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The video compares the differences between the Freestyle Libre 1, Libre 2, and Libre 3 sensors, including accuracy, data transfer, battery life, and application process. The presenter shares their personal experience and suggests that the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs.
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The video compares the differences between FreeStyle Libre 1, Libre 2, and Libre 3 glucose sensors.
There are 17 differences between the sensors.
The video will provide a detailed comparison and personal experience with each sensor.
The sensors are placed on the upper arm and continuously read glucose levels.
The differences between FreeStyle Libre 3 and Libre 2 include the method of data transfer, reliability of scanning, data storage, battery life, and sensor adhesion.
With Libre 3, glucose information is automatically updated on the receiving device within a 33 feet distance, whereas Libre 1 and Libre 2 require scanning the sensor.
Scanning with Libre 1 and Libre 2 is not always reliable, requiring multiple scans to get an accurate reading.
Libre 1 and Libre 2 sensors only hold data for 8 hours, requiring scanning every 8 hours to transfer and save the data, while Libre 3 automatically transfers and saves the data.
Libre 3 drains phone battery faster due to constant Bluetooth activity between the sensor and the receiver.
Sensor adhesion is another difference, but the details are not mentioned in the subtitles.
The differences between FreeStyle Libre 3 and Libre 2 sensors include the flexibility and durability of the sensors, the application process, and the presence of optional alarms for blood sugar control.
FreeStyle Libre 3 sensors are flexible and durable.
The application process for Libre 3 sensors is faster and easier compared to older models.
Both Libre 2 and Libre 3 sensors offer optional alarms for blood sugar control.
Alarms can be helpful but may also lead to alarm fatigue or panic decision-making.
The main difference in viewing glucose readings between FreeStyle Libre 3 and Libre 2 is that the Libre 3 app can be switched to a dark mode, while the Libre 2 app saves blood glucose information in the logbook.
Both versions can be viewed using either an app on a mobile phone or a dedicated reader.
The dedicated reader has a rechargeable battery and lasts longer than a mobile phone battery.
The reader for Libre 1 is black, for Libre 2 is blue, and for Libre 3 is silver.
The apps for each sensor version can be downloaded on IOS and Android devices, and the Libre 3 app has a dark mode option.
The accuracy of CGMs is measured by mean absolute relative difference (MARD), with the lower MARD indicating higher accuracy.
The FreeStyle Libre 3 has a MARD of 7.9%, which is the lowest among CGMs on the market.
The difference between the Libre 2 and Libre 3 in terms of accuracy is not significant.
The FreeStyle Libre 3 provides more timely information as it updates readings every minute, compared to other models that update every 5 minutes.
When choosing between the Libre 3 and Libre 2, the focus should be on the features that are preferred or needed, rather than minor differences in accuracy.
The differences between FreeStyle Libre 2 and Libre 3 include availability in different countries, insurance coverage, and pricing.
FreeStyle Libre 3 is available in Europe and the US, while availability of FreeStyle Libre 2 may vary.
Insurance coverage for FreeStyle Libre 3 may be limited in some jurisdictions, such as the US.
Pricing should not be a deciding factor as both versions of the sensors typically cost the same.
00:00so you finally decided to stop pricking
00:02your fingers and get started with
00:04freestyle Libre but you're not quite
00:05sure which version to pick Libre one
00:08Libre 2 Libre 3. what are the actual
00:10differences between them the decision
00:12process can be overwhelming but don't
00:14worry I will give you a detailed
00:16comparison and my personal experience
00:18with using each of these sensors so you
00:20can make the right decision for you
00:22let's go by the way congratulations that
00:24you decided to give a CGM a chance I did
00:27the same thing five years ago and it was
00:28one of the best decisions of my life at
00:31least when it comes to diabetes
00:32Management in most countries you can
00:34decide between three different versions
00:36freestyle Library 1 which is the first
00:38generation Libre 2 the second generation
00:41and Library 3 the latest available
00:43version and the sequel if you will to
00:45liberate too I used to Libre one for a
00:47number of years then I switched to Libre
00:492 and I also used Libre 3 on and off for
00:53about a year now you might have also
00:54seen a version called freestyle Libre 14
00:56days in the US but it's basically the
00:59same thing as freestyle one I don't know
01:01why they still call it 14 days because
01:03all freestyle eBay sensors last 14 days
01:07choosing between all these different
01:09versions can be tricky when I compared
01:11them I found 17 differences and there
01:14might be even more so let's go through
01:16the most important ones and I'm also
01:18going to tell you which one I would pick
01:19because I know you get upset when I keep
01:21that for myself I'll get to my choice a
01:24little bit later in this video but
01:25please watch all the way through because
01:27there might be many reasons why you
01:29might make a different Choice before we
01:31get to all the differences between these
01:34sensors let me first tell you what these
01:36bad boys have in common to make sure
01:37that we are on the same page at face
01:39value they might be quite similar a
01:41small round sensor that you place on
01:43your upper arm and it continuously reads
01:45your glucose levels and a receiving
01:46device that shows your glucose readings
01:49using a continuous glucose monitor over
01:51finger pricking and having access to the
01:53glucose number Trend arrow and my graph
01:5624 7 was a game changer it literally
01:59changed my life with diabetes my hp1c
02:02improved so so much now all these Libre
02:05sensors are easy to apply very
02:07straightforward to use and as I already
02:09mentioned after you apply them they last
02:11for two weeks but that's where all the
02:13similarities end and now the difference
02:15is let's start with difference number
02:1717. when we look at the new freestyle
02:19Library 3 sensor we see that it's much
02:21smaller and thinner than all previous
02:24generations 60 smaller to be exact it
02:27also has a more subtle matte finish
02:29which makes it kind of blend with your
02:31skin and much harder to spot for others
02:33the difference is really noticeable
02:35freestyle Library 3 is much more
02:37discreet and people around you including
02:39strangers just don't notice it so much
02:42are you a cyborg the Libre 3 also comes
02:45in a much smaller box so it's easier to
02:47store when you get a shipment the Box
02:49will not be so big and your neighbors
02:51will not see it from a porch a mile away
02:53next difference number 16 is how data is
02:56transferred from your sensor to the
02:58reader the sensors use different
03:00technology to do that with Libre 1 and
03:02Libre 2 you need to scan the sensor with
03:04your receiver or phone to see your
03:06current course reading the system uses
03:09the NFC technology for this just like
03:11when you pay with a credit card with
03:12Libre 3 the glucose information is
03:14updated on your receiving device
03:16automatically as long as the sensor is
03:18within a 33 feet distance and this might
03:21not seem like a big difference but in
03:22real life this is a huge difference each
03:25of these Solutions have their pros and
03:27cons let's look at it difference number
03:2915. from my experience to scanning with
03:32Libre 1 and Libre 2 is not always 100
03:34reliable sometimes you have to scan
03:37multiple times to get the actual reading
03:39and to be honest it can get annoying if
03:41you need to scan every time you want to
03:43see your current glucose on Libre 1 and
03:46Libre 2. with Libre 3 you don't need to
03:48batter yourself with scanning you get
03:50constant flow constant stream of
03:53real-time data to your receiving device
03:55the only time you do need to scan with
03:57freestyle Library 3 is during the
03:59initial setup after that everything
04:01happens automatically difference number
04:0314. it's a lot easier to lose data with
04:06Libre 1 and Libre 2 because the sensor
04:09only holds data for 8 hours you need to
04:12scan the sensor at least every 8 hours
04:15to transfer the data and save them on
04:18your receiving device they don't get
04:20saved on the sensor with Libre 3 you
04:22don't need to worry about that the data
04:24is transferred and saved automatically
04:26on the other hand and this difference
04:28number 13 Liberty 3 does take a toll on
04:31the battery life it drains a phone
04:33battery a lot faster you to a constant
04:35Bluetooth activity between the sensor
04:38and the receiver so if you don't have a
04:40phone with a good battery you might
04:41struggle a bit with Libre 3. another
04:43difference number 12 is how well these
04:46sensors stay on everyone who's ever used
04:48a CGM has probably ripped it out of the
04:52door frame or when taking off a t-shirt
04:54these kinds of accidents happen to me a
04:57lot less with Libre 3 because it has
04:59such a low profile when it comes to
05:01sensor height every millimeter matters
05:03because that millimeter can save the
05:06sensor from the strap of bra or a sleeve
05:08of your shirt Libre 3 also feels a lot
05:11more comfortable when I wear a tighter
05:12t-shirt or when I lay on it in my sleep
05:14Libre 3 just won't bother you as much on
05:18your body as Libre one or Libre 2. on
05:20the other hand the Libre 3 has a much
05:22smaller contact area for the adhesive to
05:25stick to your skin and so it can peel
05:27off a lot easier than liberate too
05:28especially when you get caught on
05:30something so be careful about that I
05:33personally always used an over patch
05:34with my freestyle eBay sensors my
05:37favorites are skin grip they're super
05:39flexible which makes them easy to put on
05:41and they're also durable keeping my
05:43sensor in a place for the entire sensor
05:45session without any
05:46I'll put a link for you to the skin grip
05:48store down below and with code Type 1
05:50talks you get 10 off thanks King grip
05:53for sponsoring this video speaking of
05:55sensor application there goes another
05:57slight difference number 11 between
05:59Libre 3 and all other sensors the older
06:02models come in two separate pieces one
06:05is the applicator and the other one is
06:07the sensor itself you need to line them
06:09up and press down firmly on the
06:11applicator ideally on a hard flat
06:13surface which will load the applicator
06:15with the actual glucose sensor you lift
06:18the applicator and only then you can
06:20place it over the side and push down
06:22firmly to apply it freestyle Libre 3
06:25applicator is already loaded in the
06:27package once you unscrew the cap you can
06:29apply it right away which makes the
06:31whole process a bit faster and easier so
06:34if you're someone who tends to mess up
06:36even a simple series of tasks you might
06:38want to go with Libre 3. the first
06:40number 10 might be important for those
06:42of you who like to have very close
06:44control over your blood sugars and this
06:46is the lot easier to do with Libre 2 and
06:49Libre 3. because they offer alarms you
06:52can have those optional alarms alert you
06:54on your phone or on your receiver
06:55anytime your blood sugar crosses set
06:58threshold I love using alarms because
07:00they basically let me know that my blood
07:02sugar is going too high or too low
07:04before it actually happens and I have
07:07enough time to react when I started
07:09using alars on Libre 2 both my timing
07:12range and hba1c improved significantly
07:15from the time when I was on Libre one on
07:17the other hand when you have diabetes
07:19and when you get alarmed at multiple
07:22times a day and multiple times a night
07:24it can get challenging you can get alarm
07:27fatigue burn out or even worse start
07:30making Panic decision under the pressure
07:33of all those alarms by the way let me
07:35know below if you feel the same way
07:37about alarms sometimes because I really
07:39do and if that's a strong case for You
07:42Freestyle Libre one without alarms might
07:45be the right solution here because with
07:47Libre one you only interact with the CGM
07:50when you want to interact with it you
07:52don't interact with it when it wants to
07:55interact with you and that's a big
07:57difference another difference between
07:58Libre 2 and Libre 3 and that's number
08:01nine is that when you get the alarm on
08:03Libre 2 the system only tells you that
08:06your blood sugar is high or that your
08:08blood sugar is low but it doesn't tell
08:10you how high or how low it actually is
08:12you need to scan to see your actual
08:14glucose number and your glucose Trend
08:16Arrow Libre 3 has this information
08:18instantly available and that's great
08:21because when your blood sugar is too low
08:23or too high you might be a bit sick and
08:25you might not feel like scanning you
08:27just want to have the information right
08:29away next difference number eight is how
08:32you view your glucose readings this one
08:34is quite simple for all three versions
08:36you can use either an app on your mobile
08:38phone or a dedicated reader regardless
08:40of which freestyle Library sensor
08:42version you use I personally always
08:44prefer an app on my phone because I
08:47don't like to carry another device
08:48around but I know many people who prefer
08:51the reader because they want to have
08:53their blood sugar data on a dedicated
08:55device they just don't want to carry
08:57their phone everywhere with them for
08:59example another reason is that the
09:00reader doesn't drain the phone battery
09:02and the battery on the reader is
09:04rechargeable and it lasts a lot longer
09:07than a mobile phone battery the reader
09:09for Libre one is black the reader for
09:11Libre 2 is blue and the reader for Libre
09:133 is silver unfortunately all of them
09:16only work with the same sensor version
09:18you won't be able to use freestyle
09:20Library 3 sensor with the freestyle
09:22Library 2 reader for example it will not
09:24work if you prefer to use a phone there
09:26is again a dedicated app for each sensor
09:29version that you need to install on your
09:31mobile phone you can download these apps
09:33on IOS and Android devices in most
09:36countries the apps are almost identical
09:38the most notable differences is that the
09:40freestyle Library 3 app can be switched
09:42to a dark mode the other apps can't do
09:44that not a game changer but an nice
09:47feature to have if you don't want to
09:48wake up your partner or your baby during
09:51the night with this white light on the
09:53other hand the other freestyle Library 2
09:55app saves your blood glucose information
09:57in the logbook every time you scan Libre
10:003 app doesn't do that but again I don't
10:02think this is a deal breaker now if you
10:04are an advanced user who likes to use
10:06different DUI Solutions like third-party
10:09apps third-party add-ons and so on you
10:12will want to hear about the next
10:14difference number seven because each new
10:16freestyle Library version is getting
10:18more and more security features on one
10:21hand this is good because our data is
10:23more secured on the other hand it's not
10:25so good because it makes it harder and
10:27harder and sometimes even impossible to
10:30use the data from the sensor with
10:32unauthorized apps or Solutions so if
10:35you're doing some sneaky suspicious DUI
10:38stuff such as restarting your sensors
10:41and using them for multiple sensor
10:43Cycles which you absolutely should know
10:46not do you might want to stick to the
10:49first generation of freestyle Library
10:51sensors but don't tell anyone I told you
10:53I can't really talk about this publicly
10:55too much because I don't want my channel
10:57get canceled but I moved all the
10:59discussions about off-label Solutions
11:01behind the paywall this way I can still
11:03help you on any kind of non-standard
11:05questions like sensor restart on my
11:07patreon link is down below by the way
11:09you can also support me financially
11:11there if that's what you want to do
11:13another difference number six between
11:15different sensors is how accurate they
11:17are a common way to measure accuracy of
11:19cgms is to use mean absolute relative
11:22difference or Mart the lower Mart the
11:24more accurate CGM just like when you
11:26play Golf the lower the score is the
11:29better the player older models likely
11:31break one Libre 2 and Libre 14 days had
11:34a mark of 9.3 percent freestyle Library
11:363 has a mark of 7.9 percent this is the
11:39lowest of any CGM currently on the
11:42market celebrate 3 is theoretically a
11:44tiny bit more accurate quick reality I
11:47used all these cgms extensively and you
11:50won't tell the difference in accuracy
11:52between Libre 2 and Libre 3 for example
11:54you won't see it it's not significant
11:58but what you will see is difference
12:00number five because freestyle Library
12:02three readings update every minute while
12:05the other models update only every 5
12:07minutes so with freestyle Library 3 I
12:09get a more timely information about my
12:12glucose and it might make it seem like
12:15the sensor is more accurate but it's not
12:17the accuracy it's the timeliness of the
12:19information but if I were you I wouldn't
12:21get too caught up on the accuracy when
12:23deciding between Libre 3 and Libre 2 or
12:26any other Libre version all modern cgms
12:29are accurate enough so when I'm deciding
12:31I'm not looking at plus minus one
12:33percent in accuracy what I'm looking at
12:36is do they have the features I like do
12:38they have the features I need now I will
12:40say that it can happen that you get a
12:42bad batch of sensors and it can also
12:44happen that the freestyle Library
12:46science answers just don't work well
12:48with your body I've heard stories of
12:50many people who get woken up during the
12:52night by critical low alarms but when
12:55they checked their blood sugar with a
12:56glucometer their blood sugar actually
12:58was not low and that can happen with any
13:01version of freestyle Libre or any other
13:03cgn to be quite honest if that happens
13:05you should always contact your
13:07distributor and request a free
13:09replacement see if this was just a bad
13:11batch or if your body is really
13:13incompatible with the sensors and you
13:15need to switch to something else the
13:17first number four is another topic or
13:19difference to watch out for especially
13:21if you're an internet pump user because
13:23in Europe freestyle Library 3 already
13:25works with Cam APS FX which is a closed
13:28loop system and this combo with the my
13:31life ipsopam provides a full-blown
13:33automated insulin delivery capability I
13:35have a full review video about this on
13:37my channel and I will link it right here
13:39but even if you are in the US wear a
13:42closed loop with freestyle Libre is not
13:44available yet you might be excited
13:46because in March the FDA cleared to
13:48liberate 2 and Libre 3 cgms for use with
13:51commercial automated insulin Delivery
13:53Systems and this means that insulin
13:55pumps like omnipot or tandem will
13:57probably integrate with freestyle Libre
13:59within the next year none of this
14:01commercial integration can be done with
14:03any older freestyle Library models so if
14:05a closed loop is your dream you want to
14:07be looking at Libre 2 or Libre 3 but I
14:10would say preferably Libre 3 because
14:12that's where it already Works in Europe
14:14with my life ipso pump number three and
14:16another difference you will encounter is
14:19that some of the freestyle Libre sensors
14:21or reader versions might not be
14:23available in your location new versions
14:25are typically launched in the Western
14:26Europe first than in the US and that the
14:29large continuous in other countries
14:31freestyle Library 1 sensors are
14:33available almost through all First World
14:35countries Libre 2 and Libre 3 are
14:38available in most Western countries but
14:41keep in mind that the Libre 3 technology
14:43is quite new for example the fdh has
14:45recently proved the freestyle Library 3
14:48reader in the US and it's not yet in the
14:51market it will be soon not everyone has
14:53access to everything so always consult
14:55your Healthcare professional and check
14:57the Abbott's website in your region what
14:59is available the next difference number
15:01two is or might be related to your
15:04insurance coverage here are the most
15:05important points to consider since
15:07freestyle Library 3 is new it is not as
15:10widely approved as Libre 1 or Libre 2 in
15:13all jurisdictions if you're in the US
15:15for example some insurances like
15:17Medicare don't cover freestyle Library 3
15:20yet but they do cover freestyle Libre 2
15:23for all insulin dependent diabetics but
15:25outside of insurance coverage the price
15:27should not really be a decision factor
15:29for you because the Libre sensors
15:31regardless of what version it is
15:33typically cost the same now if the
15:35reason why you're watching this video is
15:37to find out which freestyle Library
15:39sensor I would choose I'm going to tell
15:41you right now but first give this video
15:43a big like if you got some value and
15:46check out my patreon if you sign up you
15:48get access to behind the scenes video
15:49and personal coaching over text messages
15:52from yours truly by joining you get
15:54access to entire wealth of knowledge of
15:57diabetes that's in here you can ask me
16:00anything and I'll answer but no medical
16:02advice okay I'll leave a link to my
16:04patreon and coaching sessions down below
16:06so let's see freestyle everyone raise
16:09glucose 24 7. I need to scan every 8
16:12hours it won't bother me with alarms
16:15it's available almost everywhere and
16:18it's easier to hack freestyle Library 2
16:20is newer looks exactly like Libre one I
16:23still need to scan it but it has alarms
16:26and it might work in a closed loop
16:28freestyle Library 3 is the latest model
16:31it's smaller it also has alarms it
16:34constantly sends glucose readings to my
16:37reader or phone my insurance covers it
16:40and it works in a closed loop for me
16:42it's clear I'll take the three if you're
16:44still not decided keep in mind I tested
16:46both Libre 2 and Libre 3 in detail and I
16:49made a detailed review about them click
16:51here and to watch it next if you need to
16:54I will see you there ciao
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key differences between Freestyle Libre 1, Libre 2, and Libre 3 sensors?

The key differences between Freestyle Libre 1, Libre 2, and Libre 3 sensors include accuracy, data transfer, battery life, and application process. Each sensor offers specific features and advancements, which are essential to consider based on individual requirements.

2. How is the accuracy of the Freestyle Libre sensors compared to each other?

The accuracy of the Freestyle Libre sensors varies with each version. The comparison reveals differences in terms of continuous glucose monitoring accuracy, and understanding these variations is crucial for making an informed decision based on personal preferences and needs.

3. What is the significance of data transfer in Freestyle Libre sensors?

Data transfer in Freestyle Libre sensors plays a significant role in accessing and analyzing glucose monitoring data. The differences in data transfer capabilities between Libre 1, Libre 2, and Libre 3 sensors present unique benefits, catering to diverse user requirements.

4. How does the battery life differ among Freestyle Libre 1, Libre 2, and Libre 3 sensors?

The battery life of Freestyle Libre sensors, including Libre 1, Libre 2, and Libre 3, varies in duration and performance. Understanding these differences is essential for selecting the sensor that aligns with individual lifestyle and long-term convenience.

5. What factors should individuals consider when choosing between Freestyle Libre 1, Libre 2, and Libre 3 sensors?

When choosing between Freestyle Libre 1, Libre 2, and Libre 3 sensors, individuals should consider factors such as accuracy, data transfer, battery life, and application process. Personal experience and specific needs play a crucial role in determining the most suitable sensor for continuous glucose monitoring.

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