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Lisa Raye speaks about rumors of Will Smith paying Duane Martin for gay sex, confirming that there were talks of bisexual parties and Smith giving Martin over a million dollars. Tisha Campbell also revealed details about Smith and Martin's affair, while rumors of Smith's sexuality have circulated for years, including allegations of a gay relationship with Martin. The Smiths have previously acknowledged being polyamorous.
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Lisa Raye speaks about Dwayne Martin being involved in cheating scandals with women they knew, as well as his alleged attempt to scam money from Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.
Dwayne allegedly cheated with women that Lisa Raye and Dwayne knew as friends and associates.
He reportedly attempted to scam money from Will and Jada Pinkett Smith using a loan he received from them.
Dwayne hid money in hidden accounts and failed to disclose his income from a clothing store and real estate investment during his bankruptcy report.
Lisa Raye mentions rumors of a gay relationship between Dwayne Martin and Will Smith.
00:00I lost my husband to Dwayne Martin and
00:02they became better friends than what me
00:04and my husband did and I couldn't
00:06understand that there's been talks of
00:08bisexual parties of which Dwayne Martin
00:11and Will Smith both attend they're
00:14basically just there to scope each other
00:16out and have sex with each other Will
00:19Smith gave his bestie Duane Martin over
00:23one million dollars in a loan to
00:27purchase a home it looks like Jada
00:28Pinkett Smith was not the only one who
00:31was in a relationship with another
00:32person during her marriage with Will
00:34Smith speculations have Arisen that Will
00:36Smith was also having an affair after
00:38Tisha Campbell took to Instagram in the
00:40recent past to share some shocking
00:42details with her followers in her post
00:44Tisha pointed out that the truth always
00:46comes out in the end no matter how many
00:48times someone lies this prompted one of
00:50her devotees to reply thank you even
00:53though they lie in the end in response
00:54to this person Tisha said and you're
00:56right they will lie till the end the
00:58real Kiki is people will Stop Believing
01:00them the fact that Tisha typed will in
01:02all caps made people suspect that she
01:04was subbing Will and Jada in her post
01:06with many of them jumping to the
01:07conclusion that will had an affair with
01:09tisha's ex-husband Dwayne Martin who is
01:11also the Gemini man actor's best friend
01:13and now on top of what Tisha revealed
01:16Lisa Ray also kind of confirmed that
01:18Dwayne and Smith had something going on
01:20but here's the back story and
01:25there really did be quite honest then he
01:27became friends with Dwayne Martin which
01:29used to be one of my friends on all of
01:31actress Lisa Ray McCoy still has a bone
01:34to pick with her former friend and all
01:35of us co-star Dwayne Martin the
01:37cocktails with Queen's co-host has held
01:40a grudge against the Above the Rim actor
01:42for over a decade after blaming him for
01:44aiding in the dissolution of her
01:46marriage to former Turks and kaikos
01:48Prime Minister Michael misick and that's
01:50probably why she is letting the cat out
01:52of the bag Lisa and misick met in 2005
01:55and were wed the following year their
01:58newlywed Bliss quickly faded within two
02:00years when the Players Club actress
02:03claimed her husband committed adultery
02:05with the help of Dwayne and when I
02:07introduced them that was one of the
02:09worst things I ever did he became
02:11friends with Dwayne Martin who used to
02:12be one of my friends on all of us when I
02:15introduced them that was one of the
02:16worst things I ever did said Lisa in a
02:192019 episode of uncensored she further
02:21claimed Dwayne became disrespectful with
02:23introducing my husband to different
02:24women and women that we actually knew as
02:26friends and Associates all these
02:29cheating scandals also deeply involved
02:31Will Smith with who as mentioned earlier
02:33is Dwayne's best friend Tisha got wind
02:36of Smith and her ex-husband's Affair
02:38after she found out that the actor
02:40reportedly attempted to pull off a scam
02:42in regard to his bankruptcy case with
02:43his estranged wife using a loan he got
02:46from Will and Jada Pinkett Smith
02:47according to legal documents obtained by
02:50TMZ Dwayne tried to hide money in
02:52several hidden accounts for years
02:54although he and Tisha reportedly filed
02:56for bankruptcy in January 2016. the
02:59actor allegedly used a 1.4 million
03:01dollars loan he got from Will and Jada
03:03through their company to buy a home and
03:05sell it later for a bigger profit with
03:07the intention of pocketing the sales
03:09Dwayne has also raked in hundreds of
03:11thousands of dollars from a clothing
03:13store and real estate investment but
03:15failed to disclose that information in
03:17his bankruptcy report he only got caught
03:19after Tisha filed for divorce in
03:20February 2018. she later claimed that
03:23her ex had been hiding money during
03:24their marriage Will Smith's closeness
03:27with Dwayne has always raised eyebrows
03:29back in 2012 Star Magazine came out with
03:31the front page story alleging that Smith
03:33had a gay relationship with fellow actor
03:36and friend Dwayne Martin which is why
03:37his marriage to Jada was reportedly
03:39falling apart at that time actress and
03:42wife of Dwayne Tisha allegedly got fed
03:44up with all of the gay rumors and spoke
03:46out she wasn't yet convinced at the time
03:48but things changed really quickly the
03:51former star of the 90s hit sitcom Martin
03:53who said she usually ignores rumors
03:55could not remain silent any longer so
03:57she took to Twitter to vent in a since
03:59deleted post she wrote usually I ignore
04:01negativity but I'm tired of the media
04:03attacking the Smiths they're an amazing
04:05couple and I wish people would stop
04:07perpetuating live according to Tisha she
04:10had heard the gay rumors about her
04:11husband before so the one with Will
04:13Smith was nothing new but poor Tisha was
04:16wrong the couple who had then been
04:18married for more than 15 years had been
04:20subjected to rumors about not only her
04:22husband's homosexuality but about her
04:24being subjected to domestic violence
04:26Tisha and Dwayne actually joked about
04:28the allegations back in 2007 when they
04:30were interviewed by by Essence magazine
04:32despite the rumors that had swirled
04:34around the couple Tisha and Dwayne
04:36remained devoted to each other and their
04:38two children one of whom has autism
04:40meanwhile Smith's questionable sexual
04:43preference has been gossiped about for
04:45years The Whispers actually began after
04:48he appeared in his first major motion
04:50picture back in 1993 when he played a
04:53gay con artist in the film Six Degrees
04:55of Separation I was wondering if I could
04:57 you
05:01man I don't do things like that the
05:03Oscar Winner's character was supposed to
05:04engage in a full homosexual love scene
05:07in the film but after he landed the part
05:09reportedly he was not on board with the
05:11idea his character was also supposed to
05:13lock lips with a Caucasian man but at
05:16the time the now 54 year old balked so
05:18mirrors and trick camera angles made it
05:20appear as if Smith's character kissed
05:22the male actor and the food chain
05:24doesn't stop at that Smith hasn't been
05:26the only one rumored to be gay for years
05:28rumors have abounded that Jada is a
05:31closet lesbian and both Will and Jada
05:33have kept their down low relationship
05:36open that aside Smith and Dwayne's
05:38longtime friendship has tongues wagging
05:40suggesting they are involved in a
05:42bromance of the one that breaks
05:43marriages according to Tisha according
05:45to those close to both actors Smith and
05:47Dwayne have taken one too many vacations
05:49together that include trips to Sin City
05:51Las Vegas Miami and supposedly a private
05:54Cruise in Trinidad while Tisha and Jada
05:56sat at home an eyewitness claimed that
05:58the pair even dined at a Trinidad Eatery
06:00back in 2012 and that it was clear will
06:03and Dwayne both arrived and left
06:05together another source swore that Jada
06:07hated that Smith was taking him on
06:09exotic vacations while she's sitting
06:11home alone she allegedly couldn't stand
06:13his relationship with Dwayne and felt he
06:16flaunted it in her face we don't know
06:25then after years and years of rumors
06:28accusations and counter accusations and
06:31nearly 30 years of marriage Tisha and
06:33her husband Dwayne got divorced of
06:35course Will Smith played a big part in
06:37that Union's collapse I know that it's
06:39been coming it's not anything that's new
06:41a close source to the ex-couple revealed
06:43in 2018 it's been getting harder and
06:45harder for them for the last two years
06:47but it just got to the breaking point
06:49recently it's one of those things where
06:51they've been talking about it and
06:52fighting it out and trying to come to a
06:54conscious uncoupling the couple wed in
06:561996 and shared two children Zen and
06:59Ezekiel Real Husbands of Hollywood actor
07:01Dwayne has always been very laid back
07:04fun-loving sweet a gentleman a good guy
07:06funny without trying and drive while
07:08Martin Starr Tisha was always the
07:10quintessential actress The Source added
07:12but she was always outgoing and
07:14gregarious she was super cool but very
07:16focused and high energy when they got
07:18together I definitely saw why it wasn't
07:20even Opposites Attract it was a
07:22complimentary kind of thing they made a
07:24good match for a while the divorce was
07:25finalized in December 2020. netizens
07:28haven't been left behind in this crazy
07:30gay web involving big film stars one
07:33user tweeted that's it someone needs to
07:35do an expose on Dwayne Martin he got
07:37Martin canceled all those years ago
07:39convinced Lisa Ray's husband to cheat
07:41and leave her and drain Tisha of all her
07:43money all while effing Will Smith for
07:45the past 20 years this end is diabolical
07:48with another added I wonder why Jada
07:51didn't discuss Will Smith and Dwayne
07:52Martin's entanglement situation we need
07:54a red table talk with Will Jada Dwayne
07:56August Alsina Tisha Campbell and Lisa
07:59Ray as we are all aware Smith has been a
08:01household name for more than a decade he
08:03is married to another Hollywood
08:04Superstar Jada but the endless rumors of
08:07him being gay aren't going away anytime
08:09soon they've raised three children
08:11together all of whom are also well known
08:13in the industry seems rather picturesque
08:16Hollywood yet ever since the disastrous
08:18Oscars in incident various aspects of
08:21Smith's life have been put under the
08:23microscope among the hottest topics in
08:25this category is his sexuality which may
08:28not be as clear-cut as it seems several
08:30rumors have surfaced begging the
08:32question is Will Smith gay there have
08:34been several rumors regarding his
08:36sexuality over the past few years all
08:38coming from inside the entertainment
08:40industry and other celebrities who are
08:42either close friends or have previously
08:44worked with Will Smith before actress
08:46Alexis Arquette passed away in 2016 she
08:49published a post on Facebook claiming
08:51that she had walked in on Smith
08:52performing sexual acts on Hollywood
08:54manager Benny Medina Arquette cites this
08:57as the reason why Smith's first marriage
08:59with Cherie Zampino ended in divorce she
09:02further alleged that not only is Smith
09:03gay but that his current wife Jada is
09:06also a lesbian these rumors have not
09:08been confirmed however the Smiths had
09:10also previously revealed that they are
09:12polyamorous meaning they are open to
09:14having relations sexual or otherwise
09:16with other people while maintaining
09:18their own well now you can take all that
09:20up and make a conclusion for yourself
09:22whatever your answer may be feel free to
09:24share it with us in the comment section
09:26below and that's it from us today until
09:28next time thank you for watching
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the rumors about Will Smith and Duane Martin?

Rumors about Will Smith and Duane Martin involve talks of bisexual parties, Smith giving Martin over a million dollars, and allegations of a gay relationship between them. Lisa Raye speaks about these rumors and confirms their existence.

2. What did Tisha Campbell reveal about Will Smith and Duane Martin's affair?

Tisha Campbell revealed details about Will Smith and Duane Martin's affair, adding to the speculation about their relationship and confirming the existence of rumors surrounding their sexuality.

3. How long have rumors about Will Smith's sexuality circulated?

Rumors about Will Smith's sexuality have circulated for years, including allegations of a gay relationship with Duane Martin. The Smiths have previously acknowledged being polyamorous, adding further complexity to the rumors.

4. What is the impact of the rumors on Will Smith?

The rumors about Will Smith's sexuality and his alleged relationship with Duane Martin have raised questions and speculation, impacting his public image and personal life. These rumors have sparked discussions about the complexities of sexual orientation and relationships in the public eye.

5. How can Will Smith address the rumors and speculation?

Will Smith can address the rumors and speculation surrounding his sexuality and relationship with Duane Martin by openly discussing and clarifying the situation. Additionally, addressing the topic with openness and honesty can help dispel any misinformation and provide clarity to the public.

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