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In this video, the presenter discusses how to earn money by watching videos through websites like AirTM and Earnably. Both websites offer rewards in the form of cash or gift cards for completing simple tasks such as watching videos and completing offers. Additionally, they have referral programs that allow users to earn a percentage of their referrals' earnings for life.
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The video discusses how to make money by watching videos and introduces a website called AirTM for withdrawing PayPal money.
The video suggests subscribing to the channel for updates on making money online.
AirTM is a website that helps exchange PayPal money to local currency and offers a credit card.
There is no minimum balance or monthly fee on AirTM.
The video discusses how to earn money by watching videos and completing tasks on the website Air TM.
Air TM provides a list of banks where you can withdraw your money.
If you don't have a bank account, you can withdraw your money to a cryptocurrency or a gift card.
Air TM allows you to add funds from a gift card and receive them.
The video introduces the website Corn Earn, which offers digital rewards and gift cards for completing simple tasks like watching videos.
Earnably is a platform with positive reviews on Trustpilot, offering opportunities to earn money through gift cards and legit money apps.
Earnably has almost five stars on Trustpilot with positive reviews.
The platform offers gift cards and legit money apps.
There is a referral program where you can earn 10% of the points earned by others.
It is important to follow the basic rules and avoid spamming or incentivizing sign-ups.
The video introduces two websites, Earnably and iRazoo, where you can earn money by completing various tasks.
Earnably is a friendly website where you can earn free gift cards or PayPal cash.
iRazoo is another website that offers free gift cards and PayPal payments, with a referral program as well.
Both websites allow you to earn money by downloading apps, watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers, and playing games.
You can earn money by watching videos and downloading apps, but it won't make you rich or replace your full-time job.
Click on the available videos to watch and earn points.
Downloading apps will give you more opportunities to earn points.
There is a referral program where you can earn more by sharing your code.
It's free to join, but it's not a get-rich-quick scheme.
00:00hey hello everyone this is the Diana Castillo for money maker area comm and in this
00:04video I'm gonna show you how you can make money just by watching videos I'm
00:10pretty sure that right now you're enjoying some time watching you know
00:14movies on Netflix watching jobs some YouTube videos why are you not getting
00:19paid for doing that but before I get into the topic is this is a very first
00:24time you're in my channel please go ahead and subscribe to this channel do
00:27not forget to hit the notification bell I'm updating my channel pretty
00:30consistently and I usually talk about how to make money online passive income
00:35lead generation affiliate marketing and traffic sources this is something that
00:39you want to go ahead and master please go ahead and subscribe to this channel
00:42do not forget to hit the notification I'm updating my channel pretty
00:46consistently and I don't want you to miss a video
00:48as I mentioned before I'm gonna show you how you can actually make money while
00:54watching videos a way which you're gonna get paid it's true PayPal just in case
01:00that you're like okay everything was good but I cannot withdraw the money
01:05from PayPal don't worry there is a website that helps a lot of people
01:10exchanging you know paper money to occur to currency to withdraw the money to
01:16your bank account to send them on Twitter platform it's called air TM I'm
01:21gonna leave a link below it's free to join our TM and as you can see here it's
01:27your dollar account okay with a local restriction using the real exchange rate
01:32there is no minimum balance or monthly fee and they even provide you a Berto
01:39credit card I'm going to told you about that in a moment just in case that
01:42you're in the country then you have some kind of restrictions you will need to
01:47send your paypal money to your ATM account it's gonna click here recessed
01:52at you're gonna add the fonts okay in this case you're gonna choose PayPal
01:57right or whatever provider you have it can be also gift cards so if you're
02:03getting page where Amazon gift cards or any other gift card you can do that as
02:07well so now that you have the air TM you know the money
02:13here answered you can click here where it says withdraw and in my case I do
02:18have my information from my panamanians bank's accounts but let me show you
02:24it's basically doesn't matter where you are you can withdraw the money to gift
02:29cards you can send it to cryptocurrencies you can you know you
02:33can withdraw to cash or you can send it directly to your bank account ok here is
02:38a list of countries let's wait a couple seconds ok here at Kennison ok if you
02:46are I don't know in Argentina if you are in Bahamas Belgium writes Chile can go
02:55so here are all the countries let's say that I don't know let's pick a random
03:03random country I don't know Nigeria right so here's the list of the banks in
03:10which you can actually withdraw your money so I'm more than sure that your
03:15bank it's gonna be here the information if you don't have a bank account don't
03:19worry you can go back and you can withdraw away here to catch you can send
03:25it to a cryptocurrency if you love crazy currencies so there is no excuses if you
03:29need a gift card you can actually take a gift card if you decide to withdraw the
03:35money for the providers to a gift card because hey you cannot create a PayPal
03:40account you can also do the same you can add the funds that are in your gift card
03:44to Air TM and then receive them the catch or ok so this is a way in which
03:51you can do it so there is no excuses the link is gonna be below to Air TM so you
03:55can create your account now that you know about Air TM we're going to be
04:00using a website that is corn earn a believe imminently ok eerily calm this
04:08is a very first website I'm going to show you they're gonna give you digital
04:12rewards and gift cards in a really easy way ok so here what you're gonna be
04:20doing you're gonna be completing offers you're gonna get rewards they offer
04:24instant cash and free gift card okay for completing simple tasks
04:30including watching videos and answering summaries okay here are some examples
04:36like 5-minute it can be 23 points don't worry you're gonna change those points
04:42to the payment method that you can ecology so instant and easy rewards
04:48redeem your points to instant cash rewards are free gift cards for your
04:53favorite brands and retailers there is something for everyone
04:56cash payments gift cards wallet codes and many more so in my case I suggest
05:02you to go and withdraw to PayPal but as you can see you can withdraw to ATM Xbox
05:09Dunkin Donuts and others you can also gonna be making money by inviting people
05:14you're gonna earn 10% of their earnings for life okay so with that says you're
05:20gonna be leverage others people work here are some of the testimonials about
05:27earned ibly okay and you can see more reviews about this what's on Trustpilot
05:33this is something that i actually checking on recently because Trustpilot
05:39is a third-party company in which you can see like real reviews from others so
05:46here it's the earn ibly you know like review page you can see they almost have
05:54the five stars here's someone says it's amazing right an excellent platform good
06:01what's a gift card love it simple legit money app is it you earn hello good
06:06morning i want to tell you guys that I have enjoyed very much to participate
06:09okay have a little more opportunities okay best site ever earned number to pay
06:15on time irena bleats a great website so there
06:19are more reviews so take your time to check it there is something that I was
06:25looking for or I have been looking for is the website have the verification for
06:31entrust pilot if you want to join you're gonna click here recessed sign up and
06:35you're gonna fill the process also they do have a help area okay
06:41for example it's ernamaria blue available in your country here's the
06:45list of countries that they do have available right now also you can create
06:51an account altought your country is not available
06:54because they're gonna send you an email as soon as it's available how long did
06:59it take to receive the rewards they say that it can take basically a few minutes
07:05but it can take up to five days okay here is a more detail about the referral
07:12program that I told you before remember that you're gonna meet making ten
07:17percent right of the the points that you have so it's someone it's doing on
07:24average of a hundred two hundred or five hundred points you are gonna be making
07:29fifty extra hours a hundred or ten points extra okay something really
07:35important is that you need to keep in mind the basic rules so do not be doing
07:41in spam do not give people like incentive to sign up incentive it's like
07:48okay I'm gonna give you a dollar if you click on this link and you join okay
07:51do not post your referral on Facebook pages or official pages or other
07:56companies okay and you if you decide to go with pay traffic that you cannot be
08:04on her in a build traffic okay but you can use Facebook groups to promote this
08:09but remember do not tell people something like hey I'm gonna give you
08:12this X Y C if you decide to join it so this is Erna bleah it's a really
08:19friendly website the second one that I'm gonna show you and by the way if you're
08:25enjoying this content please give me a thumbs up that's gonna be helping me
08:29it's gonna help my videos gonna have my channel also let me know where you guys
08:33from because I want to be creating content
08:35that is gonna be helpful for you and it's gonna be available in your area
08:40stick to the end to this video because I'm gonna show you a better way in which
08:45you can make even more money online but that's gonna be at the end of the video
08:49now the second website it's called i-raths you
08:55okay I rescued calm okay you're gonna be earning free gift cards that you can
09:02actually withdraw also they pay through PayPal okay this is the amount of money
09:09they have paid so far they have been featured on these websites okay yeah
09:17they are giving away free money you don't need to pay anything if you want
09:23to actually make money with them okay so you're gonna be earning money earning
09:30points you're gonna choose how you want to get paid okay they pay weekly okay
09:38you can choose to get paid through Amazon gift card or into PayPal cash for
09:44example right okay hearing some examples they're gonna give you some points if
09:52you decide to join here are some testimonials and again they do have a
09:58review park here on trust pilot okay here on trust pilot so feel
10:04free to do it now they also have a referral program as well it works the
10:10same as on earn ibly actually they are both like most likely the same company
10:18but this club its website it's open to everybody so it's not limited like
10:24earning this one is paid to everybody so as you can see you can earn money by
10:29downloading apps watch videos paid surveys complete offers play games okay
10:34if you want to join you're gonna click here research join you're gonna create
10:39your account and your account you're gonna be looking something like like
10:43this okay here are the popular partners the top users the daily goals alright
10:52the if you decide to go and answer surveys but we're gonna go here to watch
10:57videos depending on where you are you're gonna have more or less videos okay you
11:04can click here where it says this one for example I can enter up to 22
11:08porns you can click here and the video oh I already watch it so they don't have
11:15any more videos at the moment unfortunately but the video just pop up
11:19and you just need to be watching it yes just like that if you decide to go on
11:24download apps as you can see here that you can have more apps and with the apps
11:30you are gonna earn even more points ok here is a referral friend program okay
11:37how much you can earn here if your code because when you sign in it's gonna ask
11:44you if you have a code ok it's not like a link but a code for example minus 1 CJ
11:50TCF 5 so you can use it when you actually join it's not like with only
11:57that earning Li give you a code if you a link sorry this one give you a code so
12:03this is an easy way in which you can actually make money if you have some
12:07questions here they do have the help desk so both websites are free to join
12:13but we need to be honest with this you're not gonna get you know you're not
12:18gonna be a millionaire if you use this website of course it's gonna help you
12:23make some extra money right for example if you want to join a business
12:28opportunity in which you need to pay if you need fast money right you want to do
12:35it like a house like this I hustle this is gonna pay you something extra but
12:40you're not gonna get rich and most likely you're not gonna replace your
12:43full time job so if you want to know what's my number one recommendation is
12:48to make money online make passive income being able to replace your full-time job
12:53I'm gonna leave a link below it's gonna be the very first link in the
12:57description so you can know and you can join my number one recommendation ok
13:03this is it for this video if you guys have some comments some questions about
13:07this topic living in the comment area and I'll be more than happy to answer
13:10them don't forget to subscribe to this channel and hit a notification bell and
13:15I see you on the next video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I earn money by watching videos through websites like AirTM and Earnably?

You can earn money by watching videos through websites like AirTM and Earnably by completing simple tasks such as watching videos and completing offers. Both websites offer rewards in the form of cash or gift cards for completing these tasks.

2. What kind of tasks are available on websites like AirTM and Earnably for earning money?

Websites like AirTM and Earnably offer a variety of tasks for earning money, including watching videos, completing offers, and participating in surveys. These tasks are simple and can be completed to earn rewards in the form of cash or gift cards.

3. Are there referral programs available on AirTM and Earnably?

Yes, both AirTM and Earnably have referral programs that allow users to earn a percentage of their referrals' earnings for life. This provides an opportunity to increase earnings by inviting others to join and participate in the tasks offered by these websites.

4. How do the referral programs work on AirTM and Earnably?

The referral programs on AirTM and Earnably work by allowing users to earn a percentage of their referrals' earnings for life. Whenever a referral completes tasks and earns rewards, the user who referred them will also earn a percentage of their earnings, creating a passive income opportunity.

5. What are the rewards offered by websites like AirTM and Earnably?

Websites like AirTM and Earnably offer rewards in the form of cash or gift cards. Users can choose to redeem their earnings for cash or select gift cards from popular retailers, providing flexibility in how they use their rewards.

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