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L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine are both amino acids that help regulate mood, focus, and cognitive function, but they have different effects on the brain and physical performance, with L-Theanine being more effective for reducing stress and improving sleep, while L-Tyrosine is better for increasing focus and alertness. The choice between the two depends on individual symptoms and needs.
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L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine have similarities in mood regulation, neurotransmitter production, and cognitive functionality, but differ in chemical composition and sources.
Both L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine are effective in regulating mood by increasing dopamine and serotonin levels.
Both amino acids help build neurotransmitters that regulate focus, mood, energy, and sleep.
L-Theanine is primarily found in tea leaves like green tea, while L-Tyrosine can be obtained from food.
Some individuals with ADHD may struggle to convert phenylalanine into tyrosine.
L-Theanine improves sleep, regulates stress levels and anxiety, while L-Tyrosine targets focus and alertness by being a precursor to dopamine.
L-Theanine improves sleep quality and regulates stress levels and anxiety.
L-Tyrosine targets focus and alertness by being a precursor to dopamine.
L-Theanine reduces heart rate and cortisol levels, helping with stress responses.
L-Tyrosine improves cognitive and physical performance during stressful situations, while L-Theanine hasn't shown benefits for physical performance.
L-Theanine can help improve sleep and reduce anxiety, while L-Tyrosine is more effective for focus and motivation.
L-Theanine is beneficial for calming the body and improving sleep, especially for those struggling with stress and anxiety.
L-Tyrosine does not have evidence to support its effectiveness in improving sleep quality.
L-Tyrosine can be effective for improving focus, motivation, and clarity of mind, particularly for individuals with low tyrosine levels or deficient neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine.
00:00palthening versus El tyrosino which one
00:03is the best one which one's actually the
00:05best one for you that's what we're gonna
00:06dive in right now so first off let's
00:08look at the similarities between these
00:10two because there is definitely a lot of
00:11similarities between L tyrosine and
00:13l-theanine the very first one is both El
00:15tyrosine and l-theanine are really good
00:17for mood regulation they have been shown
00:20in research and also when I've actually
00:22used this with patients to really help
00:23regulate our mood because both of them
00:26are very effective increasing levels of
00:28dopamine and serotonin which do impact
00:31our mood whether we're going to feel
00:32more depressed if we have low serotonin
00:34levels or have lack of motivation and
00:36drive if we have low dopamine levels now
00:38both l-tyrosine and as well as
00:40l-theanine both are really important
00:43amino acids that do help build specific
00:45neurotransmitters which are our brain
00:47chemistry that help regulate our focus
00:50our mood as well as our energy and sleep
00:53so many things that happen with our
00:54brain chemistry also l-thenian and
00:56l-tyrosine have been both shown to
00:58actually help with cognitive
00:59functionality such as attention memory
01:01as well as reaction time now let's talk
01:04about the differences and this is where
01:06we can kind of separate to see which one
01:08is the true winner or which one is
01:10actually best for you so if we actually
01:12look at the chemical composition of both
01:14these l-thene and also l-tyrosine are
01:17both amino acids but l-theanine is
01:20primarily found in tea leaves like green
01:22tea whereas El tyrosine on the other
01:24hand it's a non-essential amino acid
01:27because we can get it from our food
01:29however people that have like ADHD
01:31sometimes have a hard time actually
01:33converting phenylalanine into tyrosine
01:36so therefore sometimes we have to
01:37actually supplement tyrosine depending
01:39on the deficiency levels that we do find
01:41with people with ADHD and other mental
01:43health issues now as far as the effects
01:45on the brain l-theanine has definitely
01:47shown where it improves things such as
01:49Alpha brain waves that this could
01:51definitely help improve our sleep as
01:53well as regulate our stress levels and
01:56anxiety which then leads into more of a
01:58calming effect which can impact our
02:00Focus whereas l-tyrosine specifically
02:02targets and helps improve things such as
02:05focus and alertness because is directly
02:07a precursor to dopamine and we know
02:09dopamine has a lot to do with
02:11specifically with motivation drive and
02:13focus now speaking of stress responses
02:16when it comes to actually l-theanine the
02:19fascinating thing it has been shown that
02:20it helps with both the physiological as
02:22well as the psychological stressors that
02:24are indicated with us every day so
02:26l-theani has shown to actually reduce
02:28heart rate as well as reduce cortisol
02:30which spikes when we are very stressed
02:33out so l-theanine has proven to lower
02:34these levels versus l-tyrosine what this
02:37does it actually helps reduce cognitive
02:39function decline when it's due to stress
02:42now when it comes to physical
02:43performance l-tyrosine has shown in
02:45research that it can improve cognitive
02:48and physical performance during stress
02:50acute situations so a great example that
02:52they've seen this in research is they
02:54had people take l-tyrosine before a
02:56physical exam and they found that they
02:57performed better especially in a
02:59stressful situation versus althenian
03:01hasn't really shown any benefits
03:03specifically to help with physical
03:05performance so that's where you see the
03:06differences between l-tyrosine and
03:08l-theanine now when it comes to Sleep
03:10Quality l-theanine has plenty of
03:12research where it does improve
03:14significantly your sleep especially when
03:16it's due to something like stress where
03:17I find where I have patients that are
03:19struggling with stress and can't sleep
03:21because of having high anxiety
03:23l-theanine can be great and also
03:25something can be really grateful for
03:26calming the body versus l-tyrosine El
03:29tyrosine hasn't really shown any kind of
03:31evidence that actually does improve
03:32quality of sleep now if you're looking
03:34for further supplements that can improve
03:36your focus and your mental health then
03:38download my focus guide in the
03:40description below okay so now that we
03:41looked at the differences
03:43with you specific how I use these two
03:46different types of amino acids
03:48specifically with my patients and myself
03:50included now when it comes to l-tyrosine
03:52after I have actually run a specific
03:55amino acid test looking at several
03:57different amino acids even l-tyrosine if
03:59I see low levels of tyrosine then of
04:02course then that is going to be an
04:03indicator for me to implement it and
04:05that's where my patients will see a big
04:07difference of it actually being
04:08effective for them if the tyrosine
04:10levels are not low in fact they might be
04:12elevated then you will not see any
04:14changes and this is where it might not
04:16benefit you at all but also sometimes if
04:18I'm not doing testing and people are
04:20just are looking for recommendations if
04:22you do have issues with Focus motivation
04:25symptoms of also lack of drive and
04:27Clarity of mind l-tyrosine can be very
04:29effective if you tend to be deficient in
04:32tyrosine levels on top of that I'm also
04:34looking at neurotransmitters that could
04:36be also deficient to actually justify
04:38using something like tyrosine so
04:39sometimes if I see a tyrosine levels are
04:42fine but I see dopamine levels as as
04:44well as norepinephrine levels are really
04:46low sometimes increasing levels of
04:48tyrosine can still be beneficial in that
04:50way now on the other hand looking at
04:52l-theanine this is where I specifically
04:54will still look at specific
04:56neurotransmitters because altheney does
04:59help like I said before Gaba serotonin
05:01dopamine and norepinephrine now what I
05:03love about l-theanine is when I do run
05:05these tests I'm specifically seeing if
05:08they're high or low now the great thing
05:10about l-theanine whether these
05:11neotransmitter levels are too high or
05:13too low l-theanine is great for both
05:15case scenarios which is why I tend to
05:17actually use l-theanine probably more
05:19and prescribe it more to my patients
05:21more than l-tyrosine because I do see
05:23these variances with my ADHD patients
05:25but another sign that I also look at is
05:28signs and symptoms even without the
05:30testing if I have a patient that has
05:31high stress anxiety and can't sleep very
05:34well especially due to stress then
05:36definitely something I will recommend is
05:37l-theanine or if they can't focus
05:39throughout the day because they have
05:41such high anxiety and panic attacks
05:43l-theanine is all always a great thing
05:45to implement that people find very
05:47beneficial to them so which one of these
05:49is best is l-tyrosine better for you or
05:51is l-theanine better for you what I
05:52would tell you is look at your current
05:54symptoms that you're dealing with are
05:56you having more of a motivation and
05:57focus issue than maybe l-tyrosine might
05:59be beneficial are you more High stressed
06:01and having poor quality sleep and maybe
06:03not good Focus throughout the day
06:04because you're high stress then
06:05l-theanine might be a better option so
06:07you have to really look at that now if
06:08you really want a tiebreaker to
06:10understand which one is the true best
06:12one then you could watch my experience
06:13of taking l-theanine l-tyrosine
06:16separately for 30 days so if you want to
06:17watch my experience of taking out
06:18tiresine for 30 days then watch this
06:19video over here if you want to watch my
06:21experience taking l-theanine for 30 days
06:22then watch this video over here that
06:24will be the true actually tiebreaker so
06:26watch one of these videos
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the benefits of L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine?

L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine are both amino acids that help regulate mood, focus, and cognitive function. L-Theanine is more effective for reducing stress and improving sleep, while L-Tyrosine is better for increasing focus and alertness.

2. How do L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine differ in their effects on the brain?

L-Theanine has a calming effect on the brain, reducing stress and anxiety, while L-Tyrosine increases alertness and mental focus by producing neurotransmitters like dopamine and adrenaline.

3. In what ways can L-Theanine benefit physical performance?

L-Theanine can improve physical performance by reducing the perception of fatigue, enhancing endurance, and promoting relaxation, which can be beneficial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

4. How does L-Tyrosine enhance cognitive function and mood?

L-Tyrosine enhances cognitive function and mood by increasing the production of neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline, which are essential for mental alertness, focus, and mood regulation.

5. What are the individual symptoms and needs that determine the choice between L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine?

The choice between L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine depends on individual symptoms and needs, with L-Theanine being more suitable for those seeking stress reduction and improved sleep, and L-Tyrosine being more beneficial for individuals looking to enhance focus and alertness.

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