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This video discusses the pros and cons of using the M4A4 and M4A1-S in Counter-Strike in 2023, highlighting factors such as damage, accuracy, magazine capacity, and cost. It emphasizes that the choice ultimately depends on personal preference, playstyle, and team philosophy. The M4A4 is generally preferred for damage and gunfights, while the M4A1-S is better for spamming through smokes and lurking.
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The decision between M4A4 and M4A1-S depends on personal preference and the distance for headshot chest shot.
About 60% of pro players currently use M4A1-S.
There may not be a balance change to the M4A1-S for years to come.
Both weapons can headshot chest shot, but the M4A1-S has a limited distance for this.
The M4A4 does more damage overall, except at close range where the M4A1-S does more damage to the chest.
M4A4 requires 5 shots to kill in the chest, while M4A1-S requires 4 shots.
M4A4 has less damage fall off over distance.
Both weapons do the same damage for headshots.
M4A4 has a faster rate of fire, resulting in a faster time to kill.
M4A1-S has a tighter spray pattern and better running accuracy.
M4A4 has a larger magazine capacity, with 10 more rounds.
The M4A1-S is a better choice than the M4A4 in 2023 due to its lack of tracers, making it ideal for spamming smokes and hiding your position.
Reloading with the M4A4 gives away your position, while the M4A1-S keeps you hidden.
Shooting through smoke with the M4A4 reveals your position with tracers, while the M4A1-S remains undetected.
The M4A1-S's suppressor hides your position on radar, making it the best lurk weapon.
The M4A1-S is 200 cheaper than the M4A4.
The choice between M4A4 and M4A1-S depends on personal preference, role in the team, and team philosophy.
M4A4 is better for straight-up gunfights.
M4A1-S is better for spamming through smokes and lurking economically.
Outsiders team prefers M4A1-S due to their economic-based philosophy.
Personal preference and play style should be considered when choosing between the two.
00:00should you equip the m4a4 or the m4a1s
00:02in 2023 it depends that means you're
00:05gonna have to use your brain on this one
00:06don't worry War owl is here for you here
00:09is everything that you need to know so
00:10you can make the decision for yourself
00:12what do pro players use after the Nerf
00:15to the a1s 60 switched to the A4 after a
00:18few months a bunch of them switched back
00:20so right now about 60 of Pros use the
00:23a1s it's split that's good that means
00:26it's going to come down to your personal
00:27preference and because of this I don't
00:30think we're going to see a balance
00:31change to the m4s for years to come
00:33because I said that there's going to be
00:35one this afternoon a word of caution
00:37when analyzing Pro Counter-Strike never
00:39forget the six-year period where the
00:42sg553 was overpowered and nobody knew
00:45because if you bought it you'd get made
00:47fun of and bullied for using the Call of
00:49Duty gun
00:50I may be partially responsible for this
00:52here are the differences between the
00:54weapons oh no no don't worry I will now
00:57take the complex and make it
00:59understandable damage values are very
01:01similar but there are a few nuances
01:03because the m4s do not one hit headshot
01:06getting the old one-two punch headshot
01:08chest shot is important both weapons can
01:11headshot chest shot up until a certain
01:13distance where the m4a1s no longer can
01:16to give you an idea of where that
01:18distance is the a1s can headshot chest
01:20shot from short to top mid but it can't
01:23from window to top mid however the A4
01:25can do it at both distances when you get
01:28to close range the a1s does more damage
01:30just overall it'll four tap the chest
01:32where the m4a4 will 5-tap the chest this
01:36stops once you get to around mid-range
01:38these differences are because the a1s
01:40has a better base damage to the body
01:42where the A4 has less damage fall off
01:45over distance both weapons do about the
01:48same damage for headshots at distances
01:50where both weapons kill in the same
01:52number of hits the A4 has a faster time
01:55to kill because it has a faster rate of
01:58shots per minute to the a1s's 600. these
02:02damage differences mean that the only
02:04time the a1s is going to be better is at
02:07close range when you only shoot the
02:09chest hitbox and you don't hit the head
02:11or the abdomen how often does that
02:13happen for this reason I'd say the m4a4
02:16is better overall when it comes to
02:18damage for accuracy the a1s has a
02:21tighter spray pattern less spread which
02:24means less Randomness and better running
02:26accuracy it's just overall better here
02:28in every way if you're too lazy to learn
02:30the A4 spray pattern and you just want
02:32an easier weapon to use the a1s is the
02:35obvious choice the m4a4 has a bigger
02:38magazine capacity 10 more rounds which
02:41is very significant one of the biggest
02:43newbie mistakes people make is reloading
02:45too much stop reloading after every kill
02:47and shame people who do reloading gives
02:50away your position and leaves you
02:51vulnerable for a few seconds if the
02:53enemy is not an idiot they're waiting
02:55around the next corner meaning if you
02:57reload you're giving them free position
02:59it's like giving the enemy a free
03:01flashbang now you may think that the
03:02extra ammo makes the A4 the better spam
03:05weapon so spraying through smoke
03:06spraying through wall Banks and such as
03:08my nan always said more bullets more
03:10good but the a1s has a suppressor which
03:14means no tracers making it the best
03:16weapon in the game for spamming smokes
03:19if you shoot through a smoke with the A4
03:21every third round is going to be a
03:23tracer and the tracers will give away
03:24your position and if the enemy is good
03:26he'll immediately tap your head no bueno
03:29if you shoot through the smoke with the
03:30a1s why he doesn't know where the heck
03:32you're shooting from and if he tries to
03:34counter spam you he'll give away his
03:36position with his tracers because most
03:37likely he's using an AK-47 and then you
03:40can be the one to tap that head muy
03:42bueno the suppressor also hides your
03:44position on radar if you attack without
03:46being seen so you can play all the
03:48little lurky hidey holes and catch
03:50people off guard it makes the m4a1s the
03:53best lurk weapon in the game the m4a4
03:56also has an advantage in length this is
03:58the only case where shorter is better
04:01the m4a1s sometimes sticks around the
04:03corners and gives away your position
04:04finally the most important difference
04:07the a1s is 200 cheaper this is probably
04:11going to be the deal maker in most
04:13people's decision with how tight the CT
04:15economy is 200 every time you buy for
04:18each player is significant that's a
04:21flashbang one Trend I've noticed is
04:23offers equipping the a1s to save up the
04:25munmuns The Only Exception is simple who
04:27still uses the A4 but he's an insane
04:29person and I mean that as a compliment
04:32so that means in a straight up gunfight
04:34two Warriors meeting each other on the
04:35field of battle the m4a4 is going to be
04:38the better choice but situationally
04:41spamming through smokes lurking
04:43economically the m4a1s is going to be
04:46the better choice this is why it's
04:47personal preference it's going to come
04:48down to your role in the team the
04:50position you're playing as well as your
04:52team's Philosophy for example Outsiders
04:55has a very economic based philosophy
04:57towards the game therefore they all buy
05:00the m4a1s more Ops for James having
05:04choices sucks it'd be much easier if I
05:06just told you what to do and then you
05:07did it like the video I don't think you
05:10can make a wrong choice here except if
05:13you equip the m4a1s and then take the
05:16suppressor off that is psychopathic
05:19Behavior because I'm a boring old person
05:22and I play standard Counter-Strike and I
05:24hold the angles you're supposed to be
05:26and I take the gun fights I'm gonna be
05:28equipping the m4a4 it's just my play
05:30style but if you're a sneaky beaky sassy
05:33Baka I highly recommend you equip the
05:35m4a1s thank you so much for watching I'm
05:37the world and I still have no closure
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the advantages of using the M4A4 in Counter-Strike in 2023?

The M4A4 in Counter-Strike offers higher damage and is preferred for gunfights, making it a strong choice for players who prioritize aggressive playstyle and team dynamic. Its magazine capacity and fire rate also provide an edge in certain scenarios.

2. What are the benefits of using the M4A1-S in Counter-Strike in 2023?

The M4A1-S in Counter-Strike excels in spamming through smokes and lurking due to its lower recoil and stealthy profile. It offers better accuracy and is suitable for players who prefer a more cautious and precise approach to engagements.

3. How does personal preference impact the choice between M4A4 and M4A1-S in Counter-Strike in 2023?

The choice between M4A4 and M4A1-S in Counter-Strike depends significantly on personal preference, as each weapon caters to different playstyles. Players should consider their individual strengths, weaknesses, and comfort with each gun.

4. What factors should players consider when choosing between the M4A4 and M4A1-S in Counter-Strike in 2023?

When choosing between the M4A4 and M4A1-S in Counter-Strike, players should consider factors such as damage output, accuracy, fire rate, recoil control, magazine capacity, cost, and individual playstyle. Understanding these aspects can help in making an informed decision.

5. Which playstyle suits the M4A4 and M4A1-S better in Counter-Strike in 2023?

The M4A4 is better suited for an aggressive playstyle involving close-range gunfights and holding down positions with its higher damage output. On the other hand, the M4A1-S is more suitable for a stealthy and accurate playstyle, ideal for long-range engagements and lurking strategies.

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