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After gaining popularity with his Kanye East character on TikTok, Mike Manik experienced success and downfall, losing friends, his girlfriend, and even becoming homeless. Despite the challenges, he continues to entertain and create content, sharing a message of perseverance and urging others to pursue their passions.
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The parody account "Kanye East" gained popularity on TikTok, but it caused the creator, Mike Manik, to lose friends, his girlfriend, and become homeless.
Mike Manik created the parody account "Kanye East" on TikTok.
He started gaining popularity with videos of him reading famous Kanye West tweets.
The success of his videos led to him losing friends, his girlfriend of 6 years, and becoming homeless.
Mike's viral meme success led to opportunities in music and online platforms, but also brought him unwanted attention and controversy.
Mike's Fortnite Balls meme gained hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and millions of streams on Spotify.
He faced backlash and requests for offensive content from viewers, but still gained more popularity.
Mike capitalized on his newfound attention by creating a YouTube channel and earning money from Spotify, Cameo, and custom song requests.
Quitting his job at Arby's and convincing his girlfriend to do the same seemed like a good decision at first, but it eventually led to negative consequences.
Due to the success of the Kanye East meme, the creator faced increasing hate and criticism, leading him to quit making certain videos and focus on his own projects. He also faced financial difficulties and lost his apartment lease.
The longer the meme went on, the more hate the creator received from the TikTok community.
The creator faced comparisons to Mr. Blocky and accusations of falling off in popularity.
He decided to quit making certain videos and focused on his music and personality-based content.
The creator lost his apartment lease after his landlord demanded more money upon discovering his TikTok fame.
The creator of Kanye East faced a ruined friendship and financial struggles, but continues to entertain through his YouTube channel, Cameo, and plans to release more music.
The creator's trip to California with his best friend turned out to be a lie and caused their friendship to be ruined.
His girlfriend and friends were revealed to be with him for the money.
The creator is currently homeless but will have proof of income in three months to rent or buy an apartment.
He is still active on his YouTube channel and brings happiness to people through his Cameo and memo.
Despite the negative impact, the situation has helped him to separate himself from Kanye West and grow his brand.
The creator plans to release more music, make a mixtape, and produce more music videos in the future.
00:00lately the internet has been flooded
00:02with the name Kanye West
00:06as his life and career is slowly
00:08spiraling out of control but back in
00:112021 there was another Kanye that took
00:14social media by storm and that was Kanye
00:16East the parody created by Mike manik
00:19gained significant popularity on take
00:21took in a short amount of time and have
00:23resulted in Classics like fortnite balls
00:25and his famous Rapier comment series
00:27however this meme didn't just bring him
00:29success because it also caused him to
00:31lose friends his girlfriend of 6 years
00:34and even made him homeless so to find
00:36out why all of this happened I
00:38interviewed him and his story is
00:42thank you
00:43before Mike Rose to fame he was already
00:45getting called Kanye in high school as
00:48he looked very similar to the rapper and
00:50he absolutely hated it so when he made
00:52his tiktok account he just wanted to be
00:54himself but the more videos he posted
00:56the more people would recognize him as
00:58Kanye and eventually he decided to just
01:01go for it Kanye North Kanye South Kanye
01:04East defense gave him plenty of
01:06inspiration for a new username but Mike
01:08settled for Kanye East as he left on the
01:10east coast and officially rebranded on
01:12tiktok his first video as his new Alter
01:15Ego got posted on the 21st of June in
01:172020 in which he read a number of famous
01:19Kanye West tweets and more of these
01:21parody videos followed not long after
01:23now at first these tick tocks didn't
01:25really blow up as they only got a couple
01:27hundred views but my kept posting
01:29consistently throughout the year and
01:31finally found success when he asked this
01:33fan base who was in Paris in January of
01:352021 as that video got over 960 000
01:39views his growth was still inconsistent
01:41at this point but more content start is
01:43going viral and Mike came up with a
01:45brilliant idea to progress his brand
01:47even more karaoke Kanye he would go live
01:50on Tick Tock and wrap people's favorite
01:52Kanye West songs as he learned a lot of
01:54them and sounded exactly like him but
01:56people wanted more creativity and when a
01:58fan asked him if he could rep using
02:00their comments he jumped right into it
02:02the concept was a huge success as his
02:05life viewership went from 100 viewers to
02:07500 viewers and to wrap your comment
02:09series was now officially born with
02:11millions of views his career started
02:13skyrocketing but really found a new high
02:15when he wrapped about one very special
02:17comment and that comment was fortnite
02:19balls OG fellow follower 5000 bars in
02:24five seconds fortnite balls the clip
02:26went completely viral and got spread
02:28around the internet at a rapid Pace
02:30eventually making it back to Mike in
02:32real life around this time he was still
02:34working at Arby's as a manager and only
02:36did take took as a hobby on the site but
02:38when fortnite balls blew up his
02:40co-workers started coming up to him and
02:42asked if he was the guy on under for you
02:44page and this is when Mike decided to
02:46make real work of this opportunity then
02:48I looked at you know how many views it
02:49got and I'm just like oh my God I'm just
02:51gonna make it a song I didn't know what
02:53fortnite balls was I never even played
02:55fortnite he went to the manager's office
02:57used bandlab some Apple headphones in
02:59its microphone and recorded the official
03:01fortnite Ball song in 20 minutes which
03:04resulted in 400 000 views on YouTube
03:06over 1 million streams on Spotify and a
03:09verified parody getting 4 million views
03:12as well Mike had now found the success
03:14he wanted as every single rep your
03:16comment episode was getting millions of
03:18views but it came with a cost you see
03:20fortnite balls was one of the Lesser
03:22controversial comments made in these
03:24live streams but people on the internet
03:25are Reckless and often wanted him to rap
03:28racial slurs or other hateful messages
03:30he ignored them as much as possible but
03:32often still got bent anyways which for
03:34some reason made him even more love than
03:36viral in the community as one YouTube
03:38video about it even got 5.7 million
03:41views Mike was a smart man and wanted to
03:43capitalize on this attention as much as
03:45possible as he created a YouTube channel
03:47and started posting on there as well but
03:49really accumulated most of his money
03:51from Spotify streams Cameo and custom
03:53song requests at one point he was making
03:55so much money that he could quit his job
03:57at Arby's and even did the same for his
03:59girlfriend that also worked there but
04:01that decision eventually backfired and
04:04it was the beginning of his downward
04:08like I said before Mike and his
04:10girlfriend both quit their job but this
04:12turned out to be the biggest mistake of
04:14his life it started off as I'm bored I I
04:17told her to get a girlfriend you know it
04:19gives you a female friend she got a
04:21girlfriend like a full-on girlfriend and
04:23she left me for a woman
04:25yeah yeah see full on full-on girlfriend
04:28left me for a woman but that was not
04:30even it because the reason that she gave
04:32Mike for leaving him was that she didn't
04:34like him making money that easily and
04:36that it wasn't any hard work whatsoever
04:38clearly showing massive signs of
04:40jealousy so she cheated on you with a
04:43girl because she couldn't have your
04:45success yes now he never knew if that
04:47was the real reason or just an excuse
04:49but it meant that a six-year
04:51relationship was now down the drain
04:53because of the Kanye East success and it
04:55didn't even stop there because the
04:57longer the meme at the Rapture comment
04:59series went on the more hate he started
05:01getting and the tiktok community began
05:03doing what they do best turning against
05:05its creators the attention span of tick
05:08tock users is infamously low and he
05:10started getting the same treatment as Mr
05:12blocky from the 19 fortnite card me
05:14saying that he fell off and that they
05:16were going to and follow him honestly if
05:18anybody else feels like this guy right
05:20here feel free please bye Mike started
05:24doing less rip your comment episode so
05:25since more videos that he wanted to make
05:27himself which got plenty offense unhappy
05:29but he continued following his passions
05:31like creating more songs under his real
05:33name Mike Manic and uploading more
05:35personality based content on his YouTube
05:37channel the hate really had a negative
05:39impact on him as he now showed a more
05:41genuine side of himself and he
05:43eventually made a decision that would
05:45Shock the World As Kanye is the musician
05:47with officially quit Mike didn't want to
05:49get sued by the actual Kanye West since
05:51he gained a lot of attention and he also
05:54gave in to people saying that he fell
05:55off as he confirmed his decline in views
05:57stating that it was time to move on Mike
06:00had now officially lost his girlfriend
06:02and most of his relevancy as Grange East
06:04but luckily still had his Cameo income
06:06in his apartment or Diddy because the
06:09lease of his apartment was coming to an
06:11end and when his landlord knocked on his
06:13door one day he was left in shock so he
06:15came to my door and he wanted he wanted
06:17more money you know I was currently I
06:19was paying like 875 dollars a month he
06:21wanted me to pay 1295 a month and he
06:24wanted that he you wanted that
06:26immediately which was illegal the
06:28landlord found out that Mike was Tick
06:30Tock famous and demanded more money on
06:32the spot which he said no to and this
06:34meant that Mike's this was not going to
06:36be renewed now this didn't seem to be a
06:38problem at first as he was making plenty
06:40of money from Cameo but Mike later found
06:42out that his income wasn't enough for a
06:44new apartment as he needed proof of
06:46income to lease Something Mike now had
06:48nowhere to go and was basically homeless
06:51resulting in him having to live in a
06:53tent on his family's property he was now
06:55in a very weird situation as he had
06:57enough money for food and other
06:59necessities but didn't have a roof over
07:01his head and it also caused him to
07:03return with the Rapier comment series
07:04and the Kanye East Persona luckily he
07:07got out of the tent quicker than
07:08expected and got into a temporary
07:10apartment but the year wasn't done yet
07:13and he would once again find himself
07:14losing something a few months later in
07:16October Mike started vlogging on his
07:18YouTube channel in September as he was
07:20going on a trip to California to visit
07:22multiple Studios with his best friend of
07:24seven years combining money together to
07:26make it happen but this turned out to be
07:28all lies and it caused their friendship
07:30to be ruined he got it in his mind that
07:33I was going to pay for everything and
07:35when I confronted him about it he was
07:36like but you know you got it you got it
07:38I don't it really hurt me because it's
07:39just like bro I did you know I'd do
07:41anything for you I do anything for you
07:42Mike decided to post an update about the
07:44drama confirming that he officially lost
07:46his best friend and it now became
07:48apparent that his girlfriend and friends
07:50were just with him for the money however
07:52despite all of these circumstances Kanye
07:54East kept entertaining and creating so
07:57what is the situation like today
08:01well Mike is technically still homeless
08:04as of right now but will get his proof
08:06of income statement in three months
08:07finally allowing him to rent or buy an
08:09apartment also he hasn't been too active
08:12on a stick to ignore his YouTube channel
08:13but is still making people happy daily
08:15on his Cameo and memo which might
08:17interest you as well he makes a lot of
08:19custom videos on there for his fans so a
08:21link will be in the description to get
08:23one yourself which I think he deserves
08:25for this incredible story on top of that
08:27we know that Kanye West had a pretty
08:29rough few months so far and I asked him
08:31if it impacted him negatively as well
08:33but this was further from the truth it
08:35is actually affecting me in a positive
08:37way because it's really helped me to
08:39divide myself from him I had I had a
08:42problem dividing myself from him you
08:43know people was always calling me Kanye
08:45or you know they thought that I actually
08:46was Connie I still have people that are
08:48on my Cameo that think that I am
08:50actually Kanye people are starting to
08:51call me the good Kanye and when I asked
08:53him what his plans are for the future he
08:55told me that he's planning on releasing
08:56more music making a mixtape producing
08:58more music videos and ultimately just
09:01continuing to grow its brand it was a
09:03pleasure to meet the creator of Kanye
09:05East and the thing I love most about
09:07these videos is that every person behind
09:09these memes is always extremely positive
09:11and just a genuinely great person to
09:13talk with which I can once again say
09:15about Mike manik as well his story has
09:18been incredibly inspiring and he had one
09:20final message for us to think about if
09:22you're really holding on to something
09:24and you really want to do it do it don't
09:25don't hold on to it don't don't hold on
09:28to the inside it'll never get done you
09:30have to just go ahead and do it so this
09:32year I want everybody to just whatever
09:34you have inside any ideas do them push
09:37them out it doesn't matter what people
09:38think about it doesn't matter what
09:39people say do it now this was the video
09:41please leave a like if you enjoyed it
09:43don't forget to subscribe and I might
09:45see you guys in this other video right
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Mike Manik and how did he gain popularity?

Mike Manik gained popularity with his Kanye East character on TikTok, which brought him a lot of attention and followers.

2. What challenges did Mike Manik face after gaining popularity?

After gaining popularity, Mike Manik faced challenges such as losing friends, his girlfriend, and even becoming homeless, experiencing a downfall in his life.

3. How does Mike Manik continue to entertain and create content despite the challenges?

Despite the challenges, Mike Manik continues to entertain and create content, sharing a message of perseverance and urging others to pursue their passions, inspiring his audience with his resilience.

4. What message does Mike Manik share through his content?

Through his content, Mike Manik shares a message of perseverance, urging others to pursue their passions and not give up despite the challenges, inspiring his audience with his positive message of resilience.

5. What is the story of Mike Manik's success and downfall?

Mike Manik's journey involves the story of success and downfall, from gaining popularity with his Kanye East character to facing challenges, losing friends, his girlfriend, and becoming homeless, but continuing to create content and share his message of perseverance and resilience.

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