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The video explains how to use your smartphone as a wireless camera with OBS Ninja, a browser-based program that allows you to livestream and record with OBS Studio. OBS Ninja is convenient as it does not require any downloads, and you can invite friends around the world to join your livestream as guests.
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OBS Ninja is a browser-based program that allows you to use your smartphone as a wireless camera and invite guests to your live stream.
OBS Ninja works with links that can be sent to smartphones or other devices.
It has four options: create a group chat, add a camera to OBS, remote screen share in OBS, and create reusable in a vibe.
You can send an invite to your phone and add the camera using the second option.
To stream from smartphone to OBS, add a new source in OBS using the browser source and copy the URL from OBS Ninja, then paste it in OBS. Connect the phone by copying the URL from the email and opening it in a new Chrome page, then click "start" to begin streaming.
Use the front or back camera with horizontal or vertical orientation.
Change audio sources in OBS.
Use Chrome to open the URL if clicking the link from email doesn't work.
The section demonstrates using a smartphone with OBS Ninja as a second camera, comparing its quality with a webcam.
The speaker sets up the smartphone on a small tripod to use as a second camera.
They compare the recording quality between the smartphone with OBS Ninja and a webcam.
The speaker tests the audio and video quality of the smartphone setup, finding it superior to the webcam.
They also compare the audio and video quality of the laptop's internal microphone and webcam.
You can use OBS Ninja to invite a guest or be a guest on a livestream from your smartphone for free.
OBS Ninja allows you to add a camera to OBS from your smartphone using a separate browser.
After adding the camera, it provides a link which needs to be copied into OBS browser source.
The copied link can be accessed from drafts in the email, and then pasted into OBS to create a new source.
The video demonstrates how to use OBS Ninja to livestream from a smartphone to OBS, with options for changing cameras and sharing the link with others.
The video shows the setup process of using OBS Ninja to livestream from a smartphone to OBS.
It mentions that the quality may not be good when using the front-facing camera, but it can be changed by selecting the back camera.
The video explains that the process can be done in reverse by sending the link to someone else.
There is a request for viewers to comment on their experiences with OBS Ninja and how they would use it for livestreaming or other purposes.
00:00hello guys and welcome to another video
00:02this is yakura's moments and today we're
00:04gonna talk about how to use your
00:06as a wireless camera with obs ninja
00:09in a previous video that i made we did
00:11actually something very similar we
00:13connect our smartphone with the pc to
00:15use with obs
00:16zoom color so on uh but we use the
00:20with we actually had to
00:22download a software in our pc an
00:24application to our smartphone to make it
00:27because these two devices was connecting
00:29through wi-fi
00:30okay and at the end the result wasn't so
00:33good and it had also
00:34the watermark popping up on the screen
00:37so it wasn't the best
00:38this time we're gonna check the obs
00:40ninja which actually is a browser-based
00:44that means you don't need to download
00:46anything and this program
00:47works with links these links you can
00:49send it to your smartphone or
00:51other people's smartphones or other
00:54and use it on your obs live stream the
00:57nice thing about
00:58obs ninja is that you can send these url
01:01links to your friends around the world
01:02and invite them like a guest to your
01:04live stream and record them
01:05with obs studio so let me show you the
01:08webpage so you can see what we can do
01:10and how we connect
01:11our phone with obs ninja okay and here
01:14we are in obs dot
01:15ninja the web page you can see
01:17immediately you have four options the
01:18web page is very simple and
01:20crystal clear the first option is to
01:23create a group chat if you want to use
01:25an obs the second option is to add
01:27a camera to obs the third is to remote
01:31screen share in obs
01:32and the last one is to create reusable
01:35in a vibe
01:36okay in this case that i want to use my
01:38own smartphone there's actually
01:40i can use the second and the last option
01:42uh on
01:43first i'm gonna use the last option so i
01:45can send an invite to the phone
01:47and after we're gonna use uh we're gonna
01:49add the camera with the second option
01:50but i need to open this website
01:52in the phone so let's use the last
01:54option first of all to see how it works
01:56so i'm going to click create reusable
01:59and here it is so this the green link
02:03i send it i can send it to myself to the
02:06or from messenger for wherever you want
02:08to our phone
02:09and then down the pink link i'm gonna
02:12put it
02:13to my obs so let's see how i'm gonna do
02:15it so let's copy that
02:17copy to a clipboard i'm gonna go to my
02:20emails i'm gonna create actually
02:22a default draft email so i'm just gonna
02:24paste it here
02:26this is the link and we're actually
02:28gonna get also
02:29the pink one we're gonna copy the pink
02:31one and we're gonna
02:33paste it in obs source here i'm gonna
02:36add the new source now i'm on obs i'm
02:38recording my screen
02:39so i'm gonna add a new source i'm gonna
02:41use the browser source
02:42i'm gonna call it obs ninja
02:47right and here we're gonna copy the url
02:51that obs ninja gave us so we're gonna
02:53copy it
02:54i'm gonna put here the resolution that i
02:56know that my camera is using
02:58very good ctrl v obs and refresh
03:03browser when scene becomes active so i'm
03:06press ok and right now obs is waiting
03:09for the scene for the camera
03:11so right now as i said with my email i
03:13need to
03:14connect my phone here so i'm gonna go to
03:17my emails here
03:19i'm gonna go to my drafts that i make
03:21before the sent
03:23let's refresh it here it is so i'm gonna
03:27copy that
03:29copy url and i'm gonna
03:32open a new chrome page
03:35let's open a new one and i'm gonna
03:38paste that here click go
03:42it's better working with the chrome if
03:45you send the link in messenger
03:46just click it sometimes maybe it's not
03:48working or if you click the link from
03:50the email so better
03:51paste it a copy and paste it in a new
03:54screen share your camera you click on
03:59it's appearing on the phone and let's
04:01say it's loading on the obs in my pc
04:03let's see if it's going to appear
04:05i actually have to click start sorry for
04:07that yes of course you can
04:09change your audio sources here you have
04:10a set headset or something else
04:13so i'm gonna click start and you see it
04:16should appear
04:17on the screen here it is so right now
04:21you can see myself on the screen
04:24of course i'm using the front face
04:26camera you can send that on the settings
04:29i can put the the camera that's
04:33on the back so have better resolution
04:36and also turn it horizontally
04:39let's see here it is i think
04:43and here i'm recording myself
04:46throw bs in ninja with a link that i
04:48sent on the phone
04:50and it's passing to the obs studio i can
04:52record myself
04:54in this link you actually can send it to
04:56your friends so you can invite the
04:58guests in your live stream
04:59and this is how you do it okay right now
05:01i can actually put it on the
05:04tripod here and have it like a second
05:07camera on my live stream recording
05:10so here it is i put it on the small
05:12tripod that i have here
05:14and i can put it here on the side
05:18to use it like a nice second camera
05:22and while i'm having it here let's
05:26put the webcam as well okay here we are
05:29and this is like a small comparison
05:32with the webcam here and the obs ninja
05:36recording from our smartphone here okay
05:39you can even focus
05:40the phone because the phone have
05:42autofocus so that's amazing i can move
05:45closer it's going to autofocus right so
05:48this is the setup here you can see the
05:51comparison between the webcam
05:53on the left and the smartphone with the
05:55obs ninja
05:57recording here on the right like a
06:00second camera is actually pretty nice
06:02i want to hear the sound from it so
06:05right now pro
06:06yes it's recording in the phone so right
06:08now you can see the
06:09voice from obs ninja you can hear the
06:12voice from it
06:14uh let's see the latency one two one
06:17two the latency is not bad actually for
06:20a second camera
06:21and wireless also because we're using it
06:24through the browser
06:26okay guys i just said check the video in
06:28the audio just to be sure
06:30and actually the video and the audio
06:33coming from the smartphone with this
06:34obvious ninja is actually pretty nice
06:37comparing uh to the webcam which i can
06:39turn in just a minute but
06:41it's actually pretty nice and the image
06:43as you can see using it if i had just
06:45this webcam i'll
06:47definitely will choose to use the
06:49obvious ninja with a smartphone with
06:52setup here and comparing to the that i use the last time this
06:57is much better
06:58everything and the image and the audio
07:02okay so let's jump to our audio to our
07:04webcam to see how it sounds how better
07:07it performs
07:08let's go now and right now you hear me
07:10from the
07:11internal microphone of my webcam of the
07:14laptop actually
07:15and the image you can see it on the left
07:18side here
07:19so this is how it sound uh most probably
07:21the phone was
07:22much better so let's get jump back to
07:24the smart
07:26to the smartphone to the phone with the
07:29ninja setup let's go back right now okay
07:32and right now you hear me
07:33back from the obs ninja with a
07:35smartphone here
07:36so this is how it can improve your own
07:39live stream if you're just using a
07:43on your live stream and imagine if this
07:45setup here with just this setup here you
07:47can invite a guest
07:48so even your guest or if you are a guest
07:51to some
07:51someone livestream you can use this this
07:54simple actually setup
07:56it's for free and you can see how nice
07:58the image is
07:59and you don't need to download just
08:01anything just send the link
08:02invite the person and you can use it
08:05simple as
08:06that okay so right now we checked how we
08:09the reusable invite from the pc and the
08:12second method is to add your camera to
08:14obs and as that said we need to open
08:16a separate browser on the phone and use
08:19do it from the phone actually okay
08:21so let me do it from the phone here we
08:24we actually already there let's go back
08:30let's go back to open a new obs
08:33ninja web page and here you have the
08:36similar the web page as you was watching
08:39on your screen
08:40so i'm gonna add a camera to obs i'm
08:44use the second option and immediately
08:45you can see yourself here on the screen
08:49uh right now i'm gonna click start
08:51everything is fine i'm gonna use the
08:52front face camera
08:54this time and immediately it gives you a
08:57link on the top right
08:58so it say copy this url link into
09:01obs browser source so i'm going to copy
09:05and i need to send it back to my pc so i
09:07copied it
09:08and i need to go to my gmail for example
09:11i'm gonna use a draft again draft email
09:14i'm gonna paste it and close it
09:18and it saved like a draft and go back to
09:21obs ninja i'm gonna leave it here
09:24actually let's put it
09:26right here okay
09:30and right now we don't need the browser
09:32here on our screen actually we just need
09:34to go to our emails and check
09:36our drafts so we can copy the link that
09:39i sent
09:40so we can copy that and we jump
09:44immediately to our obs which is
09:46recording already as you can see
09:49and we're gonna need to create a new
09:51source here
09:52and call it browser
09:55as before and i'm gonna call it again
09:59ninja okay
10:03and here we need to paste that link that
10:05we sent from our phone
10:07so i paste that and you choose your
10:11quality your resolution
10:14my case is 920x1080
10:18you can you can click control audio via
10:21obs and
10:22of course refresh browser when scene
10:24becomes active
10:25click ok and in just a second it will
10:29appear here it is it's appeared okay
10:32this time you can see the quality is not
10:33so good because i'm using the front
10:35face camera so we can change that
10:38so this is the setup by choosing the
10:40second option actually guys
10:42so let me choose the back camera here
10:45here it is the back camera
10:49so this is the same thing actually
10:52but we did it from the phone so we
10:55open the obs browser from the phone and
10:57we send the link to our pc so it just
11:00opposite we did the the other way kind
11:03right so you can see again i'll close
11:07the display
11:08we can see again the comparison is the
11:10same image the same way
11:11we just do it opposite so it depends up
11:14to you if you want to send the link to
11:16someone else of course you're gonna do
11:17it with the
11:18with the fourth way with the link
11:20otherwise if you do eating yourself you
11:22can do it even
11:23this way it's the same thing okay guys
11:26and that was the video i want
11:28you to tell me in the comment section
11:29below if you find it
11:31interesting if you have heard about it
11:32before about obs
11:34ninja and how you could uh use it right
11:37if you would use it and how you could
11:39use you would use it for yourself
11:40or when you use it for stream and
11:42inviting some friends and
11:44there is other other options like group
11:45meeting and inviting
11:47actually sharing a screen so how would
11:50you use it tell me the comment section
11:52guys i think myself i'm gonna use it for
11:55sure for my live streams
11:56actually the image is not bad and i love
11:58this live this setup
12:00because i can move it anywhere i want
12:03even right now i'm using it like a
12:04second camera here okay so it's pretty
12:07pretty easy to set up of course it's
12:09free as i said no need to download any
12:11application nothing
12:13you just send the link and it's
12:14connecting through the browser
12:16so guys that was the video make sure to
12:19find me on the twitch guys and start to
12:21make some
12:22gaming lives so i'm gonna put most
12:24probably i'm gonna use this kind of
12:25setup so you can check it
12:26there how i'm doing it okay thanks for
12:29watching guys
12:30like and subscribe to support me and see
12:32you in the next
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is OBS Ninja and how can it be used with a smartphone?

OBS Ninja is a browser-based program that enables users to use their smartphone as a wireless camera for livestreaming and recording. It can be used with OBS Studio to create professional-quality broadcasts.

2. What are the benefits of using OBS Ninja for livestreaming?

OBS Ninja offers the convenience of not requiring any downloads, making it easy to use. Additionally, it allows users to invite friends from around the world to join the livestream as guests, enhancing the collaborative and interactive nature of the broadcast.

3. Can OBS Ninja integrate with OBS Studio for seamless broadcasting?

Yes, OBS Ninja seamlessly integrates with OBS Studio, providing users with a reliable and effective solution for wireless camera usage and collaborative livestreaming. This integration enhances the flexibility and functionality of OBS Studio for content creators.

4. What are the key features of using a smartphone with OBS Ninja for livestreaming?

Using a smartphone with OBS Ninja empowers content creators with the flexibility to move around and capture different angles, enhancing the visual appeal of their livestreams. Additionally, it enables wireless connectivity, eliminating the need for physical camera setups.

5. How does OBS Ninja contribute to the accessibility of livestreaming and recording?

OBS Ninja contributes to the accessibility of livestreaming and recording by providing a user-friendly platform that does not require complex installations. It enables content creators to reach a global audience by easily inviting guests to join the livestream, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

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