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The video discusses the rise of rapper King Von in the Chicago gang scene, as well as his involvement in violent incidents and criminal activities. It covers his open involvement in gang-related shootings and the consequences he faced, including arrests and prison time. The video also explores the dynamics of his relationships with other rappers, such as Lil Durk and NBA Youngboy, within the context of the street rap culture.
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Gangster rap has been one of hip-hop's most fascinating subgenres since the 1980s, but Chicago drill rappers took it to raw new heights by rapping about their real-life experiences growing up in the most dangerous blocks in America.
Gangster rap has been popularized by early pioneers like Ice Cube and NWA, as well as legends like Jay-Z and 50 Cent.
Chicago drill rappers grew up in dangerous blocks in America and rapped honestly about their experiences growing up.
Chicago drill rappers took gangster rap to raw new heights by rapping about shootings on the block, disrespecting dead enemies, and constantly being chased by the police.
King Von gains a reputation as a feared shooter in the Chicago gang wars, openly broadcasting his gang-banging life on social media.
Von is rumored to be connected to at least three more murders.
He is seen in social media clips sliding in cars, throwing up gang signs, and claiming to smoke Tuka.
Von tweets openly about planning to shoot random people in traffic and identifies himself as a Saint Lawrence killer.
Chief Keef's music, particularly the song "Love Sosa," reflects the reality of the gang wars in Chicago.
King Von is confirmed to have shot and killed KI, and he expressed pride in his actions on social media.
KI was shot nine times and declared dead two hours later.
Another child, Jakira Barnes, was also shot and killed in a separate incident.
King Von admitted to the murder to J Hood and expressed satisfaction in his actions.
King Von continues to embrace his life as a gang member and mocks his enemies, while also pursuing a career in rap.
King Von believes that the cops are targeting him because he escaped murder charges.
He is seen hanging out closely with Lil Dirk and THF Bezoo, two certified Chicago shooters.
The plan is to transform these street figures into rap superstars.
King Von hints at an upcoming career in the rap game.
King Von's "Crazy Story" became a huge hit and he dissed his Ops from 63rd in the song, which later became a massive part of his brand.
Crazy Story was distributed by Lil Durk's OTF label and got 3 million views in a week.
Von tweeted that the money was finally rolling in after the song's success.
He began performing the song at live shows and even reacted on Twitter to his song playing on the radio.
Von felt like he had truly made it at this point and tweeted that even his mother was proud.
King Von's mugshot is made public after his arrest, while Lil Durk tweets "free Von" and hella bands is shot and killed outside a Miami nightclub.
King Von's mugshot is released after his arrest.
Lil Durk tweets "free Von" in response to the news.
Hella bands, who was also involved in the shooting, is shot and killed in Miami.
Lil Durk eventually turns himself in after the Atlanta shooting case catches up to him.
A high-profile shooting took place in the Rodeo Drive of Chicago, targeting the rapper FBG Duck.
Six shooters were sent from oblock to kill FBG Duck.
The shooting occurred outside the Dolce Gabbana store in broad daylight.
FBG Duck was fatally shot, while a man and a woman standing with him were injured but survived.
King Von tweeted a goat Emoji shortly after the killing.
King Von had a complicated relationship with NBA YoungBoy, dissing him in the past but also admiring him and even wanting to collaborate on a song.
King Von dissed NBA YoungBoy multiple times on social media, criticizing his music for being full of lies.
Despite the dissing, King Von also played YoungBoy's music, tweeted "welcome home" when YoungBoy was released, and imitated his mannerisms.
Lil Durk and King Von felt competitive with NBA YoungBoy, with Lil Durk suggesting that Von could compete with YoungBoy as a street rapper.
King Von wanted YoungBoy to release a song featuring both of them.
King Von and Asian Doll seemed to be on good terms at one point, with Von showing off gifts and a love letter from her, but later they went through a rough breakup.
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00:45button ever since the 1980s gangster rap
00:47has been one of hip-hop's Most
00:49Fascinating subgenres from the Mean
00:51Streets of gang infested Los Angeles
00:52that were brought to life by early
00:54gangster rap Pioneers like Ice Cube and
00:56NWA to Tupac and Suge Knight taking over
00:59the music game with Vivid Tales of
01:00gang-affiliated rappers who would bully
01:03their way into the music industry and
01:04then you have Legends like Jay-Z and 50
01:06Cent whose Tales of life in the streets
01:08as gangsters made the millionaires
01:10hundreds of times over for decades now
01:12rap fans have been looking for the
01:14realist artists whose lyrics paint the
01:16picture of a real life of crime that
01:18isn't embellished or fabricated but when
01:20it comes to rappers who truly keep it
01:22real the Chicago drill scene has
01:24dominated for the last decade first
01:26popularized by Chief Keef the Chicago
01:27drill wave was characterized by rappers
01:29that grew up in the most dangerous
01:31blocks in America with these
01:32up-and-coming artists rapping plainly
01:34and honestly about what they experienced
01:36growing up shootings on the Block
01:37disrespecting dead enemies and
01:39constantly being chased by the police
01:41Chicago drill rappers took gangster rap
01:43to Raw New Heights where the Stories
01:45Behind the Music could be matched up
01:47with the local news reports on the
01:48latest homicides however what happens
01:50when the people doing The Killing start
01:53making the music too because in the
01:54years after Chief Keef popularized the
01:57violent stories of Chicago gang life one
01:59of those gangsters killing people in the
02:01streets picked up a microphone too and
02:03started rapping in the first person from
02:05the perspective the actual killer king
02:07Von had a reputation in Chicago as a
02:09Fearless killer before he'd even started
02:11rapping and is widely believed based on
02:13the statements he made in his own songs
02:15that Von himself could have killed as
02:17many as seven people in his career as a
02:19gangbanger with more murders even taking
02:21place after he got rich and famous with
02:23it being rumored that Von used his money
02:25and influence from the rap game to have
02:27old enemies in Chicago killed and going
02:29on a journey which in my opinion takes
02:31him far beyond a street player who had
02:33to kill to survive in the Mean Streets
02:35of Chicago because if King Vons tweets
02:36or anything to go by he simply loved
02:39killing people and the sheer amount of
02:40people that King Von allegedly played a
02:42role in killing has led to intense
02:44speculation as to whether he was a
02:46full-blown serial killer a title which
02:48king Von's enemies even said that him
02:50and his friends took personal pride in
02:52now the FBI defines a serial killer as a
02:55person who kills over three people with
02:57time spans in between them of more than
02:59a month for furthermore serial killers
03:01tend to have an element of psychological
03:03gratification which plays a role in the
03:05motive for their murders the FBI also
03:07state that a serial killer might seek
03:09various kinds of gratification through
03:10their killings such as anger thrill
03:13seeking financial gain or simply for
03:15attention I personally believe that over
03:17the course of his career King Von
03:18demonstrated all of these
03:20characteristics and can indeed be
03:21classified as a serial killer king Von
03:24frequently exhibited behavior in public
03:26that conformed with these rules tweeting
03:28regularly about his desire to kill
03:29bragging about having committed specific
03:31murders in his music which attracted him
03:34International attention and billboard
03:36charting songs with his drill anthems
03:38about murdering Rivals making him a rich
03:40man with millions in his bank account
03:42the FBI also point out another
03:44characteristic of serial killers
03:46specifically that their victims may all
03:48have something in common for example a
03:50demographic profile appearance gender or
03:53race and it would appear that King Von
03:54only killed young black men and women
03:56from the community he lived in these
03:58were all people just like him be Born
04:00Into A rundown part of Chicago and
04:02growing up with a lot of disadvantages
04:03all that really separated Von from his
04:05victims were the fact that they were
04:07from a rival territory and he believed
04:09that nobody would miss them King Von has
04:11officially been implicated in four
04:13murders two where he was suspected of
04:14being involved but the police didn't
04:16have enough evidence to charge in one
04:18case where he narrowly received a not
04:20guilty verdict after a key witness
04:22disappeared and a co-defendant
04:23implicated himself another that he's
04:25accused of organizing with five of his
04:27closest childhood friends the shooting
04:29of rival rapper FBG Duck in broad
04:31daylight at a busy shopping district Von
04:33will never face Justice for due to him
04:35losing his life only months before the
04:37feds would swoop in and arrest all five
04:39of his close friends this particular
04:40murder would go down as one of the most
04:42Brazen assassinations carried out in
04:44Chicago since the days of alcohol but in
04:47total there's over 10 murders of which
04:49king Von has been connected to over the
04:51years nobody has looked into all of them
04:52in great detail until now so today we're
04:56going to take a closer look at the man
04:58his past and his career to find out once
05:01and for all if King Von really was the
05:03first serial killer in hip-hop History
05:06Two murders yeah one murder and two
05:09attempts four Shooters and a hail of
05:14several shell casings in this parking
05:16lot quinoa was bloodthirsty he loved
05:19death he loved killing oh man just free
05:21how many I think King Bond had a
05:23satiable obsession with murder and
05:25violence the shooting leaves one person
05:27Dead four others injured mate hey I know
05:31you you ain't nobody
05:33King bomb probably would have been
05:34considered like a circle they laid with
05:36a man a Serial killed them
05:41King Von real name Davon Bennett was
05:44born on August the 9th 1994 in Chicago
05:46Illinois growing up on West 78th and
05:49South Hermitage in an area known as
05:51killer Ward an area mainly affiliated
05:53with the Chicago gangs the Gangster
05:55Disciples and the black pea Stones one
05:57would attend Barton Elementary School in
05:59the area but despite starting Life as a
06:01fairly normal kid in Chicago he would be
06:03subjected to the influence of gang
06:04banging in his family home from a young
06:06age his father was Walter E Bennett AKA
06:09silk a well-known Street dude from
06:11nearby Ada Park Von was mainly raised by
06:13his mother as his father was in and out
06:14of jail throughout his childhood but
06:16Von's father was apparently a legend in
06:18the streets with ties to the street gang
06:20the Black Disciples however much like
06:22Von despite the Fearsome reputation he
06:24learned in the streets it would
06:25ultimately be this proximity to gang
06:27life that would lead to his father's
06:28demise as king Von's dad's silk was shot
06:30dead when Von was only 11 years old
06:32apparently being targeted by a sniper
06:35outside of a skating rink according to
06:37an interview with King Von's Uncle
06:38where's the piece came on where's the
06:40piece crazy I'm with big bro every day
06:43my Killer's daddy with a sniper rifle
06:44this this is deep though you know what
06:47I'm saying yeah yeah sniper hit him with
06:50a sniper rifle at the skate ring but you
06:52know that's another story it seems clear
06:54that King Von's father silk was
06:56remembered as a legend of the block
06:57however coping with the loss of his
06:59father at such a young age clearly had a
07:01negative effect on the mindset of the
07:03young king Von he would tweet and rap in
07:05freestyles years later that he simply
07:07couldn't sleep after his father's death
07:08my daddy I couldn't even go to sleep and
07:10throughout his teenage years he would
07:12post R.I.P tributes to his father on
07:14Twitter to commemorate his birthdays
07:16naturally Von would follow in his
07:17Father's Footsteps getting involved in
07:19local gang politics at a young age with
07:21Von actually telling 16 shot visuals in
07:24his very first interview that he got
07:25involved in the streets in fourth grade
07:27eventually getting his hands on guns by
07:29the time he got to high school it was a
07:31total price of fourth grade
07:36I just been you know in the street is
07:39awesome I was like been outside
07:52eighth grade when
07:58one would rap on the unreleased song
08:00wait that he jumped off the porch
08:02getting deeply involved in gang politics
08:04in 2006 when he was just 12 years old
08:06Von would initially be a member of a
08:08local Street crew affiliated with the
08:10Gangster Disciples called killer Ward
08:12being seen in numerous group pictures
08:14with that crew and Affiliates from the
08:16area would later post tweets suggesting
08:17that Von was indeed putting in work for
08:19This Crew during his time gang banging
08:21in killer war with Von himself
08:22corroborating that he was close to the
08:24members in Kill award where he was born
08:26but making it clear that he's always
08:28been a member of the Black Disciples due
08:30to his family affiliation now Vaughn
08:31would live around killer Ward up to
08:33around 2008 or nine after which he would
08:35eventually move to the infamous Parkway
08:37Gardens Housing Development this housing
08:39complex is notorious for its
08:41affiliations with the Black Disciples
08:42street gang Parkway Gardens would later
08:44be referred to by insiders as oblock but
08:46prior to that it was referred to as Wick
08:48City and here King Von would meet many
08:50of the people who would end up having a
08:52huge influence on his life and career
08:54people famous for their affiliation to
08:55oh block whether through the gang wars
08:57going on there or through the music that
08:59had been made about the gang war people
09:00like boss top Chief Keef T Roy white
09:03white Duke BJ big a Trey 5 charoid J
09:08Money platoon and countless other people
09:10that played a big role in Von's life
09:12growing up Von would also attend a new
09:14school in the area the Hyde Park Academy
09:15where he would attend with people from
09:17other rival territories with
09:18affiliations to the Gangster Disciples
09:20people like FBG Duck who would even
09:22claim in a Twitter Exchange in 2014 to
09:24have plotted to beat king Von up on the
09:26school bus and people like Lil Mark who
09:28Von would even be seen in throwback
09:30pictures with before their Feud had
09:32escalated into something deadly Von and
09:34his friends started out their gang
09:35banging careers with fist fights with
09:37the opposite School schoolyard scuffles
09:39that would unfortunately escalate over
09:40the coming years developing into
09:42full-blown gang war with Firearms
09:44involved over time a teenage Von would
09:46begin getting more and more involved in
09:48Chicago's street gang conflicts
09:49apparently bringing guns to school as
09:51young as age 13. chop Squad who went to
09:53school with both Von Angie herbo would
09:55claim that Vaughn would even show off
09:57guns in class with it apparently being
09:59Von himself who started the trend of
10:01teenage gangbangers in their school
10:02bringing guns to class environment type
10:05of person to bring a poll to school at
10:0613 for like that's what me and her was
10:09talking about he was like her like he
10:10knew it was real when
10:12Lavon walk up to him in school he was
10:14like yeah Flash the pole or something he
10:15was like curve knew every day from there
10:17he was up he was like oh we bring a gun
10:19to school
10:23everybody brought girls to school he
10:26like vinyl was the one to start that off
10:27in fact G herbo would even like to rap
10:29about this on a collaboration with
10:30Yvonne called FaceTime saying that Von
10:32showed him a revolver in freshman
10:34orientation an experience which led G
10:36herbo to begin bringing guns to school
10:38himself too now King Von was apparently
10:40out of control as a youngster according
10:42to one story Von actually did a shooting
10:44on Prom Night whilst wearing his suit
10:46after literally tweaking out that
10:47somebody better not try him in his suit
10:49so naturally you can imagine Vaughn
10:51ended up spending a significant amount
10:52of time and trouble with the law as a
10:54teenager with large patches of his most
10:56formative years spent inside jail cells
10:59Von went to jail for the first time
11:00around August 2010 at age 16 for armed
11:03robbery apparently robbing someone for
11:05their car at gunpoint something that he
11:07would actually later refer to on his
11:08song armed and dangerous saying that he
11:10was arrested on August 11th two days
11:12after his 17th birthday when he was
11:14offered at 21 to 45 years in a plea deal
11:17Von would end up spending time in boot
11:18camp an intense military-style juvenile
11:21program ultimately rewarding him with
11:23early release but soon after that
11:24initial charge Vaughn would catch
11:26another in January 2011 ultimately
11:28spending 15 months behind bars as a
11:30juvenile being locked up between
11:31December 2010 and March 2012 and during
11:34this time of incarceration Von's best
11:36friend T Roy would tweak call into his
11:38release eventually in March 2012 Ron
11:41would be a free man once again but he
11:42was only free for a matter of months
11:44from March to November 2012 but during
11:46this time Ron would undergo a
11:48transformation going from a gun toting
11:49stick up kid to a full-fledged killer
11:52after witnessing the death of one of his
11:53close friends which as he put it turned
11:56him into a demon
11:59before we get into the first murders the
12:01king Von was allegedly involved in I
12:03just want to take the time to consider
12:04the real reasons why he would be
12:06motivated to kill in the first place
12:07despite covering a lot of gangsters who
12:09were hardened Killers it's important to
12:11consider the social circumstances that
12:13need to exist for a teenage boy to start
12:15committing murders firstly these areas
12:17where King Von grew up in South Side
12:19Chicago killer Ward and obloc are
12:21incredibly poor and dangerous areas with
12:23the latter even being described by the
12:25local Sun Times newspaper as the most
12:27dangerous Block in Chicago part of the
12:29reason why so many of these gang murders
12:31in Chicago go unsolved is due to the
12:33failure of policing in these areas
12:34someone like King Von grew up seeing
12:36death and destruction as a completely
12:38normal thing and if the police never
12:40come to your area to solve crimes or
12:41deliver Justice it's easy to see why you
12:43would Place more trust in Street Justice
12:45than in the state furthermore you really
12:47have to ponder whose fault is it really
12:49that somewhere like obloc ended up being
12:51so poor and dangerous while it's easy to
12:53blame the gangsters and killers there
12:54for cultivating a lawless environment
12:56the city and the state politicians
12:58ultimately have failed create the
13:00economic circumstances for someone to
13:01grow up safely in these areas had there
13:03been better economic prospects in the
13:05hoods of Chicago perhaps many of these
13:07young men wouldn't have been forced into
13:08a life of crime and violence furthermore
13:10when it comes to the analysis of King
13:12Von's eventual transformation into what
13:14some have described as a serial killer
13:16there's actually an argument to be made
13:17that geography may have played a part in
13:19King Von feeling like he could get away
13:21with so many murders the 70s to the
13:232000s have actually been described as
13:25the Golden Age of Serial murder and one
13:27possible cause for this phenomenon
13:28around this period has been cited as
13:30urbanization and the concentration of
13:33inner city living some people have said
13:34that putting so many people in such
13:36close proximity ends up offering a
13:38unique level of anonymity when it comes
13:40to committing crimes in these
13:41complicated busy and overpopulated areas
13:44but simply this means that in obloc the
13:46sheer amount of people overlapping gang
13:48conflicts and normalization of violence
13:50on the streets means that somebody like
13:52King Von could kill multiple people
13:53without attracting too much attention to
13:55him personally as sad as it is to say in
13:57the eyes of the cops a victim is is just
13:59another casualty of the gang war rather
14:01than a specific crime that could be
14:03solved and it's these circumstances that
14:05were the perfect conditions for a young
14:06king Von to begin killing people in his
14:08community with minimal consequences and
14:10whilst King Von was in jail gun violence
14:12had raged on between the Black Disciples
14:14from Wick City and the Rival Gangster
14:16Disciples from Saint Lawrence and
14:17Eberhart Avenues or stl-evt and during
14:20this time whilst King Von was
14:21incarcerated a 15 year old Gangster
14:23Disciple from the Rival Hood by the name
14:25of Tuka was murdered real name shondale
14:27Gregory Tuka was shot dead at a bus stop
14:30on the 600 block of East 63rd Street on
14:32the 12th of January 2011 around 6 48 PM
14:35it was around that time that a masked
14:37gunman jumped out of the vehicle
14:39shooting Tuka several times Tuka was
14:41hated by his Rivals from the Black
14:43Disciples and over the next decade BDS
14:45would continue to disrespect him on
14:47social media and in popular songs and in
14:49honor of their Fallen Friend Gangster
14:51Disciples from Saint Lawrence and
14:52Eberhart would rename their area
14:54tukaville it's never been fully revealed
14:56to the public who killed Tuka but ever
14:58since there has been speculation that a
15:00boy named Odie Perry from Wick City
15:02might have had something to do with it
15:04this is partly due to him being pictured
15:06regularly with a silver revolver and the
15:08witness report from the Toca murder
15:09stated that Tuka was actually shot with
15:11a long barrel silver revolver regardless
15:13of whether or not OD was really the
15:15person who killed Tuka and didn't really
15:16matter because later that year on August
15:18the 10th 2011 in an act of retaliation
15:20Odie Perry was killed just outside
15:22Parkway Gardens he would suffer multiple
15:24gunshot wins including one to the neck
15:26about 11 35 PM just like tukaville Wick
15:29city was also renamed in the memory of
15:31their fallen friend odblock and it's
15:34believed that one of the shooters who
15:35killed OD was a female teenage shooter
15:37by the name of Jakira Barnes or Ki
15:40following the murder K.I would begin to
15:42pose on social media with a silver
15:44revolver similar to the one that OD was
15:46known to carry and her rumored
15:48involvement in this murder of a beloved
15:49oblong member would lead to KI becoming
15:52a major Target herself with matters not
15:54helped by the fact that she would
15:55regularly tweet insulting OD Perry and
15:58alluding to of having killed along with
16:00others who would openly claim that Ki
16:02made the O meaning that she killed OD
16:05and was the one that caused Wick City to
16:07change the name of their block to O
16:08Block but the tragedies in no block were
16:10far from over on the 18th of October
16:122011 another o'blog native by the name
16:14of platoon real name Edward Riley would
16:17be shot dead inside obloc after being
16:19approached by two people with Firearms
16:20another devastating loss to the
16:22community would come when 19 year old
16:24sherroid Liggins would be shot in the
16:26head and left for dead on February the
16:2716th 2012 also at O Block this murder
16:30was particularly notable for the fact
16:32that it was believed that sherroid was
16:33killed by a tokerville shooter by the
16:35name of Boss Trail as the gang war in
16:37his neighborhood continued to take more
16:38and more of his friends lives King Von
16:40would get more and more involved
16:41continuing to play a role in the gang
16:43war going on in Chicago Street
16:45underworld Von later wrapped on the song
16:47don't want to be me that everything
16:49changed for him in 2012 and that this is
16:51when he decided to get more active in
16:53the gang war with Von saying
16:54specifically that the deaths of ODI and
16:56platoon completely changed his plans and
16:58led him to put on a mass and get active
17:00in the gang war now there's a lot of
17:02speculation about the exact murders that
17:03Von was allegedly involved in and we
17:05might never know definitively if he was
17:06truly involved in all the violence that
17:08he was rumored to be associated with but
17:10the very first murder that Von was
17:12associated with took place on April the
17:1428th 2012 when a group of four men would
17:17catch a man called King doc real name
17:19Marlon Monroe shooting him as he walks
17:21into a convenience store with Doc
17:23apparently stumbling into a patch of
17:24tall weeds after the shooting where he
17:26would pass away and lay undiscovered for
17:28hours doc would eventually be found dead
17:30by his 16 year old cousin Modell
17:32mccambry doc would be remembered as an
17:34original native of Saint Lawrence and
17:36Everhart Avenues with his affiliation to
17:38the area likely the reason that the
17:39killers from oblock would Target him
17:41despite the fact that doc had apparently
17:43left the gang life behind him becoming a
17:45painter to get out the streets
17:47apparently hurt by the death of his
17:48cousin Modell that boy who discovered
17:50Doc's body would then begin to get more
17:52involved in the gangs in the area too
17:54beginning to hang around with people
17:55like Ki and FBG Duck as well as being
17:58seen on social media with gun in fact
18:00it's actually around this time that
18:02social media begins to play a bigger and
18:04bigger role in the gang war in Chicago
18:05and during this time King Von himself
18:07would become a prolific user of Twitter
18:09beginning a flurry of activity on the
18:11platform after signing up in June 2012
18:13going on to tweet constantly about his
18:16activities in the streets seemingly with
18:18no fear about incriminating himself Von
18:20would openly claimed to be drilling in
18:22the name of OD Perry he would say that
18:23he was like Phineas and Ferb in the
18:25streets with his best friend and fellow
18:27obloc shooter T-Roy warning Ops not to
18:29diss them claiming to shoot people like
18:31it's nothing he would tweet that he's
18:32been drilling from Young and even wants
18:34to kill cops too he would say outright
18:36that he will whack people he would
18:37regularly diss numerous rival hoods and
18:39gangs and be claiming to be paranoid due
18:42to having so many people trying to kill
18:43him Ron claimed on Twitter to get so
18:45enraged whenever he hears the name Tuka
18:47or Saint Lawrence that his trigger
18:49finger just starts itching but during
18:51this time that Von was tweeting openly
18:52about all the crimes that he was willing
18:54to do in the streets these crimes would
18:56continue to play out on August the 7th
18:582012 Ron would make a tweet saying that
19:00homicide is in the air and that it
19:02smells like a graveyard then in the
19:04early hours of the morning the following
19:05day on August the 8th 2012 a group of
19:08guys from obloc rumored to include King
19:10Von and T-Roy would be out looking for
19:12enemies to kill dirty rail real name
19:14Tyrell Joshua an older member with
19:16affiliations to Saint Lawrence eberhar
19:18and jarrow City who had actually moved
19:20out of Chicago but was back in town
19:22would end up being shot dead and found
19:24on a sidewalk on the first block of East
19:2656th Street in Washington Park just
19:28before 3 30 a.m however in this case
19:30retaliation would come fast as the day
19:32of August 8 2012 goes by that same
19:35evening around 11 30 p.m King Von is out
19:37with his close friend white real name
19:39Tony Dunn they would go to a convenience
19:41store together on East 63rd Street and
19:43South Martin Luther King Drive here Von
19:46would go inside the store whilst white
19:47white waited outside at this point a
19:49gunman pulls up shooting white white in
19:51the back with a police officer on the
19:52scene even returning fire and hitting
19:55the shooter who ultimately managed to
19:56escape white white would be pronounced
19:58dead in the early hours of the morning
19:59on August 9th 2012. this date just so
20:02happened to be king Von's 18th birthday
20:04this was a devastating incident for Von
20:06who would tweet numerous times about the
20:08murder of his friend Whitey including
20:10this one where he said that he had just
20:12bought Whitey a pill and gone inside the
20:13store only coming back outside to find a
20:16crowd surrounding his shot friend and at
20:18first believing that Whitey would be
20:19okay after this Von would tweet messages
20:21saying that this killing is what led him
20:23to act out and in the days following he
20:25would be pledging to kill his enemies
20:26publicly Von later elaborated on his
20:28mindset around this period in his song
20:30Dima saying outright that witnessing the
20:33death of his close friend Whitey on his
20:3418th birthday the exact thing that
20:36turned him into a demon and Von would
20:38rap that after this him and his right
20:40hand man T-Roy would be doing hits back
20:42to back to avenge this tragic loss Von
20:44would apparently be trying to kill much
20:46more ruthlessly after this desperately
20:48wanting to get a rival Shooter's Ki and
20:50wooski who had mocked white White's
20:52death on Twitter in September 2012 King
20:54Von and others caught Kai on the train
20:56apparently beating her up and mocking
20:58her on Twitter in the aftermath Von
21:00would eventually catch up with Ki in
21:02much more deadly circumstances but not
21:03for a couple of years for now he would
21:05continue to gang bang in the streets
21:07with his obloc brothers like T Roy
21:09ultimately winding up implicated in
21:11numerous murders as he continued to seek
21:13revenge for the murder of white wine and
21:15one body at a time building up a
21:17fearsome reputation as one of obloc's
21:19most ruthless killers
21:23Chicago drill veteran take Capone would
21:26tell 16 shot visuals in an interview
21:28that if you hung around King Von in 2012
21:30you simply had to accept that you would
21:32be in shootouts if he was hanging with
21:34Vine you had to accept everything that
21:35came with on you had to accept that you
21:37was going to be in shootings except that
21:39he it was going to be that and you had
21:41to be with it you feel me with Von King
21:43Von was on a mission in 2012 to get
21:45revenge for the friends that he had lost
21:46to the gang war losing OD platoon and
21:48white white turned him into a demon he
21:50said so he would spend every day in the
21:53streets of Chicago stalking his Ops and
21:55broadcasting his activities on Twitter
21:57for the whole world to see on September
21:59the 6th 2012 Von would get arrested even
22:01taking selfies for Twitter inside of the
22:03cop car he would post pictures of him
22:05and his partner in crime T-Roy dubbing
22:07themselves the obloc Savages in fact
22:10after posting one picture together one
22:12woman from obloc even suggested that Von
22:14and T Roy stopped being photographed
22:16together in case somebody sends it to
22:17the police vomit tweet how him and
22:19t-roy's names were bringing in the
22:21streets and that people were praising
22:22them for doing that thing regularly
22:24using this as a catchphrase to refer to
22:26his drilling tweeting warnings to the
22:28Ops that he's about to go on their block
22:30and do his thingy thing telling them
22:32that they have two hours to clear the
22:33streets and promising to blast them on
22:36site Von would even reflect on a
22:37conversation that he had had with t Roy
22:39saying that they can't die soon because
22:41they know they're going to hell for all
22:43the bad things they had done in the
22:44streets Von would even openly tweet
22:46about shooting up Dunbar High School
22:48around this time and unsurprisingly he
22:50would continue to be in the eyes of the
22:52law being picked up in October for
22:54battery but little did the police know
22:55just how serious Von's crimes were about
22:57to get in the coming weeks on the 13th
23:00of October 2012 Vaughn tweeted that he
23:02is about to pop these pills and spaz out
23:04on somebody expressing frustration that
23:06he hasn't taken anybody down for a while
23:08and saying that he's getting dried
23:10perhaps a tweet with a double meaning
23:11that could refer to sex or murder that
23:14very same day Ron would tweet that his
23:16Ops party tonight is getting canceled
23:18later Von is tweeting asking for
23:20somebody to come and get him and 30
23:21minutes later ronuit simply ha followed
23:25by 45 Glock me that very night of
23:28October the 13th 2012 model that same
23:31team who had found the body of his
23:32cousin King doc dead just six months
23:34before would be walking down the street
23:36with another one of his cousins on their
23:37way to meet a girl when just before 9 30
23:39PM somebody approached them on foot
23:41opening fire Modell would be shot in the
23:44chest and later pronounced dead in
23:45hospital but no one was ever charged
23:47with this murder or attempted murder but
23:48many years later police documents would
23:50be released revealing that King Von
23:52himself was positively identified by a
23:54witness as the shooter with T-Roy
23:56apparently at the scene too this meant
23:58that King Von was the prime suspect in
24:00the murder and not only that but King
24:01Von would tweet immediately after the
24:03killing now it's important to remember
24:05that Twitter timestamps run on Universal
24:07Coordinated Time that's the same as the
24:09UK time and that's where I'm reading
24:11these tweets from which is six hours
24:12ahead of Chicago time so for me to get
24:15the exact time of a tweet that was made
24:17by King Von or Ki or somebody else in
24:19Chicago I have to take the time that it
24:20shows on Twitter and minus six I'm
24:22telling you this because Modell was shot
24:24around 9 30 PM that means that King Von
24:27tweeted who died about 17 minutes after
24:30the murder of Modell took place and that
24:32tweet was followed by yet another one
24:34reading it's not safe around our way
24:36which came less than an hour after the
24:38shooting and Vons who died tweet would
24:40provoke responses from somebody who even
24:42knew model with Von saying that the dead
24:44person is somebody that they know in
24:46addition to that exchange the female
24:48shooter from tokaville Ki would end up
24:50getting arrested not long after this for
24:52apparently shooting indiscriminately
24:54into oblock hoping to kill anybody in
24:56retaliation for Modell none of this
24:58seemed to bother King Von however as he
25:00clearly got a lot of satisfaction out of
25:02having seemingly killed again the day
25:04after the murder of Modell Von would
25:06tweet that him and T-Roy have a problem
25:07and that they can't stop doing their
25:09thingy thing Von will tweet that the
25:11streets are in trouble when he's coming
25:12and he would brush off the cops attempts
25:14to arrest him in fact only two days
25:16after the killing he would get into an
25:18argument with a well-known tukaville GD
25:20known as wooski on Twitter wooski had
25:22inferred that he had been out looking to
25:24catch Von that day asking him where they
25:26were at with Von leaving a heartless
25:28reply saying that he was getting
25:29t-shirts made for Modell's funeral
25:31unsurprisingly Vaughn would find himself
25:33on the radar of the police following the
25:35murder of Modell getting picked up for
25:36unlawful possession of a firearm and
25:38being questioned in October 2012 with
25:40Von later tweeting that the cops grabbed
25:42him and warned him to be careful
25:44apparently the cops even told Von that
25:46when they questioned their Ops they all
25:48talk about him and T-Roy suggesting that
25:49their names are feared in the streets
25:51Von would even tweet after that that his
25:53own mother was beginning to hear the
25:55rumors about his violent behavior in the
25:57streets and she was trying to put him on
25:58punishment but Von wasn't deterred and
26:00he kept using Twitter to increase his
26:02reputation as a killer the following
26:03month Ron would be sending unprovoked
26:05Twitter ads at wooski asking if he knew
26:07who killed Modell provoking responses
26:09from numerous Ops who wanted to see Von
26:11dead including wooski and Ki and to me
26:14this is where we see King Von really
26:16beginning to take pleasure in killing
26:18for years to come he would tweet mocking
26:20Modell saying it's messed up what
26:21happened to him and that he's a straight
26:23great soccer it's this sort of behavior
26:25where I believe that Von crosses the
26:26line from a normal gang banger killing
26:28to survive to a full-blown serial killer
26:30who is taking the lives of others
26:31systemically for his own personal
26:33gratification at this point Ron has
26:35already satisfied the conditions of
26:36being a serial killer having allegedly
26:38killed more than three people in
26:40different locations with large periods
26:42of time in between the killings and his
26:44tweets Express a clear tendency to take
26:46pleasure in killing and a desire to show
26:48the world what he's doing in a way King
26:50Von's purpose in life at this point in
26:52time wasn't just revenge and murder for
26:54Spore it was about doing these crimes
26:56and giving the world clues about what he
26:58had done and as The Story Goes On you'll
27:00see King Von constantly hint towards his
27:02crimes on social media in his music and
27:04even on television but now the pattern
27:06had emerged and Von clearly had a thirst
27:08for blood he was becoming a talented
27:10shooter and not facing any consequences
27:12for these crimes and so in the coming
27:14months Von would be rumored to have been
27:16connected to at least three more murders
27:18with the police only catching up to him
27:20when it was too late
27:24in late 2012 vom was earning a
27:26reputation as a feared shooter in the
27:28Chicago gang wars something he would be
27:30more than happy to broadcast to the
27:31world Von will be seen in Clips posted
27:33to social media sliding in cars with his
27:35partner in crime T-Roy and others rowing
27:37up gang signs and saying that they're
27:39smoking Tuka yeah
27:49vote for the jadeles
27:52and he'd be seen with his boys mobbing
27:54deep in trap houses
28:09and one would even broadcast his
28:11activities rolling with the gang to the
28:13local store Yvonne was surprisingly open
28:15about his gang-banging life on social
28:17media and he would be particularly
28:18active on Twitter during these violent
28:21months he would tweet openly that he was
28:23planning to shoot at random people in
28:24traffic he would tweet that he is stlk
28:26or a Saint Lawrence killer and
28:28interestingly around these times on the
28:3018th of October 2012 oh block native
28:32Chief Keith would release his hit song
28:34Love Sosa a legendary Chicago drill
28:37Anthem with lyrics about killing people
28:39for disrespecting obloc at this point in
28:412012 Chief Keef had become a global rap
28:43star off the back of his single I don't
28:45like which was given an All-Star Remix
28:47by Kanye West and ended up landing at
28:49number 73 on the Billboard charts that
28:51song had lyrics about the gang wars in
28:53Chicago and lives being lost and Chief
28:55Keef's music was becoming legendary for
28:57painting a picture of reality on
28:59Chicago's most dangerous block of course
29:01who could forget she keeps classic
29:03Anthem 3 hunter a song with lines all
29:05about the youngins on his block gunning
29:07people down and a track that made it
29:08famous to dis Tuka with black disciple
29:11rappers beginning a trend of saying that
29:12they're smoking on Tuka a sign of
29:14disrespect to Shondell Gregory who had
29:16been killed in 2011. now King Von
29:19himself had an interesting relationship
29:20with Chief Keef's music Von will tweet
29:22that him and T-Roy are the real-life
29:24people who these rappers are making
29:26their songs about Von seemed proud of
29:28his career as a real gangster the true
29:30story behind Chicago's real music in
29:33fact it seemed from his tweets that he
29:34took great pride in this he would
29:36regularly quote lyrics from drill songs
29:38by Chief Keef and others and he would
29:39continue with tweets expressing his
29:41intentions to shoot up the Ops in one he
29:44says he just got a new gun and can't
29:45wait to use it and he even claimed him
29:47one tweet to have shot a Woman by
29:49mistake trying to shoot a man ending the
29:51tweets saying I don't care same thing to
29:54me it seems that Von really had to tweet
29:56pretty much any Street activity that he
29:58was involved in during this time he
29:59would tweet that he hasn't touched or
30:01seen a revolver in a while and on
30:02October the 29th Von would tweet saying
30:05that he was avoiding T-Roy because he
30:06was winning presumably referring to T
30:08Roy having a superior kill Captain so
30:11Von would tweet literally saying that he
30:12was trying to catch up with t-roy's kill
30:15counter saying give me until Friday and
30:17just the day after this tweet he would
30:19find what he was looking for on October
30:20the 30th Ron would tweet that it's his
30:22main man tea Roy's birthday and later
30:24that day Ron tweeted that he was
30:26drilling like OD at 8 45 AM Von tweeted
30:29check the stats a reference to who has
30:31the most bodies in the ongoing gang war
30:33according to the police less than 30
30:35minutes after this tweet was made around
30:379 13 am P5 AKA crack real name Derek
30:41Johnson would be shot multiple times in
30:44the 6200 Block of South Everhart Avenue
30:46the 23 year old was rushed to the
30:48hospital but pronounced dead at 9 54 am
30:51the incident report was recalled the
30:52time of the shooting as 9 13 am in the
30:55Chicago time zone which on Twitter for
30:57me would display as 3 13 PM that means
31:00that just three minutes before the
31:01recorded time of the shooting Ron
31:03tweeted laughing my ass off then at 9 13
31:06the time that the police estimated the
31:08shooting took place Von tweets his 45
31:11makes his ass do 40 flips and then only
31:14a few hours after this early morning
31:16murder just after noon Von would tweet
31:18the early bird catches the worm and then
31:20going on to tweet about Ops making the
31:22news saying that he does his thingy
31:24thing for real saying that he erases
31:26people like he drew them and tweeting
31:28that his Ops aren't trying to win like
31:30he is and saying that he is doing this
31:32for OD platoon sherroid and white wine
31:34Vaughn would claim to be finding a lot
31:36of things funny that evening once again
31:38tweeting numerous times that his 40 made
31:40someone do 40 flips as the days went by
31:43Ron's tweets would get even more bold
31:45just the day after the murder he would
31:47tweet pondering whether he was messed up
31:49in the head and indicating that he
31:51thinks he's gone crazy things would get
31:52even more incriminating just two days
31:54later when Von put out a tweet reading
31:56damn Modell got killed in October and
31:59crack who's gonna get killed in November
32:01stay tuned and he would tweet R.I.P
32:03crack and Modell as well as tweeting
32:05asking when the funeral is Ron would
32:07even reply to Kai and wooski who tweeted
32:10each other about going to a funeral with
32:11Von saying that he was on his way too
32:13and even offering them a ride Vaughn
32:15also tweeted at wooski asking if he
32:17knows who made model world or crack crew
32:20another reference to Crews renaming
32:22themselves after a fallen member who's
32:23passed away now at this point Von is
32:25establishing a clear pattern getting the
32:27location of his targets shooting them
32:29dead and then celebrating publicly on
32:31Twitter and within only a few weeks of
32:33the P5 incident yet another high-profile
32:35murder would take place with Von's
32:37involvement having been debatable but
32:39his Twitter account telling a very
32:41different story
32:45in November 2012 King Von would be
32:48tweeting openly about killing he'd say
32:51that he was the go-to guy for hits in
32:53his area he'd also say that he was the
32:55captain of the drill team tweeting about
32:57murder and homicide saying that he's a
32:59hisser by himself and that the whole of
33:01oh block are coming for their Ops he
33:03would even tweet that he was sacrificing
33:05people as well as bizarre tweets about
33:07how much he liked cereal something that
33:09I personally believe was a coded message
33:11indicating that Von was beginning to see
33:13himself as a serial killer something
33:15that he would continue to do throughout
33:17his career from here Vaughn would
33:18continue tweeting about wanting to shoot
33:20his Ops in the face and get up close and
33:22personal alluding to committing murder
33:24and tweeting that he had big balls and
33:26does things that other people would only
33:27dream of doing King Von would boldly
33:29tweet that he will never get convicted
33:31of a murder saying that he would never
33:32set himself up to go down for a body he
33:34would mock his Ops saying some make it
33:36out alive and some make it onto the news
33:38and die also during this time Ron would
33:40even react to Barack Obama winning the
33:432012 election something ironic
33:45considering the fact that Michelle Obama
33:46apparently also hailed from obloc but
33:48even in celebrating this Monumental news
33:50Ron would also tweet that a black
33:51president with ties to his City simply
33:54wouldn't stop him from killing his Ops
33:55on November the 7th 2012 Ron would tweet
33:58about bodies dropping and beating the
33:59case later that evening he would tweet
34:01that he was out sliding with t Roy who
34:04he himself would also tweet saying that
34:06he's about to go and get his gun before
34:07replying to KI who had just tweeted a
34:09list of a bunch of names of people
34:11associated with obloc who had been
34:13killed with T-Roy retaliating providing
34:15his own list of people from ki's Hood
34:17who they had apparently killed as well
34:19as tweeting hashtag bang just after
34:21midnight then the following morning the
34:24news would report on the shooting of a
34:2517 year old by the name of Rodney
34:27Stewart AKA boss Trail Boss Trail had
34:30been found with a gunshot wound to the
34:31head around 6 50 am and was immediately
34:34rushed to hospital and he would even
34:35remain alive for several hours during
34:37which time he was visited by friends
34:39from the neighborhood like FBG cash but
34:41while boss Trail was in the hospital
34:42fighting phase line
34:44volunteeroy would be tweeting T-Roy
34:46tweeted Man Down only hours after the
34:48body was discovered with Von tweeting
34:50hashtag the struggle prompting T-Roy to
34:53infer that Ron was behaving like the
34:54police Ron would follow up on this tweet
34:56saying that people aren't dying on time
34:58and T Roy would also tweet mockingly
35:00saying no Trail stay alive then in since
35:03deleted tweets allegedly by King Von he
35:05would suggest that he had actually spent
35:07the day trying to get KI on the phone
35:09however boss Trail would be pronounced
35:11dead that night at 11 30 pm on the 8th
35:13of November 2012 and the following day
35:15King Von would take to Twitter once
35:17again to mock boss Trail and his Ops he
35:20would tweet the STL doesn't stand for
35:21Saint Laurence but instead for steady
35:23taking else another tweet would drop
35:25with King Von telling people don't worry
35:27about who killed who just be glad that
35:29you didn't get killed and sharp this was
35:31followed by another tweet aimed at boss
35:33Trail saying LOL you ain't a boss to me
35:35many theories suggested that t Roy and
35:37Von and possibly others were involved in
35:39this murder some have said that it was
35:40T-Roy others have said that it's Von or
35:43potentially even the two of them
35:44together but it is worth mentioning that
35:46there's an alternative theory that boss
35:47Trail was actually murdered by someone
35:49completely unrelated to this Feud who
35:51was apparently trying to retrieve a gun
35:52that had been taken from him but
35:53regardless of who was responsible Von
35:55and T-Roy were certainly happy to see
35:57boss Trail gone and they would continue
35:59to tweet boldly about it publicly their
36:01Ops on Twitter would warn Troy over the
36:03disrespect but for King Von tweeting
36:05about the murders going on in the
36:06streets was a must Von would post saying
36:08that the opposite dying frequently and
36:10that he doesn't plan on slowing down he
36:12would say that he will kill or not
36:13anywhere and once again reference cereal
36:16saying that he eats cereal after
36:18shooting people another hint in the
36:19ongoing joke that Von is indeed becoming
36:22a serial killer Von would even mock the
36:24Ops for having funerals he simply didn't
36:26care what anybody thought it seemed that
36:28Ron was hell-bent on killing his enemies
36:30and he would be hell-bent on tweeting
36:32every single time something negative
36:34occurred in the streets however Von's
36:35days would be numbered and following the
36:37next hit that he was implicated in he
36:39would tweet once again perhaps a little
36:40too recklessly this time finding himself
36:42behind bars for over
36:50after the deaths of Modell P5 and Bosch
36:53Trail you would think that King Von
36:54would have kept a low profile but no he
36:56would continue to tweet suspiciously
36:57while the killing continued however when
36:59the next person lost their life King
37:01Von's tweets would go to a whole nother
37:03level of self-incrimination and he would
37:05actually find himself on the wrong side
37:06of the law on the 19th of November 2012
37:0832 year old man named James Holman AKA
37:11Lil James will be standing on his porch
37:13on the 6000 block of South Michigan
37:15Avenue around 8 20 pm at this point four
37:17people would approach his property
37:19opening fire shooting him in both the
37:21arm and chest with him being pronounced
37:23dead in hospital less than an hour later
37:25only 23 minutes after this murder Von
37:28would tweet man not on anything followed
37:30by another tweet reading clown ass
37:32Vaughn was mocking somebody but we
37:34didn't know who or what for meanwhile
37:36Troy would put out a tweet asking if
37:38somebody got shot yesterday and then
37:40only six hours after the shooting Ron
37:42would tweet that he kills GDs often and
37:45then in another rare deleted tweet that
37:47somebody else from oblock quote tweeted
37:49just 21 minutes later Von would
37:51apparently brag that he has killed five
37:53GDs and shot 10 with a later news
37:56article even confirming that James
37:58Holmen the man who was killed most
37:59recently was indeed a Gangster Disciple
38:01furthermore a police report on the
38:03little James murder will describe the
38:05shooter's height and build which
38:06apparently matched Von's description now
38:09Vaughn tweeting that he had killed five
38:11GDs after the death of Lil James is
38:13particularly interesting because there's
38:15always been a lot of speculation on
38:16exactly how many people Von had killed
38:18and who specifically he was responsible
38:20for killing and at this point in time
38:21Von had been associated with six murders
38:24in total so if Von himself is apparently
38:26confessing that he has killed five
38:28people at this point then it's likely
38:29that just one of these murders he had
38:31nothing to do with from here Von would
38:33continue to tweet throughout the day
38:34saying things like dissing him will get
38:36your people killed and another asking
38:39openly who made crack block another
38:41reference to the murder of crack or P5
38:43unsurprisingly the authorities would
38:45catch up with Von just three days after
38:47the murder of Lil James perhaps they'd
38:49read his tweet once capture would be
38:51confirmed by a tweet from his sister
38:53from his own Twitter account saying that
38:54he would be in jail for Thanksgiving
38:56with Von's charges later being revealed
38:58as unlawful possession of a firearm
38:59numerous mugshots of Vaughn would later
39:01circulate online and Von would end up in
39:03jail for over a year for a period
39:05spanning from November 2012 to February
39:072014 and in the meantime his mother
39:09sister and friends would all tweet from
39:11his Twitter account calling for Vons
39:12freedom and keeping his name alive
39:14however Von's sister would also tweet
39:16that Von told her that when he gets out
39:18of jail he's just planning on killing
39:20more people and ultimately none of the
39:22more serious charges would even stick to
39:23them and he would eventually end up
39:25being released back onto the streets of
39:26obloc where he would as expected
39:28immediately get back to doing what he
39:30loved Drilling and then tweeting about
39:36King Von's sister would announce from
39:38his Twitter account on February the 11th
39:402014 that he would be home from jail
39:42tomorrow with footage of Von cutting off
39:44his ankle monitor and throwing up gang
39:46signs circulating online after his
39:47release when he got back out he would be
39:49back on the streets and involving
39:50himself in gang politics once again his
39:53first tweet out was dissing The Ops of
39:54course he would also openly wonder where
39:56T-Roy went as apparently his partner in
39:58crime had ended up in jail himself
40:00during this time also upon his release
40:02Von would also tweet at famous names in
40:04the Chicago drill scene like boss top
40:06Lil Reese Chief Keef e day Rondo number
40:09nine and Capo he would then go on to
40:10diss two people that he allegedly killed
40:12Modell and crack but at least initially
40:14it didn't appear that Von was able to
40:16commit any more acts of violence because
40:17apparently following his release he
40:19would wind up on house arrest for a
40:21short period but that didn't stop him
40:23from posting pictures of himself at home
40:25dising took her with a gun sticking out
40:27of his pocket pictures of Vaughn with
40:28famous BD hitters like T-Roy and D Rose
40:31would circulate around this time with
40:33the likes of Chief Keith even reposting
40:35them as a sign of respect for the most
40:36feared local Shooters with Von also
40:39sharing pictures of his crew to Twitter
40:40openly with the caption simply reading
40:42gang members Von would also tweet about
40:44it being a very scary year for the ox
40:47even tweeting disrespectful collages
40:49featuring photographs of Rivals who had
40:51been killed recently Ron didn't care one
40:53bit what he was posting on Twitter and
40:55honestly it didn't seem like the police
40:57cared either Ron tweeted openly that he
40:59will kill someone on St Lawrence
41:01promising to shoot Ops in the face and
41:03kill them fast dropping mocking tweets
41:05about people he had allegedly killed
41:07like Modell he would pledge to drop even
41:09more bodies even tweeting that he was
41:11shooting as soon as he got off house
41:13arrest and tweeting that he just got a
41:15new gun and he wanted to do a drive-by
41:17with it now on March the 25th 2014 GD
41:20rapper Lil Mark associated with a crew
41:22called 051 will drop a song called no
41:24competition this would be a remix of
41:26black disciple rappers Lil Durk and
41:28little Reese's 2013 Song competition
41:30lilmark would essentially use Lil Dirk's
41:32beat to diss him and his
41:34OTF crew from lamron but it wasn't just
41:36Dirk that was getting disc low mark
41:37would diss numerous people associated
41:39with the Black Disciples including
41:41people from both obloc and an Affiliated
41:43crew of BDS known as 600. lilmark's song
41:46Would mock OD Perry and J Money and see
41:48him rapping openly that he is a black
41:50disciple killer as well as proudly
41:52repping his affiliations to his
41:54gangster051 Young Money this song made
41:56Lil Mark a huge Target for both obloc
41:58and 600. and around this period King Von
42:01would frequently tweet that he was in
42:03traffic riding around the city armed and
42:05looking for Ops to kill on March the
42:0728th 2014 Ron would tweet that he was in
42:09traffic tagging D Rose an Infamous
42:12shooter from the o'block Affiliated set
42:13600 with D Rose himself tweeting that
42:16the cops hate to see Von T Roy and him
42:19altogether Ron would tweet gunshot
42:20emojis around 10 a.m on the 28th of
42:23March 2014 and only a few hours later
42:25that very same day around 1 30 PM it's
42:28believed that a large group of gang
42:29members were riding around in a silver
42:31minivan with Florida license plates most
42:33likely stolen car meanwhile a 20 year
42:36old Mark Campbell AKA Lil Mark was at a
42:39bus stop on the 300 block of East 51st
42:41Street it's believed that that minivan
42:43pulled up and a masked man jumped out
42:45shooting little Mark in the head with
42:47Mark ultimately being pronounced dead at
42:48the scene only minutes later at 1 41 pm
42:51and that minivan connected to the
42:52shooting being found in Flames at 6 30
42:55PM that very night it's widely believed
42:57that D Rose was the shooter with King
42:59Von being present for this murder D Rose
43:01even posted a clip to social media of
43:03him and his friends returning to the
43:05scene of the crime and filming where
43:06King Von can allegedly be heard in the
43:08background of the car
43:13I don't know
43:21body down 51st gang gang man D Rose
43:25would tweet call them never heard of him
43:27with a laughing face just 36 minutes
43:29after the killer king Von would tweet
43:31just 42 minutes after the shooting Die
43:33Why with a bunch of laughing faces with
43:35this being a sign of disrespect to Lil
43:37Mark's gang 051 Young Money that tweet
43:40Was Then followed by Vaughn saying 051
43:42better keep their head up with a bunch
43:43of laughing emojis then he says he lives
43:46for this F the Ops and just in case
43:48there was any doubt about King Von being
43:49present for that murder he would also
43:51reply to somebody on Twitter discussing
43:53Lil mark saying outright he just saw the
43:55murder with King Von going on to tweet
43:57the other oblock Affiliates that they
43:59would be celebrating that night Von was
44:01speaking so recklessly on Twitter his
44:03sister would even tell him to go in the
44:04house but the defiant Von replying to
44:06her with gunshot and Demon emojis then
44:09tweeting that lilmark's death was
44:10getting him attention from women even
44:12going as far to say that Lil Mark's
44:14pregnant girlfriend might have cheated
44:15on him followed by another tweet a few
44:17days later where Von claimed that he
44:19leaves people dead at the bus stop just
44:21like Tuka a tweet that's even more
44:23disrespect full when you learn that
44:25little Mark was actually tuka's older
44:27brother D Rose would also tweet the day
44:29after the murder saying you ain't gotta
44:30ask who shot him indicating that he was
44:32indeed the shooter of Lil Mark as well
44:34as proudly saying that he was smoking on
44:36Marco but Von and D Rose weren't the
44:38only ones celebrating the death of Lil
44:39mark because Lil Durk the original
44:41subject of lilmark's this song no
44:43competition released just three days
44:45before he was killed would end up making
44:47a trip to the very bus stop where Mark
44:49was gunned down with Dirk telling his
44:51followers that this was a very special
44:53place hey this is this hey
45:02because of all of the attention from
45:04rappers about this incident lilmark's
45:06death became used beyond the local
45:07Chicago papers with this killing taking
45:09place during the Heyday of DJ academics
45:12war and shy rack Series where academics
45:14would report satirically on the Chicago
45:15drill scene and the shocking crimes
45:17going on within it King Von himself
45:19would even go on to rap about killing
45:21people at bus stops many years later as
45:23well as on the song exposing me where he
45:25says that he is smoking Lil Mark and
45:27Tuka and little Dirk would go on to do
45:29the same thing rapping in the December
45:302014 track war with e-day 600 also
45:34saying that he is smoking Lil knock and
45:35Tuka now it's never been definitively
45:37confirmed who killed lilmark but it's
45:39widely believed that the two most likely
45:41hitters are D Rose or King Von but
45:44whether or not King Von actually did it
45:45he clearly got a lot of gratification
45:47from just witnessing this murder further
45:49fueling this strange bloodlust that he
45:51was cultivating around this time if he
45:53wasn't the one killing then he would at
45:54least one front row seat and an
45:56opportunity to tweet about it however it
45:58would be the next murder that would
45:59seemingly be Ron's most proud moment in
46:01the streets because he would end up
46:03finally catching somebody who he had
46:05wanted to get for years leaving Clues on
46:07Twitter all the way up to the killing
46:09and then in an insanely twisted turn Not
46:12only would Von get away with the murder
46:13but he would go on to appear in a
46:15documentary interview about the victim
46:17without anybody even working out that
46:19the killer that they were looking for
46:20was sitting right in front of the camera
46:26seventeen-year-old Gangster Disciple
46:28Jakira Barnes AKA K.I was a legendary
46:31figure in Chicago gang history with the
46:34Chicago Sun Times describing her in a
46:36prominent feature as a prolific female
46:37assassin in the Chicago gang war Kai has
46:40been described as the real-life Snoop
46:42from The Wire a reference to the
46:43masculine female killer from HBO's crime
46:46drama Ki herself had been close with
46:48Tuka growing up and her rumored
46:50involvement in the killing of Odie Perry
46:51in retaliation would make her Feud with
46:53obloc deeply personal no doubt King Von
46:56was obsessed with K.I Von and Kai would
46:59have extensive back and forths on
47:00Twitter with it being unclear whether he
47:02was trying to date her or kill her their
47:04first interaction occurred on September
47:06the 25th 2012 when Ron would tweet
47:09claiming to have beaten up an odd girl
47:10on the train with Kai replying to this
47:12saying their arm ear and face were
47:14injured but she's not bothered because
47:16her gun will put a hole in her Ops faces
47:18with the Tweet the following day
47:20indicating that she had perhaps shot at
47:22Von or somebody that he knows they would
47:24go on to have a back and forth with Von
47:26asking k AI if she's a gangster or a
47:28[ __ ] with Ki indicating that she is
47:30indeed a real gangster Vaughn would go
47:33on to reply to her post shouting out her
47:35gang asking her why he never sees her
47:36when he spins the block with Ki replying
47:39that Von can die just like white with
47:41one saying she better kill him because
47:43he will kill her and she doesn't have
47:44the good aim like he does that same day
47:46Kai would tell her followers to retweet
47:49if they think she looks good King Von
47:50retweeted it Ki would tweet saying that
47:52she'd beaten up someone from o'blok and
47:54that they should go and tell Von that
47:55she is tough this would prompt a reply
47:57from Von where he would say he can tell
47:59that she's tough and jokingly asking her
48:01if she's looking for a boyfriend as well
48:03as expressing doubt that she had even
48:04beat up his friend with her replying
48:06saying she'd caught an old block member
48:08on the train who had denied being from
48:09there when beaten up with King Von's
48:11sister chiming in claiming to have been
48:13there too and Kai saying that her victim
48:15didn't even punch her back all this
48:17provoked a sarcastic reply from Ron
48:19where he said that he thinks he was
48:20falling in love with this fighting
48:22female Von would later post treats where
48:24he said that he's gonna treat her right
48:25if she becomes his wifey and later
48:27beginning to regularly refer to her as
48:29wifey when Kai replied to Von Von would
48:32say that he has her on his mind a lot
48:33and that he misses her even telling his
48:35sister that he wanted to marry Ki now
48:37many years later somebody on 4chan would
48:40claim to have hacked Kai's private DMS
48:42on Twitter and revealing that around
48:43this time Von had D and Ki asking her if
48:46she wanted to hook up or more
48:48specifically saying he wants to nail her
48:50she would reply saying she's not
48:51interested to which Von replies when all
48:54of this is over he will have her more
48:56alleged tweets would see Kai asking Von
48:58straight up if oblock are plotting to
49:00kill her to which Von replies he's not
49:02gonna lie there are people looking to
49:04kill her but Von would say he doesn't
49:05think he can kill her because he thinks
49:07she seems cool as hell even having the
49:09nerve to ask her when she's going to
49:11stop gangbanging K.I would reply saying
49:13she's not gonna stop calling King Von a
49:15goofy and asking him when he's going to
49:16stop Ron would laugh and tell her that
49:18he's gang banging until he dies and that
49:20he will never lose or quit with Kai
49:23ultimately agreeing with this and saying
49:25that she's planning the same thing okay
49:26before mockingvan saying he must feel
49:28really threatened by her and questioning
49:30if he really thinks they can kill her
49:32Von replies saying that they're trying
49:33to kill anyone they're not just
49:35desperate for her specifically before
49:37revealing that he had apparently had his
49:38gun on him when he beat her up on the
49:40train but saying he didn't kill her
49:42because the police were there along with
49:43a woman from his block with Von saying
49:45that if he really wanted to kill her he
49:47would have took his chances and shot her
49:49in the train or the street in response
49:50to this Ki would reply come and get it
49:53because she's ready to go to war with
49:54anyone with Ron clapping back
49:56questioning why she takes things so
49:57seriously after this alleged Private
50:00Exchange Von would reply to a public
50:01tweet of hers dissing Odie Perry and
50:03reminding her that he beat her up even
50:05saying that he wishes he'd spat on her
50:07afterwards now Ron began to use Ki
50:09pretty much for entertainment beefing
50:11her on Twitter whenever he was bored but
50:13Ki would be looking for Von in real life
50:14however Von would tweet that he has his
50:16Ops scared at the corner store and Ki
50:18would reply saying that she's on the way
50:20looking for him also tweeting asking
50:22where he is with Von replying
50:24sarcastically telling her to be safe in
50:26Street routes more alleged leaked DMS
50:28between Ki and Von would merge with K.I
50:30Arsenal Von where he was with the two of
50:32them seemingly arranging a shootout with
50:34Kai even asking if T Roy can come too
50:36Kai later claimed to have walked through
50:38obloc and not seen a soul with Von
50:40saying that they're too busy to have a
50:42shootout right now Vaughn would later
50:43allegedly dmki telling her to call him
50:46when she's ready to put a dress on and
50:47let her hair down they'd keep going back
50:49and forth on Twitter publicly building
50:51up this insane public history Ki tweeted
50:53that she was going to the store and Von
50:55would warn her not to Von would tweet
50:57reminding her that he had beaten her up
50:58on the train with her saying that he's
51:00been hiding ever since Von would clap
51:02back asking when she's coming back to
51:03his block for a date and Ki would then
51:05remind Von of all the times that people
51:07from her side had beaten him up other
51:09Block members would tweet their
51:10intentions to kill Ki too and she would
51:13tweet that she wants to see King Von
51:14face to face Von would reply she really
51:17doesn't one tweet would see Von say that
51:19he'd spent all day trying to get KI on
51:21the phone and that her voice sounded
51:22sexy even after Von went to jail in 2013
51:25Von's sister would tweet at KI saying
51:28that Von had asked her to go and visit
51:29him in jail with Von's sister later
51:31suggesting that she had even had a fist
51:33fight with Ki and saying that she will
51:35see her on 63rd perhaps for another
51:37fight when Von was released from jail in
51:392014 he would tweet at KI and ask if she
51:41missed him with her replying asking when
51:44they're meeting up and adding four gun
51:45Emojis with Von expressing
51:47disappointment that Kai didn't come and
51:49see him in jail like he'd asked now bear
51:51in mind tweeting at KI was one of the
51:53first things that Von did upon getting
51:55out of jail he tweeted her twice before
51:57he had tweeted at Chief Keef or any of
51:59his actual friends from oblock he was
52:01obsessed but Ki would continue to mock
52:03Von asking him how it felt for his
52:05friends to die while he was in jail even
52:07retweeting Von's own tweet saying rest
52:10in peace J Money and going on to insult
52:12him in a tweet of her own this was a
52:13reference to Von's friend J money from
52:15oblock who had been killed in September
52:172013 whilst he was in jail with Von
52:19retaliating saying Rest in Piss to crack
52:22and Modell with Von even later tweeting
52:24that he can't be mad at women unless
52:26that odds in which case they can die and
52:28another tweet saying how desperate he
52:30was to catch a female op Von and Kai
52:33would tweet at each other much less in
52:342014 perhaps because Von was looking to
52:36reduce the paper trail leading to him if
52:38Kai wound up dead but in the days
52:40following Little Mark's death in April
52:422014 Von would release some Brazen
52:45tweets on the 1st of April he would tell
52:47a friend that he would never start
52:48rapping and that he prefers killing Ops
52:50and tweeting that he had bodies on his
52:52gun on the 6th of April Ki would tweet
52:54saying people won't get the picture
52:56until you put them in the frame along
52:58with a gun emoji that same day Von would
53:00tweet saying if you're not where I'm
53:02from you will get killed that was
53:04followed the next day by Von tweeting
53:06that he was always looking for a woman
53:07and he can't find her and saying he will
53:09stop looking and let her look for him he
53:11would then go on to tweet on the 10th of
53:13April but there's some women he would do
53:14anything for telling her to just hit his
53:17line that would be followed by another
53:18tweet saying if a girl leaves him then
53:20she's leaving the best with it unclear
53:22if he's talking about her leaving him or
53:25her leaving this Earth that was followed
53:26by more tweets where Vaughn would say if
53:28a girl is with the Ops then she's
53:30getting shot and that he's not playing
53:32with op girls this summer and they
53:33should watch out in the early hours of
53:35the next morning Kai would make the
53:37ominous tweet in the end we die as well
53:39as tweeting her apparent location just
53:41off 63rd later that afternoon Kai would
53:44be standing on a nearby porch and the
53:466400 Block of South Everhart Avenue only
53:48a three-minute walk towards obloc from
53:51the location that she had tweeted she
53:52was at earlier that day and that was the
53:54day that King Von would allegedly find
53:56that woman that he had been looking for
53:57all this time as Kai would indeed be
53:59gunned down on April the 11th 2014. the
54:02murder report on ki's death would
54:03feature a witness describing the shooter
54:05who hopped out of a car catching Ki and
54:07another man who were about to shoot dice
54:09they would run into a gangway but the
54:11shooter kept firing apparently even
54:12shouting yeah [ __ ] ass n words as he
54:15fired the handgun at KI multiple times
54:17she would be shot nine times and
54:19declared dead just two hours later for
54:21Chantel Brown the statistics are more
54:23than just numbers within 12 short hour
54:26across Chicago 14 people were wounded 2
54:29two people killed one of them being
54:31Brown's oldest child I'm just gonna miss
54:34her presence she was a very very
54:37beautiful well-known like lovely girl 17
54:40year old Jakira Barnes loved basketball
54:42her friends and being with family it's
54:45still under investigation what exactly
54:47happened Friday afternoon in the 6400
54:49Block of South Eberhart but neighbors
54:51say Barnes and a friend were walking
54:53along the sidewalk when a gunman started
54:55firing when the bullet hit it was so
54:57powerful she fell on the step residents
55:00who do not want to be identified say
55:02Barnes fought to live but had been shot
55:04at least nine times and a jaw in the
55:07neck and in chest and in the legs
55:11nine times they say Barnes was
55:14transported to Northwestern where she
55:15died and tragically for this
55:17neighborhood it wasn't the first child
55:19lost to gunfire and Von would go on to
55:22tweet just hours after Ki was pronounced
55:24dead saying that he loves his gang and
55:26they love him before tweeting mad that
55:28nobody misses him and this was followed
55:30by people confirming that Ki had been
55:32killed obloc veteran J Hood would reveal
55:34in a cam Capone interview many years
55:36later that Von came back to oblock and
55:38told him what he'd done immediately
55:40after the murder but he literally say
55:43just like this I'm looking straight here
55:45man why I just run up on Ki and um you
55:48know why I just ran up on them
55:50and caught and called Kia she was the
55:52last one running out of the gate I was
55:56day after the hit right disciple rapper
55:58Lil Reese would tweet Von's catchphrase
56:00saying that he does his thing seemingly
56:02a congratulatory poster Von who replied
56:04saying you gots to Ron would later tweet
56:06that he needs a real [ __ ] and over the
56:08next few days he would once again
56:10deliver a flurry of activity on Twitter
56:12tweeting that his Ops don't scare him
56:14and that the whole gang war is funny to
56:16him he would say that he's lost a lot of
56:17friends so his enemies must die in
56:20retaliation Von would also tweet saying
56:22that people wouldn't believe the things
56:23that he does in the streets and saying
56:25that he will never tell Von would even
56:26copy ki's earlier tweet from the week
56:28before her murder about people not
56:30getting the picture until you put them
56:31in the frame as well as tweeting at her
56:33saying he misses his old girl Vaughn was
56:36clearly in a celebratory mood following
56:38the murder of Ki and he would go on to
56:39make post after post referencing the
56:41ongoing gang war posting tributes to T
56:43Roy telling his incarcerated friend that
56:46he was going crazy on the streets while
56:47he was locked up Vaughn was seemingly
56:49proud of himself for all he was
56:50achieving in the streets at this point
56:51he would seemingly update his body count
56:53to six openly tweeting homicide in the
56:56air and that he made six people extinct
56:58for playing hard Vaughn would even post
57:00his own mug shot saying they should have
57:02never freed him because he's a menace he
57:05tweeted that he put people's brains in
57:07their lap and asked his followers if
57:09they would still be there for him when
57:10he gets a hundred years in jail Von
57:12would suggest that he is only competing
57:13in kill counts with T-Roy suggesting
57:16that those two were the most deadly
57:17people in the streets at this time and
57:19he would claim to wake up in the morning
57:20thinking of nothing but killing people
57:22other rappers and well-known figures
57:24around Chicago drill would continue to
57:25tweak congratulating King Von after this
57:28murder people like Lil Reese the boss
57:30top and Ron would also tweet on April
57:31the 28th that there's only two places
57:33for a man like him presumably jail or
57:36Hell clearly he must have had an inkling
57:38because he would end up being picked up
57:40in connection to the murder the
57:41following day on the 29th of April but
57:43Von would never be formally charged with
57:44ki's murder he would deny even knowing
57:46her and would initially offer to do a
57:48polygraph test as well as providing a
57:50loose Alibi relying on a woman claiming
57:52that she had been with him the entire
57:54day of the murder combine that with the
57:55fact that Von had apparently checked in
57:57with his parole officer just an hour
57:59before the murder worked in his favor
58:01despite the crime scene being only 35
58:03minutes from the parole office meaning
58:04that Von had over 25 minutes spare to
58:07get there and kill Kai immediately after
58:09signing in with his PO as a result of
58:11these slick Maneuvers Von would indeed
58:13be released the next day and face no
58:14further consequences in this situation
58:16and he would tweet that he beat that
58:18case like Rocky and that he was in a
58:19good mood showing love to everyone but
58:21the odds that was followed by him
58:23tweeting laughing faces and saying that
58:25he was grateful to be free and that he's
58:27too real a few days later Von would be
58:29tweeting that he beats bodies and that
58:31he doesn't plan on going to prison as
58:33well as seemingly referencing Kai's
58:34resemblance to Snoop from The Wire and
58:36calling her a dead op years later Ron
58:39would even go on to brag about killing
58:40Kai on songs after he started rapping
58:42famously saying on the track war with us
58:44that he put a pretty op [ __ ] in the
58:46morgue you can call her drop dead
58:48gorgeous as well as saying that he keeps
58:50a strap like KI on the song GTA for
58:53years following this murder people
58:54including myself speculated on whether
58:56King Von had killed AI or whether it was
58:58the work of fellow O Block hit a big a
59:00who reportedly went by the nickname
59:02ASCII or ask Ki after her death
59:05suggesting that he had something to do
59:07with her killing but in lyrics to King
59:09Von's leaked song wait he seemingly
59:10rapped about the day that he caught Ki
59:12with lyrics A lot of people believe
59:14would a Luther Von jumping out of the
59:16car and chasing Ki down the alley with
59:18big a being the driver Von would also
59:20rap on the song cousins but he kills
59:22women and men and can't tell the
59:24difference but it wasn't just wrong Lil
59:26Durk would also rap in December of 2014
59:28the year that Kai was killed on the
59:30strong war with eday seemingly
59:32suggesting that he had owned a gun that
59:34was used in ki's Murder now rapping
59:36about someone you killed is one thing
59:37but King Von actually went on to do one
59:39of the most Psychopathic things I have
59:41ever seen because on May the 23 2019 a
59:44documentary about Ki would air on a e
59:46titled secret life of a gang girl this
59:49piece goes in depth into the life of Ki
59:51exploring her motivations to become a
59:53gang member despite being a petite young
59:55woman as well as interviewing some of
59:56the people that knew her during this
59:58time and that documentary about Ki would
01:00:01interview none other than King Von who
01:00:03was featured prominently in the
01:00:04documentary and if you ask me he was
01:00:06just straight up trolling the TV crew
01:00:08who clearly hadn't done their homework
01:00:09Von would appear in the show portraying
01:00:11himself as having been an infatuated
01:00:13admirer pursuing Ki for nothing but
01:00:15romantic reasons and the fact that the
01:00:17film crew didn't even have an inkling
01:00:19that Von was responsible is just crazy
01:00:21to me and it's not like the info that he
01:00:22killed Ki wasn't already circulating out
01:00:24there at this point because while Von is
01:00:26in jail for his next murder in 2016 word
01:00:28of his story as a shooter in the Chicago
01:00:30gang war would spread on the edgy
01:00:32Message Board 4chan where a
01:00:34gang-obsessed 4chan member would claim
01:00:36to have accessed ki's private DMS
01:00:38exposing those private messages which we
01:00:40already saw between King Von and Kai all
01:00:43the way back in 2012 with this deranged
01:00:454chan user even replying to friends of
01:00:47Ki from her account who had continued to
01:00:50DM her after her death looking for
01:00:51closure with that 4chan hacker writing a
01:00:54lengthy post claiming to have been told
01:00:56by a friend of Kai eyes in the DMS that
01:00:58they believe King Von was her killer
01:01:00bear in mind this information was
01:01:02floating around all the way back in 2016
01:01:04two years after the murder and three
01:01:06years before the documentary however
01:01:08eventually a whole year after Von's
01:01:10death in 2021 the Chicago police would
01:01:12release documents revealing that they
01:01:14believed King Von himself to be Kai's
01:01:16killer with apparently multiple
01:01:18Witnesses pinning Von as the shooter but
01:01:20unfortunately the state decided not to
01:01:22prosecute stating that the case simply
01:01:23wouldn't meet the burden of proof to
01:01:25secure a conviction so King Von would be
01:01:27released back on the streets after
01:01:29having allegedly killed the girl he had
01:01:31seemingly spent years hunting down but
01:01:34only a month and a half later Von would
01:01:36go on to catch yet another murder which
01:01:38would finally land him in jail and just
01:01:40briefly putting a stop to his serialized
01:01:46after being questioned about the Ki
01:01:49motor and being released with no
01:01:50consequences King Von felt Invincible
01:01:52the month is May 2014 and Von had
01:01:55seemingly killed a total of six people
01:01:57at this point as usual he'd be on
01:01:59Twitter non-stop hinting at his actions
01:02:01in the streets asking God for
01:02:03forgiveness for killing his Ops and
01:02:05saying that he shoots first and asks
01:02:07questions later he would tweet that he's
01:02:09in a different League when it comes to
01:02:10killing and others need to catch up and
01:02:13telling the world that he's always armed
01:02:15and ready for his Ops clearly Von was
01:02:17active in the streets as well as on
01:02:18Twitter claiming to be driving through
01:02:20his Ops area literally as he was
01:02:22tweeting and saying that he has an itchy
01:02:24trigger finger Von would claim that
01:02:25anybody can get smoked for the right
01:02:27price or cause warning his Ops not to
01:02:30come near him or he will shoot Von would
01:02:32claim to never be putting his gun down
01:02:34because too many people have died in the
01:02:36gang war taunting his Ops saying he
01:02:38knows that they want him but it's not
01:02:39his time to die Von would even repost a
01:02:42viral clip from World Star titled when
01:02:44keeping it real goes wrong a video
01:02:46apparently showing a group of people
01:02:48filming themselves going to Chief Keef's
01:02:50neighborhood and getting shot at a clip
01:02:52that people would later claim was
01:02:54actually King Von doing the shooting I
01:02:56mean just imagine having the balls to
01:02:58shoot at people and then retweet the
01:03:00world star video of you shooting at them
01:03:02the same day as this Von would claim
01:03:04that he's buying guns with hundred round
01:03:05magazines and wondering who he's going
01:03:07to shoot as well as saying that he'd
01:03:09been gang banging all day and now he's
01:03:11tired out the following day Ron would
01:03:13tweet saying that others wouldn't do
01:03:15half of the stuff that he's done and
01:03:16plans to do in the streets and Von would
01:03:18say that he plans to keep scoring until
01:03:20he wins only two days after that Von
01:03:23would find himself attempting to score
01:03:24again on the 29th of May 2014 an
01:03:27afternoon party would be going on but
01:03:295722 South LaSalle Street Von would
01:03:32attend this party where he spotted two
01:03:33members from the rival gang at this
01:03:35point the mother of the person whose
01:03:37birthday party it was apparently told
01:03:39Von not to start troubled in her house
01:03:41with Von saying that he wouldn't and
01:03:43leave it Vaughn would leave the party
01:03:44and go and get a friend Big Mike
01:03:46apparently telling another person who
01:03:48was still at the party on the phone that
01:03:49he was coming back and that they should
01:03:51take the children inside Von and Big
01:03:53Mike would return to that party parking
01:03:55down the street and approaching a group
01:03:57of three men outside the house opening
01:03:59fire three of those men would be hit by
01:04:01gunshots whilst Von chasten allegedly
01:04:03yelling why are you running when the
01:04:05shooting stopped a 19 year old man by
01:04:07the name of Malcolm Stuckey would be
01:04:09declared dead with a gunshot wound to
01:04:10the Head the Chicago police would
01:04:12respond to the shooting at 6 10 pm
01:04:14arriving on the scene where police were
01:04:15pictured securing the location around
01:04:17Malcolm's body apparently Von was really
01:04:19trying to kill two rival gang members
01:04:21that he saw at the party ultimately
01:04:22hitting three people for only killing
01:04:24Malcolm who allegedly wasn't the
01:04:25intended target or even involved in the
01:04:27gang war perhaps this is why we never
01:04:29hear King Von in his career
01:04:30disrespecting or saying that he's
01:04:32smoking Malcolm like he did to many of
01:04:34the other people that he was rumored to
01:04:36have killed but there would still be
01:04:37hints at his involvement because while
01:04:38Malcolm had been laying in the street
01:04:40with a bullet in his head for several
01:04:42hours only 12 minutes before he'd
01:04:43officially be pronounced dead Von would
01:04:45tweet saying that he has some issues but
01:04:47he cannot tell a soul about them
01:04:49meanwhile boschtop from oblock would
01:04:51tweet that Von is the guy who sits
01:04:53people down if they run up now it would
01:04:54take nearly two months for the
01:04:56authorities to connect Von to this
01:04:57murder and during this time he would
01:04:59continue to be prolific posting on
01:05:01Twitter he would tweet that he was on
01:05:02the block with his gun in the early
01:05:04hours of the morning just the day after
01:05:05the murder of Malcolm and tweeting that
01:05:07all of the things that people are
01:05:08hearing about are him he's the one
01:05:10responsible he would tweet saying that
01:05:12he's killed so many Ops that he doesn't
01:05:14have any more feelings he'd also tweet
01:05:16that it's all fun and games until
01:05:17somebody you know is no longer breathing
01:05:19and he would tweet saying that he did
01:05:21all of this on parole and just wait
01:05:23until he gets off with a demon emoji and
01:05:25in another deleted tweet that was
01:05:27apparently reposted by somebody else Von
01:05:29openly tweeted saying that he wanted to
01:05:31go on an all-out Killing Spree however
01:05:33King Von's crime spree would ultimately
01:05:35be cut short on Prom Night of all nights
01:05:37Von would be pictured holding a gun at O
01:05:39Block in his suit in the hours before
01:05:41prom and he would even tweet warning
01:05:43people not to try him while he's dressed
01:05:45in his suit Von would then end up doing
01:05:46doing a shooting in his prom suit with
01:05:48Witnesses describing his outfit
01:05:50ultimately leading to his arrest Von's
01:05:52last tweet will be on June the 7th 2014
01:05:54the ominous statement loose screws get
01:05:57nailed he would end up being arrested on
01:05:58Firearms charges on prom night and then
01:06:01the following month on the 22nd of July
01:06:032014 Von's accomplice in the murder of
01:06:05Malcolm Stuckey Big Mike ended up
01:06:07getting charged with murder and being
01:06:08taken in for questioning by the police
01:06:10then two days later on July 24 2014 King
01:06:13Von already in jail would be charged
01:06:15with one count of first-degree murder
01:06:17for the killing of Malcolm Stuckey and
01:06:19two counts of attempted murder for the
01:06:20other two people shot in that incident
01:06:22Von's arrest for this crime would
01:06:23attract significant media coverage and
01:06:25he would remain in jail awaiting trial
01:06:27from June 2014 to December 2017 and
01:06:30during that time his people would tweet
01:06:32from his Twitter account saying that
01:06:33they missed him asking for visitors to
01:06:35come see him on his birthday and posting
01:06:37clips and pictures of him in jail during
01:06:38his visits
01:06:58no I'm not sure
01:07:01no it's still a whole call
01:07:17but while Mom was in jail he would Raise
01:07:19Hell apparently helping to start a huge
01:07:21fire on the wing in April 2017. he would
01:07:24constantly get into fights with his Ops
01:07:25apparently never turning down
01:07:26confrontations that's why I could say
01:07:28Von Von had over 20 fights in that he
01:07:31was suspicious how he talk about deal he
01:07:34talked about that like it's a rite of
01:07:35passage like every it was a street like
01:07:37him he was like yeah what's coming yeah
01:07:38that's why he was always in there
01:07:40because he never cared about jail that's
01:07:41how he was able to be the type of he was
01:07:43in the streets cause some of these
01:07:45Savages like and you supposed to you're
01:07:46supposed to do with that in the back of
01:07:48your mind like knowing like man go south
01:07:51go to jail
01:07:54the police don't even exist he just
01:07:57smoked you broad day Yvonne would remain
01:07:58in jail for an extended period of time
01:08:00around three and a half years in total
01:08:02and during his time in jail he picked up
01:08:04the nickname grandson apparently for his
01:08:06resemblance and image as well as
01:08:08temperament to the Black Disciples
01:08:10founder David Barksdale also known as
01:08:12King David it's obvious that King Von
01:08:14took a lot of inspiration from the
01:08:16original founder of the gang that he
01:08:17wrapped the Black Disciples not only
01:08:19going by the name King Von but also
01:08:21frequently saying David barksdale's
01:08:23nickname often ending sentences by
01:08:25saying on King David on King David also
01:08:28while Von was in jail awaiting trial the
01:08:30conflicts in the streets would continue
01:08:31to play out and Von would eventually get
01:08:33the worst news imaginable his right hand
01:08:35man T Roy would be shot and killed in a
01:08:38convenience store on Valentine's Day
01:08:392017. Vons people would post Twitter
01:08:42tributes memorializing his friend and
01:08:44favorite shooter and Von would later
01:08:45open up about the very moment that he
01:08:47got the news about t Roy's death while
01:08:49he was in jail
01:08:52my neck
01:08:56that's so strong I got him gang banging
01:08:59on my neck that's a Hot Wheels games
01:09:01with Von saying that he completely broke
01:09:04down crying when he found out that his
01:09:06right-hand man T-Roy was gone
01:09:11kill me I broke down ain't blank crap so
01:09:13long but yeah this one and I'm in jail
01:09:16I'm fighting the murder I call it yeah
01:09:18my right hand man so I'm feeling like
01:09:20all right now since you go we can tell
01:09:21you're getting that man I'm gonna get
01:09:23you out fine I'm gonna get you out man
01:09:25whatever I gotta do I'm gonna teach you
01:09:26what I swear to God you know but we in
01:09:29the street you know
01:09:30so he he trying to hustle trying to rob
01:09:34all type people whatever you can do yeah
01:09:36I'm gonna get you a lawyer bro I got you
01:09:39I'd be calling man don't even worry
01:09:41about it man
01:09:42just look just you make sure you know I
01:09:45mean I'm gonna figure this out to be
01:09:46cool without them
01:09:48I call folks it's like that's
01:09:51not like Valentine's Day you see what
01:09:52I'm saying I call my mama back
01:09:55and she crying
01:09:57for you good
01:10:00he's out there
01:10:02they shot T-Roy T-Roy got what oh what
01:10:08look at the phone
01:10:22out there
01:10:27y'all gotta be out here's real T-Roy I
01:10:29don't know
01:10:35Leroy I see royal oh you know what I'm
01:10:38saying yeah I don't know t-real I got no
01:10:40T-Rex downstairs so so not here he gets
01:10:43shot out
01:10:45he don't want to tell me like don't be
01:10:46lacking oh don't be old don't be you
01:10:50he was telling me he used to be always
01:10:54out there
01:10:57hold on
01:10:59I said the streets hold on
01:11:01who got shot who
01:11:04now I'm out here again you got shot
01:11:06before you again
01:11:09make it on foreign
01:11:29man I'm good you know
01:11:35they just
01:11:38breaking down on King David
01:11:43I couldn't help it they hope this is
01:11:45something we growing that man folks grab
01:11:48me to hold me get the day you're gonna
01:11:50be eyes whether you're gonna be out
01:11:52oh hold on whatever my best friend wait
01:11:54somebody to kill my best friend while
01:11:56I'm in jail
01:11:59I'm gonna go crazy I don't know what's
01:12:03going on
01:12:16and a lot of Hope for a lot because he
01:12:20y'all know how folks he is
01:12:27the guys know the guys just looking like
01:12:29all this preaching them oh
01:12:30don't trip you know y'all know this this
01:12:34is that street
01:12:37five episodes
01:12:45death very seriously even after becoming
01:12:48a famous rapper he would threaten to
01:12:50kill trolls who would DM him mocking
01:12:52T-Roy on his birthday [ __ ] how you feel
01:12:54you were shorty on oh I kill you yo
01:12:56that's a little boy I choke you all my
01:12:57[ __ ] hands beat the [ __ ] out
01:13:00and then that [ __ ] fully why I dropped
01:13:02my [ __ ] location or you would
01:13:04pull up I'll kill you for real man
01:13:05where's hfe Larry yo that's a goofy man
01:13:10osc is a [ __ ] boy stop [ __ ] playing
01:13:12me go play somebody else I'll [ __ ] you
01:13:14up for real I don't even play like that
01:13:16again despite spend ing three and a half
01:13:18years in jail eventually Ron would
01:13:20finally face trial for the murder of
01:13:22Malcolm Stuckey Von's family tweeted
01:13:23from his Twitter account in November
01:13:252017 that they had been attending his
01:13:27trial at court and despite what was
01:13:29originally thought to be a clear-cut
01:13:30case Von's co-defender would end up
01:13:32implicating himself and running the
01:13:34crime in an attempt to secure a deal
01:13:36with prosecutors But ultimately backing
01:13:38out of that deal at the last minute
01:13:39leaving prosecutors scrambling for any
01:13:41evidence that would actually implicate
01:13:43Von in the murder allegedly eyewitnesses
01:13:45who solve on that night failed to
01:13:47testify and King Von would even later
01:13:49rap about the situation on the track
01:13:51what's next saying that they killed the
01:13:53only witness and that big Mike was the
01:13:55only one who spoke this turn of events
01:13:57would see King Von being acquitted of
01:13:59all charges due to lack of evidence and
01:14:01Big Mike himself going down for 16 years
01:14:04plus an extra 12 for backing out of a
01:14:06deal with prosecutors so a total of 28
01:14:08years after this King Von would be a
01:14:10free man once again beating a body and
01:14:13returning to the streets of Chicago with
01:14:14his freedom and a clean slate the family
01:14:16of Malcolm Stucky would later monishron
01:14:18on social media for getting away with
01:14:20this gruesome murder and going on to
01:14:22become a rapper but as we'll soon learn
01:14:23Von had zero Shame about the things that
01:14:26he had done in the streets in fact he
01:14:27would wear the badge of a killer who
01:14:29beat a body with pride and after killing
01:14:31an alleged seven people in total when
01:14:34Von got out of jail it would be time for
01:14:35a new beginning as the newly free King
01:14:37Von would take all of his stories from
01:14:39being a killer on the streets of Chicago
01:14:40and put them into songs becoming a
01:14:43Chicago drill rapper with so much
01:14:45credibility as a gangster his music
01:14:47simply could not be ignored and soon all
01:14:49over Chicago and around the world Von's
01:14:52name would be ringing as people would
01:14:53begin to discover what appeared to be
01:14:55the realist gangster rapper who ever
01:15:02after being acquitted of all charges in
01:15:04the murder of Malcolm stocky King Von
01:15:06would walk out of jail or free man once
01:15:08again around the 6th of December 2017
01:15:10being seen walking fresh out of the
01:15:12gates on social media
01:15:24hey y'all
01:15:27Vaughn would also return to Twitter as
01:15:29well as the streets telling 16 shot and
01:15:31visuals that his friend e dog from
01:15:33oblock picked him up and the first thing
01:15:34they did was go and buy a gun
01:15:46at the time of his release Von wasn't
01:15:48yet a rapper it's unclear if Von ever
01:15:50really had aspirations of transitioning
01:15:52from shooter to rapper on the one hand
01:15:54there's old tweets where he perhaps
01:15:55jokingly said that him and T-Roy had
01:15:57planned to release music but nothing
01:15:59ever materialized on the other hand he
01:16:01had also tweeted that if he ever starts
01:16:03rapping you should kill the person
01:16:04closest to you because something ain't
01:16:06right so it's safe to say that at least
01:16:08initially Von's plans were not music at
01:16:11least not for himself because one person
01:16:12who hadn't forgotten Von during his long
01:16:14three and a half years in jail was his
01:16:16childhood friend and Chicago rap
01:16:18Superstar Lil Durk who had tweeted his
01:16:20support for Von whilst he was still in
01:16:21jail fighting his charges and apparently
01:16:23calling him regularly even providing
01:16:25money for a lawyer dirkwood welcome Von
01:16:27home from jail with open arms with Ron
01:16:29actually revealing later that his
01:16:31friendship with Dirk had initially had
01:16:33an ulterior motive and at first he was
01:16:35just planning to hang around Dirk and
01:16:36Rob people that he knew just to get
01:16:38himself to a hundred thousand dollars
01:16:40and when no rapper saw it when my no no
01:16:43rapper [ __ ] I'm thinking like I just
01:16:45need to get a hundred thousand I'm gonna
01:16:46be decent
01:16:49and that's why I was thinking in jail
01:16:51like when I was
01:16:55they say what you gonna do I say I'm
01:16:58just going I'm gonna go around dirt and
01:16:59I'm just gonna catch me I'm off I'm
01:17:00around dirt and I'm gonna catch me like
01:17:02two three something and third I ain't
01:17:05gonna let them know cause he's gonna try
01:17:06to stop me after coming home from jail
01:17:07music was the last thing on King Von's
01:17:09mind he just wanted to get money and
01:17:11flex his Newfound Freedom he will be
01:17:13seen fresh home posing in new outfits on
01:17:15Instagram with pictures celebrating his
01:17:17freedom attracting threats from his
01:17:18enemies like fpg cash but it seems that
01:17:21Von's friends would be looking out for
01:17:22him and no one was looking out for Von
01:17:23Moore during this time than Lil Durk who
01:17:25would invite Von into his life and
01:17:27Entourage as he continued his rise as
01:17:29one of Chicago's most promising rappers
01:17:31Dirk was working on his 2018 mixtape
01:17:33just cause y'all waited and that tape
01:17:35featured the classic track dirkyo Crazy
01:17:37soon after getting out of jail Ron would
01:17:39be sitting in the back of Dirk's car
01:17:40previewing this future classic before it
01:17:42was released perhaps the reason that
01:17:44Dirk wanted to play on this track is
01:17:46because the song itself references Von's
01:17:48case with Dirk rapping that a witness
01:17:50went missing and now Von is coming home
01:17:52once again Von's real life of crime was
01:17:54providing inspiration for Chicago's
01:17:56biggest rappers clearly Dirk was
01:17:58inspired by the return of his newly
01:18:00freed hitter and would continue spending
01:18:02time with him later that day in the same
01:18:03Instagram live King Von would explain to
01:18:05Dirk how he grew his hair in jail just
01:18:07to keep himself warm and explaining just
01:18:09how painful the shackles were that he
01:18:11was forced to wear whilst in solitary
01:18:13confinement it was cold tonight
01:18:50would seemingly spend Christmas 2017
01:18:53with a duck too with them being seen
01:18:55together on social media listening to
01:18:57Classic Chicago drill anthems by La
01:18:59Capone moving into 2018 Von started off
01:19:01in classic Savage mode posting on social
01:19:03media toting guns and declaring his
01:19:05desire to bring War to his Ops he'd been
01:19:08seen on Clips on social media walking
01:19:09through Roblox and showing the world
01:19:11that he was still in these streets
01:19:12untouched even after all of the people
01:19:14he had allegedly killed even speculating
01:19:16on who was in the comments on these
01:19:18lives his Ops or the cops
01:19:47it's January went on Von would continue
01:19:50to flex his muscles on social media and
01:19:52he would be seen listening to NBA young
01:19:53boy of all people whilst chilling with
01:19:55obloc Native Mana Duke and telling
01:19:57followers that they were smoking their
01:19:58Dead Ops
01:20:01Superman goddamn a brick man Cody man
01:20:06clearly Bond was still in the streets
01:20:08initially after enjoying some time in
01:20:09Atlanta with Lil Durk once he'd returned
01:20:11to Chicago in February he'd quickly find
01:20:13himself in trouble tweeting that he was
01:20:15riding around with a gun and weed then
01:20:17he would end up getting arrested at
01:20:18o'blok on February the 14th 2018. the
01:20:21one year anniversary of t-roy's death
01:20:23with this arrest taking place soon after
01:20:25he tweeted that he was in oblock and
01:20:27armed on the anniversary of t-roy's
01:20:29murder Ron would be arrested on charges
01:20:30of and bodily harm with cops claiming
01:20:33that he ran from them and threw a gun
01:20:35battering them in the process of the
01:20:37arrest with the body cam footage of this
01:20:38arrest later becoming public which
01:20:40showed a menacing King Ron telling the
01:20:42police with pride that he'd just be a
01:20:44body and two attempted murders so John
01:20:47when we were chasing but on video they
01:20:50went back went under the cars where we
01:20:52think he ditched it got in the vehicle
01:20:54we stopped the vehicle get him out
01:20:55battery fight with that vehicle takes
01:20:58off on us when we got this and then
01:21:00we got about 50 people around us so so
01:21:02uh what happened you're gonna go to jail
01:21:05for battery to a police officer why it
01:21:07me and you I got everything thank you
01:21:11very much we'll take it
01:21:13if I go home it's Valentine's Day you
01:21:16got the Fate number since you got it on
01:21:17tape man
01:21:27you live here
01:21:37and she was here the whole time video
01:21:39taping 94. majority of it not when we
01:21:43got him out of the car
01:21:48a lot of times
01:21:59I'm sorry
01:22:07let go stupid man oh no we got you let's
01:22:12you get locked up over here recently
01:22:22it's cool
01:22:24which hands behind you babe so what I'm
01:22:26gonna travel right now
01:22:29I'm not um yes you are what
01:22:34probably uh trespass over here oh yeah
01:22:36and hitting the guy
01:22:38everybody got furloughed
01:22:49thank you all right
01:22:51where's your coat
01:22:53he asked him man the super cop
01:22:56where's his coat
01:23:00it's gone
01:23:08after the arrest a furious looking King
01:23:10Von mugshot circulated online but one
01:23:12would be out within just a couple of
01:23:13days tweeting that he believes that the
01:23:15cops have it out for him because he
01:23:17escaped those murder charges and he
01:23:19would boast that he would never let them
01:23:20get him clearly King Von wasn't ready to
01:23:22permanently move on from his life as a
01:23:24oblong hitter and he would still be
01:23:26going live on o'block in March 2018
01:23:27mocking their Dead Ops right who got to
01:23:30come in
01:23:50would also continue to be seen hanging
01:23:52out closely with little Dirk seemingly
01:23:54making regular trips to spend time with
01:23:56the rapper in Atlanta at a certain point
01:23:58Ron and Dirk would be reunited with
01:24:00another friend and feared Chicago
01:24:01shooter thf bezu with bazoo just like
01:24:04Von beating a 2014 murder charge for a
01:24:06shooting that occurred in 2009. Lil Dirk
01:24:09was now rolling with two certified
01:24:11Chicago shooters on his team but the
01:24:13plan wasn't to shoot Dirk planned
01:24:14instead to transform these hardened
01:24:16Street figures into rap Superstars the
01:24:19realest rappers who had ever wrapped
01:24:20with the realist backstories to back it
01:24:22up Ron would post pictures in the studio
01:24:24with Dirk saying that he isn't going
01:24:26back to his old ways and hinting to an
01:24:28upcoming career in the rap game since
01:24:29beating his murder case and coming home
01:24:31Ron had the perfect backstory to
01:24:33kick-start his music career too thf
01:24:35bezoo had essentially been through the
01:24:37very same situation so Von and bezu
01:24:39would be paired up and placed into a
01:24:40studio where they would record a song
01:24:42all about their shared experience
01:24:43beating real-life murder charges
01:24:45something that Von and Bay Zoo would
01:24:47open up about in a 16 shot
01:24:55on May 27 2018 King Von and thf bazoo
01:25:00released their first song Beat That Body
01:25:01a track coming with shocking lyrics
01:25:03where Von essentially admits to catching
01:25:05bodies beating them and even saying that
01:25:07he now plans to catch more this insane
01:25:09backstory would be irresistible for
01:25:11Chicago drill fans with Dirk later
01:25:13revealing the people instantly went
01:25:15crazy for Vons music in Chicago they see
01:25:17like us will be doing his music and I
01:25:19had a studio in my house he just tried
01:25:21and when he dropped the song like the
01:25:22reaction was like
01:25:26but Von didn't seem too hopeful for his
01:25:29rap career to begin with barely
01:25:30promoting the song and seemingly having
01:25:32no plans to give up his full-time job as
01:25:34an o-block driller or at least shot
01:25:36caller because in the months that
01:25:37followed Von's musical debut killings
01:25:39would still continue to play out in the
01:25:41streets with Von appearing to remain
01:25:43plugged into the action not only giving
01:25:44Von and his gang even more credit in the
01:25:46streets but with these murders also
01:25:48providing Von with the inspiration to
01:25:50get back into the booth where he would
01:25:51continue to record music all about the
01:25:53deadly violence that he would soon
01:25:55become famous for
01:25:59walking Vaughn was in jail numerous
01:26:01people from oblock ended up getting
01:26:03killed perhaps it was precisely because
01:26:05their most Fearless shooter was in jail
01:26:07that so many people ended up passing
01:26:09while he was gone Von was particularly
01:26:10hurt by the killing of T Roy his right
01:26:12hand man and after T-Roy was killed a
01:26:14new set of gangsters would form an obloc
01:26:16who went by the name get back gang this
01:26:18was a hardened crew of Shooters whose
01:26:20sole Focus was to get revenge or get
01:26:22back for the murder of T-Roy and other
01:26:24beloved o-block natives who had been
01:26:26killed while vom was in jail another one
01:26:28of these Fallen O Block Affiliates was
01:26:30China was shot dead on the 17th of July
01:26:322016. another big a was gunned down in a
01:26:35restaurant near obloc on the 4th of
01:26:37December 2016. get back gang would be on
01:26:40a killing spree trying to avenge their
01:26:41fallen friends looking to kill anyone
01:26:43who played a role in their demise poppy
01:26:45believed to have been involved in hits
01:26:47against obloc would be gunned down at
01:26:49work on the 16th of June 2017 allegedly
01:26:52being shot in the head by an o-block
01:26:54member called heck who would go on to be
01:26:55known by the nickname HK or headshot
01:26:58King HK was Troy's brother other and
01:27:00would reportedly avenge him with t-roy's
01:27:02alleged killer TB or Terry Barry being
01:27:04shot dead on the 26th of December 2017.
01:27:07however HK himself would end up being
01:27:09killed in oh block 2 just before Von got
01:27:12out of jail on the 24th of November
01:27:142017. another person who seemingly lost
01:27:16their life to get back gang's Revenge
01:27:18campaign during this time would be FBG
01:27:20brick fpg Doug's brother rumored to have
01:27:23played a role in giving up t-roy's
01:27:24location to the Ops the day he was
01:27:26killed with brick and his friend Kobe
01:27:28being gunned down in a get-back gang
01:27:30attack on the 17th of July 2017. in fact
01:27:33many of these murders played out in 2017
01:27:35whilst Von was still behind bars for the
01:27:37murder of Malcolm stocky and when Von
01:27:39got out despite becoming a rapper
01:27:41spending time in Atlanta with Lil Durk
01:27:42and seemingly taking a step away from
01:27:44the gang war one would still seemed to
01:27:46be looked at as a senior figure and shot
01:27:48caller to members of oblock and get that
01:27:50gang and when they killed again King Von
01:27:52would be on the sidelines celebrating
01:27:54the murder as if it was one of his own
01:27:55on June the 13th 2018 King Von would
01:27:58tweet saying that there's a new rule you
01:28:00can only diss or smoke a dead person
01:28:02that you yourself actually killed only
01:28:04days after that tweet get that gang
01:28:06would unfortunately claim another life
01:28:08the next unlucky person to be killed
01:28:10would be a Saint Lawrence native by the
01:28:11name of Can't Get Right AKA manman real
01:28:14name DeAndre Wallace on June 15 2018
01:28:17around 9 50 PM Can't Get Right is
01:28:19waiting for food outside of a store on
01:28:21400 block of East 63rd Street at a
01:28:24certain point two people pulled up and
01:28:25waited outside and when the target was
01:28:27spotted those two men ran up opening
01:28:29fire killing both the target as well as
01:28:31an innocent bystander that was just
01:28:33there sweeping up outside the restaurant
01:28:35and once again the shooting and
01:28:36immediate aftermath were captured on
01:28:38CCTV footage and by Witnesses in clips
01:28:41that are far too grisly to show you on
01:28:43YouTube both men shot in the incident
01:28:44were pronounced dead at the University
01:28:46of Chicago hospital with the news even
01:28:48later reporting on this assassination
01:28:49morning I'm looking for the gunman who
01:28:51killed two men overnight they were
01:28:53standing outside of a Satora in the
01:28:55city's Woodland neighborhood when
01:28:57someone started shooting a 43 year old
01:28:59man man was shot in the chest he died at
01:29:01the hospital the other victim a 22 year
01:29:04old also died police say the 22 year old
01:29:06is a known gang member and was the
01:29:09intended target King Von would go live
01:29:10on the same day as this double murder
01:29:12alongside memo 600 while still in
01:29:15Atlanta with Lil durk's team and in this
01:29:16live King Von would set out to poke fun
01:29:18at his murdered Rivals immediately after
01:29:20they were killed and let's not forget
01:29:22only days before this King Von tweeted
01:29:24that you can't disrespect the dead
01:29:25unless you played a role in killing them
01:29:27with that in mind King Von's live stream
01:29:29after the murder was truly a master
01:29:31class in self-incrimination they would
01:29:33start the life off lighting a blunt and
01:29:34saying that their smoking Can't Get
01:29:36Right and asking the viewers what just
01:29:48what's happening
01:29:50what just happened
01:29:52oh you write down YouTube who got killed
01:29:56that's all my VR who got killed again
01:29:57yeah Can't Get Right get killed
01:30:01Can't Get Right Now can somebody show me
01:30:03a picture I don't think I know y'all
01:30:05can't get right
01:30:10I'm just trying to get verified from
01:30:13here people start commenting can't get
01:30:15up and it seems that the old block
01:30:17hitters are so amused by this wordplay
01:30:19they essentially confess to being
01:30:20involved in the murder on the spot 8000
01:30:22can't get up
01:30:35after this we see the crew say that it's
01:30:38two people down and that they're going
01:30:40to have to roll another one whoever it
01:30:41is seemingly unaware that it was an
01:30:43innocent cleaner who was killed in the
01:30:45incident they say a tool down two
01:30:47minutes that no I can't oh David
01:30:56they even started reacting mockingly to
01:30:59the Ops posting long tributes to their
01:31:01Fallen Friend on Instagram in real time
01:31:03in this life
01:31:08I remember back in the days
01:31:12you told me to pop out best friend
01:31:23Ron and his friends would continue
01:31:24mocking the Ops by specific block and
01:31:27saying that the FN gave him a fresh fade
01:31:29like Lil Boosie steady
01:31:34him a fresh fade Boosie boots
01:31:39hey why don't they even put him on Front
01:31:41Street like he was even like that though
01:31:43then King Von comes back and says
01:31:45straight up that man man must have known
01:31:47he was going to die and that no one will
01:31:49care he's gone he probably knew he was
01:31:51gonna die
01:31:54don't nobody even care about I Can't Get
01:31:56Right like that I don't think they're
01:31:57gonna slide like that
01:31:58I don't think nothing's gonna happen
01:32:00because of that so say for the worst the
01:32:02rest of their money on that thing we
01:32:04ain't gonna act like nothing's gonna
01:32:05happen because y'all gonna help me well
01:32:08I think get shot you lucky today
01:32:10after this they even started reliving
01:32:13the hit saying that their Ops aren't
01:32:14used to somebody jumping out of the car
01:32:16and firing at them Non-Stop
01:32:23the flap here show you just want to do
01:32:25like one of these because you're acting
01:32:26like you face up
01:32:32whilst King Von is on live bragging
01:32:34about this hit from another city oh
01:32:36Block members muwap posted a picture on
01:32:38Instagram with fellow member Duke saying
01:32:40that they are Shooters meanwhile e-dog
01:32:42from obloc jumped on Twitter to say that
01:32:44the get back is not over just the day
01:32:46after the Murder King Von tweeted saying
01:32:48that the stakes are higher now than ever
01:32:50and that the police have their eye on
01:32:52him Von later tweeted claiming that his
01:32:54brothers made the new OP pack literally
01:32:56giving direct responsibility for this
01:32:58murder to his team it seemed clear at
01:33:00this point that Von was not only happy
01:33:01about the killing that his friends from
01:33:03oblock were doing but he was actively
01:33:05encouraging it and quite possibly the
01:33:07one giving the orders Friends of Man Wan
01:33:09would post outright saying that they
01:33:10believed King Von paid for the hit
01:33:13and see if he can get up and all that go
01:33:15fast too whoa do you guys feel that it
01:33:19was somebody from the other side that
01:33:21may have did it or you think it was like
01:33:22a random act of life
01:33:28audience of the city did
01:33:29it okay does hate us
01:33:32but they ain't gonna step outside the
01:33:33gate though
01:33:34they know
01:33:40but Vaughn honestly didn't seem to care
01:33:42about anything at this point and despite
01:33:44the fact that word was spreading that he
01:33:46was the shot caller in get back gang's
01:33:47murders Ron wasn't trying to keep this a
01:33:49secret in fact he was ready to broadcast
01:33:51that message to millions of people
01:33:53because on July the 31st 2018 Lil durk's
01:33:56only the family involved vol 1
01:33:58compilation album releases the project
01:34:00featured many of Lil durk's friends
01:34:02including King Von whose new song
01:34:04Problems would be included on the
01:34:05project with this entire track being all
01:34:07about Ron having hitters that catch
01:34:09bodies for him even warning people do
01:34:12not get bodied By Me the song
01:34:14essentially tells the story of oh block
01:34:16Shooters killing people on Vons command
01:34:18the song also featured an intro where he
01:34:20shouted out get back gang and there were
01:34:22lyrics about killing both the Target and
01:34:24Witnesses Von would rap that killing is
01:34:26his Hobby and he says that his loyal
01:34:28Shooters are the ones catching bodies
01:34:30for him Ron would also tease a music
01:34:31video for this track which ended up
01:34:33dropping on Lil durk's official YouTube
01:34:35channel on August the 9th King Vons 24th
01:34:38birthday meanwhile Lil Durk was
01:34:40impressed with King Von's murder raps
01:34:41tweeting that Von was next up to break
01:34:43into the rap game and this would be
01:34:45followed by Von telling fans that he
01:34:47would soon be dropping music with Lil
01:34:48Durk himself and saying that he would be
01:34:50switching up and not associating with
01:34:52anyone he used to know once the song
01:34:54with their job
01:34:58a lack of money
01:35:02I'm changing up Duck was clearly seeing
01:35:04the potential in kingbon's music and
01:35:06from here the two of them would be seen
01:35:07together on social media having a good
01:35:09time and getting the fans more and more
01:35:11familiar with Dirk's newest Prospect
01:35:15Mermaid Man
01:35:17Barnacle Boy come on man
01:35:19get your cat dog
01:35:25Mickey Mouse
01:35:27Von was beginning to lay the foundations
01:35:29for a successful rap career but he also
01:35:32continued to be Reckless around this
01:35:34time Von is seen in a viral Instagram
01:35:36live clip telling a small child on O
01:35:38Block to disrespect Tuka and training
01:35:41him to shoot people in the head with a
01:35:42water pistol
01:35:51shoot him in his head you got a point
01:35:52right here
01:35:58shoot him
01:36:11shoot him again
01:36:17after this vomit tweet about having
01:36:20Killers around him and posting pictures
01:36:21of his whole crew and as Von's
01:36:23popularity grew people would eventually
01:36:25annotate these pictures speculating on
01:36:27how many people each o-block member had
01:36:30killed naturally all of this Reckless
01:36:32Behavior on social media brought even
01:36:34more police attention onto oh block by
01:36:36the end of August 2018 The Block is Hot
01:36:37and King Von is seen on live observing
01:36:40arrests taking place on oblock itself
01:36:42even saying that he has his shoes tied
01:36:44in case he needs to run and I got my
01:36:47shoes tied
01:36:50the secret recipe to the Krabby Patty
01:36:54Plankton they trying to find a secret
01:36:56form to the Krabby patty recipe damn
01:36:58they took the shot no I didn't take the
01:37:01truck hey
01:37:05traffic man skirt
01:37:08we gonna get another we rich
01:37:13what's going on
01:37:15somebody gang banging with us
01:37:17one would tweet about not wanting to
01:37:19discuss murders on camera and suggesting
01:37:22that at this point the gang war must be
01:37:23over but as we'd later find out the war
01:37:25would be far from over while King Von
01:37:27was making a name for himself as a
01:37:29rapper still commanding his shooters
01:37:30from obloc he would continue to be
01:37:32associated with serious crimes from a
01:37:34distance with the next incident
01:37:36involving one of his longest running
01:37:37enemies and a feared op of oblocs wooski
01:37:42thank you
01:37:45King Von had started out October 2018
01:37:47strong fresh off the back of his song
01:37:49and music video problems where he
01:37:51appeared to celebrate his gang murdering
01:37:53obloc rival Can't Get Right Von would
01:37:55continue pushing his career forward
01:37:56dropping a full music video for his
01:37:58first song beat that body with thf bezoo
01:38:01which featured an intro where they both
01:38:02walked out of jail together outside of
01:38:04the music Vaughn was also beginning to
01:38:06notice the many videos being made about
01:38:08him and his past even re-sharing a
01:38:10YouTube video breaking down his Twitter
01:38:12beef with FBG Duck seemingly unhappy
01:38:15clearly Von was monitoring his
01:38:16reputation on social media and
01:38:18cultivating his brand as the toughest
01:38:20rapper out doing all of this was real
01:38:22violent crimes would continue to play
01:38:24out on the streets of Chicago where he
01:38:25was from just before 4pm on October the
01:38:289th 2018 Chicago Rapper duski the man
01:38:30real name Ventress Chris would be shot
01:38:33in the head on the 5600 Block of South
01:38:35Michigan Avenue apparently the result of
01:38:37a drive-by carried out by a passing
01:38:38ground vehicle the evening before the
01:38:40murder took place Von would tweet that
01:38:42there's a dark cloud over Chicago King
01:38:44Von would go on live a few days later
01:38:46with Lil Durk saying that he's smoking
01:38:48Dusky Ki Tuka and P5
01:39:04okay you know what's going on
01:39:12you a gangster all these gangsters eat
01:39:16that you agree with you all you look
01:39:18nice you looking real PG like us
01:39:23violence was continuing to play out in
01:39:26the streets and Von was loving it
01:39:27because he would continue taking the
01:39:29details of killings his crew were
01:39:30allegedly involved in and placing them
01:39:32into musical gang-banging anthems just
01:39:34after a week after the Dusky shooting on
01:39:36October the 18th he dropped a new song
01:39:38called war with us notable for lyrics
01:39:40that appear to take credit for the
01:39:42murder of female driller Ki as well as
01:39:44lines dissing Tuka and Von ending the
01:39:46song literally saying that he is a hit
01:39:48map Von was dangerous but now he was
01:39:50beginning to make it as a rapper he
01:39:51wanted the whole world to know just how
01:39:53dangerous he really was and one of the
01:39:55biggest enemies he wanted to get even
01:39:57with is a tukaville GD by the name of
01:39:59wooski Ronan wooski had been going back
01:40:02and forth all the way back to 2012 when
01:40:04Von was catching bodies in Chicago
01:40:05vonenwski had an Infamous exchange on
01:40:08Twitter after trying to catch each other
01:40:09lacking at the local convenience store
01:40:11Ron would tweet at wooski bragging about
01:40:13people wooski knew who Von or his
01:40:15friends had killed something that
01:40:16whiskey would do back to Von in response
01:40:18in one shocking back and forth in 2012
01:40:21Von even bragged to ski that he had more
01:40:24bodies and attempts than him with the
01:40:25two arguing about who would end up
01:40:27getting killed first not only did Von
01:40:29and wooski's feud in the Streets Run
01:40:31Deep all the way back before 2012 but
01:40:33now that Ron was trying to make it as a
01:40:35rapper he would be contending with the
01:40:36likes of wooski picking up a microphone
01:40:38too with whiskey having dropped the very
01:40:40disrespectful song computers at the
01:40:42start of 2018. a track that featured
01:40:44numerous lyrics insulting dead oblong
01:40:46Affiliates like big A J Money white
01:40:48white Chino and Odie Perry wooski even
01:40:51ended the song saying that they're on
01:40:53the hunt for the killers of Poppy and TB
01:40:55two of The prominent murders seemingly
01:40:57committed by obloc's get back game so
01:40:59the beef between Von and wooski was
01:41:01incredibly personal and wooski was also
01:41:03very close with the recently deceased
01:41:05Dusky with them having made the song
01:41:06Shooters together just a few days after
01:41:08duski was killed King Von and others
01:41:10from oblock would FaceTime wooski
01:41:12telling him that they were going to
01:41:14catch him by surprise is this a big
01:41:16brother yeah
01:41:19I wish I could say one of y'all was my
01:41:41but since I'm out tonight so from here
01:41:44it seems like wooski's Ops hatched up a
01:41:46plot to shoot up duski's funeral because
01:41:48they knew that he would be there on the
01:41:50afternoon of the 22nd of October at
01:41:52duski's funeral soon after this picture
01:41:54is taken a car turns up people jump out
01:41:56of that car and begin shooting into the
01:41:58crowd outside the church firing
01:42:00indiscriminately but looking
01:42:01specifically to kill wooski six people
01:42:03were hit in the shooting with wooski
01:42:05himself being shot in the head but he
01:42:07would miraculously survive only a few
01:42:09days after the shooting Vaughn would
01:42:10begin tweeting I kid you not comparing
01:42:12himself to Jesus and then tweeting laugh
01:42:15now cry later and game over we won with
01:42:19fellow obloc shooter muwap retweeting
01:42:21and agreeing with this over the next few
01:42:23years Von would go on to drop numerous
01:42:25disrespectful lyrics referencing the
01:42:27shooting of wooski like on the track
01:42:28grandson for president where he wraps
01:42:30that wooski got shot in his head and now
01:42:32has to take medicine for his injuries
01:42:34Vaughn would rap on the song GTA who
01:42:36shot wooski how would I know Von also
01:42:39wrapped on the track go and get him that
01:42:41he will be at at your funeral on time to
01:42:43give your mother a tissue and then
01:42:45there's the lyrics on his track back
01:42:46again where he literally says that he
01:42:48slides at funerals shoots everyone
01:42:50outside and that wooski is going to feel
01:42:52this one going on to say I bet wooski's
01:42:55still twitching he changed something
01:42:57different those are some of the most
01:42:59disrespectful lyrics I have ever come
01:43:00across but it's also incredibly
01:43:02self-incriminating it's honestly insane
01:43:04that Von was getting away with stuff
01:43:05like this but it really was this kind of
01:43:07raw and real content that attracted so
01:43:10many people to his music whether or not
01:43:11they even knew what he was talking about
01:43:12from here Ron would continue to mock
01:43:14whiskey throughout his career posting
01:43:16disrespectful pictures to him on
01:43:18Instagram on a regular basis but
01:43:19ultimately despite being literally shot
01:43:21in the head wooski is still alive today
01:43:23in 2023 and still posted on Instagram in
01:43:26fact whiskey would indeed outlive King
01:43:28Von just like he had promised him on
01:43:30Twitter in 2012 the day before boss
01:43:31Trail died but for the time being wooski
01:43:34would take a step back from the beef
01:43:35with Von and obloc and a newly charged
01:43:37King Von would go all in on his rap
01:43:39career continuing to roll with little
01:43:41dirt and going on to record song after
01:43:43song about living the lifestyle of a
01:43:45shot calling killer but unfortunately
01:43:46for little Dirk rolling with this Loose
01:43:48Cannon would soon be causing him
01:43:50problems too and it would only be a
01:43:51matter of months after the funeral
01:43:52shooting that Lil Durk would find
01:43:54himself in a car with a trigger happy
01:43:56King Von perhaps succumbing to peer
01:43:58pressure and picking up a gun of his own
01:43:59with Lil Durk making a split-second
01:44:01decision that would nearly cost him his
01:44:03career and freedom
01:44:07the month after the shooting at duski's
01:44:10funeral which critically injured wooski
01:44:11King Von seemed to be worried about his
01:44:13reputation tweeting that the past is
01:44:15always coming back to haunt him and
01:44:17saying that he's not a murderer not a
01:44:18rapper not a scammer just handsome but
01:44:21also tweeting that if you played with
01:44:23him on the internet he's going to your
01:44:24house perhaps behind the scenes Von was
01:44:26beginning to struggle to manage his
01:44:28reputation now he was becoming a
01:44:30legitimate rapper in the music industry
01:44:31he might have been worried about his
01:44:33past as a killer getting in the way of
01:44:34his new plans Von said that he was
01:44:36having nightmares during this time and
01:44:38that he was popping pills to cope
01:44:39there'd be a few interesting exchanges
01:44:41around this time too like a Twitter
01:44:43conversation between Ron and his baby
01:44:44mama where Vaughn joked that he would
01:44:46put her on the news and then
01:44:48backtracking having to deny being a
01:44:49killer at this point Vaughn was clearly
01:44:51concerned about his reputation and was
01:44:53on edge to even joke about being a
01:44:55killer but one person who wasn't worried
01:44:57about Von's reputation was Lil Durk who
01:44:59was doing everything he could to put
01:45:01King Von on during this time in
01:45:02mid-november 2018 Lil Durk previews King
01:45:05Von's upcoming song crazy story on his
01:45:07Instagram gram fans knew that something
01:45:09huge was coming Lil Durk was taking
01:45:11Vaughn to parties to rub shoulders with
01:45:13other huge rappers in the industry like
01:45:15y w Melly and Roddy Rich even taking an
01:45:17enthusiastic King Von to the studio to
01:45:19hang out with Gunner hey Tokyo
01:45:27Dirk would even bring King Von along to
01:45:30his interviews with Lil durk's November
01:45:322018 visit to The Breakfast Club being
01:45:34one of the first times that the
01:45:36mainstream music listening public got a
01:45:38glimpse of King Von and this would end
01:45:39up being a legendary appearance clearly
01:45:42doing all he could to put the spotlight
01:45:43on his friend and artist Dirk had
01:45:45brought Von onto one of the most famous
01:45:46rap interview shows in the world what's
01:45:49your artist there bro
01:45:50what's up sir what's up John welcome
01:45:53welcome welcome Dirk would tell
01:45:54Charlemagne that he wanted to sign Von
01:45:56because of the backstory behind him with
01:45:58Charlemagne not being quite prepared for
01:46:00the realness when Von started talking
01:46:02about beating his murder charge
01:46:04because he got a whole story behind him
01:46:07what's the story
01:46:11he was in jail for two murders yeah I'm
01:46:14one murder and two attempts
01:46:16I just beat
01:46:23in the interview you could visibly see
01:46:26little Dirk trying to look out for Von
01:46:27and covering his tracks after
01:46:29Charlemagne began asking Von if he
01:46:31actually did the murder with Dirk biting
01:46:33in saying that Ron beat it because he
01:46:34didn't do it you're gonna beat it you're
01:46:36gonna beat it if you didn't do it that's
01:46:37all one would go on to say that he can't
01:46:39get a normal job in Chicago because he's
01:46:41done so much dirt in the streets that if
01:46:43he was seen working a normal job he
01:46:45would probably be killed on site it's
01:46:47like I can't work no job in Chicago you
01:46:48see what I'm saying
01:46:59yeah then at the end of the interview as
01:47:01Von was explaining to Charlemagne that
01:47:03he had no plans after jail because he's
01:47:05got no experience doing anything
01:47:06suddenly Dirk begins to cough seemingly
01:47:08giving Von an indication not to say
01:47:10anything incriminating about his former
01:47:12life as a killer what other planets did
01:47:14you have other than rap I ain't had no
01:47:16plan that's the thing like you get out
01:47:17it's you got a lot of [ __ ] on your mouth
01:47:18so you're getting that what to do what
01:47:20you do what to do is like back to the
01:47:21streets no experience is doing nothing I
01:47:24ain't you know
01:47:27all right
01:47:28this interview was also the perfect
01:47:30opportunity for vom to promote his
01:47:32upcoming hit song crazy story crazy
01:47:34story job like sometime this will be
01:47:36coming up sometimes like any day Vaughn
01:47:39would go on to tease the music video for
01:47:40crazy story telling fans that he has a
01:47:42movie coming and he would even surprise
01:47:44himself with the amount of comments that
01:47:45he got on the post about the song Vaughn
01:47:47would go on to release the audio for
01:47:48crazy story on December the 6th 2018
01:47:50just one day before the one year
01:47:52anniversary of him beating his murder
01:47:54case Von would claim around this time to
01:47:56be making chess moves in the hopes that
01:47:58he would win at life and his next move
01:48:00would indeed be a big one with the
01:48:01full-blown music video for crazy story
01:48:03dropping on World Star on the 11th of
01:48:05December Von himself would be amazed at
01:48:07racking up a whopping 110 000 views in
01:48:10his first day but the appeal of crazy
01:48:12story was undeniable it was a
01:48:14storytelling type song where Vaughn
01:48:15would use his lyrics to tell an entire
01:48:17narrative telling the story of himself
01:48:19plotting an armed robbery on a rich drug
01:48:21dealer and using a woman to set them up
01:48:23but the robbery would go wrong when
01:48:25Von's Ops caught him lacking with the
01:48:27crack ending in a shootout and the
01:48:29entire story playing out in the
01:48:30Cinematic music video for the song with
01:48:32Von playing the main character and
01:48:34narrator Von would end the song dropping
01:48:36his iconic final line where he
01:48:37introduced the world to his regular
01:48:39catchphrase rapping from 64th and from
01:48:4165th we not from 63rd shouting out oh
01:48:45block on 64th and 65th King Drive and
01:48:47dissing his Ops from 63rd and Saint
01:48:50Lawrence and Eberhart Avenues AKA
01:48:52tukaville dissing 63rd would become a
01:48:55massive part of Ron's brand and he would
01:48:56even later be seen selling merch showing
01:48:58the street sign for 63rd with a big
01:49:01cross over it and the popularity of the
01:49:03song crazy story had Von's fans all over
01:49:05the world dissing 63rd without really
01:49:08even knowing what it means crazy story
01:49:09was distributed by Lil durk's OTF label
01:49:12and racked up a whopping 3 million views
01:49:14in a week this is a huge hit and today
01:49:16it sits over 69 million views on YouTube
01:49:19Vaughn was on a high after dropping
01:49:20crazy story the week after the release
01:49:22he would tweet a picture with the
01:49:23caption saying that people see you
01:49:24shining and forget that you're dangerous
01:49:26and from here he would make numerous
01:49:28tweets suggesting that the money was
01:49:29finally rolling in at the end of
01:49:31December 2018 Dirk would hop on an
01:49:33Instagram live with Yvonne with a big
01:49:35stack of money celebrating the success
01:49:37of their release
01:49:40he from Tennessee
01:49:42but that is confetti in your hair
01:49:46plan what I wrote
01:49:49it hey don't you gonna break some of
01:49:51that don't throw that bruh then in the
01:49:53New Year King Von would begin performing
01:49:55his hit song at live shows even reacting
01:49:57on Twitter to his new song playing on
01:49:59the radio suggesting that some people
01:50:01might have been shocked when they heard
01:50:03him coming out of their car stereo Von
01:50:05felt like he had truly made it at this
01:50:07point tweeting that even his mother was
01:50:08finally proud of him and saying that he
01:50:10felt truly blessed for the position that
01:50:12he had reached in life but some people
01:50:13in Chicago will surprise now King Von
01:50:16was being played on the radio doing
01:50:17interviews with The Breakfast Club and
01:50:19becoming a household name some people
01:50:20who knew him in Chicago for being a
01:50:22ruthless shooter were giving the side
01:50:24eye there was actually a really
01:50:25interesting Reddit thread asking people
01:50:27who knew of Von before 2017 to share
01:50:29what they thought when they saw him
01:50:30getting success in the music industry
01:50:32some said that they thought when he
01:50:34first started rapping he wouldn't get
01:50:35anywhere but then when he kept
01:50:36progressing it seemed like his life was
01:50:38a real movie whilst another person would
01:50:40say 100 I could not believe it when Dirk
01:50:43took him on Breakfast Club it was so
01:50:44surreal and he almost admitted to murder
01:50:46on there too but still I never thought
01:50:48he would blow up then crazy story came
01:50:50out and started picking up steam and it
01:50:52was like dear God this literal gang
01:50:54assassin is being played at NFL stadiums
01:50:57off the back of the success of crazy
01:50:58story King Von would begin going even
01:51:00harder in his music with his next track
01:51:02getting even more disrespectful to the
01:51:04Ops on January the 9th 2019 mimo 600 and
01:51:07King Von will drop their new track
01:51:09exposingly and in the song Vaughn
01:51:10mentions wooski getting shot in the head
01:51:12he says that he's put in so much work in
01:51:14the street that get back gang will now
01:51:16look out for him he says outright that
01:51:17he was a killer before the rap and
01:51:19saying I swear I killed her broke her
01:51:21back a possible reference to kr's murder
01:51:23he would say that he's smoking Tuka and
01:51:25Lil Mark and Von even shouts out an old
01:51:27friend from obloc DQ as his shooter
01:51:30suggesting that he will call a hit and
01:51:32have DQ shoot someone for him it seemed
01:51:34like the more violent and real Von's
01:51:35music got the more fans flocked to him
01:51:37but since the success of his crazy story
01:51:39and being brought under the wing of
01:51:41successful Chicago drill rap Legend Lil
01:51:43Durk Von was spending a lot of time away
01:51:45from the Mean Streets of Chicago that he
01:51:47had rapped about instead beginning to
01:51:48get used to living high life of a
01:51:50successful rapper like Dirk rather than
01:51:52jumping in stolen cars and doing drills
01:51:54Von was seen with Dirk jumping off of
01:51:55luxury Yachts seemingly surrounded by
01:51:57people who knew his reputation well okay
01:52:00okay it's on you now
01:52:18you scared to jump in the water
01:52:22successful almost seen
01:52:24to change who he really
01:52:27is best to take a killer out of a
01:52:29dangerous environment and turn him into
01:52:31a good person and rapper but perhaps
01:52:33Little Dirk didn't realize that he was
01:52:35also inviting that killer energy into
01:52:37his legitimate rap career because on
01:52:39February the 5th 2019 around 5 49 a.m
01:52:42Lil Durk and King Von were allegedly
01:52:43outside Atlanta restaurant The Varsity
01:52:45here an altercation would take place in
01:52:47the parking lot where allegedly Lil Durk
01:52:49and King Von along with fellow OTF
01:52:51affiliate thf bezu and another Chicago
01:52:54native named hella bands would allegedly
01:52:56shoot and Rob A Man by the name of
01:52:58Alexander Witherspoon allegedly
01:53:00targeting him for thirty thousand
01:53:01dollars cash that he had on him at the
01:53:03time detectives would later claim that a
01:53:05video showed Lil Durk shooting out of
01:53:07his own personal car a custom Jeep
01:53:09trackhawk with a camouflage wrap and a
01:53:11large 300 on the sign that he was known
01:53:13to own Dirk had even posted clips of
01:53:15this car to Twitter with the caption
01:53:17spin spin Clips which even Vaughn
01:53:19himself had reposted cops would be seen
01:53:21analyzing the scene after the shooting
01:53:23and the local news would report on the
01:53:25shooting before even becoming aware of
01:53:27these famous rapper's involvement police
01:53:28found several shell casings in this
01:53:30parking lot The Varsity was closed at
01:53:32the time this happened around 5 45 this
01:53:34morning but this club across Spring
01:53:37Street was open and one Patron who was
01:53:39parked in the varsity lot to go to that
01:53:41club told me what he went through the
01:53:43man from Chicago who goes by Gutta
01:53:45returned to the varsity parking lot this
01:53:47afternoon to change the tire and assess
01:53:49the damage on his cousin's car after it
01:53:51was hit by bullets tired exhausted
01:53:54wow night
01:53:56I'm just happy I'm alive basically so
01:53:59that's really one of my main focus is he
01:54:01had just paid the cover to get into one
01:54:03cigar lounge across Spring Street when
01:54:05he heard the shots outside around 5 45
01:54:07a.m he says people hit the floor and he
01:54:10hid in the bathroom police say a
01:54:1223-year-old man was in serious condition
01:54:14when he was rushed to the hospital after
01:54:16the shooting they are now looking for a
01:54:18dark colored SUV they are doing anything
01:54:20they can to help Atlanta police the
01:54:23afternoon after the shooting Vaughn
01:54:24would post up on Twitter with a handful
01:54:26of cash and a gun on the couch next to
01:54:28him later on posting a tweet saying you
01:54:30never know who's going to snitch when
01:54:32the cops come then the day after the
01:54:34shooting Ron would tweet asking if you
01:54:35can be a killer and a good person too a
01:54:38few days later on February the 9th 2019
01:54:40Ron would be seen in the background on
01:54:42an Instagram live with Asian doll with
01:54:44Von talking to his friend on the phone
01:54:46possibly about this very shooting he
01:54:48would seemingly be telling his friends
01:54:49that he thinks he made all of the wrong
01:54:51moves and saying that the cops are now
01:54:52watching him now United States
01:54:56we just did the wrong side to me
01:55:00he just feel like you made all the wrong
01:55:02moves though you know a mistake we just
01:55:05was tweaking off for the next video
01:55:07we just got to be tighter last time
01:55:12now you understand see that look see
01:55:15that's the photo say I like everybody be
01:55:17speaking with me on oh you know Jason
01:55:19them all of my head to me tell them
01:55:20about this that neck but I ain't letting
01:55:22you know that I'm just letting them
01:55:23tickle me and try to basically
01:55:24everything decent
01:55:40I don't understand y'all
01:55:46man you worry about the runners
01:55:59like that oh you know I'm mad and think
01:56:03about it but clearly Von wasn't too
01:56:05worried about the cops watching because
01:56:06he would tweet on February the 21st that
01:56:08he was ready to catch another body and
01:56:10the day after Von jumps on a reckless IG
01:56:13live with fans showing off all the money
01:56:14he had apparently made from features
01:56:16dissing took her and saying that he's
01:56:18not a rapper just a gangster who raps
01:56:20for the money
01:56:22like yeah you know let's take this up
01:56:25though folks but
01:56:28I'm about to drink some smoke some I
01:56:30have to smoke too you know who took is
01:56:33no what is that that's him
01:56:37even there for a long time
01:56:48World Cups were slowly piecing together
01:56:50the facts about the shooting Ron was
01:56:52continuing with his rap career without
01:56:54sparing the thought how much
01:56:55self-incrimination he was doing to
01:56:56himself in time on February the 28th Ron
01:56:59drops a feature on diary's Song Gang
01:57:01only where he raps he has a lot of
01:57:03bodies even saying that on his first
01:57:04murder the victim thought it was a
01:57:06robbery around a week later on March the
01:57:085th 2019 King Von strong weight
01:57:10unofficially leaks that track has some
01:57:12Brazen lyrics where he says that he has
01:57:14more bodies than the killer from Scream
01:57:16as well as admitting that he shot up
01:57:18Dunbar school with LA Capone something
01:57:20he had tweeted about prior he would also
01:57:22say that he remembers his first murder
01:57:24and saying that he missed a bunch of
01:57:26shots but now his aim is better and
01:57:28while these demonic tracks are
01:57:29circulating online King Von and Lil Durk
01:57:32are having a great time flexing on
01:57:33Instagram live and fighting over who has
01:57:35the most money and designer clothing
01:57:43papa no spinach
01:57:52I just know I what
01:57:58I just marry myself to death
01:58:05huh you over there with 20 bucks don't
01:58:07try to count my don't count my pockets
01:58:09hey what's your order damn
01:58:21550 a piece you still flexible
01:58:27later on in this live Vaughn would joke
01:58:28to Lil Durk saying that he was smoking
01:58:30on Lil Mark and Tuka I'm right here
01:58:32kicking a little Mark yeah
01:58:40for the studio
01:58:45about this but at this point King Von
01:58:47was playing huge concerts to massive
01:58:49crowds and selling verses to other
01:58:51rappers all over the country and making
01:58:53headlines in major rap Publications King
01:58:55Von would tweet around this time that he
01:58:57was scared to go back to jail and hoping
01:58:59that he wasn't making the wrong
01:59:00decisions and suggesting that he was
01:59:01worried that if he did go back to jail
01:59:03all his new friends would leave him
01:59:05behind but no matter how far Von got
01:59:06into the rap industry he just couldn't
01:59:08stop talking guns and thugging at the
01:59:10end of March Ron was seen riding around
01:59:12with little Dirk toting a big strap for
01:59:14any Ops that might pull up even joking
01:59:16about having more bodies than anyone in
01:59:18the car and saying that he's about to
01:59:19get indicted and go to jail for a long
01:59:44up and down
01:59:54is that weird
01:59:56look you know I'm coming out
01:59:59after this Dirk had whoever was behind
02:00:01the wheel driving incredibly fast in
02:00:03that jeep trackhawk with Von seemingly
02:00:05in fear of his life and joking that his
02:00:07gun is about to go off
02:01:05hold on
02:01:22the slow music was gonna work
02:01:37what happened
02:02:02I wouldn't chase me
02:02:16you text me
02:02:25were clearly living the fast life at
02:02:27this point and seemingly having faced no
02:02:29consequences so far for the shooting at
02:02:31the varsity nearly two months before
02:02:32however rumors would continue to swirl
02:02:34about their involvement in serious
02:02:36crimes on the 31st of March 2019 King
02:02:38Von is seen hanging out with Savannah
02:02:40rapper quando Rondo who assigned to
02:02:42Baton Rouge rapper NBA youngboy with
02:02:44cuando appearing in a clip on King Von's
02:02:46Instagram where he would diss Von's Ops
02:02:48on 63rd
02:03:03it seems that back then Von and quando
02:03:06Rondo's camps were pretty cool with each
02:03:08other that very same night that he was
02:03:09with cuando Von is seen hanging out and
02:03:11hitting the stage with little Dirk Ron
02:03:13would tweet a picture with Dirk along
02:03:14with a caption saying they've got to
02:03:16stay focused because their enemies Envy
02:03:18them the same day these pictures were
02:03:19taken an altercation would take place at
02:03:21the Hidden Village apartments complex in
02:03:23Atlanta a man named tyreik liveat was
02:03:25shot dead with the news reporting a
02:03:27total of five people shot the result of
02:03:29a huge shootout apparently a large fight
02:03:31had broken out between two large groups
02:03:33and an hour after the fight one group
02:03:34who had left and returned got into it
02:03:37again and begun shooting with five
02:03:38people being hit in the altercation and
02:03:40Tyrique unfortunately losing his life
02:03:42being found dead by police in the
02:03:44parking lot around 10 30 PM the police
02:03:46would say that the shooter goes by a
02:03:47nickname but refused to disclose it to
02:03:49the Press with reports on this incident
02:03:51making it to the TV news the following
02:03:53day now to a developing story our
02:03:55shooting leaves one person Dead four
02:03:57others injured this happened at an
02:03:59apartment complex in southwest Atlanta
02:04:01Natasha Givens is live outside of Grady
02:04:03Memorial Hospital Latasha what are we
02:04:06learning about their conditions this
02:04:10well Christy police tell us this all
02:04:12started at a house party last night on
02:04:14Landrum Drive they tell us a fight broke
02:04:17out between two large groups and at some
02:04:19point a man opened fire hitting five
02:04:21people let's take a look at some of that
02:04:23video from last night police tell us one
02:04:25man was found dead at the party while
02:04:28four others were rushed here to Grady
02:04:29we're told of the victim's ages range
02:04:31from 17 to 20 and the victims are all
02:04:34male investigators are trying to
02:04:36determine a motive and what happened
02:04:38leading up to that shooting after this a
02:04:40rumor would circulate suggesting that
02:04:41King Von and thf bazoo have something to
02:04:43do with the shooting however little duck
02:04:45would tweet never just a couple of hours
02:04:47after the body was discovered followed
02:04:49by tweeting protect the money at all
02:04:51costs the morning after Von would tweet
02:04:53the following morning that you can do
02:04:54everything right and they're still going
02:04:56to find a way to bring you down dissing
02:04:58somebody that he doesn't name meanwhile
02:04:59another member of their Entourage memo
02:05:01600 would tweet the day after saying
02:05:03that people will end up on the news for
02:05:05the record there's never been any
02:05:06concrete evidence to indicate that Von
02:05:08Dirk bezoo or any of their own garage
02:05:10had anything to do with this killing and
02:05:12Tyrique liver's cousin would actually do
02:05:14a YouTube interview saying that he also
02:05:16doesn't believe that Von had anything to
02:05:18do with the killing either
02:05:21that's what they saying I don't believe
02:05:23you but honestly I think they'd be just
02:05:25attached and can't run namely I don't
02:05:28see it
02:05:29I don't see it you know
02:05:31you could be with Dirk with all these
02:05:34fancy and you know what I'm saying that
02:05:36you owe it up like you know what I'm
02:05:38saying then it don't add up it's highly
02:05:40likely that this incident had nothing to
02:05:42do with Von and duck but that didn't
02:05:43stop people all over the Internet making
02:05:45King Von body count articles and videos
02:05:47speculating as to whether King Von was
02:05:50responsible for death murder too none of
02:05:52this proves vom was involved but what it
02:05:53does prove is that even if he wasn't
02:05:55involved his reputation as a shooter
02:05:57would have the fans and public pointing
02:05:59the finger at him regularly but as the
02:06:01weeks went by Ron would continue to go
02:06:03about his life whilst the cops would
02:06:04continue building the case related to
02:06:06the original shooting at The Varsity on
02:06:08April the 1st the victim in the varsity
02:06:09shooting Alexander Weatherspoon would
02:06:11end up being booked into a Chicago jail
02:06:13on unrelated charges of possession of a
02:06:15stolen vehicle it seemed like the police
02:06:17were slowly getting closer to having
02:06:18something concrete but King Von just
02:06:20didn't seem worried about attracting the
02:06:22attention of the authorities in a social
02:06:23media clip uploaded on April the 2nd
02:06:252019 King Von recorded himself singing
02:06:28in the back of a car with little Dirk
02:06:30dissing dead people like Dusky and
02:06:32saying that they almost
02:06:34killed wooski
02:06:38here we go again here we go again
02:06:45back on the road again right down Avenue
02:06:50right down
02:06:53no we catch you and flew through we get
02:06:56to it YouTube
02:07:01I don't really shoot I don't really it's
02:07:06true is I'm shooting right hey bro is um
02:07:10shooting light yeah
02:07:14oh man
02:07:19tea tree
02:07:27also in April he would tweet saying he's
02:07:30so real he might kill and posting
02:07:32throwback pictures of him and T Roy back
02:07:34when they were hitters in Chicago you'd
02:07:36even post a picture of himself with a
02:07:37gun in his waistband and a caption sang
02:07:39his enemies envy him as well as tweeting
02:07:41about Can't Get Right being killed in
02:07:43the parking lot Ron would tweet saying
02:07:44that he's never the victim always the
02:07:46suspect and this is all while police are
02:07:48still looking for a suspect in the vast
02:07:50shooting on the 10th of April the day
02:07:52before the anniversary of Kai's Murder
02:07:54King Von would tweet a cryptic message
02:07:55asking if the streets could be his
02:07:57Valentine saying that they're tired of
02:07:59dying then one day after the anniversary
02:08:01of Kai's death King Von would make a
02:08:03Biblical tweet saying God said to me out
02:08:06of his own mouth to cut her off grandson
02:08:08and Grandson said in Jesus name amen Von
02:08:12would even tweet reminding people that
02:08:14even though they see him having fun on
02:08:15Twitter be careful because he's still
02:08:17dangerous in real life he would say that
02:08:19he'll do something to somebody if they
02:08:20go against him and one would also
02:08:22release a clip apparently promoting Lil
02:08:24durk's new cereal dirkios telling people
02:08:27to go and buy the cereal whilst waving
02:08:29the clip of a gun Ron would also later
02:08:31tell a woman that he comes with the
02:08:33if you ain't want to know durcals at you
02:08:38hey stop playing my mother
02:08:40a day later on April the 16th 2019 Von
02:08:44is on Instagram live mocking wooski for
02:08:47changing after being shot in the head
02:08:48saying that wooski doesn't diss them
02:08:50anymore he ain't been the same
02:08:55what the [ __ ]
02:08:58this man talking yeah
02:09:12I hope you're watching I hope you're
02:09:13ready so that same guy he would tweet
02:09:17that he doesn't Chase clout he actually
02:09:18chases people with guns and tweeting
02:09:21that Tucker died for your enjoyment he
02:09:23would even tweet about the crimes that
02:09:24he was committing in Atlanta saying that
02:09:25he's been doing damage on the Chicago
02:09:27Streets since he was young and now he's
02:09:28ready to cause problems elsewhere
02:09:30hashtag stepus a sentiment that
02:09:32apparently Lil Dirk was in full support
02:09:34of Dirk was giving Von nothing but
02:09:36support during this period he would make
02:09:37a cameo in the video for Von's track
02:09:39cousins with just below 600 another
02:09:41outrageously gangster Anthem where King
02:09:43Von wraps that if his Ops aren't outside
02:09:45then he will find and kill their cousins
02:09:47Instead This is an unbelievable thing to
02:09:49rap considering King Von's history of
02:09:51killing people and their cousins but the
02:09:53track would have some more seemingly
02:09:54incriminating lyrics like just below 600
02:09:57rapping that him and Van are popping
02:09:58pills riding in the Jeep trackhawk
02:10:00looking for Ops and killing people after
02:10:03fights Vaughn would rap that his gang's
02:10:05body count is 24 and he'd wrap that he
02:10:07kills women and men and can't tell the
02:10:09difference and Von would even promote
02:10:11the video video for cousins with a
02:10:12hilarious tweet telling fans if their
02:10:14cousin is cool with their Ops to go to
02:10:16their Auntie's house right now and kill
02:10:18them King Von's first tweet after
02:10:19posting that song was warning his Ops
02:10:21what he would do to them if he catches
02:10:23them without the police around a day
02:10:25after that Von posts a picture of
02:10:26himself eating cereal and tweeting about
02:10:28having killers that want him dead and
02:10:30killers that look up to him Von was also
02:10:32feeling generous around this time
02:10:33tweeting that he had given his mother a
02:10:34Gucci purse and ten thousand dollars
02:10:36cash as well as openly tweeting that he
02:10:39still robs people Von would even reply
02:10:41to a troll who asked why he's robbing
02:10:43people when he's a rich successful
02:10:44rapper and Von actually replied to this
02:10:46saying he robs people because he doesn't
02:10:49want to spend his own money he wants to
02:10:50spend somebody else's but even if he was
02:10:52robbing Ron would soon have the music
02:10:54money rolling in even more Von would
02:10:56begin teasing his collaboration with Lil
02:10:57Durk crazy story 2.0 on April 29th then
02:11:01the day after this on April the 30th Ron
02:11:03ends up having a funny interaction with
02:11:04a fan who replied to Little Dirk's
02:11:06teaser of crazy story 2.0 saying that
02:11:08she preferred it when King Von raps on
02:11:10his own Von would reply to this saying
02:11:12the song isn't part two it's a version
02:11:13two and the part two of crazy story is
02:11:15coming eventually with the girl then
02:11:17trolling Von by pleading for him not to
02:11:19kill her with Von face palming and
02:11:21promising not to kill the woman I mean
02:11:22to me this interaction really drives
02:11:24home just how absurd it is that you've
02:11:26got this celebrity rapper just trying to
02:11:27go about his career and release music
02:11:29whilst it's widely known that he is a
02:11:31hardened killer and people are tweeting
02:11:32at him begging him to not kill them too
02:11:34but regardless things were going well
02:11:36for King Von and crazy story 2.0 with
02:11:38Lil Durk was due to be a hit and it
02:11:40seemed like King Von could do with
02:11:41another hit because he had apparently
02:11:42blown through a hundred and fifty
02:11:44thousand dollars by this coin
02:11:46encouraging fans that they can do it too
02:11:47if they just work hard Ron would also
02:11:50tweet that people talk slick until
02:11:51bullets rip through them sadly for Von
02:11:53the good times would soon come to an end
02:11:55King Von would return to Chicago for a
02:11:57HomeTown concert but this would end up
02:11:58being canceled on the day with Von
02:12:00suggesting that somebody was out to get
02:12:02him and then on May the 4th 2019 footage
02:12:04would emerge showing a huge force of
02:12:06over 30 Chicago police officers raiding
02:12:09obloc to arrest King Von with Von
02:12:11himself of being arrested in dramatic
02:12:12footage where he was tackled to the
02:12:14ground with an enraged mob of his
02:12:16friends accusing the cops of stealing
02:12:18his chain at the scene and the cops even
02:12:19had to draw assault rifles on the crowd
02:12:21to keep them at Bay whilst they arrested
02:12:23vom in addition to those clips the full
02:12:25body cam footage of King Von's arrest
02:12:26would later be released
02:12:42just don't resist don't resist
02:12:46let's go
02:13:14I got it right here
02:13:28get it
02:13:56put them in here we're good
02:13:58following the arrest Von would be taken
02:14:00to the station where he would continue
02:14:01to argue with the cops
02:14:40let me say hello
02:14:47we do yeah
02:15:11nothing much
02:15:24yeah I had to man I had to I seen you I
02:15:28had to get you out the way quickly
02:15:34all right
02:15:44people that be your man
02:15:47especially if you drop some on the
02:15:48ground you might never see it again
02:15:50they're your voice
02:15:51all right
02:15:55after Von's arrest his Furious mug shot
02:15:58would later be made public and he would
02:16:00remain in jail for a significant stretch
02:16:01of time Lil Durk would react to the news
02:16:03tweeting free Von with a sad face but
02:16:05only the week after Vaughn is arrested
02:16:07something unexpected happened on May the
02:16:0911th 2019 the fourth person who was in
02:16:11the track Hawk on the night of the
02:16:12shooting hella bands would be suddenly
02:16:14shot and killed outside of a Miami
02:16:16nightclub before facing any charges with
02:16:18a Miami Beach spokesperson revealing
02:16:20that hella bans was also wanted in
02:16:22Atlanta for attempted murder and armed
02:16:24robbery after Von was picked up in
02:16:25Chicago and waiting to be sent back to
02:16:27Atlanta to face charges two days later
02:16:29on May 13 2019 thf bezoo would also be
02:16:32arrested in Chicago charged with being a
02:16:34fugitive from Justice out of state once
02:16:37again in connection with the Atlanta
02:16:38shooting for the meantime it would only
02:16:40be Von and bazoo in jail with Dirk
02:16:42remaining free and tweeting free Von as
02:16:44well as an rip to hella bands Vaughn
02:16:46would be transferred to Atlanta to face
02:16:48charges in connection with the shooting
02:16:49on May the 17th and as usual his system
02:16:52ran his social media accounts keeping
02:16:54fans updated with pictures of of one in
02:16:56jail but while Von was behind bars with
02:16:58his mentor Dirk free his career would
02:17:00keep rising in his absence only a couple
02:17:02of days later on May 20th 2019 crazy
02:17:05story 2.0 drops with that little dark
02:17:07verse this remix of crazy story had King
02:17:09Von and Lil Durk going back to back over
02:17:11the original booming crazy story
02:17:13instrumental crazy story 2.0 was a huge
02:17:16Street hit and today sits close to 100
02:17:18million views on YouTube and even landed
02:17:20Von his first entry on the billboard
02:17:21Global 200 chart unfortunately the
02:17:24Atlanta shooting case would also catch
02:17:26up to little Dirk soon too with Dirk
02:17:27tweeting at the end of May he was
02:17:29turning himself in and sitting down for
02:17:31a TV news interview where he revealed
02:17:33that he was turning himself in to face
02:17:34these charges and that he was also
02:17:36releasing a song called turn myself in
02:17:38you're about to surrender as we speak
02:17:40yeah I'll come
02:17:42because I have nothing to add like I
02:17:44have none to run from
02:17:49a rapper's ride soon after we spoke Dirk
02:17:52Banks aka the performer Lil Durk emerged
02:17:55from his lawyer's space and headed
02:17:57toward an SUV soon after that he stepped
02:17:59out in front of the Fulton County Jail
02:18:01one of his lawyers says he was swiftly
02:18:03taken into custody there having swiftly
02:18:05flown back to Atlanta after he found out
02:18:07he was wanted we found out he had a
02:18:09warrant actually on tour once I heard I
02:18:11immediately came back he's willing to
02:18:12turn himself in and take care of what he
02:18:14needs to take care of the immediately um
02:18:15councilor tour he's got a multi-million
02:18:17dollar salary music career going did you
02:18:20do it did you
02:18:22shoot this man did you commit the other
02:18:25crimes of which you're accused oh no
02:18:27warrants involving an incident in
02:18:29February on North Avenue involved
02:18:30charges including criminal attempt to
02:18:32commit murder and aggravated assault one
02:18:34document indicates an Atlanta police
02:18:36investigator said to the best of his
02:18:38knowledge Banks was employed or
02:18:39associated with a Criminal street gang
02:18:41to conduct or participate in gang
02:18:43activity shooting at the victim while
02:18:46co-defendants shot and robbed him
02:18:49a bad background of just growing up as a
02:18:51child about father being incarcerated
02:18:54for 25 years 26 years so I had a rough
02:18:56pass but like me moving to Atlanta I
02:18:58just thought that just changed my whole
02:19:00identity of thinking after Dirk and Von
02:19:03were in custody an Atlanta judge
02:19:04revealed that they believed there was
02:19:06enough evidence to charge both Dirk and
02:19:08Von in the attempted murder and Durkin
02:19:10Von would be seen in an iconic televised
02:19:12court appearance today a little Dirk
02:19:14appeared in court where a judge ruled
02:19:15there is enough evidence for him to go
02:19:17to trial the rapper and Bennett listen
02:19:18to the evidence against them in court
02:19:20the APD says they used at least five
02:19:22cameras from local businesses including
02:19:24this BP as well as from The Varsity
02:19:27across the street in order to build
02:19:29their case against Lil Durk and his
02:19:31co-defendant on Friday detectives from
02:19:33Atlanta and Chicago testified in the
02:19:35criminal case against rapper Lil Durk in
02:19:37Fulton County Court they say around five
02:19:39in the morning on February 5th Lil Durk
02:19:41whose real name is Dirk Derrick Banks
02:19:43and his co-defendant Devonte Bennett
02:19:44were seen on camera involved in shooting
02:19:46Alexander Witherspoon he said it was
02:19:48chained with snatched off his neck and
02:19:51he had thirty thousand dollars stolen
02:19:52from him and they stole the vehicle he
02:19:55was driving police say Banks was seen on
02:19:57tape shooting a gun apparently their
02:19:58defense team were looking to put forward
02:20:00a self defense plea with the suggestion
02:20:02that it was the man who was shot who
02:20:03actually initiated the altercation then
02:20:05after some legal back and forths Lil
02:20:07Durk would be granted the opportunity to
02:20:09get out of jail on a 250 000 Bond
02:20:11following this announcement Dirk was
02:20:13seen running out of the jail and telling
02:20:15fans that Von is getting out tomorrow
02:20:33eight thousand fifteen minutes
02:20:37oh we were still waiting on the driver
02:20:39to come though
02:20:40just hop in we waiting on the drive
02:20:45attempt and you can just stay right here
02:21:02hey thank you everybody for loving yeah
02:21:05definitely appreciate everybody for
02:21:06rocking out with us supporting us
02:21:07believing us you know
02:21:10anybody can stream free
02:21:12yeah Instagram feel fake
02:21:19Barnaby on the mall duck was back and he
02:21:21would eventually open up about his time
02:21:23in jail after his release with his
02:21:24lawyer saying definitively is not in a
02:21:27gang yo you get a table that uh and
02:21:29predict me like this you would sit back
02:21:31and be like damn like why ain't never
02:21:34do this more I ain't never do this with
02:21:36my kids more why ain't do this with my
02:21:37pops more my mama I'm saying so it just
02:21:39sent me down so I just understand life
02:21:41more a member of his legal team says
02:21:42slightly more than two months after he
02:21:44surrendered to be both
02:21:45in jail Little Dirk AKA Dirk Banks did a
02:21:49book bag giveaway Sunday in conjunction
02:21:51with the Atlanta entertainment
02:21:52basketball league where kids can watch
02:21:54NBA players and others for free because
02:21:56it was the right thing to do though she
02:21:58knows there will be critics it ain't
02:22:00none new pop-up because the case we've
02:22:01been doing it but he did not do it
02:22:03because of the serious charges he faces
02:22:04after a February incident on North
02:22:06Avenue in which a man was wounded by
02:22:07gunfire including criminal attempt to
02:22:09commit murder we'll fight our case in
02:22:11court and a gang charge Lil Durk
02:22:13validated himself
02:22:16having a gang affiliation right
02:22:18allegedly right among others being from
02:22:21south southern Chicago
02:22:22essentially you have to choose a gang
02:22:25for your safety you don't choose a gang
02:22:26you can be killed just for not beating
02:22:28the gang is he currently in a gang
02:22:30absolutely not he moved to Atlanta to
02:22:32get away from the gang life to get away
02:22:34from the streets Vaughn would also be
02:22:35granted a 300 000 Bond being released on
02:22:38June the 22nd confirmed by a tweet of
02:22:40course with one jumping on Instagram
02:22:42live fresh home from jail and dissing
02:22:44his baby mama for not thinking that he
02:22:45would ever be getting out here by it
02:22:48that was on my dick and thought I wanted
02:22:50coming out or something I did
02:22:52um I want to shout out everybody that's
02:22:53talking crazy like my baby mama now I've
02:22:55been through
02:22:56hey hey let's call me a hoe I smacked
02:22:59the [ __ ] out one would go from jail
02:23:00straight onto house arrest opening up
02:23:02about his situation on Instagram live I
02:23:04ain't got no good shout out I can't damn
02:23:11part of the bail conditions whether Dirk
02:23:13and Von could not be around each other
02:23:14as king Von would later reveal in a no
02:23:16jumper interview yeah so yeah we got me
02:23:18and Dirk we only see each other like at
02:23:19court if we got caught us but Von and
02:23:21Dirk would still be releasing music
02:23:22together on July the 9th 2019 vonum Dirk
02:23:25released their latest collab track like
02:23:27that and despite their legal troubles
02:23:29Von was still dropping lyrics hinting
02:23:30towards having killed Ki and dising Tuka
02:23:33is actually crazy to me the even was
02:23:35facing serious charges of attempted
02:23:37murder both King Von and Lil Durk would
02:23:39continue to rap about such true
02:23:41criminality Lil durk's experiment in
02:23:43taking the realist gang banger from his
02:23:45block and turning him into a drill
02:23:46rapper was going too far and
02:23:48jeopardizing his own career it was only
02:23:49years later after Von's death that those
02:23:52charges against little dirt for the
02:23:53varsity shooting were eventually dropped
02:23:55with the district attorney saying that
02:23:56if King Von was still alive he likely
02:23:58would have still been charged and facing
02:24:00trial for attempted murder but in the
02:24:02end whilst he was alive King Von would
02:24:03face no real consequences for his
02:24:05involvement in this supposed shooting in
02:24:07fact Ron would bail out from these
02:24:08charges and continue his career not even
02:24:10choosing to to keep a low profile either
02:24:12in fact even with the scrutiny of the
02:24:14police in two states one would go on to
02:24:16have one of the most successful runs in
02:24:18the rap game dropping song after song of
02:24:20violent drill anthems with the entire
02:24:22world following along and wondering how
02:24:24this multiple murderer just kept getting
02:24:26away with it
02:24:31once the hip-hop world saw King Von next
02:24:34to Little Dirk in the courtroom in
02:24:35shackles he quickly gained a reputation
02:24:38as one of the realest street rappers in
02:24:40the rap game for some people seeing
02:24:42vonen caught with Dirk one of the most
02:24:43famous rappers in Chicago History was
02:24:45their first introduction to him however
02:24:47for anybody that looked closer into his
02:24:49history discovering the murder case that
02:24:51he beat or as many as seven people he
02:24:53was rumored to have killed they would be
02:24:55easily convinced that King Von might
02:24:57just be one of the most deadly and
02:24:59dangerous people to ever pick up a
02:25:01microphone and King Von wasn't just a
02:25:02killer who had gotten away with his
02:25:04terrible crimes but he was seemingly
02:25:05willing to rap about them for the whole
02:25:07world to hear Von's next release after
02:25:09getting arrested with Dirk would be his
02:25:11May 30th 2019 feature on Izzy blatt's
02:25:14song straight facts with this track
02:25:15being yet another self-incrimination
02:25:17Fest Von raps on the song that he used
02:25:20to do murder for hire and he says that
02:25:22he shoots people in the face and is
02:25:24seven to one on beating murder cases Von
02:25:27even ended the song saying that the last
02:25:28person that came to his street got
02:25:30killed with lyrical content this dark
02:25:32violent and frankly self-incriminating
02:25:34it's hard to believe that King Von would
02:25:36go on to achieve mainstream success in
02:25:38the rap game but his music was
02:25:40undeniably good despite the murderous
02:25:42messages behind it he genuinely had a
02:25:44talent for taking these dark experiences
02:25:46he'd had in the streets and making them
02:25:47into songs that painted a vivid picture
02:25:49and celebrities would soon begin
02:25:51discovering his music and promoting it
02:25:53without a full appreciation of the
02:25:55stories behind the songs Von would end
02:25:57up getting a huge career boost when
02:25:59basketball Star LeBron James's son
02:26:01bronnie would jam out to Von's original
02:26:02Anthem crazy story with brawny even
02:26:05passing Von's music to his father who
02:26:07reportedly would end up becoming a fan
02:26:09of playing Vons music during his
02:26:10workouts while Von spent close to two
02:26:12months in jail in connection for the
02:26:14attempted murder in Atlanta he would
02:26:16spend some of that time Behind Bars
02:26:17writing some of the biggest songs of his
02:26:19career when he got out he would go on
02:26:21the Run of a lifetime taking over the
02:26:23rap game with his new songs and buzzing
02:26:25reputation as a real shooter priming
02:26:27fans for the upcoming release of his
02:26:29debut mixtape grandson volume 1 Von
02:26:31promo it with an Instagram post
02:26:33pondering if the people he killed
02:26:35Spirits follow him around until he dies
02:26:37and also tweeting that by the time
02:26:39people work out what he's done it will
02:26:41be too late and his mixtape will be out
02:26:43the tape's lead single what it's like
02:26:45dropped on September the 2nd 2019 and
02:26:47the music video for that song Would
02:26:49feature that video of his Ops saying
02:26:51that he was responsible for the killing
02:26:52of can't get right as well as footage
02:26:54from his arrest in oblock and courtroom
02:26:56footage from the Atlanta case with Lil
02:26:57Durk This song is an introspective and
02:27:00deep track about what it's really like
02:27:01living the gang life in Chicago Von
02:27:04would rap about getting to jail and
02:27:05being given knives to defend himself Ops
02:27:07trying to work out who killed their
02:27:09friends and rapping that when he was in
02:27:10jail he caught somebody who killed one
02:27:12of his friends and beat them up even
02:27:14saying that he was in jail with D Rose
02:27:16that same shooter who was allegedly at
02:27:18the scene of the little Mark murder with
02:27:19Von rapping that he was there in a cell
02:27:21when D Rose got sentenced to 40 years in
02:27:24prison for a 2014 murder of a teenager
02:27:26with Von rapping that witnessing D Rose
02:27:28gets sentenced to all of these years
02:27:29really hurt his soul vom would end that
02:27:31song with a heartfelt outro saying that
02:27:33the same cops that locked up his friends
02:27:35D Rose C day and Rondo number nine told
02:27:37him that they were out to get him too
02:27:39after he caught his murder in 2014. Ron
02:27:41said that the cops were trying to catch
02:27:42him and his friends like it was a game
02:27:44but really this was just Von taunting
02:27:46those cops who were never able to catch
02:27:48him for the things he'd allegedly done
02:27:49ironically just the day after dropping a
02:27:51song about the cops trying to arrest him
02:27:53the cops would arrest Von for battery on
02:27:55September 3rd 2019 after apparently
02:27:57beating up a man who called his
02:27:59girlfriend Asian doll a [ __ ] in the
02:28:01studio with Ron admitting openly on
02:28:03Instagram live that he just beat
02:28:04somebody up for his girlfriend somebody
02:28:06called my girlfriend
02:28:11would be in jail and not posting to his
02:28:14own Twitter account for just over a
02:28:15month but while he was inside his music
02:28:17kept on releasing all in the lead up to
02:28:19his grandson volume 1 mixtape on
02:28:21September the 10th 2019 Von would appear
02:28:23on a song called for a fact with another
02:28:25rapper called Sim Santana and on this
02:28:27song Ron would rap that he's killed and
02:28:29would do it again as well as a lyric
02:28:30where he says that all of his bodies are
02:28:32headshots and that tweeting about the
02:28:34murders has attracted the attention of
02:28:36the cops as well as lines about catching
02:28:38Ops and killing them by bus stops
02:28:39seemingly a reference to the death of
02:28:41little Mark but it would be three days
02:28:43later when Von would bless the fans with
02:28:45the song that they had been truly
02:28:46waiting for as crazy story part 3 was
02:28:48finally released this was another
02:28:50upshooting storytelling Anthem and the
02:28:52most significant release leading up to
02:28:53September 19 when his grandson volume 1
02:28:56mixtape would come out this was a
02:28:57roaring debut for Von of the project
02:28:59landing at number 75 on the billboard
02:29:01200 and this project had some crazy song
02:29:03Concepts like the track F your man which
02:29:05is a love song where Von raps about
02:29:07seducing a woman with a boyfriend and
02:29:09vowing to kill him for her along with
02:29:11numerous lyrics about killing Ops and
02:29:13catching bodies as well as shooting up
02:29:15funerals he also had another song with
02:29:16little Dirk called twin name where Dirk
02:29:18says that Ron shoots people and that
02:29:20they got caught shooting on camera with
02:29:22no masks on seemingly a reference to
02:29:24their Atlanta shooting case Von raps
02:29:26outright that he tries to kill people
02:29:27ironically saying that he can't speak on
02:29:29what he's doing because the feds are
02:29:31watching you know whilst rapping about
02:29:33what he's doing on his billboard
02:29:34charting mixtape he also had the pop rap
02:29:36love song no flaws where he sings to a
02:29:38woman about how dangerous and handsome
02:29:40he is he also had a song Mama's Boy
02:29:42where he says that his mother is who
02:29:44raised him into the robbing Savage that
02:29:45he is today he also references beating
02:29:47up KI on the train on this song Ron was
02:29:50putting out a lot of bold statements on
02:29:51this project and surprisingly with all
02:29:53of this coming out whilst he was still
02:29:55behind bars eventually Von would get out
02:29:57of jail on October the 10th 2019 being
02:29:59released and returning to Twitter
02:30:00immediately continuing to push and
02:30:02promote his new mixtape as well as
02:30:04announcing that he would be going on
02:30:05tour to perform his new hits live and
02:30:07Von would go on to play huge shows with
02:30:09his fans going crazy and he would waste
02:30:11no time beginning to tease new music
02:30:13soon after his mixtape dropped
02:30:14specifically the first single of his
02:30:16next project titled 2 am a song where
02:30:18Von wrapped the Brazen lyric can't put
02:30:20no more guns in my videos because the
02:30:22ATF and DEA know they ain't props and
02:30:25after this release Von would claim to be
02:30:26receiving multi-million dollar record
02:30:28deal offers but while Ron was getting
02:30:30more and more famous so too were the
02:30:32rumors of him being a real killer and
02:30:34his incriminating lyrics weren't helping
02:30:35matters either during this period it
02:30:37seemed like Von would simultaneously be
02:30:39claiming to have really done all of
02:30:40these murders in his music but then at
02:30:42other times being desperately trying to
02:30:44convince his following that he never did
02:30:46anything on his November 29th release
02:30:48the song Roland with fellow rapper and
02:30:50accused double murderer Y and W Melly
02:30:52Vaughn would rap that he has killed so
02:30:53many people they should call him Rambo
02:30:55and saying I did it but it wasn't me
02:30:57which perfectly summed up his attitude
02:30:59during this time jumping on songs and
02:31:01saying over and over again that he
02:31:03really is the killer they say he is and
02:31:04then jumping on Twitter to say that he
02:31:06would never do anything like the rumors
02:31:07say he did he would tweet after this
02:31:09release saying that somebody is trying
02:31:10to send him to jail every day and in
02:31:12December Ron would appear prominently on
02:31:14Lil durk's family over everything
02:31:16compilation album for his OTF record
02:31:18label with the front cover of this
02:31:20project ironically resembling a suspect
02:31:22board for a criminal investigation with
02:31:24Von positioned as an underboss under Lil
02:31:26Durk honestly wouldn't be surprised if
02:31:28the feds just downloaded this image and
02:31:29added it to the case File but a few days
02:31:31later on December 14th 2019 Ron does a
02:31:34post on social media saying that he is
02:31:36all these dead people want to talk about
02:31:37in heaven Rest in Piss to the goofies I
02:31:40wouldn't be the Savage I am today if it
02:31:42wasn't for you it seemed like Von was
02:31:44really getting more and more comfortable
02:31:45saying that he was a killer publicly the
02:31:47following week on December the 21st 2019
02:31:50Ron does a feature for the wrap a little
02:31:52loaded where he wraps that he put that
02:31:53boy in a box but not long after this
02:31:55song dropped Von would go live on
02:31:57Instagram in the car telling fans that
02:31:58he has bodies and even going as far as
02:32:00to ask them to guess how many people
02:32:02he's killed and asking the fans if they
02:32:05think that it's more than five bodies
02:32:06and even seemingly swearing on OD
02:32:09Perry's life that he has killed more
02:32:11than five people
02:32:17they know just reality I think
02:32:28all y'all think is that it's all cap
02:32:33y'all think his ass
02:32:38I'll stick it to that okay I'll owe more
02:32:42than five
02:32:46the numbers
02:32:50out there
02:33:03y'all getting scary stop being so scary
02:33:14I've almost even feeling Invincible or
02:33:16just being completely Reckless he would
02:33:18tweet a couple of days after Christmas
02:33:192019 beat the odds time and time again
02:33:22without doing no funny stuff stay in ten
02:33:24totes I done chased and beat up the guys
02:33:26that you were claiming was gangster and
02:33:28I got fans all over the states one of
02:33:30the realest and rarest people you'll
02:33:31ever meet you're welcome as well as
02:33:33saying f is Dead Ops going into 2020 Ron
02:33:36was still winning tweeting that it now
02:33:38costs twenty thousand dollars to book
02:33:39him for a show and then announcing a
02:33:41huge booking opening for G herbo on his
02:33:43PTSD tour clearly stacking that paper in
02:33:46February Ron was going live in the bank
02:33:48making a large deposit and pressing the
02:33:50bank manager
02:33:55ain't nobody
02:34:00in his ass
02:34:03nobody's safe but soon Von's bank
02:34:05account was about to go to the next
02:34:06level because at the end of February he
02:34:08would release one of the biggest songs
02:34:09of his career his hit track took her to
02:34:12the O another storytelling type track
02:34:14with a catchy chorus where Von shouts
02:34:16out oblong but this time it wasn't some
02:34:18random made-up story this was a song All
02:34:20About Him meeting a woman who leads him
02:34:22to his rival from tokerville turned
02:34:23rapper FBG Duck Von ends the song saying
02:34:26that he shoots duck literally rapping
02:34:28that he killed him and left him on the
02:34:30curb with this supposedly fictional FBG
02:34:32Duck murder scenario being reenacted in
02:34:35the music video of the song Too the day
02:34:36that Ron released the video he would
02:34:38tweet saying that everything he says in
02:34:40his music is made up and that he's just
02:34:42rapping to make money for his family and
02:34:44I'll be honest I believe this is where
02:34:45we see Ron's Psychopathic Tendencies
02:34:47really shining not only had he seemingly
02:34:49killed people and occasionally attempted
02:34:51to deny it on Twitter but this time he
02:34:54had actually made a whole song and an
02:34:56entire narrative music video about him
02:34:58personally killing FBG Duck this is some
02:35:00someone he had openly been embroiled in
02:35:02a deadly Feud for around a decade with
02:35:04at this point Ron was literally making
02:35:06videos telling the story of how he was
02:35:08going to kill fpg duck all while
02:35:10claiming on Twitter that his lyrics were
02:35:11just entertainment but apparently they
02:35:13weren't because allegedly behind the
02:35:14scenes Von had put a hundred thousand
02:35:16dollars of his hard-earned rap money up
02:35:18as a bounty on FBG duck's head this is
02:35:21the kind of behavior that makes me feel
02:35:22King Von really was a serial killer
02:35:24because no amount of success in the rap
02:35:26game was enough for him to stop killing
02:35:27people instead his compulsion to kill or
02:35:29at least a commission killings was just
02:35:31too strong he would continue to
02:35:33allegedly use his resources to have
02:35:35people killed behind the scenes all
02:35:36while attempting to maintain a somewhat
02:35:38clean Public Image despite all of the
02:35:40music that he was releasing celebrating
02:35:42murder the video for took her to the O
02:35:43would get 1 million views in 24 hours
02:35:46and at this point Ron was really one of
02:35:48the hottest prospects in the rap game
02:35:49the fans would be hungry for his next
02:35:51full-length release which came on March
02:35:53the 6th 2020 when he dropped his new
02:35:55mixtape Levon James named after the
02:35:57famed NBA legend LeBron James who had
02:35:59become a fan of Von's music along with
02:36:01his son and Von would troll his Ops by
02:36:03even purchasing a promotional billboard
02:36:05for the project on 63rd as well as
02:36:07releasing not from 63rd merchandise
02:36:10unfortunately for Von however the
02:36:12project itself would end up debuting
02:36:14precisely at number 63rd on the
02:36:16Billboard charts sometimes I see stuff
02:36:18like this and I just feel like it must
02:36:19have been God just making fun of Ron for
02:36:21all the bad things he did in his life
02:36:23because this was his biggest career
02:36:24achievement but you know he must have
02:36:26been Furious to have ended up charting
02:36:28at the one number that he despises and
02:36:30Von would never even publicly
02:36:31acknowledge or tweet the chart
02:36:33performance of this mixtape probably for
02:36:35that reason that it went 63rd but
02:36:37landing at 63rd on Billboard was still a
02:36:40great performance for a relatively new
02:36:41artist with such violent and raw content
02:36:44the project itself will be laced with
02:36:46more aggressive drill anthems like the
02:36:48track down me with Lil Durk where Von
02:36:50raps about getting doctors to bring
02:36:51people back to life so he can kill them
02:36:53again and killing so many Ops that the
02:36:55surviving ones don't have any friends
02:36:57left there would also be the song broke
02:36:59Ops where he seemed to reference call
02:37:00for the hit on can't get right then
02:37:02there was the track don't want to be me
02:37:04where Von explains that his mindset
02:37:05growing up had to be either him or me
02:37:07he'd reminisce on hearing gunshots the
02:37:09night he moved into obloc as a child and
02:37:11his experience growing up around killers
02:37:13and criminals and having to fight every
02:37:15day he would rap about being devastated
02:37:17at the loss of his right hand man T-Roy
02:37:19and explaining how losing sherroid OD
02:37:21and platoon turned him into a killer in
02:37:232012. ultimately describing the Gory
02:37:25details of the bloody couple of months
02:37:27of killing that he was allegedly
02:37:29involved in in 2014 and during this time
02:37:31Von also begun to post pictures of his
02:37:33friends from oblock posing with large
02:37:35wads of cash and referring to them as
02:37:37get back gang entertainment further
02:37:39blurring the lines between the music and
02:37:42the real gang killing people in the
02:37:43streets a week later Von would appear on
02:37:45his girlfriend Asian doll's song pull up
02:37:47a track with jaw-dropping lyrics where
02:37:49Von claimed to have killed seven people
02:37:51in total at this point saying that if he
02:37:53catches three more he's at double digits
02:37:55a day after that released Von would
02:37:57tweet that girls hook up with him just
02:37:58so that they can say that they were with
02:38:00killer next he appeared on the song Get
02:38:02Back mode with obloc veteran boss top
02:38:04where he wrapped that he was stacking up
02:38:06bodies like Tetris all of these murder
02:38:08anthems were doing numbers and the money
02:38:10was rolling in for them he would
02:38:11graduate from buying his mother Gucci
02:38:13purses soon flexing on Twitter that he
02:38:15had just bought her a brand new Mercedes
02:38:17and large Suburban home Von's career was
02:38:19going from strength to strength and he
02:38:21was showing no signs of letting up on
02:38:23April 29th 2020 he would drop his new
02:38:25single grandson for President coming
02:38:27with lyrics where he says that they're
02:38:28trying to blame him for all the unsolved
02:38:30murders in his City he'd wrap that he's
02:38:32trying to kill all of the Ops and he
02:38:34would end his verse saying that he could
02:38:35kill you by rapping on the beat or by
02:38:37shooting you in the street and Von would
02:38:39promote the music video for this song on
02:38:40Instagram adding a caption with seven
02:38:43skulls asking people how many they have
02:38:45sparking speculation that this was him
02:38:47cryptically telling the world once again
02:38:49that he had killed seven people to
02:38:51promote this song A few days later he
02:38:53appeared on the song body count with
02:38:54mozzie and G herbo rapping that if you
02:38:57have a few bodies everyone will know a
02:38:59couple of days later Von would win week
02:39:00that he can't get a job now because he
02:39:02has more bodies than TK a teenage rapper
02:39:05who got 55 years for murder Ron would
02:39:07also tweet that he's done more hits than
02:39:09made hit songs and then on May 21 2020 a
02:39:12vlog was released which showed Von going
02:39:14back to oh block AKA Parkway Gardens to
02:39:16hand out wods of cash to his gang and it
02:39:18would later emerge that vom was
02:39:19providing drugs and guns to his old hood
02:39:21and splitting the rewards with his crew
02:39:23providing them with jewelry and luxury
02:39:25vacations in exchange for their work in
02:39:27the streets Von clearly didn't care
02:39:28about broadcasting his activities to the
02:39:30world and eventually people begun to
02:39:32take notice on May 22nd YouTuber trap
02:39:35geek releases an iconic video on King
02:39:37Von titled the soft-spoken Assassin this
02:39:40video essentially broke down Von's
02:39:41violent past and his rise to the top of
02:39:43the rap game one murder of a kid named
02:39:45Modell allegedly according to the
02:39:48internet detectives on Reddit has King
02:39:50Vine's name written all over it and one
02:39:52didn't seem to initially appreciate the
02:39:54attention tweeting that the videos these
02:39:56white people are all making about him
02:39:57aren't true and calling them the cops or
02:39:59twelves however a month later Von seemed
02:40:02to have a change of heart and he would
02:40:03actually begin to use that nickname that
02:40:04trap geek gave him as a caption on his
02:40:07Instagram declaring himself to be a
02:40:09soft-spoken assassin two days later Von
02:40:12tweeted that he still has people on his
02:40:13list presumably referring to a list of
02:40:16people he still wants to kill and it
02:40:17seems that the biggest name at the very
02:40:19top of that list was FBG Duck Ron had
02:40:22been going back and forth with duck
02:40:23since high school and had a years-long
02:40:25grudge against him he'd had a Twitter
02:40:26exchange with duck the day before he'd
02:40:28allegedly killed Ki who was a close
02:40:30friend of ducks an exchange where Von
02:40:32said that he was also looking for duck
02:40:33in fact a couple of months after King
02:40:35Von had released the music video for
02:40:37took her to the O that video where he
02:40:39played out his fantasy of killing duck
02:40:40duck would go live saying that he beat
02:40:42up Von on the school bus back in the day
02:40:46would also tell Von that he's only
02:40:49famous because of Lil Durk come up under
02:40:52y'all get mentioned
02:40:54y'all get mixed in this little dark
02:40:56homies but here's where things get
02:40:58chilling because as dark continues to
02:41:00mop Von in what seems to be a
02:41:01disrespectful but at least not entirely
02:41:03death threatening way Ron would pop up
02:41:05following along live and demonically
02:41:07commenting on Duck's Instagram names of
02:41:09people that get back gang had seemingly
02:41:10killed and continuing to insult him
02:41:12throughout the entire life it seemed
02:41:14like Von was plotting on having duck
02:41:15kill for years in November 2018 King Von
02:41:18would be on live apparently in Lil
02:41:19durk's Atlanta home expressing his
02:41:21desire to see fpg duck dead saying that
02:41:24he would perform at his funeral whilst
02:41:26eating some cereal yeah
02:41:31I say kingbon featuring FBG Duck
02:41:36stop that man
02:41:39I'll perform at his funeral we now know
02:41:41that Von had allegedly put up a 100 000
02:41:43bounty on fpg duck's head and funnily
02:41:46enough Von tweeted throughout his career
02:41:48but his main goal was simply to make 100
02:41:50000 and when Von was Finally Rich less
02:41:53than a month before duck was killed he
02:41:55would tweet Von got the money so Von
02:41:57gonna pay it to his brothers and he
02:41:58would also later rap on the song of me
02:42:00and Duty low that he gave out a hundred
02:42:02so you can bet that they're coming in
02:42:04July 2020 Vaughn would also show off old
02:42:06blockchains that he had purchased for
02:42:08his friends from the famous hip-hop
02:42:09jewelry store ice box something that we
02:42:11now know may well have been an incentive
02:42:13provided to Von Shooters to continue to
02:42:15catch bodies for him and soon we would
02:42:17see the tragic reality of this situation
02:42:19playing out on the streets of Chicago in
02:42:21real time on the afternoon of August 4th
02:42:232020 FBG Duck is shopping in the Gold
02:42:25Coast a place that's been described as
02:42:27the Rodeo Drive of Chicago a high-end
02:42:29and high-profile tourist shopping
02:42:31district after being given Duck's
02:42:32location six shooters were sent from
02:42:34oblock to kill him they were Charles
02:42:36Liggins AKA C murder to Carlos offered a
02:42:40AKA mu [ __ ] Christopher Thomas AKA C
02:42:43Thang Kenneth Robertson AKA Kenny Mack
02:42:46and zel munner after being provided with
02:42:48his location two vehicles end up 30
02:42:50minutes away from oblock pulling up to
02:42:52the location where doc had been shopping
02:42:53then at about 4 37 PM Doug would be
02:42:56confronted outside of the Dolce Gabbana
02:42:57store by a group of masked individuals
02:42:59hopping out of two cars and opening fire
02:43:02on Duck in broad daylight a man and a
02:43:04woman who was standing with duck at the
02:43:05time of the shooting were both injured
02:43:06but fortunately survived and someone
02:43:08would even post a 12-minute video
02:43:10depicting the crime scene immediately
02:43:12after Doug's death with duck being seen
02:43:14writhing in pain on the ground in the
02:43:15final moments of his life once again
02:43:17this situation just drives home the
02:43:19destruction these killers were so
02:43:21willing to inflict on the streets that
02:43:22they lived in and to the fellow citizens
02:43:24who lived there with them I'm gonna go
02:43:25right now
02:43:27pick up man I don't know who shot him
02:43:29man I just [ __ ] ran into this y'all
02:43:30up man
02:43:34in the gogos of Chicago bro Chicago is
02:43:38not a safe place to be you cannot even
02:43:39go downtown and enjoy your day without
02:43:42violence bro look at this bro look at
02:43:44this bro that's a Chicago Rapper Man by
02:43:47the name of FBG Duck after Ducks passing
02:43:50this Brazen broad daylight hit would
02:43:52make international news with reporters
02:43:54comparing the killing to a Chicago mob
02:43:56boss hit from the 30s on August 4th 2020
02:43:59it looked like an old time outfit attack
02:44:01here on Chicago's Oak Street two attack
02:44:03cars four Shooters and a hail of bullets
02:44:06but the target wasn't a 1930s gangster
02:44:08he was a new millennium rapper FBG Duck
02:44:11it would appear that only seven minutes
02:44:13after the killing of fpg duck King Von
02:44:15would tweet a goat Emoji seemingly
02:44:17congratulating himself for pulling off a
02:44:19hit that he had wanted to do for more
02:44:21than 10 years this was quite possibly
02:44:22the ninth murder that King Von was
02:44:24responsible for and the 11th that he had
02:44:26allegedly been connected to and perhaps
02:44:28Ron soon realized that he shouldn't be
02:44:30celebrating this one too hard because
02:44:31the following day he would tweet denying
02:44:33being involved and saying that ever
02:44:34everybody blames him Von would later
02:44:36tweet that him and duck settled their
02:44:38differences before his death suggesting
02:44:40that they were even going to make a song
02:44:41together this to me seems like an
02:44:43obvious lie once again showcasing the
02:44:45psychopathic tendencies that King Von
02:44:47had when it came to killing in public he
02:44:49would say anything he could to take the
02:44:51heat off himself and appear Innocent but
02:44:52behind closed doors he had allegedly
02:44:54plotted paid for and was celebrating
02:44:56Duck's murder Vaughn and other obloc
02:44:58Affiliates would go on to release song
02:45:00after song referencing the murder of
02:45:01duck the day after Duck's death King Von
02:45:03and Dirk dropped their new song all
02:45:05these n-words a track which doesn't have
02:45:07any specific lyrics pertaining to duck
02:45:09but in it vom would rap about having
02:45:10bodies from way back and the song's
02:45:12release essentially served as a Victory
02:45:14lap for Von Dirk and anyone else who
02:45:16would have been happy about Doc's demise
02:45:18OTS Duty low would reference people
02:45:19getting killed while shopping on the
02:45:21song Me and Duty low with King Von with
02:45:23King Von saying outright on the track
02:45:25that he gave out a hundred thousand and
02:45:27sent his boys coming as well as saying
02:45:29that somebody got left shot in public
02:45:30before being rushed to the hospital with
02:45:32these four lines of rapping Ron
02:45:34essentially broke down down the entire
02:45:35hit and the price he'd allegedly paid
02:45:37for it to happen Vaughn would also wrap
02:45:39on the song don't miss with DQ that duck
02:45:41got nailed no hammers as well as lyrics
02:45:43that seemingly refer to the funeral
02:45:44shooting and the killings of Modell and
02:45:47doc on the posthumously released track
02:45:48Shameless remix with boss top Ron would
02:45:50also rap that he's ducking no beef and
02:45:53even Little Dirk would later release the
02:45:54song should have ducked dissing FBG Duck
02:45:56and saying that he's smoking him Lil
02:45:58Durk would take things to the next level
02:45:59even joking with country music star and
02:46:01collaborator Morgan Wallen that he loved
02:46:03duck hunting this would lead to one
02:46:05posting doc emojis on Dirk's post and
02:46:07later being forced to apologize after
02:46:09being informed that he'd actually been
02:46:10tricked into dissing Lil Doug's Dead Ops
02:46:13after fpg duck was killed it seemed like
02:46:15King Von and his team truly felt
02:46:17invincible and pretty much from here
02:46:18until the day he died King Von didn't
02:46:20seem to care who knew about the killings
02:46:22he was allegedly responsible for in his
02:46:24music and on social media he will troll
02:46:26endlessly and hint towards him and his
02:46:28friends being real killers seemingly
02:46:30oblivious or just not caring that the
02:46:32whole world was beginning to learn what
02:46:33he had done in all Von is on Instagram
02:46:35live with DQ from oblock saying that
02:46:38there's no more FBG I'll let this let's
02:46:40see himself
02:46:55ain't that right big DQ
02:46:58ain't that right
02:47:03Vaughn would also tweet that he knows
02:47:05the police have his phone tapped and
02:47:06that all they'll find out is that he
02:47:08gives people money every day money for
02:47:10what though Von Von would also go on to
02:47:12tweet that 63rd was no more and another
02:47:14saying you heard what they say I did but
02:47:17I did worse indicating that Von had done
02:47:19even more crimes that the public didn't
02:47:21know about after this we would see one
02:47:23famous example of King Von's crimes
02:47:24catching up with him in the music
02:47:26industry he had actually been booked to
02:47:27perform at rap music festival rolling
02:47:29loud in 2020 however the pandemic of
02:47:322020 would shut that down and see the
02:47:34Festival unable to go ahead in person so
02:47:36instead rolling loud would end up
02:47:37hosting a digital live stream event with
02:47:39rappers in September of 2020 and as part
02:47:42of this event King Von would be
02:47:43interviewed in a shocking segment where
02:47:45the hosts were asking him questions that
02:47:46had been sent in from the comments with
02:47:48some bright shy archologist submitting a
02:47:51question to the unsuspecting hosts who
02:47:53would read it asking Von if he would
02:47:54ever collab with names of people he was
02:47:56rumored to have killed with Von even
02:47:58being so amused by this question
02:47:59bringing up his old bodies he would even
02:48:02go and find his trusty shooter muwap
02:48:04putting his face on camera to show the
02:48:06reaction to these clueless interviewers
02:48:08dissing their dead enemies they want to
02:48:10know if you do a feature with Modell
02:48:13P5 Malcolm
02:48:16you know them nah all right never mind
02:48:19there we already he already told us
02:48:21about Tuka he said Tuka one of his
02:48:23favorite to work with
02:48:27they want to know about the gleesh place
02:48:30oh please please coming soon and I'll do
02:48:32a piece for all of them
02:48:34tell them just send them money
02:48:36yeah we need that bag 100 racks 100
02:48:38racks of feet I don't think they got it
02:48:43my boy charging 100 racks
02:48:51say the name someone to the pizzas again
02:48:56uh he'd have to scroll up I can't even
02:48:58see that y'all listen to the names you
02:49:00say I want to do the pizza
02:49:01we'll we'll get a clip of him we'll
02:49:03we'll send it to you
02:49:10um they want to know if you'd ever do a
02:49:11song with young and Ace JD youngin or
02:49:14and K I don't know who that K are no
02:49:16stay there
02:49:17you gotta scroll up so I can read that
02:49:20can you do that for me
02:49:21hold on
02:49:23it was
02:49:25not scroll up a little more a little
02:49:31if you do a feature with Modell
02:49:34Tyreke P5 or Malcolm
02:49:42look out folks look
02:49:45that's just that's a no right I'm
02:49:47assuming that's a no
02:49:50I posted police
02:49:53I don't even who are those I don't know
02:49:55am I supposed to know who they are
02:49:56random people is bad you bogus and I'll
02:49:59just glare what's that let's go to the
02:50:00next question
02:50:01no that's crazy they have me violence
02:50:04like that and you with that [ __ ] 63rd
02:50:07nah the day after this one will tweet
02:50:10saying who wants clout if you diss run
02:50:12he will put you in the clouds possibly
02:50:14another reference to fpg dog's murder
02:50:16whose nickname was of course big clowns
02:50:18a day after this Von would take it to
02:50:19Instagram live saying that he's tired of
02:50:21people judging him because of YouTube
02:50:23videos about him yeah I think I know
02:50:25because I watch the Youtube
02:50:28oh yeah
02:50:38they gotta do
02:50:40y'all don't know me
02:50:43I ain't on no super touches
02:50:46what's going on that's what I am that's
02:50:48what's going on so I'm laughing I'm
02:50:50smiling right here
02:50:52cause I'm just I'm super gay this was an
02:50:54epic Instagram live where one would go
02:50:56in depth on a lot of things showcasing
02:50:58both sides of his personality he would
02:51:00say that he's really a gangster like the
02:51:01video say but that he's also smiling
02:51:03about it because it makes him laugh
02:51:05before also reminding fans not to play
02:51:07with him because he really is dangerous
02:51:09I'm super gay I'm like that but I ain't
02:51:12known that he's gonna say I'm smiling
02:51:13I'm playing with y'all
02:51:15but don't play on me like that I don't
02:51:17play with nobody like that for real king
02:51:18Von would tell his fans that him and his
02:51:20old block homie Louis kill their Ops
02:51:24six seconds
02:51:44at this point Ron is seemingly hyped up
02:51:46and begins to ask the audience which Ops
02:51:48he should talk about now let's talk
02:51:50about it I'm on the road
02:51:54who who to talk about
02:51:57drop a name on my Von goes on to say
02:51:59that people are just mad because he's
02:52:01tough and handsome and because he knows
02:52:03that he did violent things to people who
02:52:04are in the comments on this life with
02:52:06Von even going as far as to say to his
02:52:08viewers if he did something to you or
02:52:10your family comment below and he will
02:52:12pin it maybe you hate I know you you
02:52:15ain't know
02:52:17I look like this and I'm tough like I
02:52:20I am
02:52:23that [ __ ] hurt
02:52:26and I did
02:52:47I did something
02:52:53you ain't doing me
02:53:00look good
02:53:03man history is all bad okay
02:53:06I'd have lost everybody
02:53:10dying everybody's in jail everybody
02:53:14was really careless during this period
02:53:16of his life he really comes across as if
02:53:19he never thought he would get caught or
02:53:20as if he simply didn't realize that the
02:53:22whole world was listening to him he
02:53:24would continue to tweet saying that he
02:53:25would be ready to drop soon and asking
02:53:27fans what they want him to drop a song
02:53:29or an OP then on the 4th of October
02:53:31another Instagram live of Vaughn would
02:53:33surfaced showing Von getting off a plane
02:53:35with one of the shooters accused of
02:53:36killing duck luwa with Von even telling
02:53:38fans that muwap has all type of bodies
02:53:41let's move up he crave he got all type
02:53:43of bites
02:53:49come on
02:53:53My Bodyguard come on bodyguard on
02:53:56October the 9th Von drops the song I am
02:53:58what I am with Fabio Forum wrapping More
02:54:00lyrics seemingly referencing the murder
02:54:01of fpg duck aka Big clout the same day
02:54:04Ron would tweet bragging to have done
02:54:06everything people say they did in the
02:54:07streets and yvon's case getting away
02:54:09with it then on October the 14th 2020
02:54:12Von releases a song called slide with
02:54:14another rapper called the yakiola this
02:54:16song is a reinterpretation of FBG Duck's
02:54:18own hit song of the same name slide but
02:54:21of course Vaughn would use his version
02:54:22of slide to mock duck two days after
02:54:24that he would tweet the word duck with a
02:54:26love heart and a picture of himself
02:54:28ducking his head down clearly all of
02:54:30Ron's Brazen activities in the streets
02:54:31and online were indeed making him the
02:54:33target of an investigation because also
02:54:35in October Von is at the airport when he
02:54:37was seen on social media being searched
02:54:39by the police and getting angry about
02:54:41the fact that he was being targeted uh I
02:54:43can get your idea
02:54:46y'all want to search me for what
02:54:49I can get you all sir this is real quick
02:54:51he took a picture of my ID man you
02:54:52already took a picture
02:55:06these two it's about this there's more
02:55:09good for some drugs ain't not a fat look
02:55:12a picture of my ID got my address in
02:55:15there then there's no notice man
02:55:18you can remember his face
02:55:24I don't know what the [ __ ] well I'm not
02:55:26gonna plenty of time now I've almost
02:55:27share a picture of the officer who
02:55:28searched him to Instagram even tagging
02:55:30Superstar hip-hop lawyer Drew findling
02:55:32who also defended Donald Trump but
02:55:35clearly Ron wasn't worried because the
02:55:36same day that footage was going around
02:55:38he would also tweet that he has bodies
02:55:40from way back perhaps taunting those
02:55:41very cops who were stopping him at the
02:55:43airport trying to solve these murders
02:55:45around this time King Von would also do
02:55:47an interview where he seemed to suggest
02:55:48that he was making the most of his
02:55:49career because he knew the cops would
02:55:51eventually work out what he'd done and
02:55:53put him away that's a little crazy real
02:55:55quick for the space car
02:55:57worse but not one to let some meddling
02:56:00cops get in the way of his booming rap
02:56:01career a couple of days later Von will
02:56:03drop his debut studio album welcome to
02:56:06oh block on October the 30th 2020 a date
02:56:08which coincidentally was the anniversary
02:56:10of t-roy's birthday and the murder of P5
02:56:13welcome to oblock had some bold songs
02:56:15where Vaughn would hint further at the
02:56:17crimes he'd allegedly committed and
02:56:18ironically the very first lyric of that
02:56:20album would see Von admitting that the
02:56:22cops are onto him by this point Von's
02:56:24lyricism was the sharpest it had ever
02:56:26been and he really did have a talent for
02:56:28using music to communicate the dark
02:56:30reality behind the life that he had
02:56:32lived another line on that opening track
02:56:33armed and dangerous really stuck out to
02:56:35me where Von raps that he has inflicted
02:56:37tragedies massacres and casualties on
02:56:39his Ops admitting that he did a lot of
02:56:41things to people that he can't remember
02:56:42but he knows that they remember him he
02:56:45would reminisce on October 2012 when he
02:56:47had allegedly killed numerous people
02:56:48rapping that people were dying all of
02:56:50October and that it's the real Halloween
02:56:52there was also the track demon where Von
02:56:54would open up about becoming a killer
02:56:56after the death of his friend White a
02:56:58track featuring a lyric where he claimed
02:56:59to have killed seven people saying
02:57:01bodies I got a few four plus three three
02:57:03plus two this is a line a lot of people
02:57:05assumed meant seven kills and five
02:57:07assists or killings that he was present
02:57:09for but my interpretation of this would
02:57:11actually be that it's Ron saying that he
02:57:12killed seven people personally before he
02:57:15became a rapper and five people who were
02:57:17killed by his crew either while he was
02:57:18allegedly present like in the case of
02:57:20Lil Mark or allegedly on his orders like
02:57:22would have been the case with FBG Duck
02:57:24hell some people would even count dooski
02:57:25to King Von's body Camp because after
02:57:27all Von would claim that he was smoking
02:57:28dooski after his death having tweeted
02:57:30not long before that that you can only
02:57:32smoke somebody if you had something to
02:57:33do with killing them if you include that
02:57:35that would make a full 12 bodies that
02:57:37King Von has been associated with over
02:57:39the years combine that with the fact
02:57:40that Von would end this song by boldly
02:57:42saying ffbg duck then I think it becomes
02:57:45pretty clear that he's trying to take
02:57:46responsibility to this killing another
02:57:48song in the album called the code would
02:57:50see King Von rapping about splitting a
02:57:52hundred thousand dollars with his team
02:57:53and being goated line that hits
02:57:55different when you know that he
02:57:56allegedly paid 100 dollars to have duck
02:57:58killed and tweeting a goat Emoji
02:58:00immediately after the murder took place
02:58:02Von would only be alive for around a
02:58:04week following the release of this
02:58:05project but recording numerous songs and
02:58:07freestyles that referenced his alleged
02:58:09murders like King Von's Audiomack
02:58:11blessed the booth 3 style where he
02:58:12straight up rapped that he had seven
02:58:14bodies on the 2nd of November he would
02:58:16tweet that people want to kill him with
02:58:17a yawning Emoji clearly Von was not
02:58:20scared in fact one of the very last
02:58:21things that Von did was an interview
02:58:23with DJ academics and a big part of this
02:58:25interview was the discussion of Von's
02:58:27beefs academics would press Vaughn about
02:58:28his earlier tweets suggesting that Von
02:58:30had been lying about him and fpg duck
02:58:32squashing their beef with Von denying
02:58:34that he was lying and suggesting that
02:58:35somebody else had deleted their DMS you
02:58:38know you you know you and uh ducked in
02:58:40makeup his mom
02:58:50Mama I don't know his mom you see what
02:58:53I'm saying
02:59:01a flustered King Von will try and
02:59:03sidestep his past beef with duck saying
02:59:05that they just went to school together
02:59:06they just make it look real crazy to
02:59:08y'all these are really people you all
02:59:09went to school
02:59:13you gotta understand like you said they
02:59:17right there down the street
02:59:39eventually academics would ask Von how
02:59:42he felt when he heard about Duck's death
02:59:44and Vaughn would start slowly eating
02:59:45cereal saying that he was hurt by Doug's
02:59:48death in an incredibly unconvincing
02:59:49manner were you saddened by the news
02:59:51that he was murdered then that should
02:59:55I had to go to sleep at night
03:00:00I can't believe that at a certain point
03:00:03Von tells academics to hold on he would
03:00:05then point the camera away from his face
03:00:06and we would hear what sounds like Von
03:00:08and his friends laughing off camera and
03:00:10before Thon came back on camera for a
03:00:12very brief moment we got a glimpse of
03:00:14Von's friend from obloc BJ laughing in
03:00:16the background
03:00:30oh this song let's talk about some other
03:00:43I can't help but notice the fact that
03:00:45Von is eating cereal whilst discussing
03:00:47the killing of duck
03:00:50um cereal Straight Out of the Box no
03:00:53I'm against I've said it before that I
03:00:55believe Von was a serial killer but
03:00:56honestly he's mentioned cereal so many
03:00:58times during his career it really
03:01:00wouldn't surprise me if this was some
03:01:01kind of cryptic message that he was
03:01:03using to signal to fans that he saw
03:01:05himself as a serial killer with duck as
03:01:07his latest victim he would strangely
03:01:09tweet about how much he loves his cereal
03:01:11after a series of alleged murders in
03:01:132012 even tweeting that eating cereal is
03:01:15the first thing he does after shooting
03:01:17someone he would promote dark cereal
03:01:19whilst they were both on the run from
03:01:20the Atlanta shooting at the varsity
03:01:21telling people on Twitter to buy the
03:01:23cereal whilst waving a clip of a gun and
03:01:25regularly posting himself on social
03:01:27media eating cereal and he would also be
03:01:30eating cereal when he told the world
03:01:31that he wanted to perform a FBG Duck's
03:01:35they say kingbon featuring FBG Doug I
03:01:38said that's what they want to see huh
03:01:40stop that man I'll perform at his
03:01:42funeral then when we finally saw the
03:01:44actual murder of fpg duck and academics
03:01:46asked him about it at that very moment
03:01:48Von would decide to start eating cereal
03:01:50too maybe it's a stretch but that day
03:01:52when academics called Von he probably
03:01:54knew he would be asked about fpg duck
03:01:56and he made sure to have that box of
03:01:57cereal within Arm's Reach so that the
03:01:59whole world would see him crunching on
03:02:00cereal at that exact moment sadly for
03:02:02Von soon after this interview he would
03:02:04end up on the other side of the gun
03:02:05getting shot himself and ultimately
03:02:08losing his life but in a final Twist of
03:02:10irony it will turn out that despite
03:02:12being connected to so many murders in
03:02:13his home City Von would seemingly end up
03:02:15losing his life in an altercation in
03:02:17another state and as a result of a petty
03:02:19rap beef that had nothing to do with his
03:02:21violent past in the street
03:02:25throughout King Von's career he was
03:02:27connected to a female rapper by the name
03:02:29of Asian doll with fans often
03:02:30speculating on whether their supposed
03:02:32relationship was genuine or simply a
03:02:34fake celebrity romance for clout
03:02:36apparently Asian met King Von just after
03:02:38Lil Durk had signed to the same label as
03:02:39her with the label arranging a celebrity
03:02:41basketball game where Dirk would bring
03:02:43Von onto the court whilst Asian doll was
03:02:45on the sidelines it's the first time I
03:02:46saw we was going oh just the baskets
03:03:03he's playing basketball against
03:03:10having a celebrity basketball game do
03:03:13you want to do it I'm like yeah yeah I
03:03:15play basketball because they always play
03:03:16basketball so when they told them who to
03:03:18play are they like Meek Mill dirt
03:03:20basketball they playing we sit on the
03:03:22side he playing he was playing some bro
03:03:29like he was jumping up he was doing all
03:03:32type of Rush he probably was trying to
03:03:34shoot out the whole time but me ain't no
03:03:36I'm looking at his ass like he crazy
03:03:38apparently King Von would see Asian doll
03:03:40again in the studio and a release party
03:03:42with little Dirk where they would flirt
03:03:44and eventually agree to go on a date but
03:03:45did I see it again to Studio she did a
03:03:47future with dirt and I'm steady flirting
03:03:49with her trying to talk to him then I
03:03:51see you again now I'm fake drunk at the
03:03:53love uh release party for dirt for dirk
03:03:55Al I see her but I ain't know she is
03:03:57fake talking to somebody else right now
03:03:59but I'm still on I'm feeling I'm off the
03:04:01uh whatever the licking that [ __ ] so I'm
03:04:03grabbing my hands trying to talk to him
03:04:05but I just kept bothering me and then
03:04:07I'm just like bro who is this boy he
03:04:09just kept bothering me bro bothering me
03:04:11bothering bothering me we walking now
03:04:13y'all I don't even know this man this
03:04:15man got his hand around my waist I'm not
03:04:27it's him that's hilarious
03:04:30I feel like no no no I said no I made a
03:04:33million I know
03:04:36I said no so much I got tired of saying
03:04:38that I'm like let me go on a date with
03:04:39you as soon as I said okay I said okay
03:04:42this man bun called me in seconds she
03:04:45said the numbers how fast you live in
03:04:47Atlanta now I when I go to the crib now
03:04:49Dirk out of town he left his truck in my
03:04:51car he got a track cop that'd be raw ooh
03:04:54I got dirt car today so I go pick up I'm
03:04:57gonna take it out king Von would
03:04:59actually pick up Asian for their first
03:05:00date in Little Dirk's Jeep trackhawk the
03:05:02very same truck that they caught their
03:05:03attempted murder charge in in Atlanta
03:05:05but in the end the date between Asian
03:05:07doll and King Von was apparently a
03:05:08success you know ain't slow I knew dirt
03:05:10car I ain't thinking oh my God he got a
03:05:13car and they got 300 on me I'm like this
03:05:15per car because I had already seen dirt
03:05:16postal card but it made it was so cute
03:05:19because I'm like thinking together
03:05:21that's crazy they like Dirk helping him
03:05:23out letting him to the car for the
03:05:25weekend just so it can impress me so I
03:05:28got a little money I only had like I was
03:05:29double like six hundred dollars a month
03:05:32and a little outfit a nice loud for my
03:05:34uh did I put that on took some of their
03:05:39to go pick up to God to eat and [ __ ] so
03:05:42he can't pick me up he kept saying he
03:05:43kept calling and making sure I was gonna
03:05:44get ready he's like get ready yeah after
03:05:46the day to be cold
03:05:48so he's he had his jacket on he was
03:05:49trying to give me a jacket but he was
03:05:52so I just got under his jacket with him
03:05:54and it's like my chest touched his chest
03:05:56our hearts touched each other hard just
03:05:59everything just connected when I heard
03:06:01him after the first day and then went to
03:06:04the house
03:06:08they would make a connection and
03:06:09eventually make their relationship
03:06:11official Asian dog would even release a
03:06:13song called grandson about King Von on
03:06:15Valentine's Day 2019 with him appearing
03:06:17in the music video in a March 2019
03:06:19interview with Lil duck a shy King Von
03:06:21would reveal publicly that he was indeed
03:06:23dating Asian doll okay relationship too
03:06:26shout out age and Dad okay yeah
03:06:36who's you he looking at you like come on
03:06:40would go on to drop light-hearted tweets
03:06:43about his super Savage friends laughing
03:06:45at people who only knew him online as
03:06:46Asian doll's boyfriend but the two of
03:06:48them would indeed be an item and she
03:06:50would need to deal with the baggage of
03:06:51dating a super Savage when Von got
03:06:53arrested for attempted murder Asian
03:06:55would be in tears over her boyfriend's
03:06:56incarceration I'm on the plane for 20
03:07:04don't I missed my I was crying
03:07:07I missed our boyfriend
03:07:10my husband everything but I'm better
03:07:14here with me to be out here turned up so
03:07:16I got all my crying out on the plane
03:07:18then I'm gonna just turn up one would
03:07:21even call Asian doll from jail joking
03:07:22that he would be beating her up when he
03:07:24gets home free money yeah I miss him
03:07:31man what
03:07:39what coming home I'm talking about you
03:07:41I'm always talking about you
03:07:51what you crazy
03:07:53if it was good yeah I'm talking about
03:08:00yeah if it's bad
03:08:07nah I'm just gonna be as first ask
03:08:09questions later if it's bad
03:08:17you know We're not gonna do that
03:08:19eventually Von would return home and be
03:08:21reunited with Asian doll but ironically
03:08:23this time it would be Asian getting Ron
03:08:25in trouble while out on bail for that
03:08:27attempted murder King Von would end up
03:08:28getting into a fist fight with a man in
03:08:30a studio who had apparently called Asian
03:08:32dollar [ __ ] being sent back to jail for
03:08:34a brief period somebody called my
03:08:36girlfriend yesterday
03:08:38was over beat his ass and despite Von
03:08:41winding up in jail for it it would
03:08:42appear that Asian doll would actually
03:08:44appreciate Von's protection calling him
03:08:46her bodyguard on Twitter with Ron
03:08:48himself saying that he wishes she wasn't
03:08:49a rapper so that he could keep her home
03:08:51and protect her saying that he doesn't
03:08:53trust her around other rappers but isn't
03:08:55it nice to have somebody in the same
03:08:56industry as you no that ain't I rather
03:08:58her you know I wish you you know I can't
03:09:01say I wish you wanna rap and I like that
03:09:02but it'd be better if I knew that she's
03:09:04at the house instead of going around all
03:09:06these people laying around and damn
03:09:08what's going on now I'm just thinking
03:09:10hey what the [ __ ] you doing watching
03:09:12answer the phone and that's how she be
03:09:28was clearly very possessive about Asian
03:09:31doll even tweeting that he would kill
03:09:32somebody for messing with her with that
03:09:34in mind it's no surprise that eventually
03:09:36it would be another rapper that would
03:09:38seemingly get in between Von and Asia
03:09:39and that rapper would be none other than
03:09:41Baton Rouge gangster rap Superstar NBA
03:09:43young boy now King Von had a strange
03:09:45relationship with the young boy over the
03:09:47years King Von would be dissing NBA
03:09:48young boy all the way back in February
03:09:53why I'm just God damn the hell
03:09:57but it's like you cheating
03:10:11what's up what you trying to say like
03:10:13I'm just trying to see how you feel
03:10:14about them
03:10:19for sure
03:10:23in March 2019 King Von would also diss
03:10:26young boy again on social media saying
03:10:28that his music is full of lies young boy
03:10:30talking about on this song
03:10:34oh yeah
03:10:37oh on his ass man
03:10:42you got cap and yo raps you got cap EO
03:10:47rap but other times it seemed that Von
03:10:49quite admired a young boy he'd often
03:10:51play his music and even tweeted welcome
03:10:52home to him in August when he was free
03:10:54as well as being seen on social media
03:10:56copying several of young boys mannerisms
03:10:58and quotes my grandma raised me hear me
03:11:02you know I ain't No Hoe
03:11:04grandma raised me
03:11:09perhaps King vong was looking to catch
03:11:11young boy lacking rather than admiring
03:11:13him because clearly both Lil Dirk and
03:11:14King Von were feeling competitive with
03:11:16NBA youngboy during this period in
03:11:18October 2019 Lil Durk would reply to a
03:11:20DJ academics tweet claiming the NBA
03:11:22youngboy was the best street rapper
03:11:24since the Chicago wave with Lil Durk
03:11:26suggesting that Ron was a real estate
03:11:27rapper who could actually compete with
03:11:29the young boy in February 2020 vomit
03:11:31tweet indicating that youngboy was
03:11:33holding on to a song featuring both of
03:11:34them and telling him that he should
03:11:36release it it would seem that Rona and
03:11:37Asian doll were on good terms around
03:11:38this time with Von showing off a bunch
03:11:40of gifts and a love letter from her just
03:11:42a few days after Valentine's however by
03:11:44May 2020 Vaughn would be tweeting that
03:11:46he was going for a rough breakup then
03:11:48the following month tweeting the Asian
03:11:50doll was acting crazy and trying to
03:11:51embarrass other women but a few days
03:11:53later Ron would tweet seemingly
03:11:54indicating that he was back on good
03:11:56terms with Asian doll then the following
03:11:58month Von would tweet saying that he
03:11:59doesn't care what a woman does if it's
03:12:01not his girlfriend a few weeks after
03:12:02that in August vomit tweet saying that
03:12:04he takes things too far when he gets mad
03:12:06and tweeting saying that people won't
03:12:08believe the woman that he just made a
03:12:09hit with that same day images would
03:12:11surface of Ron spending private time
03:12:13with the mother of NBA young boy's child
03:12:15a woman named Junior and later
03:12:17speculation swirled that Von and her may
03:12:19have even created a sex tape during
03:12:20their time together after King Von
03:12:22tweeted that he could post a video that
03:12:24would make somebody stop claiming their
03:12:25own kids and later King Von's sister
03:12:27would also indicate that she had seen a
03:12:29video of Jania sleeping with somebody
03:12:30DMS would also later circulate from
03:12:33somebody who was apparently with them
03:12:34when they met suggesting that Von
03:12:36engineer had indeed slept together not
03:12:38recorded music and Von would later rap
03:12:40on the song rose gold with pnb rock
03:12:41lyrics that seemed to suggest that
03:12:43somebody's baby mother was bad in bed
03:12:45one of his friends 600 Breezy would
03:12:47congratulate King Von publicly for
03:12:49sleeping with his Ops baby mother and
03:12:51saying rapper K suggesting that Ron and
03:12:53his friends were looking to see NBA
03:12:54young boy dead however Junior would take
03:12:56to social media to deny the rumors and
03:12:58say that she was simply working on music
03:13:00with Ron to make money for her son we
03:13:02walked to the table to play the little
03:13:05after about Studio attention and I went
03:13:07home that's it y'all trying to make
03:13:10stories out of nothing else there man
03:13:13like I said I don't [ __ ] with no
03:13:15I've been working we have a song coming
03:13:18out y'all wasn't supposed to know but
03:13:21it is what it is now we have a song
03:13:23coming out so when the song come out
03:13:25y'all go [ __ ] with it just know it's
03:13:28hardest I'm just trying to get my money
03:13:30to take care of my sudden period on top
03:13:33of that DMS would also circulate
03:13:35suggesting that Von had indeed only
03:13:37worked on music with Junior to make
03:13:39Asian doll mad however Asian would later
03:13:41come out and claim that the story wasn't
03:13:42true about them working on a song
03:13:44together suggesting that she had
03:13:45actually found romantic DMS between Von
03:13:47and the mother of young boy's child
03:13:50none of this not a surprise so all their
03:13:54did the day after those pictures of Vons
03:13:57rendezvous with junior surfaced young
03:13:59boy would post a picture with a caption
03:14:01saying that he's going to make sure that
03:14:02his son grows up and sleeps with King
03:14:04Von's daughter since he's trolling him
03:14:06with his baby mother and while this was
03:14:08all going on another Chicago black
03:14:09disciple rapper close to King Von Lil
03:14:11Reese was claiming to be planning to
03:14:13beat up NBA young boys artist cuando
03:14:15Rondo cuando would reply to this saying
03:14:17that Rhys won't do nothing
03:14:22a few weeks after this King Von would
03:14:24seemingly threaten young boy and quando
03:14:26Rondo tweeting on September the 7th 2020
03:14:28that he hopes that God has room up there
03:14:31for more dead people this seemingly
03:14:33provoked a response from quando Rondo's
03:14:35right-hand man Lil Tim the next day who
03:14:38warned Von and people from Chicago about
03:14:40messing with cuando and this would
03:14:42seemingly be followed by a response from
03:14:44King Von the next day tweeting reminding
03:14:46the world that he has been fighting his
03:14:48whole life and that he hits hard as hell
03:14:51the same day that all of this is going
03:14:52on with Ron engineer NBA young boy will
03:14:54drop a snippet of an unreleased song
03:14:56this song later turns out to be the
03:14:57track dead trolls and in this song young
03:15:00boy claims like Von to be responsible
03:15:02for seven murders and rapping that he's
03:15:04going to catch someone from out of town
03:15:06who is chasing after a girl and kill
03:15:08them youngboy would also rap that his
03:15:10Ops are mad because they can't get a
03:15:12feature from him perhaps a hint to a
03:15:14potentially uncleared collaboration
03:15:15between the two artists being held back
03:15:17by young boy as one of King Von's
03:15:19earlier tweets seemed to suggest some
03:15:21people would later time but this song
03:15:23actually predicted King Von's death with
03:15:25one lyrics saying that he's planning to
03:15:26kill someone in Atlanta after a show but
03:15:28chances are that's just a creepy
03:15:30coincidence but it's no coincidence that
03:15:32young boy dropped this snippet the very
03:15:34day that Ron was running around with the
03:15:35mother of his child a day later Von
03:15:37would tweet claiming not to have a
03:15:39girlfriend and to simply be focusing on
03:15:40his career but a few days after that Von
03:15:42would tease a snippet of a new song of
03:15:44his own a track titled too real in this
03:15:46song he would rap that he's going to
03:15:47expose somebody and that he's going to
03:15:49kill somebody because of a rap beat then
03:15:51in September vom will jump on Instagram
03:15:53live to address his ongoing beef with
03:15:55NBA young boy saying that he's not in
03:15:57beast in the music industry and that he
03:15:59doesn't want to beef in other states but
03:16:01also saying that he will be people for
03:16:03no reason if they don't like him
03:16:08two other people have to have before
03:16:10this on the streets you know that
03:16:11because I I wouldn't be a tour and
03:16:13nobody from all in another town for no
03:16:15reason like you got to be a tour with
03:16:16somebody for a reason just know we had
03:16:18two of we in toy gang okay you see what
03:16:20I'm saying
03:16:21I'm the type of I don't gotta know why
03:16:23me into it or nothing you only gotta
03:16:25tell me why you don't like me don't even
03:16:27say my own life I don't even care
03:16:29just let me know you don't like me let
03:16:31me know how you like me that's what it
03:16:34let me know
03:16:37let me know but I'm so gangster that I
03:16:41don't need a reason I don't it don't
03:16:42gotta be no reason
03:16:44we can be into it like I don't care
03:16:47they don't gotta be a reason it's real
03:16:51I'm the two of people I don't got to be
03:16:53no I don't know why I don't care why but
03:16:55it can be that you know what I'm saying
03:16:57well I like to know why we're into it I
03:16:59like that I need to because I ain't no
03:17:17Lord oh I'm gonna lose
03:17:31you know how clearly Von was still
03:17:33wanting to prod a young boy and despite
03:17:34tweeting that he still isn't doing
03:17:36relationships in September Ron and his
03:17:38sister were seen in the club with a
03:17:39young boy's baby mama once again two
03:17:41days ago Junior was spotted in the club
03:17:43with King Von's sister and King van was
03:17:46also there as well you can see them
03:17:49together but you know they were together
03:17:50if you know with all of this going on
03:17:52Asian doll would be feeling the heat at
03:17:54the start of October Asian doll would go
03:17:56on Instagram live to address the
03:17:57situation with the young boy and Von
03:17:59denying that Von embarrassed her and
03:18:00saying that if she's single then it's
03:18:02got nothing to do with her nobody
03:18:03embarrassed me again
03:18:05y'all need to get off my dick with that
03:18:06like nobody embarrassed me
03:18:08nobody it's nothing nobody did to
03:18:11embarrass me I was not embarrassed like
03:18:14damn y'all always mad about a tweet like
03:18:17y'all like dude don't even know you
03:18:19clown stuff y'alls get left for me to
03:18:24smack the [ __ ] out of on you man you
03:18:26crazy I'm a real [ __ ] at the end of the
03:18:28day like I said you would never see me
03:18:29sweat you would never see me go outside
03:18:32behind nobody who you is friend anybody
03:18:35mind your business is when I'm single
03:18:37like they don't have nothing to do with
03:18:39me I'm not stressing that I'm not
03:18:41tweeting nothing they don't have to do
03:18:43with me game nothing
03:18:45well somebody's single so what what they
03:18:48do I don't know that's without problems
03:18:50Von later went live on October the 11th
03:18:522020 with Asian doll apparently their
03:18:54first life together since their breakup
03:18:55with them appearing to be on fairly good
03:18:57terms also in October King Von will
03:19:00begin tweeting to promote a new song
03:19:01called mine too a song essentially
03:19:03dissing NBA youngboy and saying that
03:19:05he's not going to beef about a girl
03:19:06because a young boy's baby mama junior
03:19:08is his too he'd also have a lyric saying
03:19:10that he has beef and Nola or Louisiana
03:19:12where young boy is from and saying that
03:19:14young boy is rapping like a gangster but
03:19:16now he's got Chauvin whether or not he
03:19:18really is a gangster after this snippet
03:19:20released Von would tweet saying once
03:19:22somebody has slept with a girl he
03:19:23doesn't want her anymore with this
03:19:24possibly being a hint towards Asian doll
03:19:26moving on to NBA youngboy without
03:19:28actually being rumored that Asian had
03:19:30met up with youngboy at some point
03:19:31during this time with later DMS from
03:19:33people in NBA young boys Camp suggesting
03:19:35that Asian doll had indeed hooked up
03:19:36with young boy before King Von passed
03:19:38away an Asian doll would seemingly admit
03:19:40to hooking up with young boy twice on
03:19:41her song No explosive apparently
03:19:43youngboy even had access to Asian doll's
03:19:45phone and Instagram account during the
03:19:47time they had spent together as he had
03:19:48reportedly messaged his producer through
03:19:51Asian doll's Instagram account and then
03:19:53only days before King Von would end up
03:19:54losing his life on November 4th 2020
03:19:57youngboy post a snippet of a song that
03:19:59he made with Asian dot a song with the
03:20:00ominous title meet the reaper Von would
03:20:03be seen listening to the snippet of this
03:20:04young boy in Asian doll song later
03:20:06tweeting that the song is trash followed
03:20:08by yet another tweet alluding to there
03:20:09being a sex tape between him and NBA
03:20:11youngboy's baby mother Ron would then
03:20:13say that him and Junior's song is way
03:20:14better than Asian doll and NBA young
03:20:16boy's song and saying that it has a
03:20:18better cover art another hint that he
03:20:20might have had compromising pictures of
03:20:22the young boy's baby mother then Ron
03:20:23would backtrack saying that he's just
03:20:25playing and that if Asian doll is happy
03:20:26he's happy but the song still sounds
03:20:29trash then rehashing the lyric from his
03:20:31song mine too once again indicating the
03:20:33Asian doll engineer his girl too the day
03:20:36before he was killed King Von was
03:20:37incredibly active on Twitter he would
03:20:39diss NBA young boy tweeting that rap as
03:20:41a [ __ ] and that he's not one of them he
03:20:42would warn people to approach him with
03:20:44caution and he would say that his Ops
03:20:45are acting gangster but that's not what
03:20:47they're really like tweeting that he's
03:20:49not hurt just retaliating to the
03:20:50disrespect he's received with no
03:20:52feelings involved suggesting that what
03:20:54was going on was just entertainment with
03:20:56Von eventually saying in another deleted
03:20:58tweet that he's going to lead by example
03:21:00because he's older than young boy and
03:21:01saying that he's quitting the Beast
03:21:03because many wars have started over a
03:21:04woman and that he's not beefing young
03:21:06boy he would say that they're sharing
03:21:07the same women and that doesn't matter
03:21:08and then in King Von's last recorded
03:21:10interview before his death with DJ
03:21:12academics he would touch upon his beef
03:21:13with NBA young boy since coming into the
03:21:15industry Von would deny that this was a
03:21:17real beef saying that they have the same
03:21:18girls and the internet has just blown
03:21:20out of proportion people told me people
03:21:22told me you were young boy was beefing
03:21:24or something like that
03:21:25what happened what's going on with you
03:21:28they be saying a lot it's like we got
03:21:30the same interests and holes and then
03:21:33you know how the internet to try to make
03:21:35don't tell me I got problems over girls
03:21:38now it's the internet gang it's the it's
03:21:40the you know they try to make it like
03:21:42that because it's the internet you see
03:21:44and then and then you know how females
03:21:46there's females are trying to make it
03:21:48like that because they females and they
03:21:50try to make it like
03:21:53maybe just outside but it ain't nothing
03:21:55to say is none you should worry about
03:21:58unfortunately for Von things would be
03:22:00very serious indeed and the Very night
03:22:01of that final interview King Von himself
03:22:03would escalate things and get more than
03:22:05he bargained for and little did he know
03:22:07that this Feud over women would end up
03:22:08being the beef that would take his life
03:22:14a week after the release of his debut
03:22:16album welcome to oh block King Von's
03:22:18story would come to an abrupt end the
03:22:20week before his death King Von would be
03:22:21reflecting on Instagram just how far
03:22:23he'd come and reminding himself to enjoy
03:22:25these times because he knew there would
03:22:26be hard times coming there's loads of so
03:22:29many people again I lost so many people
03:22:34great but now look where we at right now
03:22:36you see I'm saying like times like this
03:22:37you gotta you gotta take it in I just
03:22:39told Mohamed of y'all gotta take the
03:22:40scene you see I'm standing I'm here with
03:22:42day one that's it
03:22:59this time like
03:23:03that thing was going good in my life and
03:23:05everything is going
03:23:07that time everything going good right
03:23:09now like right now everything going good
03:23:11I ain't got no complaints I ain't mad
03:23:12about nothing about
03:23:17sadly the good times would end suddenly
03:23:19and one would end up losing his life at
03:23:21the very height of his career his album
03:23:23welcome to oblock had debuted at The
03:23:25Unlucky number 13 on the Billboard
03:23:26charts ironically just one position
03:23:28above NBA youngboy's album Top that had
03:23:31already spent eight weeks on the chart
03:23:32after going number one then just after
03:23:34midnight on the 5th of October 2020
03:23:36Vaughn would tweet his location for the
03:23:38evening he was playing a show at Atlanta
03:23:40Club opium Von would go live on
03:23:42Instagram on the way to the club
03:23:43seemingly in good spirits and rapping
03:23:45along to his own music he would do a
03:23:46live pre-show with the name of the club
03:23:48pint and he would be seen on Instagram
03:23:49posted up smoking hookah with his
03:23:52Entourage of oh block natives he would
03:23:54go on to play that concert at opium
03:23:55where he would be seen jamming out on
03:23:57stage at the club surrounded by his team
03:23:58and shouting out somebody in the crowd
03:24:00for wearing not from 63rd merch as well
03:24:03as dissing girls who were acting stock
03:24:04up at the front of the shower
03:24:20I love it
03:24:48we got the little boogie today I can
03:24:50boozy right here they right here
03:24:54tee up
03:24:56I got DJ fans
03:25:01just after 1am King Von would retweet a
03:25:03young and Ace lyric with a caption
03:25:05saying that his crew are going to catch
03:25:07somebody and he sees them as food
03:25:08because while King Von is performing at
03:25:10opium quando Rondo in his Entourage a
03:25:12fresh off recording a new music video
03:25:14for the song the drop being seen on
03:25:16social media showing off an array of
03:25:17high-powered weapons that they're
03:25:18holding onto after finishing his show
03:25:20King Ron would be seen leaving opium in
03:25:22an SUV and interestingly that truck can
03:25:25be heard playing the NBA youngboy song
03:25:26My Window as it was driving away see a
03:25:29lot of cars behind here
03:25:34apparently Vaughn would confuse his team
03:25:36by choosing not to go back to his Airbnb
03:25:39as his security crew initially thought
03:25:40instead Von would take a last minute and
03:25:42unexplained detour to the Monaco hookah
03:25:45lounge where cuando Rondo was with King
03:25:47Von's manager 100K track later telling
03:25:49DJ Vlad that his team was blindsighted
03:25:51by the changing plan he went over there
03:25:54to the after party and then his driver
03:25:57and his homeboy
03:26:00let us know that we was redirected we
03:26:02think we're going to go to the Airbnb or
03:26:03the hotel around 3 20 on November the
03:26:066th king vong would find himself outside
03:26:07the Monaco hookah lounge in Atlanta
03:26:09perhaps he knew quando Rondo would be
03:26:11there or perhaps it was just a
03:26:12coincidence all we know is that while
03:26:14there Von approached quando Rondo and
03:26:16began assaulting him with a flurry of
03:26:18punches with cuando's close friend Lil
03:26:20Tim opening fire and striking King gone
03:26:22four times security footage of the fight
03:26:24and subsequent shooting would circulate
03:26:26online after the incident what happened
03:26:27that night is that Von walked up to
03:26:29cuando Rondo and sucker punched him
03:26:31outside the club and proceeding to beat
03:26:32him up in front of a huge crowd but
03:26:34after throwing a few punches cuando's
03:26:36friend Little Tim will jump out of the
03:26:37car and shoot King gone four times Von's
03:26:40friends from obloc [ __ ] and Louis
03:26:41would attempt to shoot Little Tim
03:26:43leaving him wounded but not dead after
03:26:45shooting Little Tim to the ground they
03:26:47would attempt to execute him on the
03:26:48floor but the gun would jab whilst this
03:26:50is going on a wounded King Von continues
03:26:52to wrestle with quando Rondo on the
03:26:54floor at this point Von's other friend
03:26:55moo [ __ ] would approach punching quando
03:26:57Rondo to the ground and separating him
03:26:59from Vaughn me while after failing to
03:27:01execute Little Tim [ __ ] and Louis will
03:27:03attempt to flee the scene without
03:27:05realizing that they were running
03:27:06directly towards undercover police
03:27:08officers who would open fire believing
03:27:10that their lives were in danger too the
03:27:11police would kill [ __ ] and leave Louis
03:27:13in critical condition mua and other
03:27:15o'block members would drag King Von's
03:27:17limp body to a waiting car and Rush him
03:27:19to the hospital but what's even more
03:27:20crazy is that quando Rondo would take
03:27:22Little Tim to the very same hospital
03:27:24that King Von and his team were at with
03:27:26quando Rondo even going live showing
03:27:28himself trying to get Tim into the
03:27:29hospital and get assistance dhf bazoo
03:27:32would later post saying that he'd seen
03:27:33quando at the hospital suggesting that
03:27:35they would have shot him if he didn't
03:27:36start recording but ultimately King Von
03:27:38would be rushed into emergency surgery
03:27:40in critical condition after the shooting
03:27:42he would ultimately die in hospital with
03:27:44media all around the world waking up to
03:27:46the news and Reporting on his death yeah
03:27:48Rick and Sean according to gbi rapper
03:27:51King Von and his group were at opium
03:27:53nightclub before making their way here
03:27:54to Monaco hookah lounge then to the
03:27:57parking lot where chaos ensued believe
03:27:59it or not this it's all playing out
03:28:01right in front of two Atlanta police
03:28:03officers one of them was actually inside
03:28:05his patrol car next to us Patrol call
03:28:08with his blue lights on APD responding
03:28:10attempting to stop the shooting but it
03:28:13was too late it hit like the one officer
03:28:15they did respond he tried to protect
03:28:16himself and stop what was going on the
03:28:18investigation on this shootout will
03:28:20continue no officers were injured during
03:28:22this incident according to gbi this is
03:28:24the 82nd officer-involved shooting that
03:28:26they've been requested to investigate in
03:28:282020. after King Von died some of the
03:28:30friends of people Von was rumored to
03:28:32have killed would post on social media
03:28:34Billionaire Black would post a picture
03:28:35of Modell mccambry and the person who
03:28:37was shot with Modell the night he was
03:28:39killed posted a picture of FBG Duck
03:28:41saying that duck would be happy greeting
03:28:43Von in the afterlife P5 AKA crack's
03:28:45cousin would post on Facebook saying
03:28:47that he had been praying for the day
03:28:48that King Von will be killed whilst
03:28:49other friends of crack would post
03:28:51tributes now that their friend's killer
03:28:52was no longer alive apparently crack's
03:28:54little brother would even post saying
03:28:56that they caught two of the three people
03:28:57who were present when crack was killed
03:28:59and suggesting that they were
03:29:00disappointed not to be the ones who
03:29:02killed Ron outside of Chicago Affiliates
03:29:04of NBA youngboy like Big B would mock
03:29:06King Von in an Instagram story saying
03:29:08that it was funny that he was the one
03:29:10who started the beef and dissing NBA
03:29:11youngboy and now he was the one dead
03:29:14now you're gonna rip Down Yay ah
03:29:19yeah meanwhile people on one side would
03:29:22Express their heartbreak at losing their
03:29:23main man Asian doll claimed to want to
03:29:25die when the news came out and Lil Durk
03:29:27would mourn the loss of his twin even
03:29:29rap's number one Superstar Drake would
03:29:31post a tribute to Von after he passed
03:29:32NBA youngboy's biggest enemy Fredo bang
03:29:35would also mourn the loss of Von too 12
03:29:37days after his final tweet somebody
03:29:39would take control of King Von's Twitter
03:29:40account releasing a statement thanking
03:29:42everybody who supported Von whilst he
03:29:44was alive there would be a media frenzy
03:29:46around King Von's death funeral homes
03:29:48were also refusing to take King Von's
03:29:50body due to fears of violence at the
03:29:51ceremony and when the family finally
03:29:53found a place that was willing to host
03:29:54the funeral for Chicago's most famous
03:29:56killer they were forced to have it at
03:29:58one day's notice eventually Ron would
03:30:00get the peaceful burial his family had
03:30:02hoped for with Von being laid to rest in
03:30:04Chicago on November the 14th 2020 with
03:30:06pictures of Vaughn's funeral program and
03:30:08casket being posted on social media but
03:30:10being such a divisive figure in Chicago
03:30:12gang politics Von's enemies continue to
03:30:15disrespect his gravesite to this very
03:30:16day naturally Von's death sparked a
03:30:19strong response from many of his
03:30:20supporters 600 Breezy claimed to be
03:30:22headed to NBA young boy's Hood at 150
03:30:25miles an hour with the steppers BJ who
03:30:27was also shot the night that King vom
03:30:28was killed would also post saying that
03:30:30their Ops are cursed now that O Block is
03:30:32after them meanwhile NBA youngboy
03:30:34affiliate Michi replied and said that
03:30:36people only really slide in silence
03:30:42knowing I'll let Kevin get on us oh the
03:30:45dude my real don't speak hey if you go
03:30:48do something do something you don't
03:30:50count it on the city and now that you
03:30:52wanna see that my you were supposed to
03:30:53slab about that man Vaughn was
03:30:55eventually memorialized in his native oh
03:30:57block with a painting that became a
03:30:58tourist spot this mural became a
03:31:00pilgrimage for both Die Hard fans who
03:31:02wanted to show their love and
03:31:03death-defying Ops who wanted to show
03:31:05that they're not scared to come to obloc
03:31:07with long-time rival fpg cash posting up
03:31:10at the mural with a disrespectful
03:31:11caption towards vom with cash himself
03:31:13ending up being killed only months later
03:31:15once a few months passed from Von's
03:31:17death his self-proclaimed twin duck
03:31:19would dedicate his next album The Voice
03:31:21to King Von releasing it on December 24
03:31:232020 with a front cover that depicted
03:31:26Dirk and vom together and eventually
03:31:27quando Rondo would break his silence
03:31:29about his involvement in the incident
03:31:30that claimed King vom's life on the 20th
03:31:33of November 2020 quando Rondo releases
03:31:35the song end of story a song that's
03:31:37title is a disrespectful play on Von's
03:31:40most popular song crazy story and in the
03:31:42song quando touches on the incident that
03:31:44ended up taking King Von's life
03:31:46expressing frustration about being
03:31:48judged and saying that other people's
03:31:49friends wouldn't have defended him like
03:31:51Lil Tim did as well as essentially
03:31:53dissing King Von and his friends saying
03:31:55blood on your brother on the ground go
03:31:58pick your mans up as well as rapping
03:32:00that him and Tim are claiming
03:32:01self-defense and that Von should have
03:32:03never put his hands on quando he would
03:32:05also claim that this situation led to a
03:32:07million dollar Bounty being put on his
03:32:09head and following the release of this
03:32:11song he would also elaborate further on
03:32:12the events that unfolded that night in
03:32:14an extended interview with Angela Yee
03:32:16speaking on the situation saying that
03:32:18the night that Von was killed he thought
03:32:19he was just letting a group of random
03:32:21people walk past before being suddenly
03:32:22sucker punched by vom like I'm thinking
03:32:24some regular individuals next thing you
03:32:26know a [ __ ] hit me quando would say
03:32:28that the entire incident felt like an
03:32:30out of body experience to him it's like
03:32:32I had an out-of-body experience condo
03:32:35would also claim that the moment that
03:32:36King Von came over and started to fight
03:32:38with him he felt like the devil was
03:32:40coming to get him like it's like the
03:32:42devil was coming to get me like quando
03:32:44explained to Angela Yee that Lil Tim was
03:32:46his day one homie and he would protect
03:32:48him from anything he one thing about it
03:32:51he gonna protect me
03:32:52with anything which anybody should do
03:32:55apparently while the gunshots were going
03:32:57off cuando says that he prayed unaware
03:32:59of what was going on and only coming to
03:33:01his senses after both Vaughn and Tim had
03:33:03been shot awesome out loud screaming dab
03:33:06like out of body experience it's like
03:33:09everything went back normal and I'll be
03:33:11back down cuando was adamant that he
03:33:13didn't even know that it was King Von
03:33:15that he'd been fighting until the next
03:33:16day I didn't know this was him ma'am I
03:33:19swear to God oh my soul man I'm like
03:33:22like now cuando would also say that he
03:33:25didn't know about the beef between young
03:33:26boys camp and King Von's Camp when this
03:33:28all went down cause and no dude just
03:33:30dropped the tape like was they trying to
03:33:32do something to me just boost him up or
03:33:34like what I don't just don't know where
03:33:38however unfortunately for quando Rondo
03:33:41there would be more tragedies headed his
03:33:43way personally following the death of
03:33:44Von in the aftermath quando Rondo and
03:33:46his team would be a frequent Target of
03:33:48what appeared to be Revenge attacks he
03:33:50would be targeted in a shooting at
03:33:51convenience store in Georgia on the 2nd
03:33:53of May 2021 luckily escaping without
03:33:56injury but in the next incident cuando
03:33:58would be less lucky on August 20th 2022
03:34:01quando Rondo and his Entourage would be
03:34:03targeted in a shooting in Los Angeles an
03:34:05incident which left his close friend Lil
03:34:06PAB dead and a devastated quando Rondo
03:34:09being recorded at the scene in the
03:34:10immediate aftermath
03:34:14King Von's life was one of extremes he
03:34:16grew up in extreme poverty with a major
03:34:18disadvantage he found himself being
03:34:20drugged into the extremely violent
03:34:21streets of Chicago and he ended up being
03:34:23allegedly one of the most violent
03:34:25killers in obloc's history by the time
03:34:27he died he had been connected to at
03:34:29least 11 murders that I've read about
03:34:30but ultimately we'll probably never know
03:34:32the full extent of Ron's activities in
03:34:34the streets there's no doubt that Von
03:34:36was a prolific gang banger and shooter
03:34:38but having spent so much time analyzing
03:34:39him and the things that he did in his
03:34:41life it's hard to ignore the pleasure
03:34:43and pride that he seemed to get not just
03:34:45from killing but being known as a killer
03:34:47an everyday gang member or even mob
03:34:49Hitman tends to kill for survival or
03:34:51money but for Von reading all of his
03:34:53tweets and lyrics it's clear that he
03:34:54derived a great deal of psychological
03:34:57pleasure from the killings that he was
03:34:58associated with it seemed like he was
03:35:00more satisfied by carrying out a hit in
03:35:02the streets than making a hit record and
03:35:04perhaps that's why when he got rich and
03:35:05famous as a rapper he couldn't leave
03:35:07that in the past because he wasn't
03:35:09killing to survive he was killing for
03:35:11fun and gaining satisfaction from the
03:35:13whole world knowing what he had done
03:35:15there was no reason for Von to take so
03:35:17much pleasure in the murder of Can't Get
03:35:18Right and there really was no reason for
03:35:20Von to put a 100 000 bounty on FBG
03:35:23duck's head Von would have been a
03:35:24millionaire by this point an fpg duck
03:35:26was also a successful rapper in his own
03:35:28right duck wasn't a threat to the
03:35:30survival of Von or any of his friends at
03:35:32this point no Tavon duck was just
03:35:34another trophy another body on his tally
03:35:36another score on the board sadly many
03:35:38people look up to King Von for what he
03:35:40did in the streets but I don't think
03:35:41that's much different from how other
03:35:42serial killers seem to get idolized
03:35:44someone like Jeffrey Dahmer was known
03:35:46for targeting black gay men in his
03:35:48community partly due to the fact that he
03:35:49knew he could get away with it and when
03:35:51it comes to King Von's alleged victims
03:35:52it seems like he had a type 2 young
03:35:54black men women from the same poor and
03:35:57overpopulated area he was from because
03:35:58perhaps like Jeffrey Dahmer Von knew
03:36:01that the cops simply didn't care enough
03:36:02to solve these crimes so he knew he
03:36:04would get away with it and he did get
03:36:06away with it for his entire life Von
03:36:08would beat every murder investigation
03:36:09that his name was ever placed in but if
03:36:11he was alive today he very well may have
03:36:13been facing a lot wife in prison for his
03:36:15role in The Killing of FBG Duck Ron gave
03:36:18the world a lot of great music that told
03:36:19one of the most unique and raw stories
03:36:21to have ever come out of the Chicago
03:36:23drill scene vom will definitely be
03:36:25remembered as one of the biggest and
03:36:26best rappers to ever emerge out of the
03:36:28city he made great music but also did
03:36:30terrible things and so realistically
03:36:32he'll probably also be remembered as
03:36:34rap's very first serial killer
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What were the consequences faced by rapper King Von for his involvement in gang-related shootings?

Rapper King Von faced consequences for his involvement in gang-related shootings, including arrests and prison time.

2. How did the video discuss the rise of rapper King Von in the Chicago gang scene?

The video discussed the rise of rapper King Von in the Chicago gang scene, shedding light on his involvement in violent incidents and criminal activities.

3. What does the video reveal about rapper King Von's relationships with other rappers such as Lil Durk and NBA Youngboy?

The video explores the dynamics of rapper King Von's relationships with other rappers such as Lil Durk and NBA Youngboy within the context of the street rap culture.

4. What is the main focus of the video about rapper King Von?

The main focus of the video about rapper King Von is his open involvement in gang-related shootings and the consequences he faced.

5. How does the video cover rapper King Von's criminal activities and street rap culture involvement?

The video covers rapper King Von's criminal activities and street rap culture involvement, including his open involvement in gang-related shootings and the consequences he faced.

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