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This video provides a comprehensive overview of the life and achievements of Jose Rizal, a Filipino national hero. It covers his family background, education, travels, literary works, and his role in the Philippine revolution against Spanish colonial rule. His execution by firing squad is also mentioned.
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This section provides information about the birth and family of Rizal.
Rizal was born on June 18, 1861, in Calamba Laguna.
His father, Francisco Mercado Rizal, was a farmer.
His mother, Theodora Morales Alonso Realonda, was a highly cultured woman.
Rizal was the seventh child in a family of 11 children.
Rizal's early education and travels in Europe.
Rizal's mother was his first teacher, teaching him the alphabet and prayers at a young age.
Rizal graduated from Ateneo in 1877 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
He traveled to Spain in 1882 without informing his parents and then proceeded to Singapore, Colombo, and the Suez Canal before reaching Europe.
Rizal studied medicine in Paris and Germany, specializing in ophthalmology to treat his brothers' eye ailment.
Rizal spent 10 years in Europe, where he wrote his first book and became proficient in 22 languages.
Rizal traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, and America.
He was skilled in various fields such as sculpture, architecture, poetry, economics, and more.
Rizal was found guilty of rebellion, sedition, and conspiracy by a military court in 1896.
Rizal was transferred to his death cell in Fort Santiago and was shot by a firing squad the next day.
Rizal was transferred to his death cell in Fort Santiago on December 29.
On December 30, 1896, Rizal, a 35-year-old patriot, was shot in the back by a firing squad.
Despite his efforts to face the firing squad, his bullet-riddled body turned to the right with his face directed towards the Morning Sun.
Rizal is remembered in the Philippines for his brilliance, courage, peaceful resistance, and compassion.
00:03four separate our resolve Ricardo he
00:06alone Sharia law de popularly known as
00:09as a result was born on June 18 1861 in
00:13a small town of Calamba Laguna his
00:15father Francisco in Russia
00:17Alejandro Ricardo was an industrious
00:19farmer who resolved a model father was
00:22born on May 11 1880 while his mother
00:26Theodora Morales weekenders Alonso a
00:29highly cultured woman former Tsar called
00:31a loving and prudent mother was born on
00:349 november 9 18 27 Rizal was the seventh
00:39child in the family of 11 children with
00:41nine girls and two boys
00:43the other sister results at the Lena
00:45result was born on 1850 and was dead by
00:491913 mashaallah Rizal is the only
00:53brother of resolve and was the second
00:55child he studied at Santos a college in
00:58Manila and became a farmer and was later
01:00on a general of the Philippine
01:02revolution the third child was near
01:06Caesars Ali who was both a teacher and a
01:08musician the fourth child however was
01:11Olympia result who died in 1887 from
01:15childbirth the fifth child was the
01:19senior result born in 1857 and died
01:24the sixth child was Maria result born in
01:281859 and dead by 1945 the second child
01:33however was always unmentioned and was
01:36always alone who was because of a mr.
01:39Burrage the eighth child was conception
01:42result who would died because of a
01:44sickness at the age of three the night
01:47child who suffer result was an epileptic
01:50and died because she was a spinster the
01:55third child was really that result who
01:57died dispenser and the last of the
01:59family today and the youngest child
02:02virtually that result who had no inkling
02:05of her death first teacher of Rizal was
02:09his mother he learned at the age of T
02:12the alphabet and the prayers the private
02:16tutor of Rizal remains Restless t no
02:18master lupus and Yaman right
02:22result entered in 1872 and Ateneo and
02:25graduated at March 23 1877 with a degree
02:29of Bachelor and Arts University of Santo
02:33Tomas was under Dominicans during his
02:36first term in 1877 to 1878 in usme
02:41tested at cosmology metaphysics and
02:44history of philosophy in May of 1882 who
02:49Sara Sal got a ship to Spain without
02:51informing parents of his true intentions
02:54resolved and to Singapore Colombo and
02:58trismus canal before reaching Europe on
03:01May 3 1882 result which pain and
03:06enrolled at the University at Central
03:08On June 1884 he graduated with a medical
03:13degree at the age of 23 after completing
03:18his studies in Spain resolvement to
03:20Paris and Germany for his specialization
03:23in ophthalmology he chose this course of
03:27medicine because you wanted to curious
03:29brothers growing eye ailment
03:31during his stay in Paris Rizal register
03:35in the clinic of dr. Louise Becker who
03:38is sleeping 50 to 100 patients a day and
03:40their services considered a shalini
03:43ophthalmology Spackman results our
03:47journey unit includes places like people
03:50send Marseilles Barcelona Madrid Paris
03:54the gurney
03:56he's over beeps again Dresden
03:59Dresden Bertie Newman trip and it merits
04:04Italy Prague Lintz Switzerland and
04:08Geneva Pass aerosol leaving you do for
04:1310 years during the European cold war he
04:16also began writing novels result
04:19finishes first book the no limit on
04:22Haley there are nine significant woman
04:25in result life they were segunda attic
04:28back they own our Valenzuela Leonardo
04:32Vera Consuela or tiga awesome son
04:36Gertrude beckoned Nellie busted Susan
04:41Jacobi and Josephine broken having
04:44trouble extensively in Europe Asia and
04:47America he mastered 22 languages this
04:51includes Greek Hebrew Chinese English
04:57Japanese Russian Spanish
05:04Filipino Arabic German Swedish
05:13portuguese male sanskrit italian and
05:19other native dialects a versatile genius
05:23resolve as a sculptor architect poet
05:26economist businessman artist educator
05:30acknowledges historian inventor novelist
05:34journalist farmer cartoonist
05:36ophthalmologist musician sociologist and
05:39many more on December 26 1896 the
05:44military court trials era saw and found
05:46him guilty of rebellion sedition and
05:49conspiracy the spanish authority
05:54believes that result writing started a
05:56rebellion on december 29 at 6 a.m.
06:00Rafael Dominguez rancorous all his death
06:03sentence at around 7 a.m. of December 29
06:09Rizal was transferred to his death cell
06:11in fort santiago by 6:30 a.m. resolves
06:17in Bougainville or later known as the
06:19net apart
06:23at 7:00 a.m. of December 30 1896 the 35
06:28year old Patriot was shot in the back by
06:30firing squad Oh sir South death was
06:33carried out when a command vago was
06:35heard and result made an effort to face
06:37a firing squad but his bullet-riddled
06:39body turned to the right and his face
06:41directed to the Morning Sun
06:43Kucera sal is still remembered today
06:46throughout the Philippines for his
06:48brilliance his courage his peaceful
06:50resistance and his compassion Filipino
06:53schoolchildren study series a literary
06:55work the Philippines declared its
06:58independence from Spain On June 12 1898
07:01it was the first democratic
07:03confrontation result history photos for
07:08series are fencing with one new night
07:10Maria the policy in Paris debating Italy
07:13as a result family picture
07:16Oh servers are at the center beside
07:18Marcela can you learn for a group or
07:20taking money for Saracens execution at
07:25bargain buyer
07:26at the banana with the worship of a
07:28Saracen leaders of 34 movement in Spain
07:32after I'd result that Bernard in policy
07:37reserve play offensive result as young
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Jose Rizal?

Jose Rizal is a Filipino national hero known for his significant contributions to the Philippines' struggle for independence from Spanish colonial rule. He was a multi-talented individual with expertise in various fields, including literature, medicine, and political activism.

2. What are the key aspects of Jose Rizal's life and achievements?

Jose Rizal's life and achievements encompass his family background, education, travels, literary works, and his pivotal role in the Philippine revolution against Spanish colonial rule. His literary works, such as 'Noli Me Tangere' and 'El Filibusterismo,' became influential in igniting the spirit of national identity and resistance among Filipinos.

3. How did Jose Rizal contribute to the Philippine revolution?

Jose Rizal played a crucial role in the Philippine revolution by using his literary prowess to expose the injustices and abuses of the Spanish colonial administration. His writings served as a catalyst for awakening national consciousness and inspiring Filipinos to strive for independence and social reform.

4. What was the significance of Jose Rizal's execution by firing squad?

The execution of Jose Rizal by firing squad symbolized the ultimate sacrifice made by a national hero in the pursuit of liberty and justice. It further fueled the flames of revolution and strengthened the resolve of Filipinos to fight for their freedom from oppressive colonial rule.

5. How is Jose Rizal remembered in the Philippines today?

In contemporary Philippines, Jose Rizal is revered as a symbol of national pride and patriotism. His legacy continues to inspire generations, and his contributions are commemorated through various monuments, institutions, and educational initiatives aimed at preserving his ideals and principles.

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