth. At one point her nose was
12:37filled with so much blood that she could only
12:39breathe through her mouth. She was so
12:42malnourished and dehydrated due to
12:44prolonged hunger that she couldn't even
12:46keep her feet in place. Where she was
12:49was full of feces
12:51and urine, but since those men couldn't
12:54stand the smell anymore, they forced
12:56her to go down to the bathroom. It took her more than an
12:58hour to crawl up the stairs
13:00to get there because her body was
13:03so hurt and without strength at this time.
13:05Fruit heights was unable to
13:08walk, nor could she drink water when
13:11eating food because she vomited after
13:14each attempt, which not only
13:16kept her dehydrated but also
13:18made her attackers angry, who
13:21then punished her with more
13:23beatings. It was surprising for the
13:26police, they believe how it is. The fact that the girl
13:28had endured so much damage and the fact
13:31that no one reported the fact
13:32apart from these dirty acts of cruelty
13:35for these subjects was still not enough
13:38because they used her private parts to
13:41have fun by inserting various
13:43objects into her, including a hot light bulb
13:46which then exploded inside. After being
13:48punched in the abdomen, she
13:50also received scissors, a baby bottle and
13:53burning objects. Due to the
13:56constant blows, the young woman fell into
13:58unconsciousness and, far from stopping and
14:00showing regret, they grabbed her by
14:03the hair and whipped her hard
14:05on the floor so much so that her Her eardrums
14:08burst and she was unable to hear
14:10properly. This caused them to
14:13get even more angry as the girl did not
14:16react. They put her head in a
14:19bucket of water until she
14:20reacted again because because she was
14:23drowning, her body managed to resuscitate it. By
14:29then she had been carrying more After 30 days
14:32of punishment, the brutality of the attacks
14:34dramatically altered the fruit's appearance
14:37because his face was so swollen
14:40that it was very difficult to distinguish his
14:42features. His hands were undone, his
14:45nails were broken and his body gave off
14:48a strong rotten smell. He was so
14:51thin that You could see the bones,
14:53every part and every visible limb
14:56had bruises. Her eyelids were so
14:59burned by the wax that they dropped
15:01on her face. She couldn't see. After
15:04seeing Jung's current state, the boys
15:07lost interest in her and as a
15:09result of this they thought. in kidnapping
15:12another girl who entered in the same
15:14way as iuc applying the same modus
15:17operandi and was abused in a group but
15:20left free during the 44 days
15:23that her martyrdom lasted brutal robbery day
15:26after day they murdered her but they did not
15:29want that they wanted satisfy their
15:31twisted minds in such a vile
15:34and ruthless way
15:36that he went from being a human being
15:38to an object of entertainment. It came on
15:41January 4, 1989, that day the young people
15:45wanted to have even more fun and a cone
15:48could stand up and was motionless.
15:50on the ground, they still challenged her to
15:53a game of chips called
15:55senior solitaire which aims to
15:58clear the board by eliminating all the
16:01identical pairs from the composition of the
16:03game unexpectedly and despite not being
16:06physically and mentally well, she managed to beat
16:09the boys so To punish her
16:11again, they made her stand up and
16:14beat her feet with a stick until
16:17her body collapsed and fell to the ground in a
16:20fit of convulsions. As Yunko was
16:23bleeding profusely and pus was coming out of
16:25her infected burns, the subjects
16:28covered their hands with
16:30plastic bags and continued beating her, they
16:32dropped an iron dumbbell
16:35on her stomach and finally
16:37set her on fire. The final attack lasted
16:40about two hours
16:41until she couldn't stand it anymore and she lost her
16:44life that day, however her attackers did
16:47not realize it and They left hours
16:49later, Minato's brother entered his
16:52room and noticed that the girl was
16:54not moving and seemed not to be breathing, so he
16:58called his brother and told him that I did
17:01not seem to be lifeless.
17:06Once the young people arrived, they
17:08realized. After what happened and for fear
17:10that someone would discover the body, they
17:12wrapped her in a blanket and put her
17:14inside a travel suitcase so as not to
17:16leave any trace of her body. They
17:19came up with the idea of ​​putting her in a
17:2155-gallon drum and they filled it. of concrete
17:24around 8 at night they
17:27loaded it into a truck and finally
17:29got rid of it in a
17:31vacant lot found 19 days later on
17:35January 23, 1989 he turned without and no longer and Joe
17:39Ogura were arrested for abusing the
17:42girl of 19 years old who had been deprived
17:44of her liberty since
17:47women's underwear was found in one of the
17:48aggressors' homes. During the
17:51interrogation, one of the officers
17:53made her believe that she already knew what they
17:55had done. She immediately thought that I was
17:58ogura. had confessed to iun's crime
18:01with fruit so he told them where to
18:03find the body once
18:05the case became known the investigators
18:08found a report in which two
18:10police officers were sent to the house of and
18:13after a report from
18:15the parents of a young man who indicated that
18:17in that house they had a girl deprived
18:19of liberty; however, when they
18:22arrived they were received by Mina, who
18:25told the officers that if they wanted, they
18:26could go by and look inside the house,
18:28believing that it was sufficient proof
18:30that there was nothing wrong they declined the
18:33invitation and left the site if they
18:36had searched the house and located the
18:38face their ordeal
18:40would have only lasted 16 days and they could well
18:43have recovered from their injuries due
18:45to these actions the two officers
18:48were fired for not following the
18:50police procedure, the young man who
18:52reported the incident to his parents
18:54told them that they went to
18:56Minato's house and he allegedly forced them to
18:59abuse the girl. When the young man
19:01left the place, he came home and
19:03told his brother what happened and he
19:06told his parents what had happened.
19:08Later, the parents
19:10contacted the police, however, the
19:13DNA of one of them was found on the
19:15body of the fruit after the arrest of
19:18Giros y Yogurt, who just a few
19:20days ago was arrested for abusing From another
19:22young woman there were two more people
19:25and Asus and Watanabe did not innately seek
19:28Minato's brother for complicity in the
19:31case, however, because they were
19:33very young, the Japanese court did not
19:36initially release their names, although
19:38due to the cruelty of the case. Some
19:41journalists assured that the aggressors
19:43did not deserve anyone to defend their
19:45human rights, although the group of
19:47four young people were the main
19:49culprits of the murder. It is believed that there
19:52could have been a hundred men
19:54who violated her since the autopsy
19:56revealed more than 100 remains of DNA.
19:59Different people,
20:01forensic studies reported that the cause of
20:03death was a shock
20:05due to the torture inflicted, there was so much
20:09suffering and stress that his
20:11brain shrank in size
20:15when Fruit's parents found out
20:17what these young people had done to him. done
20:19to her daughter, her mother
20:22fainted due to mental trauma and had to
20:26psychiatric treatment because she could not bear to
20:29listen to so many atrocities to which
20:32her daughter was subjected before the trial.
20:34The investigations showed that the
20:37intellectual author The murder had
20:39been a twist if I won who was a
20:41classmate of Iun with Fruit in
20:43high school. The young man was obsessed
20:46with her. On more than one occasion he tried to
20:48court her. Unco never paid
20:51attention to her because he knew of the connection that
20:53Twists had with the mafia. In addition, Fruit
20:56was a young woman who cared about her
20:58studies and did not have any relationship in mind,
21:01but this guy was not
21:03used to being rejected because he
21:05often got his way because everyone
21:07respected him and feared that a boy was not a
21:10secret. She belonged to the yakuza.
21:13It is believed that the version that they
21:14found Junco by chance is
21:16a lie because it turns out that if he had planned
21:19to take revenge for her rejection,
21:21the four members of the gang
21:23pleaded guilty to having committed
21:25injuries to the girl's body but
21:27denied having murdered her because
21:30the perpetrators were all minors
21:32when the crime was committed, they could not be
21:34tried as adults. In July 1990,
21:38a court of first instance sentenced
21:40the alleged leader of the
21:43crime to 17 years in prison, however,
21:46the young man was not happy with the
21:48sentence and appealed the decision because of
21:50this he was given three additional years and
21:53his final sentence was 20 years in addition
21:56to the fact that the parents of the attacker had
21:58to pay 50 million yen to the
22:01fruit parents as
22:03compensation for the damage. They searched for Minato
22:05who originally received a
22:07sentence of 4 to 6 years received a
22:10final sentence of 8 years in prison
22:13Minato's parents and brother were not
22:15charged with the crime even though
22:18they were aware of all the
22:19events Yasushi Watanabe was
22:22sentenced the same sentenced to 8 years for
22:25complicity in the case,
22:28he was in juvenile detention for eight years
22:31before being released in August 1999.
22:34After his release, he is said to
22:37have boasted about his role in Jung's case.
22:40Once the trial was over, people
22:42considered that the The sentences were
22:44too unfair because an act such as this
22:46deserved a more severe sentence due to
22:49the brutality of the same. 3 of the 4
22:51subjects involved in the case were released
22:54from prison before they were 8 years old. In July
22:58Joe Ogura was arrested for assaulting a
23:01man. who thought he had been
23:02involved with her boyfriend, hit him and
23:05pushed him into his truck and
23:07then received a beating that
23:10lasted four hours. Annoyance, he was
23:13returned to prison and
23:15sentenced to seven years after the fact,
23:18Ogura's mother blamed him. From everything bad
23:20that happened to his son to the matter of a
23:23piece of fruit, for this reason he went to the
23:26young woman's grave and destroyed it,
23:27stating that he had ruined
23:30his son's life. I was no longer denied
23:32parole in 2004 but years
23:35later he was released although in
23:372013 he was arrested again for fraud
23:41because there was not
23:43enough evidence, he was released for his
23:45part Minato was arrested in
23:482018 for attempted murder after
23:51he hit a man with a
23:53metal rod and subsequently cut his
23:56throat, this case is considered one of the
23:58cruelest ever seen in the
24:01history of Japan,
24:05as always, dear public, I appreciate
24:07your company, if you are not yet subscribed, I
24:10invite you to do so and become part of
24:12this great community. It's the
24:14night criminologist until the next
24:17broadcast, good night.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What was the case of Junko Furuta?

The case of Junko Furuta involved the brutal torture and abuse of a young woman in Japan. She was subjected to unimaginable cruelty for 44 days, mostly by minors, and eventually killed.

2. What was the duration of the abuse in the case of Junko Furuta?

Junko Furuta was brutally tortured and abused for 44 days before she was eventually killed. The extent and duration of the abuse shocked many people.

3. Who were the perpetrators in the case of Junko Furuta?

The perpetrators in the case of Junko Furuta were mostly minors who subjected her to unimaginable cruelty. Their actions led to widespread outrage and controversy.

4. Why were the sentences given to the assailants considered insufficient?

The sentences given to the assailants in the case of Junko Furuta were considered insufficient by many due to the heinous nature of the crime and the extent of the cruelty inflicted on the victim. This sparked debates about the adequacy of the justice system.

5. How did the case of Junko Furuta spark controversy?

The case of Junko Furuta sparked controversy due to the heinous nature of the crime, the young age of the perpetrators, and the inadequacy of the sentences given. It raised questions about the justice system and the treatment of such serious crimes.

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Oral Tren, also known as methyltrienolone or metribolone, is a potent steroid used by bodybuilders and athletes to increase muscle growth, aggressiveness, and performance. It has various benefits such as removing water retention, increasing muscle hardness and strength, and does not convert to estrogen. It is recommended to be taken in small dosages for short cycles before workouts.

This video compares the advantages and disadvantages of using the old GCKey portal vs. the new IRCC portal for applying for Canadian study permits and visitor visas, including differences in sign-in methods, document upload limits, and form filling processes. The processing times for both portals are similar, and while the new portal allows for downloading the application summary, the old portal does not. Ultimately, the choice between the two portals depends on individual needs and preferences.

There are concerns about CERN's Large Hadron Collider potentially causing the destruction of our universe and opening a gateway to a parallel reality according to a young prodigy named Max Laughlin. He theorizes that CERN's experiments may have fractured our universe and shifted humanity into a new parallel universe. However, experts remain skeptical and CERN assures the public of the safety of their operations.

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Porn sites make money through subscription models, offering enticing trials that convert to higher monthly fees, while using one-click upsells and sectioning off content to generate more revenue. They also profit through ad shares on teaser content and by advertising competing subscription sites, resulting in substantial monthly earnings for well-run websites.