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Kashkick offers the opportunity to earn money by playing games and completing small tasks, but it requires a significant amount of effort and in some cases, investment to reach the necessary levels for full rewards. Additionally, it provides paid survey opportunities with decent rewards and a user-friendly platform, making it a good option for earning extra money in the US. Potential users should maintain realistic expectations and can explore other similar platforms for additional earning opportunities.
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Kashkick is a free platform where you can earn money by playing games and doing small tasks, but it is only available in the US.
Kashkick is a rewards and loyalty platform that aims to help users make extra money and ease financial stress.
The platform has a user-friendly design and offers different options, including games.
Kashkick has had an update since the reviewer first tested it several years ago.
Kashkick offers up to $100+ per game, but requires significant time and effort, and may require in-app purchases to reach necessary levels.
Rewards are offered for reaching specific levels in certain games within a certain time frame
Reaching these levels may require significant time and effort
In some cases, in-app purchases may be necessary to reach the required levels
It is important to be aware of these requirements before expecting payment.
Kashkick offers a section for paid offers and paid surveys.
The paid offers are divided into specific providers and can be sorted by rewards or newest.
The easiest offers usually have the lowest rewards and may require signing up for free trials.
Kashkick started as a paid survey platform but now offers other paid offers as well.
Paid surveys on Kashkick have decent rewards and are one of the easiest ways to make money on the platform.
00:00Is Kashkick really a website where potentially  can earn more than a hundred dollars per game  
00:04you play and also earn by doing other  small tasks? or is it a waste of time ? 
00:08My name is Mikael and I've tested hundreds  of different free ways to make money online.  
00:12And many of you were asked about an update  about this platform. So therefore, I decide  
00:17to record this Kashkick review where I will  give you an inside look and show exactly how  
00:21it works. And I'll review both the pros  and the cons because it definitely has  
00:24both. And that can help you to decide whether  this is the right opportunity for you or not.
00:35So let's start by going over the basics of what  Kashkick is and Kashkick is a free platform you can  
00:40sign up for where you can earn by doing small  tasks. One of them is by playing games that have  
00:45some quite high rewards for that. But there is also  some important things you need to be aware of that  
00:49we'll talk about that later. But you can see also  it calls itself a rewards and loyalty platform to  
00:54make more money and ease financial stress. So  you can make some extra money on the side by  
00:59using this. Just be aware that it's actually only  available if you live in the US. So if you don't  
01:04live in the US, then I'll leave a link below to a  list of the best similar sites in other countries.  
01:10Then you can go and find your country there and  sign up for the right ones for you. But let's  
01:14now log in and then you can see what it actually  offers to find out if it's even worth it for you.  
01:19So I am now inside Kashkick and it has had an  update since I first tested it. I made a video  
01:26several years ago. And it is quite user friendly  now, I do like the design and you can see there  
01:31are different options. So if we just go over  them here one by one if you go to the games  
01:35for example, you can see these are the games you  can earn by playing. Then for example, this one  
01:41here CoinMaster I could get a hundred and twenty  dollars. This one Monopoly, I could play and earn a  
01:46hundred dollars. Of course it sounds amazing but  all these games here they have featured all give  
01:51really good rewards as you can see. But there is  kind of a catch that you need to be aware of. It's  
01:56of course not enough to just download and start  earning and then I'll earn 120 dollars after five  
02:00minutes. That's of course not how it works. So you  would need to click to learn more and then you  
02:05can see that you need to install and reach this  Village 36 within 10 days from the install date  
02:12to get forty dollars. But if you do it like, you can  see here then the level 61 within 15 days then  
02:18you get an additional $65 and village 121 within  30 days for $15 more. And then that would be a total  
02:25reward of that. But as it also says to be able to  actually complete that, they recommend that you  
02:30purchase things inside the app. So I cannot say  like I haven't played this particular game for  
02:35this long to see if it's realistic to reach this.  But I assume you need to put in a lot of effort  
02:40and of course many people will get tempted because  Coin Master is a game where you could easily get  
02:44tempted to start investing to earn more. But then  if you do that, then of course it would kind of  
02:50defeat the purpose. So it's not as easy you can see  it takes quite a lot of effort quite a lot of time  
02:55to be able to reach this level here and earn the  total reward. And in many cases, you'll probably be  
03:00tempted to also purchase something. And this is  what you need to be aware all these games that  
03:05give great rewards, of course it will take a lot  of time and effort. And in some cases you might  
03:09need to actually invest inside the app which will  be able to reach the levels that are necessary. 
03:14Because they need to be reached within a certain  time frame. So just be aware of that before  
03:19getting too excited and then not understanding  why you're not getting paid. But this is just  
03:24one of the earning methods. So let's talk  about the other ones Kashkick offers also.  
03:29So Kashkick also has an offer section. This is what  you might know from other paid survey sites or  
03:34Get-Paid-To sites that has just paid offers they  call it. Usually, they have them divided into like  
03:39specific providers from offerwalls. Here they just  have in this case right now they have 81. But of  
03:45course, this will come and go. There will be other  offers by the time you uh probably check it out.  
03:49You can see you can kind of sort it by the highest  to low rewards, or low to high, newest. In general,  
03:55the ones with the lowest rewards are also usually  the easiest to complete. Many of these need you to  
04:00sign up for free trial. Some times you don't even  need to invest something to get the rewards. Again  
04:05make sure to actually read the exact conditions  before you sign up so you know exactly what to  
04:11expect. It does pay decent but many of these paid  offers, it takes quite a lot of effort compared to  
04:19some offers you can find on many other Get-Paid-To sites. So the next option is to take paid surveys.  
04:25And this is what Kashkick started as. It was focused  on paid surveys. But now it also has quite a lot  
04:32of other paid offers. But paid surveys, they have a  decent amount. You can see, you can find them like  
04:37easy or quick or hot and then you can find them.  But there's no guarantee that you will qualify for  
04:42all of them. That's how it is with survey sites  in general. The rewards for the surveys here are  
04:47also quite decent. They are kind of average in my  experience compared to many other survey sites and  
04:52I've them hundreds of them. Say it can be  a good way to earn a bit extra and it's actually  
04:57one of the easiest. Yes, the games pay more but you  also need to put in a lot of effort. The surveys  
05:02are one of the easiest ways to make money inside  Kashkick. But of course, you also need to know how  
05:07you can get paid before you decide if this is  for you or not. So let's talk about that next.  
05:13So if you go to the cashout section, you can see  that you need to earn $10 to redeem your earnings.  
05:18So the payout threshold is not too high. But  it's also not one of the fastest paying sites.  
05:24But it is still fairly easy to reach here if  you put in quite a bit of time. And once you  
05:30reach the ten dollars then you can get paid via  PayPal. So that is the payout option it offers.  
05:34So good that it pays in cash. The payout  threshold is okay, so now you know what to  
05:39expect how much to earn and then you can decide  whether this is a payout option you want or not.  
05:44So to sum it all up, Kashkick is a legit platform  where you can get paid to for example play games  
05:49and take paid surveys. You just need to do it with  the right expectations. At first, these games look  
05:54like a way to make a lot of money but of course it  also takes a lot of effort and in some cases even  
05:59investment to reach the levels that are necessary  to get the full rewards. So just you know, be aware  
06:04of that. But other than that, the paid surveys  pay decently. There's a good amount. It is quite  
06:09user-friendly platform. Not one of my absolute  top recommended platforms but still a fairly  
06:15good option if you live in the US if you want to  earn a bit of extra money on the side. I do have  
06:20a full tutorial also and a joining link if you  want to join Kashkick on my website there. I'll  
06:25leave a link below then you can go there you  can find the joining link. If you want to use  
06:29other platforms in addition to this or instead  of it, I'll also leave a link below to a list I  
06:33have of the best Get-Paid-To and survey  sites in many different countries. You can  
06:36go there find your country on the list and find  the top sites you can join there. So you can also  
06:42check that out. And also if this video helped  you, make sure to hit the like button, and also  
06:46don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel,  and hit the notification bell, so you won't miss  
06:50out next time I release a video with tips and tricks  about different ways to make money online.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I earn money with Kashkick?

With Kashkick, you can earn money by playing games and completing small tasks. It offers the opportunity to earn rewards, but it requires effort and, in some cases, investment to reach the necessary levels for full rewards.

2. Are there paid survey opportunities with Kashkick?

Yes, Kashkick provides paid survey opportunities with decent rewards. It offers a user-friendly platform, making it a good option for earning extra money in the US.

3. What should potential users consider before using Kashkick?

Potential users should maintain realistic expectations about the effort and investment required to earn rewards with Kashkick. It's important to understand that it may require a significant amount of effort to reach the necessary levels for full rewards.

4. How can I maximize my earnings with Kashkick?

To maximize earnings with Kashkick, users can explore small tasks, play games, and participate in paid surveys regularly. Consistency and dedication can lead to increased rewards and earnings.

5. Are there other platforms similar to Kashkick for earning money?

Yes, users can explore other similar platforms for additional earning opportunities. It's important to research and compare different platforms to find the best fit for maximizing earnings.

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