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The video explores the sketchiness and scams associated with timeshares, highlighting how companies lie to make sales and make it difficult for customers to book vacations. It also exposes the untrustworthiness of timeshare exit companies, with one example being sued by the Washington State AG.
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This section discusses the sketchiness of timeshare vacations and how they are often seen as scams.
Timeshare vacations have been a punchline on TV for years.
Suspicion about timeshare programs is widespread.
Timeshare people are portrayed as praying on the weak and gullible.
SpongeBob SquarePants is used as an example of a character who would never say yes to a timeshare.
Timeshare salespeople are known to lie about everything, from reservations to the total cost of the timeshare.
A Westgate executive encourages his staff to lie and make a sale.
Salespeople even had an acronym, TAFT, which stood for lying.
Timeshare salespeople are notorious for their dishonesty.
Booking time at timeshare resorts can be unexpectedly difficult, as illustrated by a man's experience of being told he called too early, too late, or too short notice to book a vacation at the Westgate timeshare he bought six years earlier.
Man's attempts to book a vacation at the Westgate timeshare were met with responses of calling too early, too late, or too short notice.
The Nasirs have spent over $15,000 on a timeshare they have never used.
Westgate's response of suggesting an upgrade to a better plan for an additional $15,000 is a common practice in the industry.
Timeshare developers may claim to have programs to take back timeshares, but there is often fine print and significant fees involved.
Some developers have programs to take back timeshares, but it's at their discretion and may require a fee.
Resale sites show timeshares being sold for zero dollars.
Timeshares are not a sound investment and do not gain value.
Timeshares are often framed as a legacy for future generations, but not all family members may be happy about it.
Timeshare Termination Team, despite appearing critical of the timeshare industry, is actually sketchy and unreliable.
The woman claiming a "100 percent success rate" raises suspicions.
The shows featuring Timeshare Termination Team are actually "sponsored content programs" that look like news but are ads.
Denver7's news team reported a story about a customer who paid over $14,000 to the company but didn't get the issue resolved.
The Washington State AG sued Timeshare Exit Team for various issues and they eventually shut down after paying 2.6 million dollars in restitution. Dave Ramsey, despite the criticism, continued to endorse them and dismissed the concerns raised by Inside Edition.
Washington State AG sued Timeshare Exit Team.
Timeshare Exit Team shut down after paying 2.6 million dollars in restitution.
Dave Ramsey continued to endorse Timeshare Exit Team despite the criticism.
Dave Ramsey dismissed the concerns raised by Inside Edition.
Wanda introduces her new company, Timeshare Exit Squared, which promises to free people from their timeshare exit companies and get their money back.
Timeshare Exit Squared is the world's first timeshare exit company.
The company claims to get people out of their timeshare contracts and refund their money.
Wanda asks for an upfront fee of $20,000 and promises a full refund within three to 58 business months.
00:04With this being spring break season,
00:07our main story tonight concerns vacations.
00:09A wonderful time to realize that you're in love with someone,
00:12or realize that you are absolutely not.
00:14And be honest,
00:15you knew in the TSA line before the flight.
00:18Keep those streaming passwords for as long as you can,
00:20but do give back his grandmother's ring.
00:23Specifically, we're gonna talk about timeshares.
00:25And some of you might be thinking, "Hang on, hold on,
00:27are you gonna tell me that they are a scam?
00:29Because, surely, everybody knows that."
00:31And it is true that the sketchiness
00:33of timeshare vacations
00:34has been a punchline on TV for years.
00:37You moron, these aren't free vacations.
00:39These are timesharing deals. They're total scams.
00:42These timeshare people,
00:43they don't stop until they sell you something.
00:45They-- They pray on the weak and gullible, i.e. you.
00:49Perhaps you and your yellow friend
00:51would like to set up a timeshare plan?
00:54Don't do it, Sandy!
00:55I won't give into your timeshare vacation scam!
00:58Yeah, suspicions about timeshare programs
01:01are so ubiquitous,
01:02they can get laughs in children's programming.
01:05And look, obviously,
01:06SpongeBob was never going to say yes to a timeshare.
01:09Otherwise, they'd have had to change his theme song to this.
01:11 ♪ Oh... ♪
01:14 ♪ Who lives in a pineapple Under the sea? ♪
01:16 ♪ Except for one week a year ♪
01:18 ♪ When he's in a studio In Key West? ♪
01:19 ♪ SpongeBob SquarePants! ♪
01:22Yeah, it's still good,
01:23but it doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?
01:25But despite decades of mockery on TV,
01:28timeshares are a much bigger business than you may think.
01:31They're actually an 8.1 billion dollar industry
01:34with nearly 10 million households
01:36owning one or more types of timeshare.
01:38And they can be sold by big hotel chains
01:40like Hyatt and Marriott,
01:42as well as companies like Wyndham and Westgate Resorts.
01:45But one of the things that may have obscured their continued growth
01:48is that they're not always called timeshares now.
01:51In recent years, they've been re-branded
01:53as "vacation clubs" or "vacation ownership plans."
01:56And while traditionally, you'd buy a timeshare
01:58that consisted of one week every year at, say,
02:01a condo in Florida,
02:02nowadays, companies offer "floating weeks"
02:05that can theoretically be used any time throughout the year
02:08or "timeshare points" where you buy points
02:10that you can redeem in a number of resort properties
02:12owned by the same company.
02:14But whatever you call timeshares,
02:15the people selling them
02:17maintain that they are not just excellent value,
02:19they are actively good for you.
02:21Here is a vice president at Westgate
02:23firing up his sales team in the weirdest possible way.
02:27Why are we here?
02:28CROWD: To save lives!
02:30RICHARD SIEGEL: To save lives!
02:32Those who take the fewest amount of vacations
02:35are most likely to have a heart attack.
02:37You're just like a doctor, nurse, fireman,
02:42policeman, a lifeguard.
02:46They all save lives. And you all do it too.
02:49You're right.
02:50Timeshare salespeople save lives
02:52just like doctors and nurses.
02:55That is why during the initial outbreak of the pandemic,
02:57we New Yorkers would loudly cheer
02:59for all the timeshare salespeople
03:01as they came back from work.
03:03We do that at 6:00 p.m.,
03:04and then if we still had some energy left,
03:06we'd throw a few claps to hospital workers at 7:00
03:08for whatever they were doing.
03:10But the fact is, timeshares don't save lives.
03:13In fact, in many cases, they can fuck them up.
03:16Because they are incredibly easy to get into,
03:18but as you will see, incredibly hard to get out of.
03:21So tonight, let's talk about timeshares.
03:24Let's start with the first thing that you probably
03:25already know about them.
03:27That they tend to be sold in-person, aggressively,
03:30and while you're already on vacation.
03:32Often by suckering people into agonizingly long sales presentations
03:35with the promise of a free gift.
03:37There are so many horror stories out there
03:40like the woman whose parents were subjected...
03:47Or the person who signed an agreement
03:49following a five-hour presentation because, quote...
03:56And I do get that!
03:58Listen to a timeshare presentation is dead last
04:01on the list of things that I want to do
04:03for five straight hours,
04:04right after watching Avatar: The Way of Water,
04:07telling children that their pet hamster
04:09was eaten by their other pet hamster,
04:11and that neither one ever knew the child in question existed,
04:13and, of course, hearing other people
04:16talk about watching Avatar: The Way of Water.
04:19The problem is though, once you are in that room,
04:22companies can go to extreme lengths
04:24to get you to commit on the spot.
04:26Just watch as that Westgate executive
04:28encourages his staff to stop at nothing
04:31to make a sale.
04:32SIEGEL: Our number one person in Orlando owns several weeks of timeshare.
04:35You know, you should own at least one week yourselves.
04:38And if you don't, lie, and say you do!
04:44Don't let these people leave here
04:46without buying something!
04:50I don't know what is more alarming there,
04:52that he knew a camera crew was filming
04:54and still instructed his sales team to lie,
04:57or that he knew that and willingly wore that shirt.
05:00Because what the fuck is that thing?
05:03It looks like someone ate a Persian rug
05:05and then threw up on him.
05:07He looks like the mascot for divorce.
05:10Lying is actually a key strategy
05:12for many timeshare salespeople.
05:14They will lie about everything,
05:16from the ease of making reservations
05:18to the total cost of the timeshare.
05:20According to a lawsuit against Wyndham,
05:22sales people even had an acronym, TAFT,
05:24which stood for...
05:28And come on, at this point, just say "fucking."
05:31'Cause it's one thing to lie, it's another to do that
05:34while talking like a middle schooler
05:35who's in the car with their mom, but still trying to sound hard.
05:39But the thing is,
05:40lying is basically allowed in this industry.
05:43Many timeshare agreements contain...
05:51It's often referred to by attorneys as the...
05:55And, look, I get that sales reps bullshit customers constantly.
05:59It happens to me
06:00every time a Warby Parker employee tells me,
06:02-"You look so cool." -(LAUGHTER)
06:04But you wouldn't expect them to be able to lie
06:06about something as objective as how much a thing will cost.
06:10Now, the good news is,
06:11depending on where you made your purchase,
06:13you can have between three and ten days
06:15to rescind your signature.
06:17But, remember,
06:18a lot of people sign up for timeshares on vacation.
06:22So, that time may expire before they get home
06:25or have a chance to have a lawyer look at the contract.
06:27And this would be less of an issue
06:29if people generally loved their timeshares.
06:31But a study found that...
06:36Which is a rate of regret on par with
06:39people who bought teacup pigs,
06:41only to realize that teacup pigs don't really exist.
06:44What do exist are baby pigs that grow into
06:47a 90-pound piece of livestock that can suffocate your cat.
06:52And at this point, let's talk
06:54about why people might regret buying a timeshare.
06:56And the first major reason, unsurprisingly, is cost.
07:00Because the up-front cost
07:01for a one-week annual timeshare vacation
07:04can average around 24,000 dollars.
07:06But that is just the beginning.
07:08Because on top of that
07:10come other expenses like maintenance fees,
07:12which typically go up every year
07:15and at high value resorts can run from...
07:20And you are on the hook for those costs
07:22whether you use your timeshare or not.
07:25Which actually brings us to another major problem
07:27because if what you bought is points
07:29for a "floating week" plan,
07:31you still need to book time at your resort,
07:33which can be unexpectedly hard.
07:35Just listen to this man explain his attempts
07:37to book a vacation at the Westgate timeshare
07:39that he bought in Branson, Missouri,
07:42six years earlier.
07:44The first year, I got a month in advance.
07:47And they say, "You're calling,
07:48you're giving us very short notice."
07:51REPORTER: So year two, they called six months in advance.
07:53"You're calling too early."
07:55REPORTER: Year three, they called two months in advance
07:57 but were told they called "too late."
08:00"You can still go, but...
08:02we have to charge you like any other person."
08:04REPORTER: So far, the Nasirs have spent
08:06 more than 15,000 dollars for a timeshare
08:09 they've never spent a single night in.
08:11 When the Nasirs complained to Westgate,
08:13 they were told they would have an easier time
08:15 using their timeshare
08:16 if they upgraded to a better plan
08:19 for an additional 15,000 dollars.
08:22Yeah, that's not great, is it?
08:23Being asked to pay 15,000 dollars
08:26for something you've only seen in pictures
08:28is not a timeshare,
08:29that's an expensive and remarkably niche
08:32OnlyFans account.
08:34But Westgate's response is pretty common
08:36across the industry.
08:38Once you buy a timeshare, the pitch is,
08:40"You really need to upgrade to get the most,
08:42or possibly anything, out of your purchase."
08:45And these upgrades are a fundamental part of the business model.
08:49At one investment conference, Marriott stated that...
08:59...after just five years.
09:01So, it's hardly surprising that companies
09:03frequently pressure people to pay for upgrades,
09:05sometimes with the exact same aggressive tactics that
09:08got them to buy the timeshare in the first place.
09:11Customers of Wyndham Resorts have said that
09:13whenever they go on vacation,
09:15they'd be forced into so-called...
09:18Where they were then pressured to spend more, like this woman.
09:21REPORTER: The 76-year-old widow is deep in debt.
09:24Owing more than 175,000 dollars after she claimed
09:28 she was repeatedly tricked and harassed
09:29 into buying timeshare points.
09:31 Folds' also claims in her lawsuit
09:32 Wyndham sales reps told her things to convince her
09:34 to buy more points that ended up not being true.
09:38If I were to sign it,
09:39then they could lower the interest rates.
09:42REPORTER 2: Is that in fact what happened?
09:43No. No.
09:46REPORTER: She says Wyndham salespeople
09:47 also told her the company would buy back
09:49 any extra points she didn't use.
09:51 And that too, she later found,
09:52 wasn't exactly as it had been explained.
09:55REPORTER 2: Were you surprised to discover that?
09:57Very surprised.
09:59Not only surprised, you may need to bleep this out,
10:03I was mad as hell.
10:04-(LAUGHTER) -Wow.
10:06She is pissed there.
10:07I know "mad as hell" might not sound that extreme
10:10to us delinquents on HBO.
10:13But coming from a 76-year-old woman in Tennessee?
10:16That's the equivalent of a child screaming "motherfucker"
10:18through a bullhorn at an elementary school.
10:21It's that level of intensity.
10:23So between fees
10:24and the constant pressure to pay for upgrades,
10:27you can see
10:28how people might end up regretting their purchase.
10:30Even those who initially enjoyed their timeshare
10:33might end up wanting to get rid of it,
10:35either because they're getting older
10:36and not wanting to travel as much,
10:37or they're just getting tired of going to the same place.
10:40But the problem is,
10:41whatever your reason for wanting to leave a timeshare,
10:44you will soon realize it is very hard to do that.
10:48And that is because
10:49many agreements contain a so-called "perpetuity clause."
10:52That means that the purchase,
10:53as well as all those regular maintenance fees,
10:56are a...
10:59Which is ridiculous!
11:01A contract for a vacation
11:02shouldn't be harder to get out of
11:04than fucking Scientology!
11:06Where's Shelly, by the way?
11:08I'm sure she's fine, but, uh, where is Shelly?!
11:11Now, some developers claim to have programs
11:14where they'll take a timeshare back,
11:15but there is a lot of fine print there,
11:17including the fact that they're often only available
11:19at the developer's discretion,
11:21and could involve paying a significant fee,
11:23which sometimes can be...
11:27And if the company won't take it back, good luck.
11:34In fact, the resale site Red Week
11:36shows a number of them
11:37being sold for literally zero dollars.
11:40And keep that in mind
11:41any time anyone says that a timeshare is "an investment."
11:45Investments are supposed to gain value.
11:48A timeshare is as sound an investment
11:50as opening a Ghislaine Maxwell themed restaurant.
11:54Ghisly's! When you're here, you're in danger.
11:59And all this actually gets one step worse,
12:01thanks to something that's often framed
12:03as a selling point for timeshares.
12:05It's a great feeling to know that our grandchildren,
12:07when we're not around...
12:08-Yeah. It's passed onto them. -...will be enjoying it.
12:11It'll be our legacy to them.
12:20Now that we have two children,
12:22 it's kind of exciting that we know
12:24 that our credits will never go to waste.
12:27It will still be in our family through our boys.
12:30Okay. One of those boys seems happy about that.
12:32But the other one does seem pissed.
12:35And much more interested
12:36in the upside down construction truck that he's holding,
12:38and he's honestly right.
12:40Because if there is one thing to take away from this episode,
12:41it's that if you have a choice
12:43between a timeshare and an upside-down truck,
12:45take the truck every time!
12:48At least you technically own that.
12:50But given everything that you've seen so far,
12:52you won't be surprised to hear that many people
12:54aren't super keen on inheriting a timeshare.
12:57And while you can technically decline it,
12:59that can be much, much harder to do than you might think.
13:03KSL REPORTER: Walking away does take work.
13:05 Namely, you must file a disclaimer of interest with the court,
13:08 saying that you reject the timeshare.
13:10 You only have nine months
13:12 after the death of your loved one to file it.
13:14 And even then, it's not that simple.
13:17 You see, when the first person in line rejects the timeshare,
13:19 it goes to the next in line,
13:21and then the next, and the next.
13:23Every single person has to file all of that paperwork.
13:26It's true.
13:27Every single person.
13:29And timeshare paperwork
13:31clearly isn't what grieving families need.
13:34It is pretty upsetting to think
13:35that there might genuinely be a market
13:37for sympathy cards that say...
13:45And all of this
13:46brings us to what might be the most surprising thing here.
13:48Timeshares are so difficult to get rid of,
13:51a whole separate industry has now cropped up,
13:54known as the timeshare exit industry.
13:57You may have seen ads on TV for them,
13:59or upbeat segments on local stations like these,
14:01 for a company called Timeshare Termination Team,
14:03 where they can get a pretty strong endorsement.
14:06Colorado's local Timeshare Termination Team
14:08has 100 percent success rate.
14:10Joining us, trusted advisors Brian and Holly Wilbur,
14:13with the first steps you need to take
14:15to legally get out of your timeshare.
14:18I'll be honest, I know I said this before too,
14:20I didn't think this was possible but it actually is.
14:23Now that sounds pretty great, doesn't it?
14:25The basic pitch of exit companies
14:27is for an upfront fee.
14:28They'll either resell your timeshare,
14:30or get you out of your contract.
14:31And given how critical they are of the timeshare industry,
14:34you might assume
14:35that they are the good guys in the story.
14:37Unfortunately, they are very much not.
14:40Which you probably already suspected
14:42after that woman claimed a "100 percent success rate."
14:45Because that's one of those phrases
14:47that's just an automatic red flag.
14:48Like, "Endorsed by Dr. Oz," or "Forbes cover model."
14:52It just immediately raises suspicions.
14:56Also, you should know,
14:58while that sure looks like the news, crucially, it,
15:01and all those shows you just saw,
15:03are "sponsored content programs."
15:05We did a story on them a couple of years ago,
15:07and it's where local stations will allow you to buy your way
15:10into fake segments that look like news,
15:12but are, in fact, ads.
15:14We actually bought our way onto that exact show, on Denver7,
15:18to sell a Nazi fuck blanket.
15:20And if you missed that story,
15:22go back and watch the whole thing,
15:23because that was one hell of a sentence
15:24that's missing about 21 minutes of context.
15:27Anyway, as it turns out,
15:29Timeshare Termination Team
15:31was even sketchier than our Third Reich fuck fleece.
15:34Because not-- not long after that,
15:37Denver7's actual news team had this story to report.
15:41DENVER7 REPORTER: Debbie hired the company in June 2019.
15:44 In all, she paid more than 14,000 dollars.
15:47Signed a contract, a two-year contract,
15:50that ended this last June.
15:52Well, under the terms of the contract,
15:54if they don't resolve my issue, I can get a refund.
15:57DENVER7 REPORTER: Two years came and went.
15:59 That's when she went looking for answers.
16:01DEBI RAMERT: And so I came to...
16:03 came to see them, and it's empty.
16:04DENVER7 REPORTER: The signs are still up on this office
16:06 in Greenwood Village.
16:09 But there's no employees. The furniture is gone.
16:13Wow. First, I'm not sure it was totally necessary
16:16to force her to go back and knock on the glass
16:18in a clearly empty office, but I'm very glad that they did.
16:21But second,
16:22that is a 19th century snake oil salesmen-level scam.
16:25They just disappeared!
16:27One moment, they were there, the next,
16:28they were suddenly gone with no warning.
16:30Like a ghost, or a TV show on HBO Max.
16:34Everything's fine at this company.
16:36Everything's fine.
16:39And unfortunately, that is by no means a one-off.
16:42As one consumer advocate puts it...
16:52But you know what? I do like generalizations.
16:55So, I'm happy to say,
16:56timeshare exit companies are total bullshit.
16:59A lot have followed the same basic pattern
17:01that you just saw.
17:02They'll charge an upfront fee,
17:04and then either stall indefinitely,
17:06or fully disappear.
17:07And they are taking advantage of people on a massive scale.
17:10In Missouri,
17:11one group of companies stands accused of deceiving...
17:18And while that case is still pending,
17:20all of these other companies have gone under in recent years.
17:24And I know that these exit companies
17:26might seem immediately suspicious to you now,
17:28but they have slick marketing,
17:30and have also been endorsed
17:31by some supposedly financially savvy people.
17:33In fact, Dave Ramsey,
17:35the popular personal finance guru,
17:37who, to his credit,
17:38has been a vocal critic of timeshares,
17:41actually gave one exit company a ringing endorsement.
17:44Timeshare Exit Team will get you out of their timeshare.
17:47Now, you're gonna pay them money to do that.
17:49That's what they do.
17:50And they charge you upfront,
17:51and they give you your money back guarantee,
17:53if they don't get you out, but they'll get you out.
17:56Well, that sounds trustworthy, doesn't it?
17:58And after all,
17:59why wouldn't you take the word of a man whose look
18:01and general vibe answers the question,
18:02"What if Billy Joel and Dr. Phil had a kid, and it sucked?"
18:06-(LAUGHTER) -But--
18:08But not long after that,
18:09the Washington State AG sued Timeshare Exit Team,
18:13claiming, among other things, that...
18:26The company eventually shut down,
18:27but only after it was forced
18:28to pay 2.6 million dollars in restitution.
18:31And if you're thinking any of that
18:33gave Dave Ramsey pause for reflection,
18:35you should know, it did not.
18:37Because after Inside Edition did a segment
18:40covering Timeshare Exit Team's issues,
18:42and questioning his endorsement of them,
18:44he pushed back like this.
18:46I didn't know you could buy a story on Inside Edition.
18:48I didn't-- I didn't think you all were that--
18:49I knew you were tabloid,
18:51but I didn't know you were that low.
18:53Or are you just so dumb...
18:55that you didn't understand
18:56you were on the wrong side of this argument
18:58on the basis of the consumer?
19:01So this is why Timeshare's not on the air anymore.
19:03Timeshare Exit Team.
19:05But guess who's still on the air?
19:11And I'm sitting...
19:14in a 300 million-dollar paid-for building...
19:20neck deep in cash, you jerks.
19:22-(LAUGHTER) -Yeah!
19:24That is champion of the working people, Dave Ramsey.
19:27Bragging about being neck deep in cash to his own viewers
19:30who got caught up in a scam that he actively promoted.
19:32All while having his hands like this.
19:35A pose used almost exclusively by cartoon supervillains
19:38plotting ways to kill Batman.
19:40But the thing is,
19:41there is no right side to be on here.
19:44Timeshare companies and timeshare exit companies
19:48are both terrible.
19:49One is a shitty business model that's somehow technically legal
19:52and the other is oftentimes and out-and-out scam.
19:55But neither is good.
19:57And it's very important not to lose sight of the fact
19:59that beneath all of this,
20:00are people who can get victimized,
20:02and in some cases, twice!
20:04If you watch a lot of stories about these companies,
20:06it is heartbreaking
20:07just how often the people in them
20:09talk about how ashamed they feel about falling for this.
20:13Nobody in my family knows. Nobody.
20:15Makes you feel bad when you think
20:17you done something this stupid.
20:18Well, we bought the timeshare, which took us to the cleaners.
20:22And it just-- It made me feel stupid.
20:24It doesn't make me feel good.
20:25You know, it's like, I think I'm smarter than that.
20:28Yeah, I get that.
20:29But to be clear, the shame here should not be
20:31on the people who were duped.
20:33It should be on the industries that exploited them,
20:36told them "any frigging thing" they wanted to,
20:38and abused their understandable desire
20:40just to take a fucking break.
20:43So, what can we do here?
20:44Well, on the off chance that anyone watching right now
20:47is considering a timeshare,
20:49don't do it.
20:51If you know someone considering it,
20:53send them this segment.
20:54If you happen to inherit a timeshare,
20:56get rid of it as fast as possible.
20:58And if it's too late and you're stuck with it,
21:00you can try and give it away for zero dollars online.
21:04But the truth is, you'll only be fucking someone else over, then.
21:07Unfortunately, the best option might actually be
21:10to call the timeshare company
21:12and see if there is any chance
21:13that they will take it back from you.
21:15As for exit companies,
21:17as you have seen, there's been sporadic legal action
21:19against individual companies.
21:21But by land large,
21:22it is a whack-a-mole ecosystem.
21:24When one goes down,
21:25another one tends to pop right up.
21:27So the truth is, the best bet right now
21:29seems to be to make sure that we all warn each other
21:32about just how fucked up this whole industry is.
21:36Or, I suppose, we could go another way with it.
21:39And if you can't beat them, join them.
21:41So, joining me now for a special sponsored segment
21:44that she may or may not have paid three thousand dollars for,
21:46please welcome back to the show my lovely wife,
21:49-Wanda Joe Oliver! -(CHEERING)
22:00Hello there, M' Wanda.
22:02Hello there, M'John!
22:04Now Wanda, I understand you have a new timeshare product
22:07that you'd like to share with us.
22:09That's right. I'm here to introduce my new company,
22:11Timeshare Exit Squared.
22:14Yes. The world's first ever timeshare exit company exit company.
22:19Wow. Fascinating, Wanda!
22:21What does Timeshare Exit Squared do exactly?
22:24Well, let's say you're stuck in a timeshare,
22:28and you go to an exit company to get you out of the contract.
22:30But uh-oh! That company just took all your money
22:33and disappeared without doing a dang thing!
22:36Well, Timeshare Exit Squared can free you
22:39from your timeshare exit company and get all your money back!
22:42Wow! That is amazing, Wanda.
22:45You are truly saving lives.
22:47Just like doctors, nurses, and fire fighters.
22:51-You are. You are. -Yes.
22:53You are. You are, Wanda.
22:56I am way better than all them.
22:59All those people are scum compared to me!
23:02-I spit on them. (SPITTING LOUDLY) -You spit?
23:04Wow. As you should, M'Wamda.
23:07Now tell me, how exactly does Timeshare Exit Squared work?
23:11How does it work?
23:12Well, it couldn't be easier, M'John.
23:14JOHN OLIVER: Mm-hmm.
23:16Simply pay us a quick and easy upfront fee
23:19of 20,000 dollars.
23:21And within three to 58 business months...
23:30...your timeshare exit company will deposit a full refund
23:34to your bank account!
23:35Wow. Wanda, is that guaranteed?
23:37Oh, it's even better than a guarantee.
23:39It's a pinky swear promise!
23:42I like it. I like that.
23:44That why Timeshare Exit Squared
23:47has over 9.3 billion happy customers.
23:50And a 200 percent satisfaction rate!
23:53A 200 percent, you said?!
23:55That's right! For every Timeshare Exit Squared customer,
23:59another random person is also left satisfied.
24:04Wanda, that is incredible.
24:06I'll be honest. I didn't think this was possible,
24:08but it actually is!
24:11It sure is! Depending on your definition of possible.
24:14Sure, sure. That's fair.
24:15And if you run into any problems or delays,
24:17just call our hotline at...
24:20Oh, nice. Nice.
24:24Or come to the Timeshare Exit Squared offices!
24:27And do you know what? How would someone do that, M'Wanda?
24:30Well, all you have to do is drive up
24:34next to the Timeshare Exit Squared van
24:36and scream your 27-digit case number.
24:40And we'll be happy to help with anything you need
24:42until we cross the border into Nogales, Mexico.
24:45That sounds very reasonable.
24:47But people should act fast, shouldn't they M'Wanda?
24:49That's right, M'John!
24:51This particular company is only going to exist
24:53-for the next three days. -Right.
24:55-Right. -Then we're shuttin' it down
24:57and starting a new one in the Cayman Islands!
24:59-Have you ever been? -I haven't. I haven't.
25:01Well, I could sell you one week a year
25:03for just 50,000 dollars!
25:05Ooh, I like it!
25:06And nobody leaves here without buying somethin'.
25:11She's right. Thank you so much M'Wanda.
25:13That's our show, thank you so much for watching.
25:15We're off next week, we'll be back after that.
25:18 Thank you so much, M'Wanda!
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the common scams associated with timeshares?

The video explores the sketchiness and scams associated with timeshares, highlighting how companies lie to make sales and make it difficult for customers to book vacations.

2. How do timeshare companies deceive customers?

Timeshare companies deceive customers by making false promises to make sales and creating difficulties for customers to book vacations, as revealed in the video.

3. What is the untrustworthiness of timeshare exit companies?

The video exposes the untrustworthiness of timeshare exit companies, with one example being sued by the Washington State AG.

4. How do timeshare exit companies exploit customers?

Timeshare exit companies exploit customers by engaging in untrustworthy practices, as highlighted in the video, such as the example of a company being sued by the Washington State AG.

5. What are the dangers of timeshare investments?

The video reveals the dangers of timeshare investments, including the scams, deception, and untrustworthiness associated with timeshare companies and exit companies.

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