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The video discusses three websites where you can earn money by watching YouTube videos, with the highest paying website offering $2 for watching a 5-second video. It explains how to find the most paying YouTube jobs on each platform and provides tips on maximizing earnings, such as creating multiple accounts and watching multiple videos simultaneously.
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You can earn money by watching YouTube videos on different websites, with the potential to increase earnings using a bonus trick.
There are multiple websites where you can watch YouTube videos to earn money.
One website offers various types of jobs, including watching YouTube videos, with the potential to earn more using a bonus trick.
The website allows you to arrange jobs from most paying to least paying, and it indicates the time required to complete each video. is a website where you can complete tasks, including watching videos, and get paid for it.
You can choose the task you want to complete and see the number of people who have watched the video.
The amount of money you will make and the time it will take to complete the task are shown.
You need to upload screenshots of the videos you watched as proof of completing the task.
After completing the task, you will get paid within the specified number of days.
This website pays more money for watching YouTube videos than micro workers.
You can select your country to see available tasks.
You can search for YouTube videos to watch and earn money.
Most videos are available for international viewers.
You can earn from 3 cents to 5 dollars for watching one YouTube video.
How to earn money by watching micro tasks on Rapidworkers and earn $2 every 5 seconds on a third website
Rapidworkers is a micro tasks website where you can earn money by completing low-cost publicity and marketing campaigns
Withdrawals from Rapidworkers can only be made to PayPal accounts
The third website allows you to earn $2 by watching 5 seconds of videos under the video marketing category
You can earn $2 for watching a 5-second video on Sproutgigs, with an opportunity to earn $3 by subscribing, and a bonus trick to earn 10 times more.
Available for international workers from various countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Nigeria, and the Philippines.
No experience required, suitable for beginners.
Tasks update daily with new video tasks.
Bonus trick involves creating multiple accounts and tabs to earn more money from the same video.
00:00we're watching five seconds of the video
00:01you can earn up to two dollars and there
00:04are hundreds of videos that you can
00:05watch and earn money online people from
00:07different countries around the world are
00:09making thousands of dollars watching
00:11YouTube videos so you can be from India
00:13or from Philippines or Bangladesh
00:15Nigeria or Vietnam and you can still
00:17make money online by just watching
00:19YouTube videos so today I will show you
00:21three secret websites starting from
00:23lowest paying website to the highest
00:25paying one that pays you real money for
00:27watching YouTube videos so like this
00:29video and let's start with the first
00:31website on our list I will reveal the
00:33name of this website in a minute as you
00:35can see this is the least paying website
00:37on our list but don't worry I will show
00:39you a bonus trick to make 10 times more
00:41money by watching the same video on this
00:43lowest paying website so for example if
00:46you are getting paid 20 cents to watch
00:48this video after using bonus trick you
00:50will be making two dollars for watching
00:52the same video now as you can see on
00:54this website there are many jobs that
00:56you can complete such as testing jobs
00:58mobile application jobs social media
01:01jobs survey jobs and much much more and
01:03all these jobs takes three to five
01:05minutes to complete but today we want to
01:07make money by watching YouTube video so
01:09we will select video slash music sharing
01:12platforms from there so now you will see
01:14only YouTube jobs on your screen now we
01:16can choose to start with any of these
01:18YouTube jobs available on your screen
01:20and of course we would like to complete
01:22the most paying YouTube Jobs first and
01:24for this you can simply click on where
01:26it says most paying on the top of the
01:28job section over here and once you click
01:30it this site will show you the most
01:32paying YouTube Jobs first as you can see
01:34the website has rearranged the order of
01:36jobs to most paying jobs on the top and
01:38least paying jobs on the bottom one more
01:41important thing is that you can see this
01:43ttf section over here which means the
01:45time taken to finish watching this video
01:46in minutes so the amount you are getting
01:49paid here is for this much minutes of
01:50watching a YouTube video so make sure
01:52you find a job where you are getting
01:54paid more for the least time possible in
01:56this way you will be making more amount
01:58of money in less amount of time and you
02:00will have time to complete all video
02:02tasks and you can earn money from all
02:04these tasks now all you have to do is
02:06open up a task that you want to complete
02:08let's say I want to watch this video to
02:10make money it will take you to this page
02:12where you can see the number of people
02:14that have watched this video out of the
02:16total number of people required to watch
02:18this video next you will see the amount
02:20of money you will make after watching
02:22this video and the time it will take you
02:24to complete watching this video also
02:26here you can see the maximum positions
02:28per worker that is one in our case if
02:30this is more than one let's say if this
02:32is five then this means you can watch
02:34this video task five times and so you
02:36will get paid five times the amount
02:38mentioned over here now if you scroll
02:40down a little bit you will be able to
02:41see the requirements of this job read
02:43all these requirements carefully and
02:45complete the task accordingly basically
02:47these video tasks require you to go over
02:50to YouTube search for a specific keyword
02:52and watch a specific video on that
02:54keyword and for all those YouTube videos
02:56you watch you will get paid certain
02:57amount mentioned in this job the only
02:59thing you need to keep in mind is you
03:01need to upload certain screenshots of
03:03the video you watched as a proof of you
03:05completed the task and for uploading
03:07your screenshots you can use free
03:09websites like on this website
03:12you can simply browse and upload the
03:14screenshot from your device and after
03:16uploading it this website will give you
03:18a link which you can simply copy from
03:20here and you can paste the link in the
03:22screenshot box so once you complete
03:24watching videos you will get paid within
03:26as many days as mentioned over here so
03:28the name of this website is micro workers is a
03:32website where you can complete some
03:34simple job tasks and get paid for doing
03:36so and watching videos is one of the
03:39tasks available on micro workers if you
03:41want you can complete some other tasks
03:43as well and can also get paid a good
03:45amount of money and to register on this
03:47website you just need some simple
03:48information and once you reach the
03:50minimum withdrawal limit which is five
03:52dollars on micro workers you can just
03:54simply click on withdraw option to
03:56withdraw your earnings then click on
03:58place a new withdrawal request and it
04:00will take you to this page from where
04:02you can select the different payment
04:03methods available and you can withdraw
04:05your earnings to your favorite method
04:07now let's move on to the second website
04:09this website is somewhat similar to the
04:11micro workers but it pays more money for
04:13watching YouTube videos as you can see
04:16here you will find a ton of videos to
04:18watch and earn money online micro
04:19workers show only those tasks which are
04:22available in your country but on the
04:24site we can see all the tasks available
04:25for different countries but keep in mind
04:28you can only perform the tasks that are
04:30available for your country or the
04:31international tasks that are available
04:33for all countries around the world and
04:35if you want you can select your country
04:37from this bar available on the top you
04:39can search for your country and you can
04:41select that from here otherwise you will
04:43find a ton of international tasks on
04:45this website so you can make a ton of
04:47money watching YouTube videos but for
04:49our future videos comment down below the
04:51name of your country so that I can
04:52create more make money online videos for
04:55you and others watching from your
04:56country okay so now I want you to select
04:58the most paying option from the top of
05:00this website and the site will show you
05:02all the most paying tasks available here
05:04now to find all YouTube videos to watch
05:07you just need to search for YouTube in
05:09this job name box over here and press
05:11enter now this site will show you all of
05:13the most paying YouTube videos available
05:15to watch and the good thing is that you
05:17just need to watch these videos for
05:19three to five minutes to earn a good
05:20amount of money and if I scroll down you
05:23can see that there is endless list of
05:24hundreds of YouTube videos which you can
05:26watch and can earn a ton of money online
05:28and most of these videos are available
05:30for international category so you can be
05:33from anywhere in the world and you can
05:35still make a lot of money by just
05:36watching YouTube videos on this website
05:38and if you noticed the least amount you
05:41will get paid here will be three cents
05:42and the highest you can earn is five
05:44dollars for watching One YouTube video
05:46Even if we take the highest amount as
05:48one dollar you will be earning an
05:50average of 50 cents for each YouTube
05:51video you watch which is really awesome
05:54because you are getting paid for
05:55watching those YouTube videos which you
05:57generally watch on YouTube now to
05:59complete and any of the tasks all you
06:01need to do is open it up and on this
06:03page you can see the number of people
06:04already completed this task the amount
06:07of money you will earn from this task
06:08and the time it will take to complete
06:10watching the video once again read
06:12carefully what is expected from you as a
06:14worker that there is proofs required you
06:16can see that right here and to upload
06:18your screenshots is proof you can use
06:20these two websites mentioned over here
06:22that is snipboard and prnt now the name
06:25of this website is
06:27rapidworkers is also a micro tasks
06:30website where more than 200 000 people
06:32work they help individuals small
06:34businesses and professionals to create
06:36low-cost publicity and marketing
06:38campaigns to increase sales Etc other
06:40than YouTube you can do many other micro
06:42tasks that can also help you to earn a
06:45good amount of money on rapid workers
06:46once your balance is over eight dollars
06:48you can take withdrawal from this
06:50website the only thing is that you can
06:52take withdrawal in your PayPal account
06:54only they don't have any other payment
06:55options available to take withdrawal you
06:58need to send a mail including your Reg
06:59registered email on rapid workers your
07:02PayPal email and your IP addressed under
07:04the last login info to this email ID
07:06mentioned over here and your payment
07:08will be sent within 24 to 48 hours now
07:11come over to the third and most paying
07:13website on our list as you can see
07:15people from different countries around
07:16the world are making thousands of
07:18dollars on this website once you log
07:20into your account the dashboard of this
07:22website will look something like this
07:24but don't worry you don't need to do any
07:26freelance work over here you only need
07:28to watch videos to make money with this
07:30website if you want you can turn on the
07:32dark mode from here so once you are on
07:34dashboard of this website I want you to
07:36make sure the freelancer is selected on
07:39the top of this website then I want you
07:41to hover your mouse over micro jobs and
07:43click on where it says find jobs so as
07:45you can see on this jobs page there are
07:47hundreds of micro tasks that you can
07:49perform and earn money but today we want
07:52to make two dollars for watching five
07:53seconds of video so I want you to come
07:56to the top of this website and press
07:58this category option from there now now
08:00I want you to scroll down a little bit
08:01and tick this video marketing option
08:03from there and click apply button so now
08:06this site will show you the video
08:07watching tasks available here as you can
08:09see if you watch this video for 5
08:11seconds only you will get paid two
08:13dollars for that yes by watching a five
08:15seconds video you can earn two dollars
08:17on the site not only that if you watch
08:20the video and subscribe to the channel
08:21you can earn three dollars for that and
08:24the good thing is that this task is
08:25available for all International workers
08:27so you can be from United States United
08:29Kingdom Canada India Nigeria Philippines
08:32and you can still make money with this
08:34also you don't need any experience for
08:37this you can be complete beginner or
08:39complete starter and you can still
08:40complete this task and make money with
08:42it now to complete this task you just
08:44need to open up this task and on this
08:46page you can read the requirements of
08:48this job carefully so you just need to
08:51perform all these steps one by one to
08:53complete this task of watching video and
08:55under that you can see the proofs you
08:57are required to submit to successfully
08:59complete watching the video tasks and
09:01here under that you need to submit your
09:03screenshots and you need to type in the
09:05required answers from this task as soon
09:07as you complete this video watching task
09:09you will be paid within one day for the
09:11two dollars you earned now the name of
09:13this website is sproutgigs the former
09:15name of sprout gigs is Pico workers this
09:18is a website where Freelancers and
09:20business owners around the world
09:21connects now as you can see there are
09:23only two video watching tasks available
09:25here but don't worry these tasks updates
09:27every day and you will see new video
09:29tasks every day now I am about to reveal
09:32the bonus trick that will help you to
09:33make 10 times more money for the same
09:35video you watched so if you are getting
09:37two dollars from this task normally
09:39after using this bonus trick you can
09:41earn twenty dollars for watching the
09:43same video and that bonus trick is to
09:45create 10 different email IDs and create
09:4810 different accounts on micro workers
09:50rapid workers and Sprout gigs so that
09:53you can complete the same video task
09:55from 10 accounts using 10 different tabs
09:57in the same amount of time another bonus
09:59tip is that you can complete many video
10:01tasks at the same time by opening them
10:04in different tabs so you can watch four
10:06to five different videos in each Tab and
10:08you can make more amount of money in the
10:10same amount of time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I earn money by watching YouTube videos?

You can earn money by watching YouTube videos on specific websites that offer payment for viewing content. There are platforms where you can sign up, watch videos, and earn money based on the number of videos watched.

2. Which website offers the highest payment for watching YouTube videos?

The highest paying website offers $2 for watching a 5-second video. This platform provides an opportunity to maximize earnings by watching multiple videos and creating multiple accounts.

3. What are the tips for maximizing earnings when watching YouTube videos for money?

To maximize earnings, it is recommended to create multiple accounts on the platform and watch multiple videos simultaneously. This can help in increasing the overall earnings from watching YouTube videos.

4. How can I find the most paying YouTube jobs on these platforms?

To find the most paying YouTube jobs on these platforms, it is important to explore the available opportunities and understand the payment structure for watching videos. Additionally, staying updated with the latest offers and opportunities can also help in finding the most paying jobs.

5. What are the three websites mentioned in the video for earning money by watching YouTube videos?

The video discusses three websites that offer the opportunity to earn money by watching YouTube videos. It provides insights into the payment structure and tips for maximizing earnings on these platforms.

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