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The video discusses how narcissists may eventually realize the value of the person they lost and the qualities they possessed, but emphasizes that the individual who was victimized by the narcissist should focus on their own growth, healing, and using their newfound knowledge to protect themselves and help others.
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The video discusses when a narcissist realizes what they lost, highlighting that the current supply isn't meeting their needs and they may be reflecting on the person they let go (you).
The narcissist realizes the value of the great supply they had in you.
They may be trying to hoover you or ruminating about the one that got away.
It is acknowledged that you may have given the narcissist many chances before knowing they were a narcissist.
The narcissist sees you as the person who gave everything, loved unconditionally, and was always there for them.
The narcissist will eventually realize that they lost something special with you, but they won't think about it every day.
The narcissist will acknowledge that they had something good with you and blew it up like they do with all relationships.
The narcissist leaves a mark of devastation and destruction in every encounter.
They had the best thing they will ever have in you.
Narcissists may try to hoover you back after realizing what they lost, but now that you are educated and understand narcissism, you can see through their tactics and have the power to gauge people and determine if you can trust them.
Narcissists may think about the one that got away and may try to get you back.
After educating yourself on narcissism, you can see through their tactics and understand their true nature.
You have become an expert on your relationship and can now gauge people and determine if you can trust them.
Your newfound knowledge on narcissism is your superpower and allows you to see things clearly and make better decisions about who to spend time with.
In a narcissistic relationship, the person becomes a servant to the narcissist, giving and being abused in return.
Time is the most precious commodity, and how it is spent is important.
The person didn't realize they were being manipulated until the end of the relationship.
The narcissist abused, gaslighted, stonewalled, invalidated, and triangulated the person.
This section emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and learning from the past experiences with a narcissist.
It is necessary to accept and respect the chapter of our life that involved the narcissist.
We should maintain memories of what happened without dwelling on them.
Many people may not have the strength, willingness, or insight to understand and learn from their experiences with narcissists.
The viewers of this video are part of a special tribe who have gone through the fire and have the opportunity to heal and grow.
00:01hey guys welcome back to the channel
00:02thank you for being here my name is
00:04andrew coming to you from beautiful
00:05costa rica today's topic is going to be
00:08when the narcissist realizes what they
00:12think about that for a minute guys if
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00:16so what this means is when the
00:18narcissist actually understands
00:21what they had in you the great a supply
00:23that we talk about on the channel all
00:24the time it means that the narcissists
00:28their current supply isn't cutting it
00:29they're not doing what the narcissist
00:31needs them to do and let's be real
00:34you that you're on the channel and thank
00:35you very much for being here you are
00:37grade a supply let me take that back you
00:40were grade a supply no longer are you
00:42supply at all for anybody other than
00:44yourself so fantastic work
00:46but to let you know the narcissists they
00:48will be looking back and they probably
00:50are right now in some aspect maybe
00:52they're trying to hoover you maybe
00:53they're ruminating maybe they're
00:54thinking about wow the one that got away
00:56which is you
00:57maybe if it's you watching this video
00:59right now and you're saying to yourself
01:01well you know i gave the narcissist so
01:03many chances keep in mind this is all
01:05when you did not know that narcissist
01:07was a narcissist you now do you're
01:09learning more and more each and every
01:10day and becoming empowered and for that
01:13i applaud you it takes a lot and it
01:15takes an awful special person to put
01:17their time in and do their due diligence
01:19on exactly what kind of relationship
01:20they were in which in this case was a
01:22narcissistic relationship
01:24but the narcissists they are looking
01:27maybe not today maybe tomorrow not maybe
01:29not tomorrow
01:30maybe today the thing is is the
01:32narcissists will always say one thing to
01:34themselves that one person which is you
01:37is the one that got away the one bright
01:39shining light the person that actually
01:41gave everything they had the person that
01:43was always there for the narcissist the
01:45person that loved to a fault the person
01:47that did everything they possibly could
01:49and the person that gave gave and
01:51contributed and wanted the relationship
01:53to work but more importantly the person
01:55that was naive and that did their best
01:58to maintain a healthy relationship and
02:00to keep things going and to offer the
02:02narcissist supply and to offer
02:04everything they possibly could to the
02:07the narcissist saw this what they did is
02:09they took advantage of you the situation
02:12they devoured your goodness your
02:13wholeness your spirit your light
02:16everything and when they did this even
02:18then you the beautiful empath you said
02:21to yourself you know what
02:23i'm going to give more i'm going to
02:25and this this happened insidiously it
02:28happened over time and what you did is
02:29you found yourself giving and giving
02:32why did you do this
02:33that's right because maybe you're in
02:34love maybe you're an empath maybe that
02:36person you just didn't want to give up
02:38on you didn't want to quit because
02:40empaths our hearts are huge they're the
02:42size of of the of the stars
02:44what happened here is you were pushed to
02:47the brink
02:48and you finally said enough and you move
02:51or maybe unfortunately you're discarded
02:53and you had to go through some difficult
02:55times and understanding that you were
02:57with a narcissist and understanding that
02:59wow this person they did not have my
03:01best interest at heart and they did want
03:03to destroy me
03:04the whole point of that is the
03:06narcissist will look back
03:08believe me if they're not doing it now
03:09they will eventually and they're going
03:10to say to themselves i really had
03:12something special there i really had
03:14something good and i blew it up like i
03:16blow up all relationships like i blow up
03:18all friendships like i blow up all
03:21everything every person i encounter
03:23i leave a scar a mark something
03:25devastating and destructive and in this
03:27one relationship which is you is who i'm
03:30referring to
03:31they had the best thing that they will
03:33ever have in you
03:34and i know that you know that the reason
03:36i know is because you're watching the
03:37channel and you're educating yourself
03:39now am i insinuating that the narcissist
03:42is going to be thinking about this each
03:43and every day for the rest of their life
03:45no why because they're too busy getting
03:47supply from other people they're too
03:49busy living their fake lives and
03:51destroying other people and manipulating
03:53and deceiving and being cunning and
03:56trying to control people but there will
03:58be moments in time believe me there will
04:01be moments in time watch this
04:04on the channel many times i say to you
04:05that in my relationship i would be
04:07sitting on the couch trying to watch a
04:09documentary with the narcissist and that
04:10would be on one of their three cell
04:12phones completely ignoring me pacifying
04:14me by saying oh yeah don't worry about
04:16keep keep hitting play it would never
04:18watch it was never quality time many of
04:20you know that and if you haven't watched
04:21the videos in the past the point is
04:23maybe this time
04:25when the narcissist is with the new
04:27supply on that on a different couch on
04:29their same three phones or probably new
04:31phones by now
04:32maybe they're thinking of you or maybe
04:34they're thinking of of of me
04:37this video isn't about mates to let you
04:39know that they are always on the search
04:41for supply they're always looking for
04:43that one thing they will never find you
04:45see the narcissist never is satiated
04:48they have a bottomless pit
04:50their cup can never be full of anything
04:53and that means anything so while you're
04:56saying here wow andrew i i resonate with
04:59most of this i get it and you know what
05:01i believe you're right
05:03it's true
05:04the beauty of you and i is that when the
05:06narcissistic relationship ended what did
05:08we do that's right
05:11we introspected we took time a lot of
05:15to heal to learn to grow to educate
05:17ourselves to understand what we were
05:20dealing with to understand the falseness
05:22of the relationship and that narcissism
05:24is prevalent on this planet and that yes
05:27we fell for a narcissist
05:29it doesn't have to be only in the
05:30romantic relationship it can be in
05:31business like i said it could be your
05:32boss it could be that neighbor
05:35that you finally moved away from after
05:37three years because you just couldn't
05:38handle it any longer they're playing
05:40music so late at night why just to annoy
05:42you just to bother you because that's
05:44what a narcissist does
05:45they get under your skin
05:47on many different levels
05:49but the narcissists believe me when i
05:51say it they will think about the one
05:53that got away they will if they're not
05:54doing it right now and they may try to
05:56hoover you they may try to get you back
05:59who knows what they will do the thing is
06:02now that time has passed and now that
06:03you've educated yourself and you've
06:06exactly what you're dealing with and
06:08you've basically become a professional
06:10meaning you know all the terms on
06:11narcissism because you lived through the
06:13fire you experienced it you know exactly
06:15what a coward and a bully the narcissist
06:18there's no going back now you see you
06:20can't unsee what you see
06:22whereas in the past when you're in the
06:24narcissistic relationship and yes you
06:26probably were being a punching bag you
06:28probably were being bullied and abused
06:30and gaslit
06:31you certainly had a trauma bond if it
06:32was a romantic relationship or a
06:34familiar relationship and that's a whole
06:37different issue one of the most
06:38difficult things you could ever break
06:42but with all these things you now became
06:46you became an expert on your
06:48and now you see things clearly crystal
06:50clearly remember this is you now your
06:52superpower it's now the thing that you
06:54can now gauge people on and understand
06:56within a few moments who they are
06:58and if you want to spend time with them
07:00more importantly if you can trust them
07:03or if you just want to leave them in the
07:05past and go gray rock give them the one
07:07or two word answers and move on
07:09that's what you do
07:10but before when you're in the
07:11narcissistic relationship you didn't
07:13have this superpower what you had is
07:15being a beautiful bright naive yes sorry
07:18but you were naive i was
07:20kind loving person believing that most
07:22people on the planet were like you
07:24they're not
07:25most people on the planet actually have
07:26an agenda to get from you what they want
07:29to better themselves
07:31to climb up the corporate ladder to have
07:33the best house on the block to become
07:35the best teacher to become the best
07:37parent things like that but the whole
07:39time you were thinking that people were
07:41equal or wanted the same things as you
07:43did they didn't they don't and they
07:45never will
07:47it took me a long time on this planet to
07:48understand that but of course i'm here
07:50now and now like i said a moment ago
07:53when you see these things you can't
07:54unsee them what that means is
07:57you have the education you have the
07:59knowledge you can't just turn it off you
08:01owe it to yourself the community your
08:03loved ones and people around you to use
08:05this to your advantage and to help
08:08again i'm not saying doing anything bad
08:10or wrong i'm saying protect yourself
08:12maintain your boundaries
08:13limit who enters your circle limit who
08:16you spend your time with remember time
08:18is the most precious commodity on this
08:20it's not gold it's not money
08:23it's not how many houses you have or
08:25how many fancy watches
08:27it's time
08:29and how you spend your time
08:30is of the utmost importance and when
08:33you're in the narcissistic relationship
08:35you spent most of your time serving the
08:37narcissist yes i know you thought that
08:39you were in a healthy relationship or a
08:41relationship that was a two-way street
08:43with the narcissist
08:44it wasn't
08:45what it was was you were a servant to
08:47the narcissist you just didn't realize
08:49it until the very end
08:51and what i mean by that is
08:53pretty narcissistic relationship you
08:55would do things for yourself when you
08:57wanted to in your time
08:59and you were fine with that you actually
09:01thrived you loved it then you met the
09:03narcissist what happened that's right
09:06you found yourself giving becoming more
09:08and more like the narcissists their
09:10extension their air and boy their puppet
09:13their caretaker
09:15the person who pays their bills the
09:16person who who does things for them who
09:19is their sounding board and yet while
09:20you gave and gave and gave what happened
09:23that's right they abused you more and
09:25more and more they gaslet you they
09:27stonewalled you they gave you the silent
09:28treatment they certainly invalidated you
09:31and one of my least actually my least
09:33favorite thing they probably
09:34triangulated you in many ways which i
09:37believe is the most insidious disgusting
09:38thing form of manipulation anybody could
09:41do to another human being but that's
09:42what they did
09:43now back then again you didn't realize
09:45what you were going through you do now
09:48so you can't unsee what you see
09:50you have the knowledge you owe it to
09:52yourself to use it to protect yourself
09:54to move forward and to share it with
09:55other people that's what we do
09:58so will the narcissist be thinking about
10:00the one that got away will they be
10:01thinking wow that person was incredible
10:04they were great a supply yes you were
10:06remember when i opened this video i did
10:08say that you were grade a supplier
10:10because you were
10:11that's what i was
10:12we are not supply any longer
10:15supply is a term for something that when
10:17you go to the store they're out of
10:18supply meaning there's no more clorox or
10:21there's no more
10:22white bees whatever you want to call it
10:24we're human beings we're beautiful
10:27we're bright shining lights we're not
10:28supply what we are is putting the
10:31chapter of the book
10:33closing it moving forward
10:35understanding what we went through
10:37learning from it and growing
10:39of course healing
10:41maybe teaching but the point is what
10:43happened in the past it's a chapter of
10:45our life
10:46and yeah we did go through it we have to
10:48admit it and and respect it
10:51we need to maintain our memories of what
10:53happened not to ruminate on them we've
10:55already done that but to just have
10:57reminders what we went through you see
10:59you're part of a special tribe just like
11:01me we've gone through the fire we
11:03understand what it took and what it
11:04takes to actually be here watching this
11:06video right now
11:08not many people will get to be where we
11:09are they sincerely won't
11:11some people may not survive and i'm
11:13sorry to say that but they may not
11:16other people may not have the fortitude
11:18to get the education or the insight or
11:20the willingness maybe they'll just
11:23continue on with life not getting the
11:25answers because they don't want to
11:26understand maybe it's too painful
11:29maybe others are oblivious they're in
11:32many people are like that they just
11:35they just shut it down they're like okay
11:36this is the way it is
11:37that's it but they don't they don't have
11:40craving for the knowledge and then there
11:41are people like you and myself
11:44who have educated ourselves and always
11:45will and will continue to learn to grow
11:48and to teach others
11:49you see i believe everybody does things
11:51for a reason but i believe there's a
11:53special reason you're on this channel
11:54right now and it's to help heal and to
11:56help learn
11:58so guys the narcissist they will look
12:00back one day probably many many times
12:02and say that you're the one that got
12:03away this video before i close it it's
12:05not about saying oh too bad you had us
12:09those days are long over this video is
12:13we now know what to do
12:14the narcissist
12:16that person that did what they did
12:21when you did what you did to us
12:23manipulated us destroyed us probably
12:25discarded us
12:27you didn't realize that we were gonna
12:28rise out of the ashes you didn't realize
12:30you were gonna create a super human
12:33but you did
12:35and with that comes all the
12:36responsibility and power
12:38of our newfound superpower
12:40guys i'm gonna close the video out now i
12:42hope you liked it i love doing it from
12:44beautiful costa rica this is andrew god
12:45bless you
12:48have a beautiful and blessed day i love
12:50you all
12:51continue to shine as bright as you
12:52possibly can which will get better each
12:54and every day
12:55and for those of you who are just
12:57experiencing the discard or just going
12:58through or just understanding what a
13:00narcissist is take your time
13:03take your time things will get better i
13:06love you all god bless you i'll talk to
13:07you soon have a great day
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can narcissists eventually realize the value of the person they lost?

Narcissists can eventually realize the value of the person they lost by recognizing the qualities and positive attributes of the individual. This realization may come after a period of self-reflection and personal growth.

2. What should the individual who was victimized by the narcissist focus on?

The individual who was victimized by the narcissist should focus on their own growth, healing, and self-improvement. It's important for them to prioritize their own well-being and emotional recovery.

3. How can individuals use their newfound knowledge to protect themselves from narcissists?

Individuals can use their newfound knowledge to protect themselves from narcissists by recognizing red flags, setting healthy boundaries, and seeking support from trusted sources. Developing a strong sense of self-worth and confidence is also crucial.

4. What are some qualities that narcissists may eventually realize in the person they lost?

Narcissists may eventually realize the qualities of empathy, kindness, and understanding in the person they lost. They may come to appreciate these traits and recognize their value.

5. How can individuals who have been victimized by narcissists help others?

Individuals who have been victimized by narcissists can help others by sharing their experiences, educating others about the patterns and behaviors of narcissists, and offering support and guidance to those who may be in similar situations.

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