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The video is a review of the Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad, discussing its design flaws, different modes, and the effectiveness of the product in relieving period pain and discomfort. The reviewer recommends purchasing the product for its massage and heat features.
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The video is a review of the Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad, with the creator discussing her personal experience with periods and demonstrating how to use the pad.
The creator received the pad as a gift and has been testing it since February.
The pad can be used for lower back pain as well as period pain.
The pad is called Maia and there is a tear in the strap due to the creator's dog chewing on it.
The reviewer discusses the Maia Nomisk pain relief product, mentioning that it collects fur and hair easily, the band size is not adjustable, and it comes with three modes.
The product is a hair collector and collects fur and hair easily.
The band size is not adjustable, which is a design flaw.
The product comes with three modes: heat, deep, and another mode that is not specified.
The video discusses the features and modes of the Maia Nomisk pain relief device for women.
The device has an on/off button that turns orange when activated.
It offers three modes: heat and massage therapy, silent mode, and temperature control.
The device has different temperature settings and timings for each mode.
There is a low power indicator and a charging port for the device.
The speaker reviews the Maia Nomisk pain relief device for women and discusses how it helps with period pain.
The speaker mentions that the device has different heating settings, with the green setting being her preferred choice.
She mentions that the device is quite loud, which makes it unsuitable for using in the office.
The speaker talks about her previous method of using a hot water bottle for pain relief but cautions against going to bed with it.
She shares her experience of feeling nauseous during a meeting due to period pain.
The speaker experiences cramps and a metallic taste in her mouth during her period, but finds that using the Maia Nomisk pain relief device helps alleviate the symptoms.
Exercising on her period makes her feel sick and gives her cramps.
She experiences a metallic taste in her mouth and it tastes like blood.
Changing hormone levels, particularly estrogen, can cause the metallic taste.
The Maia Nomisk pain relief device massages and relaxes her, providing relief from cramps and other symptoms.
00:00hi my name's Sade but I go by Shady in
00:03this video I'm going to be talking about
00:05the period pain relief no mask I think
00:09that's how it's pronounced
00:11um I actually got this
00:13for Valentine's Day by my partner and
00:16now it's May so I I've been trying
00:19really hard to film when I'm actually
00:25the time of the month and actually sit
00:28here and
00:29test it out and talk about it I have
00:32used it before but I will also be
00:34talking about my own personal experience
00:35with having periods
00:38yeah we're just we're just gonna go
00:40through it so if you don't want to sit
00:43and uh listen about uh periods and you
00:46don't want to hear about this bad boy
00:48this video isn't really for you also
00:51you can put this on your um on your
00:54lower back too so you know um
00:56a lot of girls experience lower back
00:58pain leading up to their period
01:00Shark Week whatever you want to call it
01:03don't care I just say period it is what
01:05it is
01:07um a lot of girls experience lower back
01:09pain muscle pain you can just put this
01:12on backwards and
01:14massage your back okay look I think I'm
01:17saying that correct
01:18so we are testing out the period pain
01:21relief pad from no misk and it's the
01:26Maya can you see that it's pretty damn
01:29bright here the Maya
01:33line I don't even know it's just called
01:36um there is so much fluff in my room my
01:39dog was just in here
01:42while I was putting on my wig because my
01:44hair is oily and I'm not I don't want
01:47that I can't be bothered to deal with my
01:50oily hair right now but I left this in
01:53for like 2.5 seconds
01:55and um he started chewing it
01:58didn't do much damage but he did
02:03make a tear in um the strap
02:07and I actually had to sit on my phone
02:10for about five minutes maybe 10 minutes
02:12maybe half an hour on Tick Tock just
02:15trying not to cry because how emotional
02:18that made me I yelled at him and I feel
02:21bad he doesn't normally chew things so
02:23I'm surprised he just he did that okay
02:27first off I would like to say about
02:30the design of the thingy is um
02:34it's a hair collector
02:35it collects fur and hair like no
02:40I have
02:42a big floof balls of dogs big floofy
02:45dogs and I've been sitting here trying
02:47to pick out the fur
02:50in the velcro
02:53all day every time I use it I pick it
02:56out I it's just it's just a collector of
02:59the fur it's just it comes with it's the
03:01territory it's just how it yeah I feel
03:04like the band itself is quite
03:09what's the word generous it's quite
03:10generous in the the size of it I'm gonna
03:17I do need to cover my mouth
03:19I feel like yeah the one of the design
03:21flaws I think is that you should be able
03:23to take off the strap and
03:27change it to a larger or smaller size
03:29rather than this
03:31one size fits all I put it like
03:36under my belly like
03:38right next to my hip I'll show you it's
03:41a pretty color I like that it's pink
03:44I don't know if you can get in other
03:45colors but other colors would be nice
03:47now that I've got it on there nice and
03:49tight in the position I kind of want it
03:50in do you see what I mean it's like
03:52like on my hip bone it's like
03:57it's under my belly button and just like
04:00it's where the pain is like
04:03you girls get it this is actually my
04:05partner's idea to
04:08film a review
04:10for this product I remember when he gave
04:13it to me in Valentines and he
04:15he was like oh I'm pretty sure it's like
04:18silent it's meant to be quiet so you're
04:20able to use it blah blah blah maybe you
04:22should review it and see what happens
04:24and I was like that's actually a good
04:25idea so it comes with
04:30hey you've been on charge all afternoon
04:31exactly it has three modes it has the
04:38deep I'm gonna have to get the thing the
04:40three modes I know that I still kept the
04:43box that came in
04:48I take it all back there's an extension
04:51thing they gave a bigger
04:54fan size I'm sorry I take it back if you
04:58require more length they have an
05:00extension about
05:02I mean this long
05:04sorry I honestly haven't looked at this
05:07box since I got it like three months ago
05:13I should have read this before I should
05:15have read this before if you have any
05:17questions blah blah blah blah I should
05:20have showed you this
05:23not on
05:25okay bear with me I'll take it off so
05:27you've got that on button right here you
05:30click it on and it will turn orange and
05:33then what you'll do is you will
05:36press it to get other modes
05:43I'm just going to turn it off that that
05:45mode because that's annoying so it comes
05:47with a little
05:48thank you card in pain we know how that
05:50feels when your cramps hurt so much you
05:53can barely get out of bed you feel
05:54bloated tired and anxious press a button
05:56but I just showed you and relax with
05:59heat and Massage Therapy my ass is your
06:01cramps in seconds so that you can feel
06:02like yourself again whenever wherever
06:04with three unique modes Maya has your
06:07back no matter what it's slim and
06:09lightweight so you can take it anywhere
06:10and the silent mode is amazing for
06:13school and work so there is a silent
06:15mode so look Jed you were right it's
06:18just the silent mode is just the heat
06:19mode and I find personally the heat mode
06:24is not enough I need to have the deep
06:27massage as well as the heat for it to do
06:30anything personally mode one temperature
06:34what is that what does that mean
06:37temperature is 55. why can't you okay
06:41so mode one is heat and that will go for
06:44about 30 minutes that's the yellow light
06:47mode mode two temperature high end
06:52kneading with the timing of 30 minutes
06:55as well that's the green light mode
06:58honestly when I have this thing on it
07:00feels like it's not 30 minutes and then
07:02mode 3 is temperature medium air
07:05needling kneading for the 30 minutes is
07:08white light
07:10charging low power when the battery runs
07:13low you'll notice a flashing yellow ring
07:15around the power button when the charges
07:17being depleted Maya will ring three
07:19times and shut down automatically yeah
07:21so the charging port is actually just
07:23the um
07:24it's just the Samsung charging port I've
07:27got a Samsung 22 Ultra same plug
07:31because I I already I already list I I
07:34um I already lost the plug for
07:38this bad boy my bad so you hold that
07:44until it says beep beep beep it goes
07:46orange automatically which is just the
07:49setting I can already feel that
07:52on but I like the green the high air
07:57needing I just wish it wasn't so loud
07:58because if it wasn't
08:01this loud I would take it to work and
08:03sit there in my office and I'd work I
08:06would be typing away and it'd be fine
08:07but I can't sit there
08:09and have this going on
08:15it's great
08:17for laying in bed
08:19and watching TV and working from home
08:22perhaps it's absolutely fine but I'm not
08:25going to sit there in the office and
08:27just be
08:29before getting this bad boy I used to
08:31just use a hot water bottle and just put
08:33that on my stomach I would go to bed
08:35with that thing so dangerous don't do
08:37that don't don't go to bed with your hot
08:40water bottle honestly I've lost the hot
08:43water bottle now I don't know where it
08:44is Jed got this for me because he knows
08:47how bad my period is I'm just gonna put
08:51it on so we'll just go to heat
08:54for now while I'm talking on my periods
08:56I experience
08:59quite a bit of pain and I just I just
09:02can't function
09:03um I've been waiting to film this video
09:06for when I'm on my period I'm on day two
09:10I was at work yesterday
09:12I was sitting in a meeting I was holding
09:15that meeting and I was so nauseous
09:19I was so nauseous that at one point I
09:23honestly thought I was gonna throw up I
09:25was sitting there and I was holding my
09:28try not to throw up and it's just it's
09:31not like I could have excused myself I
09:33don't I mean maybe I could have but
09:35I was the one holding the meeting
09:37luckily enough I didn't have I didn't
09:40have to turn my screen on so I didn't
09:42have to see me like I shouldn't
09:44it shouldn't be that bad that nausea
09:46just came out of nowhere today
09:49for the first time in history I said
09:52look I'm not well enough to be in the
09:53office and I worked from home I never do
09:55that I feel like oh every girl gets
09:58there period can't you just put up with
10:01I honestly the idea of walking
10:06getting on the train
10:08walking to work for for 10 minutes
10:11I can't I don't know about you but the
10:15first two to three days standing on my
10:18feet longer than five minutes let alone
10:20walking for 10 minutes straight it gives
10:23me cramps it honestly gives me cramps I
10:26have read and I know that exercising on
10:28your period is supposed to help but I
10:31find it makes me feel sick I can't I
10:34honestly can't and I also experience
10:37like a metallic taste in my mouth on my
10:40period I taste like blood
10:43so yesterday and today all I can taste
10:47is blood in my mouth it doesn't matter
10:48how many times I brush my teeth it just
10:51doesn't go away I don't want to eat food
10:54and I know I'm hungry but I don't feel
10:56hungry I did Google it and it said that
10:58it's a change in your estrogen like the
11:01the amount of hormone levels that's
11:02released into your body like the amount
11:04let me get Google up let me just let me
11:07just fact check myself metallic taste is
11:09caused by changing hormone levels in
11:11particular the estrogen which plays a
11:12role in controlling and moderating the
11:14center taste as taste and smell are
11:17closely linked you may find sense of
11:19smell also changes I don't know if
11:20anyone else experiences that but you
11:23must for the fact that people are
11:24Googling that from the pain from the
11:27cramps that I experience I feel
11:30so tired it feels as though I've cried
11:33my eyes out do you know when you cry
11:35your eyes out and you're just so tired
11:36you need to go to sleep
11:38that's how I feel like I need to have a
11:41nap I need to sleep and honestly this
11:46truly helps this thing truly truly helps
11:50it massages you and makes you relax
11:54and makes you less tense I truly do
11:56think that this does really help like I
11:59feel so much more
12:01come with the heating just on my belly
12:05if you are having some bad cramps
12:09you feeling sick I don't know some back
12:12pain go for it I would try it honestly
12:15it's it's better than a a hot water
12:18bottle only problem is is when it dies
12:20and you sit there and you're like well
12:22what am I going to do now with my life
12:24thank you
12:26so much for watching I apologize for
12:28talking about my period
12:31buy it absolutely go spend the money on
12:34this bad boy I didn't realize how
12:36expensive it was so thank you Jed I'm
12:38gonna give you the biggest hug next time
12:40I see you let me know if you buy one of
12:42these I'd actually like to know
12:43maybe let me know how it's worked for
12:45you I I'd actually be interested to know
12:51what happened no no I don't like that
12:53that's that's the lens
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How effective is the Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad in relieving discomfort?

The Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad is highly effective in relieving discomfort. Its combination of massage and heat features provides soothing relief and helps alleviate period pain.

2. What are the different modes available in the Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad?

The Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad offers various modes for customized pain relief. It includes different massage modes and heat settings to cater to individual preferences and pain levels.

3. What design flaws should be considered before purchasing the Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad?

Before purchasing the Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad, it's essential to consider the design flaws such as the size and portability. Customers need to assess if the pad's design fits their lifestyle and needs.

4. What makes the massage feature of the Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad recommendable?

The massage feature of the Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad is highly recommendable due to its gentle yet effective massage therapy. It helps relax muscles and provides relief from period pain without being overly intense.

5. Why does the reviewer recommend purchasing the Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad?

The reviewer recommends purchasing the Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad for its combined massage and heat features. The pad effectively relieves period pain and discomfort, making it a worthwhile investment for women seeking relief during their menstrual cycle.

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