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This video discusses the combination of a Leo sun and Scorpio rising, highlighting their passionate and creative nature, as well as potential challenges of being misunderstood and having a powerful aura. It explores how this combination can be intimidating but also emphasizes the importance of being aware of one's actions and not using manipulation or control as a means of gaining power.
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Individuals with Leo sun and Scorpio rising have a strong emotional and passionate nature, with a tendency towards creativity and frustration in expressing their true selves.
Leo sun and Scorpio rising individuals possess a combination of fire and water energy, making them emotional and passionate.
Both fire and water elements are associated with creativity and emotional connection to personal experiences.
The square off between Leo and Scorpio signs can lead to frustration in expressing one's true self based on how others perceive them.
Rising sign represents first impressions and defense mechanisms, which may evolve with age.
Leo Sun & Scorpio Rising individuals have a strong and intimidating presence, with a mysterious and intense aura.
The rising sign is dependent on the time of birth and serves as the anchor of the natal chart.
Leo's self-expression may be subdued by Scorpio Rising, making it difficult to guess their sun sign.
Scorpio Rising individuals give off a mysterious vibe and are often seen as intense and deep.
Scorpio Rising individuals may dress in dark colors and have a powerful and distrusting presence due to underlying emotions from childhood trauma.
Scorpio Rising individuals may dress in dramatic dark colors such as maroon.
They may have a powerful and distrusting presence towards others.
Underlying emotions from childhood trauma may cause others to sense their simmering emotions.
Their inconsistency in projecting themselves may create problems with others.
Leo Sun & Scorpio Rising individuals may have a desire for power and control, but must be careful not to become petty tyrants and abuse their power.
Leo is associated with leadership and Scorpio with ambition and respect for power.
They may have trust issues and keep certain aspects of themselves mysterious.
They may have a history of trauma and seek power as a way to feel safe, but must avoid controlling others.
The speaker discusses the challenges of being intentional and detached, and highlights the potential for a Leo Sun and Scorpio Rising individual to embody a femme fatale persona.
Emphasizes the importance of being intentional and aware of actions, especially for individuals striving for power.
Mentions the potential challenges of being emotionally attached due to the combination of Leo and Scorpio traits.
Suggests that the combination of Leo Sun and Scorpio Rising may lead to a femme fatale persona, with a focus on sex appeal and empowerment through sex appeal.
Explains the influence of rising signs on rulers, mentioning Mars and Pluto as rulers for this combination.
Leo Sun and Scorpio Rising individuals have a strong presence and a sexy aura, which can be used as leverage and for seduction.
Leo individuals with Scorpio Rising may derive ego gratification from being desired by others.
The combination of Leo and Scorpio Rising can create a sense of power and allure, similar to casting a spell.
It is important for Leo Sun and Scorpio Rising individuals to not build their identity solely around their attractiveness.
Scorpio Rising individuals can excel at understanding human nature and may use their seductive qualities as a weapon for manipulation if they are unscrupulous.
Leo Sun and Scorpio Rising individuals with a strong foundation in healing and transformation can make great life coaches.
Fire signs like Leo are into self-improvement and growth.
Scorpio represents the alchemical process of refinement.
Keeping secrets can be a healthy lesson for Scorpios who may have had past experiences of feeling exposed.
00:01hi everyone it's Raina and this is a
00:05video for those people who have their
00:08son in Leo and their
00:10rising sign is Scorpio
00:14first and foremost we're talking about
00:18Fire and Water Energy
00:21and one thing that fire and water have
00:25in common is being emotional
00:29fire is masculine
00:33is a masculine element and it is more
00:37about being passionate in life
00:41um passionate about one's beliefs
00:43and the
00:46water element is more about the personal
00:51and the emotional connection to those
00:56so this type of person
00:59is going to tend to be romantic and
01:03you know I would say like a visionary
01:07creative for sure creativity is
01:10associated with both fire and water
01:14in terms of the elements
01:16and both of these signs have in common
01:18that they are
01:20fixed signs so in astrology the science
01:24of Leo and Scorpio Square Off
01:28and this means that it's a hard angle
01:31you would have to look at your
01:34particular chart to see if this is true
01:36for you I recommend it's a
01:40free service there are other free
01:43services but this one provides an
01:45aspects table and I feel like it's
01:48the easiest that I have found to read
01:51the information and
01:54it has to be within certain degrees to
01:57be an official square but these signs
02:01signs that are known to square off and a
02:05square is a frustrating angle it means
02:08that in this particular case with the
02:11sun and rising sign squaring up it means
02:14that the person can experience
02:17frustration in getting across getting
02:21across who they really are based on how
02:25other people perceive them at least
02:28initially because I'm sure most people
02:31have had the experience of
02:34first impressions
02:36not being the true
02:39the truth about that person
02:41and really the rising sign is more of
02:44the first impressions
02:47and if you know somebody very
02:50superficially you may always stay in
02:53a shallower perception but if you spend
02:56more time with somebody you get to see
02:59more sides of them
03:01and really with the rising sign I think
03:04a lot of defense mechanisms can crop up
03:07and I don't necessarily think that these
03:10ever leave a person
03:12they may dissipate as a person gets
03:16older and they grow into their sun sign
03:19because that's what you want to do your
03:21sun sign is the central influence of
03:27astrological makeup and this is why when
03:29we say hey baby what's your sign we're
03:32not talking about the rising sign we're
03:33talking about the sun sign
03:36and it's
03:38um going to be if if you ever
03:41want to know anything about somebody but
03:44you can only learn one thing you
03:46wouldn't ask for the rising sign you'd
03:47ask for the sun sign because it's going
03:50to contain
03:51the essence of this person's Incarnation
03:54but not their
03:56true nature because that transcends this
04:02and this uh you know whatever your
04:05birthday is
04:08but anyway and and by the way
04:10um the rising sign is dependent on your
04:12time of birth and this is why the natal
04:15chart which the rising sign is the
04:18anchor of being the cusp of the first
04:24um can be really good for
04:31astrology in the sense of well mundane
04:33astrology is
04:35the world the world predictions but I
04:37mean um everyday events in your life
04:43um this is
04:46when you came into this world
04:49uh the time of birth so
04:52in any case
04:56I think that
04:58this combination can be quite
05:01intimidating to be honest with you
05:04um and that can
05:07be a bit helpful
05:10um sometimes when you are trying to
05:13assert yourself because people may give
05:17in to you I was going to say almost out
05:19of fear but it's really because they
05:22sense that you're not to be messed with
05:24in a way
05:26um Scorpio as the demeanor
05:30is very
05:34intense I know that's a cliche saying
05:37that about Scorpio but I haven't found a
05:39better word
05:40but um sometimes somebody might say it's
05:43kind of heavy the aura or the
05:48the vibe that people get they sense that
05:51there's a lot going on beneath the
05:54surface the surface may be a poker face
05:56but there's it's like Still Waters Run
05:58Deep but I don't feel that it's
06:00necessarily Still Waters because Leo is
06:04a very self-expressive sign so it
06:06doesn't tend to be very
06:11restrained you know Leo is the natural
06:14ham but one thing I can say about this
06:17is that even though the sun is in Leo
06:20when you have Scorpio Rising it may
06:23subdue that Leo influence the person
06:25another person who is trying to guess
06:27your sun sign may be quite confounded
06:32because Scorpio Rising can be quite
06:36and that would probably be the one of
06:40the clues that the person you might be
06:42able to guess the rising sign more than
06:44the sun sign in other words because the
06:47there are some telltale signs of Scorpio
06:51Rising you may
06:54um just
06:55give off a very
07:01I was gonna say black moon and Lilith
07:04Vibe kind of you know
07:06that you seem like a sultry appearance
07:09even if you're blonde you may have that
07:11kind of um
07:13you may seem like you
07:17naturally people may say I bet you that
07:20person has is a natural brunette that
07:23they're not a true blonde well of course
07:24that's not always going to be true but
07:27it's very interesting because when I I
07:29don't know if it was when I did a video
07:30on Scorpio Rising
07:34um I was I think I mentioned that
07:37even somebody who's fair skinned and
07:40blonde may feel like an urge to dye
07:43their hair black you know and sometimes
07:44it happens
07:46um you usually think that people
07:49regardless of
07:52skin tone or whether or not it looks
07:54good regardless of race or ethnicity
07:56there are always people who dye their
07:58hair blonde
08:00it seems like that is the go-to when you
08:02dye your hair as you dye it blonde
08:05but there are people who have blonde
08:09hair who diet black
08:11and I bet you that a large percentage of
08:14those have Scorpio Rising I could be
08:16wrong but
08:18or Pluto in conjunction with the
08:21and um
08:24you may dress in dark colors not
08:27necessarily just black but maroon or
08:31anything that has this dramatic
08:35tone to it that
08:39is very uh powerful
08:43and the yeah and being powerful is
08:46definitely something that you may be
08:51um there's always a reserve and I kind
08:56of like I I would call it a mistrust or
08:59distrust that this rising sign may have
09:03towards others so that's part of the
09:07thing where you may kind of be
09:09rather tight-lipped I was going to say
09:12aloof but it's not really the same as
09:16somebody who's like an aquarius where
09:20very detached because Scorpio is the
09:24exact opposite of detachment
09:26but the the aloof quality
09:33coupled with
09:36uh this simmering
09:38kind of
09:40like these roiling uh emotions that are
09:45you know
09:47un underlying within the person other
09:51people may sense it because
09:54you know sometimes you just sense
09:56somebody's energy
09:58but um this can come from trauma and
10:01childhood I look to the rising sign as
10:04really being indicative of the the
10:09childhood environment or influence
10:12and depending on the difference between
10:14the Sun and Rising Sun if it is like a
10:17hard angle or a strange angle like the
10:20in conjunction I have the in conjunction
10:23my son is in Sagittarius and my rising
10:25sign is Taurus you can feel like a black
10:28sheep energy where you feel very
10:30different from other members of the
10:32family and in those cases
10:35there can be a lot of
10:39I would say in this particular situation
10:43there could be a frustration
10:45uh about not being about being
10:50mischaracterized by others but in some
10:54cases it's not so much that it's just an
10:57inconsistency in how the person really
11:00isn't how they project themselves and
11:02that in part or as a consequence of that
11:07they may
11:09um create problems with other people
11:12because other people can't figure them
11:16and I certainly had that situation I
11:19felt like I have had that
11:22situation my whole life but especially
11:26before my first Saturn return When I was
11:31trying to project more of the Taurus
11:34now in this case
11:37you may feel that that clash between who
11:41you want to be
11:43and who you
11:46maybe are acting like you know more of
11:49that Scorpio energy because Leo is very
11:54much more open
11:56fire is you know very expansive there's
12:00an anal retentive quality I feel to
12:02Scorpio because
12:04um I think Scorpio is connected to the
12:07first chakra
12:08or the
12:11eliminatory is it a limitative or
12:13limitory organs
12:19and because of that it could be the
12:22second chakra but I think it's the first
12:23chakra because I think it has to do with
12:27you know survival and things like that
12:32and that can lead to a person who is
12:41trying to keep
12:44their own counsel not not necessarily
12:47trusting other people and sharing with
12:50them their own
12:52uh things because there might be like
12:55tendency to see other people as
13:01and you know that you have to guard
13:04against you know sharing too much
13:08so there might be that that thing going
13:10on where you want to be open but you
13:13just kind of
13:15a certain
13:17aspect of yourself mysterious
13:21and you feel it's it's like an attempt
13:24to feel more in control and Powerful
13:27another thing about this is that this
13:29can be quite
13:31of a
13:36a desire to be in that position of power
13:41um Leo is associated with leadership and
13:45the Scorpio energy is about with through
13:48Pluto but even Mars is very ambitious
13:52um really respects powerful people so
13:56it's it makes sense that you would want
13:58to be
14:03in that place or in that space
14:07the problem is that what can happen
14:11first of all if you are in a position of
14:16that you may
14:18you have to be careful not to abuse your
14:21power because
14:25somebody with this combination may have
14:28come from a background of trauma and so
14:33going after
14:36um situations where you are in charge
14:39may be to feel safe maybe to feel so
14:42nobody is controlling you but then you
14:45could do what was done to you
14:48which is controlling others and we and
14:52the late Wayne Dyer called this the
14:54petty tyrants and the Dark Side of Leo
14:58the shadow side of Leo is that kind of
15:01controlling figure
15:04who it's like um I think Napoleon was a
15:09I think there have been Mussolini maybe
15:11there have been some famous
15:14tyrants that were leader that were Leos
15:18and that kind of the same warm
15:23but not benevolent energy can easily go
15:27the other direction if there is an
15:29imbalance and so since
15:33the rising sign can be
15:36um your persona these two are clashing
15:42and also the influences from the past
15:45can lead the Leo person to feel
15:50that they are vulnerable in life and
15:54they have to shore up their power and
15:57unfortunately sometimes that can be in a
16:00heavy-handed way and also with the
16:03Scorpio influence being
16:06paranoid about other people's intentions
16:08or possible motivations motives
16:12and that can lead to kind of like that
16:17ninth dimensional chess player which is
16:19really being Machiavellian and so
16:22another key thing in professional life
16:26can be
16:27the person who isn't in that position
16:32of power but is striving to get there
16:37this could be
16:40I was going to say the co-worker from
16:42hell but I don't want to just make this
16:44all just completely
16:47negative I'm just saying that you have
16:51to be
16:52really really
16:54aware of
16:56the things you're doing and doing things
16:59intentionally because
17:03sometimes people kind of are on
17:07based on their conditioning and then
17:13get involved in situations they may not
17:16be even trying to do anything
17:18that is um
17:23but they find it very hard to
17:30detached from situations again because
17:33these are both emotional signs and
17:36actually I have um
17:41seen other types of Leo
17:47squares in the chart like for instance
17:51the moon in Mars or the sun in Mars
17:56and this can be very problematic for the
18:01person in terms of their personality and
18:03I would say that this could
18:07arise for this combination with the with
18:10the rising sign as well this could be
18:13the woman who's a femme fatale
18:16because and I feel like uh Leo is even
18:19more sexual than Scorpio even though
18:22Scorpio has that reputation
18:26um I feel that
18:28Scorpio is takes sex very seriously but
18:32is not necessarily
18:34um indiscriminate about having sex and I
18:37feel like Leo
18:39because Leo rules the fifth house and
18:42that's the house of pleasure and
18:44recreational sex is is connected to that
18:47that Leo may have a much more
18:51open-ended attitude towards that
18:54and as a woman in particular because
18:58women have been conditioned
19:03be you know these you know sexy
19:07especially for men not necessarily for
19:11other women but for men
19:13that a woman who feels disempowered a
19:17Leo a woman
19:18who is either trying to get ahead or
19:20feels disempowered May
19:24utilize her sex appeal in that
19:28Machiavellian way and you know like we
19:31talk about the casting couch or
19:35um you know it's like by any means
19:37necessary and it's interesting because
19:39your rising sign tells you who your
19:41rulers are and for this combination
19:45because Scorpios on the ascendant the
19:48rulers are Mars and Pluto
19:51and Pluto is the lord of the underworld
19:54so sometimes
19:58there might be by any means necessary
20:00attitude about what that person is doing
20:03and so that might even include getting
20:07uh and Pluto can also be about sex
20:11Mars is the sex drive so that can also
20:14be the case that's probably another
20:17reason why Scorpios associate with that
20:20and so if you know Leo
20:25also for the ego wanting to be
20:29the the person with the greatest sex
20:33but I I feel like the the rising sign
20:36can be used as Leverage
20:39and it's not just about being pretty
20:42or handsome it's about you know this
20:46could be about seduction
20:49this is the seductress
20:51this uh rising sign of Scorpio
20:55and the Leo person might derive a sense
20:58of ego gratification of being the
21:02hottest woman in the room the one that
21:05all the men want or all the women want
21:07you know everybody wants this person
21:10so they it because why is it because
21:15it's a sense of power
21:18it's almost like casting a spell
21:20the black widow spider
21:26if the person plays with this concept
21:28and has fun with it they can just
21:32appreciate it you know for a short time
21:35in their life maybe when they're young
21:37in their 20s and single and they can
21:40just enjoy
21:43having that that
21:48you know all eyes on them you know the
21:51Leo type of person but they don't take
21:53it seriously and they don't build their
21:56identity around it I don't think there's
21:58anything really wrong with that the
22:00problem is is when they
22:02are trying to leverage it
22:06to get things in their life and it
22:09becomes a form of manipulation and this
22:11is kind of where
22:14uh Scorpio can Excel because the person
22:18with Scorpio Rising can have an astute
22:21understanding of human nature and if
22:25they are unscrupulous they can use it as
22:28a weapon against other people
22:32manipulate them to
22:36get their needs met but it's an
22:39underhanded kind of a thing because it's
22:44um it's a psychological operations in a
22:50thank you
22:52so not using sexuality as a weapon not
22:57um intimidation
23:00as a weapon you know the Scorpio Rising
23:03can have the
23:05penetrative glance or that you know
23:09even maybe even kind of a hypnotizing
23:12eyes I think of all the science Scorpio
23:14is the master hypnotist
23:17because they just the power of
23:21and this may
23:24um show up even in the physical
23:28not using these things
23:31in a negative way
23:34but you know there are times when it can
23:38be a benefit and it's not anything
23:43it's it's
23:45having confidence having that power
23:50that inner power though not the not
23:52trying to grasp
23:54outer power that is an inferior type of
23:58power and that's actually
24:00destructive to other people and if
24:02somebody is that
24:05good leader that has this combination
24:07they will be respected by others they
24:10won't be feared you know being feared is
24:13not being respected
24:16um so if the person is a parent and a
24:18lot of Leos are connected to children
24:22they want to be a parent that is
24:25learning from the mistakes that
24:31done to them growing up they don't want
24:34to repeat them just so they can have
24:37that sense of
24:39power over somebody else
24:43and this can be apparent
24:45that can really help their child at a
24:48deep level because really Scorpio and
24:51the Eighth House the Scorpio rules
24:53represents transformation so it's like
24:55the shaman
24:57the shaman Is A Healer and the shaman
25:00can hump
25:03transform lives so with that sun and
25:07scorp in uh Leo this can be a great
25:10combination for a life coach
25:13this is an amazing combination for a
25:16life coach because there's that
25:19real backbone or foundation in
25:24healing and transformation coupled with
25:27this desire to be the best version of
25:32fire signs are very much into
25:35self-improvement because they're into
25:37expansion expansion means growth
25:41and growth means you know I I've heard
25:44the expression like growth Junkie
25:46meaning that you know people going to
25:48all kinds of seminars and reading all
25:50kinds of self-help books because they
25:53just want to better themselves you know
25:55when if somebody comes to
25:59that kind of self-help
26:03um those self-help materials with a
26:06sense of self-loathing then that is not
26:09positive motivation
26:11we want to we want to do things so that
26:15we can
26:17um Advance ourselves so that we keep
26:23and that is actually a very healthy
26:27desire it's not about fixing ourselves
26:30it's about growing ourselves
26:34and just it's like a refinement process
26:38and I think that that is also kind of
26:41like uh what Scorpio represents in the
26:44eighth houses
26:46um the alchemical
26:51so this could be a very um
26:54good combination for that kind of person
27:00really look at how you interact with
27:03other people especially people that you
27:06don't know very well and do you tend to
27:09kind of
27:12um be a little bit obscure and there's
27:14nothing wrong you don't have to like
27:16tell your life story when you first meet
27:19other people but look to see if you have
27:22any of these withholding trades because
27:24it could be coming from
27:27past experiences that made you feel like
27:33exposed a few
27:36mentioned too much of what was going on
27:39Scorpios might learn that keeping
27:43secrets is
27:46part of life and maybe if they come from
27:48this functional families
27:53that can just be prepared for the chorus
27:55but it's not it's not a
28:01a lesson learned a healthy lesson
28:05learned so you don't want to
28:08keep going with that and thinking that
28:10that's going to
28:13Advance your cause in other words
28:16and you will find especially if you do
28:19actually have a square with these
28:22two placements is that
28:25you can overcome the Obstacle of that
28:29through conscious self-awareness
28:34that's probably a redundancy right but
28:40um anyway
28:42that's what I have for you and I hope
28:44that this resonated if you would like a
28:47private reading the link is below take
28:49care bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the characteristics of a Leo sun and Scorpio rising combination?

The combination of a Leo sun and Scorpio rising highlights passionate and creative nature. Leos are known for their confident and bold personalities, while Scorpio rising adds intensity and mystery to the mix.

2. How do Leo sun and Scorpio rising individuals handle potential challenges of being misunderstood?

Leo sun and Scorpio rising individuals may face challenges of being misunderstood due to their powerful aura. They can handle this by cultivating open communication and encouraging others to express their perspectives openly.

3. What makes the combination of Leo sun and Scorpio rising intimidating?

The combination of Leo sun and Scorpio rising can be intimidating due to their confidence, passion, and intense presence. Their assertiveness and powerful aura may command attention and respect.

4. How can individuals with Leo sun and Scorpio rising traits avoid using manipulation or control?

It is important for individuals with Leo sun and Scorpio rising traits to be aware of their actions and avoid using manipulation or control as a means of gaining power. They can focus on building genuine relationships and earning trust through authenticity and integrity.

5. What is the significance of being aware of one's actions for Leo sun and Scorpio rising individuals?

For Leo sun and Scorpio rising individuals, being aware of one's actions is significant in maintaining personal integrity and avoiding the misuse of power. It allows them to cultivate healthy and respectful relationships while embracing their passionate and creative nature.

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