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This video is a review of the course "Growth Cave" by Lucas Lee Tyson, warning viewers to be wary of the promises and lack of support in the program. The reviewer mentions that while there is valuable information on using YouTube ads, the program focuses too much on selling and lacks success stories from its members.
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The speaker is giving a personal review of the "Growth Cave" course by Lucas Lee Tyson, emphasizing that the video is for entertainment purposes and sharing their own experience with the program.
The speaker mentions falling victim to online ads promising a better life and making money.
They state that the course makes outrageous promises and lures people in with the idea that even dumb ideas can lead to success.
The speaker clarifies that the video is not taking a stance on whether to join the course or not, but rather sharing their personal opinion and experience.
They mention having paid money for the course and will be discussing their experience with it.
The reviewer explains how the Growth Cave program works, including access to a Facebook group and modules on creating YouTube ads, but criticizes the program's construction and organization.
The program is called Growth Cave and includes access to a Facebook group.
The modules cover topics such as using YouTube to create ads and promoting products or services.
The program provides templates and step-by-step guidance on crafting YouTube ads.
The reviewer criticizes the program's construction, audio quality, and organization.
The reviewer warns that the program's creator falsely claims that anyone can achieve financial success, but there are no success stories in the Facebook group and dissenting voices are silenced by the moderators.
The program creator claims that even the dumbest idea can be sold for thousands of dollars a month.
There are no success stories in the Facebook group, despite having around 800 members.
The program charges $8,000, but nobody seems to be making that money back.
Moderators in the Facebook group delete comments and kick out members who raise concerns or ask hard questions.
Be wary of the Growth Cave program as it lacks support and is focused on getting people to sign up.
The program has multiple coaches for different aspects.
The program's webinars can be dull but informative.
The program's goal is to get people to sign up and swipe their credit cards.
There is little to no support once you sign up.
The program uses people from around the United States to conduct one-on-one zoom calls instead of the owner.
The speaker warns about salespeople being commissioned by Lucas Lee Tyson, reading off scripts and not having personal experience with the program.
Salespeople are paid by Lucas for the sales they close.
The speaker was on a call for almost an hour with a salesperson who did not have personal experience with the program.
The salesperson admitted to not having time to go through the program or own any products.
The speaker expresses caution about salespeople who are hired guns and lack personal experience with the product.
The reviewer gives a thumbs down to the Growth Cave course by Lucas Lee Tyson, stating that while the product itself may be good, not everyone is cut out to be successful in front of the camera.
The reviewer believes that Lucas Lee Tyson is a salesman who wants to drive up his numbers and swipe credit cards.
Not everyone has the delivery ability, physical features, or acting skills to be successful in making videos.
The reviewer mentions a person named Darren in the group who is not successful in video making.
Buying Lucas Lee Tyson's program not only costs $6-8k, but also requires indefinite spending on ad campaigns to test out ads.
The program requires editing ability which may cost a lot of money on software and outsourcing.
Testing the ads is a learning curve and requires spending $100 at a time on Google ads.
It may take up to 40-50 ads to reach the acceptable metrics, which can be expensive and put the buyer in debt.
The reviewer criticizes Lucas Lee Tyson for not providing concrete advice and instead posting fake pay stubs on Facebook.
Lucas Lee Tyson tries to convince people they can achieve his lifestyle by swiping their credit card.
The reviewer claims that Facebook farming is a waste of time and won't work.
The reviewer believes that YouTube ads do work, but Lucas Lee Tyson's program may not work for everyone.
Lucas Lee Tyson's business model revolves around convincing people they can sell any product using his program.
00:00so i wanted to do this uh
00:03this quick review
00:04of a course
00:06that i uh i fell victim for on uh on the
00:10internet um you know like everybody uh
00:14you you you come to these guys
00:17you see these ads on youtube and you
00:18click them and they promise you a better
00:20life they promise you you're gonna make
00:21money just do my little formula buy my
00:24program this is what i can do for you
00:27this is what you're gonna get they
00:28stress the pain points
00:30they uh you know make outrageous uh the
00:34promises because they have success and
00:35then they they uh lure you in thinking
00:37that you're gonna be able to do it with
00:39even the dumbest of dumb ideas that that
00:41you have so
00:43this is my personal review
00:45uh of growth cave
00:48uh with lucas lee tyson i don't know if
00:50you guys have seen them if you're if you
00:52if you clicked on this video you're
00:53probably thinking or reviewing this guy
00:55and thinking about joining his course so
00:57i'm not
00:58saying either way
01:01i want to put it out there this video is
01:02merely for entertainment uh it's merely
01:05my opinion because i've went through the
01:09uh i paid money for his course
01:13and uh
01:14i am going to share my experience with
01:18it so uh without being said so here's
01:21one of the videos you might have clicked
01:23on uh
01:25on the internet
01:26uh when you when you when you uh you
01:28know sign up for his webinar and you
01:30know you make the mistake of putting
01:32your email in there and going through
01:33the funnel and all this stuff you
01:35probably saw something like this right
01:36if you want to get rich quick you should
01:38skip this ad right now because i'm sure
01:40you've seen a lot of these fake online
01:42business gurus with their lamborghinis
01:44their ferraris and their rented mansions
01:45telling you how they can make you a
01:46million bucks overnight well if you've
01:48ever seen one of those ads i'm sure
01:50you've had the thought that this seems
01:52don't forget this guy's on all
01:54that but he's actually
01:56trying to say you can do it he's just
01:58doing it another way he's pr he's he's
01:59he's basically
02:01what i got from it would lure me in he's
02:03a regular guy a regular kid he's not
02:05that old uh and uh you know
02:09he he's making fun of all these other
02:10people doing it but he's doing the same
02:12thing so just keep that in mind
02:14too good to be true and you're right
02:15there is no single way that someone can
02:18become a millionaire overnight if it was
02:20that simple everyone would be doing it
02:22and that's why i want to introduce
02:23myself my name is lucas lee tyson i used
02:25to see a ton of those ads when i was a
02:27broke college student looking for ways
02:29to make money online using just my
02:31laptop and cell phone from my crappy
02:33college dorm room see i knew the path of
02:35going to school getting a nine-to-five
02:37job and working until i retired was not
02:39the path for me that was not how i
02:41wanted to spend the next 40 and 50 years
02:43of my life and it's embarrassing for me
02:44to admit but i bought into countless
02:46get-rich-quick schemes i wasted
02:48thousands of dollars trust me these
02:49courses and coaching this is one of me
02:52they were gonna that claimed to teach me
02:53that they were gonna make me a
02:54millionaire overnight again in my
02:55opinion this was one of them so just you
02:57know you get the idea you probably saw
02:59this guy
03:00on there trying to sell what he what he
03:02originally did from what i understand i
03:04could be wrong
03:06uh but he had an internet
03:08ad agency where he helped businesses uh
03:11promote them from other services or
03:13whatever on facebook facebook ads and
03:16all this stuff
03:17and uh
03:18if you do some research on it he uh
03:22there's a lot of complaints with it so
03:24from what i understand to make a long
03:25story short i inquired about this he
03:27ended up selling it
03:29his brother i don't know what the deal
03:32so anyway this guy eventually figured
03:34out uh you know he's going to try to he
03:37he figured out how to use youtube ads
03:40to make
03:42to drive sales to his click funnel then
03:46to his product and then you take then
03:48you decide if you want to make a call so
03:49they input your email and a thing and
03:51then you get on a zoom call and he
03:53doesn't actually talk to you it's the
03:55guys and girls that he hires out
03:59as uh his sales professionals his sales
04:02agents and they try to close you over
04:04the phone that's in a nutshell
04:06how the whole thing works so the funnel
04:09he teaches you through his program this
04:12is called growth cave
04:14and you get here here's inside the
04:16program you get access to everything
04:19uh you get a facebook group
04:22and i'll get into that in a minute that
04:23that is a uh that is a show and a
04:26um but
04:29you go through his modules and all this
04:32stuff and there's all kinds of stuff in
04:34there about uh you know how to use the
04:38pro you start here you start there and
04:39then the big ones are really
04:44in a sense the biggest takeaway from
04:46this and there's some good stuff in here
04:47don't get me wrong if you're looking to
04:49use youtube to create ads
04:51to promote your product or service
04:54you know you have to use google with
04:55that and everything ties together
04:58uh he does have a lot of great stuff as
05:01far as templates
05:03uh hitting the pain points how to craft
05:05what to say how to do this how to do
05:08that step by step as far as making that
05:10youtube ad okay there's there and i'm
05:13gonna it's a good program for that if
05:16you're if you're thinking of doing it
05:18uh his program about building
05:22youtube ads scripting it what to say
05:25the reasoning behind it uh the reason
05:28why people are looking for solutions to
05:31their problems and then highlighting the
05:33pain points
05:35and then giving them a solution so he
05:38starts off with you know you go through
05:40this program which the program itself is
05:43bush league it's it's not uh constructed
05:46very well he's basically doing it in
05:48front of his uh
05:49if they're all screen shots the audio is
05:53um and it's not current especially uh
05:56there's a section in here with the
05:57facebook ads
05:59uh i forget where it is it's so like
06:02unorganized in here when you go through
06:04the modules uh it it it really is not uh
06:09i had so i was so annoyed by it
06:12to be honest with you when i it wasn't
06:14an act the actual program it was how
06:17he just put it together kind of
06:18half-assed it's very non-professional he
06:21he uses this whiteboard thing where he
06:23sometimes talks and he talks too fast
06:26and when he uses this little whiteboard
06:28scrib scribble tool you can't like
06:31understand anything what he's scribbling
06:33on there it's so like he he has the
06:35worst penmanship and handwriting looks
06:37like a doctor's writing on there so that
06:39was annoying about it
06:40and a lot of the things are outdated on
06:43here and uh when you press them on it i
06:46i found a few errors on this and i had
06:47to get back to them like wait where is
06:49this thing it's supposed to be here and
06:50he's like oh that that was a mistake we
06:52have to go add that in it'll be fixed in
06:54a minute so
06:56that is not
06:58very thumbs down to the the whole like
07:01how he threw this thing together but i
07:03will give him a compliment there is good
07:06stuff in here he knows what he's doing i
07:09don't um
07:11i don't uh
07:12i don't have anything bad to say about
07:14him i think he's a smart kid i think he
07:17i think he found something that works
07:18for him and he's able to package it and
07:21market it and get it out to the masses
07:24but the here's the problem with it
07:26here's the problem with it and this is
07:27what you guys need to understand if
07:29you're thinking about doing this
07:32he already had a product
07:36that he's trying to get out there that
07:38works that everybody needs everybody
07:41needs to know how to market their
07:42services everybody needs to know uh you
07:45know how to uh
07:48you know rank
07:50drive traffic
07:51and generate sales for whatever product
07:54you have now he has a good product you
07:56see how a service like helping people
07:59script out youtube ads and teaching them
08:01how to do it how you see how that can be
08:04sold to the masses and marketed
08:05correctly so that's where his strong
08:09point lies he has a great niche okay
08:12that right there is important
08:14so the problem with him and his program
08:19he lures people in thinking you can do
08:21exactly what he did and and what i'm
08:24trying to get at is he's trying to tell
08:26you you can have the dumbest idea but
08:28you can sell it and make uh you know
08:31thousands of months thousands of dollars
08:33a month
08:34you can be financially free you can do
08:36this and you're going to be taking
08:38clients and booking thing blah blah blah
08:40the reality is that's not going to
08:42happen for about i would say 90
08:45of the people that come into his course
08:47and how do i know that because inside
08:50his facebook group inside his facebook
08:52group there's never any stories
08:56about success
08:58there's never anybody in there and
08:59there's like about 800 people in that
09:01group probably the last time i uh i i
09:04saw it till i left the group
09:06there was about 800 people and he
09:08charges six grand a pop
09:10okay and then you can get his slack
09:12support for another two thousand so that
09:14would be eight thousand dollars okay and
09:16the reality is nobody's making that
09:18money back because there's no there's
09:20never any success stories in the group
09:23there's never
09:25uh you know it's always all the all this
09:27is just this rah-rah raw stuff you can
09:30do it too
09:31you know keep going with it blah blah
09:33blah and then the problem is when you
09:35speak up
09:36and you press people on hard questions
09:38you press him on hard questions the
09:40moderators of the group will kick you
09:42out they will they will delete your
09:44comment because they don't want to have
09:45anything bad or negative in there that
09:48questions this guy
09:50questions thing or you are completely
09:53stifled in that group so
09:55if you're thinking about going in that
09:56group and you're raising concerns and
09:58you have problems or issues you forget
10:00it the moderators will kick you right
10:02and there's a lot of wimpy people in
10:04that group darren
10:06was one of them that i i remember and uh
10:09you know it's just this fake false
10:11positivity that you can do it too you
10:13can do it too the reality is most people
10:16i'm talking i i would say in my opinion
10:18about ninety percent of the people on
10:21ninety percent in my opinion
10:23are are gonna throw money out the door
10:25because they have stupid ideas like
10:28professional wedding photography
10:31how to be hot everybody's everybody's a
10:33coach nowadays i thought that was so
10:35funny i haven't saw so many wannabe
10:37coaches on these programs and for the
10:39dumbest things too there's one guy on
10:41there how to how to alleviate your joint
10:43pain uh the natural way you know stuff
10:46like that it's like why would i go to
10:47you i'll go to a doctor what makes you
10:49an expert and then and then
10:52if you can get if you can stomach pests
10:53if you have a bad idea that's that's the
10:56first mistake you're gonna make you know
10:57if you're if you've got a passion if
10:58you're trying to teach somebody uh how
11:01to talk to your kids or whatever i've
11:02seen the dumbest things on there there's
11:05a lot of religious themed stuff on there
11:07that nobody's gonna buy dudes
11:10nobody's gonna buy this stuff but lucas
11:14that you can
11:16make his ten thousand dollar guarantee
11:18meaning you make your six grand back he
11:20promises you'll make your six grand back
11:22that you invested in the program or the
11:24eight grand and then in addition there's
11:26going to be a 10 000 guarantee on top of
11:29that so totaling he promises you're
11:31going to at least make 16 000 and i'm
11:34telling you nobody in the group has ever
11:36reported making that even when it when i
11:38posted stuff hey who has success on
11:41there crickets crickets
11:43and then you know you got to watch what
11:44you say or you get kicked off and they
11:46all just want this fake positivity stuff
11:48just to promote his is that his system
11:51works his thing works and i get it from
11:54a business standpoint it's his facebook
11:56group they can they can they can do that
11:58but it's not real it's not it's not very
12:00truthful okay
12:04the funny thing about is those zoom call
12:05meetings you'll get uh it started out he
12:07was on two of them when i signed up he
12:09would do he barely gets by through an
12:11hour the the kid lives in an apartment
12:13in boston and he can barely do an hour
12:15uh uh two days a week okay that's when i
12:18started and then
12:20he went to one day a week because i
12:21don't know what he's doing over there
12:23but he he he rationed it off to other
12:25people he has a copywriting coach
12:28he has something a business coach and
12:30then he has some other coach
12:32bonnie is really cool uh she's helpful
12:35she goes over your script writing but
12:36the thing is you got to raise your hand
12:38and you got to wait your turn and it's
12:39just you know
12:41they're they're kind of dull and boring
12:42but you can get some important things
12:44out of it uh which which i which i
12:46definitely did but
12:49um as a whole
12:51as a whole
12:53this program you have to be very
12:56weary of because you're you're gonna you
12:59know and and he goes through this whole
13:01thing i even know what's going on in
13:02these ad scripts and and this whole
13:05these whole youtube videos it's
13:08you can have the you can have a service
13:09or a
13:10or a crappy
13:13but as long as you put it in a way where
13:16people believe you and the whole goal is
13:19to get you to swipe your credit card and
13:21sign up and that's it and once you do
13:23they got your money and it's just like
13:25you know you there's very little support
13:27if any
13:28moving forward that's worthwhile okay
13:31and uh
13:32for instance when you
13:35sign up for his program uh you know you
13:37you click on this youtube ad
13:39you go to his landing page he does like
13:42a 30 minute presentation and if you fall
13:44for it then you click his thing and you
13:46sign up and you will go to a zoom call
13:49okay that's a one-on-one zoom call which
13:51is good but here's the problem you're
13:53not going to get this guy
13:56what he does is he pays people from
13:58around the united states kids just kids
14:00and when you get some of these idiots on
14:02the phone you're like oh my god uh
14:04whatever this
14:06these these dudes don't look
14:07professional they don't look like they
14:08have two nickels wrapped in their pocket
14:10if what they're doing is reading from a
14:12script and it's inside his program you t
14:14he teaches you with his other programs
14:17it's in here it's in uh when you get
14:19access to his training let me go back
14:23uh hang on a second let me go back here
14:25so it's in the the product product has
14:29quick start it's in there see six figure
14:35it's in that product product size
14:38profits basically he supplies you with
14:40all the scripts
14:42what to say over the phone how to close
14:44people on the phone which can be good
14:46but the thing is there's a certain
14:49method to it
14:52and he goes over calls
14:54he has with people he he he does it in
14:57like real time then he goes over and
14:58analyzes well here's what i used to do
15:00you see you listen in here and this is
15:01the mistake i made and here's what i did
15:03right and bob up on here's here's how it
15:05went bad but i managed to save the call
15:07so don't get me wrong this guy will do
15:09anything to swipe your credit card
15:10that's the impression i got and then
15:12when you go to the zoom call all right
15:14you're interested at this point you're
15:15like wrong oh this is for me i'm gonna
15:18sell my digital art program that's
15:20catered towards the elderly something
15:22stupid like that
15:24one of your dumb ideas that you guys
15:25have that you think is gonna sell but it
15:27really is not going to okay you have to
15:29have a good idea you have to have
15:30something that really the masses are
15:33going to gravitate to okay most of you
15:35aren't going to have that so if you
15:36manage to get one you go to the you go
15:38to the zoom call and my zoom call
15:40experience was one of the worst ones
15:42ever i did it with my wife
15:44and she was on the line and this guy
15:47would would just basically make all
15:49these promises where are you at they
15:51press pain points on the zoom call okay
15:54they really just let you ramble on and
15:56talk about your pain then they come in
15:58and just ask questions and then they try
15:59to just you know navigate and take
16:01control of the call because that's what
16:04sales reps do
16:06right you know if you if you if you
16:09start asking too many questions if you
16:11start pushing them on this they change
16:13the subject and they gear it towards
16:14them because obviously those guys get
16:16paid by lucas for how many
16:19sales they close that's how they make
16:20money it's strictly those guys are
16:22commissioned okay
16:23so they don't take no for an answer so i
16:26remember the first call we were on for
16:27like 45 minutes almost an hour you know
16:30this and that oh there
16:31this guy uh jay i think his name was jay
16:34uh he was just this that or the other
16:36thing they appear to be like they have
16:38everything together you know they
16:40they'll take the call in a professional
16:42background and this and that but the
16:44reality is they're just they're just
16:45hired guns by lucas
16:48that read off of scripts they don't own
16:50the program they never went through and
16:52i even asked jay i i said did you go
16:54when i was ready to sign up and i forgot
16:56to ask them i said did you actually you
16:58know if you're if you're an investment
17:00advisor you know you and you're thinking
17:02about using somebody as a financial
17:03advisor you want to see their portfolio
17:05you would be expecting them and to
17:07invest in the product and jay was like
17:10no i don't i didn't i never went through
17:11it i don't have any products he's like i
17:13don't have time for that that's exactly
17:14what he said and i was like oh my god i
17:17was at the point where i was ready to do
17:19the program and i was ready to take the
17:20plunge but i said to him like man if i
17:22would have known that i wouldn't have
17:24got the program because like where
17:25where's your frame of reference you're
17:27just a sales guy right pimping something
17:29that you don't even own so be very wary
17:32of that because these are the type of
17:33people that are getting get on the zoom
17:34call with you and give you a bunch of
17:36 okay
17:37so i remember him getting on the phone
17:40and selling me like oh you're gonna your
17:42guys are gonna be millionaires you guys
17:44are gonna be millions they instill that
17:47that dream that that that that heaven
17:50island as lucas likes to refer to it in
17:52his program you come from hell island
17:54and go to heaven island all this like
17:55nonsense like anybody can you know
17:58get rich over digital products and the
18:00reality is you can't do it you got to
18:02have a specific niche you got to have
18:04something that really people want so
18:07i was a little annoyed at that and then
18:09when you say you then then i was off the
18:10zoom class i said look i'm not going to
18:12do it today i'm going to talk it over
18:13with my wife and we're gonna get back to
18:14you and then then the hard press comes
18:16when do you think you're gonna do it i'm
18:18gonna call you tomorrow and i'm like
18:20just chill just give me two days or 48
18:22hours and then then the text messages
18:23come in after you hang up the zoom call
18:25what were you thinking what were you
18:26thinking and doing this and then they're
18:28like well you have reservations and then
18:30and then this jay and i don't know if
18:32lucas teaches him that but he's on the
18:35texting back and forth with me when i'm
18:37like hey you know i'm still thinking
18:38about he's like you know you should just
18:39do it you know i know what you were
18:41thinking you know you're not going to
18:42get a better quality of life if you just
18:44don't take the plunge they want you to
18:46make split quick decisions because the
18:48reason for that is it's just a sales
18:50tactic all the salesmen do it i mean i i
18:52know about it myself right from being in
18:55the sales industry
18:56they need they need to close and when
18:58those guys close they just swipe your
19:01credit card and they're off to the next
19:03that's the reality of it they don't give
19:05a about your current situation your
19:08concerns they don't have patience it's
19:10just boom boom boom and inside lucas's
19:12program he flat out states
19:15if you go back and forth with him he'll
19:17he'll delete you he'll he doesn't want
19:19anything to do with you he just wants
19:21people that are ready to do it like
19:26you know and i hate to tell you lucas
19:27you're just a kid you don't really
19:28understand that i mean maybe it works
19:30for getting unsuspecting people and and
19:32whatever i think it's an unethical way
19:34you go about it lucas if you're
19:36listening and you're probably looking at
19:38this but that's my opinion
19:40most big decisions high ticket decisions
19:42do not happen at the spur of the moment
19:44and you're going to learn that as you
19:45get older my friend
19:47again you're just a kid
19:49uh i i get it you got a successful
19:52business you probably are a
19:53multi-millionaire from this but
19:56uh you know
19:57big ticket items are not done on the fly
20:00grown adults
20:01people who have any sense do not fall
20:04for the quick here's my credit card
20:07i believe you tactic and then it's like
20:09oh what did i do i'm in over my
20:11head yeah it takes calculated uh
20:16ability and and definitely if you're one
20:17of those people that do spur the moment
20:20stuff this is for you he'll get you
20:22one of his reps will get you when they
20:23get you on the zoom call they'll get you
20:25so that
20:26that is my
20:28review of uh growth cave by lucas lee
20:31tyson and uh i have a definite thumbs
20:34down with it uh to
20:36you know
20:38the product itself is good okay i think
20:40he knows what he's doing i'm not saying
20:42this guy's full bs because i don't think
20:44he is but the problem is you all have to
20:46understand he's a salesman just like
20:49they all are they want to swipe your
20:50credit card and they want to drive up
20:52their numbers because that because it's
20:54a business like anything and it doesn't
20:56matter if you're on the phone and you
20:59have the the single dumbest idea for a
21:02product and maybe you're bad in front of
21:04the camera that's another thing and i'm
21:06gonna try to wrap this up you could be
21:08bad in front of the camera you could be
21:10the ugliest person in the world and i've
21:12seen some of these guys try to make
21:13these videos and girls
21:15on the facebook group and they try and
21:17they try and it's just like what lucas
21:19doesn't tell you is some people are not
21:21cut out to be in front of the camera
21:23making these videos they can't first of
21:25all they look appalling they have bad
21:29physical features that just people just
21:32and then they don't have any delivery
21:34ability they don't have acting ability
21:36they don't know how to read off a camera
21:38they don't know how to just be they
21:39don't know how to be inviting and engage
21:41full okay so if you don't have those
21:44qualities right off the bat i don't care
21:45if you have the best product in the
21:46world i wouldn't buy from you i've seen
21:48a bunch and there's one guy in
21:50particular his name's darren in the
21:52and he
21:54just is just off-putting when you see
21:56him in front of the camera what he's
21:58doing how he's speaking it may be a good
22:00product he may be able to sell it but
22:03he isn't the good he isn't
22:05a guy like that who's a train wreck with
22:07the looks and the speaking ability you
22:09don't want to buy from people like that
22:10it doesn't matter what kind of product
22:12you have see lucas has a good delivery
22:14he's he's sellable he's likable and he
22:18has success with it as you can see right
22:20as you can probably guess none of them
22:21ever worked out for me and he never even
22:24reads and he always looks to the side
22:25he's like he's never even looking at the
22:27camera half the time any you know so
22:29it's it's just a lot of stuff that you
22:31guys got to be aware of that this type
22:34of thing is not going to work for the
22:36majority of people and i can attest to
22:37it okay i'm pretty good in front of the
22:39camera i have okay speaking ability i
22:42have sales ability but there's so many
22:43people that i've witnessed in the group
22:44that don't have that and there and and
22:47then combined with that the likability
22:49factor the personable factor combined
22:52with that they have crappy ideas for
22:54crappy programs that they're never gonna
22:56sell so that those are the two things to
22:58pay attention to if
23:02to take the plunge
23:04swipe you know he's gonna swipe your
23:06credit card for six eight to eight
23:07thousand dollars who knows you might
23:09have raised the prices up but
23:11make sure you pay attention of it and my
23:13best advice is
23:15do you have the looks to be in front of
23:16a camera do you have the delivery style
23:19do you have the likability factor are
23:21you good at acting can you read okay you
23:24have to do that in order to run these
23:25youtube ads for your program then the
23:27second big thing is
23:29do you have a product that is going to
23:32sell and it doesn't matter if you think
23:34you're going to sell it you could have
23:35the thing you know
23:37the craziest idea and yeah you're
23:39rah-rah-rah but the reality is you may
23:41want to you may want to ask and get
23:43people and get some feedback because
23:44chances are your product is not going to
23:46sell because i've never seen so many
23:51life coaches
23:52self-help people that are you know i get
23:55it they went through life life slaps you
23:57in the face you learned a thing or two
23:58and here's what i did and then let me
24:00teach you that it's like no one cares
24:02they don't they're not nobody's gonna
24:03buy that from you a nobody on youtube
24:06they're gonna buy it from like tony
24:08robbins brian tracy all these self-help
24:10gurus these people with big youtube
24:12channels and all this stuff because you
24:14know they have a they have a brand name
24:16that no one's gonna give you the time of
24:18day i've seen another uh woman on there
24:20she's uh
24:21she does um
24:25she's a yoga teacher nice woman but she
24:28doesn't know how to operate instagram
24:29facebook they you have to have editing
24:33on your computer you know if you don't
24:35you're going to spend a ton of money
24:37on uh
24:38software you're going to you're going to
24:40have to spend a ton of money rationing
24:42off the people on fiverr and then the
24:43big thing and actually another thing i
24:45wanted to mention here is
24:48you're going to end up not only spending
24:50six to eight thousand dollars for
24:53his program lucas's program but you're
24:55also going to have to test the ads it's
24:57a learning curve okay some people rarely
25:01ever get it in the first couple shots
25:03there's a there's a certain
25:04click-through rate you have to reach and
25:06you know and here's the thing you know
25:07the only way you do that is if you ha
25:09you have to spend a hundred bucks at a
25:12every time you have a new ad and you
25:14have to test these out
25:17google ads so that's the important thing
25:19so it's just it's not only six to eight
25:20thousand dollars for his program you're
25:22going to have to have indefinite
25:23spending on on ad campaigns
25:26to test out all these different ads and
25:28i'm telling you you could you could do
25:2940 50 ads so you you figure that out 40
25:3350 40 and 40 dollars i'm sorry the 40
25:37times 100 dollars a pop you get the idea
25:40it's expensive and even 40 attempts at
25:43it you may not even
25:45reach the metrics where it's acceptable
25:46and people are clicking on your ad it's
25:48all it's all a testing thing in the
25:50beginning that lucas puts you through
25:51but you know it's on your dime so you
25:54not only you're gonna
25:55go into debt for his program but you're
25:57going to go in heavily debt for ad spend
25:59just to just to see what works just to
26:02see what works okay then you got to make
26:04all that money back because knowing if
26:06you know anything about business you got
26:07to recoup your investment so the reality
26:09is no nobody really recoups their
26:11investment okay
26:13i had oppressed this guy
26:15i had to press this guy on it i had a
26:17question and it was until i had i i
26:20really confronted
26:21there was a couple issues on the
26:22facebook group and i got kicked off and
26:24i'm like this wasn't even anything bad
26:26but these people are on there you know
26:28the fake positivity they like to report
26:30people and then that kind of irked me so
26:32i confronted lucas about it and he
26:33didn't want to take responsibility for
26:35any of my concerns so i'm like you know
26:37what uh just refund me my program and
26:40we'll call it a day and boy he resisted
26:42he only offered half
26:45he offered this that and i'm like no
26:47you're going to give me the full thing
26:48and and then then the whole thing i did
26:50this this video testimonial you know
26:53because basically the reason why i have
26:55all these programs in here access to
26:57them i would only really i only paid for
26:59this one the the knowledge business
27:03the only reason i have access to all
27:05these other ones is he has a thing where
27:07if you give him literally a fake
27:10uh testimonial like a video testimonial
27:13he will give you at you give it to him
27:15propping them up oh it's it's this is
27:17great i'm going through the program or i
27:18had great success you know all those
27:20those testimonials you'll see they're
27:22all half of them so just be
27:24aware of that i sent him one and
27:27basically if you do that for him he
27:28gives you free access to all his
27:30programs that's that's the gimmick but
27:33see you won't know that that's why i'm
27:35here i'm telling you the inside scoop on
27:37all this stuff so you got to be wary
27:39of this guy
27:40uh what he's offering his products good
27:42if he you could definitely put it to use
27:45i'm not like on him totally if
27:47if you have something that you can scale
27:50and sell and it can get to the masses
27:52and it's in need
27:53you could use this guy's program you
27:55probably can make it work there's
27:56another guy on there andrew embezzy
27:59he he's one of lucas's uh guys where
28:02they're always on the facebook thing
28:03he's the only success story that that's
28:06on there and i looked him up i had
28:08actually a call with him he's come he's
28:10a complete fraud as well in my opinion
28:12and what he's selling is unethical stuff
28:15his credit stacker all this stuff
28:17yeah totally and all this guy does he
28:20doesn't give you any concrete advice or
28:22help when you ask him on the facebook
28:24group because that's what it's for all
28:25he does is post snapshots of probably
28:28fake pay stubs this that the other thing
28:32and he's up on a balcony in in san diego
28:35you know with a suit and a smile on his
28:37face like no you can do this too you've
28:39seen those those it's all those
28:41those people who try to you know wind
28:44you up and make believe that hey i live
28:46this lifestyle you can do it too anybody
28:48can do it too just swipe my credit card
28:50you know that kind of crap so
28:51that guy's a total that guy is a total
28:54uh you know he he gets in the the
28:58talks about facebook farming you go in
29:01basically that's another version of how
29:02you can make money from this they they
29:04lucas has him go like ramble on for like
29:06an hour and a half or whatever about
29:08facebook farming and all he does is he
29:10tries to poach groups and he tries to
29:12drop links and he tries to just get
29:15in facebook groups and the reality is
29:17nobody wants people poaching their
29:19groups and soliciting people and this
29:21that or the other thing so that's a
29:22stupid waste of time facebook farming
29:25don't even think about that that's not
29:26even gonna work
29:28um but
29:29youtube ads do work i think this guy has
29:31something special uh that worked for him
29:34but again the problem is it's not going
29:36to work for everybody and if you're
29:38stupid enough to believe you're going to
29:40use his program to sell some uh you know
29:42i can teach you how to make the most out
29:45of your out of your out of your canvas
29:47painting because maybe you maybe you're
29:48struggling right now or this is some
29:50dumb product like that that nobody's
29:52ever going to buy this guy will make you
29:54believe that you can sell it because why
29:56because it's his program and he's going
29:58to swipe your credit card because that's
29:59what he does that's his business model
30:01and you may find some useful things
30:03within his program as i did but as a
30:06again you have to have likability in
30:08front of the camera you have to be able
30:10to speak well you have to be able to
30:12you have to be kind of a little natural
30:15marketable ability and so many people
30:17inside that facebook group are do not
30:19have it and there's never any success
30:21stories there's never any success
30:23stories the only one is is andrew and
30:25bessie and that's that's what i saw and
30:27it turned me off and then also
30:29understand it's a huge investment
30:32and you have to have the right
30:34product or service that is in demand he
30:38has a product in service that is in
30:41massive demands that's everybody can
30:43apply to this and and think oh i can use
30:46it for my thing so he's got it right he
30:49did it right but the problem is
30:51ninety percent of you out there are
30:52coming to him with because you have some
30:55that you know i can make a digital
30:58and i can make all this money and boy he
31:01tells me i can so i must be able to do
31:03it i'm going to use these youtube ads
31:04and this now trust me my opinion might
31:08again is my personal opinion and i'm
31:10entitled to it
31:12you are wasting your time if you think
31:14this guy's going to help you okay
31:17while there's stuff valuable inside the
31:20uh yeah you're just gonna you're just
31:22gonna waste money because it's not gonna
31:23work for about 90 of people okay
31:26so be very wary lucas lee tyson
31:29uh he he's from growth cave and his uh
31:33what's his program called again the uh
31:35knowledge business accelerator 2.0 i
31:38went through it i had experience with it
31:41i took bits and pieces what i i could do
31:44but i couldn't stomach the nonsense
31:46within the facebook group and the zoom
31:48meetings and the fake positivity and i
31:50realized a lot of things i just i talked
31:52about like 30 minutes here
31:54a lot of things i talked about are real
31:57but nobody has the balls to mention i i
31:59figured i would do a formal review
32:02okay of this guy so very be very wary of
32:06uh because it in my opinion once again
32:09it won't work for most people and you're
32:11literally just flushing your money down
32:13the toilet okay so give me a like
32:16uh on this video and i will
32:20end it here
32:22good luck guys
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the review of the course 'Growth Cave' by Lucas Lee Tyson?

The review of the course 'Growth Cave' by Lucas Lee Tyson warns viewers to be wary of the promises and lack of support in the program. It mentions that while there is valuable information on using YouTube ads, the program focuses too much on selling and lacks success stories from its members.

2. What are the main concerns raised in the review of the 'Growth Cave' course?

The main concerns raised in the review of the 'Growth Cave' course are the promises and lack of support in the program. It emphasizes that the program focuses too much on selling and lacks success stories from its members, causing viewers to be wary.

3. How does the review describe the content of the 'Growth Cave' course by Lucas Lee Tyson?

The review describes the content of the 'Growth Cave' course by Lucas Lee Tyson as having valuable information on using YouTube ads, but it critiques the focus on selling and the absence of success stories from its members, urging caution among viewers.

4. Why is caution advised for viewers interested in the 'Growth Cave' course by Lucas Lee Tyson?

Caution is advised for viewers interested in the 'Growth Cave' course by Lucas Lee Tyson due to the program's excessive focus on selling, lack of support, and absence of success stories from its members. The review suggests being wary of the promises made by the program.

5. What should viewers be mindful of when considering the 'Growth Cave' course by Lucas Lee Tyson?

Viewers should be mindful of the promises, lack of support, and focus on selling in the 'Growth Cave' course by Lucas Lee Tyson. It is important to stay cautious and seek more information before making a decision about the program.

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