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This tutorial explores how to use to turn simple text prompts into AI-generated videos, transform the style of existing videos, and create reactive music videos. Kyber offers different plans and a free trial, providing various features such as adjustable video duration, camera movement, and video transformation. The generated videos can be of high quality and visually appealing.
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This section of the video introduces, an AI text-to-video generator, and explains the different plans available.
00:00 is an AI text-to-video generator.
There are three different plans available: Free Trial, Explore Plan, and Pro Plan.
The Free Trial offers a seven-day trial with 60 free credits.
The Explore Plan costs $5 per month and includes 300 credits and access to all features.
The Pro Plan costs $15 per month and includes 1000 credits, the ability to make eight-minute videos, and the option to upscale videos to 1080P or 4K.
The Artist Plan costs $30 per month and includes 2500 credits and access to all features.
This section explains how to customize the settings for generating a video using Kaiber AI.
You can choose from pre-loaded styles such as steampunk or photo realistic.
You can adjust the duration of the video and camera movement.
The Evolve setting controls the level of transformation in the video.
You can upload a song for the video to sync to.
The Boomerang option reverses the video after it plays forward.
The video demonstrates how to transform an existing video using Kaiber AI.
The videos have been generating quicker recently, taking only about three minutes.
By adjusting the Evolve setting, the BMW in the video transforms through various models of BMWs.
To transform a video, drag and drop the video clip onto the box that says "transform an existing video".
You can adjust the level of transformation and select the initial frame for the video before creating the transformed video.
In this section, the video explains how to create a music video synced to the music.
You can upscale the video to 1080p or 4K by using credits.
Upload an image for the initial frame of the music video.
Select the style of the music video, such as watercolor.
Drag and drop the audio clip to be synced with the video.
Adjust settings like zoom and video reaction to audio.
Preview and select an initial frame for the video.
Generate the video, which takes about three minutes.
00:00today in this tutorial we're going to
00:01explore how you can turn Simple Text
00:03prompts into incredible AI generated
00:05videos just like these using one of my
00:07favorite AI tools it's an AI
00:11text to video generator and you can
00:13really create some incredible works of
00:15art with it first we're going to very
00:16briefly look at the plans they have
00:18available and how you can access the
00:20free trial then we'll look at how you
00:22can turn text prompts into AI generated
00:24videos then we'll look at their video
00:26transformation tool where you can use a
00:28text prompt to add style to a video that
00:30you already have and lastly we'll upload
00:32some audio and generate some video that
00:34is reactive to the audio that way it
00:37creates a cool little music video if you
00:39haven't already subscribed go ahead and
00:40do that now especially if you enjoy
00:41learning about Ai and how you can create
00:43incredible things with AI and please
00:45like the video as well it definitely
00:47helps me out let's get into it to get
00:49started you just want to go to
00:51and I'll put a link in the description
00:53as well and kyber does offer a free
00:55trial as you can see here they have
00:57three different plans and their floor
01:00plan it's usually five dollars per month
01:02but they do offer a seven day free trial
01:04where they credit you 60 credits for
01:06free and after that you're built five
01:08dollars per month and you get 300
01:10credits per month with the explore plan
01:13you do have all of the functionality
01:14within kyber you have access to all the
01:16features the only downside is that you
01:19can only make one minute videos if you
01:21want to make longer videos you'll need
01:22to upgrade to the Pro Plan and the Pro
01:24Plan is 15 bucks per month that includes
01:261 000 credits and you can also make
01:28eight minute videos you can also upscale
01:31your videos to 1080P or 4K and with the
01:34artist plan that's 30 bucks per month
01:352500 credits and again you have all the
01:38functionality within kyber whenever you
01:40find a plan that works for you just go
01:42and click subscribe now and let's go
01:43make some videos once you're logged into
01:45kyber just go ahead and click on create
01:47video in the upper right hand corner and
01:49from here you can either upload an
01:51initial image that you would like to
01:53generate your video based on or you can
01:56upload a video and transform the style
01:58of a video which will transform the
02:01style of a video here in a second and
02:03for now I'm just going to go ahead and
02:04upload an image that I generated on
02:05mid-journey it's an image of a BMW
02:08driving through the Swiss Alps and over
02:11here in the upper left hand corner there
02:13are two text boxes for two different
02:15prompts the first one is for the subject
02:18of the video that you would like to
02:19generate and the second one is for the
02:22style of the video so because I uploaded
02:25an image of a BMW driving through the
02:27Swiss Alps I'm going to use a prompt
02:29that correlates with that image that way
02:31the video will be generated based on
02:34that subject and this prompt says BMW
02:37speeding on a winding Alpine Road
02:39through a town on a beautiful spring day
02:41in the snow-capped Swiss Alps and kyber
02:44has a lot of pre-loaded styles for your
02:46video that you can choose from such as
02:48steampunk 3D rendering and for this
02:51video right here I'm going to go ahead
02:52and use Photo realistic and after you
02:55select your style you can just click on
02:57video settings and from here you can
02:59adjust the duration of your video every
03:03second of your video will cost you one
03:05credit so I'm going to go ahead and set
03:06this to only six seconds long and you
03:09can also adjust the camera movement as
03:11well I'm going to select zoom out and to
03:15the right because I'm hoping the camera
03:17will kind of follow the car as it's
03:20driving along the Alpine Road and you
03:23can adjust how much you want the video
03:24to transform as well using the Evolve
03:28setting so obviously the lower the
03:31evolved setting the less transformation
03:33you'll see within the video in the
03:36higher the setting the more
03:37transformation you'll see so if you
03:40wanted it to stay fairly static go and
03:42set it to one if you want a lot of
03:45random things things that happen
03:47throughout the video go ahead and adjust
03:49it all the way up to 10. so for this
03:51video right here I'm gonna go ahead and
03:52set it to 10. and if you would like to
03:55upload a song as well for the video to
03:59sync to some music you can go and upload
04:01that over here in the bottom right hand
04:03corner and if you're like for the video
04:06to play back once it's played forward
04:09you can click on Boomerang and it'll
04:11just reverse the video after it plays
04:13through once and after you have all this
04:15set just click on go to preview frames
04:18and from here you can select the initial
04:20frame of your video
04:22I'm gonna go with this fourth image
04:24right over here in the bottom right hand
04:25corner and there's also a storyboard
04:27option as well if you'd like to tie
04:29together several different scenes of
04:31your video but for the sake of this
04:33tutorial I'm just going to stick with
04:35one scene right here and I'm going to
04:37click on create video now kyber has been
04:39getting a lot of traffic lately so uh
04:41depending on the time of day that you're
04:43using kyber it may or may not take a
04:45long time to generate the video I've
04:47seen it take anywhere from a few minutes
04:48all the way up to 20 to 30 minutes but
04:51they've been getting a lot better
04:52recently and the videos have been
04:55generating a lot quicker so I'm just
04:57going to pause the video right now and
04:59wait for it to be finished so it only
05:01took about three minutes right now which
05:03wasn't very long at all and let's go and
05:05check out our video and as you can tell
05:07the BMW is transforming through various
05:10different models of BMWs as it's driving
05:14down this West Alpine Road and the
05:17reason why it's doing that is because I
05:19adjusted the Evolve setting all the way
05:21up to 10 so that's why you're seeing a
05:24lot of transformation right here if you
05:26wanted it to again stay fairly static
05:29you could just adjust that down but for
05:32now let's go ahead and transform a video
05:34so you just want to go and click on
05:36create video again in the upper right
05:38hand corner
05:39from here just go ahead and drag and
05:41drop your video clip onto the box that
05:44says transform an existing video and
05:47I've got this video clip right here of a
05:49jellyfish swimming through an ocean it's
05:51only five seconds long and really
05:53similar to what we just did you want to
05:55go ahead and type in the subject of the
05:57video that you would like to generate so
05:59my prompt right here says robotic
06:02steampunk jellyfish swimming through a
06:07glowing ocean
06:09and for the style of the video I'm going
06:12to go ahead and select steampunk and
06:14click on video settings and from here
06:17again you can transfer you can adjust
06:18how much you like for the video to
06:20transform I'm going to lower it down to
06:22four last time we did 10. so I'd like to
06:24see what it does when it's a little bit
06:26more static and from here just go and
06:28click on go to preview frames
06:30really similar to last time you just
06:32want to go and select the initial frame
06:34for your video I'm going to go with the
06:36second frame right here and then just
06:38click on create video transforming
06:40videos does take a little bit more time
06:42than generating them so I'm going to
06:44pause the video again and let you all
06:45know how long it took okay so this time
06:48it took about seven minutes to generate
06:50this transformed video let's go and
06:52check it out so as you can tell
06:54obviously the new video is of a
06:56steampunk style jellyfish and just for
06:59comparison I'm going to put the initial
07:01video up here on the screen as well and
07:04as you can tell they're really similar
07:06it's just the video we just generated is
07:09in a steampunk style so I'm sure you can
07:12imagine all the possibilities with this
07:14with all of the videos that you have on
07:16your on your phone all the amazing
07:18things that you would be able to create
07:19and if you'd like to upscale the video
07:22as well you can do that right here by
07:24clicking on upscale video for 1080p it's
07:27one credit for every 10 seconds and for
07:294K it's one credit for every five
07:31seconds but I'm going to hold off on
07:33that for now let's go ahead and generate
07:35a music video so we'll upload some audio
07:36and generate a video that will be synced
07:39to the music so again just go and click
07:41on create video
07:43and from here just go ahead and drag
07:44over the image for the initial frame of
07:47your music video and then click continue
07:49to prompt and again I just described the
07:52subject of your music videos so mine
07:55right here says a dancing crowd at a
07:58crazy concert and then scroll down and
08:01select the style of your music video
08:03and I'm going to select watercolor for
08:05this video and then just scroll down a
08:07little bit further and go ahead and drag
08:09over the audio clip that you would like
08:11to be synced to your music video
08:15so here's a clip of the audio I'm using
08:17it's one that I generated on sound Raw
08:20it's an AI music generator and be sure
08:23to trim your audio track before you
08:24upload it because the length of the
08:27audio clip will be the length of your
08:29video so if you upload an audio clip
08:31that's one minute long that's going to
08:32cost you 60 credits and from here we're
08:34gonna go through the other settings I'm
08:36going to select zoom in and I'm going to
08:39bring the Evolve up to eight and from
08:42here you can adjust how much you want
08:43the video to react from the audio so I'm
08:47going to select hi and click on go to
08:49preview frames and just like before
08:51we're going to select an initial frame
08:53of our video I'm gonna go with this
08:55third one right over here in the bottom
08:57left hand corner and then just click
08:59create video so this time I took about
09:01three minutes to generate this video it
09:03wasn't too bad and as you can tell the
09:05generated video is synced up and
09:08reacting to the audio clip and as you
09:11can imagine if the audio clip was quite
09:13a bit longer you know there's a 20 30
09:15second audio clip you would see a lot
09:17more transitions within this video and
09:19that's one way you could get that full
09:21music video and if you want to see how
09:23you can generate your own music and tie
09:25a whole bunch of these kyber generated
09:27videos together I made a complete guide
09:29on how to create an AI generated music
09:31video so I'll put a link to that in the
09:33description of this video If y'all got
09:35value out of this tutorial go ahead and
09:36like it and go and subscribe it really
09:38helps me out I'll see y'all next time
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1. How does turn text prompts into AI-generated videos? turns text prompts into AI-generated videos by using its advanced AI technology to transform simple text prompts into visually appealing videos. The tool offers features such as adjustable video duration, camera movement, and video transformation, providing high-quality and engaging content.

2. What are the key features offered by for creating AI-generated videos? offers key features for creating AI-generated videos, including adjustable video duration, camera movement, and video transformation. Additionally, it provides the ability to transform the style of existing videos and create reactive music videos, making it a versatile tool for content creation.

3. What plans and trial options are available on offers different plans and a free trial for users to explore its features. The plans provide access to various features for creating AI-generated videos, and the free trial allows users to experience the platform's capabilities before making a commitment.

4. How can help in creating visually appealing videos? helps in creating visually appealing videos by offering AI-generated content that is of high quality. With features like adjustable video duration, camera movement, and video transformation, users can customize their videos to suit their style and preferences, resulting in visually stunning content.

5. What are the benefits of using for video creation and transformation?

Using for video creation and transformation provides benefits such as the ability to turn text prompts into AI-generated videos, transform the style of existing videos, and create reactive music videos. The platform's features and plans offer flexibility and creativity, allowing users to produce engaging and unique video content.

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