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This video discusses new details from the incident report of the Liz Barraza case, including the number of gunshot wounds and potential mistakes made by the responding officers. It also highlights the possible risk taken by the killers and provides information on how to report any tips or information related to the case.
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The video discusses the Precinct 4 incident report in Liz Barraza's case, revealing bombshell details that will change the public's perspective on the case.
Alex Lewis obtained the incident reports from the Harris County Sheriff's Office open records department.
The incident report contains basic details about Liz Barraza and a neighbor who provided surveillance footage.
Neighbors who assisted law enforcement with information and surveillance footage are listed in the report.
Multiple officers who responded to the crime scene and assisted on the morning of Liz's murder are also mentioned in the report.
The incident report describes the scene of the crime and the actions taken by the officers.
The victim had blood on her face but was found to have a faint pulse and was breathing.
A t-shirt was used to help the victim breathe better.
The crime scene was cleared to make room for medics to work on the victim.
Life Flight was called and transported the victim to a hospital.
Officer Villalobos mentions seeing CCTV footage of the suspect's vehicle and the sequence of events leading up to the shooting.
The responding officer obtains consent from Sergio Barraza to search his home, media, and phone.
Sergio Barraza signs the consent forms to allow the search to proceed.
The officer confirms that the Barraza's alarm security system was activated at the time of Liz's murder.
Alex Lewis comments that Sergio insisted on Liz activating the alarm system that morning, which is seen as questionable.
The officer mentions that homeowners in the US sometimes activate their alarm systems even if they are just stepping outside for a short period of time.
Officer Vale's report reveals that Liz Barraza had three gunshot wounds - one to the face, one to the side of the head, and one in the chest area.
The attending nurse confirmed that Liz's injuries were non-survivable and she was only being kept alive by life support.
The nest doorbell camera footage suggests that the first shot fired by Liz's killer missed her completely, explaining why the shooter and his accomplice returned to the crime scene.
The theory that Liz's killers were verifying if she was dead becomes more probable if the first shot indeed missed her.
The shooter's actions and path taken suggest desperation and lack of professionalism.
The shooter missed the first shot at Liz, indicating they are not a professional hitman.
The shooter's strange firing motion and adrenaline-induced shaking suggest they may not be as calm and composed as they appear.
The shooter fired three out of four shots at Liz's head, indicating a lack of training in aiming for center mass.
The path taken by the killers back to the crime scene suggests desperation and a risky move, potentially due to being extremely desperate.
This section discusses supplemental reports by different officers and discrepancies in the captured footage time.
Officer Weikel speaks with a neighbor who agrees to email a copy of the footage.
Officer Villalobos meets with the homeowner who found footage of the suspect's truck, stating it was from January 26, 2019, at approximately 12:30 AM.
Officer Villalobos enters the date incorrectly as January 26th instead of January 25th and also enters the wrong year.
The neighbor's footage contradicts the previously believed time of 2 AM, raising questions about the accuracy of the captured time.
The discrepancy of an hour and a half in the footage time may have implications for the investigation.
Officer Turner provides supplemental information about Liz Barraza's case, including details about her husband's alibi and the identification of a possible suspect.
Officer Turner states that Liz's husband, Sergio, helped set up for the garage sale before leaving for work at 6:49 AM.
Sergio mentions that he has a flooring company with his father and they meet daily at Lowe's located at 20902 Kirkendahl Road.
Sergio confirms that the possible suspect shown to him by the analyst, Jessica Russell, is the individual he was referring to.
Officer Turner notes that Sergio never inquired about Liz's condition or requested to go to the hospital.
There is a $50,000 reward for information regarding the murder of Elizabeth Barraza.
The reward is for the arrest and conviction of those responsible.
To provide a tip or information, call The Crime Stoppers of Houston tip line at 1-713-222 tips.
All calls are anonymous, and there is an alternative option to contact anonymously.
00:19the information provided in my videos
00:22are for entertainment purposes only I
00:25offer no statements of fact Beyond those
00:28available through information freely
00:30available to the public and through
00:32diligent public and private research to
00:36the extent that pending or settled
00:37criminal matters crimes or possible
00:40crimes are discussed in my videos
00:43all parties or defendants are Presumed
00:45Innocent unless proven guilty in a court
00:48of law
00:55recently Alex Lewis AKA Welsh chappy
00:59notified me that he is in possession of
01:02Harris County Precinct 4 incident
01:05reports from Liz's case that have not
01:08previously been seen by the public
01:10Alex acquired these documents via Harris
01:13County Sheriff's Office open records
01:18within the 19-page incident report
01:21our several bombshell details that will
01:23change the Public's perspective on Liz's
01:25case forever
01:27in this video I will go over the
01:29Precinct 4 incident report and from time
01:32to time Alex will drop in to give some
01:35additional commentary
01:41these documents are all available to
01:43read on Alex's blog four shots on Friday
01:46the senseless murder of Elizabeth
01:48Barraza I have included a link to his
01:51website in the description below
01:55Liz's killers are still out there
01:57walking the streets
01:58it goes without saying that these are
02:01extremely Disturbed and violent people
02:04they are the absolute worst of our
02:06society and I believe these cowards May
02:09strike again if their fragile egos are
02:14for these reasons I have removed most of
02:17the names phone numbers addresses and
02:21personal details of neighbors who came
02:23forward and assisted law enforcement
02:25all right let's take a look at this
02:28Precinct 4 incident report
02:32page one of this incident slash
02:34investigation report
02:36list the most basic details about Liz
02:40and a neighbor who came forward quickly
02:42with surveillance footage on a USB drive
02:45moving on to page two
02:48page two of the report lists neighbors
02:51who supplied law enforcement with
02:53information and surveillance footage
02:55shortly after Liz's murder
02:58page 3 lists the names of multiple
03:01officers who responded to the crime
03:03scene and assisted on the morning of
03:05Liz's murder
03:07many of these names you will see
03:08throughout the report
03:11page 4 is a crime scene summary and
03:14narrative written by responding officer
03:16a Hirsch
03:19within the narrative is a description of
03:21the crime scene when the officer arrived
03:24these details may upset some viewers so
03:27viewer discretion is advised
03:29skip ahead now to 426 if you do not want
03:33to hear these details
03:41officer Hirsch States
03:43I immediately went to the
03:55on the ground behind the female was a
03:58large amount of blood
04:00was also blood covering the female's
04:01face I checked for a pulse and was able
04:05to feel a faint pulse and observed the
04:07female breathing
04:09using a brown t-shirt from the t-shirts
04:12lying on the ground
04:13excess blood was white from the mouth of
04:15the female to help her breathe better
04:18a table and treadmill were moved from
04:20the driveway to the grass to give Medics
04:23room to work on the victim
04:26it was determined that Life Flight was
04:29which landed and took the female to
04:32Memorial Hermann Houston Downtown
04:37the following individuals entered the
04:39crime scene area
04:41the deputy then lists those who entered
04:43the crime scene that morning
04:44and the list continues on page five
04:49in total it appears 18 officers
04:53two Medics and a spring fire engine with
04:55crew responded
04:57moving on to page six
05:00page six is a supplemental report given
05:03by Officer Z Villalobos
05:09talks about seeing the barraza's
05:12neighbors CCTV footage that showed Liz
05:15being shot officer Villalobos States
05:18the truck drove past the victim's
05:20residence and makes a u-turn
05:23truck heading Eastbound stopped next to
05:25a black Ford Mustang parked on the
05:28roadway Facing East
05:30the suspect exited the vehicle on the
05:32driver's side door and walked toward the
05:35victim who is in the driveway
05:37one thing important to point out is that
05:39the officer states that the black Nissan
05:41Frontier stopped next to the black Ford
05:44Mustang which is seen here in this still
05:46image of the crime scene that morning
05:50via Lobos continues
06:01neighbor also told me the victim's
06:02husband left the residence earlier than
06:05usual since he always leaves to work at
06:09to my knowledge the precise time when
06:11Liz and Sergio would normally leave to
06:13work has never been revealed to the
06:17and this key piece of information is not
06:19listed on the who killed Liz Barraza
06:24here on page six of the report the
06:26neighbor claims that Sergio would
06:28normally leave for work at 7am
06:30I asked Alex Lewis about this neighbor's
06:35Alex commented
06:4645 a.m just before Liz
06:49that Friday morning he left a tad later
06:52than normal because he was helping Liz
06:54with heavier items like the treadmill
06:56and tables
07:00this is the first time to my knowledge
07:03that anyone who knew Sergio and Liz's
07:05daily schedule has given a time frame
07:07for when Sergio and Liz would normally
07:09leave for work this information is
07:12integral to understanding Liz's case and
07:15I will talk about this more in a future
07:18moving on to page seven
07:21page 7 is a supplemental report given by
07:24Officer C height
07:28officer Heights States
07:33the home which resulted in setting off
07:35the home alarm officer height continues
07:38while walking back to the front of the
07:41and hear a male voice
07:45the male identified himself as the
07:47homeowner and he kept asking if his wife
07:50was okay
07:51I advised the mail that he needed to
07:53return home and I would provide him with
07:55more details
07:57further down the page officer Heights
08:03Gio Barraza arrived on scene and was
08:05escorted to one of our Patrol vehicles
08:08Sergio was advised that the detectives
08:10were on route to the scene
08:12and would be able to provide him with
08:13details regarding an incident involving
08:15his wife
08:20upon the arrival of the detectives I was
08:23asked to get a consent to search home
08:25and media phone from Sergio Barraza
08:29the forms were typed printed out
08:32and it was explained to Sergio that his
08:34signature was needed for us to continue
08:37processing the crime scene
08:39once all forms were signed I advise the
08:42detectives on scene at Sergio had given
08:45consent to search his home media ring
08:48camera system and cellular phone
08:51there are several mistakes on page seven
08:54most notably the misspelling of Liz's
08:57name as Elizabeth Barrows
08:59Additionally the neighbor claims that
09:01Liz had children and a possible
09:03mother-in-law living at the home
09:06but aside from these mistakes we see
09:09confirmation by the responding officer
09:11that the braza's alarm security system
09:13was activated at the time of Liz's
09:17I asked Alex Lewis about the alarm
09:19system being activated
09:22Alex commented
09:24it's my understanding that it was Sergio
09:26who insisted that morning that Liz
09:28activated the alarm system
09:30I thought then and I still do now that
09:33it's questionable as to why he would do
09:35that I find it strange but I live in the
09:39I don't know Aaron maybe you can speak
09:41on this because you're in the states so
09:44is that a normal thing people do in the
09:48many years ago when I was just out of
09:50high school I was a certified alarm
09:52dispatcher and alarm system
09:54troubleshooter for ADT Security and best
09:58access systems I worked in that industry
10:00for around three years and I would
10:03frequently see homeowners who would
10:04alarm their house if they were stepping
10:06outside for an extended period of time
10:08even if they were just going to be in
10:10their front yard
10:11backyard or just next door
10:15because Liz was by herself in front of
10:17the house Sergio may have thought that
10:19someone may try to sneak in and steal
10:21things while Liz was preoccupied with
10:23the garage sale
10:24considering that Sergio and Liz had some
10:26cool memorabilia items inside the house
10:29I personally don't find this decision to
10:31alarm the house that strange
10:36another thing to point out on page seven
10:38is that towards the bottom of the page
10:40and continuing on to page 8. it states
10:43that when Sergio arrived at the scene
10:46investigators asked him to sign off on a
10:48thorough search of the home nest camera
10:50and cell phones
10:52Sergio immediately agreeing to sign off
10:54on these documents and Grant law
10:56enforcement Total Access to the Home and
10:59these devices
11:00is a strong argument for Sergio not
11:03being involved in Liz's murder in my
11:07Alex commented
11:10some people will say Sergio took time to
11:13of all traces of evidence of his
11:15involvement from his phone home nest
11:20to do this Sergio would have had to have
11:22left not a single shred of evidence
11:25while that sounds easy in theory it's
11:28anything but easy because Le have so
11:31many tools at their disposal
11:35moving on to page nine
11:39page 9 is a supplemental report given by
11:42investigator P McGee
11:44this officer describes how they assisted
11:46in securing the crime scene and then
11:49later that morning assisted in
11:51contacting various businesses that face
11:52Kirkendall Road and requested
11:54surveillance footage from those
11:58moving on to page 10.
12:01page 10 is a supplemental report given
12:04by Officer K vales
12:08officer Vale States
12:21Miss Barraza was in the ER in trauma
12:23room number seven
12:25I then spoke with Alyssa who was the
12:28attending nurse working on Miss Peraza
12:31she advised me that Miss Barraza had
12:33three gunshot wounds
12:34one to the face one to the side of the
12:37head and one in the chest area
12:40I also spoke with Dr Laura Moore and was
12:43advised that Miss baraza's injuries were
12:45non-survivable and the only thing
12:47keeping her alive was life support
12:51Yes you heard that right
12:55three gunshot wounds not four
12:58for over three years we have been told
13:00that Liz was shot four times
13:02here for the very first time we find out
13:05that Liz was shot at four times but only
13:08hit three times
13:11knowing that Liz was hit three times
13:13instead of four I want to go back now to
13:16the nest doorbell camera footage
13:18when I initially reviewed the nest
13:21I noticed that a cloud of dust appears
13:23here above the baraza's porch after
13:26Liz's killer fires the first shot here
13:29is the nest camera footage of the first
13:31shot fired by Liz's killer
15:07my initial thought when I saw this cloud
15:09of dust many months ago was that one of
15:12the bullets went through Liz ricocheted
15:14and struck the side of the house
15:17with the nurse stating that Liz only had
15:19three gunshot wounds it leads me to
15:21believe that the first shot fired by
15:23Liz's Killer missed her completely Liz
15:26being hit by three out of the four shots
15:28helps explain why the shooter and his
15:31accomplice turned around and drove back
15:34by the crime scene so brazenly after
15:36fleeing the crime scene initially
15:39the idea that Liz's killers were
15:42verifying Liz was dead when they drove
15:44back by the crime scene has been
15:46theorized many times before
15:49but this Theory becomes more probable if
15:52that first shot missed Liz
15:55as Liz's Killers drove away there may
15:57have been a discussion inside that truck
15:59about how things went down and when the
16:02shooter explained that his first shot
16:03missed they decided to go back and make
16:06sure Liz was not up and moving around
16:10to further support this Theory after
16:12Liz's Killers made a u-turn and
16:14re-entered the baraz's neighborhood
16:17they turned right onto Oconee drive and
16:20then left on Cedar Walk Drive and then
16:22another left on Sandusky Drive
16:27if the Killer's goal was to exit out of
16:29the cul-de-sac at the end of Sandusky
16:31the quickest path to get there after
16:34re-entering the bras's neighborhood
16:35would be to take a left on Oconee drive
16:38and then take another left on Sandusky
16:43taking a right on Oconee and then a left
16:46on Cedar walk not only slows the
16:49Killer's Escape via the Sandusky
16:52but also puts the killers back at the
16:54crime scene where the street may be
16:56blocked by neighbors out checking on Liz
16:58or a car may have stopped to help
17:01considering this is Texas a neighbor may
17:04have attempted to stop The Killers by
17:06shooting them
17:07the point being this is an extremely
17:09risky move by The Killers and they would
17:12only put themselves in this situation if
17:15they were extremely desperate foreign
17:19I believe the shooter missing on the
17:21first shot confirms that this is not a
17:24professional Hitman
17:26Alex commented
17:29this shot may suggest a killer isn't as
17:31cool and calm as they appear maybe they
17:33were shaking from the adrenaline
17:35the way he fires that first shot is
17:37strange he kind of thrusts the gun at
17:40Liz as he fires the gun almost in a
17:43stabbing motion
17:44on top of all this
17:46knowing the locations of the shots that
17:49hit Liz tells us that the shooter is not
17:51only unprofessional
17:53but may not be well trained
17:56police and military are trained to fire
17:58at Center Mass the shooter fired three
18:01of the four shots at Liz's head only one
18:04of the four shots is aimed at Liz's
18:06Center Mass
18:07standing next to a Target at Point Blank
18:10Range it's nearly impossible to not be
18:13able to fire multiple shots at the
18:15Target and hit Center Mass multiple
18:17times if that's what you were aiming for
18:21the shooter had very little time and
18:24since he was using a revolver he had
18:27less shots to work with therefore going
18:30for headshots was not only inefficient
18:32and unprofessional but also extremely
18:37moving on to page 11.
18:41page 11 is a supplemental report given
18:43by Officer C weikel
18:47officer weichel States
18:58follow-up call
18:59officer weichel continues
19:10driving South on Sandusky Drive in front
19:13of his residence
19:15he showed me the footage and it appeared
19:17to be a black crew cab small in size
19:21he also downloaded the footage onto a
19:24USB drive that was provided to me
19:2724907 Sandusky Drive is just around the
19:31corner from the baraz's home and would
19:33have taken the killer around a minute to
19:36drive there after passing by the crime
19:38scene again
19:39this means that it was around 6 56 am
19:42when Liz's killer drove by this house
19:51the surveillance footage captured by
19:53this neighbor's surveillance camera has
19:55never been released to the public
19:58Alex commented
20:10moving on to page 12.
20:13page 12 is a supplemental report also
20:16given by Officer C weikel
20:19on this page of the report officer
20:22weichel speaks with the neighbor who
20:23lived at
20:2424535 Sandusky Drive
20:28this neighbor agreed to email officer
20:30weikel a copy of the footage
20:32I included this footage in my detailed
20:35analysis video
20:36it's the footage playing on screen now
20:41moving on to page 13.
20:44page 13 is a supplemental report given
20:47by Officer Z Villalobos
20:52officer Villalobos States
21:03I met with the owner of the home who
21:05told me her husband found footage of the
21:07suspect's truck the homeowner stated the
21:10video was from January 26 2019 at
21:15approximately 12 30 A.M
21:17I included this neighbor's footage in my
21:19detailed analysis video
21:21it's the footage playing on screen now
21:28the first thing I want to point out on
21:30this page
21:32is that officer Villalobos enters the
21:35date incorrectly as January 26th when it
21:39was actually January 25th
21:42this report has numerous errors
21:44throughout in fact on this same page
21:48officer Villalobos enters the date as
21:512018 when it was actually 2019 but the
21:55real shocker here is that according to
21:58officer Villalobos the neighbor States
22:00this footage was captured at
22:02approximately 12 30 am
22:06for years we've been led to believe that
22:08this footage was captured at around 2 am
22:11even on the who killed Liz Barraza
22:13website it states that at approximately
22:162 am the black Nissan Frontier is
22:19observed on neighborhood cameras
22:22perhaps Liz's killers were out that
22:24night driving around the barrazas
22:26neighborhood for several hours and were
22:29seen on another neighbor's camera at 2
22:32another possibility is that this
22:34neighbor may have stated the incorrect
22:36time when she spoke with officer
22:37Villalobos initially
22:39alternatively perhaps officer Villalobos
22:42entered the wrong time in his summary
22:45what do you think about this 12 30 am
22:48does the hour and a half discrepancy
22:50really make a difference
22:52leave a comment below
22:54moving on to page 14.
22:58page 14 is a supplemental report given
23:02by Officer T Turner
23:05officer Turner States
23:16next to what appeared to be a cash box
23:19the cup had a receipt on the side with a
23:21time of 607 am
23:25based off officer Turner's report we
23:28know now that Liz purchased the coffee
23:30at Starbucks at precisely 607 am
23:35which falls in line with the known
23:37timeline on Liz's case
23:39nothing unusual about this statement
23:42officer Turner also States
23:44that no spent cartridges were found at
23:47the crime scene which signifies that the
23:49shooter used a revolver
23:51this is something we've known since
23:53early in the investigation
23:55so no surprises here either moving on to
23:58page 15.
24:00page 15 is a continuation of the
24:03supplemental report given by Officer T
24:08officer Turner States
24:19he said they have a garage sale every
24:21year to raise money to take a vacation
24:25he said he helped his wife start to set
24:27up for the garage sale before he had to
24:29leave for work
24:31when I asked him what time he left for
24:32work he was very specific about the time
24:366 49 A.M
24:38said he has a flooring company with his
24:40father and they meet every day at the
24:43Lowe's located at
24:4520902 kirkendahl Road
24:51I ask if he knew anyone his wife was
24:54having problems with and he said there
24:56was one person he said he and his wife
24:58belong to a group called 501st Legion
25:01along with
25:03Mr Barraza said he does not know of
25:06anyone else who would want to harm his
25:09during our conversation
25:11Mr Barraza never inquired about the
25:13condition of his wife
25:15nor did he request approval to go to the
25:20officer Turner continues
25:23I contacted the hcso real-time crime
25:26Center and spoke with Sergeant Ingle and
25:29advised him of the scene I was out on
25:31I provided him with the possible suspect
25:33information which was provided by the
25:36husband Sergeant Ingle advised he would
25:39have one of his analysts start
25:40researching the name
25:42I received a call from Jessica Russell
25:44criminal intelligence analyst in the
25:47real-time crime Center
25:49she advised she found the possible
25:51suspect and was sending me a photo of
25:53her so I could confirm with Mr Barraza
25:56I showed Mr Braza the picture of
26:00and he confirmed that she was the
26:02individual who he was talking about
26:06I'm asking my viewers to please follow
26:08True Crime etiquette and do not outright
26:11accuse anyone of being involved in Liz's
26:13murder in the comments below
26:16comments that directly name and accuse
26:18anyone of being involved in Liz's murder
26:20will be removed
26:23unfortunately officer Turner didn't dig
26:25deeper and asked Sergio why he believes
26:28he may have wanted to harm Liz
26:32another thing to point out on this page
26:34is that officer Turner specifically
26:37notes that Sergio never inquired about
26:39the condition of Liz nor did Sergio ask
26:42to go to the hospital
26:44some viewers May jump all over this and
26:47point to this Behavior as a sign of
26:48Sergio's guilt but we don't have the
26:51complete picture
26:53it's possible that Sergio was already
26:55made aware of Liz's condition prior to
26:57speaking with this officer therefore he
27:00didn't need to ask moreover everyone
27:03reacts differently perhaps Sergio was in
27:06shock at this point
27:08Alex reached out to Sergio about this
27:10and Sergio replied with the following
27:14I spoke with many officers and
27:16detectives that day went through a lot
27:18of emotions I never thought I would
27:21I still did this day am an open book to
27:23them and those who want to help get
27:25Justice for my Lizzie
27:28the last two pages of this incident
27:31report go over information that we have
27:33previously discussed so I'm going to
27:36leave these out
27:38again you can read all these documents
27:40on Alex Lewis's website Linked In the
27:43description below
27:45a big thank you to Alex Lewis for his
27:48continued research on Liz's case as well
27:50as providing me with some incredible
27:52commentary to add to this video thank
27:54you so much Alex
28:29thank you
30:39there is currently a 50 000 reward for
30:42information leading to the arrest and
30:44conviction of those responsible for
30:46Elizabeth barraz's murder
30:50if you have a tip or information please
30:53call The Crime Stoppers of Houston tip
30:55line at
30:571-713-222 tips
31:00all calls are completely anonymous
31:05if you don't feel comfortable speaking
31:07with law enforcement
31:09you can always contact me at aaronstoner and you can remain completely
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the new details from the incident report of the Liz Barraza case?

The new details from the incident report of the Liz Barraza case include the number of gunshot wounds and potential mistakes made by the responding officers. It also highlights the possible risk taken by the killers and provides information on how to report any tips or information related to the case.

2. How many gunshot wounds were reported in the Liz Barraza case?

According to the new details from the incident report, the Liz Barraza case involved multiple gunshot wounds, shedding light on the severity of the incident and the potential risks faced by the victim.

3. What potential mistakes were made by the responding officers in the Liz Barraza case?

The incident report of the Liz Barraza case suggests potential mistakes made by the responding officers, indicating a need for further investigation and accountability in law enforcement procedures.

4. What are the possible risks taken by the killers in the Liz Barraza case?

The Liz Barraza case highlights the possible risks taken by the killers, emphasizing the urgency of finding and reporting any tips or information related to the case in order to ensure justice for the victim.

5. How can one report tips or information related to the Liz Barraza case?

To report any tips or information related to the Liz Barraza case, individuals can follow specific procedures and channels provided by law enforcement authorities, ensuring that crucial details are not overlooked in the pursuit of justice.

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The video compares the Unleashed and Xtreme firmware for Flipper Zero, both of which are popular among the community. They offer various customization options and enhancements, including sub gigahertz frequency and infrared functionality. The video explores the features and applications of both firmware options.

This video discusses the combination of a Leo sun and Scorpio rising, highlighting their passionate and creative nature, as well as potential challenges of being misunderstood and having a powerful aura. It explores how this combination can be intimidating but also emphasizes the importance of being aware of one's actions and not using manipulation or control as a means of gaining power.

This video explores the 19th century Philippines and its impact on shaping Rizal's personality through changes in social, economic, and political landscapes, leading to his advocacy against oppression and inequality.

The video explores the controversial "No Forests on Flat Earth" theory which suggests that mountains are the remnants of giant, ancient trees that once dominated the landscape. The theory also claims that rocks are nothing more than rubble left behind by these trees. While not supported by conventional scientific research, the theory has gained some traction within the flat earth movement.

This video provides a step-by-step guide to removing hard inquiries from your credit report within 10 days, with some people seeing results in just hours. The process involves using a software called My Credit Approved, sending an inquiry removal request letter, and filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

This video provides tips and tricks for rushing properly in PUBG Mobile, including strategies such as reacting quickly when exiting a vehicle, using grenades for blind spots, giving cover fire to teammates, avoiding blind rushes, and flanking opponents in open areas.