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The Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap - Part 3 introduces upcoming updates and changes, including improvements to the in-game economy, addressing botting issues, and making gameplay more rewarding; the addition of Jump Start Servers to eliminate gatekeeping and provide a fresh start for players; and the introduction of new content such as affection ranks for Thirain and Nineveh, the Pleccia continent, and the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon with the new Elixirs system.
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Amazon Games team and Lost Ark team members introduce themselves and their roles
Andy Lin is the Product Manager for Lost Ark West and works with the in-game store, economy, content scheduling, and roadmap
Soomin is the Franchise Leader for Lost Ark West and works with internal teams and Smilegate PRG team to determine upcoming roadmaps and content directions
Henry is the Head of Editorial at Amazon Games and works on communication and community content plans for games, and talks about upcoming content for the next four months.
Changes in Lost Ark's August update include increased card drops and reduced user fatigue to address gatekeeping issues for newer players.
More card drops in various raids and dailies.
Wandering Merchant will appear more frequently.
AI changes in Chaos Dungeons to increase aggro range and reduce playtime.
Players will receive more rewards and gold through gameplay.
The team is still finalizing details about card drops and Legion Raids, considering user metrics and difficulty for players, with a focus on potential gate removals and upcoming region merges.
The team is still finalizing details about card drops and Legion Raids.
They are considering user metrics and the difficulty for players in making decisions.
They are discussing potential gate removals based on various metrics.
Region merges are set to take place at the end of August, with EU West merging into EU Central.
Jump Start Servers will be added to every region, providing an isolated server with independent auction house and party finder, extra resources, an exclusive event shop, XP gain boost, and access to Power Pass for faster endgame progression.
Jump Start Servers will allow players to start fresh and play together without conflict with more progressed players.
Players on these servers will have access to independent auction house, party finder, and additional resources.
An exclusive event shop will offer vertical and horizontal progression materials, and there will be a boost to XP gain.
Players will also have access to the Power Pass for faster endgame progression.
The video discusses the customization options and upcoming content in Lost Ark, including new skins, Yoz's Jar in September, and new affection ranks for Thirain and Nineveh.
Customization options in Lost Ark are unlimited and include dyeing kits and packs.
The Aeromancer skin is highly anticipated by the players.
Yoz's Jar will be released in September.
New affection ranks for Thirain and Nineveh will be introduced, with Thirain preparing for his coronation anniversary and Nineveh collapsing mysteriously due to a chaotic force.
Players need to be item level 1475 to start the story quests in Pleccia, which is the first story after Elgacia that opens the second chapter of the story, and there will be a new Trial Guardian, Caliligos, for players who are more competitive.
Pleccia is the first story after Elgacia and opens the second chapter of the story.
Players need to be item level 1475 to start the story quests.
A new Trial Guardian, Caliligos, is coming for players who are more competitive.
Players can compete for the first clear in a region and the fastest clear time in general, with cool vanity rewards like a special title.
The Full Moon engraving enhances the Reaper mode for big burst damage, while the Dark Moon removes the transformation and boosts other abilities, with plans for Hyper Express and Power Pass to support the growth of the new class.
Full Moon enhances Reaper mode for big burst damage.
Dark Moon removes transformation and boosts other abilities.
Plans for Hyper Express and Power Pass to support the growth of the new class.
The next Abyssal Dungeon, Ivory Tower, will be introduced in Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap.
Ivory Tower is a four-player activity with four gates to progress through and fight compelling bosses.
Players can earn rewards such as gold, honing mats, and a new system called Elixirs.
Elixirs are a power increase that requires refining through strategic decision-making and a bit of luck.
The refined Elixirs can be used to unlock powerful upgrades for offensive, defensive, and utility-based improvements on armor pieces.
00:05Welcome to the first ever Roadmap video for Lost Ark here in the West, I'm Roxx, the Product Community Manager for the game and today I'm going to be guiding the conversation a little bit.
00:14I have some very special members of the Amazon Games team and the Lost Ark team here with me today.
00:19But before we get started with everything, let's kind of get to know everyone.
00:22So, Andy, why don't you introduce yourself?
00:25I'm Andy Lin.
00:26I'm the Product Manager for Lost Ark west.
00:29My team primarily works with the in-game store.
00:32We manage the in-game economy and we work with franchise to determine the content, scheduling and roadmap for the game.
00:39So would you sa,y working with the in-game economy, that means you also work with bots?
00:45Yes, I do work with bots.
00:48I work with a lot of internal teams to deal with the botting issue, and we've made a lot of strides towards solving that.
00:55I'd like to think.
00:56All right.
00:56Next up, Soomin.
00:59I'm Soomin.
01:00I'm the Franchise Leader for Lost Ark west.
01:03My team is working with other internal teams, as well as the Smilegate PRG team to determine the upcoming roadmaps and the future of content directions.
01:12So I'm going to present and share more details about the August update, as well as some important changes.
01:20All right.
01:20That was, in fact, actually Zoomin Park, also known by his alternate ego, Soomin Park.
01:26Next up, we have someone who is a little bit hardcore.
01:30How's it going?
01:31I'm Henry.
01:32I'm the Head of Editorial at Amazon Games.
01:36Me and my team work on the communication and Community content plans for our games.
01:43When I'm not working on Lost Ark, I'm playing it a lot.
01:46I'm here to talk about some of the cool content we have coming up over the next four months since I think usually I write the roadmap.
01:52So this time I'm just talking at you instead.
01:55We're really excited all to be here and talk about the roadmap with you all, not only because this time we'll be sharing the content that's coming up and getting excited about it, but also sharing with you why some of that is.
02:06Why things are coming when they are, the changes we're making to the game, and what to expect.
02:10We're really excited to have an open conversation with the Community about this.
02:13But remember, Lost Ark is a live service game, which means plans can shift and change.
02:18What we're presenting here today is our plans for the rest of the year.
02:22But things could always end up changing a little bit.
02:24All right, that does it for our intro.
02:26And with that, let's dive right in.
02:33Soomin, I know you have a lot of August updates to share with everyone.
02:36Do you want to get into those a little bit?
02:38I'm very excited to announce some of the new additions in the August update.
02:42So in August, we announced a few things already in the last announcement.
02:48So the first one is Aeromancer, and the second we have Sonavel Raid.
02:52And the third one is Akkan Legion Raid.
02:54So those contents are great.
02:56But in addition to that, I'd like to add a few more exciting changes.
03:00Especially as it will address user fatigue and homework and as well as some of the other changes as well.
03:07So user fatigue and homework have been really big topics in the Community.
03:12Do you want to get into kind of those first?
03:14The first one, the first change is the Guardian Raid change.
03:18So we are going to reduce the Guardian Raid number, the Guardian Raids that you need to do, from twice a day to once a day.
03:24So that's a big change - as well as, we are going to draw a lot more rewards from that.
03:29And also the second one is the Chaos Dungeon.
03:31The Chaos Dungeon - I know, like a lot of players are requesting to reduce the number of Chaos Dungeons per day - it's currently twice.
03:39So you're still making it less, we truly believe that this content is great, but the actual length of the playing time or the actual reward from the gameplay is not great or is not enough based on your playing time.
03:58So what we're going to change is, we are going to make some of the AI changes on the monster side, so it's going to reduce the playing time 25%.
04:08And also we are going to drop a lot more rewards as well as the gold through the gameplay.
04:13So that will make players more fun.
04:16During the gameplay it feels more fun and more rewarding.
04:19So that's going to be the...
04:22the changes included to reduce the user fatigue.
04:25And the other one is the gatekeeping issue we are trying to address.
04:29So the gatekeeping is very challenging issue for the newer players because you have to have a full set of the cards and things like that.
04:38So we are going to make changes in the August update - we are going to add a lot more card drops in the various raid in the dailies as well as, we are going to make the Wandering Merchant more frequently than the previous.
04:55So it's going to be much easier to buy and get the card from many different sources.
05:00Yeah, that that'll be really great.
05:01I know you both have like full rosters of characters that you were doing a lot of dailies on.
05:05How you're feeling about those changes?
05:08Pretty good, I think.
05:10I'm excited to do one Guardian a day.
05:12I think it'll make it feel a little bit more climactic because like a lot of the bosses are like, pretty fun to do, but then killing them again, I think it'll just be like a cool experience.
05:21Just get in there, get a fight, you know?
05:24Will be cool.
05:25I'm pretty far behind on my dailies, to be honest with you.
05:28So this is a very welcome change.
05:31I think one of the most frustrating parts about Chaos Dungeons is sometimes you clear out a bunch of the mobs and you have to run around the map and find all the ones that you haven't found.
05:40And so I think the AI changes will make it easier for the mobs to come to you, it'll increase their aggro range.
05:46And so you'll have to do less running around and that's why the playtime will be reduced.
05:51Plus like getting a card from a Chaos Dungeon?
05:53Like, that'll be pretty exciting.
05:55That doesn't happen very often right now.
05:56Yeah, exactly.
05:58It feels really good to be reducing kind of the dailies and the kind of amount of effort going into them while also getting more rewards out of it.
06:06It's like positive changes from both sides.
06:09So I'm definitely really excited about that.
06:11By the way, this is not the final change, the Chaos Dungeon update.
06:14This one is the first phase of the change.
06:16So we are going to review the user feedback as well as the user metrics inside the game.
06:22And then we are going to make multiple other changes from now on.
06:26Yeah, that's really good to hear too.
06:28And like I mentioned earlier, I know players have been really kind of honed in on this topic for a while, so it's great to know too, that while we're making these changes right now, we're definitely open to more in the future and we will be listening.
06:41All right.
06:42So that's a lot of changes coming in August that we think will really kind of help players feel better and alleviate some of that fatigue.
06:49Are there any other changes that we can maybe have players look forward to in the future for...
06:53just kind of generally making the game feel a little bit less draining?
06:57So we are working - constantly working - on some of these changes we promised in the letter in April.
07:03So those are one batch of the new coming changes in August.
07:08But we are also working on other changes.
07:10One of the things we are working on now is the Legion Commander changes.
07:15So we are going to adjust some of the difficulties and the the actual playing time and things like that for Legion Commanders pretty soon.
07:25We don't have the date yet, but we are going to reduce some of the gates for the Legion Raids.
07:31One of the things we are working on is the Brelshaza gate.
07:36For Brelshaza, we're going to see some of the gate removals to reduce the playing time.
07:41And also we are going to drop a lot more other rewards, including gold and cards.
07:47So the previously mentioned card updates or infusing...
07:53sorry, more card drops from Wandering Merchant and some other locations.
08:00That's also going to help players to get more accessible to the Brelshaza content.
08:06Cool, great.
08:06Yeah it's a lot of, you know, making sure players feel like their time is valued and that they're being rewarded for the work they're doing.
08:14For the card drops and Legion Raids - are those specific to the Legion Commander cards that you get from each of those raids, or are they all Legendary cards?
08:25Because sometimes you get one at the final gate.
08:28So it's not finalized yet.
08:30But we are going to share more details with the release note.
08:34The process of change is still under developments and we are constantly checking the user metrics.
08:39So it depends on how difficult for the players or how long does it take, and there are many different metrics we want to check.
08:47And then we are going to decide which gate will be removed.
08:51It's still under development.
08:53So, you know, Andy, if there's a certain gate you don't like, you kind of know what you have to do to get that one removed.
08:59Sacrifice your roster.
09:01Brelshaza Gate Five.
09:02Actually, I've already been hard at work making sure the win rate on that gate is very low.
09:06Wiping your party every time at that gate.
09:09Take one for the team.
09:10Thank you, Andy.
09:12I will make sure we are going to bring that update as soon as it's released in Korea.
09:17So there will be no gap or almost no gap in between these two updates.
09:22We definitely don't have a date for when that is quite yet because, like you said, it's under development, but we're going to work to get that as soon as possible, it sounds like.
09:29Yeah, you heard it first from Zoomin Park.
09:32It's coming fast.
09:33I promise.
09:35All right.
09:36Before we get into September content and too far ahead in the future, I think region merges is one more thing we should touch on, because those are coming up really quick.
09:44The region merge was announced already in a different article we already announced and it's coming in August.
09:50Also, it's coming on August 30th.
09:52So it's very exciting because a lot of players requested this and so we are going to merge EU West to EU Central.
10:01Yeah, we'll kick that off at the end of August and hopefully there's some positive changes there.
10:06And then like Soomin said, we'll keep reviewing for other regions and servers I know that players are interested in seeing merged.
10:12Yeah, absolutely.
10:13And we'll have some more communications coming up because we know some players have rosters on both regions in EU, so we'll work to make sure that players have full understanding of what to expect and how the merge will work in a more detailed article later on.
10:30And lastly, in August, I'm very excited to announce that the 2023 swimsuit skins will be zoomin over to Lost Ark west.
10:41We'll be getting these skins shortly after Korea.
10:44I think this is one of the first times we're going to get skins so quickly as they're like brand new in Korea.
10:50It's pretty close, i feels like.
10:51It's been released just a few weeks ago.
10:54Those are really fresh.
10:55Really new.
10:55I know they're thoroughly cool skins.
10:57So excited to see those in the game.
10:59And it's super hot this year.
11:00So it's going to be really good gift for everyone.
11:03The heat waves have been bad.
11:04So I'll definitely get those in before the end of summer.
11:07You will not have to wait till the next summer.
11:10I think that covers everything that's kind of coming in August.
11:13And with that, let's dive right into September.
11:20Taking a step back, a lot of heroes have come and gone from the shores of Arkesia, and a lot of them, through surveys, social media and forums, have expressed interest in returning to the game.
11:31And we've talked to a lot of these players and asked them what's stopping them from coming back.
11:36We found three major themes.
11:38One, there's a lot of bots.
11:41Two, the rate of progression is too slow.
11:44And three, they're worried about getting gatekept from all the in-game content.
11:48So let me tell you about how we're dealing with some of those issues.
11:52First of all, we've made a lot of progress against the bots.
11:55We've instituted machine learning algorithms that detect them very quickly and the number of bots in the game as a percentage of active users is the lowest it's ever been.
12:06Second of all, Smilegate West and Amazon have collaborated to make a bunch of honing changes and changes to the vertical and horizontal progression of the game.
12:14That makes it a lot easier for your character to be endgame ready.
12:18Finally, gatekeeping.
12:21We think the best way to deal with gatekeeping is for a group of players to independently start fresh and play together and go through the game as a group.
12:33And this way there won't be any conflict with the players who are more progressed in the later parts of the game.
12:40So I'm excited to announce that we'll be adding Jump Start Servers to every region of the game, including Europe, South America, North America.
12:50And these players will have an isolated server that has an independent auction house and party finder system.
12:56So there will be no bussing or gatekeeping from the other regions.
13:01And they'll have additional resources granted to them on top of the Hyper Express Mokoko Pass that takes them to 1540.
13:08There'll be an event shop that's exclusive to the Jump Start Server, where players can exchange event currency to get vertical progression materials, like honing materials, as well as horizontal progression materials, like card packs.
13:20There will also be a boost to XP gain.
13:23So we think players can make it to 1580 very quickly and begin enjoying all the in-game content.
13:30Yeah, it's really exciting to be able to kind of create a new space where we can bring players back into the game that maybe haven't played in a long time, only played a little bit at launch and then dropped out of the game, or have never really experienced Artesia at all and kind of put them in a new space and have them come up together.
13:47I think that's really important, too, just in terms of lost art being an MMO, it's a new space for them to kind of play together, play through content at the same time, and kind of all go on that same journey.
13:59Yeah, absolutely.
14:00And Andy, you mentioned the super Mokoko Pass coming with it.
14:05I think that's great because, you know, this pass gives upgraded gems and things that'll make their characters feel powerful right away.
14:12Are they also going to be able to use the Power Pass as well to get into the endgame faster?
14:19The Power Pass and the Super Mokoko Hyper Express pass will be available to the Jump Start players as well as the players in legacy servers.
14:27A feature that's coming in September is one that's near and dear to my heart: Yoz's Jar.
14:34I know players have been waiting for Legendary skins from Yoz's Jar for a long time.
14:39When releasing Yoz's Jar, we wanted to make the system feel more fair and more accessible.
14:44And so I'm happy to announce that when you open Yoz's Jar, if you don't get the Legendary skin component, you'll still get the Epic skin component that's exclusive to the Yoz's Jar, as well as Amethyst Shards, which can be used to redeem for awards in the Amethyst Shard shop.
14:59We'll be adding extra awards to the Amethyst Shard shop and if you're someone who engages with Twitch Drops, you're pretty familiar with the system already.
15:07So players actually have been asking for an update to the Amethyst Shard shop.
15:13Oh, say that three times fast!
15:15An update to the Amethyst Shard shop for a while.
15:19You mentioned that we were going to be adding new rewards to it.
15:21Can you talk a little bit about what some of those are and what they'll look like?
15:25So on top of the Legendary mounts and the pheons and other good stuff that's already in there, we're going to be adding cosmetics that can be redeemed for Amethyst Shards, as well as silver and dyes and reagents for you to customize your skins.
15:39Those will actually be evergreen purchases, which means you can buy as many times as you like.
15:44So if you continue to pursue Yoz's Jar, you'll get Amethyst that you can redeem infinitely for silver.
15:52That's super helpful because I know, like, I'm going to be rolling for the Slayer skins now that I switched mains.
15:57So having some like dyes to be able to customize it once I...
16:01once I get it.
16:02I'll be pretty sweet.
16:03We'll be getting season two of Yoz's Jar, which is called Leap.
16:07So that does include the Slayer skin, which will be amazing.
16:10I'm personally very excited for the Paladin skin.
16:13I think that's one of the coolest skins I've ever seen in any game.
16:17Yeah, and with the Aeromancer coming out in August 1st, by the time Yoz's Jar releases in September, that means the Aeromancer will also be included in that with her legendary skin.
16:27And it's really, really cute.
16:28And the possibility of customizing it is unlimited.
16:32So it would be really fascinating how cute that is with the dyeing kits, dyeing packs.
16:38So you're going to see it very soon - the details.
16:42We all shared our favorite skins, Soomin.
16:43Do you have one that you're excited for?
16:45I'm looking for to the Aeromancer.
16:48Good taste.
16:48Good taste.
16:49I'm currently playing the Artist class, but I'm always looking forward to the Aeromancer.
16:56Yeah, I think that'll be a lot of fun.
16:58And we know players have been very, very, very interested to know when Yoz's Jar is coming.
17:04So like Andy said, very near and dear to our hearts, and very glad to be able to announce that no more Yoz's Jar, Yoz's Jar September.
17:14Well, there are a few other pieces of content coming in September as well.
17:18One that's actually really near and dear to my heart is the new affection ranks for retiring Thirain and Nineveh.
17:25So for these affection ranks, Thirain, the first one, is someone that you probably have grown very close to after helping him become the king of Luterra.
17:33Now that he's been the king for a while, he is actually getting ready to celebrate his coronation one year anniversary with a giant ball happening in Luterra.
17:42But he's secretly really stressed out about this.
17:45And while he's trying to put on a brave face, you might be the only person he's willing to open up to.
17:50Next up, we have Nineveh.
17:52Nineveh is someone I think we all know.
17:54All she does is help others.
17:55She never really looks out for herself.
17:57She's always bright, positive, smiling.
17:59And her animal friends are planning on throwing her a party because she's so bright and cute.
18:04Why wouldn't they?
18:05But something is happening and she mysteriously collapses due to a chaotic force.
18:11Nineveh is finally ready to open up about her past and some of the more dark history she's experienced that you may not have heard of before.
18:18I'm really looking forward to getting to know these characters a little bit better at a closer level.
18:22These are affection ranks, so you will be, you know, getting to know them on a little bit more of an intimate level, but that's also going to reveal a lot about their characters and personalities and a little bit about them that you maybe didn't know before.
18:35Don't look at me like that.
18:37I know you like Nineveh.
18:38I think you deserved it, Roxx.
18:39I know you like Nineveh.
18:41I mean, yeah, I just want to be there for after the traumatic events of Elgacia as well.
18:46So in addition to those new affection ranks coming into the game, there's also a new surprise coming onto Primal Island.
18:52Henry, do you want to talk a little bit about what players might find there?
18:55Yeah, absolutely.
18:57We're adding a fun new minigame, which is something that players in Lost Ark haven't really experienced before, where we have a new battle royale game mode coming.
19:08Players that are 1490 or above can load into Primal Island and experience a new game mode where you have to scavenge for your gear, battle dinosaurs, and battle each other until there's one person left standing who's the winner.
19:24Yeah, it's going to be pretty intense.
19:26I know there's a lot of intensity in Lost Ark, but nothing quite like facing off against dinosaurs in a battle royale.
19:32I think that'll be a really unique experience.
19:34Yeah, you can play it several times throughout the week.
19:38I think up to once a day.
19:40And increase your overall rank by your best placement.
19:44So some fun new PVP competition.
19:48Is this is more of a squad based sort of thing?
19:51Or are you on your own?
19:53everyone's on their own.
19:55It's a free-for-all.
19:56Every man and dinosaur for themselves.
19:58Oh yeah.
19:58Primal Island Oh, yeah.
20:05Henry, you want to talk a little bit about what adventures we're going on in October?
20:09Yeah, absolutely.
20:11In October, we have a new continent coming to Lost Ark, which is Pleccia, the continent of freedom, art and romance.
20:20Players will be able to uncover some cool new storylines.
20:24The story picks up in Luterra, where they will then venture to this new continent and experience some familiar faces.
20:36*cough* Armand *cough* Encounter Sacrian priests and learn about the kind of secretive Vediches family which inhabits Pleccia.
20:48Players will need to be item level 1475 to start the story quests.
20:53And once the story quest is finished, there will still be some exciting collectibles, cool rewards, and other fun things that they can experience on the continent.
21:03And you will need to complete Pleccia before Voldis, but we'll have a little bit more information on what that is soon.
21:10So when that comes in October, you're definitely going to want to dive in and explore that continent there for various reasons.
21:18I'm also excited with Pleccia because that's the first story after Elgacia that's going to open the second chapter of the story.
21:24So I'm very excited.
21:27From what I've seen, you know, the continent looks beautiful too.
21:29I love the setting.
21:31It's really pretty.
21:33I've really been wondering what's happened to Armand.
21:36I feel like it's been a while since I've heard from him.
21:38I hope...
21:39I hope he's okay.
21:40I guess we'll know soon.
21:43We'll find out.
21:45And then, in addition to Pleccia, for players that are a little bit more on the competitive side, rather than the story side, we have a new Trial Guardian coming, which is Caliligos, the master of Lightning Dragon.
21:59So similar to some of the previous Trial Guardian raids that we've had, players will be able to compete for the first clear in a region and then also the fastest clear time in general.
22:09So there's some cool vanity rewards, like a special title players can go for there and work to, you know, have good teamwork and clear the raid as fast as possible.
22:19Yeah, I know it's been a while since I've faced off against Carl, but coming back to it and definitely getting competitive about it might be pretty interesting.
22:26Yeah, I haven't tried Achates yet, but I think I'm going to give it a go this time around with some friends.
22:32Yeah, that could be fun.
22:34What about you, Andy?
22:35Do you think you're going to go for the Trial Guardian Raid at all?
22:39I'm not very good at Guardian Raids and I'm very, very far behind.
22:44But, you know, I'm...
22:47I don't know.
22:50All right, well, I'm keeping you from my team with that response.
22:56I'm just kidding.
22:57Maybe the four of us should try and clear it as a quad and see what happens.
23:01Yeah, that could be fun.
23:03Yeah, apparently, I didn't realize Soomin played support, so I think we can do it.
23:06Yeah, I don't do any damage, but like...
23:09Yeah, I got you.
23:11Yeah, that would be a lot of fun.
23:13So it sounds like we have a really exciting October coming up.
23:16Couple of things for us to do.
23:17A couple of new adventures, couple new challenges.
23:19And with that, we'll go ahead and start talking a little bit about November.
23:28There's something very exciting coming in November.
23:31It's going to be our next class following Aeromancer for Lost Ark in the west.
23:36So in November we have the Souleater advanced class coming.
23:40It's the next Assassin advanced class.
23:42It wields an enormous scythe as its weapon, which is super cool.
23:47But that's not the only way you can attack enemies with it.
23:50You can also summon the dead or transform into a reaper.
23:54I'm super excited for the class.
23:55I love playing all the Assassin classes.
23:58This one's no exception.
24:00It has some really unique mechanics.
24:02You can build up your Identity Gauge to transform into a Reaper.
24:08You fill up three Soul Stones and then can activate that whenever you want.
24:13There's a second Identity Gauge that fills up when you're transformed to let you further enhance your attacks and do some cool moves while in the Reaper form.
24:24So a lot of different cool attacks visually.
24:28I'm super excited.
24:29Like all the other classes, it will have two engravings to kind of change up the way that you play the class.
24:36The first one is the Full Moon engraving, and this one's built around really enhancing the Reaper mode and your playstyle when you're transformed.
24:47That's for the people that want to hit really big damage numbers in a cool burst window.
24:53So it's built around enhancing that playstyle.
24:56On the other hand, the Dark Moon actually completely takes away your Reaper transformation and makes you more powerful and allows you to use your Identity Gauge to enhance all of your other abilities when you're not transformed.
25:11So kind of two sides of the coin.
25:12We have the big burst window in the Full Moon engraving and kind of a constant uptime damage class focused around being fast and having powerful attacks all the time with the Full Moon.
25:26Yeah, I'm definitely really looking forward to seeing that Souleater in game.
25:30The animations and the way the class plays just like looks really visually stunning too.
25:34I think it's a really cool.
25:36Yeah, absolutely.
25:38But what can players expect when it comes, Soomin? Anything to help them level up the new class quickly?
25:43You know, they'll be another round of the Hyper Express.
25:47So we don't know which type of the Hyper Express is coming yet, but there will be Hyper Express plus Power Pass to support the growth.
25:55That'll be super cool.
25:57That way players can hop in and fight Akkan and some of the other cool stuff right away.
26:02We definitely want to get those Souleaters leveled up and ready to go, so we'll be supporting there.
26:07You going to make one, Andy?
26:08I do like my Assassin, so I'm going to have to race you to gearing up that Souleater.
26:13Oh, that'll be fun.
26:16A race?
26:16That's terrifying.
26:18Yeah, I think a few of my guild members started saving up materials as soon as they saw it announced in Korea.
26:24So I'm excited we get to bring it over in the next couple of months.
26:27Yeah, it's coming in pretty fast.
26:30Some of these things you're hearing today with Full moon, Dark Moon, Reaper, those are the terms we're using currently based off our kind of translations from Korea, but the class has not been fully localized.
26:40We're still doing some of that work.
26:42So some of those names you're hearing today might change slightly by the time it releases in November.
26:46Just keep that in mind.
26:47The functions, the form are still going to act the same.
26:50That's what you can look forward to with the class.
26:52Just might sound a little bit different when it's finally in the game, and that's going to bring us right to the end of the year where we're going to round things out with our December releases.
27:05We have another new adventure that players are going to set off on following Elgacia.
27:09Henry, do you want to talk a little bit about where we'll be headed next?
27:12Yeah, absolutely.
27:13So December is a new continent releasing, which includes a whole suite of new endgame activities and upgrades for players, and that is Volids.
27:27To enter Volids, you'll need to be item level 1520 to start the storyline and you'll get to venture to kind of this fantastical land where you'll meet the Sages, which are an important new group of characters that live in the big city of Kalinar in Voldis.
27:47There you'll go to seek out some of their wisdom to help with the upcoming wars as the Chaos Guardians and other threats in Arkesia are growing ever more present.
28:01And you'll get to experience both the bustling city of Kalinar, along with the lush rainforests as you uncover the secrets and listen to the advice of the Sages in this foreign land.
28:15It's really cool visually, and kind of a different tonal setting from a lot of the other continents in Arkesia.
28:23So super cool.
28:25There's cute homunculi that are floating around in the city and a couple other fun things that players will get to experience.
28:35Once you complete the story there's still fun things to do in all the normal stuff like Adventurer's Tome, collectibles, and cool things that you can...
28:44you can keep working towards.
28:46But the big thing that Voldis will introduce is the next Abyssal Dungeon, which is a four player activity.
28:55It's called the Ivory Tower.
28:57And like Kayangle, it will be four gates that players can progress through, fight compelling cool bosses, and earn a bunch of really cool rewards, gold honing mats, all the normal stuff.
29:13So one of the really cool rewards that is earnable in the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon is a new system called Elixirs, which are the next big power increase that players can experience in Lost Ark.
29:25It's a really cool system that kind of blends some strategic decision-making along with a certain amount of luck, which is always important in Lost Ark.
29:35But the way it works is, once you acquire an Elixir through the Abyssal Dungeon - first of all, let me say there's two types.
29:43You can get Epic ones from completing normal mode and Legendary ones from completing hard mode.
29:49So once you acquire an Elixir, you have to refine it.
29:53You can refine it by using a Catalyst, which is a new item that you can earn in-game by purchasing it with gold and Stones of Chaos.
30:03And once you refine it, you'll be guided along a path where you'll have to make some strategic decisions and like I said, also have a little bit of luck to succeed.
30:13Luckily, you'll be getting advice from some of the Sages in Voldis while you're doing it, so you'll have a little bit of an endgame guide to help you make some of those decisions.
30:25And as you refine it, you can kind of choose which path to go on, which lets you unlock some really powerful offensive, defensive and utility-based upgrades for your kit.
30:39Once you've gone through that refining process, you can then imbue your gear with the refined Elixir onto your various armor pieces.
30:51And one thing that's really cool is mixing and matching some of those upgrades that you get through the Elixirs, because when you're able to match some of the important effects, they further boost the effect and give you some really big crit rate increases or attack power increases or other options to really make your character feel more powerful.
31:17So that's pretty exciting.
31:18I'm really looking forward to it.
31:20I play Deathblade.
31:21I know Andy does too, so things like that crit rate make your surge feel a lot better, right?
31:26You can never have enough crit rate.
31:27True, True.
31:29So yeah, it's a.'..
31:30it's a cool system.
31:31I think it'll be fun.
31:34And also let players kind of make some cool decisions as they're looking to upgrade their gear.
31:39So there's definitely a lot to do in Voldis.
31:42Is there anything else coming out in December that players should look out for?
31:45There is one more surprise - there will be one more season of Ark Pass starting from December.
31:51So yeah, not only will we have a new Ark Pass coming in September, but we'll also have an additional one in December.
31:56So a lot of Ark Pass for players to enjoy and gain rewards.
32:01So that's going to round out our content for the roadmap throughout the end of the year.
32:04We really enjoyed getting together and talking to you all about what's coming, sharing a little bit of insight on some of these systems and details on what to expect.
32:13We hope you enjoyed it, too.
32:14And we want to leave you with a Community Question.
32:17What part of the roadmap content are you most looking forward to experiencing?
32:20And with that, this was our first time doing a roadmap video like this and all getting together to talk to players.
32:25We want to know what you thought as well.
32:27Let us know what you enjoyed.
32:28If you want to see more like this, please like and subscribe.
32:31Leave a comment on the video and we would really appreciate it.
32:34As always, I'm Roxx.
32:36This is Henry, Soomin, and Andy.
32:38We are really glad to talk to you today and we'll see you in Arkesia.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the focus of the upcoming updates and changes in The Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap - Part 3?

The upcoming updates and changes in The Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap - Part 3 focus on improvements to the in-game economy, addressing botting issues, and making gameplay more rewarding.

2. What are the new additions mentioned in The Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap - Part 3?

The new additions mentioned in The Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap - Part 3 include the introduction of Jump Start Servers to eliminate gatekeeping and provide a fresh start for players, affection ranks for Thirain and Nineveh, the Pleccia continent, and the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon with the new Elixirs system.

3. How will the Jump Start Servers benefit players in The Lost Ark?

The Jump Start Servers in The Lost Ark will benefit players by eliminating gatekeeping and providing a fresh start for new and returning players, allowing them to catch up with the game's progression and content.

4. What are the key features of the new content mentioned in The Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap - Part 3?

The new content mentioned in The Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap - Part 3 includes affection ranks for Thirain and Nineveh, the Pleccia continent, and the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon with the new Elixirs system, offering exciting new gameplay experiences and challenges for players.

5. How will the introduction of affection ranks and new content enhance the gaming experience in The Lost Ark?

The introduction of affection ranks and new content such as the Pleccia continent and the Ivory Tower Abyssal Dungeon with the new Elixirs system will enhance the gaming experience in The Lost Ark by adding depth to the gameplay, providing new challenges, and offering players more rewarding and engaging activities.

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